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Proposed Cooma Prison Closure

Mr COCHRAN (Monaro) [2.24]: I move:
      That general business notice of motion No. 49 be reordered to have precedence on Thursday, 14 November 1996.

The presence of the gaol in Cooma is estimated to be worth $10 million a year to the town's economy. The Minister's decision to close the gaol will have a dramatic effect on Cooma's economy. Precedence should be given to my notice of motion tomorrow so that the views expressed by the people of Cooma can be heard in debate. It is critical that my motion be given precedence so that the anger and frustration that 2,500 people showed yesterday in Cooma can be expressed in the Parliament. There is no reason
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that the Minister should not hear the reasons why the gaol should remain open. He has deceived and lied to the people of Cooma.

Mr SPEAKER: Order! The honourable member for Monaro has three minutes to put his case before a vote is taken. Members should refrain from interjecting and afford the member the courtesy of being heard in silence.

Mr COCHRAN: Debate on the issue will expose the fact that the gaol produces $2.5 million through an efficient textile manufacturing business, trading as Texcon, to offset the operating costs of the prison, which are assessed at about $3.5 million. The people of Monaro deserve to be heard on the issue. The Minister has refused to talk to them and has treated them with utter contempt. He refuses to acknowledge, as did his predecessor and former Minister for Corrective Services John Akister, that the gaol is an important part of the fabric of Cooma's economy. The people of Cooma have demanded that the Minister take heed of the direction he is taking.

Mr SPEAKER: Order! I call the Minister for Agriculture to order.

Mr COCHRAN: This is symptomatic of the problem of the Carr Government in not understanding the people in rural New South Wales. This is the year - [Time expired.]

Mr SPEAKER: Order! I call the member for Londonderry to order.

Question - That the motion be agreed to - put.

The House divided.
Ayes, 43

Mr Beck Mr O'Doherty
Mr Blackmore Mr O'Farrell
Mr Brogden Mr D. L. Page
Mr Chappell Mr Peacocke
Mrs Chikarovski Mr Phillips
Mr Cochran Mr Photios
Mr Collins Mr Richardson
Mr Cruickshank Mr Rixon
Mr Debnam Mr Rozzoli
Mr Ellis Mr Schipp
Ms Ficarra Mr Schultz
Mr Fraser Mrs Skinner
Mr Glachan Mr Slack-Smith
Mr Hartcher Mr Small
Mr Hazzard Mr Smith
Mr Humpherson Mr Souris
Dr Kernohan Mr Tink
Mr Kinross Mr J. H. Turner
Mr MacCarthy Mr Windsor
Dr Macdonald Tellers,
Mr Merton Mr Jeffery
Ms Moore Mr Kerr
Noes, 48

Ms Allan Mr Martin
Mr Amery Ms Meagher
Mr Anderson Mr Mills
Ms Andrews Mr Moss
Mr Aquilina Mr Nagle
Mrs Beamer Mr Neilly
Mr Carr Ms Nori
Mr Crittenden Mr E. T. Page
Mr Debus Mr Price
Mr Face Dr Refshauge
Mr Gaudry Mr Rogan
Mr Gibson Mr Rumble
Mrs Grusovin Mr Scully
Ms Hall Mr Shedden
Mr Harrison Mr Stewart
Ms Harrison Mr Sullivan
Mr Hunter Mr Tripodi
Mr Iemma Mr Watkins
Mr Knowles Mr Whelan
Mr Langton Mr Woods
Mrs Lo Po' Mr Yeadon
Mr Lynch
Mr McBride Tellers,
Mr McManus Mr Beckroge
Mr Markham Mr Thompson

Mr Armstrong Mr Clough
Mr Downy Mr Knight

Question so resolved in the negative.

Motion negatived.