Assault Of Mr Michael Stack

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SpeakersTink Mr Andrew; Carr Mr Bob
BusinessQuestions Without Notice


Mr TINK: My question is addressed to the Premier. Was Chief Inspector Burke, patrol commander of The Rocks police station, which is located directly opposite another of the police Minister's pubs, heavily criticised by the Ombudsman for failing to direct a full investigation into the Michael Stack bashing? Will he ask the Ombudsman to investigate the nature and extent of any relationship between The Rocks police, the police Minister and the police Minister's pub?

Mr CARR: If the honourable member has a matter that he wants to refer to the Ombudsman, it is his right as a citizen and as a member of Parliament to do so.

Mr SPEAKER: Order! I call the honourable member for North Shore to order for the second time.

Mr CARR: If he wants to deliver to my office any material that represents a complaint, I will see that it gets to the Ombudsman forthwith.