Impact Of Goods And Services Tax Effects On The Racing Industry

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SpeakersFace Mr Jack; Schipp Mr Joseph
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Mr FACE: I direct my question without notice to the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Racing. What impact will John Hewson's proposed goods and services tax have on the racing industry in New South Wales? Specifically, what impact will it have on State racing tax revenue to the Government and race clubs? Does the Minister support this tax?

Mr Hazzard: On a point of order. Erskine May's Parliamentary Practice, at page 391, refers to the fact that it is disorderly conduct for a member of Parliament to read a book which does not relate to matters before the House. I point out that the Leader of the Opposition is currently reading a book which has no bearing on the proceedings of question time.

Mr SPEAKER: Order! I call the honourable member for Londonderry to order for the third time. I have no idea what the Leader of the Opposition was referring to -


Mr SPEAKER: Order! The Leader of the Opposition is stretching his good will with the Chair. He is on three calls to order already and he well knows that to interrupt the Chair while the occupant of the chair is on his feet can be considered to be grossly disorderly conduct. The Chair is always minded to extend more tolerance to the Leader of the Opposition, but I warn him that if he transgresses again I will have no option but to remove him from the Chamber. I consider the point of order of the honourable member for Wakehurst to have no particular substance. The Leader of the Opposition may have been reading a book or he may have been referring to pages in his folder - I have no idea. He did not appear to transgress in the way I think was envisaged
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by Erskine May. Order! I call the honourable member for Oxley to order.

Mr SCHIPP: The question of the honourable member for Charlestown related to the impact a goods and services tax would have on the racing industry. It is my understanding that certain concessions were made at the time of the announcement of the Fightback package some 12 months ago - it recently celebrated its first birthday.

Mr SPEAKER: Order! I call the honourable member for Swansea to order.

Mr SCHIPP: Concessions were made to the racing industry which satisfied the concerns of the industry. Further, it is my understanding that the impact of a similar tax in New Zealand did not affect the racing industry; in fact, it gave a boost to the industry through racegoers having more money in their pockets to satisfy their habit.

Mr SPEAKER: Order! I call the honourable member for Coogee to order.

Mr SCHIPP: However, to allay any concerns, I have a book specifically on the effects of the GST on the sporting fraternity in total, clubs and players of sport. My reading of it has allayed concerns that I might have had on this matter. I will make that available to the honourable member for Charlestown. He can assess its suggestions and we can discuss this matter in our normal harmonious way.