Watson, Ms Anna speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 14/08/2014Hunter Hospital Emergency Department Targets
  2. 14/08/20142RHealth Services Amendment (Guaranteeing Free Public Hospital Services)...
  3. 06/08/2014PRIVElectricity Assets
  4. 18/06/2014Member for Shellharbour
  5. 29/05/2014PRIVDapto Respite Centre
  6. 29/05/2014Death of the Honourable Neville Kenneth Wran, AC, CNZM, QC, a Former P...
  7. 29/05/2014Hunter New England Community Health and Counselling Services
  8. 28/05/20142R;3RTrade and Investment Cluster Governance (Amendment and Repeal) Bill 2014
  9. 15/05/2014Oak Flats Railway Station Commuter Car Park
  10. 15/05/2014Manufacturing Industry Apprenticeships
  11. 07/05/2014PRIVShellharbour City Sharks Rugby League Football Club
  12. 07/05/2014URG MOTState Infrastructure
  13. 27/03/2014Barrack Point and Shellharbour Surf Life Saving Clubs
  14. 27/03/2014United Services Union
  15. 27/03/2014Shellharbour Sharks Football Club
  16. 27/03/2014Australian Local Government Women's Association President Marianne Saliba
  17. 26/03/2014Purple Day
  18. 25/03/2014URG MOTState Economy and Jobs Growth
  19. 20/03/2014PRIVLake Illawarra Macedonian Welfare Association Thirtieth Anniversary Dinner
  20. 06/03/2014PRIVIllawarra Regional Transport Plan
  21. 06/03/2014Shell Cove Railway Station
  22. 05/03/2014Clean Up Australia Day
  23. 26/02/2014PRIVShellharbour Public School Security Lake Illawarra Management Plan
  24. 25/02/2014DonateLife Week
  25. 21/11/2013REPCommittee on Community Services
  26. 21/11/20132R;3RCrimes Amendment (Zoe's Law) Bill 2013 (No 2)
  27. 20/11/2013PRIVCommunity Building Partnership Program
  28. 14/11/2013PRIVGujarat NRE Illawarra Coalmines
  29. 31/10/2013Pink Ribbon Day
  30. 29/10/2013URG MOTRural and Regional Jobs
  31. 29/10/2013PRIVDapto TAFE Funding
  32. 23/10/2013PRIVDapto TAFE Campus
  33. 23/10/2013URG MOTRegistered Clubs and Hotels Bushfire Assistance
  34. 22/10/2013PRIVShellharbour Electorate Infrastructure
  35. 17/10/2013Illawarra Public Transport
  36. 16/10/2013Carers Week
  37. 19/09/2013PRIVWollongong Roller Hawks Basketball Team
  38. 19/09/2013Newcastle Inner-city Bypass
  39. 29/08/2013Train Cleanliness
  40. 20/08/2013URG MOTSmall Business Support Initiatives
  41. 15/08/2013Kiama Downs Riding for the Disabled
  42. 20/06/2013PRIVState Budget and Shellharbour Electorate
  43. 30/05/2013PRIVShellharbour Electorate Infrastructure
  44. 30/05/2013Kiama Downs Surf Life Saving Club
  45. 23/05/2013PRIVShellharbour City Councillors Kellie Marsh and Paul Rankin Shellharbou...
  46. 23/05/2013QWNHunting in National Parks
  47. 23/05/2013Shell Cove Railway Station
  48. 23/05/2013Support for Equality
  49. 21/05/2013PRIVState Budget
  50. 09/05/2013PRIVWest Dapto and Dapto Road Infrastructure
  51. 08/05/20132RLocal Government Amendment (Early Intervention) Bill 2013
  52. 02/05/2013PRIVWest Dapto Road Infrastructure
  53. 01/05/2013PRIVLake Illawarra Management Review Illawarra Nursing Staff Numbers
  54. 01/05/2013URG MOTWorkers Compensation Scheme
  55. 30/04/2013QWNNSW Police Force Child Abuse Squad
  56. 27/03/2013PRIVShellharbour Hospital Funding
  57. 27/03/2013Kiama Bushcare Groups
  58. 26/03/2013Federal Member for Cunningham Ministerial Appointment
  59. 25/03/2013PRIVFire and Rescue NSW Funding
  60. 21/03/2013Princes Highway Upgrade
  61. 21/03/2013Adamstown Railway Crossing
  62. 19/03/2013QWNAmbulance Service of NSW Funding
  63. 14/03/2013PRIVShellharbour Sharks Rugby League Club
  64. 14/03/2013Illawarra/South Coast Regional Action Plan
  65. 13/03/2013Leukaemia Foundation Blood Cancer Research
  66. 21/02/2013PRIVFlinders Railway Station
  67. 21/02/2013Newcastle Rail Line
  68. 19/02/2013PRIVTribute to David Hamilton
  69. 22/11/2012Education Funding
  70. 21/11/2012White Ribbon Day
  71. 20/11/2012PRIVShellharbour Hospital
  72. 15/11/2012PRIVDapto Fire Station
  73. 25/10/2012PETWollongong Hospital Scanning Facilities
  74. 25/10/2012World Diabetes Day
  75. 18/10/2012PRIVTribute to Brendan Tease
  76. 18/10/20122R;3RBoarding Houses Bill 2012
  77. 16/10/2012PRIVAlbion Park Rail Bypass
  78. 19/09/2012Cardiff Railway Station Upgrade
  79. 13/09/2012Public Sector Employment
  80. 12/09/2012URG MOTCoastal Management
  81. 11/09/2012Cancer Services
  82. 06/09/2012Port Kembla
  83. 06/09/20122RNSW Jobs Commission Bill 2012
  84. 05/09/2012PRIVOlympian David Smith
  85. 21/08/2012PRIVTribute to Neville "Mick" Lord
  86. 16/08/2012Annual Holidays Act 1944
  87. 21/06/20122R;3RGame and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill 2012
  88. 21/06/2012Shellharbour Transport and Mobility Regional Forum
  89. 19/06/20121R;2R;3RWorkers Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 Safety, Return to...
  90. 30/05/2012URG MOTElectricity Assets Sale
  91. 24/05/2012Glendale Police Station
  92. 23/05/2012PRIVKanahooka Men's Shed
  93. 22/05/2012BMX Rider Kyle Hogan
  94. 22/05/2012Shellharbour Under 12 First Division Football Team
  95. 09/05/20122RTattoo Parlours Bill 2012
  96. 09/05/2012Work Connections Program
  97. 09/05/2012Kanahooka High School Language Centre
  98. 08/05/2012PRIVIllawarra May Day Celebrations
  99. 03/05/2012PRIVDapto High School
  100. 02/05/2012KidzWish Foundation
  101. 02/05/2012Max Mariani Books en Route Service
  102. 02/05/2012Illawarra and South Coast Local Business Awards
  103. 02/04/2012URG MOTIllawarra Region Innovation and Investment Fund
  104. 29/03/2012University of Wollongong Sixtieth Anniversary
  105. 28/03/20122RPrimary Industries Legislation Amendment (Biosecurity) Bill 2012
  106. 27/03/2012PRIVShellharbour Surf Life Saving Club
  107. 15/03/20122RPublic Sector Employment and Management Amendment Bill 2012
  108. 15/03/2012Kiama Relay for Life
  109. 14/03/2012URG MOTTrade Union Membership
  110. 14/03/20122RElectricity Generator Assets (Authorised Transactions) Bill 2012
  111. 07/03/2012International Women's Day
  112. 06/03/2012PRIVRoo Theatre Company
  113. 23/02/2012Princes Highway
  114. 22/02/20122REducation Amendment (Record of School Achievement) Bill 2012
  115. 22/02/2012URG MOTPacific Highway Upgrade
  116. 22/02/2012QWNWomen's Representation on Public Sector Boards
  117. 15/02/2012Ovarian Cancer
  118. 15/02/20122RCrimes Amendment (Consorting and Organised Crime) Bill 2012
  119. 14/02/2012PRIVShellharbour City Council
  120. 25/11/20112RPolice Amendment (Death and Disability) Bill 2011
  121. 20/10/2011PRIVHistorical Aircraft Restoration Society
  122. 18/10/2011Carers Week
  123. 18/10/20112RClubs, Liquor and Gaming Machines Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  124. 17/10/20112RTechnical and Further Education Commission Amendment (Staff Employment...
  125. 14/10/20112RLocal Government Amendment Bill 2011
  126. 13/10/2011QWNIndustrial Relations Legislation
  127. 15/09/2011Surf Lifesaving
  128. 14/09/2011Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  129. 12/09/2011PRIVShell Cove Boat Harbour and Marina Project
  130. 08/09/2011QWNIllawarra Employment
  131. 07/09/2011URG MOTIllawarra Employment
  132. 26/08/2011Samaritan Kaiyu Services
  133. 25/08/20112RMarine Parks Amendment (Moratorium) Bill 2011
  134. 24/08/2011National Science Week
  135. 24/08/20112RResidential Parks Amendment (Register) Bill 2011
  136. 11/08/2011QWNDepartment of Primary Industries
  137. 09/08/20112RAustralian Jockey and Sydney Turf Clubs Merger Amendment Bill 2011
  138. 08/08/2011URG MOTTransport Policies
  139. 08/08/2011QWNCouncil Amalgamations
  140. 05/08/2011Heart Disease
  141. 05/08/2011State Emergency Service
  142. 03/08/20112RSummary Offences Amendment (Intoxicated and Disorderly Conduct) Bill 2011
  143. 22/06/20112RParliamentary, Local Council and Public Sector Executives Remuneration...
  144. 20/06/2011PRIVShellharbour Surf Life Saving Club
  145. 15/06/20112RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Public Sector Conditions of Employment...
  146. 02/06/2011Macular Degeneration
  147. 30/05/2011QWNSolar Bonus Scheme
  148. 30/05/2011QWNSolar Bonus Scheme
  149. 26/05/20112RLibrary Amendment Bill 2011
  150. 25/05/2011URG MOTFormer Government Performance
  151. 25/05/2011Inaugural Speeches


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.