Stewart, Mr Tony speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 03/12/2010PRIVChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  2. 03/12/2010PRIVTribute to Retiring Members
  3. 03/12/2010PRIVLebanese Muslim Association
  4. 03/12/2010PRIVCancer Victims
  5. 30/11/2010PRIVLake Innes
  6. 30/11/2010PRIVTamworth Electorate Rail Services
  7. 26/11/2010Valedictory Speeches
  8. 23/11/2010PRIVTribute to Louis Edward Milham
  9. 12/11/2010PRIVBass Hill Special Needs School Project
  10. 09/11/2010PRIVKeddies Lawyers
  11. 28/10/2010PRIVBreast Cancer
  12. 28/10/2010PRIVMacarthur Justices of the Peace
  13. 27/10/2010PRIVKeddies Lawyers
  14. 26/10/2010PRIVBankstown Relay for Life
  15. 26/10/2010PRIVNonni Club Grandparents' Day Celebration
  16. 19/10/2010PRIVTribute to Westby James Davoren
  17. 23/09/2010PRIVLake Macquarie Contaminated Sediments
  18. 23/09/2010PRIVSir Joseph Banks High School Fiftieth Anniversary
  19. 23/09/2010PRIVRepco Rally
  20. 21/09/2010PRIVTribute to Constable William Crews
  21. 09/09/2010PRIVTribute to Constable William Crews
  22. 07/09/2010PRIVAustralian Women's Land Army
  23. 31/08/2010PRIVPort Macquarie Foreshore
  24. 31/08/2010PRIVMount Kilimanjaro Fundraising Trek
  25. 31/08/2010PRIVStockton Beach Tin City
  26. 11/06/2010PRIVYouth Off the Streets Fundraising
  27. 08/06/2010PRIVTribute to David Costello
  28. 04/06/2010PRIVBankstown Multicultural Youth Group
  29. 02/06/2010PRIVResidential CCTV Surveillance
  30. 01/06/2010PRIVSlice of Haven
  31. 21/05/2010PRIVBankstown-Canterbury Torch
  32. 21/05/2010PRIVBankstown Central Business District
  33. 14/05/2010PRIVCentral Coast Housing
  34. 12/05/2010QWNRed Tape Reduction
  35. 11/05/20102RCarers (Recognition) Bill 2010
  36. 11/05/2010PRIVPort Macquarie Volunteers
  37. 11/05/2010PRIVBass Hill Land Acquisition
  38. 19/03/2010PRIVBundarra Drought Assistance
  39. 19/03/2010PRIVBathurst Information and Neighbourhood Centre
  40. 19/03/2010PRIVSurf Safety
  41. 17/03/2010PRIVBankstown Airport Road Closure
  42. 12/03/2010PRIVKazal Family Business Interests
  43. 25/02/20102RSave the Graythwaite Estate Bill 2009
  44. 24/02/20102RBuilding and Construction Industry Long Service Payments Amendment Bil...
  45. 23/02/2010PRIVGirl Guides Australia
  46. 23/02/2010PRIVShepherd Centre, Casula
  47. 27/11/2009PRIVSecurity Officer Qualifications
  48. 12/11/2009QWNNurse and Midwife Scholarships
  49. 10/11/2009PRIVBankstown Relay for Life
  50. 30/10/2009PRIVMs Chris Ronalds, SC
  51. 28/10/2009QWNTourism
  52. 28/10/2009Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  53. 21/10/2009PRIVMember for Bankstown, the Honourable Tony Stewart
  54. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  55. 24/09/2009PRIVTribute to Cheryl Chalmers
  56. 23/09/2009QWNDust Storm and Transport
  57. 08/09/2009PRIVMember for Bankstown, the Honourable Tony Stewart
  58. 25/06/2009PRIVMember for Bankstown, the Honourable Tony Stewart
  59. 23/06/2009PRIVBankstown Electorate Schools
  60. 02/06/2009PRIVMember for Bankstown, the Honourable Tony Stewart
  61. 12/05/2009PRIVMember for Bankstown, the Honourable Tony Stewart
  62. 03/04/2009PRIVBanda Aceh Orphanage
  63. 25/03/2009PRIVMember for Bankstown, the Honourable Tony Stewart
  64. 12/03/2009PRIVDriver Rehabilitation Scheme
  65. 12/03/2009QWNPort Facilities Jobs Creation
  66. 04/03/2009Victorian Bushfires
  67. 25/11/2008PRIVMember for Bankstown, the Honourable Tony Stewart
  68. 13/11/2008PRIVMember for Bankstown, the Honourable Tony Stewart
  69. 12/11/2008PRIVMember for Bankstown, the Honourable Tony Stewart
  70. 11/11/2008REPReport of an Investigation into a Complaint Against the Honourable A. ...
  71. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  72. 30/10/2008QWNMinister for Small Business Staff Member Complaint
  73. 29/10/2008QWNMinister for Small Business Staff Member Complaint
  74. 22/10/2008QWNNambucca Valley Mobile Breast-screening Unit
  75. 22/10/2008QWNNambucca Valley Mobile Breast Screening Unit
  76. 22/10/2008QWNCancer Institute Merger
  77. 22/10/20082RPublic Health (Tobacco) Bill 2008
  78. 25/09/2008QWNCancer Testing
  79. 25/09/20081R;2RPublic Health (Tobacco) Bill 2008
  80. 29/08/2008PRIVSuzie Messner and Youth Off The Streets
  81. 28/08/2008QWNHospital Services
  82. 17/06/2008QWNLife Sentence Redetermination Applications
  83. 06/06/2008PRIVSchool Zone Fixed Speed Cameras
  84. 05/06/2008PRIVSchool Zones Fixed Speed Cameras
  85. 04/06/2008QWNAboriginal Communities Mental Health Services
  86. 13/05/2008QWNOperation Avert
  87. 08/05/2008PRIVMr Terry Ryder
  88. 10/04/2008QWNOpposition Policy Plagiarism Allegation
  89. 02/04/2008PRIVAnzac Day Dawn Service
  90. 27/02/2008Death of John Richard Bartlett, a Former Member for Port Stephens
  91. 27/02/2008PRIVTrivia and SMS Prize Scams
  92. 06/12/2007QWNSustainable Water Supply
  93. 28/11/2007QWNMotor Vehicle Theft
  94. 14/11/20072RAssisted Reproductive Technology Bill 2007
  95. 09/11/2007PRIVAustralian White Ibis, Bankstown Electorate
  96. 06/11/2007PRIVBankstown War Memorial Electricity Supply
  97. 26/10/2007PRIVSperm Donor Identification
  98. 19/10/2007PRIVBankstown City Council General Manager Appointment Bankstown Central B...
  99. 17/10/2007PRIVSydney Central Business District Joggers
  100. 27/09/2007PRIVBankstown Cancer Council Relay for Life
  101. 27/09/2007QWNVolunteers
  102. 26/09/2007PRIVBankstown Electorate Cancer Council Relay for Life
  103. 26/06/2007PRIVMr Kevin Mccormick, OAM, Award for Excellence
  104. 06/06/2007QWNFront-line Services Funding
  105. 05/06/20072RHuman Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Amendment Bill 2007
  106. 01/06/2007PRIVBankstown City Council Services
  107. 08/05/2007Deputy-Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
  108. 15/11/20062RRegistered Clubs Amendment Bill
  109. 19/10/2006URG MOTTotally and Permanently Incapacitated Veterans Pension
  110. 18/10/2006PRIVGeorges Hall and Lansdowne Traffic Arrangements
  111. 21/09/20062RFair Trading Amendment (Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industries)...
  112. 20/09/2006PRIVBankstown 2006 Relay for Life
  113. 19/09/2006Death of the Honourable Kevin James Stewart, AO, a Former Minister of ...
  114. 07/09/2006PRIVTaouk Constructions Pty Limited
  115. 06/09/20062RCrimes Legislation Amendment (Gangs) Bill
  116. 06/09/20062R;COMMPolice Integrity Commission Amendment Bill
  117. 06/09/20062RPolice Amendment (Police Promotions) Bill
  118. 05/09/2006QWNMotor Vehicle Smash Repairs
  119. 30/08/20061R;2RCrimes Legislation Amendment (Gangs) Bill
  120. 30/08/2006Business of the House
  121. 30/08/20061R;2RPolice Amendment (Police Promotions) Bill
  122. 06/06/2006Lieutenant-Governor's Speech: Address-in-Reply
  123. 06/06/20062RCourts Legislation Further Amendment Bill
  124. 23/05/2006PRIVBankstown Local Area Command Response Times Public Liability Insurance
  125. 04/05/2006Commerical Fishing Policy Reforms
  126. 03/05/2006QWNDNA Testing
  127. 02/05/2006PRIVRoads and Traffic Authority Rules for Diabetics
  128. 02/05/2006PRIVPreschool Funding
  129. 02/05/20061R;2RJudicial Officers Amendment Bill
  130. 06/04/20061R;2RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment Bill
  131. 05/04/2006QWNMotor Vehicle Smash Repairs
  132. 29/03/2006PRIVBankstown Railway Line Upgrade
  133. 28/03/2006PRIVWyong Hospital Children's Unit
  134. 08/03/2006PRIVTribute to Mr Jack Walsh
  135. 08/03/20061R;2RLaw Enforcement (Controlled Operations) Amendment Bill
  136. 02/03/2006QWNCityrail Commuter Patronage
  137. 28/02/20061R;2RFisheries Management Amendment Bill
  138. 28/02/20061R;2RFines Amendment (Payment of Victims Compensation Levies) Bill
  139. 01/12/2005Balgowlah North Public School
  140. 30/11/20052R;COMMTerrorism (Police Powers) Amendment (Preventative Detention) Bill
  141. 08/11/2005URG MOTCounter-terrorism Measures
  142. 08/11/2005QWNCounter-terrorism Measures
  143. 20/10/2005Water and Sewerage Infrastructure
  144. 18/10/2005PRIVBankstown City Council Development Application Notifications
  145. 13/10/2005Bushfires Judicial Inquiry
  146. 13/10/2005Joint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  147. 12/10/2005Business of the House
  148. 11/10/2005Bali Terrorist Attack
  149. 22/09/2005South Sydney Public Education
  150. 22/09/2005Sir Eric Woodward Memorial School Nurse Position
  151. 15/09/2005URG MOTNRMA Preferred Repairer Network Scheme
  152. 15/09/2005URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  153. 15/09/2005QWNSouth-western Sydney Policing
  154. 14/09/2005QWNNRMA Preferred Repairer Network Scheme
  155. 13/09/20051R;2RSporting Venues (Offenders Banning Orders) Bill
  156. 13/09/2005PRIVNRMA Preferred Repairer Network Scheme
  157. 23/06/2005PRIVBulldogs Rugby League Team Sydney Olympic Park Training and Administra...
  158. 23/06/20052RParliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment (Prohibition on Voti...
  159. 21/06/20051R;2RSecurity Industry Amendment Bill
  160. 21/06/2005QWNDesalination Plant Proposal
  161. 26/05/2005QWNCar Rebirthing
  162. 26/05/2005Haymarket Attempted Murder Police Investigation
  163. 04/05/20052R;COMMEnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Development Contribut...
  164. 06/04/2005PRIVChullora Marketplace
  165. 22/03/2005QWNCasino Chips Money Laundering
  166. 02/03/20052RNoxious Weeds Amendment Bill
  167. 24/02/2005PRIVIndian Ocean Tsunami
  168. 22/02/2005Indian Ocean Tsunami
  169. 08/12/2004PRIVTreuer Memorial Pacing Event
  170. 08/12/20041R;2RPhoto Card Bill
  171. 08/12/20041R;2RRoad Transport Legislation (Speed Limiters) Amendment Bill
  172. 08/12/20041R;2RRoad Transport (General) Bill
  173. 19/11/20041R;2RLicensing and Registration (Uniform Procedures) Amendment (Photo Id) Bill
  174. 19/11/20041R;2RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 2)
  175. 19/11/20041R;2RWorkers Compensation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill
  176. 19/11/20041R;2RRookwood Necropolis Amendment Bill
  177. 19/11/20041R;2RNSW Self Insurance Corporation Bill
  178. 09/11/2004PRIVBankstown Christmas Celebrations
  179. 28/10/2004Self-Funded Retirees Concessions
  180. 27/10/2004Bankstown Airport Upgrade
  181. 27/10/20041R;2RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment (Parole) Bill
  182. 27/10/20041R;2RJury Amendment Bill
  183. 21/10/2004Bankstown Electorate Capital Works Projects
  184. 23/09/2004Workcover Levy
  185. 22/09/2004QWNKaruah Bypass
  186. 14/09/2004QWNSecurity Industry Firearms Regulation
  187. 02/09/2004Port Macquarie Electorate Pacific Highway Upgrade
  188. 25/06/2004PRIVLismore Electorate Education
  189. 25/06/2004PRIVBlue Mountains Tourism Bells Line of Road Upgrade
  190. 25/06/2004PRIVHornsby Electorate Intersections Crash Statistics
  191. 25/06/2004PRIVCronulla Electorate Rail Services
  192. 25/06/2004PRIVCampsie Police Local Area Command Awards
  193. 22/06/20042RWorkers Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill
  194. 22/06/20042RResidential Tenancies Amendment (Public Housing) Bill
  195. 03/06/20042RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
  196. 03/06/20042RRoad Transport (General) Amendment (Licence Suspension) Bill
  197. 02/06/20041R;2RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
  198. 02/06/20041R;2RRoad Transport (General) Amendment (Licence Suspension) Bill
  199. 01/06/2004PRIVMr Michael Raby Premier's Community Service Award
  200. 13/05/2004Menangle Bridge
  201. 11/05/2004PRIVLiberal Party Punchbowl Meeting
  202. 05/05/2004QWNMobile Advertising
  203. 06/04/2004PRIVBankstown City Council Westfield Gift Vouchers
  204. 01/04/2004QWNNSW Police Gang Activities Investigaton
  205. 31/03/2004PRIVHastings Relay for Life
  206. 31/03/2004PRIVNew England Wool Expo
  207. 31/03/2004PRIVCanterbury City Council Community Harmony Day
  208. 31/03/2004PRIVCamden Show
  209. 31/03/20042RBotany Bay National Park (Helicopter Base Relocation) Bill
  210. 30/03/2004PRIVHonourable Member for Port Stephens Heart Surgery
  211. 30/03/2004PRIVBankstown City Council Property Purchase
  212. 30/03/2004URG MOTFederal Government AusLink Program
  213. 30/03/2004URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  214. 17/03/20042RNational Competition Policy Amendments (Commonwealth Financial Penalti...
  215. 10/03/2004PRIVCentro Bankstown Shopping Complex
  216. 10/03/20042RPublic Lotteries Legislation Amendment Bill
  217. 25/02/2004PRIVLake Macquarie Aboriginal Consultative Committee
  218. 25/02/2004PRIVOrgan Donation
  219. 19/02/2004Hoxton Park and Bankstown Airports
  220. 19/02/2004Road Transport Efficiency Bill
  221. 18/02/2004QWNTraffic and Parking Infringements Penalties Review
  222. 17/02/2004PRIVCritical Mass Demonstrations
  223. 04/12/2003Standing Committee on Parliamentary Privilege and Ethics
  224. 04/12/2003Gunnedah South Public School Hall
  225. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  226. 03/12/20031R;2RRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Public Transport Lanes) Bill
  227. 03/12/20031R;2RRoad Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment (Alcohol) Bill
  228. 20/11/2003QWNSecurity Industry Firearms Access Reform
  229. 18/11/2003Registered Clubs Amendment Bill
  230. 12/11/20031R;2REvidence (Audio And Audio Visual Links) Amendment Bill
  231. 12/11/20031R;2RMotor Accidents Legislation Amendment Bill
  232. 12/11/20031R;2RSuperannuation Legislation Amendment (Family Law) Bill
  233. 12/11/20031R;2RCity Tattersall's Club Amendment Bill
  234. 12/11/2003PRIVDepartment of Community Relations National Multicultural Marketing Award
  235. 17/09/2003Livestock Transport Industry
  236. 17/09/2003QWNSydney Harbour Bridge Security Upgrade
  237. 04/09/2003PRIVYouth Off The Streets Nepal Fundraising Trek
  238. 04/09/2003Armidale Rail Service
  239. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  240. 04/09/2003Emergency Services Network
  241. 03/07/2003PRIVEducation System Review
  242. 03/07/2003Diversity Health Institute
  243. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  244. 27/06/2003PRIVLiles Oval, Redhead
  245. 27/06/2003PRIVPennant Hills Traffic Management
  246. 27/06/2003PRIVLiving In Harmony Cultural Night
  247. 27/06/2003Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  248. 25/06/2003PRIVTaree High School Students Transport
  249. 25/06/2003URG MOTArabic and Pacific Islander Youth Partnerships
  250. 25/06/2003URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  251. 25/06/20032ROccupational Health and Safety Amendment (Dangerous Goods) Bill Explos...
  252. 24/06/2003QWNWomen's Participation in Sport
  253. 18/06/2003PRIVCanterbury-Bankstown Small Business Awards
  254. 29/05/2003Government Contracts
  255. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  256. 28/05/2003PRIVEnfield Intermodal Port Facility Proposal
  257. 27/05/20032R;COMMGaming Machines Amendment (Shutdown Periods) Bill
  258. 20/05/2003PRIVTribute to Mr Max Treuer
  259. 06/05/2003URG MOTPolice College Graduates
  260. 06/05/2003URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  261. 01/05/2003PRIVHonourable Member for Bankstown Radio Interview Allegation Bankstown E...
  262. 01/05/2003Bankstown Airport
  263. 30/04/2003Death of Mr James Anderson, Member for Londonderry
  264. 30/04/2003QWNGaming Machine Harm Minimisation Initiatives
  265. 22/11/2002PRIVMuslim Women Clothing
  266. 21/11/2002QWNThe Spit Tunnel Proposal
  267. 13/11/20022RRoad Transport (Vehicle Registration) Amendment Bill
  268. 13/11/20022RDriving Instructors Amendment Bill
  269. 12/11/20021R;2RDefamation Amendment Bill
  270. 12/11/20021R;2RCrimes Legislation Amendment (Criminal Justice Interventions) Bill
  271. 31/10/20021R;2RDriving Instructors Amendment Bill
  272. 30/10/20021R;2RRoad Transport (Vehicle Registration) Amendment Bill
  273. 30/10/2002QWNPrivate Health Insurance
  274. 27/09/20021R;2RLaw Enforcement and National Security (Assumed Identities) Amendment Bill
  275. 27/09/20021R;2RLocal Government Amendment (National Competition Policy Review) Bill
  276. 27/09/20021R;2RBank Holidays Legislation Amendment Bill
  277. 26/09/2002QWNGovernment School Improvement Plan
  278. 25/09/2002PRIVSouthern Stars Supernova
  279. 25/09/2002PRIVBankstown Electorate Services
  280. 24/09/2002PRIVCoalition Self-Funded Retirees Policy
  281. 17/09/20021R;2RMurray-Darling Basin Amendment Bill
  282. 05/09/20022RCrimes Amendment (Murder of Police Officers) Bill
  283. 04/09/2002PRIVSpit Bridge Widening
  284. 04/09/2002PRIVBroken Hill National Party Conference
  285. 04/09/2002PRIVBankstown Electorate Multiculturalism
  286. 04/09/2002QWNConsumer Protection
  287. 04/09/20022RRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Interlock Devices) Bill
  288. 04/09/20022R;COMMCourts Legislation Further Amendment Bill
  289. 03/09/2002PRIVAdult Learning Week
  290. 03/09/2002PRIVTribute To Mr Bert Ponder
  291. 03/09/2002PRIVNational History Challenge
  292. 25/06/2002PRIVBankstown Old Town Plaza Fire
  293. 21/06/20022RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  294. 20/06/20022RProtection of the Environment Operations Amendment (Confiscation and F...
  295. 18/06/2002QWNAlcohol Interlock Device Program
  296. 07/06/2002PRIVNorth-West Rail Link Public Consultation
  297. 06/06/20022RLocal Government Amendment (Anti-Corruption) Bill
  298. 31/05/20021R;2RThreatened Species Conservation Amendment Bill
  299. 30/05/20022RCivil Liability Bill
  300. 29/05/2002PRIVYagoona Public School Fiftieth Anniversary
  301. 09/05/2002PRIVCoffs Harbour Electorate Health Funding
  302. 09/05/2002PRIVBelrose Group Home Staffing
  303. 09/05/2002QWNDrug Strategy
  304. 09/05/2002North Head Quarantine Station
  305. 09/05/20022RRight to Self-Defence Bill
  306. 12/04/2002PRIVPort Stephens Royal Blind Society Volunteers
  307. 12/04/2002PRIVCampbelltown Military History
  308. 12/04/2002PRIVCobbitty Public School Anzac Memorial
  309. 12/04/20021R;2RCrimes Amendment (Bushfires) Bill
  310. 11/04/2002QWNCommunity Parents And Police Forum
  311. 09/04/2002PRIVCanterbury Bulldogs Supporters Behaviour
  312. 21/03/2002PRIVJerilderie Malting Barley Proposal
  313. 21/03/2002QWNArabic Communities Youth Violence
  314. 21/03/2002Public Liability Insurance
  315. 21/03/20022RParliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment (Enrolment and Votin...
  316. 20/03/2002COMMRoad Transport (General) Amendment (Operator Onus Offences) Bill
  317. 20/03/20022RGene Technology (New South Wales) Bill
  318. 20/03/20022R;COMMRoad Transport (General) Amendment (Operator Onus Offences) Bill
  319. 14/03/20022RBail Amendment (Confiscation Of Passports) Bill
  320. 14/03/20022RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Life Sentence Confirmation) Bill
  321. 13/03/20021R;2RRoad Transport (General) Amendment (Operator Onus Offences) Bill
  322. 13/03/2002Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  323. 12/03/2002PRIVFireworks Ban
  324. 28/02/2002PRIVMayfield Machismo
  325. 06/12/20012RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Public Vehicles And Carriers) Bill
  326. 06/12/20012RPolice Service Amendment (Promotions And Integrity) Bill
  327. 30/11/20011R;2RIndustrial Relations (Ethical Clothing Trades) Bill
  328. 30/11/20011R;2RChildren (Criminal Proceedings) Amendment (Adult Detainees) Bill
  329. 30/11/20011R;2RDisorderly Houses Amendment (Brothels) Bill
  330. 30/11/2001COMMWorkers Compensation Legislation Further Amendment Bill
  331. 29/11/2001URG MOTBankstown Airport Expansion
  332. 29/11/2001URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  333. 29/11/2001QWNGang Activity
  334. 27/11/2001PRIVAustralian Union Movement
  335. 16/11/2001PRIVChipping Norton Public School
  336. 16/11/2001PRIVFormer Member For Tamworth Federal Election Victory
  337. 16/11/2001PRIVShoalhaven Heads Public School
  338. 16/11/2001PRIVVaucluse Electorate School Mergers
  339. 16/11/2001PRIVSchools Internet Facilities
  340. 16/11/2001PRIVBankstown Square Christmas Display
  341. 16/11/20012RUniversities Legislation Amendment (Financial And Other Powers) Bill, ...
  342. 16/11/20011R;2RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No 2)
  343. 14/11/20012RCrimes Amendment (Sexual Servitude) Bill
  344. 13/11/2001PRIVBankstown Square Christmas Display
  345. 09/11/2001PRIVBankstown Square Christmas Display
  346. 09/11/2001PRIVTemora West Public School
  347. 09/11/2001PRIVKangaroo Meat Industry
  348. 09/11/2001PRIVBankstown District Cricket Club Fiftieth Anniversary
  349. 09/11/2001PRIVBranxton To Seahampton Link Road
  350. 08/11/2001QWNMiddle Schooling Student Assistance
  351. 07/11/20011R;2RClassification (Publications, Films And Computer Games) Enforcement Am...
  352. 26/10/20011R;2RJustice Legislation Amendment (Non-Association And Place Restriction) Bill
  353. 26/10/2001PRIVHoxton Park Airport
  354. 26/10/2001PRIVSutherland Shire Roads And Footpaths
  355. 26/10/2001PRIVTerrorism
  356. 26/10/2001PRIVReclaim The Night March
  357. 23/10/2001QWNHigher School Certificate English Examination
  358. 18/10/2001PRIVBankstown District Cricket Club Fiftieth Anniversary
  359. 17/10/20012RApprenticeship and Traineeship Bill
  360. 19/09/2001PRIVBankstown Islamic Community
  361. 19/09/2001QWNSchool Mentoring Program
  362. 05/09/20012RCrimes Amendment (Aggravated Sexual Assault In Company) Bill
  363. 04/09/2001PRIVCarinya Special School
  364. 04/09/2001PRIVSutherland Shire Council Logo
  365. 04/09/2001PRIVLake Macquarie School Improvements
  366. 04/09/2001PRIVCanterbury Women's Refuge
  367. 28/06/2001Minister for Land and Water Conservation
  368. 20/06/2001PRIVNational Disabilities Ten Pin Bowling Championships
  369. 19/06/2001QWNUnder-Age Drinking
  370. 06/06/2001PRIVIllegal Brothels
  371. 01/06/20012RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  372. 31/05/2001Student Violence Ministerial Statement
  373. 30/05/2001QWNStudents And Teachers Internet Access
  374. 30/05/20012RConsumer Credit (New South Wales) Amendment (Pay Day Lenders) Bill
  375. 11/04/20012RRacing Legislation Amendment (Probity) Bill
  376. 10/04/2001PRIVSchool Closures
  377. 10/04/2001PRIVFireworks Regulation
  378. 10/04/2001PRIVStockton Bight Conservation Zone
  379. 03/04/2001COMMCrown Lands Amendment (Compensation) Bill
  380. 08/03/2001PRIVNorth Coast Policing
  381. 08/03/2001PRIVOrange Communications Mobile Phone Facilities
  382. 08/03/2001PRIVLithgow Aluminium Smelter
  383. 28/02/2001PRIVStacey Street Bankstown Traffic Arrangements
  384. 28/02/2001PRIVWindsor High School Facilities
  385. 28/02/2001Address To His Excellency The Governor Of New South Wales
  386. 27/02/2001URG MOTBankstown Regional Airlines Proposal
  387. 29/11/2000PRIVPolice Area Commander Ian Ellis
  388. 23/11/2000PRIVBankstown Special Event Clearway
  389. 22/11/20002RMarine Parks Amendment Bill
  390. 21/11/2000COMMSydney 2000 Games Administration Bill
  391. 17/11/20001R;2RCrown Lands Amendment (Compensation) Bill
  392. 17/11/20001R;2RLaw And Justice Foundation Bill
  393. 15/11/20002RProtection Of The Environment Operations Amendment (Tradeable Emission...
  394. 15/11/20002RGeneral Government Debt Elimination Amendment Bill
  395. 15/11/20002RCrimes At Sea Amendment Bill
  396. 14/11/2000URG MOTBankstown Regional Airlines Proposal
  397. 14/11/2000QWNPayday Moneylenders
  398. 01/11/20001R;2RProtection Of The Environment Operations Amendment (Tradeable Emission...
  399. 01/11/20001R;2RCrimes At Sea Amendment Bill
  400. 01/11/20001R;2RMarine Parks Amendment Bill
  401. 01/11/2000PRIVPayday Moneylenders
  402. 31/10/20001R;2RGeneral Government Debt Elimination Amendment Bill
  403. 31/10/2000QWNHealthy People 2005 Program
  404. 11/10/2000PRIVChequEXchange
  405. 17/08/2000Seaforth TAFE Closure
  406. 09/08/2000PRIVReading Recovery Program, Tweed Heads Hospital Auxiliary
  407. 09/08/2000URG MOTBankstown Regional Airlines Proposal
  408. 09/08/2000PRIVPolice Drug Trafficking Operation
  409. 08/08/2000PRIVDeath Of Gerald James Sullivan, A Former Member Of The Legislative Ass...
  410. 08/08/2000URG MOTFederal Education Funding
  411. 29/06/2000PRIVGreenacre Chamber Of Commerce
  412. 29/06/2000URG MOTVocational Education And Training Funding
  413. 07/06/2000PRIVWestpac Bank Greenacre Branch Closure
  414. 31/05/20001R;2RVictims Compensation Amendment Bill
  415. 30/05/2000PRIVBankstown-Canterbury Torch Eightieth Anniversary
  416. 26/05/20002RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  417. 25/05/2000QWNTeachers Dispute
  418. 25/05/2000Corroboree 2000
  419. 24/05/2000PRIVOlympic Games Hellenic Tribute
  420. 04/05/2000REPJoint Select Committee On Victims Compensation
  421. 04/05/20002RTechnical and Further Education Commission Amendment (Consultation Pro...
  422. 02/05/20002RCommunity Relations Commission and Principles of Multiculturalism Bill
  423. 13/04/2000QWNTeachers Salary Negotiations
  424. 12/04/2000PRIVBankstown Millennium Buzz
  425. 06/04/2000QWNGraffiti
  426. 04/04/2000PRIVState Environmental Planning Policy No. 5
  427. 04/04/2000PRIVPicton High School
  428. 04/04/2000PRIVLake Macquarie Rehabilitation Works
  429. 04/04/2000PRIVMid North Coast Health Funding
  430. 04/04/2000PRIVBankstown District Sports Club
  431. 18/11/19991R;2RCrimes Amendment (Apprehended Violence) Bill
  432. 18/11/1999PRIVPublic Health Funding
  433. 18/11/1999PRIVGibalee Aboriginal Learning And Development Centre
  434. 17/11/19992REducation Amendment (Special Courses Of Study) Bill
  435. 10/11/1999PRIVBeresfield To Thornton Link Road
  436. 10/11/1999QWNNew Year's Eve Celebrations
  437. 28/10/1999PRIVRegional Australia Summit
  438. 28/10/1999PRIVRichmond High School Presentation Day
  439. 27/10/1999Constitution Referendum
  440. 21/10/1999URG MOTTertiary Education Fees
  441. 21/10/1999URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  442. 20/10/1999URG MOTBanking Services
  443. 23/09/1999PRIVKirrawee High School
  444. 21/09/19992RGambling Legislation Amendment (Responsible Gambling) Bill
  445. 16/09/1999PRIVLondonderry Electorate Student Drug Summit
  446. 16/09/1999PRIVSchool Student Transport Scheme
  447. 15/09/1999PRIVTribute To Phil Lopez, OBE
  448. 15/09/1999PRIVMerimbula Public School
  449. 15/09/1999PRIVBowraville Banana Crop Spraying
  450. 14/09/1999PRIVFairfield City Council Elections
  451. 14/09/1999URG MOTEducation Week
  452. 13/09/1999Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  453. 08/09/1999Minister For Community Services, Minister For Ageing, Minister For Dis...
  454. 08/09/1999East Timor Independence
  455. 29/06/1999PRIVDubbo City Drug Task Force
  456. 29/06/1999PRIVEthnic Affairs Commission Twentieth Anniversary
  457. 29/06/1999PRIVWater Catchment Policy
  458. 29/06/1999URG MOTVoluntary Student Unionism
  459. 29/06/1999URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  460. 22/06/19992RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  461. 03/06/1999QWNHigher School Certificate Reform
  462. 03/06/1999PRIVBankstown Constituents Mr And Mrs Price
  463. 02/06/1999PRIVSouthern Highlands Schools
  464. 02/06/1999World Environment Day
  465. 02/06/1999URG MOTVietnam Veterans
  466. 02/06/1999QWNHospital Winter Health Strategy
  467. 01/06/1999PRIVBaulkham Hills High School
  468. 27/05/1999Northern Beaches Schools
  469. 27/05/19992RTechnical Education Trust Funds Amendment Bill
  470. 27/05/1999Business Of The House
  471. 25/05/1999PRIVDrug Summit
  472. 25/05/1999PRIVGorokan High School Wind Orchestra
  473. 25/05/1999PRIVDrug Summit
  474. 25/05/1999PRIVBankstown Electorate Drug Use
  475. 13/05/1999PRIVRoselea Public School
  476. 12/05/1999PRIVElectorate Of Bankstown
  477. 25/11/1998REPJoint Select Committee On Victims Compensation
  478. 18/11/19982RTeaching Standards Bill
  479. 17/11/1998PRIVHome Break-In NRMA Analysis
  480. 11/11/19982RFood Production (Safety) Bill, Meat Industry Amendment Bill
  481. 10/11/1998PRIVLakemba Police Station Shooting
  482. 10/11/1998Australian Geological Survey Organisation
  483. 28/10/1998PRIVCanterbury District Hospital
  484. 22/10/1998PRIVLakemba Electorate Police Response
  485. 20/10/1998QWNWeapons Prohibition Legislation
  486. 13/10/1998PRIVGreenacre Commonwealth Bank Closure
  487. 13/10/1998Minister For Education And Training
  488. 13/10/1998QWNMinimum Serious Crime Penalties
  489. 24/09/1998PRIVCoxs Creek Reserve
  490. 24/09/1998Canterbury-Bankstown Rugby League Football Club
  491. 23/09/1998QWNRoad Spikes Trial
  492. 17/09/1998PRIVAbandoned Motor Vehicles
  493. 17/09/1998Goods And Services Tax Education Impact
  494. 17/09/1998Multiculturalism
  495. 16/09/1998REPJoint Select Committee On Victims Compensation
  496. 16/09/1998REPJoint Select Committee On Victims Compensation
  497. 15/09/1998PRIVLakemba Services Memorial Club
  498. 15/09/1998QWNLocal Government Accountability
  499. 08/09/1998PRIVCommonwealth Bank Greenacre Branch Closure
  500. 25/06/1998PRIVCrime Prevention Summit
  501. 23/06/1998PRIVSomali Islamic Centre
  502. 23/06/1998QWNSporting Organisations Performance
  503. 19/06/19982RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  504. 18/06/1998PRIVDeath Of Mr Chris Toumazis
  505. 04/06/1998QWNLeader of the Opposition Queen's Counsel Appointment
  506. 03/06/19982RLocal Government Amendment (Parking And Wheel Clamping) Bill
  507. 27/05/1998Federal Employment Services Policy
  508. 20/05/19982RCompanion Animals Bill
  509. 19/05/1998Community Sporting and Recreational Activity
  510. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  511. 19/05/1998National Party Preferences
  512. 30/04/1998PRIVCesare Stefanato
  513. 29/04/19982RCrimes Legislation Amendment (Police And Public Safety) Bill
  514. 28/04/1998QWNWheel Clamping
  515. 02/04/1998QWNK-6 English Syllabus
  516. 01/04/1998Adult Migrant English Service Funding
  517. 01/04/1998REPStanding Committee On Public Works
  518. 25/11/1997PRIVGreenacre Law And Order
  519. 25/11/1997Bread Labelling
  520. 23/10/1997REPJoint Select Committee On Victims Compensation
  521. 22/10/19972RInclosed Lands Protection Amendment Bill
  522. 22/10/1997Refugee Week
  523. 22/10/1997QWN;REPAnnual School Reports
  524. 15/10/1997PRIVWheel Clamping
  525. 25/09/1997PRIVBread Labelling
  526. 25/09/1997QWNSafer Routes To School Program
  527. 23/09/1997Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  528. 18/06/1997QWNFederal School Funding
  529. 17/06/1997PRIVSt Barnabas Lawn Cemetery Redevelopment
  530. 28/05/1997PRIVBHP Refractories Division Sale
  531. 20/05/1997BHP Employment Policies
  532. 20/05/1997Financial Assistance Grants
  533. 14/05/1997PRIVBHP Packaging Products Division Sale
  534. 08/05/1997QWNChild Sexual Abuse By Teachers
  535. 07/05/1997Newcastle Steelworks Closure
  536. 23/04/1997Anzac Day Commemoration
  537. 23/04/19972REducation Reform Amendment (Board Inspectors) Bill
  538. 17/04/1997URG MOTHigher Education Funding Cuts
  539. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  540. 17/04/1997Lakemba Electorate Street Prostitution
  541. 16/04/1997REPStanding Committee On Public Works
  542. 16/04/1997QWNChild Sexual Abuse By Teachers
  543. 16/04/1997Reordering Of General Business
  544. 10/04/1997PRIVGreenacre Street Gangs
  545. 09/04/1997QWNSydney Harbour Casino Licence
  546. 27/11/19962RTraffic Amendment (Street And Illegal Drag Racing) Bill
  547. 27/11/1996QWNDiesel Fuel Adulteration
  548. 21/11/1996QWNThird International Mathematics And Science Study
  549. 12/11/1996Lakemba Electorate Street Prostitution
  550. 24/10/1996PRIVUniversity Of New South Wales St George Campus
  551. 23/10/1996URG MOTSchool Violence
  552. 23/10/1996QWNSchool Violence
  553. 17/10/1996PRIVMember Of Federal Parliament Pauline Hanson
  554. 16/10/1996QWNLocal Government Resource Sharing
  555. 16/10/1996Euthanasia
  556. 26/09/1996PRIVParents As Teachers Program
  557. 19/09/1996PRIVLakemba Electorate Street Prostitution
  558. 19/09/1996QWNSports Funding
  559. 27/06/1996Hampden Park Public School Redevelopment
  560. 19/06/19962RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (1995-96 Debt Retirement) Bill, Moto...
  561. 12/06/1996PRIVWheel Clamping
  562. 12/06/1996QWNSydney Harbour Whale Sculpture
  563. 30/05/1996PRIVTaxidriver Safety
  564. 29/05/1996QWNSmoke Alarms
  565. 28/05/1996QWNEqual Education Opportunities
  566. 21/05/19962R;COMMLocal Government Amendment Bill
  567. 21/05/1996QWNSports Star Of The Year Awards
  568. 16/05/1996URG MOTAbalone Fishery Management
  569. 02/05/19962RCommonwealth Powers (Firearms) Bill
  570. 02/05/1996Chullora Intersection Upgrade
  571. 01/05/19962R;COMMImpounding Amendment Bill
  572. 24/04/1996PRIVLakemba Electorate Returned Servicemen's Clubs
  573. 23/04/1996Minister for Education and Training, and Minister Assisting the Premie...
  574. 16/04/1996Death Of Vincent Patrick Durick, A Former Member Of The Legislative As...
  575. 16/04/1996PRIVCanterbury Road Prostitution
  576. 13/12/1995PRIVTrade Union Honour For Mr Laurie Short
  577. 05/12/1995PRIVLakemba Frog Croaking
  578. 22/11/1995PRIVMrs Elsie May McVeigh
  579. 21/11/1995PRIVLakemba Electorate Policing
  580. 14/11/1995PRIVServices For Isolated Elderly People
  581. 26/10/1995PRIVLakemba Law And Order
  582. 24/10/1995PRIVMr Peter Moore, OAM
  583. 18/10/1995QWNDepartment Of School Education
  584. 18/10/19952RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  585. 20/09/1995QWNEastern Creek Raceway Operations
  586. 19/09/1995QWNFootball Ticket Scalpers
  587. 01/06/1995QWNSchool Gas Heaters


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.