Meagher, Ms Reba speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 28/08/2008QWNHospital Services
  2. 26/06/2008QWNIllicit Drug Use
  3. 24/06/2008Sister Mary Bernice Elphick
  4. 24/06/2008QWNHospital Services Winter Demand
  5. 19/06/2008QWNInfluenza Threat
  6. 18/06/2008QWNHealth Services Patient Surveys
  7. 03/06/2008Minister for Health
  8. 03/06/2008QWNParkes and Forbes Hospitals Redevelopment
  9. 03/06/2008QWNTomaree Community Hospital Upgrade
  10. 03/06/2008QWNHealth Services
  11. 15/05/2008QWNDr Graeme Reeves Appointment
  12. 15/05/2008QWNDr Graeme Reeves Appointment
  13. 14/05/2008QWNFederal Budget
  14. 13/05/2008QWNLismore Base Hospital
  15. 08/05/2008QWNClinical Services Plan
  16. 08/05/2008QWNClinical Services Plan
  17. 07/05/2008QWNMedical Professionals Recruitment
  18. 07/05/2008QWNNepean Hospital Mental Health Unit
  19. 07/05/20081R;2RMedical Practice Amendment Bill 2008
  20. 10/04/2008QWNHealth Care
  21. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  22. 09/04/2008QWNElderly Patients Medical Assessment Units
  23. 08/04/2008QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital Carer and Family Accommodation
  24. 03/04/2008QWNNorth Coast Hospital Beds
  25. 03/04/2008QWNHospital Emergency Department Audits
  26. 03/04/2008QWNHospital Emergency Department Audits
  27. 03/04/2008QWNHospital Performance Reporting Audit
  28. 02/04/2008QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital
  29. 06/03/2008QWNDr Graeme Reeves Appointment
  30. 05/03/2008QWNPublic Hospital Patient Death
  31. 04/03/2008QWNObstetric Patients Mutilation by Deregistered Doctor
  32. 28/02/2008QWNYass District Hospital Radiology Services
  33. 28/02/2008QWNAustralian Health Care Agreement
  34. 04/12/2007QWNCoffs Harbour Base Hospital Nurse Unit Manager Funding
  35. 29/11/2007QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital Redevelopment
  36. 28/11/2007QWNTransitional Accommodation
  37. 28/11/2007QWNYass District Hospital Radiology Services
  38. 27/11/2007QWNWestmead Morgue Pathology Services Death of Sharon Holloway
  39. 27/11/2007QWNPort Macquarie Base Hospital
  40. 27/11/2007QWNWestmead Morgue Pathology Services Death of Sharon Holloway
  41. 27/11/2007QWNDeath of Sharon Holloway
  42. 15/11/2007QWNMid North Coast Hospitals Paediatric Endoscopy
  43. 15/11/2007QWNEmergency Care Taskforce Royal North Shore Hospital Inquiry
  44. 15/11/2007QWNMid North Coast Hospitals Paediatric Endoscopy
  45. 14/11/20072RAssisted Reproductive Technology Bill 2007
  46. 14/11/2007QWNBellingen Hospital Hygiene
  47. 08/11/2007QWNMount Druit Hospital Bed Closures
  48. 08/11/2007QWNEarly Pregnancy Services
  49. 07/11/2007QWNNepean Hospital Emergency Department Treatment Delay
  50. 07/11/20071R;2RAssisted Reproductive Technology Bill 2007
  51. 06/11/2007QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital Clean-up
  52. 25/10/2007QWNRyde Hospital Emergency Department Funding
  53. 25/10/2007QWNTweed Electorate Mental Health Services
  54. 25/10/2007QWNMental Health Funding
  55. 25/10/2007QWNHospital Beds
  56. 24/10/2007QWNHealth System Resources
  57. 24/10/2007QWNTweed Heads Health Services
  58. 24/10/2007QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital Budget
  59. 24/10/2007QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital Budget
  60. 23/10/2007QWNAmbarvale Child Death
  61. 23/10/2007QWNIllicit Drug Use
  62. 18/10/2007Minister for Health
  63. 18/10/2007QWNJoint Select Committee on the Royal North Shore Hospital
  64. 18/10/2007QWNJoint Select Committee on the Royal North Shore Hospital
  65. 18/10/2007QWNNurse Shortage
  66. 18/10/2007QWNHealth System Reform
  67. 18/10/2007QWNJoint Select Committee on the Royal North Shore Hospital
  68. 17/10/2007QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital Country Patients Family Accommodation
  69. 17/10/2007QWNHospital Emergency Services
  70. 17/10/2007QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital Country Patients Family Accommodation
  71. 17/10/2007QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital Clinical Reference Group Hospital Emergency...
  72. 17/10/2007QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital Patient Care
  73. 16/10/2007QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital Inquiry
  74. 16/10/2007QWNHospital Obstetric Services
  75. 16/10/2007QWNHospital Emergency Department Miscarriage Protocol
  76. 16/10/2007QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital Management Task Force
  77. 16/10/2007QWNHospital Emergency Department Miscarriage Protocol
  78. 16/10/2007QWNHospital Emergency Department Miscarriage Protocol
  79. 27/09/2007QWNLourdes Hospital and Community Health Service, Dubbo, Rehabilitation S...
  80. 27/09/2007QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital Inquiry
  81. 27/09/2007QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital Patient Care
  82. 27/09/2007QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital Inquiry
  83. 26/09/2007QWNMs Debbie Annis-Brown Dialysis
  84. 26/09/2007QWNMs Debbie Annis-Brown Dialysis
  85. 26/09/2007QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital Funding
  86. 26/09/2007Royal North Shore Hospital Patient Care
  87. 28/06/2007PRIVAustralia-Vietnam Human Rights Dialogue
  88. 28/06/2007QWNAustralian Health Care Agreement
  89. 20/06/20072RDrug Summit Legislative Response Amendment (Trial Period Extension) Bi...
  90. 19/06/2007QWNHealth Budget
  91. 07/06/20071R;2RDrug Summit Legislative Response Amendment (Trial Period Extension) Bi...
  92. 07/06/2007QWNMedically Supervised Injecting Centre
  93. 07/06/2007Level Crossing Accident, Kerang, Victoria
  94. 06/06/2007QWNMethadone Clinics Security Investigation
  95. 06/06/2007QWNAmbulance Services
  96. 05/06/20072RHuman Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Amendment Bill 2007
  97. 05/06/20072RDrug and Alcohol Treatment Bill 2007
  98. 05/06/2007QWNRenal Dialysis Services Funding
  99. 30/05/2007QWNRural Health Services
  100. 30/05/20071R;2RDrug and Alcohol Treatment Bill 2007
  101. 30/05/20072RPrivate Health Facilities Bill 2007
  102. 29/05/2007Member for Epping
  103. 29/05/2007QWNPublic Hospital System Performance
  104. 10/05/2007International Nurses Day
  105. 09/05/2007QWNTweed Hospital Coronary Care Beds
  106. 23/11/2006QWNChild Protection Services
  107. 22/11/2006QWNArmidale Community Service Centre Caseworkers
  108. 16/11/20062RAboriginal Land Rights Amendment Bill
  109. 16/11/2006QWNChild Protection Services
  110. 16/11/20062RParliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment (Child Sexual Offenc...
  111. 15/11/20061R;2RParliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment (Child Sexual Offenc...
  112. 14/11/20062R;COMMChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Miscellaneous Amendme...
  113. 14/11/2006QWNState Plan
  114. 24/10/20061R;2RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Miscellaneous Amendme...
  115. 24/10/2006Business of the House
  116. 24/10/20062RAdoption Amendment Bill
  117. 19/10/2006Community-based Preschools
  118. 18/10/2006QWNDepartment of Community Services Helpline
  119. 17/10/20061R;2RAdoption Amendment Bill
  120. 26/09/2006URG MOTChild Care Services
  121. 26/09/2006URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  122. 20/09/20062RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment (Parent Res...
  123. 19/09/2006QWNChild Protection Community Attitudes
  124. 06/09/20061R;2RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment (Parent Res...
  125. 31/08/2006QWNCambelltown Hospital Baby Death
  126. 30/08/2006QWNParent Responsibility Contracts
  127. 07/06/2006QWNCommunity Services Budget
  128. 06/06/20062RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment Bill
  129. 24/05/2006QWNChildren and Young People in Out-of-Home Care Caseworker Support
  130. 10/05/2006QWNFederal Government Child Care Policy
  131. 10/05/20061R;2RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment Bill
  132. 02/05/2006QWNChildren's Guardian and Commission for Children and Young People Role
  133. 05/04/2006QWNYouth Week
  134. 30/03/2006PRIVCabramatta Anti-drug Strategy
  135. 30/03/2006QWNDepartment of Community Services Regional Families Support
  136. 09/03/2006QWNAdoption Services Reform
  137. 08/03/2006QWNChildren in Care Assistance
  138. 07/03/2006QWNNatural Disaster Assistance
  139. 02/03/2006QWNDepartment of Community Services Caseworkers Recruitment
  140. 30/11/2005QWNDepartment of Community Services Reform
  141. 17/11/2005QWNEarly Intervention Programs
  142. 15/11/20051R;2RParliamentary Superannuation Legislation Amendment Bill
  143. 15/11/20051R;2RCommission for Children and Young People Amendment Bill
  144. 15/11/20052RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment Bill
  145. 15/11/20052RCrimes Amendment (Animal Cruelty) Bill
  146. 15/11/2005QWNChild Protection
  147. 08/11/20051R;2RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment Bill
  148. 18/10/2005QWNDepartment of Community Services Caseworkers
  149. 21/09/2005PRIVBurrinjuck Family Day Care
  150. 14/09/2005PRIVTamworth Women's Refuge
  151. 13/09/2005QWNFoster Carers Assistance
  152. 23/06/2005PRIVCoffs Harbour Neighbourhood Centre
  153. 23/06/2005QWNSenate Inquiry into Children in Institutional Care
  154. 22/06/2005QWNNorthern Tablelands Child Protection Resources
  155. 08/06/2005QWNSupported Accommodation Assistance Program
  156. 07/06/2005QWNDepartment of Community Services Helpline
  157. 24/05/2005QWNDepartment of Community Services Budget
  158. 05/05/2005QWNIntercountry Adoptions
  159. 03/03/2005QWNChild Protection
  160. 02/03/2005QWNDepartment of Community Services Child Neglect Allegation
  161. 23/02/2005QWNDepartment of Community Services Young Families Support
  162. 07/12/2004QWNResidential Parks
  163. 17/11/20042RHome Building Amendment Bill
  164. 11/11/2004PRIVFederal Government Education Policy
  165. 10/11/20041R;2RHome Building Amendment Bill
  166. 09/11/2004QWNPayday Lenders
  167. 28/10/2004QWNClothing Outworkers Protection
  168. 26/10/2004QWNStrata Laws Reform
  169. 19/10/2004QWNGonzales Family Home Sale
  170. 23/09/2004PRIVRetirement of Superintendent Alan Beck Cabramatta Electorate Activities
  171. 23/09/2004QWNUnlicensed Home Builders
  172. 21/09/2004QWNConsumer Protection
  173. 03/06/2004Credit Accounting Consultancy Finance Broking Scam
  174. 03/06/2004QWNResidential Parks Legislation Review
  175. 13/05/2004QWNUnlicensed Home Builders
  176. 04/05/2004QWNRadio Frequency Identification Tags
  177. 01/04/2004QWNHemp Drink
  178. 01/04/2004QWNMr and Mrs Marinan Dee Why Unit Purchase
  179. 01/04/2004QWNHemp Drink
  180. 31/03/2004QWNRegister of Encumbered Vehicles
  181. 30/03/20042RFair Trading Amendment Bill
  182. 18/03/2004Consumer Protection
  183. 10/03/20042RRetirement Villages Amendment Bill
  184. 09/03/2004Product Safety
  185. 26/02/2004Elders Real Estate Forster-Tuncurry Trust Account Irregularities
  186. 25/02/2004QWNPawnbrokers and Second-hand Dealers Regulation
  187. 25/02/20041R;2RRetirement Villages Amendment Bill
  188. 25/02/20042R;COMMStrata Schemes Management Amendment Bill
  189. 19/02/2004PRIVCountry Athletes Scheme
  190. 18/02/2004QWNHome Building Service
  191. 18/02/2004Raine and Horne Kogarah Trust Account Irregularities
  192. 17/02/20042RElectricity (Consumer Safety) Bill
  193. 04/12/20031R;2RElectricity (Consumer Safety) Bill
  194. 04/12/20031R;2RStrata Schemes Management Amendment Bill
  195. 03/12/2003Computer Fair Correspondence
  196. 19/11/2003Special Broadcasting Service Vietnamese Government Television Program ...
  197. 19/11/2003Retirement Villages Legislation
  198. 19/11/2003QWNBoarders and Lodgers Regulation Review
  199. 12/11/2003QWNMisleading Advertising
  200. 30/10/2003PRIVMr and Mrs Marinan Dee Why Unit Purchase
  201. 30/10/2003QWNEthanol Blended Petrol
  202. 28/10/20032RFuneral Funds Amendment Bill
  203. 28/10/2003QWNStrata Management Schemes
  204. 16/10/2003QWNConsumer Protection
  205. 15/10/20031R;2RFuneral Funds Amendment Bill
  206. 15/10/2003Radisson Maine Financial Group Australia Pty Ltd
  207. 14/10/20032RPrevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Penalties) Bill
  208. 18/09/2003QWNProperty Law Reform
  209. 17/09/2003URG MOTWealth Creation Schemes
  210. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  211. 17/09/2003URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  212. 02/09/2003Domain Names Australia Pty Ltd and Internet Registry Pty Ltd Business ...
  213. 01/07/2003QWNEthanol Blended Petrol
  214. 26/06/2003QWNConsumer Protection
  215. 25/06/2003QWNScam Mail
  216. 25/06/2003COMMConsumer Credit Administration Amendment (Finance Brokers) Bill
  217. 25/06/20032RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Adoption Leave) Bill
  218. 25/06/20032ROccupational Health and Safety Amendment (Dangerous Goods) Bill Explos...
  219. 19/06/2003Speedometer Adjustment Prosecutions
  220. 18/06/2003QWNGraffiti
  221. 17/06/20031R;2ROccupational Health and Safety Amendment (Dangerous Goods) Bill Explos...
  222. 17/06/20031R;2RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Adoption Leave) Bill
  223. 17/06/2003QWNBaby Bathing Cradle Safety
  224. 28/05/20032RFair Trading Amendment Bill
  225. 28/05/2003QWNPawnbrokers and Second-Hand Dealers Regulation
  226. 27/05/20032RArchitects Bill
  227. 27/05/2003Retirement Villages Regulation
  228. 21/05/20031R;2RArchitects Bill
  229. 21/05/20031R;2RFair Trading Amendment Bill
  230. 20/05/2003QWNTLC Consulting Services Pty Ltd
  231. 08/05/2003Independent Order of Oddfellows Homes at Ettalong Beach
  232. 08/05/2003Westpac Bank Saturday Trading
  233. 07/05/2003QWNReal Estate Industry Reforms
  234. 06/05/20032RConsumer Credit Administration Amendment (Finance Brokers) Bill
  235. 06/05/20032RValuers Bill
  236. 06/05/20032RConveyancers Licensing Bill
  237. 01/05/2003QWNElectrical Appliances and Installations Safety
  238. 30/04/20031R;2RConveyancers Licensing Bill
  239. 30/04/20031R;2RValuers Bill
  240. 30/04/20032RConsumer Credit Administration Amendment (Finance Brokers) Bill
  241. 22/11/2002PRIVPolice Recruitment Scholarships
  242. 21/11/2002PRIVAsian Languages And Studies In Australian Schools Program
  243. 21/11/20022R;COMMTerrorism (Police Powers) Bill
  244. 21/11/20022RGuardianship and Protected Estates Legislation Amendment Bill
  245. 21/11/2002QWNHeroin Use
  246. 19/11/20022RPublic Health Amendment (Juvenile Smoking) Bill (No 2
  247. 19/11/20022RDrug Misuse and Trafficking Amendment (Dangerous Exhibits) Bill
  248. 14/11/20021R;2RPay-roll Tax Legislation Amendment (Avoidance) Bill
  249. 14/11/20022RPolice Amendment (Appointments) Bill
  250. 14/11/20022RWorkers Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill
  251. 14/11/2002QWNTraineeships
  252. 31/10/2002PRIVThompsons Corner Underpass
  253. 31/10/2002PRIVCabramatta Police Local Area Command
  254. 18/09/20021R;2RHealth Records and Information Privacy Bill
  255. 18/09/2002PRIVCasino Canberra Marketing Campaign
  256. 26/06/20022RMining Legislation Amendment (Health and Safety) Bill
  257. 26/06/20022RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  258. 26/06/20022RWitness Protection Amendment Bill
  259. 26/06/20022RLegal Aid Commission Amendment Bill
  260. 26/06/20022RRadiation Control Amendment Bill
  261. 26/06/20022RFirearms Amendment (Public Safety) Bill, Summary Offences Amendment (P...
  262. 26/06/20022RPolice Service Amendment (NSW Police) Bill
  263. 20/06/2002PRIVCabramatta Homelessness
  264. 30/05/2002PRIVCabramatta Illegal Firearms
  265. 09/05/2002PRIVSt Marys Police Station Relocation
  266. 09/05/2002PRIVCabramatta Street Prostitution
  267. 11/04/2002PRIVCabramatta Electorate Schools
  268. 09/04/2002QWN;REPCabramatta Anti-Drug Strategy
  269. 28/02/2002PRIVKostya Tszyu Cabramatta Visit
  270. 29/11/2001PRIVCabramatta Electorate Respite Care Facilities
  271. 28/11/20012R;COMMRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Heavy Vehicle Registration Charg...
  272. 16/11/20011R;2RRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Heavy Vehicle Registration Charg...
  273. 15/11/2001PRIVMid North Coast Dental Health Services
  274. 15/11/2001PRIVWallsend Property Damage Claims
  275. 15/11/2001PRIVCabramatta Community Consultation
  276. 18/10/2001QWNCabramatta Anti-Drug Strategy
  277. 17/10/2001QWNBureau Of Crime Statistics And Research Heroin Statistics
  278. 21/09/2001PRIVTerrorist Attacks On The United States Of America
  279. 06/09/2001QWNCabramatta Drug Houses
  280. 06/09/20012RCross-Border Commission Bill
  281. 28/06/2001PRIVGoolmangar Schools Speed Zones
  282. 28/06/2001PRIVPrivate Members' Statements
  283. 25/06/20012RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  284. 21/06/2001QWNCabramatta Anti-Drug Strategy
  285. 21/06/2001Vietnam Human Rights
  286. 20/06/20011R;2RWestern Sydney Regional Park (Revocation For Western Sydney Orbital) Bill
  287. 20/06/20012R;COMMSydney Olympic Park Authority Bill
  288. 20/06/20011R;2RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Casual Employees Parental Leave) Bill
  289. 20/06/20012RPassenger Transport Amendment (Transitways) Bill
  290. 07/06/20012RHome Building Legislation Amendment Bill
  291. 06/06/20012RPolice Powers (Drug Premises) Bill, Police Powers (Internally Conceale...
  292. 06/06/20012RFirearms Amendment (Trafficking) Bill
  293. 31/05/2001QWNCabramatta Anti-Drug Strategy
  294. 28/03/2001QWNCabramatta Anti-Drug Strategy
  295. 08/03/2001PRIVCabramatta Policing
  296. 06/03/2001Premier, Minister For The Arts, And Minister For Citizenship
  297. 06/03/2001Legislative Council Inquiry Into Cabramatta Police Resources
  298. 28/02/2001QWNLivescan Electronic Fingerprinting System
  299. 27/02/2001PRIVLegislative Council Inquiry Into Cabramatta Police Resources
  300. 29/11/2000Tyre Deflation Devices
  301. 29/11/2000QWNLocal Government Accountability
  302. 23/11/2000PRIVLegislative Council Inquiry Into Cabramatta Police Resources
  303. 17/11/2000PRIVCabramatta Policing
  304. 17/11/20002RPassenger Transport Amendment Bill
  305. 17/08/2000PRIVFairfield Olympic Celebrations
  306. 17/08/2000URG MOTUnpaid Work Statistics
  307. 17/08/2000URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  308. 16/08/2000PRIVWollongong Flood And Storm Damage
  309. 16/08/2000PRIVPittwater Policing
  310. 16/08/2000Naltrexone Treatment Guidelines
  311. 15/08/20002RRoad Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment (Blood Sampli...
  312. 10/08/2000PRIVBuilding Industry Consumer Protection
  313. 10/08/2000QWNBuilding Industry Consumer Protection
  314. 09/08/20001R;2RRoad Transport (Safety And Traffic Management) Amendment (Blood Sampli...
  315. 22/06/2000PRIVCabravale Park Rotunda
  316. 22/06/2000Illegal Drug Trade
  317. 20/06/20002R;COMMAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  318. 06/06/2000QWNCrisis Accommodation
  319. 30/05/20001R;2RRoad Transport (Heavy Vehicles Registration Charges) Amendment Bill
  320. 04/05/2000PRIVCabramatta Policing
  321. 03/05/20002RSummary Offences Amendment Bill
  322. 18/11/19992RRoad Transport (Safety And Traffic Management) Amendment (Camera Devic...
  323. 18/11/19992R;3RRoads Amendment (Tolls) Bill
  324. 18/11/1999QWNChild Care
  325. 18/11/19991R;2RSecurity Industry (Olympic And Paralympic Games) Bill
  326. 17/11/19992RDrug Summit Legislative Response Bill
  327. 10/11/1999QWNNew Year's Eve Transport Arrangements
  328. 27/10/1999Constitution Referendum
  329. 22/09/1999PRIVEora Star Launch
  330. 16/09/1999Homeless Accommodation
  331. 15/09/1999PRIVMyall Lakes Road Maintenance
  332. 09/09/1999PRIVCafe Horizon Group
  333. 24/06/1999QWNCityRail Security
  334. 23/06/1999PRIVCabramatta Food Festival
  335. 23/06/1999URG MOTPyramid Selling Schemes
  336. 22/06/1999URG MOTHeavy Vehicle Mass Limits
  337. 02/06/19992RRoad Transport (General) Bill, Road Transport (Safety And Traffic Mana...
  338. 27/05/19991R;2RRoad Transport (General) Bill, Road Transport (Safety And Traffic Mana...
  339. 26/05/1999PRIVPort Macquarie Sea Rescue
  340. 26/05/1999PRIVWindsor Road
  341. 26/05/1999PRIVReconciliation Travelling Road Show
  342. 26/05/1999PRIVTerrey Hills And Duffys Forest Policing
  343. 26/05/1999Drug Court
  344. 13/05/1999PRIVDrug Summit
  345. 13/05/1999QWNFox Studios Operations
  346. 12/05/1999PRIVThe Bucketts Way
  347. 12/05/1999PRIVRural Health Services
  348. 18/11/1998PRIVFairfield Drug Action Team
  349. 12/11/1998PRIVVietnamese Child-Care Services
  350. 10/11/19982RDrug Court Bill
  351. 29/10/1998PRIVCabramatta One People, Many Faces Festival
  352. 27/10/1998QWNFood Safety Standards
  353. 22/10/1998PRIVShane Egan Assisted Accommodation
  354. 21/10/1998Youth Suicide Prevention
  355. 15/10/1998Bank Branch Closures
  356. 14/10/1998PRIVCabramatta Thirteen Moons Mural Project
  357. 14/10/19982RHome Invasion (Occupants Protection) Bill
  358. 24/09/1998PRIVCabramatta Moon Festival
  359. 24/09/1998Federal Government Policies
  360. 24/09/1998Joint Standing Committee Upon Small Business
  361. 24/09/19982RLiquor Amendment (Restaurants and Nightclubs) Bill
  362. 23/09/1998QWNPatient Suicide Risk
  363. 17/09/1998PRIVCardinal Stepinac Association
  364. 17/09/1998Multiculturalism
  365. 08/09/1998PRIVKids ‘n' Creeks Competition
  366. 24/06/1998PRIVFirst United Nations International Day In Support Of Victims Of Torture
  367. 23/06/1998QWNTourism For People With Disabilities
  368. 04/06/1998Coalition One Nation Party Preferences
  369. 03/06/1998Coalition One Nation Party Preferences
  370. 03/06/19982RLocal Government Amendment (Parking and Wheel Clamping) Bill
  371. 02/06/19982RDrug Misuse And Trafficking Amendment (Ongoing Dealing) Bill
  372. 02/06/1998PRIVCabramatta Tourism
  373. 27/05/1998Ausindustry Small Business Assistance
  374. 27/05/1998Federal Employment Services Policy
  375. 19/05/1998National Party Preferences
  376. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  377. 07/05/1998Commonwealth Dental Health Program Funding
  378. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  379. 06/05/1998PRIVChild-Care Services
  380. 05/05/1998QWNPrison Work Release Program
  381. 08/04/1998REPJoint Select Committee Into Safe Injecting Rooms
  382. 02/04/1998PRIVCabramatta Place Management Project
  383. 25/11/1997QWNTeenage Smoking
  384. 13/11/1997PRIVCabramatta Place Management Project
  385. 13/11/1997QWNGymnasium Closures
  386. 11/11/1997Minister for the Environment
  387. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  388. 23/10/1997PRIVAntipersonnel Landmines
  389. 23/10/1997Telstra-New South Wales Regional Small Business Awards
  390. 16/10/1997PRIVCabramatta Community Initiatives
  391. 15/10/1997Women's Rights
  392. 25/09/1997PRIVCabramatta Railway Station Upgrade
  393. 23/09/1997QWNCabramatta Drug Use
  394. 19/06/1997PRIVFred Hollows Foundation Griffith Fundraising Function
  395. 17/06/1997QWNCabramatta Needle And Syringe Clean-Up
  396. 28/05/1997PRIVYouthForce Focus Groups
  397. 28/05/19972RAppropriation Bill, Accommodation Levy Bill, Appropriation (Parliament...
  398. 22/05/1997QWNYouth Entertainment
  399. 21/05/1997PRIVSchool Student Transport Scheme
  400. 13/05/1997Federal Child-Care Funding
  401. 13/05/1997Federal Child-Care Funding
  402. 13/05/1997QWNDomestic Violence
  403. 07/05/1997PRIVCabramatta Multiculturalism
  404. 23/04/1997PRIVCabramatta Drug Use
  405. 23/04/1997QWNCabramatta Drug Use
  406. 17/04/1997QWNGun Law Reform
  407. 10/04/1997Homebush Bay Olympic Site
  408. 10/04/1997Cabramatta Drug Use
  409. 08/04/1997PRIVCabramatta Policing
  410. 19/11/1996QWNSex Offender Management
  411. 14/11/1996QWNSydney Showground Site Development
  412. 31/10/1996Cabramatta Drug Use
  413. 30/10/1996QWNNorth Head Planning Policy
  414. 29/10/19962R;COMMEthnic Affairs Commission Amendment Bill
  415. 24/10/1996PRIVChild-Care Centre Inspection Charges
  416. 17/10/1996PRIVWheel Clamping
  417. 17/10/1996QWNFamily Group Conferencing
  418. 25/09/1996QWNGolden Vintage Vineyard Investment
  419. 18/09/1996PRIVCabramatta Policing
  420. 20/06/1996PRIVHire Vehicles Age Limits
  421. 20/06/1996URG MOTSwimming Pool Repairs
  422. 19/06/1996PRIVCabramatta Police Numbers
  423. 18/06/1996QWNDeath Of Anna Wood
  424. 06/06/1996QWNAustudy Funding
  425. 04/06/19962RIndustrial Relations Bill, Employment Agents Bill
  426. 30/05/1996QWNState Office Block Leasehold Sale
  427. 30/05/1996Council On Crime Prevention
  428. 29/05/1996PRIVNeedle Exchange Program Funding
  429. 28/05/1996Federal Industrial Relations Legislation
  430. 22/05/1996QWNHousing For The Mentally Ill
  431. 21/05/1996PRIVCabramatta Immigrant Women's Health Centre Closure
  432. 16/05/1996QWNPublic Housing Private Sector Investment
  433. 15/05/19962RCrimes Amendment (Mandatory Life Sentences) Bill
  434. 02/05/1996PRIVNeedle Exchange Program Funding
  435. 02/05/1996QWNFirefighter Non-English Language Training
  436. 01/05/1996Minister For Fair Trading, And Minister For Women
  437. 01/05/19962RPawnbrokers and Second-Hand Dealers Bill
  438. 23/04/1996PRIVCabramatta Electorate Traffic Noise
  439. 07/12/1995Women In Decision-Making Positions
  440. 06/12/1995QWN5T Asian Gangs
  441. 23/11/1995QWNMekong River Bridge
  442. 26/10/1995Police And Community Youth Clubs
  443. 25/10/1995QWNRail Safety
  444. 11/10/1995Women in Sport
  445. 10/10/19952RParliamentary Electorates And Elections Amendment (Method Of Voting) Bill
  446. 08/06/1995QWNHonourable Member For Lane Cove
  447. 30/05/1995QWNOperation Noah
  448. 25/05/1995Closed-Circuit Television Surveillance
  449. 01/12/19942RCrimes (Home Invasion) Amendment Bill


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.