McLeay, Mr Paul speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 01/12/20102RCrimes (Serious Sex Offenders) Amendment Bill 2010
  2. 30/11/20102REducation Amendment (Ethics) Bill 2010
  3. 30/11/2010QWNAthletes and Coaches
  4. 30/11/2010PRIVEngadine Lions Club
  5. 26/11/2010PRIVStanwell Park Pedestrian Tunnel Mural
  6. 24/11/2010PRIVSutherland Shire Annual Awards
  7. 24/11/2010QWNMajor Events
  8. 12/11/2010PRIVThirroul Labor Centenary
  9. 10/11/2010State Emergency Service
  10. 09/11/2010QWNWhooping Cough Prevention
  11. 29/10/2010PRIVHeathcote Public School Security Fence
  12. 28/10/2010QWNBarangaroo Development
  13. 26/10/2010URG MOTCommunity Building Partnership Program
  14. 26/10/2010Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  15. 22/10/2010PRIVCarers
  16. 20/10/2010QWNOccupational Health and Safety Law Reform
  17. 22/09/2010QWNDementia Support Services
  18. 08/09/2010QWNNursing Homes
  19. 01/09/20101R;2RPlantations and Reafforestation Amendment Bill 2010
  20. 02/06/2010PRIVPublic Education Day
  21. 02/06/2010QWNIllawarra Jobs Support
  22. 13/05/2010PRIVMoorebank Intermodal Freight Proposal
  23. 13/05/2010QWNBoating Fees
  24. 13/05/2010QWNJessica Watson Voyage Completion
  25. 12/05/2010QWNMarine Rescue
  26. 11/05/20102RRelationships Register Bill 2010
  27. 22/04/2010PRIVMoorebank Intermodal Freight Proposal
  28. 21/04/2010QWNNewcastle Cruise Facilities
  29. 18/03/2010QWNHunter Coal Exports
  30. 16/03/2010PRIVMarine Rescue NSW, Port Macquarie
  31. 10/03/2010Wollongong Hawks Basketball Team
  32. 09/03/2010PRIVInternational Women's Day Awards
  33. 01/12/2009QWNWaterways Safety
  34. 24/11/2009QWNCabinet Loyalty and Unity
  35. 30/10/2009PRIVTribute to Professor Jim Hagan
  36. 30/10/2009REPPublic Accounts Committee
  37. 29/10/2009QWNGovernment Plans
  38. 27/10/2009PRIVCommunity Building Partnership Program
  39. 22/10/20092RAnimals (Regulation of Sale) Bill 2008
  40. 21/10/2009URG MOTWater Conservation
  41. 21/10/2009Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  42. 21/10/20092RRural Fires Amendment Bill 2009
  43. 20/10/2009QWNWorld Masters Games and Crave Sydney
  44. 24/09/2009QWNTourism Promotion
  45. 24/09/2009Commuter Car Parking Fees
  46. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  47. 23/09/20092RHousing Amendment (Registrable Persons) Bill 2009
  48. 11/09/2009PRIVRoyal National Park Roads
  49. 11/09/2009REPPublic Accounts Committee
  50. 10/09/2009Rural Fire Service
  51. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  52. 26/06/2009PRIVBundeena RSL Memorial Club
  53. 26/06/2009REPPublic Accounts Committee
  54. 25/06/2009QWNMetropolitan Coal Project
  55. 24/06/2009URG MOTState Budget and Jobs
  56. 24/06/2009Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  57. 18/06/2009Sewerage Connection
  58. 17/06/2009QWNIllawarra Infrastructure Investment and Jobs
  59. 15/05/2009PRIVTribute to Jack and Christina Attwood
  60. 14/05/2009QWNEmergency Services Volunteer Cadets
  61. 12/05/2009QWNTransport Agencies and Jobs
  62. 08/05/2009PRIVBulli Hospital Surgery Services
  63. 06/05/2009URG MOTFederal Stimulus Package and Schools Projects
  64. 03/04/2009PRIVSutherland Shire Family Services Inc.
  65. 01/04/2009Graffiti Removal Program
  66. 27/03/2009REPPublic Accounts Committee
  67. 26/03/20092RHurlstone Agricultural High School Site Bill 2009
  68. 25/03/2009Illawarra Jobs
  69. 10/03/2009QWNTransport Infrastructure
  70. 03/12/2008QWNFree Central Business District Shuttle Bus
  71. 28/11/2008PRIVHelensburgh Railway Station Upgrade
  72. 28/11/2008REPPublic Accounts Committee
  73. 26/11/2008QWNProfessor Peter Cullen Postgraduate Scholarship
  74. 14/11/2008PRIVPrinces Highway, Loftus, Speed Limit
  75. 14/11/2008REPPublic Accounts Committee
  76. 11/11/2008QWNPublic Transport
  77. 30/10/20082RTransport Administration Amendment (Rail and Ferry Transport Authoriti...
  78. 29/10/2008URG MOTBushfire Season
  79. 24/10/2008PRIVColedale and Thirroul Fire Brigades
  80. 25/09/2008Mental Health Services
  81. 25/09/2008Wallaga Lake Aboriginal Community
  82. 23/09/2008International Economic Crisis
  83. 23/09/2008Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  84. 29/08/2008PRIVBundeena-Maianbar Ambulance Services
  85. 28/08/2008QWNPublic and Affordable Housing
  86. 25/06/2008QWNTourism Industry
  87. 05/06/2008URG MOTIllawarra Budget Allocations
  88. 05/06/2008Consideration of Motions to Be Accorded Priority
  89. 04/06/2008PRIVPaul Tuckerman
  90. 04/06/20082RMiscellaneous Acts Amendment (Same Sex Relationships) Bill 2008
  91. 13/05/2008QWNRail Safety
  92. 08/05/2008QWNClimate Change
  93. 08/05/2008Zouch Street Railway Bridge, Young
  94. 02/04/2008QWNPremier's Sporting Challenge
  95. 05/03/2008QWNPremium Petrol Availability
  96. 30/11/2007PRIVMovember
  97. 27/11/2007QWNRail Safety Technology Testing
  98. 14/11/2007QWNState Emergency Service
  99. 07/11/2007PRIVAssistance Dogs Australia
  100. 17/10/2007QWNSmall Business Red Tape
  101. 28/06/2007QWNRail Safety
  102. 21/06/2007QWNElectricity Supply
  103. 20/06/2007PRIVSt John Bosco Parish, Engadine
  104. 20/06/2007Education and Training Budget
  105. 10/05/2007Economic Growth
  106. 10/05/2007Consideration of Motions Accorded Priority
  107. 09/05/2007PRIVSutherland Shire Family Services Incorporated
  108. 23/11/2006Joint Select Committee on the Threatened Species Conservation Amendmen...
  109. 23/11/2006COMMThreatened Species Conservation Amendment (Biodiversity Banking) Bill
  110. 22/11/20061R;2RPrivate Health Facilities Bill
  111. 21/11/20062RJames Hardie Former Subsidiaries (Winding up and Administration) Amend...
  112. 16/11/20062RRural Lands Protection Amendment Bill
  113. 16/11/20062RSuperannuation Administration Amendment (Trust Deed Schemes) Bill
  114. 16/11/20062RVictims Support and Rehabilitation Amendment Bill
  115. 14/11/20061R;2RWorld Youth Day Bill
  116. 14/11/20061R;2RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 2)
  117. 14/11/20061R;2RRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Evidence) Bill
  118. 27/10/2006PRIVSutherland Shire Councillor Kevin Schreiber
  119. 24/10/2006Australian Red Cross and Blood Donations
  120. 18/10/2006PRIVChallenge Armidale
  121. 18/10/2006PRIVEngadine Men's Shed
  122. 17/10/20061R;2RElection Funding Amendment Bill
  123. 17/10/20061R;2RState Revenue Legislation Amendment (Tax Concessions) Bill
  124. 17/10/20061R;2RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment Bill
  125. 28/09/20061R;2RCrimes (Forensic Procedures) Amendment Bill
  126. 28/09/20062RHealth Legislation Amendment (Unregistered Health Practitioners) Bill
  127. 21/09/2006URG MOTCounter-terrorism Measures
  128. 21/09/2006URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  129. 21/09/20061R;2RHealth Legislation Amendment (Unregistered Health Practitioners) Bill
  130. 20/09/2006PRIVUNE Partnerships
  131. 20/09/2006PRIVBoggabri Home and Community Care Multi Service Outlet
  132. 20/09/2006PRIVSutherland District Rural Fire Service
  133. 20/09/2006Insurance Costs
  134. 05/09/20062R;COMMPharmacy Practice Bill
  135. 05/09/2006URG MOTMedibank Private
  136. 05/09/2006URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  137. 31/08/2006Australian Flags on Police Vehicles
  138. 30/08/2006PRIVPollies for Small Business Program
  139. 30/08/2006PRIVNewstan-Awaba Mines Land Protection
  140. 30/08/2006PRIVCoffs Harbour and Clarence Police Numbers
  141. 30/08/2006URG MOTDisability Services Funding
  142. 06/06/20062RDrug Misuse and Trafficking Amendment (Hydroponic Cultivation) Bill
  143. 25/05/2006PRIVHelensburgh Public School
  144. 25/05/2006QWNCrime Statistics
  145. 25/05/20062RCorrectional Services Legislation Amendment Bill
  146. 25/05/20062RInterpretation Amendment Bill
  147. 23/05/20061R;2RCorrectional Services Legislation Amendment Bill
  148. 23/05/20061R;2RChildren (Detention Centres) Amendment Bill
  149. 23/05/20061R;2RState Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill
  150. 23/05/20061R;2RInterpretation Amendment Bill
  151. 23/05/20061R;2RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
  152. 11/05/20061R;2RPharmacy Practice Bill
  153. 09/05/2006PRIVMr Brian Read House Resumption
  154. 09/05/2006PRIVMotor Vehicle Industry Review
  155. 09/05/2006PRIVWilloughby Electorate History
  156. 09/05/2006Commonwealth Grants Commission Goods and Services Tax Allocations
  157. 09/05/2006URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  158. 04/05/2006QWNFederal Government Industrial Relations Legislation High Court Challenge
  159. 04/05/2006Chatswood Railway Station Access
  160. 03/05/2006PRIVCronulla Riots
  161. 03/05/2006PRIVHarness Racing Industry
  162. 29/03/2006PRIVNorthern Tablelands Electorate Alcohol Forums
  163. 29/03/2006PRIVOatley Senior Citizens Centre Seniors Week Luncheon
  164. 29/03/2006PRIVBankstown Railway Line Upgrade
  165. 29/03/2006URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  166. 09/03/2006URG MOTFederal Government Industrial Relations Legislation
  167. 09/03/2006Wagga Wagga Base Hospital Physiotherapy Services
  168. 02/03/2006PRIVNew South Wales Woman of the Year Nominee Mrs Penny Flowers
  169. 02/03/2006PRIVWoronora River Valley Fire Trail
  170. 01/03/2006QWNSurgeon Training Numbers Accreditation
  171. 01/12/2005PRIVSewage Treatment Water Recycling
  172. 01/12/2005PRIVLawrence Hargrave Drive Upgrade
  173. 29/11/20052RWater Management Amendment Bill
  174. 29/11/20052RMine Safety (Cost Recovery) Bill
  175. 15/11/2005QWNParliamentary Superannuation Scheme Reform
  176. 09/11/2005PRIVSutherland Shire Council Planning Decisions
  177. 08/11/20051R;2RShops and Industries Amendment (Special Shop Closures) Bill
  178. 08/11/20051R;2RFirst State Superannuation Legislation Amendment (Conversion) Bill
  179. 20/10/2005PRIVEdalive Educational Softwear
  180. 20/10/2005PRIVToukley Ambulance Station
  181. 20/10/2005PRIVCarers Week
  182. 20/10/2005PRIVGreat Australian Bushwalk
  183. 20/10/2005Helicopter Rescue Services
  184. 19/10/20052RPublic Sector Employment and Management Amendment (Extended Leave) Bill
  185. 12/10/20052RState Emergency and Rescue Management Amendment Bill
  186. 11/10/2005PRIVBundeena Bush Fire Brigade Open Day
  187. 21/09/2005URG MOTFederal Government Industrial Relations Policy
  188. 21/09/2005URG MOTFederal Government Industrial Relations Policy
  189. 21/09/2005URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  190. 21/09/2005QWNFederal Government Industrial Relations Policy
  191. 20/09/2005PRIVLawrence Hargrave Drive Upgrade
  192. 07/06/20052RFire Brigades Amendment (Community Fire Units) Bill
  193. 25/05/2005PRIVSydney Institute of TAFE, Sutherland-Loftus Campus
  194. 24/05/2005Mine Safety
  195. 05/05/2005PRIVSouth Coast May Day Celebrations
  196. 04/05/2005QWNMedicare Safety Net Changes
  197. 24/03/2005QWNCommonwealth Grants Commission Goods and Services Tax Allocations
  198. 23/02/2005QWNSydney Harbour Bridge and Anzac Bridge Counter-Terrorism Measures
  199. 09/12/2004QWN;REPReport of Inquiry into Penrith Rugby Leagues Club Ltd
  200. 09/12/20042RGovernment (Open Market Competition) Bill
  201. 17/11/20042RHome Building Amendment Bill
  202. 16/11/2004QWNSurgical Trainee Positions
  203. 10/11/2004PRIVF6 Toll
  204. 27/10/20042RRetail Leases Amendment Bill
  205. 20/10/2004QWNPlanning System Reforms
  206. 19/10/2004PRIVEngadine Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards
  207. 24/09/2004PRIVSutherland Hospital Bicentennial Memorial Tapestry
  208. 22/09/2004URG MOTStanwell Tops Paintball Recreation Facility Development Application
  209. 22/09/2004URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  210. 22/09/2004QWNJames Hardie and Asbestos-related Diseases Liability
  211. 14/09/20042RRegistered Clubs Legislation Amendment Bill
  212. 24/06/2004PRIVPublic Service Association
  213. 24/06/20042RCommercial Agents and Private Inquiry Agents Bill
  214. 01/06/2004URG MOTBank Fees and Charges
  215. 01/06/2004URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  216. 14/05/2004PRIVRoyal National Park 125th Anniversary
  217. 05/05/20042RHealth Legislation Amendment Bill
  218. 04/05/2004URG MOTStamp Duty
  219. 02/04/2004PRIVSutherland Shire Crime Prevention Strategies
  220. 30/03/20042RFair Trading Amendment Bill
  221. 17/03/2004PRIVYoung Labor Mental Health Forum
  222. 17/03/2004URG MOTFederal Government Public Schools Funding
  223. 16/03/2004Public Transport in the Illawarra Region
  224. 11/03/2004PRIVSutherland Shire Memory Walk
  225. 11/03/2004QWNCar Rebirthing
  226. 11/03/2004Sutherland Shire Carr Government Achievements
  227. 10/03/20042RNational Competition Policy Amendments (Commonwealth Financial Penalti...
  228. 10/03/2004QWNLotto Draw Changes
  229. 24/02/2004PRIVGreat Kai'mia Way
  230. 18/02/2004PRIVLucas Heights Tip
  231. 03/12/2003Rural Fire Service
  232. 03/12/2003URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  233. 02/12/2003PRIVEngadine Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards
  234. 20/11/2003PRIVColedale Centenary
  235. 19/11/2003QWNRegistered Clubs Management
  236. 13/11/20032R;COMM;3REvidence (Audio and Audio Visual Links) Amendment Bill
  237. 29/10/2003PRIVGreat Australian Bushwalk
  238. 29/10/20032RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Public Vehicles and Carriers) Bill
  239. 29/10/20032RHairdressers Bill
  240. 17/10/2003PRIVBundeena Uniting Church Development Proposal
  241. 16/10/2003Companion Animals
  242. 15/10/20032R;COMMPodiatrists Bill
  243. 15/10/20031R;2RSydney Water Amendment (Water Restrictions) Bill
  244. 14/10/2003QWNRegistered Clubs Management
  245. 18/09/2003PRIVEngadine Public School Special Education Students
  246. 17/09/2003QWNTeachers Industrial Action
  247. 17/09/20032RDrug Summit Legislative Response Amendment (Trial Period Extension) Bill
  248. 05/09/2003PRIVLawrence Hargrave Drive Upgrade
  249. 02/09/2003QWNP-Plate Drivers Blood Alcohol Concentration
  250. 03/07/2003PRIVBundeena Classic Car Show
  251. 27/06/2003PRIVFBI Radio Station Launch
  252. 19/06/20032RCancer Institute (Nsw) Bill
  253. 18/06/2003QWNSolarium Child Safety
  254. 17/06/20032RHuman Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Bill Research Involving H...
  255. 28/05/20032RCity of Sydney Amendment (Electoral Rolls) Bill
  256. 27/05/20032RArchitects Bill
  257. 27/05/20032R;COMMGaming Machines Amendment (Shutdown Periods) Bill
  258. 27/05/20032RFood Bill
  259. 20/05/20032RCrimes Amendment (Sexual Offences) Bill
  260. 06/05/2003QWNGovernment Schools Occupational Health and Safety
  261. 29/04/2003Inaugural Speeches


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.