Jenkins, The Hon Jon speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 23/11/2006Grey Nurse Shark Surveys
  2. 23/11/2006QWNNational Parks Fire Management Strategy
  3. 23/11/2006REPOperation Retz Report
  4. 23/11/2006Central Coast and Hunter Water Supply
  5. 22/11/2006QWN;REPGrey Nurse Shark Surveys
  6. 25/10/2006COMMDeer Bill
  7. 25/10/20062R;COMMDeer Bill
  8. 24/10/20062RElectricity Supply Amendment (Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme) Bill
  9. 19/10/2006QWNPort Stephens Marine Park Zoning Plan
  10. 18/10/2006ADJNever Give In
  11. 18/10/20062RRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Drug Testing) Bill
  12. 17/10/2006QWNSaratoga Sailing Club Crown Land Lease
  13. 28/09/20061R;2RNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment (National Parks Volunteer Servic...
  14. 28/09/2006QWNBatemans Marine Park Press Release
  15. 27/09/2006Parliamentary Ethics Advisor
  16. 26/09/2006QWNCape Byron Marine Park Greens Campaign
  17. 08/03/2006QWNFishing Industry Buyout
  18. 07/03/2006ADJTribute to Mr Ron Mathews
  19. 07/03/20062R;3R;COMMConstitution Amendment (Pledge of Loyalty) Bill
  20. 01/12/20052R;COMMWater Management Amendment Bill
  21. 01/12/2005Grey Nurse Shark Protection
  22. 01/12/2005Business of the House
  23. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  24. 01/12/20052RWater Management Amendment Bill
  25. 01/12/20052R;COMMResidential Parks Amendment (Statutory Review) Bill
  26. 30/11/2005QWNGovernment Scientific Advice
  27. 29/11/2005ADJPolitical Representation
  28. 29/11/20052RParliamentary Superannuation Legislation Amendment Bill
  29. 29/11/2005QWNManning Marine Park
  30. 16/11/2005QWNGrey Nurse Shark Protection
  31. 15/11/2005Select Committee into the Cross-City Tunnel
  32. 10/11/2005ADJNational Parks Advisory Committee Representation
  33. 10/11/20052R;3RConsumer Credit (New South Wales) Amendment (Maximum Annual Percentage...
  34. 10/11/2005Mr Van Tuong Nguyen Clemency Plea
  35. 10/11/2005QWNFeral Animal Control
  36. 10/11/2005QWNCrown Land Rentals
  37. 09/11/20052R;COMMGene Technology (GM Crop Moratorium) Amendment (Postponement of Expiry...
  38. 08/11/2005COMMNational Park Estate (Reservations) Bill
  39. 08/11/2005QWNGreat White Shark Fishing Equipment Ban
  40. 08/11/2005COMMNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Jenolan Caves Reserves) Bill
  41. 08/11/2005Local Government Act: Disallowance of Local Government (Manufactured H...
  42. 20/10/2005ADJEnvironmental Interaction
  43. 20/10/20052RNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Jenolan Caves Reserves) Bill
  44. 20/10/2005QWNTravelling Stock Routes
  45. 20/10/2005Local Government Act: Disallowance of Local Government (Manufactured H...
  46. 19/10/20052R;COMMResidential Tenancies Amendment (Social Housing) Bill
  47. 18/10/20052R;3RLuna Park Site Amendment (Noise Control) Bill
  48. 18/10/2005QWNScuba Diving Fee
  49. 22/09/20052RAnti-Discrimination Amendment (Religious Tolerance) Bill
  50. 22/09/2005QWNCanola Crop Contamination
  51. 20/09/2005QWNNorth Coast Bushfire Season Preparations
  52. 15/09/2005QWNRecreational Fishing Surveys
  53. 14/09/2005QWNSaratoga Sailing Club Annual Lease Fees
  54. 14/09/2005QWNSaratoga Sailing Club Annual Lease Fees
  55. 14/09/20052RWilderness Amendment Bill
  56. 23/06/20052R;COMM;3RPassenger Transport Amendment (Maintenance of Bus Services) Amendment Bill
  57. 23/06/2005QWNNational Parks and Wildlife Service Funding
  58. 22/06/20052R;3RBrigalow and Nandewar Community Conservation Area Bill
  59. 22/06/20052RBrigalow and Nandewar Community Conservation Area Bill
  60. 21/06/2005ADJBilby Protection
  61. 21/06/20052R;COMM;3RWorkplace Surveillance Bill
  62. 21/06/20052RWorkplace Surveillance Bill
  63. 09/06/2005QWNManning Shelf Bioregion Marine Park
  64. 08/06/20052R;3R;COMMOccupational Health and Safety Amendment (Workplace Deaths) Bill
  65. 08/06/2005QWNRecreational Fishing Licences
  66. 26/05/20052R;COMM;3RCoal Acquisition Amendment (Fair Compensation) Bill
  67. 26/05/2005Brigalow Belt South Bioregion
  68. 26/05/2005QWNNorth Coast National Park Gathering
  69. 26/05/2005Brigalow Belt South Bioregion
  70. 25/05/2005ADJPolar Bear Numbers
  71. 25/05/20052R;COMMPrevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment Bill
  72. 25/05/20052R;COMMGame and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill
  73. 24/05/20052RGame and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill
  74. 24/05/2005QWNFour-Wheel-Drive Vehicles and Schools
  75. 06/05/2005QWNNSW Maritime Authority Commercial Leases Policy
  76. 06/05/2005Examination of Budget Estimates
  77. 05/05/20052R;COMMEnergy Administration Amendment (Water and Energy Savings) Bill
  78. 05/05/20052RFamily Impact Commission Bill
  79. 04/05/2005COMMCrimes Amendment (Grievous Bodily Harm) Bill
  80. 04/05/2005QWNMotor Vehicle Registration Fees
  81. 03/05/20052RElectricity Supply Amendment Bill
  82. 07/04/2005QWN;REPMarine Parks Authority Financial Report
  83. 07/04/20052RCrimes and Firearms Legislation Amendment (Apprehended Violence Orders...
  84. 06/04/20052RRoad Transport (General) Bill
  85. 06/04/2005COMMNoxious Weeds Amendment Bill
  86. 06/04/2005QWNCape Byron Marine Park
  87. 05/04/20052R;COMMNoxious Weeds Amendment Bill
  88. 05/04/20052RNoxious Weeds Amendment Bill
  89. 23/03/2005Standing Committee on Social Issues Macquarie Fields Inquiry
  90. 23/03/2005Business of the House
  91. 23/03/2005QWNMarine Park Sanctuary Zones
  92. 23/03/2005Standing Committee on Social Issues Macquarie Fields Inquiry
  93. 09/12/20042RTeaching Services Amendment Bill
  94. 09/12/20042R;COMMWorkers Compensation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill
  95. 09/12/20042RJury Amendment Bill
  96. 08/12/2004ADJEureka Stockade Anniversary
  97. 08/12/20043R;COMMHome Building Amendment Bill
  98. 08/12/20042RRedfern-Waterloo Authority Bill
  99. 08/12/2004QWNCape Byron Marine Park
  100. 18/11/20042R;COMMSmoke-Free Environment Amendment Bill
  101. 18/11/2004QWNRoyal National Park Garrawarra Farm Demolition
  102. 17/11/2004Health Services Amendment Bill
  103. 16/11/2004ADJRoyal National Park Cabins
  104. 16/11/20042R;COMMGene Technology (GM Crop Moratorium) Amendment Bill
  105. 16/11/2004QWNBait Fish Operations
  106. 11/11/20042RProtected Estates Amendment (Missing Persons) Bill
  107. 11/11/20041R;2RWilderness Amendment Bill
  108. 11/11/2004QWNRural Fire Service Volunteers Representation
  109. 10/11/2004COMMThreatened Species Legislation Amendment Bill
  110. 10/11/2004QWNTweed Shire Council Inquiry
  111. 09/11/20042RGene Technology (GM Crop Moratorium) Amendment Bill
  112. 28/10/2004QWNRecreational and Commercial Fishing Industries
  113. 28/10/2004REPKariong Juvenile Justice Centre Report
  114. 27/10/2004ADJFishing Bans Impact
  115. 26/10/20042RThreatened Species Legislation Amendment Bill
  116. 26/10/2004QWNFour-wheel Drive Vehicles Licences
  117. 21/10/2004QWNFishing Bans Impact
  118. 19/10/2004QWNFire Trails Clearing
  119. 23/09/2004QWNState Forests Access
  120. 23/09/2004Threatened and Endangered Species Conservation
  121. 22/09/2004ADJThreatened and Endangered Species Conservation
  122. 22/09/2004General Purpose Standing Committee No. 3
  123. 22/09/2004QWNGreen Gully Appeal
  124. 21/09/20042R;COMMMotor Accidents Legislation Amendment Bill
  125. 21/09/20042RMotor Accidents Legislation Amendment Bill
  126. 16/09/2004QWNKosciuszko National Park Poison Surface Baits
  127. 16/09/2004Stock Diseases Act 1923: Disallowance of Stock Diseases (General) Regu...
  128. 15/09/2004QWNKosciuszko Advisory Committee Membership
  129. 15/09/2004Stock Diseases Act 1923: Disallowance Of Stock Diseases (General) Regu...
  130. 02/09/2004ADJKosciuszko National Park Draft Management Plan
  131. 02/09/2004QWNSupertrawler Veronica
  132. 01/09/20042RSave Orange Grove Bill
  133. 31/08/2004QWNByron Bay Marine Park Zoning Plan
  134. 29/06/2004ADJFour-Wheel-Drive Community Projects
  135. 29/06/20042R;COMMInstitute of Teachers Bill
  136. 29/06/20042R;COMMResidential Tenancies Amendment (Public Housing) Bill
  137. 29/06/2004QWNFour-Wheel Drive Vehicles Licences
  138. 28/06/20042R;COMMRegional Development Bill
  139. 28/06/20042RRoad Transport (General) Amendment (Licence Suspension) Bill
  140. 24/06/2004COMMState Water Corporation Bill
  141. 24/06/2004QWNKosciuszko National Park Huts
  142. 23/06/20042R;3RWater Management Amendment Bill
  143. 22/06/20042R;COMM;3RNational Competition Policy Liquor Amendments (Commonwealth Financial ...
  144. 03/06/20042R;COMMFilming Approval Bill
  145. 03/06/20042R;3RBail Amendment (Terrorism) Bill
  146. 03/06/2004Intercountry Adoption Fees
  147. 03/06/2004The Honourable Edward Moses Obeid
  148. 03/06/2004QWNMullet Fishery
  149. 02/06/2004ADJWilderness Access
  150. 02/06/20042R;COMM;3RPassenger Transport Amendment (Bus Reform) Bill
  151. 01/06/2004ADJWilderness Access
  152. 01/06/2004QWNCommercial Fishing Licences
  153. 13/05/20042R;COMMState Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill
  154. 13/05/2004QWNDisability Transport Services
  155. 12/05/2004CountryLink Rail Services
  156. 12/05/2004QWNNational Parks Bushfire Hazard Reduction
  157. 11/05/2004ADJWilderness Access
  158. 11/05/2004National Competition Policy Liquor Amendments (Commonwealth Financial ...
  159. 06/05/2004ADJWilderness Access
  160. 06/05/2004QWNFeral Cats and Foxes
  161. 05/05/2004ADJWilderness Access
  162. 04/05/2004ADJWilderness Access
  163. 04/05/20042RCivil Liability Amendment (Offender Damages) Bill
  164. 04/05/20042RBotany Bay National Park (Helicopter Base Relocation) Bill
  165. 04/05/2004QWNNational Parks and Wildlife Service and Four Wheel Drive New South Wal...
  166. 04/05/20042RFisheries Management Amendment Bill
  167. 01/04/2004Genetically Modified Crop Trials
  168. 31/03/20041R;2RHealth Care Complaints Amendment (Special Commission of Inquiry) Bill
  169. 31/03/2004QWNKosciuszko National Park Aboriginal Land Claims
  170. 31/03/2004Admission of the Treasurer into the Legislative Assembly
  171. 30/03/2004ADJPolitics and the Media
  172. 30/03/20042R;COMMSnowy Mountains Cloud Seeding Trial Bill
  173. 30/03/2004QWNRichmond River Recreational Fishing
  174. 18/03/2004Genetically Modified Canola Trial
  175. 17/03/20042RPrevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Tail Docking) Bill
  176. 17/03/2004Parliamentary Remuneration Act 1989: Disallowance of Parliamentary Rem...
  177. 17/03/2004Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983: Disallowance of Aboriginal Land Right...
  178. 16/03/2004QWNFeral Cats
  179. 11/03/2004Aboriginal Trust Funds Payback Scheme
  180. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  181. 11/03/2004QWNGrey Nurse Shark Protection
  182. 10/03/20042R;COMMEducation Amendment (Non-Government Schools Registration) Bill
  183. 10/03/2004Workplace Alcohol and Drug Consumption
  184. 09/03/2004ADJGrey Nurse Shark Protection
  185. 09/03/20042R;COMMNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Kosciuszko National Park Roads)...
  186. 09/03/2004QWNGrey Nurse Shark Protection
  187. 26/02/2004Select Committee on Redfern Policing
  188. 25/02/2004ADJAnti Four-Wheel Drive Lobby
  189. 25/02/2004REPSydney Water Corporation and Internal Audit Bureau Management Services...
  190. 25/02/20042RDeveloper Donations (Anti-Corruption) Bill
  191. 25/02/2004Minister for Transport Services
  192. 25/02/2004QWNPrivatisation of State Forests
  193. 24/02/2004QWNNational Parks and Wildlife Service Community Involvement
  194. 05/12/2003ADJAdjournment
  195. 05/12/20033RNatural Resources Commission Bill Native Vegetation Bill Catchment Man...
  196. 04/12/20032RNatural Resources Commission Bill Native Vegetation Bill Catchment Man...
  197. 04/12/20032RClyde Waste Transfer Terminal (Special Provisions) Bill
  198. 04/12/20032R;COMMCivil Liability Amendment Bill
  199. 03/12/2003Murrumbidgee College of Agriculture Closure
  200. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  201. 20/11/2003Genetically Engineered Crop Trials
  202. 20/11/2003District Court Act 1973: Disallowance of District Court Amendment (Cou...
  203. 19/11/20032R;COMM;3RWorkers Compensation Amendment (Insurance Reform) Bill
  204. 19/11/20032RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No 2
  205. 13/11/2003QWNTugun Bypass


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.