Hickey, Mr Kerry speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 03/12/2010Valedictory Speeches
  2. 01/12/20102RRural Fires Amendment Bill 2010
  3. 30/11/2010PRIVCessnock Electorate Roads
  4. 24/11/20102RState Emergency and Rescue Management Amendment Bill 2010
  5. 23/11/2010PRIVKurri Kurri Aluminium Smelter
  6. 28/10/2010PRIVSchizophrenia
  7. 28/10/20102RFirearms Legislation Amendment Bill 2010
  8. 28/10/2010QWNLocust Plague
  9. 24/09/2010PRIVMining Safety
  10. 23/09/2010Regional Health Infrastructure
  11. 07/09/2010QWNEnergy Sector Rural and Regional Jobs
  12. 31/08/20102RPlant Diseases Amendment Bill 2010
  13. 24/06/2010Wallsend Electorate Roads
  14. 23/06/2010PRIVTribute to Owen Patridge
  15. 22/06/2010QWNDrought Assistance
  16. 10/06/2010PRIVKurri Kurri High School
  17. 09/06/2010QWNRegional Health Services
  18. 08/06/20102RResidential Tenancies Bill 2010
  19. 04/06/2010PRIVCessnock Planning and Development
  20. 20/05/2010QWNDrought
  21. 19/05/2010PRIVCessnock Planning and Development
  22. 13/05/2010Job Stimulus Programs
  23. 23/04/2010PRIVAnzac Day and West Wallsend War Memorial
  24. 23/04/2010REPCommittee on the Office of the Ombudsman and the Police Integrity Comm...
  25. 21/04/2010QWNRegional Tourism
  26. 19/03/2010PRIVCessnock Fire Brigade
  27. 19/03/2010REPCommittee on the Office of the Ombudsman and the Police Integrity Comm...
  28. 18/03/2010QWNSeniors Week
  29. 17/03/2010PRIVCessnock Sports Awards
  30. 17/03/20102RCrimes Amendment (Child Pornography and Abuse Material) Bill 2010
  31. 16/03/2010QWNNorth-west New South Wales Floods
  32. 11/03/2010Building the Education Revolution Program
  33. 10/03/2010PRIVHunter Economic Zone
  34. 10/03/20102RNational Gas (New South Wales) Amendment (Short Term Trading Market) B...
  35. 25/02/2010Bathurst Electorate Public Education
  36. 24/02/2010PRIVGreyhound Racing Industry
  37. 01/12/2009QWNRegional Tourism
  38. 01/12/2009PRIVWest Wallsend Public School Security Edgeworth Public School Bus Stops
  39. 24/11/20092RWine Grapes Marketing Board (Reconstitution) Amendment (Extension) Bil...
  40. 12/11/2009Southern Highlands and Goulburn Public Transport
  41. 10/11/2009PRIVCessnock Area Property Development
  42. 27/10/2009PRIVCessnock Electorate Policing
  43. 23/10/2009PRIVCessnock Electorate Policing
  44. 22/10/2009Daffodil Cottage Cancer Care Services
  45. 21/10/2009QWNChild Protection
  46. 22/09/2009PRIVCessnock Policing
  47. 11/09/2009REPCommittee on the Office of the Ombudsman and the Police Integrity Comm...
  48. 10/09/2009Rural and Regional Jobs
  49. 08/09/2009PRIVCessnock Planning and Development
  50. 02/09/2009QWNBuilding the Country Package
  51. 01/09/2009PRIVCessnock Planning and Development
  52. 25/06/2009QWNRoad Projects
  53. 23/06/2009PRIVWheeling and Able
  54. 17/06/20092RNSW Lotteries (Authorised Transaction) Bill 2009
  55. 17/06/2009QWNRural and Regional Jobs
  56. 04/06/2009PRIVCessnock Police and Community Youth Club
  57. 04/06/20092RHurlstone Agricultural High School Site Bill 2009
  58. 02/06/2009URG MOTBuilding the Country Package
  59. 02/06/2009QWNEnvironment Protection and Jobs
  60. 13/05/2009PRIVNewcastle Expressway Branxton Extension
  61. 13/05/2009QWNRural and Regional Funding
  62. 06/05/2009PRIVArogen Pty Ltd
  63. 06/05/2009QWNRegional Jobs
  64. 05/05/20092RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Council Law Enforcement Offic...
  65. 03/04/2009REPCommittee on the Office of the Ombudsman and the Police Integrity Comm...
  66. 03/04/2009REPCommittee on the Office of the Ombudsman and the Police Integrity Comm...
  67. 01/04/2009PRIVCessnock Electorate Roads
  68. 01/04/2009QWNCountry Motoring Services
  69. 31/03/2009URG MOTJobs in Rural and Regional Communities
  70. 26/03/2009PRIVCessnock Correctional Centre Privatisation
  71. 04/03/2009PRIVKurri Kurri Hospital Emergency Department
  72. 04/03/2009QWNJob Creation
  73. 03/03/2009Victorian Bushfires
  74. 03/03/20092RWestern Lands Amendment Bill 2008
  75. 04/12/2008PRIVCessnock Youth Groups
  76. 02/12/2008PRIVKurri Kurri District Hospital
  77. 27/11/2008PRIVCessnock Correctional Centre Privatisation Greta Public School Pedestr...
  78. 27/11/2008QWNRental Bond Grants Program
  79. 25/11/20082RRural Lands Protection Amendment Bill 2008
  80. 13/11/2008PRIVCessnock Health Services
  81. 11/11/2008PRIVCessnock Public Transport
  82. 28/10/2008URG MOTClimate Change
  83. 28/10/2008Consideration of Motion to be Accorded Priority
  84. 24/10/2008PRIVElectric Bicycles
  85. 24/10/2008REPCommittee on the Office of the Ombudsman and the Police Integrity Comm...
  86. 24/10/2008REPCommittee on the Office of the Ombudsman and the Police Integrity Comm...
  87. 23/10/2008PRIVCessnock Correctional Centre
  88. 23/10/2008Wallsend Electorate Disaster Relief Funding
  89. 25/09/2008PRIVF3 Seahampton to Branxton Link Road
  90. 25/09/2008URG MOTDrought
  91. 29/08/2008PRIVHunter Region Bankruptcies
  92. 25/06/2008PRIVCessnock-Morriset Bus Service
  93. 20/06/2008PRIVCessnock Greyhound Racing Track
  94. 19/06/2008Emergency Services
  95. 19/06/20081R;2RAuditor-General (Supplementary Powers) Bill 2008
  96. 03/06/2008PRIVCalvary Retirement Community, Cessnock
  97. 13/05/2008QWNMental Health Beds
  98. 13/05/2008PRIVHunter Valley Road Funding
  99. 06/05/2008PRIVCessnock Electorate Unlicensed Motorcycling
  100. 10/04/2008PRIVCessnock Tourism
  101. 09/04/2008PRIVCessnock Police and Community Youth Club
  102. 01/04/20082RMining Amendment Bill 2008
  103. 04/03/2008QWNPublic Housing Environmentally Sustainable Practices
  104. 04/03/2008PRIVDeath of Mr Trevor James Drayton Death of Mr Edgar Orgo
  105. 27/02/2008Death of John Richard Bartlett, a Former Member for Port Stephens
  106. 26/02/2008PRIVCessnock Greyhound Racing Track
  107. 05/12/2007PRIVF3 Branxton to Seahampton Link Road
  108. 29/11/2007QWNPsychiatric Emergency Care Centres
  109. 29/11/2007Goulburn Water Supply
  110. 28/11/2007PRIVCessnock Greyhound Racing Track
  111. 14/11/2007PRIVCessnock Greyhound Racing Track
  112. 09/11/2007PRIVCessnock Electorate Crime
  113. 07/11/2007PRIVLocal Government Financial Sustainability
  114. 25/10/2007PRIVF3 Seahampton to Branxton Link Road
  115. 24/10/2007QWNUnsafe Products Consumer Protection
  116. 18/10/2007PRIVRover Motors Bus Service and Ministry of Transport
  117. 16/10/20072RTrade Measurement Legislation Amendment Bill 2007
  118. 27/06/2007PRIVUltra Clean Coal Project, Cessnock
  119. 27/06/2007QWNClean Coal Technology
  120. 20/06/2007PRIVCessnock Electorate Storm Damage
  121. 07/06/2007Telstra Call Centre Job Cuts
  122. 07/06/2007Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  123. 05/06/2007PRIVCessnock Electorate Health Services
  124. 31/05/2007QWNAsia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 2007 Business Summit
  125. 09/05/2007PRIVCessnock Electorate Transport Services and Infrastructure
  126. 09/05/2007Clarence River Water Users Rights
  127. 14/11/20062RCompanion Animals Amendment Bill
  128. 26/10/2006QWNPort Macquarie Arts Conference and Entertainment Centre Project
  129. 26/10/2006QWNLocal Government Reform Program
  130. 24/10/20061R;2RCompanion Animals Amendment Bill
  131. 05/09/2006QWNLocal Government Councillor Expenses
  132. 25/05/20062RLocal Government Amendment (Waste Removal Orders) Bill
  133. 23/05/20061R;2RCoal and Oil Shale Mine Workers (Superannuation) Amendment Bill
  134. 23/05/20061R;2RLocal Government Amendment (Waste Removal Orders) Bill
  135. 23/05/20062RJudicial Officers Amendment Bill
  136. 10/05/20062RLocal Government Amendment (Miscellaneous) Bill
  137. 09/05/2006PRIVCessnock Greyhound Racing Track
  138. 09/05/2006QWN;REPBurwood Council Independent Commission Against Corruption Report
  139. 03/05/2006Local Councils Financial Sustainability
  140. 02/05/20061R;2RLocal Government Amendment (Miscellaneous) Bill
  141. 02/05/2006QWNLocal Government Reform
  142. 28/03/2006Local Councils Rate Pegging
  143. 07/03/2006PRIVLake Macquarie Councillor Mr Rob O'Brien
  144. 16/11/2005PRIVStrathfield Municipal Council Amalgamation Campaign
  145. 16/11/20052RCompanion Animals Amendment Bill
  146. 15/11/20051R;2RCompanion Animals Amendment Bill
  147. 15/11/2005QWNTweed Shire Council Inquiry
  148. 20/09/20052R;COMMLocal Government Amendment (Stormwater) Bill
  149. 15/09/2005QWNHIH Insurance Collapse Local Government Assistance
  150. 14/09/2005PRIVSingleton Firefighting Vehicle
  151. 14/09/2005QWNWater Titles
  152. 13/09/20051R;2RLocal Government Amendment (Stormwater) Bill
  153. 21/06/2005QWNGunnedah Basin Coal Exploration
  154. 21/06/2005Death of Mr Darren Smith
  155. 08/06/2005Death of Mr Ian Doric Glachan, a Former Member of the Legislative Assembly
  156. 27/05/20051R;2ROccupational Health and Safety Amendment (Workplace Deaths) Bill
  157. 25/05/20052RPetroleum (Submerged Lands) Amendment (Permits And Leases) Bill
  158. 25/05/20051R;2RPetroleum (Submerged Lands) Amendment (Permits And Leases) Bill
  159. 24/05/2005Mine Safety
  160. 05/05/2005QWNDerelict Mines Rehabilitation Program
  161. 05/05/20052RCoal Acquisition Amendment (Fair Compensation) Bill
  162. 03/05/2005Wyong Gas Exploration
  163. 07/04/2005PRIVDeniliquin Cabinet Meeting
  164. 07/04/2005PRIVLismore Electorate Preschool Funding
  165. 07/04/2005PRIVStockton Tennis Club
  166. 07/04/2005PRIVBrooklyn Rural Fire Station
  167. 06/04/20051R;2RGame and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill
  168. 06/04/20051R;2RCoal Acquisition Amendment (Fair Compensation) Bill
  169. 05/04/2005PRIVGemboree 2005
  170. 01/03/2005QWNGold Production
  171. 24/02/2005PRIVMaitland Flood Fiftieth Anniversary
  172. 23/02/2005Gemboree 2005
  173. 18/11/2004PRIVMurrumbidgee Electorate Schools
  174. 18/11/2004PRIVBogangar-Cabarita Thank You Family Fun Day
  175. 18/11/2004PRIVIt's 4 Ya Young Achievement Australia Awards
  176. 11/11/2004URG MOTHunter Coal Industry
  177. 11/11/2004URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  178. 10/11/2004QWNMine Safety Review
  179. 10/11/20041R;2RNoxious Weeds Amendment Bill
  180. 09/11/2004Western New South Wales Mining Industry
  181. 28/10/2004PRIVCoffs Harbour Region Storm Damage Volunteers
  182. 28/10/2004PRIVCommunity Colleges Funding
  183. 28/10/2004PRIVRedfern-Waterloo Authority
  184. 28/10/2004PRIVJuvenile Diabetes
  185. 21/10/2004PRIVTomaree Real Futures Program
  186. 21/10/2004PRIVGalston District Garden Club
  187. 21/10/2004PRIVTweed Electorate Sliprails Fire
  188. 20/10/2004QWNDerelict Mines Rehabilitation Program
  189. 03/06/20042RLiquor Amendment (Parliamentary Precincts) Bill
  190. 01/06/2004Mine Accidents
  191. 14/05/20041R;2RCriminal Procedure Amendment (Sexual Offence Evidence) Bill
  192. 14/05/20042RMine Health and Safety Bill
  193. 14/05/20042R;COMMMining Amendment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
  194. 07/05/20041R;2RMine Health and Safety Bill
  195. 06/05/2004QWNMudgee District Mining Exploration
  196. 04/05/2004QWNCoalmine Royalties
  197. 02/04/20042RMining Amendment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
  198. 30/03/2004Newcastle Coal Heritage
  199. 18/03/2004Coal Exports
  200. 18/03/2004QWNCoalmining Job Losses
  201. 16/03/2004QWNGalong Limestone Mining
  202. 10/03/2004QWNMinerals and Petroleum Exploration
  203. 18/02/2004Western New South Wales Minerals and Petroleum Exploration
  204. 04/12/2003QWNDepartment of Mineral Resources Relocation
  205. 03/12/20032RWine Grapes Marketing Board (Reconstitution) Bill
  206. 03/12/20032RTransport Administration Amendment (Sydney Ferries) Bill
  207. 02/12/20032RVeterinary Practice Bill
  208. 02/12/20032RMarketing of Primary Products Amendment (Rice Marketing) Bill
  209. 20/11/2003Kayuga Mine Accident
  210. 18/11/2003QWNCoalmine Subsidence
  211. 13/11/2003QWNGoldmining Industry
  212. 11/11/20032RIndependent Commission Against Corruption Amendment (Ethics Committee)...
  213. 11/11/20032RCoptic Orthodox Church (NSW) Property Trust Amendment Bill
  214. 29/10/20032RHairdressers Bill
  215. 28/10/2003URG MOTSmall Mines Safety Campaign
  216. 28/10/2003URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  217. 15/10/20031R;2RSydney Water Amendment (Water Restrictions) Bill
  218. 14/10/20032RCommunity Relations Commission and Principles of Multiculturalism Amen...
  219. 14/10/2003Derelict Mines Rehabilitation Program
  220. 03/09/2003QWNNardell Coal Corporation Pty Ltd Liquidation Unsecured Creditors
  221. 02/09/2003URG MOTWestern New South Wales Minerals and Petroleum Exploration
  222. 02/09/2003URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  223. 02/07/20032RCommission for Children and Young People Amendment (Child Death Review...
  224. 01/07/20032R;COMMCrimes Legislation Amendment (Parole) Bill
  225. 25/06/2003PRIVCadia Mine Accident
  226. 24/06/2003Cadia Mine Accident
  227. 27/05/2003URG MOTNardell Coal Corporation Pty Ltd Liquidation
  228. 27/05/2003URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  229. 21/05/2003QWNMount Hope Copper Mine Rehabilitation
  230. 20/05/2003PRIVSchizophrenia Awareness Week
  231. 20/05/2003Mine Safety
  232. 30/04/2003Death of Mr James Anderson, Member for Londonderry
  233. 30/04/2003QWNNardell Coal Corporation Pty Limited Receivership
  234. 30/04/20032RFood Bill
  235. 30/04/20032RHealth Legislation Amendment Bill
  236. 29/04/2003Chairman of Committees
  237. 22/11/2002REPRegulation Review Committee
  238. 21/11/2002PRIVCessnock Electorate Medical Services
  239. 19/11/20022RCoal Mine Health and Safety Bill
  240. 15/11/20022RElectricity Supply Amendment (Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction) Bill
  241. 13/11/2002PRIVCessnock Electorate Bushfires
  242. 31/10/2002QWNState Forests Softwood Plantations
  243. 30/10/20022RCivil Liability Amendment (Personal Responsibility) Bill
  244. 30/10/2002PRIVCessnock Electorate Sewerage Services
  245. 30/10/2002Exceptional Circumstances Drought Assistance
  246. 23/10/20022RRural Lands Protection Amendment Bill
  247. 23/10/2002PRIVCessnock Electorate Bushfires
  248. 23/10/2002QWNBushfires
  249. 25/09/2002QWNMedical Indemnity Insurance
  250. 24/09/2002PRIVMs Megan West Premier's English Literature Scholarship
  251. 19/09/20022R;COMMConveyancing Amendment (Mortgages) Bill
  252. 18/09/2002QWNBroadband Internet Connection
  253. 04/09/2002PRIVCessnock Grease Monkeys Youth Program
  254. 04/09/20022RRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Interlock Devices) Bill
  255. 03/09/2002Drought Assistance
  256. 26/06/2002PRIVCessnock Ambulance Station
  257. 26/06/20022RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  258. 04/06/20022RLicensing and Registration (Uniform Procedures) Bill
  259. 29/05/2002PRIVCessnock Electorate Health Services
  260. 29/05/2002URG MOTFederal Transport and Road Funding
  261. 28/05/2002QWNFederal Transport And Road Funding
  262. 09/05/2002PRIVCessnock Electorate Transport Infrastructure
  263. 08/05/2002URG MOTUnited States Farm Bill
  264. 07/05/2002QWNExceptional Circumstances Assistance
  265. 09/04/2002URG MOTNational Australia Bank Branch Closures
  266. 22/03/2002Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  267. 21/03/2002PRIVCessnock Electorate Aged Care Facilities
  268. 21/03/2002QWNHunter Employment Zone
  269. 21/03/2002Public Liability Insurance
  270. 20/03/20022RGame Bill
  271. 14/03/2002URG MOTUpper Hunter Agriculture Industry
  272. 13/03/20022RConveyancing Legislation Amendment (e-plan) Bill
  273. 13/03/2002PRIVRural And Regional Medical Transport
  274. 12/03/2002Joint Select Committee On Bushfires
  275. 27/02/2002PRIVCessnock Electorate Community Drug Action Plan
  276. 27/02/2002URG MOTTamworth Equine Centre
  277. 06/12/2001PRIVCessnock Central Business District
  278. 04/12/20012RGrain Marketing Amendment Bill
  279. 04/12/2001URG MOTEquine Industry
  280. 28/11/2001PRIVWeston Aluminium And Mr Terry Kelly
  281. 16/11/20012RFisheries Management Amendment Bill
  282. 15/11/2001URG MOTUnited States Primary Produce Tariffs and Subsidies
  283. 15/11/2001QWNSterling Pulp Chemicals
  284. 14/11/2001PRIVCessnock Electorate Firefighters
  285. 14/11/2001QWNTotalizator Agency Board Betting Irregularities
  286. 09/11/2001PRIVBranxton To Seahampton Link Road
  287. 08/11/2001PRIVRegional Bank Branch Closures
  288. 26/10/2001REPStanding Committee On Public Works
  289. 25/10/2001PRIVCessnock Electorate Shooting And Firearms Clubs
  290. 25/10/2001QWNLottery Ticket Sales Staff Age Restrictions
  291. 18/10/2001PRIVMount Thorley Coalmine Employees Dismissal
  292. 16/10/2001URG MOTRural Veterinary Services
  293. 21/09/2001PRIVGreen Slips Postcode Rating System
  294. 19/09/2001PRIVCessnock High School Education Week Celebrations
  295. 18/09/2001URG MOTAnsett Airlines Collapse
  296. 06/09/2001URG MOTHunter Valley Wine Industry
  297. 06/09/2001URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  298. 05/09/20012RCrimes Amendment (Aggravated Sexual Assault In Company) Bill
  299. 28/06/2001Budget Estimates And Related Papers
  300. 27/06/2001QWNTownlife Development Program
  301. 25/06/2001PRIVAllandale Aged Care Facility
  302. 21/06/2001QWNTelevision Advertorials
  303. 05/06/2001Bullbars in Country Areas
  304. 30/05/20012RCompanion Animals Amendment Bill
  305. 29/05/2001URG MOTCountry Labor Representation
  306. 29/05/2001QWNWater Management Committees
  307. 11/04/2001URG MOTGovernment Access Centres
  308. 11/04/2001QWNTotalizator Agency Board Betting Irregularities
  309. 05/04/2001PRIVAbermain Public School
  310. 05/04/20012RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Life Sentence Confirmation) Bill
  311. 04/04/20012RConveyancing Amendment (Building Management Statements) Bill
  312. 04/04/20012RStrata Schemes Legislation Amendment Bill
  313. 29/03/2001PRIVNew South Wales Fire Brigades
  314. 29/03/2001URG MOTFoot And Mouth Disease
  315. 28/03/2001QWNSalinity Targets
  316. 28/03/2001REPStanding Committee On Public Works
  317. 06/03/2001PRIVBranxton To Seahampton Link Road
  318. 06/03/2001URG MOTNew Zealand Apple and Pear Importation
  319. 28/02/2001URG MOTLamb Industry
  320. 28/02/2001Dairy Industry Deregulation
  321. 29/11/2000PRIVCessnock Electorate Economic Infrastructure
  322. 29/11/2000URG MOTClimate Change
  323. 28/11/2000URG MOTWine Industry
  324. 28/11/2000QWNAllandale Aged Care Facility Investigation
  325. 23/11/2000QWNRegional Flooding
  326. 22/11/2000QWNRegional Flooding
  327. 21/11/2000Regional Flooding
  328. 21/11/2000PRIVTamworth And Upper Hunter Emergency Services Workers
  329. 21/11/2000QWNRegional Flooding
  330. 16/11/2000PRIVCessnock Electorate Racing Facility
  331. 16/11/2000URG MOTCountry Labor
  332. 15/11/2000URG MOTSteel Tank And Pipe Manufacturing Company Workers Entitlements
  333. 02/11/2000PRIVKurri Kurri Community GST Rally
  334. 02/11/20002RWater Management Bill
  335. 31/10/2000Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games
  336. 12/10/2000URG MOTAustralia Post Deregulation
  337. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  338. 12/10/2000QWNRural Fire Service
  339. 11/10/2000PRIVCessnock Bypass
  340. 16/08/2000PRIVHunter Region Roads Funding
  341. 09/08/2000URG MOTBankstown Regional Airlines Proposal
  342. 09/08/20002RRural Assistance Amendment Bill
  343. 29/06/2000PRIVCessnock Bypass
  344. 20/06/20002R;COMMAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  345. 31/05/2000URG MOTEmployee Entitlements
  346. 04/05/2000QWNShooting Club Development Program
  347. 13/04/20002RFirst Home Owner Grant Bill
  348. 12/04/2000QWNUpper Hunter Telstra Services
  349. 11/04/2000Federal Member For Parramatta's Comments On Country Issues
  350. 06/04/2000QWNLeader of the National Party Expenditure Commitments
  351. 06/04/2000Water Reform
  352. 17/11/1999PRIVPokolbin Road Maintenance
  353. 10/11/1999PRIVCessnock Electorate Aboriginal Heritage
  354. 28/10/1999PRIVDeath Of Senior Sergeant David Bell
  355. 28/10/1999University of New South Wales "Unequal in Life" Study
  356. 27/10/1999Constitution Referendum
  357. 21/10/1999QWNCountry Athletes Assistance Schemes
  358. 20/10/19992RForestry Restructuring and Nature Conservation Amendment Bill
  359. 20/10/1999PRIVCessnock Bypass
  360. 19/10/1999URG MOTGovernment Water Policy
  361. 19/10/1999URG MOTBanking Services
  362. 22/09/19992RGambling Legislation Amendment (Responsible Gambling) Bill
  363. 17/09/1999Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  364. 16/09/1999PRIVCessnock Electorate Sewerage Services
  365. 24/06/19992RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  366. 22/06/1999QWNWorker Entitlements
  367. 01/06/1999QWNSchool Accountability
  368. 26/05/1999PRIVCessnock Electorate Employment
  369. 26/05/19992RLiquor And Registered Clubs Legislation Amendment Bill
  370. 13/05/1999Inaugural Speeches


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.