Berejiklian, Ms Gladys speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 18/09/2014QWNPublic Transport
  2. 16/09/2014QWNNorth West Rail Link
  3. 10/09/2014QWNNorth West Rail Link
  4. 09/09/2014Governor's Speech: Address-in-Reply
  5. 14/08/2014QWNPublic Transport Infrastructure
  6. 13/08/2014QWNBalmain East Ferry Wharf
  7. 13/08/2014QWNWestern Sydney Public Transport
  8. 13/08/2014QWNHunter Rail Line
  9. 07/08/2014QWNTransport Access Program
  10. 07/08/2014QWNOpal Electronic Ticketing System
  11. 07/08/2014QWNPolitical Donations
  12. 05/08/20142R;3RPassenger Transport Bill 2014
  13. 19/06/2014QWNTransport Infrastructure
  14. 18/06/20141R;2RPassenger Transport Bill 2014
  15. 17/06/2014QWNState Budget and Transport
  16. 27/05/2014QWNOpal Electronic Ticketing System
  17. 14/05/2014QWNFederal Budget and Roads
  18. 08/05/2014QWNTrain Services
  19. 07/05/2014QWNRail Transport Projects
  20. 20/03/2014QWNRailway Stations Accessibility and Parking
  21. 06/03/2014QWNLight Rail Extension
  22. 05/03/2014QWNRail Services
  23. 27/02/2014QWNWestern Sydney Public Transport
  24. 26/02/2014QWNLight Rail School Student Subsidy
  25. 26/02/2014QWNInner West Public Transport
  26. 21/11/2013PETNewcastle Rail Line
  27. 20/11/2013QWNTrain Timetables
  28. 20/11/2013QWNSouth East Light Rail Project
  29. 20/11/2013QWNRail Transport Security
  30. 19/11/2013QWNRoad and Rail Transport
  31. 19/11/2013QWNKings Cross Alcohol-related Violence
  32. 13/11/2013QWNWestern Sydney Infrastructure
  33. 12/11/2013QWNTransport for NSW Recruitment
  34. 31/10/2013PRIVWagga Wagga Mental Health Unit
  35. 29/10/2013QWNCBD Metro
  36. 24/10/2013QWNRevesby Train Timetable
  37. 24/10/2013QWNCentral Coast Rail Services
  38. 23/10/2013QWNMiranda Electorate Train Timetables
  39. 22/10/2013QWNPublic Transport Services
  40. 22/10/2013QWNRail Services Funding
  41. 17/10/2013QWNSouth West Rail Link
  42. 16/10/2013QWNSutherland to Cronulla OffRoad Cycleway
  43. 19/09/2013Mr Les Wielinga, Director General, Transport for NSW
  44. 18/09/2013QWNTrain Timetables
  45. 17/09/2013QWNTrain Timetables
  46. 12/09/2013QWNInternational Fleet Review
  47. 11/09/2013QWNSydney Transport Strategies
  48. 29/08/2013PRIVWilloughby Public School 150th Anniversary
  49. 29/08/2013QWNOpal Card Electronic Ticketing System
  50. 22/08/2013QWNWaratah Trains
  51. 15/08/2013QWNPublic Transport Accessibility
  52. 14/08/2013QWNOpal Card Electronic Ticketing System
  53. 20/06/2013PRIVInner-city Affordable Housing
  54. 20/06/2013QWNNorth West Rail Link
  55. 19/06/2013QWNState Budget and Transport
  56. 28/05/2013QWNRail Services
  57. 23/05/2013QWNNorth West Rail Link
  58. 22/05/2013QWNFerry Services
  59. 21/05/2013QWNKogarah Rail Services
  60. 07/05/2013QWNRail Network Delays
  61. 02/05/2013PETWentworthville Railway Station Easy Access
  62. 02/05/2013QWNPublic Transport Security
  63. 02/05/2013QWNPolice Transport Command
  64. 01/05/2013QWNNorth West Rail Link
  65. 27/03/2013PRIVNorthbridge Centenary Celebrations
  66. 25/03/2013QWNPublic Transport Initiatives
  67. 21/03/2013QWNFixing the Trains Program
  68. 21/03/2013QWNPolice Transport Command
  69. 21/03/2013QWNCityRail Services
  70. 20/03/2013QWNSydney Light Rail Program
  71. 19/03/2013QWNSouth West Rail Link
  72. 14/03/2013QWNSydney CBD Traffic Congestion
  73. 12/03/2013QWNCityRail Fares
  74. 12/03/2013QWNCityRail Services
  75. 12/03/2013QWNRail Transport Strategy
  76. 27/02/20132R;3RRoad Transport Bill 2013 Road Transport Legislation (Repeal and Amendm...
  77. 26/02/2013QWNTransport Access Program
  78. 20/02/2013QWNRail Services
  79. 20/02/2013QWNNorth West Rail Link
  80. 19/02/20131R;2RRoad Transport Bill 2013 Road Transport Legislation (Repeal and Amendm...
  81. 20/11/2012QWNSydney Public Transport
  82. 20/11/2012QWNPublic Transport
  83. 14/11/20122R;3RRoad Transport (General) Amendment (Private Car Parks) Bill 2012
  84. 13/11/20122R;3RMarine Safety Amendment (Domestic Commercial Vessel National Law Appli...
  85. 23/10/20122R;3RRail Safety (Adoption of National Law) Bill 2012
  86. 23/10/2012QWNRail Services
  87. 18/10/20121R;2RRail Safety (Adoption of National Law) Bill 2012
  88. 17/10/20122R;3RPassenger Transport Amendment (Ticketing and Passenger Conduct) Bill 2012
  89. 17/10/2012QWNSydney Ferries
  90. 17/10/2012QWNSydney Ferries
  91. 17/10/2012QWNSydney Ferries
  92. 17/10/2012QWNPolitical Lobbying
  93. 17/10/20121R;2RPassenger Transport Amendment (Ticketing and Passenger Conduct) Bill 2012
  94. 16/10/2012QWNPublic Transport Infrastructure
  95. 20/09/2012PETUnanderra Railway Station Easy Access Upgrade
  96. 13/09/20122R;3RTransport Administration Amendment (Community Road Safety Fund) Bill 2012
  97. 06/09/20121R;2RTransport Administration Amendment (Community Road Safety Fund) Bill 2012
  98. 06/09/2012QWNNorth West Rail Link
  99. 06/09/2012QWNNorth-Western Sydney Public Transport
  100. 06/09/2012QWNNorth West Rail Link
  101. 05/09/2012QWNInner West Light Rail Extension
  102. 05/09/2012QWNNSW Long Term Transport Master Plan
  103. 04/09/2012QWNNSW Long Term Transport Master Plan
  104. 23/08/2012PETRedfern Railway Station Lift Access
  105. 23/08/2012QWNDouble-decker Bus Trial
  106. 21/08/2012QWNPublic Transport
  107. 16/08/2012QWNCityRail Fares
  108. 14/08/2012QWNNorth West Rail Link
  109. 21/06/2012QWNCityRail Services
  110. 21/06/2012QWNCityRail Services
  111. 21/06/2012QWNRail Infrastructure
  112. 21/06/2012QWNNorth West Rail Link
  113. 20/06/2012QWNRail Infrastructure
  114. 12/06/2012QWNState Budget and Public Transport and Roads
  115. 31/05/2012PETInner West Light Rail Extension
  116. 29/05/2012QWNPublic Transport Security
  117. 29/05/2012QWNGuardian Train Services
  118. 22/05/2012QWNRail Transport Reform
  119. 10/05/2012QWNKings Cross Late-night Transport Services
  120. 10/05/2012QWNVolgren Bus Contract
  121. 08/05/2012QWNNorth West Rail Link
  122. 08/05/2012QWNNorth West Rail Link
  123. 03/05/2012QWNSydney Ferries
  124. 02/05/2012QWNJobseeker Travel Concessions
  125. 02/05/2012QWNPolice Transport Command
  126. 01/05/2012QWNPublic Transport Infrastructure
  127. 04/04/20122RRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Offender Nomination) Bill 2012
  128. 03/04/2012QWNPublic Transport Security
  129. 28/03/20122RRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Offender Nomination) Bill 2012
  130. 28/03/2012QWNSydney Light Rail and Monorail
  131. 28/03/2012QWNPublic Transport
  132. 13/03/2012QWNNorth-western Sydney Public Transport
  133. 08/03/2012QWNNorth-western Sydney Public Transport
  134. 07/03/20122RMarine Pollution Bill 2011
  135. 06/03/2012QWNNewcastle and Central Coast Rail Services
  136. 15/02/2012QWNRailCorp
  137. 14/02/2012QWNPublic Transport Security
  138. 22/11/2011QWNBus Driver Salaries and Conditions
  139. 09/11/2011QWNRailCorp Storm Damage Response
  140. 20/10/2011QWNState Cycling Plan
  141. 20/10/2011Retirement of Russell David Grove, PSM, Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
  142. 19/10/2011QWNRail, Tram and Bus Union Industrial Action
  143. 19/10/2011QWNGas-powered Bus Fleet
  144. 18/10/2011QWNPublic Transport Passenger Information
  145. 14/10/2011QWNGreenWay Project
  146. 14/10/2011QWNCityRail Patronage
  147. 13/10/2011QWNPublic Transport
  148. 11/10/2011QWNSouth West Rail Link
  149. 14/09/2011QWNElectric Vehicle Recharging Bays
  150. 13/09/2011QWNElectronic Integrated Ticketing
  151. 12/09/2011QWNState Budget and Transport
  152. 09/09/2011QWNInner West Light Rail Extension
  153. 08/09/20112R;3RTransport Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  154. 08/09/2011QWNKings Cross Late-night Train Services
  155. 06/09/20112RTransport Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  156. 06/09/2011QWNState Budget and Western Sydney Rail Infrastructure
  157. 26/08/2011QWNTransport Policies
  158. 24/08/2011QWNSydney Ferry Services
  159. 09/08/2011QWNInner West Light Rail Extension
  160. 09/08/2011QWNNorth West Rail Link
  161. 09/08/2011QWNNorth West Rail Link
  162. 09/08/2011QWNRail Privatisation
  163. 05/08/2011QWNNorth West Rail Link
  164. 03/08/2011QWNNorth West Rail Link
  165. 23/06/2011QWNTransport Services
  166. 22/06/2011QWNWaratah Train Project
  167. 21/06/2011QWNNorthern Tablelands Electorate CountryLink Services
  168. 17/06/2011QWNNorth West Rail Link
  169. 16/06/2011QWNPublic Sector Wages Policy
  170. 14/06/2011QWNLight Rail and MyZone Ticketing System
  171. 01/06/2011QWNFerry Services
  172. 27/05/2011QWNNorth West Rail Link
  173. 25/05/2011QWNTransport Infrastructure
  174. 24/05/2011QWNWestern Sydney Infrastructure
  175. 12/05/2011QWNFerry Services
  176. 12/05/2011QWNTransport Infrastructure
  177. 11/05/2011QWNSydney Ferries
  178. 10/05/2011QWNCasino to Murwillumbah Rail Line
  179. 06/05/2011Glendale Interchange
  180. 05/05/2011QWNNorth West Rail Link
  181. 03/05/2011PRIVWakehurst Electorate Traffic Congestion
  182. 02/12/2010QWNCBD Metro
  183. 01/12/2010Business of the House
  184. 30/11/2010QWNTransport Policy
  185. 23/11/2010Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  186. 11/11/2010URG MOTPublic Transport Privatisation
  187. 11/11/2010Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  188. 10/11/2010PRIVDisability and Respite Services
  189. 27/10/2010URG MOTCentral Coast Transport
  190. 27/10/2010Business of the House
  191. 20/10/2010URG MOTMetrobus Network
  192. 20/10/2010PRIVWilloughby Electorate Planning and Infrastructure
  193. 22/09/2010URG MOTGuardian Train Services
  194. 22/09/20102RConstitution Amendment (Recognition of Aboriginal People) Bill 2010
  195. 07/09/2010URG MOTSouth-western Sydney Roads and Transport Services
  196. 31/08/2010PRIVEarly Childhood Centres
  197. 22/06/2010URG MOTSydney Ferries
  198. 04/06/2010PRIVWilloughby Local Environmental Plan
  199. 02/06/2010Kingsgrove to Revesby Rail Quadruplication Project
  200. 21/05/2010PRIVWilloughby Local Environmental Plan
  201. 20/05/2010QWNRail Services
  202. 19/05/2010URG MOTSouth West Rail Link
  203. 19/05/20102RTransport Administration Amendment Bill 2010
  204. 14/05/2010PRIVNorth Shore Times
  205. 12/05/2010Cardiff Railway Station Upgrade
  206. 12/05/2010Tobacco Company Donations
  207. 12/05/20102RTrees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Amendment Bill 2010
  208. 11/05/20102RCarers (Recognition) Bill 2010
  209. 23/04/2010PRIVNorthbridge Aboriginal Heritage Office
  210. 22/04/2010URG MOTMyZone Ticketing System
  211. 20/04/2010Minister for Transport and Roads
  212. 20/04/2010QWNMinister for Transport and Roads
  213. 16/03/2010QWNTransport Plan
  214. 12/03/2010PRIVFood Access
  215. 11/03/2010QWNMyZone Ticketing System
  216. 10/03/2010Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  217. 10/03/2010QWNParramatta to Chatswood Rail Link
  218. 09/03/2010URG MOTWestern Sydney Public Transport
  219. 25/02/2010QWNTransport Plan Funding
  220. 24/02/2010PRIVChatswood Supported Living
  221. 24/02/2010Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  222. 24/02/2010QWNTransport Infrastructure
  223. 24/02/2010QWNTransport Plan
  224. 23/02/2010URG MOTMyZone Ticketing System
  225. 23/02/2010QWNMyzone Ticketing System
  226. 23/02/2010QWNCBD Metro Costs
  227. 03/12/2009PRIVChatswood Central Business District
  228. 02/12/2009Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  229. 01/12/2009QWNTransport Services
  230. 27/11/2009PRIVEarly Childhood Centres
  231. 24/11/2009QWNSouth-west Rail Link
  232. 12/11/2009PRIVWilloughby Electorate Profile
  233. 12/11/2009QWNTransport Projects
  234. 11/11/20092RPassenger Transport Amendment (Taxi Licensing) Bill 2009
  235. 29/10/2009PRIVChatswood High School
  236. 28/10/2009Business of the House
  237. 27/10/2009QWNCBD Metro
  238. 22/10/2009QWNClearways and Public Transport
  239. 20/10/2009Death of the Honourable Virginia Anne Chadwick, AO, a Former Member of...
  240. 24/09/2009Commuter Car Parking Fees
  241. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  242. 23/09/2009PRIVGreenwich Day Centre
  243. 09/09/2009Public Transport
  244. 08/09/2009Iron Cove Bridge Duplication and Victoria Road Upgrade
  245. 03/09/2009PRIVLong Gully Bridge Safety Barrier
  246. 03/09/2009QWNTrain On-time Running
  247. 25/06/2009PRIVHousing Connection (NSW) Incorporated
  248. 23/06/20092RGovernment Information (Public Access) Bill 2009 Government Informatio...
  249. 23/06/2009QWNCBD Metro
  250. 19/06/2009PRIVChristian City Church Rainbow Room
  251. 16/06/2009QWNSouth-west and North-west Rail Links
  252. 04/06/2009PRIVBus Routes 272 and 273
  253. 04/06/2009QWNCBD Metro Rail
  254. 15/05/2009PRIVWilloughby Electorate Bus Services
  255. 14/05/20092RTransport Administration Amendment (CountryLink Pensioner Booking Fee ...
  256. 14/05/2009QWNRail Infrastructure
  257. 13/05/2009URG MOTFederal Budget
  258. 13/05/2009QWNTransport Infrastructure Funding
  259. 07/05/2009PRIVEpping to Chatswood Rail Line Noise
  260. 06/05/2009QWNCBD Metro Costs
  261. 03/04/2009PRIVWilloughby Electorate Mental Health Services
  262. 31/03/2009QWNCBD Metro Costs
  263. 26/03/2009Wagga Wagga CountryLink Service
  264. 25/03/2009PRIVLower North Shore Community Transport
  265. 24/03/20092RParking Space Levy Bill 2009
  266. 24/03/2009QWNSydney Opera House Renovation
  267. 13/03/20091R;2RTransport Administrtion Amendment (CountryLink Pensioner Booking Fee A...
  268. 12/03/2009South Coast and Illawarra Rail Services
  269. 11/03/20092RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment (Children's...
  270. 10/03/2009Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  271. 10/03/2009QWNRail Infrastructure
  272. 04/03/2009PRIVChatswood Intensive English Centre
  273. 04/03/2009Victorian Bushfires
  274. 04/12/20082RRetirement Villages Amendment Bill 2008
  275. 03/12/20082RState Revenue and Other Legislation Amendment (Budget Measures) Bill 2008
  276. 03/12/2008QWNSchool Student Transport Scheme
  277. 02/12/20082RTransport Administration Amendment (Metro Rail) Bill 2008
  278. 27/11/2008URG MOTPublic Transport Fares
  279. 25/11/2008CityRail Fares
  280. 13/11/2008Coalition Transport Response Documents
  281. 13/11/2008Coalition Transport Response Documents
  282. 12/11/2008URG MOTPublic Transport Initiatives
  283. 30/10/2008PRIVGraffiti
  284. 30/10/2008SmartLink Transport
  285. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  286. 30/10/20082RTransport Administration Amendment (Rail and Ferry Transport Authoriti...
  287. 24/10/2008PRIVRoyal North Shore Hospital Hydrotherapy Pool
  288. 23/10/2008Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  289. 23/10/2008QWNEpping to Chatswood Rail Link
  290. 22/10/20082RRail Safety Bill 2008
  291. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  292. 25/09/2008PRIVWilloughby Electorate Bus Route 263
  293. 25/09/2008QWNRail Services
  294. 24/09/2008New South Wales Labor Government
  295. 24/09/2008Business of the House
  296. 18/06/2008PRIVWilloughby Public Transport Services
  297. 18/06/2008Answer to Written Questions
  298. 17/06/20082RFilming Related Legislation Amendment Bill 2008
  299. 05/06/2008Hornsby Electorate Child and Adolescent Mental Health Facility
  300. 04/06/2008PRIVNaremburn Community Meeting
  301. 04/06/2008QWNNew South Wales Maritime Funding
  302. 03/06/20082REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2008 Building Pro...
  303. 14/05/20082RAppropriation (Budget Variations) Bill 2008
  304. 08/05/20082RRoads Amendment (Lane Cove Tunnel Filtration) Bill 2007
  305. 10/04/2008PRIVLane Cove North Land Rezoning
  306. 09/04/20082RSuperannuation Administration Amendment Bill 2008
  307. 03/04/2008PRIVNaremburn Primary School Reopening State School Transit Scheme
  308. 02/04/2008Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  309. 02/04/2008QWNNorth West Metro Link
  310. 01/04/2008Business of the House
  311. 07/03/2008PRIVTAFE Resources, Enrolment and Fees
  312. 28/02/2008PRIVWilloughby Electorate Planning
  313. 28/02/2008Epping Railway Station Upgrade
  314. 07/12/2007PRIVWilloughby Electorate Volunteers
  315. 06/12/2007Sessional Orders
  316. 05/12/20072RWorld Youth Day Amendment Bill 2007
  317. 05/12/2007QWNTcard Contract
  318. 29/11/2007PRIVWilloughby Meals on Wheels
  319. 29/11/20072RUniversity of Technology (Kuring-gai Campus) Bill 2007
  320. 27/11/2007QWNCityRail Overcrowding
  321. 15/11/2007PRIVLane Cove Tunnel Filtration
  322. 15/11/20072RTransport Administration Amendment (CountryLink Pensioner Booking Fee ...
  323. 14/11/2007QWNTcard Integrated Ticketing System
  324. 13/11/2007Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  325. 13/11/2007QWNTcard Integrated Ticketing System
  326. 08/11/2007PRIVWilloughby Electorate Bus Services
  327. 08/11/20072RGovernment Schools (Infrastructure Register) Bill 2007
  328. 25/10/2007PRIVWilloughby Electorate Roads, Road Safety and Transport
  329. 25/10/20071R;2RTransport Administration Amendment (CountryLink Pensioner Booking Fee ...
  330. 24/10/20072RSummary Offences Amendment (Spray Paint Cans) Bill 2007
  331. 18/10/2007PRIVMental Health Services
  332. 27/09/2007PRIVChatswood West Rezoning Proposal
  333. 25/09/2007QWNRail Maintenance Work Practices
  334. 28/06/2007PRIVWilloughby Electorate Native Bushland
  335. 28/06/20072RRural Communities Impacts Bill 2007
  336. 27/06/2007Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  337. 20/06/2007PRIVWilloughby Electorate Emergency Services
  338. 20/06/2007Business of the House
  339. 20/06/20072RDrug Summit Legislative Response Amendment (Trial Period Extension) Bi...
  340. 07/06/2007QWNWestbus Willmot Service Withdrawal
  341. 06/06/2007PRIVWilloughby Electorate Business Community
  342. 06/06/2007Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  343. 06/06/2007QWNRailCorp Staff Rostering and Job Vacancies
  344. 05/06/20072RHuman Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Amendment Bill 2007
  345. 31/05/2007Consideration of Motions Accorded Priority
  346. 31/05/2007Special Commission of Inquiry into Sydney Ferries
  347. 31/05/2007Special Commission of Inquiry into Sydney Ferries
  348. 29/05/20072RMental Health Bill 2007
  349. 29/05/20072RTransport Administration Amendment (Portfolio Minister) Bill 2007
  350. 29/05/2007PRIVCrown Land Waterfront Rental Formula
  351. 10/05/2007PRIVRoyal North Shore Hospital Facilities
  352. 21/11/2006PRIVChatswood Railway Station Upgrade
  353. 16/11/20062RParliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment (Child Sexual Offenc...
  354. 14/11/20062R;COMMChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Miscellaneous Amendme...
  355. 27/10/2006PRIVWilloughby Electorate Public Transport and Commuter Parking
  356. 26/10/2006PRIVWilloughby Electorate Traffic
  357. 24/10/20062RAdoption Amendment Bill
  358. 19/10/2006PRIVChatswood Residential Amenity
  359. 19/10/2006Community-based Preschools
  360. 19/10/20062RPay-roll Tax Amendment (Supporting Jobs and Small Business) Bill
  361. 18/10/2006Business of the House
  362. 28/09/2006PRIVVolunteer Partnership Plan
  363. 28/09/20062RHealth Legislation Amendment (Unregistered Health Practitioners) Bill
  364. 26/09/2006URG MOTChild Care Services
  365. 20/09/20062RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment (Parent Res...
  366. 20/09/2006PRIVWilloughby Electorate Public Transport
  367. 19/09/2006Honourable Member for Willoughby
  368. 06/09/2006PRIVGore Hill Freeway Noise Barriers
  369. 05/09/20062R;COMMPharmacy Practice Bill
  370. 05/09/2006URG MOTMedibank Private
  371. 31/08/2006PRIVChatswood Community Mental Health Services
  372. 30/08/2006URG MOTDisability Services Funding
  373. 08/06/2006PRIVWater Conservation and Management
  374. 07/06/2006Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  375. 07/06/2006QWNMental Health Capital Works Budget
  376. 06/06/20062RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment Bill
  377. 24/05/20062RValuation of Land Amendment Bill
  378. 23/05/2006PRIVSchool Pedestrian Crossings Safety
  379. 23/05/2006Commission for Children and Young People
  380. 09/05/20062RAppropriation (Budget Variations) Bill
  381. 09/05/2006PRIVWilloughby Electorate History
  382. 04/05/2006Chatswood Railway Station Access
  383. 03/05/2006PRIVNorth Sydney Council Cammeray Rezoning Proposal
  384. 03/05/2006Business of the House
  385. 02/05/2006Children's Guardian and Commission for Children and Young People Role
  386. 06/04/2006PRIVPittwater Electorate Policing
  387. 05/04/2006PRIVLane Cove Tunnel and Residents Ventilation Units Installation
  388. 29/03/2006URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  389. 29/03/2006QWNPreschool Funding
  390. 29/03/20062RChild Protection (International Measures) Bill
  391. 28/03/2006PRIVChatswood Public School Capital Works Funding
  392. 09/03/2006PRIVLane Cove Tunnel
  393. 09/03/2006Business of the House
  394. 08/03/20062RLand Tax Management Amendment (Tax Threshold) Bill
  395. 08/03/2006URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  396. 02/03/2006Scotts Creek Exhaust Vent
  397. 28/02/2006PRIVChatswood Central Business District
  398. 01/12/2005Young People Disabled Accommodation
  399. 29/11/2005PRIVHospital Waiting Lists
  400. 16/11/2005PRIVChatswood High School
  401. 16/11/20052RCommission for Children and Young People Amendment Bill
  402. 16/11/20052RMental Health (Criminal Procedure) Amendment Bill
  403. 15/11/20052RCrimes Amendment (Animal Cruelty) Bill
  404. 10/11/2005West Chatswood Rotary Athletics Field
  405. 09/11/20052RGreek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia Consolidated Trust Amendment (...
  406. 09/11/2005PRIVLane Cove Tunnel
  407. 09/11/2005QWNLane Cove Tunnel
  408. 19/10/2005PRIVNorth Sydney Council Cammeray Rezoning Proposal
  409. 13/10/2005Joint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  410. 12/10/2005PRIVWilloughby Symphony Orchestra and Choir
  411. 11/10/2005Bali Terrorist Attack
  412. 22/09/2005PRIVNRMA Preferred Repairer Network Scheme
  413. 14/09/2005PRIVDisability Programs Funding
  414. 14/09/20052RDuties Amendment (Abolition of Vendor Duty) Bill
  415. 22/06/2005Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  416. 22/06/2005PRIVCastlecrag
  417. 07/06/20052RFire Brigades Amendment (Community Fire Units) Bill
  418. 25/05/2005PRIVCivic Place, Chatswood, Project
  419. 05/05/2005QWNPsychiatric Patient Transfer
  420. 04/05/2005PRIVArmenian Genocide Ninetieth Anniversary
  421. 06/04/2005Death of His Holiness Pope John Paul II
  422. 05/04/2005PRIVChatswood Central Business District
  423. 24/03/2005QWNAdolescent Mental Health Bed Numbers
  424. 23/03/20052RCriminal Procedure Amendment (Evidence) Bill
  425. 22/03/2005PRIVWilloughby Electorate Services
  426. 03/03/2005Mental Health Services Funding
  427. 02/03/2005Business of the House
  428. 01/03/2005PRIVLane Cove Tunnel
  429. 23/02/2005URG MOTInterest Rates
  430. 23/02/2005PRIVP-plate Drivers Forum
  431. 22/02/2005Indian Ocean Tsunami
  432. 09/12/20042RGovernment (Open Market Competition) Bill
  433. 08/12/2004Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  434. 07/12/20042RNSW Self Insurance Corporation Bill
  435. 18/11/2004PRIVLane Cove Tunnel
  436. 17/11/2004URG MOTYouth Mental Health Services
  437. 17/11/20042RShops and Industries Amendment (Special Shop Closures) Bill
  438. 17/11/20042RDuties Amendment (Land Rich) Bill
  439. 10/11/2004URG MOTTelstra Local Call Charges
  440. 10/11/2004PRIVLane Cove Tunnel
  441. 28/10/2004QWNPremier India Visit
  442. 28/10/2004QWNPremier India Visit
  443. 28/10/2004Chatswood Mental Health Facilities
  444. 27/10/2004QWNBusiness of the House
  445. 26/10/2004PRIVLane Cove Tunnel
  446. 26/10/2004URG MOTMental Health Act Review
  447. 21/10/2004Bankstown Electorate Capital Works Projects
  448. 19/10/2004PRIVChatswood Mental Health Facilities
  449. 24/09/2004PRIVCelestial Silks Chinese Religious and Court Textiles Exhibition
  450. 23/09/2004Kenmore Hospital Site Sale
  451. 23/09/20042RCommunity Protection (Closure of Illegal Brothels) Bill
  452. 22/09/2004PRIVChatswood Primary School Capital Works
  453. 21/09/20042R;COMMLocal Government Amendment (Discipline) Bill
  454. 16/09/2004PRIVChatswood Central Business District
  455. 16/09/20042RPolice Amendment (Crime Reduction and Reporting) Bill
  456. 15/09/20042RRegistered Clubs Legislation Amendment Bill
  457. 01/09/2004PRIVLane Cove Tunnel
  458. 24/06/2004PRIVDepartment of Community Services Helpline
  459. 23/06/20042R;COMMState Revenue Legislation Further Amendment Bill
  460. 03/06/20042RFines Amendment Bill
  461. 01/06/2004PRIVChatswood Central Business District
  462. 01/06/2004URG MOTBank Fees and Charges
  463. 12/05/2004PRIVChatswood War Memorial Garden
  464. 12/05/20042RAppropriation (Budget Variations) Bill
  465. 11/05/20042R;COMMState Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill
  466. 05/05/2004URG MOTAustralia Post Franchising
  467. 04/05/2004PRIVTaxi Industry No Destination Trial
  468. 01/04/2004PRIVWilloughby Civic Place Master Plan
  469. 01/04/20042RGovernment School Assets Register Bill
  470. 30/03/20042RNational Competition Policy Amendments (Commonwealth Financial Penalti...
  471. 18/03/2004PRIVHealth Care Professional Sexual Assault Allegation
  472. 11/03/2004Small Business Research and Development
  473. 11/03/2004Sutherland Shire Carr Government Achievements
  474. 10/03/20042RRetirement Villages Amendment Bill
  475. 10/03/2004PRIVNorthbridge Bus Service 208
  476. 09/03/20042RRoad Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment (Alcohol) Bill
  477. 26/02/2004PRIVChatswood Primary School Capital Works
  478. 25/02/20042R;COMMStrata Schemes Management Amendment Bill
  479. 19/02/2004PRIVChatswood Parking Space Levy Increase
  480. 19/02/2004Rail Services
  481. 18/02/20042RSuperannuation Administration Amendment Bill
  482. 03/12/2003PRIVGibson Lane-Waratah Street Intersection, Chatswood
  483. 20/11/2003PRIVWilloughby Electorate Law and Order
  484. 20/11/2003Ukraine Famine Seventieth Anniversary
  485. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  486. 19/11/2003Special Broadcasting Service Vietnamese Government Television Program ...
  487. 18/11/20032RDuties Amendment (Land Rich) Bill
  488. 18/11/20032RState Revenue Legislation Further Amendment Bill
  489. 12/11/20032RAppropriation (Health Super-Growth Fund) Bill
  490. 11/11/20032RConstitution Amendment (Governor's Salary) Bill
  491. 11/11/2003PRIVState Environmental Planning Policy 5
  492. 31/10/2003PRIVWilloughby Electorate Preschool Places
  493. 29/10/20032RPrivacy and Personal Information Protection Amendment Bill
  494. 28/10/20032RRoyal Blind Society (Corporate Conversion) Bill
  495. 28/10/2003PRIVTribute to George William Brain, a former Member of the Legislative As...
  496. 17/10/2003PRIVAutism
  497. 15/10/2003PRIVDepartment Of Ageing, Disability and Home Care Ms Jackie Mudge Disabil...
  498. 15/10/2003URG MOTFederal Government Corporate Law Reform Package
  499. 14/10/20032RCommunity Relations Commission and Principles of Multiculturalism Amen...
  500. 19/09/2003PRIVWilloughby Electorate Rotary Athletics Field Access
  501. 18/09/2003PRIVChatswood Public School 120th Anniversary
  502. 05/09/2003PRIVWilloughby Electorate Chambers of Commerce
  503. 04/09/2003PRIVGaming Machine Tax
  504. 03/07/2003Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  505. 03/07/2003QWNBus Services
  506. 03/07/2003The Spit Bridge Widening
  507. 02/07/2003National Aboriginal and Islanders Day of Observance Committee Week
  508. 02/07/2003PRIVWilloughby District Historical Society
  509. 01/07/2003QWNEpping to Chatswood Rail Link
  510. 26/06/20032RTransport Administration Amendment (Parramatta Rail Link-Property Guar...
  511. 25/06/2003PRIVNoah's Ark Toy Library for Children with Special Needs
  512. 25/06/2003URG MOTArabic and Pacific Islander Youth Partnerships
  513. 20/06/2003PRIVStreetwork Activities
  514. 20/06/20032RCancer Institute (Nsw) Bill
  515. 29/05/2003Willoughby Electorate Overdevelopment
  516. 29/05/20032RLocal Government Amendment (Graffiti) Bill
  517. 28/05/2003Business of the House
  518. 20/05/2003PRIVWilloughby Electorate Schools
  519. 08/05/2003PRIVChatswood Police Station
  520. 06/05/2003Inaugural Speeches


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.