Williams, Mrs Leslie speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 10/11/2015QWNEarly Childhood Education
  2. 28/10/2015Camilla Jansen Braid
  3. 27/10/2015QWNOCHRE Plan
  4. 22/10/2015PRIVIronman 70.3
  5. 22/10/2015Ironman Bennett Powell
  6. 21/10/2015Light The Night
  7. 15/10/2015PRIVHastings Valley Red Deer
  8. 15/10/2015Tribute to Terry Bell
  9. 17/09/2015Michael Farrawell, Mid North Coast Volunteer of the Year
  10. 17/09/2015QWNDarkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council
  11. 15/09/2015Where's William? Week
  12. 10/09/2015Hastings Old Holdens Car Club
  13. 10/09/2015QWNAboriginal Affairs
  14. 10/09/2015QWNSutherland Hospital Childcare Services
  15. 09/09/2015PRIVGreater Port Macquarie Business Awards 2015
  16. 27/08/2015PRIVRed and Blue Emergency Services Ball
  17. 27/08/2015Port Macquarie Pink Ladies
  18. 13/08/2015Port Macquariehastings Reap Food Rescue
  19. 13/08/2015QWNEarly Childhood Education
  20. 12/08/2015Jack Page, Mid North Coast Footballer
  21. 06/08/2015PRIVThe Other Chef Fine Foods
  22. 04/08/2015National Missing Persons Week
  23. 04/08/2015URG MOTTribute to Adam Goodes
  24. 24/06/2015PRIVWomen in Policing
  25. 24/06/2015QWNState Budget and Early Childhood Education
  26. 03/06/2015PRIVPort Macquarie Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal
  27. 03/06/2015QWNEarly Childhood Education
  28. 27/05/2015QWNAboriginal Communities
  29. 13/05/2015PRIVRotary Club of Port Macquarie
  30. 06/05/2015PRIVOur Rivers Our History
  31. 20/11/2014Tribute to Elizabeth Polson-Galloway
  32. 19/11/2014Port Macquarie Masters Swim Club Champions
  33. 19/11/2014PETFlying Fox Control
  34. 18/11/2014PRIVPort Macquarie Electorate
  35. 13/11/20142RRelationships Register Amendment (Recognition of Same-sex and Gender-d...
  36. 12/11/2014PRIVWear Orange Wednesday
  37. 11/11/2014QWNRegional Tourism
  38. 05/11/20142R;3RBiosecurity Bill 2014
  39. 05/11/2014World Teachers Day
  40. 05/11/2014PRIVPort Macquarie Art and Craft Centre
  41. 04/11/2014Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  42. 22/10/2014PRIVThe Honourable Andrew Stoner, Member for Oxley
  43. 22/10/20142R;3RMental Health Amendment (Statutory Review) Bill 2014
  44. 22/10/20142RMarine Estate Management Bill 2014
  45. 22/10/2014WorldSkills Australia National Competition 2014
  46. 21/10/2014QWNLiteracy and Numeracy Action Plan
  47. 16/10/2014Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  48. 14/10/2014Carers Week
  49. 14/10/2014PRIVLaurieton Haven Craft Exhibition
  50. 18/09/2014Superintendent David Gray, Fire and Rescue NSW Patrick Inness, Certifi...
  51. 18/09/2014QWNElectricity Deregulation
  52. 17/09/2014PRIVPort Macquarie Electorate Roads
  53. 16/09/2014Foster Carers
  54. 16/09/2014PRIVGlen Innes Natural Resources Advisory Committee
  55. 11/09/2014Hastings Auto Restorers Society
  56. 11/09/2014Seniors Week
  57. 10/09/2014PRIVHannam Vale Celebrations
  58. 14/08/2014Australian Open Mixed Pairs Bowls Champions
  59. 12/08/2014NSW Carers Strategy
  60. 12/08/2014PRIVCamden Haven Community Projects
  61. 07/08/2014Professor James Barber
  62. 06/08/2014Climate Change
  63. 06/08/2014Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist Shelley Watts
  64. 05/08/2014PRIVHerons Creek
  65. 19/06/2014The Observatory Hotel, Port MacQuarie
  66. 19/06/2014QWNVocational Education and Training
  67. 18/06/2014PRIVPort Macquarie Electorate Queen's Birthday Honours
  68. 18/06/2014Hastings Cancer Trust Tenth Anniversary
  69. 28/05/2014Donna Clarke, Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser
  70. 27/05/2014PRIVKendall Community Events
  71. 15/05/2014Port Macquarie A21 Fashion 4 Freedom
  72. 13/05/2014International Nurses Day International Day of the Midwife
  73. 13/05/2014PRIVPort Macquarie Electorate Volunteers
  74. 08/05/2014Kidney Health Australia Fundraiser Michelle Dalton
  75. 08/05/2014Coffs Harbour Rotary Public Speaking Winner Samantha Kirkwood
  76. 07/05/20142R;3RCrimes Amendment (Female Genital Mutilation) Bill 2014
  77. 07/05/2014Hastings Old Holdens Car Club
  78. 27/03/2014QWNEducation Infrastructure
  79. 26/03/2014Tacking Point Surf Life Saving Club Hastings Relay For Life
  80. 25/03/2014Paul Rayner, Emergency Service Volunteer of the Year
  81. 25/03/2014Coopernook and Landsdowne Forest History Group
  82. 25/03/2014PRIVTribute to Mark Strachan
  83. 19/03/2014Hastings Woodworkers Guild
  84. 18/03/2014QWNRegional Jobs
  85. 18/03/2014PRIVSeniors Week
  86. 05/03/2014PRIVPort Macquarie Electorate Community Building Partnership Grants
  87. 05/03/2014Special Olympics Australia National Games
  88. 04/03/2014International Women's Day
  89. 27/02/2014Phoebe Crane, Lifeline Mid Coast Volunteer
  90. 26/02/20142R;3RBail (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2013
  91. 26/02/2014Terra Lalirra, The Happy Walk
  92. 25/02/2014PRIVPort Macquarie School Bus Accident
  93. 20/11/2013Regional Dementia Services
  94. 20/11/2013QWNRural and Regional Health Services
  95. 20/11/2013Tribute to Gwen Porter
  96. 20/11/2013Tribute to Jane Dunn
  97. 20/11/20132R;3RNational Disability Insurance Scheme (NSW Enabling) Bill 2013
  98. 19/11/2013PRIVLord Howe Island
  99. 14/11/2013Port Macquarie Volunteer Noni Collins
  100. 12/11/2013PRIVPort Macquarie Healing Rooms
  101. 12/11/2013URG MOTRegional Infrastructure
  102. 31/10/2013Tacking Point Surf Lifesaver Ryan Rosenbaum
  103. 31/10/2013REPCommittee on the Health Care Complaints Commission
  104. 31/10/20132RCrimes Amendment (Zoe's Law) Bill 2013 (No 2)
  105. 29/10/2013PRIVPort Macquarie Carers Week
  106. 24/10/2013REPCommittee on the Health Care Complaints Commission
  107. 23/10/2013Port Macquarie Lions Club
  108. 23/10/2013Port Macquarie "Magnificent Six"
  109. 23/10/2013Port Macquarie Residents Action Network
  110. 22/10/2013PRIVTribute to Dr Muyesser Durur
  111. 16/10/20132R;3RCrown Lands Amendment (Multiple Land Use) Bill 2013
  112. 19/09/2013Lifeline Mid North Coast
  113. 19/09/2013Tribute to Neville and Dot Burley
  114. 18/09/2013Port Macquarie Neighbourhood Centre
  115. 18/09/2013Port Macquarie-Hastings Breast Cancer Support Group
  116. 17/09/20132RDrugs and Poisons Legislation Amendment (New Psychoactive and Other Su...
  117. 17/09/2013PRIVPort Macquarie Motor Neurone Disease Fundraising Walk
  118. 12/09/2013Bennetts Steel
  119. 12/09/2013QWNPalliative Care Services
  120. 12/09/2013REPJoint Committee on the Health Care Complaints Commission
  121. 11/09/2013Port Macquarie Surf School
  122. 10/09/2013PRIVBravehearts Mid North Coast
  123. 29/08/2013Port Macquarie Electorate Volunteers Jan Dawes and Keith Anderson
  124. 28/08/20132R;3RState Emergency and Rescue Management Amendment (Co-ordination and Not...
  125. 28/08/2013Port Macquarie State Emergency Service
  126. 27/08/2013PRIVPort Macquarie Tourism
  127. 22/08/2013Triathlete Laura Harris
  128. 22/08/2013Arctic Star Medal Recipient Peter Rudd Blood Donor Ronald Walker
  129. 22/08/2013Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  130. 22/08/2013Blacktown Hospital Maternity Ward
  131. 20/08/2013PRIVKing of the Mountain Fun Run
  132. 15/08/2013QWNParole System Review
  133. 14/08/2013Brain Injury Awareness Week
  134. 14/08/20132RRoad Transport Amendment (Obstruction and Hazard Safety) Bill 2013
  135. 14/08/2013Port MacQuarie Volunteer Lorraine Chambers
  136. 13/08/20132R;3RProtection of the Environment Operations Amendment (Illegal Waste Disp...
  137. 13/08/2013PRIVLuminosity Youth Summit
  138. 20/06/2013PRIVPort Macquarie Electorate Queens Birthday Honours Recipients
  139. 20/06/2013Arlene Blencowe World Boxing Title Holder Port Macquarie Liquor Accord...
  140. 20/06/2013Hospital Waiting Times
  141. 18/06/2013Drug Action Week
  142. 29/05/2013QWNRegional Hospitals
  143. 29/05/2013Australian Ocean Racing Team Member Craig Graham
  144. 29/05/2013Columba Cottage Fundraising Event
  145. 28/05/2013PRIVHello Koalas Sculpture Project
  146. 23/05/2013REPJoint Standing Committee on the Office of the Valuer-General
  147. 22/05/2013Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal
  148. 21/05/2013Lymphoedema
  149. 21/05/2013URG MOTChildhood Immunisation
  150. 21/05/2013PRIVLord Howe Island
  151. 09/05/2013Herons Creek Community Day
  152. 09/05/2013Kendall Bush Poets Breakfast
  153. 09/05/2013Manning River and Wallis Lake Dredging
  154. 08/05/20132RService NSW (One-stop Access to Government Services) Bill 2013
  155. 07/05/2013International Nurses Day
  156. 07/05/2013PRIVLife Education New South Wales
  157. 02/05/2013Education Funding
  158. 01/05/20132R;3RCrimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Amendment (Information Sharing...
  159. 01/05/2013Port Macquarie Parkinson's Support Group Charity Walk
  160. 01/05/2013Seniors Week Community Service Award Recipient Ron Walesby
  161. 27/03/2013Hastings Relay for Life
  162. 27/03/2013Port Macquarie Community Achievements
  163. 27/03/2013QWNEducation Reforms
  164. 27/03/2013Breast Cancer Awareness
  165. 26/03/2013PRIVPort Macquarie Meals Service
  166. 26/03/20132RHealth Legislation Amendment Bill 2013
  167. 19/03/2013Seniors Week
  168. 14/03/2013PRIVPort Macquarie Foreshore Draft Plan of Management
  169. 14/03/2013Hastings Heroines Award Recipients
  170. 14/03/2013Port Macquarie Beatles Festival
  171. 14/03/2013Pacific Highway Upgrade Funding
  172. 13/03/20132R;3RRoyal Commissions Amendment Bill 2013
  173. 26/02/2013QWNNorth Coast Floods
  174. 26/02/2013PRIVMid North Coast Floods
  175. 21/02/20132RSmall Business Commissioner Bill 2012
  176. 19/02/2013PRIVPort Macquarie Golden Lure Fishing Tournament
  177. 20/11/2012PRIVAustralian Chin Up Team and Breelin Frederick
  178. 20/11/20122REmergency Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  179. 15/11/2012REPJoint Standing Committee on the Office of the Valuer-General
  180. 13/11/2012PRIV100 Years of Surfing Celebration
  181. 25/10/2012PETEarly Childhood Teacher Salaries
  182. 23/10/2012Breast Cancer
  183. 23/10/2012QWNState Electoral Redistribution
  184. 23/10/2012PRIVMoorland Hall 100th Anniversary
  185. 17/10/20122R;3RCoastal Protection Amendment Bill 2012
  186. 16/10/2012PRIVEndeavour Clubhouse
  187. 19/09/20122RHuman Tissue Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  188. 13/09/2012PRIVGreater Port Macquarie Business Awards
  189. 13/09/2012Good Life in Kendall Festival
  190. 13/09/2012Port MacQuarie Baptist Church Fiftieth Anniversary
  191. 13/09/2012CountryLink North Coast Tourism Awards
  192. 12/09/2012PRIVLocal Government Elections
  193. 12/09/20122R;3RPrevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment Bill 2012
  194. 05/09/2012PRIVTribute to Neil Porter
  195. 23/08/2012PRIVHearing Awareness Week
  196. 23/08/2012Port Macquarie NSW Training Awards Finalists
  197. 23/08/2012Olympic Games Volunteers Laurie and Barbara Smith
  198. 21/08/2012QWNForced Adoptions
  199. 16/08/2012Mitochondrial Disease
  200. 15/08/2012PRIVMid Coast Care
  201. 15/08/20122RFiscal Responsibility Bill 2012
  202. 20/06/20122R;3RChild Protection (Working with Children) Bill 2012
  203. 14/06/2012REPJoint Standing Committee on the Health Care Complaints Commission
  204. 14/06/2012Clubs Industry
  205. 14/06/2012Port Macquarie-Hastings Volunteer of the Year Ralph Mueller
  206. 14/06/2012Slice of Haven Food and Wine Festival
  207. 13/06/2012PRIVPort MacQuarie Electorate Roads Funding
  208. 12/06/20122RTobacco Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  209. 12/06/2012QWNState Budget and Regional New South Wales
  210. 31/05/2012Swimming Champion Hugh Rackley
  211. 29/05/2012PRIVHastings River Environmental Management System
  212. 29/05/20122R;3RFirearms Amendment (Ammunition Control) Bill 2012
  213. 29/05/2012Japanese Student Exchange Program Participants Bradley Turner and Nico...
  214. 29/05/2012Port Macquarie Pink Lady Volunteers
  215. 24/05/2012Port Macquarie Female Triathletes
  216. 23/05/20122R;3RHealth Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  217. 23/05/2012Hannam Vale Festival of Flowers
  218. 23/05/2012Billabong Koala and Wildlife Park
  219. 23/05/2012Vikings Youth Futsal Team Member Jeremy Robinson
  220. 22/05/20122R;3RTattoo Parlours Bill 2012
  221. 22/05/2012Aqua Sculpture Public Artworks
  222. 22/05/2012Renae Lawrence Community Service
  223. 22/05/2012Port Macquarie Zonta Club
  224. 22/05/2012Variety Bash
  225. 22/05/2012PRIVPort Macquarie Sea of Blue March
  226. 10/05/2012Dental Health Week
  227. 09/05/2012PRIVIronman Australia Event
  228. 09/05/2012URG MOTPacific Highway Upgrade
  229. 09/05/2012Glasshouse Arts, Conference and Entertainment Centre
  230. 09/05/2012Hastings Choristers
  231. 09/05/2012Hudson Family
  232. 09/05/2012Triumph Motorcycle Ride for Charity
  233. 09/05/2012Surf Lifesaver Matt Banting
  234. 09/05/2012Australasian Firefighter Championships
  235. 09/05/2012Greater Port Macquarie Business Award Recipients Priscilla and Gary Tu...
  236. 09/05/2012QWNFederal Budget and Pacific Highway
  237. 08/05/2012Nurses and Midwives
  238. 08/05/20122RPrimary Industries Legislation Amendment (Biosecurity) Bill 2012
  239. 08/05/20122R;3RCo-operatives (Adoption of National Law) Bill 2012
  240. 08/05/2012Camden Haven Music Festival
  241. 08/05/2012Slice of Haven Festival
  242. 08/05/2012Camden Haven and Port Macquarie Marine Rescue
  243. 08/05/2012Kendall Men's Shed
  244. 08/05/2012North Coast Regional Dragon Boat Team
  245. 08/05/2012Kendall Community Op Shop
  246. 08/05/2012QWNPacific Highway Upgrade
  247. 03/05/2012Port Macquarie Clean Up Australia Day Events
  248. 03/05/2012James Magnussen Olympic Games Selection
  249. 03/05/2012Port Macquarie and Camden Haven International Women's Day Events
  250. 03/05/2012Hastings Relay for Life
  251. 02/05/2012Mid North Coast Regional Tourism Organisation Chairman Kathy Balodis
  252. 02/05/2012Swimming Champion James Magnussen
  253. 02/05/2012Hastings Public School
  254. 03/04/20122RRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Offender Nomination) Bill 2012
  255. 02/04/2012PRIVLord Howe Island
  256. 29/03/2012PRIVGovernment Performance
  257. 27/03/2012Pacific Highway Upgrade
  258. 15/03/2012Kiama Relay for Life
  259. 15/03/2012International Nurses Day
  260. 14/03/2012URG MOTTrade Union Membership
  261. 14/03/2012Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  262. 08/03/2012Lupus
  263. 07/03/2012PRIVPort Macquarie Electorate Schools
  264. 07/03/2012International Women's Day
  265. 07/03/20122RMarine Pollution Bill 2011
  266. 23/02/2012Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease
  267. 21/02/2012QWNTobacco and Health
  268. 21/02/2012PRIVNSW Sports Federation Annual Awards
  269. 15/02/2012Ovarian Cancer
  270. 15/02/20122RMental Health Commission Bill 2011
  271. 24/11/2011QWNSolar Power Generation
  272. 24/11/20112RChildren (Education and Care Services) Supplementary Provisions Bill 2011
  273. 22/11/2011Committee on the Health Care Complaints Commission
  274. 10/11/2011Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  275. 08/11/2011PRIVState Emergency Service Oxley Region Awards
  276. 20/10/2011QWNStudent Leadership
  277. 18/10/2011PRIVCamden Haven Volunteer Marine Rescue
  278. 18/10/2011Carers Week
  279. 17/10/2011Pacific Highway Upgrade
  280. 17/10/20112RHome Building Amendment Bill 2011
  281. 14/10/2011PRIVCoal Seam Gas Exploration
  282. 13/09/2011PRIVPort Macquarie Electorate Schools
  283. 06/09/2011National Child Protection Week
  284. 06/09/2011PRIVCommonwealth Bank Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards
  285. 26/08/2011Balmain Hospital 24-hour Casualty Service
  286. 24/08/20112RResidential Parks Amendment (Register) Bill 2011
  287. 23/08/2011Children's Book Week
  288. 23/08/2011PRIVPort Macquarie Electorate
  289. 11/08/20112RGaming Machine Tax Amendment Bill 2011
  290. 05/08/2011Heart Disease
  291. 04/08/2011PRIVAlzheimer's Australia New South Wales
  292. 04/08/20112RSummary Offences Amendment (Intoxicated and Disorderly Conduct) Bill 2011
  293. 03/08/20112RGraffiti Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  294. 02/08/2011URG MOTNational Health Reform Agreement
  295. 02/08/2011Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  296. 23/06/2011International No Diet Day
  297. 22/06/2011PRIVPort Macquarie Electorate Roads
  298. 01/06/2011QWNProtecting Our Natural Environment Policy
  299. 31/05/20112RLaw Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Amendment (Move On Direc...
  300. 30/05/20112RLibrary Amendment Bill 2011
  301. 30/05/2011PRIVClubs Industry
  302. 27/05/2011QWNClubs Industry
  303. 26/05/2011Inaugural Speeches
  304. 24/05/2011QWNSolar Bonus Scheme
  305. 10/05/2011QWNCarbon Tax
  306. 04/05/2011QWNRegional Services and Infrastructure


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.