West, Mr Garry speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 13/12/1995Standing Rules And Orders
  2. 12/12/1995Bread Repeal Bill, Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (De...
  3. 07/12/19952R;COMMPolice Service Amendment Bill
  4. 06/12/1995Business Of The House
  5. 06/12/1995Education Reform Amendment (School Discipline) Bill, State Revenue Leg...
  6. 05/12/19952RWitness Protection Bill
  7. 23/11/1995Minister For Police
  8. 23/11/1995Former Police Officer Paul Rupert Cooper
  9. 22/11/1995COMMAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  10. 22/11/1995Dissent
  11. 21/11/1995COMMAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  12. 21/11/1995PRIVFormer Senior Constable Margetson
  13. 16/11/1995Remote Area Police Allowance
  14. 16/11/1995Bullet-Resistant Vests
  15. 26/10/1995Royal Commission Into The New South Wales Police Service
  16. 26/10/1995Police And Community Youth Clubs
  17. 25/10/1995Sessional Orders
  18. 12/10/1995Regional Crime Squads Review
  19. 10/10/1995Business Of The House
  20. 20/09/1995Admission Of Treasurer Into The Legislative Assembly
  21. 19/09/1995Business Of The House
  22. 08/06/1995ADJSpecial Adjournment
  23. 08/06/19951R;2RCriminal Legislation Amendment Bill
  24. 08/06/1995PRIVCarcoar Medical Facilities
  25. 08/06/1995REPBusiness Of The House
  26. 07/06/19952RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
  27. 01/06/1995URG MOTSessional and Standing Orders
  28. 01/06/1995Dissent
  29. 25/05/1995Rugby World Cup
  30. 25/05/19951R;2RParliamentary Committees Legislation Amendment Bill
  31. 25/05/1995Closed-Circuit Television Surveillance
  32. 24/05/19952RFire Brigades Amendment (Contributions) Bill
  33. 02/12/1994ADJSpecial Adjournment
  34. 02/12/1994Lead Contamination
  35. 02/12/1994Sydney Airport Third Runway
  36. 02/12/1994COMMSummary Offences And Other Legislation (Graffiti) Amendment Bill
  37. 02/12/1994Business Of The House
  38. 02/12/1994COMMIndependent Commission Against Corruption (Amendment) Bill
  39. 02/12/1994Standing Orders
  40. 02/12/1994Parliamentary Management Board
  41. 01/12/19942REnergy Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill
  42. 01/12/19942RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 2)
  43. 01/12/1994COMMFarm Debt Mediation Bill
  44. 01/12/1994Business Of The House
  45. 01/12/1994QWNProtected Witness John Gazzard
  46. 01/12/1994QWNPolice Operations
  47. 01/12/1994QWNPolice Numbers
  48. 01/12/1994Sydney Airport Third Runway
  49. 01/12/1994Independent Commission Against Corruption
  50. 01/12/1994Sydney Airport Third Runway
  51. 01/12/19942R;COMMLocal Government (Boarding And Lodging Houses) Amendment Bill
  52. 30/11/19941R;2RCoal And Oil Shale Mine Workers (Superannuation) Further Amendment Bill
  53. 30/11/1994Joint Select Committee Upon Police Administration
  54. 30/11/1994QWNPolice Bribes
  55. 30/11/1994Business Of The House
  56. 30/11/1994Police Numbers
  57. 29/11/19942RRoyal Commission (Police Service) Amendment Bill
  58. 29/11/1994PRIVPrisoners Baker And Crump
  59. 24/11/1994Police Numbers
  60. 24/11/1994URG MOTDays And Hours Of Sitting
  61. 24/11/1994QWNPolice Drug Exhibit Security
  62. 24/11/1994QWNPolice Drug Exhibit Security
  63. 24/11/1994Police Numbers
  64. 23/11/19941R;2RFire Brigades (Contributions) Amendment Bill
  65. 23/11/19941R;2RRoyal Commission (Police Service) Amendment Bill
  66. 23/11/1994Police Numbers
  67. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  68. 23/11/1994Reordering of General Business
  69. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  70. 23/11/1994Landfill Depots (Moratorium) Bill
  71. 23/11/1994Community Protection Bill
  72. 22/11/1994Police Numbers
  73. 22/11/1994Nambucca Council
  74. 22/11/1994Police Monitoring of Picket Line
  75. 21/11/1994Business Of The House
  76. 21/11/1994Police Numbers
  77. 17/11/1994ADJSpecial Adjournment
  78. 17/11/1994Orange Abattoir Licence
  79. 17/11/1994URG MOTPolice Numbers
  80. 17/11/1994QWNInner City Beat Police Numbers
  81. 17/11/1994QWNPolice Numbers
  82. 16/11/19941R;2RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 2)
  83. 16/11/1994Planning Policy Formulation
  84. 16/11/19942R;COMMElectricity Transmission Authority Bill
  85. 16/11/19942R;COMMPolice Service (Recruitment) Amendment Bill
  86. 15/11/19942RNational Crime Authority (State Provisions) Amendment Bill
  87. 27/10/1994Lead Contamination
  88. 27/10/19942RElectricity Transmission Authority Bill
  89. 27/10/1994PRIVBusiness Of The House
  90. 27/10/1994QWNHome Invasions
  91. 26/10/19942R;COMMIndependent Commission Against Corruption (Amendment) Bill
  92. 26/10/19942RIndependent Commission Against Corruption (Commissioner) Bill
  93. 26/10/19942RNational Crime Authority (State Provisions) Amendment Bill
  94. 25/10/1994Business Of The House
  95. 19/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Police and Emergency Services
  96. 13/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees
  97. 12/10/1994Business Of The House
  98. 12/10/1994QWNGroup Homes For Intellectually Disabled
  99. 12/10/1994QWNAssistant Commissioner of Police Appointment
  100. 12/10/1994QWNHonourable Member For St Marys
  101. 12/10/1994QWNPolice Service Attendance At Estimates Committee Hearings
  102. 22/09/19941R;2RRoyal Commission (Police Service) Bill
  103. 22/09/19941R;2RIndependent Commission Against Corruption (Amendment) Bill
  104. 22/09/1994QWNDeath Of John Paul Newman, Member For Cabramatta
  105. 22/09/1994Ms Lucy Wang
  106. 21/09/1994QWNHonourable Member For St Marys
  107. 20/09/1994QWNPolice Disclosure Of Confidential Information
  108. 20/09/1994QWNBushfire Management Policy
  109. 20/09/1994Business Of The House
  110. 20/09/1994Death Of Ernest Noel Park, A Former Member Of The Legislative Assembly
  111. 15/09/1994ADJSpecial Adjournment
  112. 15/09/19941R;2RPolice Service (Recruitment) Amendment Bill
  113. 15/09/19941R;2RIndependent Commission Against Corruption (Commissioner) Bill
  114. 15/09/1994New South Wales Police Academy, Goulburn
  115. 15/09/1994Supplementary Questions
  116. 13/09/1994Death Of John Paul Newman, Member For Cabramatta
  117. 13/05/1994ADJSpecial Adjournment
  118. 13/05/1994Royal Agricultural Society Relocation
  119. 13/05/19942RFilm And Video Tape Classification (Amendment) Bill
  120. 13/05/19942RElectricity (Broken Hill) Amendment Bill
  121. 13/05/19942R;COMMLocal Government Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill
  122. 12/05/1994ADJSpecial Adjournment
  123. 12/05/1994QWNLocal Government Salaries
  124. 12/05/1994Business Of The House
  125. 12/05/1994Business Of The House
  126. 11/05/1994Chairman Of Committees
  127. 11/05/1994URG MOTRoyal Commission Into New South Wales Police Service
  128. 10/05/1994Business Of The House
  129. 10/05/1994Business Of The House
  130. 10/05/1994QWNElectricity Charges
  131. 10/05/1994Departmental Office Refurbishments
  132. 10/05/1994Former Agent-General Neil Pickard
  133. 05/05/1994Business Of The House
  134. 04/05/19942R;COMMElectricity Commission (Amendment) Bill
  135. 04/05/19941R;2RElectricity (Broken Hill) Amendment Bill
  136. 04/05/1994URG MOTDepartmental Office Refurbishments
  137. 03/05/1994Former Agent-General Neil Pickard , Wednesday 4 May 1994
  138. 03/05/19942R;COMMStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
  139. 03/05/19941R;2RLocal Government Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill
  140. 03/05/1994Business of the House
  141. 03/05/1994URG MOTFormer Agent-General Neil Pickard
  142. 21/04/19943 X 3 Committee
  143. 21/04/19941R;2RElectricity Commission (Amendment) Bill
  144. 21/04/19941R;2RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
  145. 21/04/1994QWNLiddell Power Station Coal Plant
  146. 20/04/19941R;2RNative Title (New South Wales) Bill
  147. 20/04/1994Liddell Power Station Coal Plant
  148. 17/03/1994Local Government Act Company Title Regulations
  149. 17/03/19942RJudges' Pensions (Amendment) Bill
  150. 17/03/19941R;2RSupreme Court (Amendment) Bill Criminal Appeal (Amendment) Bill
  151. 17/03/1994Remote Area Power Assistance Scheme
  152. 17/03/1994URG MOTProspect, Woronora, Macarthur And Illawarra Water Treatment Plants
  153. 15/03/1994Smoke Detector and Alarm Regulations
  154. 15/03/1994Business of the House
  155. 10/03/1994Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  156. 10/03/1994Regulation Review Committee
  157. 03/03/1994Sydney Ocean Floor Sandmining
  158. 03/03/1994Public Hearing On Private Hospital Bed Licences
  159. 02/03/1994National Parks and Wildlife Service and Wilderness Areas Information
  160. 01/03/1994Sessional Orders
  161. 15/12/1993Business Of The House
  162. 14/12/19931R;2RHomefund Restructuring Bill
  163. 14/12/1993QWNPacific Power Bulk Supply Tariff
  164. 14/12/1993Business Of The House
  165. 19/11/1993HomeFund Borrowers Assistance
  166. 19/11/1993ADJSpecial Adjournment
  167. 19/11/1993Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 2)
  168. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  169. 18/11/19933RHealth Care Complaints Bill
  170. 18/11/19931R;2RParliamentary Committees Enabling Bill
  171. 18/11/1993Local Government Act: Disallowance Of Regulation
  172. 17/11/19931R;2RTrade Measurement (Amendment) Bill
  173. 17/11/19932RChoice Of Law (Limitation Periods) Bill, Limitation (Amendment) Bill
  174. 17/11/19931R;2RLimitation Of Actions (Recovery Of Imposts) Amendment Bill
  175. 11/11/1993COMMCoroners (Amendment) Bill
  176. 11/11/19932R;COMMStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 2)
  177. 11/11/19932RHomeFund Commissioner (Amendment) Bill
  178. 27/10/19931R;2RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 2)
  179. 27/10/19932R;COMMUniversity of New England Bill, Southern Cross University Bill, Higher...
  180. 26/10/1993COMMAppropriation Bill, Parliamentary Appropriation Bill, Business Franchi...
  181. 26/10/1993REPJoint Select Committee Upon Police Administration Final Report
  182. 21/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Energy and Local Government and Co-Operatives
  183. 14/10/19932RPost-Conviction Inquiry (Quashing Of Conviction) (Douglas Harry Rendel...
  184. 13/10/1993QWNNational Electricity Grid Trial
  185. 13/10/1993QWNPool Fencing Advisory Committee Recommendations
  186. 16/09/19932RMotor Accidents (Amendment) Bill
  187. 16/09/1993PRIVPolice Rotational Transfers
  188. 16/09/1993Estimates Committees
  189. 16/09/1993Sessional Orders
  190. 15/09/1993QWNPacific Power Interstate Competition
  191. 14/09/1993QONBusiness of the House
  192. 08/09/1993PRIVHunter Electricity
  193. 08/09/1993QWNFar West Electrification
  194. 07/09/1993ADJSpecial Adjournment
  195. 21/05/1993ADJSpecial Adjournment
  196. 21/05/19931R;2RConstitution (Legislative Council Reconstitution) Savings Bill
  197. 21/05/1993Business Of The House
  198. 20/05/1993ADJSpecial Adjournment
  199. 20/05/19932R;COMMElectricity (Amendment) Bill
  200. 20/05/19932RSouth East Forests Protection Bill
  201. 19/05/19932R;COMMSubordinate Legislation (Amendment) Bill
  202. 19/05/19932RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, Statute Law (Penalties) Bill
  203. 19/05/1993Crown Land Leasehold Conversion
  204. 19/05/1993QONBusiness Of The House
  205. 19/05/1993QWNSchools Energy Efficiency
  206. 18/05/1993QWNElectricity Charges For Low Income Earners
  207. 13/05/19931R;2RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, Statute Law (Penalties) Bill
  208. 13/05/19931R;2RSubordinate Legislation (Amendment) Bill
  209. 12/05/19931R;2RElectricity (Amendment) Bill
  210. 12/05/1993Audio And Television Broadcasting Of Proceedings
  211. 11/05/1993Constitution (Fixed Term Parliaments) Amendment Bill
  212. 11/05/1993Government Administration of the Water Board
  213. 29/04/1993QWNDirectorate Of Conservation Director
  214. 29/04/19932RAnti-Discrimination (Homosexual Vilification) Amendment Bill
  215. 28/04/1993PRIVRestoration Of The Vessel Berrima
  216. 28/04/1993PRIVSugarloaf Point Recreation Area
  217. 28/04/19931R;2RFair Trading (Lay-By) Amendment Bill
  218. 27/04/1993Local Courts (Civil Claims) Act: Disallowance Of Rules, Supreme Court ...
  219. 27/04/1993Select Committee On HomeFund And FANMAC And The Honourable Member For ...
  220. 22/04/19932RGlenreagh To Dorrigo Railway (Closure) Bill
  221. 21/04/1993QWNFederal Energy Tax
  222. 20/04/1993Select Committee Upon HomeFund And FANMAC
  223. 20/04/1993Minister For Sport, Recreation And Racing
  224. 20/04/1993Minister For Sport, Recreation And Racing
  225. 01/04/1993Select Committee Upon The Administration Of State Owned Coal Mines
  226. 01/04/1993QWNProspect County Council Huntingwood Headquarters
  227. 31/03/19932R;COMMStrata Titles (Staged Development) Amendment Bill, Strata Titles (Leas...
  228. 30/03/1993QWNNewvale Mine Proposed Lease
  229. 11/03/19932RParliamentary Electorates and Elections (Method of Voting) Amendment Bill
  230. 11/03/1993Business Of The House
  231. 11/03/1993Business Of The House
  232. 10/03/1993PRIVWest Rutherford Traffic Management Plan
  233. 10/03/1993Minister for Health
  234. 04/03/1993Business of the House
  235. 03/03/1993Business Of The House
  236. 03/03/1993QWNNational Forests Policy Statement
  237. 02/03/1993Electricity Act: Disallowance Of Regulation
  238. 25/02/1993Sessional Order
  239. 25/02/1993Business Of The House
  240. 24/02/1993ADJSpecial Adjournment
  241. 24/02/1993REPSessional Orders
  242. 24/02/1993Standing Orders
  243. 27/11/1992ADJSpecial Adjournment
  244. 27/11/19921R;2RParliamentary Committees Enabling Bill
  245. 27/11/19922RWhistleblowers Protection Bill (No. 2)
  246. 27/11/19922RConstitution (Amendment) Bill, Constitution (Entrenchment) Amendment Bill
  247. 27/11/1992COMMElectricity Corporations Bill
  248. 26/11/19922RElectricity Corporations Bill
  249. 26/11/19922RElectricity Corporations Bill
  250. 26/11/1992PRIVMyall Lodge Retirement Village
  251. 26/11/1992PRIVMyall Lodge Retirement Village
  252. 26/11/1992PRIVKendall Pre-School
  253. 26/11/1992PRIVKendall Pre-School
  254. 26/11/19923RFirst State Superannuation Bill, State Authorities Superannuation (Sch...
  255. 25/11/19921R;2RFinancial Transaction Reports Bill
  256. 25/11/1992Select Committee Upon Public Sector Superannuation Schemes
  257. 25/11/1992Select Committee Upon State Owned Coal Mines
  258. 25/11/1992QWNPacific Power Central Coast Mines Tender Process
  259. 24/11/19921R;2RCriminal Procedure (Sentence Indication) Amendment Bill
  260. 24/11/19921R;2RLegal Aid Commission (Amendment) Bill
  261. 24/11/19921R;2REnvironmental Planning And Assessment (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill
  262. 24/11/1992Sessional Order
  263. 24/11/1992Sessional Order, Consideration Of Urgent Matters
  264. 24/11/1992Assessment Of State Coalmines And Power Stations
  265. 24/11/1992Tamworth Tourist Information Centre Bill
  266. 19/11/19922RTamworth Tourist Information Centre Bill
  267. 19/11/1992REPCommittee Upon The National Parks And Wildlife (State Conservation Par...
  268. 18/11/19922R;COMMStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 3), Statute Law (Pena...
  269. 18/11/19921R;2RElectricity Corporations Bill
  270. 18/11/19921R;2RConveyancing Legislation (Notice Of Sale) Amendment Bill
  271. 18/11/19921R;2RReal Property (Torrens Assurance Fund) Amendment Bill
  272. 18/11/1992PRIVForestry Commission Office Break-In By North East Forest Alliance
  273. 18/11/1992QWNForestry Commission Office Break-In
  274. 17/11/1992Public Sector Redundancies
  275. 17/11/1992QWNElcom Redundancies
  276. 13/11/19922R;COMMAppropriation Bill, Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum Products) A...
  277. 29/10/19921R;2RCoal And Oil Shale Mine Workers (Superannuation) Amendment Bill
  278. 29/10/19921R;2RCoal Mining Industry Long Service Leave (Repeal) Bill
  279. 29/10/19922RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 3), Statute Law (Pena...
  280. 29/10/19921R;2RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 3), Statute Law (Pena...
  281. 29/10/1992QONBusiness Of The House
  282. 29/10/1992QWNProposed Sale Of Pacific Power Central Coast Coalmines
  283. 29/10/1992REPRegulation Review Committee
  284. 28/10/1992QONBusiness Of The House
  285. 28/10/1992QWNAlternative Energy Sources
  286. 27/10/1992Legislation Committee upon the National Parks and Wildlife (Aboriginal...
  287. 21/10/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Conservation and Land Management and Energy
  288. 15/10/19921R;2RStrata Titles (Staged Development) Amendment Bill, Strata Titles (Leas...
  289. 15/10/1992Business Of The House
  290. 15/10/19922RKhappinghat Nature Reserve Bill
  291. 13/10/1992Joint Estimates Committees
  292. 13/10/1992Joint Estimates Committees
  293. 24/09/1992QWNProspect County Council Inquiry
  294. 23/09/1992QWNDepartment Of Conservation And Land Management: Commercial Company
  295. 22/09/1992Electricity Commission And Oberon Farmers
  296. 17/09/1992QWNPower Station Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  297. 16/09/1992PRIVChildren Of Logging Protesters
  298. 15/09/19922RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 2)
  299. 15/09/1992QWNPacific Power Electricity Charges
  300. 03/09/19921R;2RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 2)
  301. 03/09/1992QWNAlbury Paper Recycling Plant
  302. 02/09/1992REPSessional Orders
  303. 01/09/19922RReal Property (Compensation) Amendment Bill
  304. 01/09/1992Joint Select Committee Upon The Management Of The Parliament
  305. 01/09/1992Legislation Committee upon the National Parks and Wildlife (Aboriginal...
  306. 01/09/1992Business Of The House
  307. 30/06/1992The Government: Motion of No Confidence
  308. 30/06/19921R;2RReal Property (Compensation) Amendment Bill
  309. 24/06/1992QWNLuna Park Redevelopment
  310. 08/05/19922R;3RSoil Conservation Service (Special Provisions) Bill
  311. 10/04/1992Timber Industry (Interim Protection) Act
  312. 24/03/1992QWNBondi Pavilion Management Plan
  313. 17/03/1992QWNWestern Lands Commissioner Vacancy
  314. 10/03/1992COMMTimber Industry (Interim Protection) Bill
  315. 10/03/1992Timber Industry (Interim Protection) Bill
  316. 06/03/1992COMM;3RTimber Industry (Interim Protection) Bill
  317. 06/03/19922R;COMMTimber Industry (Interim Protection) Bill
  318. 04/03/19921R;2RTimber Industry (Interim Protection) Bill
  319. 03/03/1992QWNRussian Land Registration System
  320. 26/02/19921R;2RStrata Titles (Part Strata) Amendment Bill, Strata Titles (Leasehold P...
  321. 26/02/19921R;2RConveyancing (Amendment) Bill, Liens On Crops And Wool And Stock Mortg...
  322. 26/02/1992QWNEndangered Fauna Protection Legislation
  323. 25/02/1992PRIVTree Damage
  324. 25/02/1992QWNEndangered Fauna Protection
  325. 12/12/1991COMMEndangered Fauna (Interim Protection) Bill
  326. 12/12/1991QWNWyong Shire Valuations
  327. 12/12/19912REndangered Fauna (Interim Protection) Bill
  328. 12/12/1991National Parks And Wildlife Act: Disallowance Of Regulation
  329. 11/12/1991QWNWestern Lands Lease Access
  330. 11/12/1991QWNWyong Shire Land Valuations
  331. 04/12/1991QONBusiness Of The House
  332. 03/12/1991Business Of The House
  333. 03/12/19912RLand Tax Management (Amendment) Bill
  334. 03/12/19912RPerpetuities (Amendment) Bill
  335. 03/12/19912R;COMMNational Parks and Wildlife (Karst Conservation) Amendment Bill (No. 2)
  336. 15/11/1991QWNAboriginal Land Claims
  337. 15/11/19912RNattai National Park Bill
  338. 14/11/1991QWNAboriginal Land Claims
  339. 14/11/1991QWNHawkesbury-Nepean River System Task Force
  340. 16/10/19911R;2RPerpetuities (Amendment) Bill
  341. 19/09/1991St Matthews Anglican Church, Albury
  342. 19/09/1991Bicentennial National Trail
  343. 19/09/1991QWNForest And Timber Resources Inquiry


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.