Turner, Mr John speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 03/12/2010Valedictory Speeches
  2. 11/11/2010PRIVHome Power Savings Program
  3. 26/10/20102RMotor Accidents Compensation Amendment Bill 2010
  4. 19/10/2010PRIVFilming and Privacy
  5. 24/09/2010REPPublic Accounts Committee
  6. 23/09/20102RCoastal Protection and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  7. 10/09/2010PRIVGreater Taree City Council
  8. 07/09/2010PRIVBulahdelah Land Acquisition
  9. 24/06/2010PRIVChildcare Centre Licensing
  10. 11/06/2010REPPublic Accounts Committee
  11. 09/06/2010Death of Adrian John Cruickshank, a Former Member of the Legislative A...
  12. 21/05/2010PRIVMartin Bridge Taree
  13. 19/05/2010PRIVOncology Services
  14. 13/05/20102RNSW Self Insurance Corporation Amendment (Home Warranty Insurance) Bil...
  15. 23/04/2010REPPublic Accounts Committee
  16. 22/04/20102RRegistrar-General Legislation (Amendment and Repeal) Bill 2010
  17. 22/04/20102RCoal Mine Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2010
  18. 18/03/2010QWNHunter Valley Coal Exploration Licence
  19. 16/03/2010PRIVNerong Housing Damage From Roadworks
  20. 02/12/2009PRIVMyall Lakes Electorate Health Services
  21. 02/12/20092RCrimes Amendment (Fraud, Identity and Forgery Offences) Bill 2009
  22. 27/11/2009PRIVInternational Women's Day Nominations
  23. 27/11/20092RSwimming Pools Amendment Bill 2009
  24. 25/11/20092RGraffiti Control Amendment Bill 2009
  25. 12/11/2009QWNTransport Projects
  26. 11/11/20092RFood Amendment (Food Safety Supervisors) Bill 2009
  27. 30/10/2009REPPublic Accounts Committee
  28. 29/10/2009PRIVChatham High School
  29. 24/09/2009PRIVTaree Housing Development
  30. 23/09/20092RReal Property Amendment (Land Transactions) Bill 2009
  31. 25/06/2009Standing Orders
  32. 19/06/2009PRIVValley Industries Group
  33. 16/06/2009PRIVDebt Recovery from Building Companies
  34. 02/06/2009PRIVTaree Aviation Business Park Precinct
  35. 14/05/20092RTransport Administration Amendment (CountryLink Pensioner Booking Fee ...
  36. 13/05/20092RHome Building Amendment (Insurance) Bill 2009
  37. 03/04/2009PRIVTaree Airport
  38. 24/03/2009PRIVMain Road 90
  39. 12/03/2009PRIVCape Hawke Community Private Hospital
  40. 11/03/20092RAssociations Incorporation Bill 2009
  41. 04/12/20082RCourts and Crimes Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2008
  42. 03/12/20082RState Revenue and Other Legislation Amendment (Budget Measures) Bill 2008
  43. 28/11/2008REPPublic Accounts Committee
  44. 27/11/2008QWN;REPManning Base Hospital Quarterly Performance Report
  45. 27/11/2008QWN;REPManning Base Hospital Quarterly Performance Report
  46. 25/11/20082RGraffiti Control Bill 2008
  47. 24/09/20082RMining Amendment (Improvements on Land) Bill 2008
  48. 23/09/2008Rural Health Services
  49. 23/09/2008PRIVChatham High School Fire Damage
  50. 20/06/20082RWestern and Crown Lands Amendment (Special Purpose Leases) Bill 2008
  51. 08/05/20082RDividing Fences and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2008
  52. 07/05/20082RConsumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal Amendment Bill 2008
  53. 06/05/20082RClean Coal Administration Bill 2008
  54. 09/04/2008PRIVForster-Tuncurry Policing
  55. 01/04/20082RMining Amendment Bill 2008
  56. 06/12/2007Sessional Orders
  57. 05/12/2007URG MOTRoad Toll
  58. 30/11/2007PRIVNational Park Fees
  59. 15/11/2007PRIVRed Spot Boatshed, Forster
  60. 13/11/20072RCoal Acquisition Legislation Repeal Bill 2007
  61. 19/10/2007Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  62. 16/10/2007PRIVForster-Tuncurry Policing
  63. 26/09/20072RCrimes Amendment Bill 2007
  64. 25/09/2007PRIVCape Hawke Community Private Hospital
  65. 08/06/2007PRIVTrestle Bridge Picnic Area, Buladelah State Forest
  66. 29/05/2007PRIVFormer Police Officer Paul Mckinnon
  67. 09/05/2007PRIVIsolated Patients Travel and Accommodation Assistance Scheme and Heath...
  68. 23/11/2006Retirement Villages Draft Legislation
  69. 17/11/2006PRIVPort Stephens Great Lakes Marine Park
  70. 16/11/20062RSale of Goods and Warehousemen's Liens Amendment (Bulk Goods) Bill
  71. 15/11/20062RTrees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Bill
  72. 15/11/20062RHome Building Amendment (Statutory Warranties) Bill
  73. 14/11/20062RCompanion Animals Amendment Bill
  74. 27/10/2006PRIVMyall Lakes Electorate Policing
  75. 20/10/2006PRIVPublic Dental Health Services
  76. 18/10/2006QWNGovernment Policies
  77. 26/09/20062RBusiness Names Amendment Bill
  78. 21/09/20062RFair Trading Amendment (Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industries)...
  79. 19/09/2006PRIVForster Police Station Manning
  80. 30/08/2006PRIVManning and Great Lakes Early Intervention Centre Funding
  81. 07/06/20062RFair Trading Amendment Bill
  82. 25/05/20062RLocal Government Amendment (Waste Removal Orders) Bill
  83. 24/05/20062RConveyancers Licensing Amendment Bill
  84. 23/05/20062RSummary Offences Amendment (Display of Spray Paint Cans) Bill
  85. 23/05/2006PRIVMs Tracey Freylar and the Office of the Protective Commissioner
  86. 11/05/2006QWNCourt of Criminal Appeal Motekiai Taufahema Conviction Decision
  87. 10/05/20062RLocal Government Amendment (Miscellaneous) Bill
  88. 03/05/2006Local Councils Financial Sustainability
  89. 05/04/2006Fuel Prices
  90. 05/04/20062RProtection of the Environment Operations Amendment (Waste Reduction) Bill
  91. 28/03/2006PRIVCountry School Bus Services
  92. 28/03/2006Local Councils Rate Pegging
  93. 01/03/20062R;COMMProperty, Stock and Business Agents Amendment Bill
  94. 29/11/20052RResidential Parks Amendment (Statutory Review) Bill
  95. 29/11/2005PRIVGloucester Hospital Cook-chill Meals
  96. 29/11/2005QWNPacific Highway Upgrade
  97. 16/11/20052RCompanion Animals Amendment Bill
  98. 09/11/20052R;COMMRetail Leases Amendment Bill
  99. 09/11/20052R;COMMConsumer Credit (New South Wales) Amendment (Maximum Annual Percentage...
  100. 19/10/2005QWNPacific Highway Upgrade
  101. 11/10/2005Bali Terrorist Attack
  102. 11/10/2005PRIVRonald McDonald Beach House, Forster
  103. 22/09/2005PRIVGreat Lakes International Triathlon Association Forster-Tuncurry Triathlon
  104. 20/09/20052R;COMMLocal Government Amendment (Stormwater) Bill
  105. 15/09/2005URG MOTNRMA Preferred Repairer Network Scheme
  106. 13/09/2005PRIVMyall Lakes National Plan of Management
  107. 21/06/20051R;2RLocal Government and Valuation of Land Amendment (Water Rights) Bill
  108. 10/06/20051R;2RLocal Government Amendment Bill
  109. 10/06/20051R;2RPawnbrokers and Second-hand Dealers Amendment Bill
  110. 27/05/2005PRIVForster Tuncurry Coastal Patrol Rescue Co-Ordination Centre
  111. 03/05/2005PRIVMyall Way and Pacific Highway Overpass
  112. 23/03/20052R;COMMRoad Transport (General) Bill
  113. 03/03/2005PRIVPacific Highway Upgrade
  114. 02/03/2005PRIVMr Bradley Murrell Adult Training, Learning and Support Program Funding
  115. 01/03/20052R;COMMIndependent Commission Against Corruption Amendment Bill
  116. 22/02/2005QWNSchool Bus Action Plan
  117. 09/12/20042RGovernment (Open Market Competition) Bill
  118. 12/11/2004PRIVMyall Lakes Electorate Youth Achievements
  119. 11/11/2004PRIVManning River Opening Maintenance
  120. 11/11/2004URG MOTHunter Coal Industry
  121. 28/10/2004URG MOTCredit Card Debt
  122. 27/10/2004PRIVMyall Lakes Electorate Youth Achievements
  123. 24/09/2004PRIVCape Hawke Community Hospital
  124. 23/09/2004Kenmore Hospital Site Sale
  125. 21/09/2004QWNWater Week Promotion Funding
  126. 15/09/20042RRegistered Clubs Legislation Amendment Bill
  127. 14/09/2004PRIVManning and Great Lakes Early Intervention Centre Funding
  128. 31/08/2004Death of the Honourable Wallace Telford John Murray, a Former Deputy P...
  129. 31/08/2004PRIVStroud Road Public School Road Safety
  130. 25/06/2004PRIVBooral Public School
  131. 24/06/2004PRIVNorth Coast Institute of TAFE Business Course
  132. 23/06/2004QWNManning Base Hospital Report
  133. 01/06/2004PRIVProgram of Appliances for Disabled People
  134. 05/05/2004PRIVMature Workers Program
  135. 05/05/20042RFisheries Management Amendment Bill
  136. 04/05/20042RNational Competition Policy Amendments (Commonwealth Financial Penalti...
  137. 06/04/2004URG MOTRural Financial Counselling Service
  138. 30/03/2004Newcastle Coal Heritage
  139. 16/03/2004Plastic Bags Phase-out
  140. 11/03/2004Cessnock District Hospital Maternity Services
  141. 09/03/2004Bulahdelah Motor Vehicle Accident
  142. 09/03/2004QWNBulahdelah Motor Vehicle Accident
  143. 25/02/2004PRIVTradespeople Professional Development
  144. 18/02/2004Death of Barry William (Bill) Rixon, a Former Member of the Legislativ...
  145. 17/02/2004PRIVPort Stephens Pearl Oyster Farm
  146. 04/12/2003PRIVTaree Law and Order
  147. 03/12/2003PRIVDepartment of Housing Tenant Relocation
  148. 13/11/20032R;COMMTransport Legislation Amendment (Safety And Reliability) Bill
  149. 11/11/20032RIndependent Commission Against Corruption Amendment (Ethics Committee)...
  150. 28/10/2003PRIVTaree Educational Restructure
  151. 28/10/2003QWNRedbank 2 Power Station
  152. 15/10/20032RGaming Machines Amendment (Miscellaneous) Bill
  153. 18/09/2003Tribute to Ms Mary Geraets
  154. 03/09/2003Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  155. 02/09/2003Death of Mr Colin Murray Fisher, OAM, a former Minister of the Crown
  156. 02/09/2003PRIVManning Gardens Public School
  157. 03/07/2003Radio Station MAX-FM
  158. 25/06/2003PRIVTaree High School Students Transport
  159. 20/06/20032RCancer Institute (Nsw) Bill
  160. 17/06/2003PRIVChatham High School Students Road Safety
  161. 28/05/20032R;COMMLocal Government Amendment (Elections) Bill
  162. 28/05/2003PRIVRural Fires and Environmental Assessment Regulation Compliance
  163. 01/05/2003PRIVFlair Fashion Awards Public Liability Insurance
  164. 13/11/20022R;COMMState Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill
  165. 13/11/20022RRoad Transport (Vehicle Registration) Amendment Bill
  166. 31/10/2002QWNM5 East Tunnel Ventilation
  167. 31/10/2002Central Coast Domestic Cat Attacks
  168. 31/10/20022R;COMM;3RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Standard Minimum Sentencing) Bill
  169. 29/10/2002QWNJoint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety Chairman
  170. 24/10/2002PRIVMyall Lodge Aged Care Facility
  171. 26/09/2002URG MOTRoyal Australian Navy Sea 1444 Replacement Patrol Boat Project
  172. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  173. 26/09/2002Grafton Bridge
  174. 26/09/2002Grafton Bridge
  175. 25/09/2002PRIVChatham Public School
  176. 19/09/2002Western Plains Zoo White Rhinoceros Acquisition
  177. 17/09/2002Business Tourism
  178. 17/09/2002URG MOTSasktel International Hunter Broadband Project
  179. 05/09/2002PRIVManning Valley Food Services
  180. 04/09/20022RMarine Legislation Amendment (Marine Pollution) Bill
  181. 04/09/20022RRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Interlock Devices) Bill
  182. 27/06/2002URG MOTNewcastle Stadium
  183. 26/06/2002URG MOTMount Kembla Mining Disaster Centenary Commemoration
  184. 20/06/2002PRIVBulahdelah Central School
  185. 05/06/20022RGreyhound Racing Bill, Harness Racing Bill
  186. 30/05/20022RCivil Liability Bill
  187. 29/05/2002URG MOTFederal Transport and Road Funding
  188. 09/05/2002Public Liability Insurance
  189. 09/05/20022RRoads Amendment (Road Tunnel Pollution Filtration) Bill
  190. 08/05/2002PRIVBooral Public School
  191. 12/04/2002PRIVMyall Lakes Electorate Emergency Services Co-Ordination
  192. 11/04/2002Coastline Protection
  193. 11/04/20021R;2RRoads Amendment (Road Tunnel Pollution Filtration) Bill
  194. 10/04/2002URG MOTPacific Highway Upgrade
  195. 20/03/2002COMMRoad Transport (General) Amendment (Operator Onus Offences) Bill
  196. 20/03/20022R;COMMRoad Transport (General) Amendment (Operator Onus Offences) Bill
  197. 19/03/20022RRoad Transport (General) Amendment (Operator Onus Offences) Bill
  198. 14/03/2002PRIVMyall Lakes National Park
  199. 14/03/2002QWNTaree Policing
  200. 28/02/2002PRIVManning River Fishing Restrictions
  201. 27/02/2002QWNCountry Policing
  202. 27/02/2002Business Of The House
  203. 06/12/2001PRIVNeonatal Babies Hearing Tests
  204. 04/12/2001URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  205. 28/11/20012R;COMMRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Heavy Vehicle Registration Charg...
  206. 28/11/2001Underground Power Cables
  207. 14/11/2001URG MOTAnsett Australia
  208. 08/11/2001PRIVDeath of Mr Mark Petersen
  209. 07/11/2001URG MOTRoyal Australian Navy Patrol Boat Replacement Project
  210. 25/10/2001PRIVForster-Tuncurry TAFE Campus Fine Arts Course
  211. 24/10/2001URG MOTTourism Industry
  212. 18/10/2001PRIVNational Parks Access Fees
  213. 17/10/2001Australian Masters Games
  214. 17/10/2001URG MOTTourism Industry
  215. 17/10/20012RConsumer, Trader And Tenancy Tribunal Bill
  216. 17/10/20012RCo-Operatives Legislation Amendment Bill
  217. 16/10/2001PRIVNorth Coast Crime
  218. 20/09/2001PRIVMyall Lakes Electorate School Security
  219. 20/09/2001Pasminco Voluntary Receivership
  220. 06/09/2001PRIVDental Health Care Waiting Lists
  221. 06/09/2001URG MOTHunter Valley Wine Industry
  222. 06/09/2001QWNBeverly Hills Sexual Assaults
  223. 05/09/2001New South Wales Tourism
  224. 04/09/2001QWNApology To Detective Sergeant Tim Priest
  225. 28/06/2001QWNTeacher Shortage
  226. 27/06/2001PRIVNabiac Public School Parking Facilities
  227. 27/06/2001URG MOTHunter Region Major Events
  228. 27/06/2001QWNCoastal Development
  229. 26/06/2001QWNStudent Violence Ministerial Statement
  230. 25/06/20012RWestern Sydney Regional Park (Revocation For Western Sydney Orbital) Bill
  231. 19/06/2001QWNWorkers Compensation Legislation
  232. 07/06/2001PRIVForster-Tuncurry Road Signage
  233. 07/06/20012RHome Building Legislation Amendment Bill
  234. 01/06/2001Attendance Of Members
  235. 01/06/20012RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  236. 30/05/2001Death Of Barry John Morris, A Former Member Of The Legislative Assembly
  237. 30/05/2001URG MOTImpulse Airlines And Qantas Airways Merger
  238. 30/05/20012RCompanion Animals Amendment Bill
  239. 30/05/20012RConsumer Credit (New South Wales) Amendment (Pay Day Lenders) Bill
  240. 29/05/2001QWNStudent Violence Ministerial Statement
  241. 12/04/2001PRIVMr Paul Doherty And Home Owners Warranty
  242. 11/04/20012RGas Supply Amendment (Retail Competition) Bill
  243. 05/04/2001QWNCountry Policing
  244. 03/04/2001QWNWorkers Compensation Legislation
  245. 29/03/2001PRIVMyall Lakes Electorate Policing
  246. 28/03/2001Stockton Bight
  247. 27/03/20012RTrade Measurement Amendment Bill
  248. 27/03/20012RBusiness Licences Repeal And Miscellaneous Amendments Bill
  249. 27/03/20012R;COMMAppropriation (Budget Variations) Bill
  250. 27/03/2001PRIVGloucester Dairy Factory Closure
  251. 27/03/2001Death Of Julie Payne
  252. 27/03/2001Bulahdelah Truck Collision
  253. 08/03/2001PRIVState Debt Recovery Office Fines Collection
  254. 08/03/2001QWNDepartment Of Community Services Helpline
  255. 08/03/2001Dogfighting
  256. 08/03/20012RRoads Amendment (M5 East Road Tunnel) Bill
  257. 07/03/2001URG MOTMegalong Valley Super Highway
  258. 07/03/2001Business Of The House
  259. 30/11/2000Building Industry Legislative Reforms
  260. 30/11/20001R;2RMining And Petroleum Legislation Amendment Bill
  261. 29/11/2000Tyre Deflation Devices
  262. 29/11/2000URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  263. 29/11/2000Swimming Pool Safety
  264. 24/11/20002RCrown Lands Amendment (Compensation) Bill
  265. 24/11/20002RElectricity Supply Amendment Bill
  266. 22/11/2000QWNRegional Flooding Assistance
  267. 21/11/2000QWNRegional Flooding
  268. 16/11/2000QWNHonourable Member For Fairfield Sexual Assault Allegation
  269. 14/11/2000PRIVMr John McMullen Hospital Treatment
  270. 14/11/2000URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  271. 02/11/2000PRIVMrs Joanne Vine And The New South Wales Ambulance Service
  272. 11/10/2000PRIVMrs Judy Said And Midcoast Water
  273. 17/08/2000PRIVSchool Student Transport Scheme
  274. 17/08/2000QWNOlympic Games Rail Services
  275. 15/08/20002RRoad Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment (Blood Sampli...
  276. 15/08/2000PRIVAustralian Cord Blood Bank
  277. 10/08/2000PRIVWallis Lake Contamination
  278. 10/08/2000CSIRO Energy Centre
  279. 09/08/2000URG MOTBankstown Regional Airlines Proposal
  280. 09/06/20002R;COMMRoad Transport (Heavy Vehicles Registration Charges) Amendment Bill
  281. 09/06/20002RDairy Industry Bill
  282. 07/06/2000Road Safety
  283. 07/06/2000QWNLocal Councils Financial Performance
  284. 06/06/2000Minister for Transport, and Minister for Roads
  285. 01/06/2000URG MOTPrinces Highway Upgrade
  286. 31/05/20002RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  287. 23/05/2000Meetings, Incentives, Conventions And Exhibitions Industry
  288. 03/05/2000Byron Shire Council Operations
  289. 13/04/20002RAppropriation (Budget Variations) Bill
  290. 13/04/2000State Environmental Planning Policy No. 14
  291. 12/04/20002RFair Trading Amendment (Substantiation of Claims) Bill
  292. 12/04/20002RConveyancers Licensing Amendment (Professional Indemnity Insurance) Bill
  293. 12/04/2000PRIVManning Valley Legal Aid Services
  294. 12/04/2000QWNImpulse Airlines
  295. 12/04/20002RLocal Government Amendment (Filming) Bill
  296. 05/04/2000PRIVTea Gardens-Hawks Nest-Karuah Medical Transport Group
  297. 18/11/1999ADJSpecial Adjournment
  298. 18/11/1999QWNTeachers Dispute
  299. 18/11/19992RRoad Transport (Safety And Traffic Management) Amendment (Camera Devic...
  300. 18/11/19992R;3RRoads Amendment (Tolls) Bill
  301. 16/11/1999PRIVCountrylink Computer Booking Service
  302. 10/11/19992R;COMMRetirement Villages Bill
  303. 10/11/1999PRIVMid North Coast Area Health Service
  304. 10/11/19992RRetirement Villages Bill
  305. 10/11/19992R;COMMRoad Transport (Driver Licensing) Amendment Bill
  306. 28/10/1999QWNOlympic Games Ticket Allocation
  307. 28/10/1999Minister for Local Government, Minister for Regional Development, and ...
  308. 26/10/1999QWNVeterinary Laboratory Testing Fees
  309. 21/10/1999QWNLocal Government Elections
  310. 20/10/1999PRIVBlack Head Surf Life Saving Club
  311. 20/10/1999URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  312. 19/10/1999QWNRural Fire Service Administration
  313. 23/09/1999Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  314. 22/09/1999URG MOTBHP Newcastle Steelworks Closure
  315. 21/09/1999QWNHonourable Member For Murray-Darling Assault
  316. 16/09/1999URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  317. 15/09/1999PRIVMyall Lakes Road Maintenance
  318. 09/09/1999PRIVMr And Mrs Infield Property Access
  319. 08/09/1999QWNPolice Service Budget Cuts
  320. 29/06/19992RMining Amendment Bill
  321. 29/06/1999COMMLocal Government Amendment (Amalgamations And Boundary Changes) Bill
  322. 29/06/19991R;2ROffshore Minerals Bill
  323. 29/06/19992R;COMMLocal Government Amendment (Amalgamations and Boundary Changes) Bill
  324. 29/06/19992RLocal Government Amendment (Amalgamations And Boundary Changes) Bill
  325. 29/06/19992RRegistration Of Interests In Goods Amendment Bill
  326. 29/06/19992RGas Supply Amendment (Safety) Bill
  327. 29/06/19992RRoads Amendment (Transitways) Bill
  328. 24/06/1999PRIVHadley Street, Forster, Kerbing And Guttering
  329. 23/06/1999URG MOTPyramid Selling Schemes
  330. 22/06/19992RHome Building Amendment Bill
  331. 22/06/1999URG MOTHeavy Vehicle Mass Limits
  332. 03/06/1999PRIVGreat Lakes Aboriginal Youth Worker Position
  333. 02/06/1999QWNRoad Maintenance Privatisation
  334. 02/06/19992RRoad Transport (General) Bill, Road Transport (Safety And Traffic Mana...
  335. 01/06/1999PRIVSenior Citizen Travel Costs
  336. 01/06/1999Winter Tourism
  337. 27/05/1999Lake Macquarie Lead Remediation
  338. 26/05/1999PRIVNorthPower Surcharge
  339. 26/05/1999QWNIntegral Energy Customer And Appliance Sales Centres
  340. 13/05/1999Hunter Valley Tourism
  341. 12/05/1999PRIVThe Bucketts Way
  342. 12/05/1999QWNLocal Government Elections
  343. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  344. 11/05/1999Sessional Orders
  345. 25/11/1998PRIVLakes Way Link Road
  346. 17/11/1998PRIVCape Hawke Hospital
  347. 12/11/19982R;COMMResidential Parks Bill
  348. 11/11/1998PRIVTaree Mental Health Services
  349. 27/10/19982RResidential Tribunal Bill
  350. 27/10/19982RFair Trading Tribunal Bill, Consumer Claims Bill
  351. 21/10/1998PRIVAustswim Accreditation
  352. 21/10/19982RMines Legislation Amendment (Mines Safety) Bill
  353. 20/10/1998Freshwater Native Fish Stocks
  354. 23/09/1998PRIVTaree West Public School
  355. 16/09/1998Pawnbrokers And Second-Hand Dealers Act: Disallowance Of Clause 16a(1)...
  356. 15/09/1998PRIVManning Base Hospital
  357. 08/09/1998New South Wales Government
  358. 24/06/1998PRIVSeptic Tank Inspection Fees
  359. 23/06/1998QWNInland Fishing Licences
  360. 23/06/1998QWNInland Fishing Licences
  361. 18/06/19982RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  362. 04/06/1998PRIVGloucester Juvenile Detention Centre
  363. 04/06/19982R;COMMMines Inspection Amendment Bill
  364. 04/06/19982R;COMMOffshore Minerals Bill
  365. 02/06/1998Carp Eradication
  366. 02/06/1998URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  367. 28/05/19982R;COMMFair Trading Amendment Bill, Home Building Amendment Bill, Landlord an...
  368. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  369. 26/05/19982R;COMMPawnbrokers and Second-Hand Dealers Amendment Bill
  370. 07/05/19982RParliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment (Voter Identificatio...
  371. 06/05/1998Fisheries Management Act: Disallowance of Fisheries Management (Genera...
  372. 28/04/1998Mineral Exploration
  373. 07/04/19982RPetroleum (Onshore) Amendment Bill
  374. 07/04/1998PRIVGreat Lakes International Triathlon
  375. 02/04/1998Pacific Highway Upgrade
  376. 02/04/1998QWNIndependent Commission Against Corruption Minister for Fair Trading In...
  377. 01/04/1998QWNIndependent Commission Against Corruption Minister for Fair Trading In...
  378. 31/03/1998Minister for Fair Trading, and Minister for Emergency Services
  379. 26/11/1997Hunter Region Shipbuilding Industry
  380. 26/11/1997Singleton Mining Fatality
  381. 25/11/1997Bread Labelling
  382. 20/11/1997COMMFisheries Management Amendment Bill
  383. 20/11/1997PRIVIsolated Patients Travel And Accommodation Assistance Scheme
  384. 13/11/1997PRIVTuncurry High School Proposal
  385. 13/11/19972RFisheries Management Amendment Bill
  386. 11/11/1997Lithgow Unemployment
  387. 21/10/19972R;COMM;3RConstitution and Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment Bill
  388. 21/10/1997PRIVAssistance For Visually Impaired Parents
  389. 21/10/1997Hunter Valley Coal Dispute
  390. 23/09/1997PRIVGloucester Public School Facilities
  391. 17/09/1997Premier, Minister for the Arts, and Minister for Ethnic Affairs
  392. 19/06/19972RCoal Acquisition Amendment Bill
  393. 18/06/19972R;COMMMarine Parks Bill
  394. 18/06/1997PRIVBoori House Youth Refuge
  395. 18/06/19972RFair Trading Legislation Amendment Bill
  396. 17/06/19972RCo-Operatives Amendment Bill
  397. 17/06/1997Distinguished Visitors
  398. 29/05/1997Coalmining Industry Bicentenary
  399. 22/05/1997QWNDepartment Of Fisheries Review
  400. 21/05/1997Coal Acquisition Rights
  401. 21/05/1997PRIVProof Of Identity
  402. 21/05/1997QWNPoker Machine Tax Increase
  403. 21/05/1997QWNPoker Machine Tax Increase
  404. 20/05/1997Financial Assistance Grants
  405. 08/05/1997PRIVKindilan Child Care Centre
  406. 08/05/1997QWNShare-Managed Fisheries
  407. 07/05/1997QWNDepartment Of Mineral Resources Mailing Lists
  408. 07/05/1997Newcastle Steelworks Closure
  409. 06/05/1997Building Insurance
  410. 06/05/1997Business Of The House
  411. 23/04/1997QWNPound Net Ban
  412. 23/04/1997Property, Stock and Business Agents Act: Disallowance of Regulation
  413. 23/04/19972RFish Marketing Amendment (Deregulation) Bill
  414. 22/04/1997QWNShare-Managed Fisheries
  415. 17/04/1997QWNRestricted Fisheries Regulations
  416. 15/04/1997Fisheries Management Act: Disallowance of Regulation
  417. 15/04/1997URG MOTHunter Region Funding Cutbacks
  418. 09/04/1997Mine Safety Review
  419. 08/04/1997PRIVGreat Lakes Disabled Alliance
  420. 21/11/19962RLocal Government Amendment (Tribunals) Bill
  421. 21/11/19962R;3RStrata Schemes Management Bill
  422. 20/11/19962RFisheries Management Amendment (Advisory Bodies) Bill
  423. 19/11/19962R;COMMBuilding Services Corporation Legislation Amendment Bill
  424. 19/11/19962RBuilding Services Corporation Legislation Amendment Bill
  425. 19/11/1996COMMMining Legislation Amendment Bill
  426. 12/11/1996QWNParliamentary Disclosures By The Honourable Franca Arena
  427. 31/10/1996COMMTrustee Amendment Bill
  428. 31/10/19962RTrustee Amendment Bill
  429. 31/10/19961R;2RMining Amendment (Ratting) Bill
  430. 17/10/1996PRIVResidential Tenancies Tribunal Member Mr Graham Cochrane
  431. 24/09/19962RResidential Tenancies Amendment Bill
  432. 18/09/1996COMMLocal Government Amendment Bill
  433. 18/09/1996Minister For Fair Trading, And Minister For Women
  434. 18/09/1996PRIVDepartment Of Community Services Sexual Assault Complaint Investigation
  435. 20/06/19962R;COMMFirearms Bill
  436. 20/06/1996URG MOTSwimming Pool Repairs
  437. 19/06/1996PRIVGloucester Public School Upgrade
  438. 12/06/1996PRIVDeath Of Matthew Lloyd
  439. 06/06/19962RConstitution Amendment (Office of Governor) Bill
  440. 21/05/19962RCasino Control Amendment (Cheques) Bill, Cheque Cashing Periods In Oth...
  441. 21/05/19962R;COMMLocal Government Amendment Bill
  442. 16/05/19962RGraffiti Control (Spray Paint Can Display) Bill
  443. 15/05/19962RLocal Government Amendment Bill
  444. 14/05/1996Local Government Competition Reform
  445. 01/05/1996Minister For Fair Trading, And Minister For Women
  446. 01/05/19962R;COMMImpounding Amendment Bill
  447. 30/04/1996PRIVOld Bar Policing
  448. 24/04/1996PRIVMyall Lakes Electorate Youth Refuge Funding
  449. 18/04/19961R;2RTrustee Amendment Bill
  450. 17/04/1996Ombudsman Report On Botany Council
  451. 17/04/1996REPStanding Ethics Committee
  452. 07/12/1995Minister for Gaming and Racing
  453. 06/12/1995PRIVTaree Police Numbers
  454. 06/12/1995QWN;REPTask Force Roderick Report On The Harness Racing Industry
  455. 23/11/1995QWNGovernor's Term Of Office
  456. 23/11/19952RParliamentary Electorates And Elections Amendment (Enrolment And Votin...
  457. 22/11/1995PRIVVoluntary Organisations Documentation
  458. 16/11/19952RAnti-Discrimination Amendment (Sexual Preference) Bill
  459. 15/11/19952RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  460. 14/11/1995PRIVAmusement Device Duty And Penalties
  461. 19/10/19952RMichael Black Compensation Bill
  462. 11/10/1995PRIVManning Hospital Satellite Dialysis Unit
  463. 11/10/19952RConveyancers Licensing Bill
  464. 20/09/1995Standing Committee On Parliamentary Privilege and Ethics
  465. 19/09/1995PRIVKrambach Public School
  466. 01/06/19952RCompetition Policy Reform (New South Wales) Bill
  467. 30/05/19952ROlympic Co-Ordination Authority Bill
  468. 25/05/1995PRIVMrs Joan Allan, Police Pension
  469. 24/05/1995PRIVForster-Tuncurry Police Numbers
  470. 02/12/19942RCrimes (Homes Invasion) Amendment Bill
  471. 24/11/1994Police Numbers
  472. 23/11/1994PRIVTaree Child Sexual Assault Unit
  473. 23/11/1994Police Numbers
  474. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  475. 23/11/1994Child Abuse Investigations
  476. 17/11/1994URG MOTPolice Numbers
  477. 21/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Public Works and Ports
  478. 20/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Planning and Housing
  479. 13/10/19942RHomefund Mortgages (Reviews and Appeals) Bill
  480. 22/09/1994REPCommittee On The Office Of The Ombudsman
  481. 22/09/1994Legal Assistance to Dr Michael Ryan
  482. 21/09/19942RAppropriation Bill, Parliamentary Appropriation Bill, Business Franchi...
  483. 20/09/1994QWNCasino Control Authority Licensing Inquiry
  484. 14/09/1994PRIVMyall Lakes Land Management Projects
  485. 03/05/1994PRIVNulama Retirement Village Registered Titles
  486. 03/05/1994QWNBureau Of Statistics Crime And Safety Survey
  487. 19/04/19942RLegal Aid Commission (Amendment) Bill
  488. 17/03/19942RConsumer Claims Tribunals (Fees) Amendment Bill
  489. 16/03/1994Gloucester Public School Assembly Hall
  490. 16/03/1994Grants Commission and Commonwealth Funding to the States
  491. 15/03/1994Smoke Detector and Alarm Regulations
  492. 09/03/1994Old Bar Police Resources
  493. 09/03/1994Property Rights for Fishing Industry
  494. 03/03/1994Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  495. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  496. 14/12/1993QWNPacific Power Bulk Supply Tariff
  497. 17/11/1993QWNSydney Fish Market
  498. 10/11/19932RLegal Profession Reform Bill (No. 2) Maintenance and Champerty Aboliti...
  499. 21/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Attorney General and Justice
  500. 20/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, The Legislature
  501. 20/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Treasurer And Arts
  502. 18/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Planning And Housing
  503. 14/10/19932RAppropriation Bill, Parliamentary Appropriation Bill, Business Franchi...
  504. 14/10/19932RPost-Conviction Inquiries (Quashing of Convictions) (Johann Ernst Sieg...
  505. 13/10/1993QWNNational Electricity Grid Trial
  506. 16/09/1993PRIVBulahdelah Pre-School Crisis Funding
  507. 16/09/1993QWNGraincorp Sale
  508. 09/09/1993PRIVBarrington Tops Wilderness Proposal
  509. 09/09/1993REPCommittee On The Office Of The Ombudsman
  510. 08/09/1993QWNGovernment Services Privatisation
  511. 07/09/1993Chairman Of Committees
  512. 18/05/1993COMMLocal Government Bill, Impounding Bill, Local Government (Consequentia...
  513. 18/05/1993QWNElectricity Charges For Low Income Earners
  514. 12/05/1993PRIVTaree West Public School
  515. 28/04/1993PRIVManning Valley Womens Group Counsellors
  516. 22/04/19932RLocal Government Bill, Impounding Bill, Local Government (Consequentia...
  517. 31/03/1993QWNRegional Development Consultation
  518. 30/03/1993QWNNewvale Mine Proposed Lease
  519. 10/03/1993PRIVTertiary Health Services Enhancement Program
  520. 10/03/1993QWNAustralian Association Of Co-Operatives Collapse
  521. 03/03/1993QWNMine Closures At Broken Hill
  522. 25/02/1993PRIVNational Park Food Vendors
  523. 25/02/1993Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  524. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  525. 27/11/1992COMMKhappinghat Nature Reserve Bill
  526. 19/11/19922RBanks and Bank Holidays (Amendment) Bill
  527. 18/11/1992PRIVHallidays Point Public School Proposal
  528. 18/11/1992QWNIntrastate Air Services
  529. 17/11/1992PRIVRural Air Service Delays
  530. 17/11/1992Public Sector Redundancies
  531. 12/11/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Premier and Treasurer
  532. 12/11/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Public Works and Roads
  533. 29/10/1992QWNProposed Sale Of Pacific Power Central Coast Coalmines
  534. 29/10/19922RMotor Accidents (Third-Party Property Insurance) Bill
  535. 28/10/19922RLegal Profession (Amendment) Bill
  536. 28/10/19922RBaptist Churches Of New South Wales Property Trust (Amendment) Bill
  537. 22/10/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Planning and Housing
  538. 15/10/1992QWNJob Losses In Shipbuilding Industry
  539. 24/09/19922RAppropriation Bill, Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum Products) A...
  540. 24/09/19922RKhappinghat Nature Reserve Bill
  541. 17/09/19922RSummary Offences (Prostitution) Amendment Bill
  542. 02/09/19922RConveyancers Licensing Bill
  543. 02/09/1992QWNNational Parks And Wildlife Service Whale Rescue
  544. 01/09/19922RLegal Profession (Practising Certificates) Amendment Bill
  545. 06/05/1992REPCommittee Upon The Local Government Bills
  546. 01/05/1992QWNCredit Card Interest
  547. 29/04/19922RState Roads (Toll Works) Amendment Bill
  548. 07/04/1992QWNLoy Yang B Power Station
  549. 27/03/1992QWNVictims Advisory Council
  550. 25/03/1992QWNGovernment Property Maintenance
  551. 18/03/1992Her Majesty's Speech: Address in Reply
  552. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  553. 18/03/1992QWNHunter Valley Aircraft Maintenance Facility
  554. 17/03/1992PRIVOld Bar Dune Care Group
  555. 05/03/1992QWNEndangered Fauna Protection Legislation
  556. 04/03/1992PRIVDentures For Necessitous Persons Scheme
  557. 04/03/1992Permanent Building Societies Act: Disallowance Of Regulation
  558. 03/03/19922RAssociations Incorporation (Amendment) Bill
  559. 25/02/1992Death Of The Honourable Leon Ashton Punch, A Former Deputy Premier And...
  560. 10/12/1991PRIVTaree Police Staffing
  561. 10/12/1991QWNLocal Government Charges
  562. 05/12/1991QWNRural Produce Marketing Co-Operatives
  563. 15/11/1991QWNLocal Government Resource And Equipment Management
  564. 31/10/1991COMMAppropriation Bill, Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum Products, M...
  565. 22/10/1991QWNCoal Industry Exports
  566. 16/10/19912RAppropriation Bill, Motor Vehicles Taxation (Amendment) Bill, Public F...
  567. 24/09/1991QWNDividing Fences Act Review
  568. 18/09/1991PRIVGloucester Public School Assembly Hall


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.