Slack-Smith, Mr Ian speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 21/11/2006New Standing Orders Valedictory Speeches
  2. 26/10/2006URG MOTDrought Assistance and Transport Subsidies
  3. 05/04/2006QWNBourke Crime
  4. 09/03/20062RProtection of Agricultural Production (Right to Farm) Bill
  5. 28/02/2006Single Desk Marketing of Australian Wheat
  6. 16/11/2005Education for Remote Families
  7. 15/11/2005East Boggabri Coalmine
  8. 10/11/2005PRIVGwabegar Sawmill Closure
  9. 13/10/2005QWNGrain Harvest Scheme
  10. 11/10/2005URG MOTDrought Assistance
  11. 20/09/2005URG MOTFuel Prices
  12. 08/06/20052RBrigalow and Nandewar Community Conservation Area Bill
  13. 26/05/20052RCross-Border Commission Bill
  14. 22/03/2005QWNCountry Towns Water Supply and Sewerage Program
  15. 23/02/20052RNoxious Weeds Amendment Bill
  16. 09/12/2004QWNMoree Rail Services
  17. 16/11/2004URG MOTLocust Outbreak
  18. 27/10/2004URG MOTSheep Industry
  19. 20/10/2004Death of Mr Anthony Michael McGrane, OAM, a Member of the Legislative ...
  20. 22/09/2004QWNGrain Rail Line Maintenance
  21. 14/09/2004PRIVWee Waa Panthers Rugby League Teams
  22. 31/08/2004Death of the Honourable Wallace Telford John Murray, a Former Deputy P...
  23. 31/08/2004URG MOTExceptional Circumstances Drought Assistance
  24. 23/06/2004URG MOTMurray-Darling Basin Water Resources
  25. 13/05/2004QWNMoree Rail Services
  26. 05/05/2004URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  27. 31/03/2004Western New South Wales Towns
  28. 09/03/2004PRIVNarromine Water Quality
  29. 24/02/2004QWNNarrabri Policing
  30. 18/02/2004Death of Barry William (Bill) Rixon, a Former Member of the Legislativ...
  31. 19/11/20032RNatural Resources Commission Bill Native Vegetation Bill Catchment Man...
  32. 12/11/2003URG MOTFederal Government Rent Assistance Scheme
  33. 02/09/2003URG MOTWestern New South Wales Minerals and Petroleum Exploration
  34. 25/06/2003QWNDrought Assistance
  35. 18/06/2003Juvenile Crime
  36. 17/06/20032R;COMMGene Technology (New South Wales) Bill Gene Technology (Gm Moratorium)...
  37. 17/06/2003URG MOTDrought
  38. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  39. 19/11/2002URG MOTExceptional Circumstances Drought Assistance
  40. 14/11/2002QWNRainwater Tank Rebates
  41. 12/11/20022RWater Management Amendment Bill
  42. 24/10/2002QWNEnngonia Septic Tank Systems
  43. 23/10/2002URG MOTDrought Assistance
  44. 23/10/2002QWNMount Murchison Station
  45. 25/09/2002COMMThreatened Species Conservation Amendment Bill
  46. 25/09/2002COMMThreatened Species Conservation Amendment Bill
  47. 24/09/2002Automotive Industry Assistance
  48. 18/09/2002Drought Assistance
  49. 05/09/2002URG MOTNamoi Groundwater Scheme
  50. 04/09/2002PRIVBroken Hill National Party Conference
  51. 03/09/2002Drought Assistance
  52. 25/06/20022RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  53. 18/06/2002PRIVBrigalow Belt South Bioregion Assessment Process
  54. 06/06/20022RWestern Lands Amendment Bill
  55. 08/05/2002Regional Air Services
  56. 07/05/2002URG MOTPostage Stamp Price Increase
  57. 09/04/2002URG MOTNational Australia Bank Branch Closures
  58. 21/03/2002URG MOTAgribusiness Alternatives Program
  59. 21/03/2002Rural Crime
  60. 20/03/20022RGame Bill
  61. 20/03/2002Foot And Mouth Disease Outbreak Simulation Exercise
  62. 14/03/2002Native Vegetation Conservation Act
  63. 13/03/2002Grains Board Vesting Powers
  64. 27/02/2002URG MOTTamworth Equine Centre
  65. 27/02/2002International Women In Agriculture Conference
  66. 05/12/2001New England Air Services
  67. 04/12/20012RGrain Marketing Amendment Bill
  68. 29/11/2001QWNGrainco Australia Vesting Powers
  69. 29/11/2001New South Wales Grains Board
  70. 28/11/2001URG MOTEmergency Services Workers
  71. 28/11/2001QWNTamworth Water Supply
  72. 28/11/2001Wagga Wagga Oil Research Laboratory
  73. 15/11/2001URG MOTUnited States Primary Produce Tariffs and Subsidies
  74. 13/11/2001URG MOTStock Feed Regulation
  75. 13/11/2001QWNCountry Rail Freight Services
  76. 09/11/2001PRIVKangaroo Meat Industry
  77. 07/11/2001Grain Marketing Act: Disallowance Of Clause 4 (1) (A) Of The Grain Mar...
  78. 07/11/2001Dairy Exports To China
  79. 06/11/2001QWNOverseas Doctors Child Education Fees
  80. 25/10/2001Gearys Gap Piggery
  81. 24/10/2001Pork Industry Expansion
  82. 16/10/2001URG MOTRural Veterinary Services
  83. 20/09/2001QWNMr Tony Dennison Defamation Case
  84. 18/09/2001URG MOTAnsett Airlines Collapse
  85. 06/09/2001Cattle Identification
  86. 28/06/20012RNew South Wales-Queensland Border Rivers Amendment Bill
  87. 25/06/20012RAgricultural And Veterinary Chemicals (New South Wales) Amendment Bill...
  88. 07/06/2001URG MOTRice Industry
  89. 05/06/2001Bullbars in Country Areas
  90. 01/06/20012RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  91. 11/04/2001QWNPoultry Industry Deregulation
  92. 10/04/2001PRIVRoyal Easter Show
  93. 10/04/2001PRIVKangaroo Industry
  94. 04/04/2001Livestock Disease Control And Surveillance
  95. 03/04/2001Livestock Disease Control And Surveillance
  96. 29/03/2001URG MOTFoot And Mouth Disease
  97. 28/03/20012RAgricultural Tenancies Amendment Bill
  98. 07/03/2001Stock Theft
  99. 07/03/2001Dairy Industry Deregulation
  100. 07/03/20012RCattle Compensation Repeal Bill
  101. 06/03/2001Fire Ant Detection
  102. 28/02/2001URG MOTLivestock Diseases
  103. 28/02/2001URG MOTLamb Industry
  104. 30/11/2000QWNMr Eric Weis Insurance Claim
  105. 29/11/20002RHorticultural Legislation Amendment Bill
  106. 29/11/20002RRural Fires Amendment Bill
  107. 29/11/20002RAustralian Inland Energy Water Infrastructure Bill
  108. 28/11/2000Boggabri Cyclone
  109. 24/11/20002RBanana Industry Amendment Bill
  110. 21/11/2000Regional Flooding
  111. 21/11/2000QWNRegional Flooding
  112. 15/11/2000Emergency Services Workers
  113. 14/11/20002RWater Management Bill
  114. 14/11/2000Locust Plague Control
  115. 01/11/2000URG MOTNational Insurance Ombudsman
  116. 31/10/2000URG MOTSouth-Western Sydney Firefighting Services
  117. 12/10/2000Police Station Closures
  118. 16/08/20002RPlant Diseases Amendment Bill
  119. 15/08/2000URG MOTTabbita Feedlot Cattle Deaths
  120. 10/08/2000URG MOTLocust Plague Control
  121. 09/08/20002RRural Assistance Amendment Bill
  122. 09/08/2000URG MOTBankstown Regional Airlines Proposal
  123. 20/06/2000Bush Fire Fighters
  124. 09/06/20002RDairy Industry Bill
  125. 07/06/20002RVeterinary Surgeons Amendment Bill
  126. 07/06/20002RCrimes (Forensic Procedures) Bill
  127. 01/06/20002RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  128. 31/05/20002RState Emergency And Rescue Management Amendment Bill
  129. 30/05/2000Regional Development
  130. 25/05/2000URG MOTApple Growing Industry
  131. 13/04/2000PRIVPolice DNA Testing Of Wee Waa Residents
  132. 12/04/2000URG MOTPork Industry Assistance
  133. 06/04/2000QWNWestern Lands Grazing Leases
  134. 05/04/2000Salinity
  135. 17/11/1999QWNFar West Electrification Scheme
  136. 11/11/1999PRIVNew England Area Health Service
  137. 11/11/1999URG MOTTrade Tariffs
  138. 11/11/19992RPesticides Bill
  139. 11/11/19992RPesticides Bill
  140. 10/11/19992RWater Amendment (Flood Control Works) Bill
  141. 09/11/19992RFertilisers Amendment Bill
  142. 09/11/19992RStock Diseases Amendment Bill, Stock (Chemical Residues) Amendment Bill
  143. 09/11/1999Central Coast Poultry Farmers Exceptional Circumstances Assistance
  144. 26/10/1999URG MOTDairy Industry Deregulation
  145. 20/10/19992RMeat Industry Amendment Bill
  146. 22/09/1999National Competition Policy
  147. 21/09/1999Citrus Industry
  148. 20/09/1999Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  149. 09/09/1999Death Of Ian Hawker
  150. 24/06/1999URG MOTExceptional Circumstances Assistance
  151. 23/06/19992RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  152. 23/06/1999Regional Milk Deliveries
  153. 22/06/1999Lamb Industry Quota
  154. 01/06/19992RStandard Time Amendment Bill
  155. 01/06/1999URG MOTDairy Industry Deregulation
  156. 25/05/1999PRIVOvine Johne's Disease
  157. 25/05/1999Livestock Theft
  158. 13/05/1999PRIVCoonabarabran Department Of Agriculture Livestock Officer
  159. 13/05/1999QWNRural Health Services Debt
  160. 12/05/1999Aberdeen Meatworks Closure
  161. 12/05/1999URG MOTNewcastle Disease
  162. 11/05/1999ADJDeath Of The Honourable Geoffrey Robertson Crawford, a Former Minister...
  163. 18/11/19982RAgricultural Livestock (Disease Control Funding) Bill
  164. 17/11/19982RLiquor And Registered Clubs Legislation Amendment (Gaming) Bill
  165. 11/11/1998PRIVQuakers Hill East School
  166. 11/11/19982RFood Production (Safety) Bill, Meat Industry Amendment Bill
  167. 11/11/19982RFood Production (Safety) Bill, Meat Industry Amendment Bill
  168. 28/10/19982R;COMMRural Lands Protection Bill
  169. 28/10/1998Charity Housie
  170. 21/10/19982RRural Lands Protection Bill
  171. 21/10/19982R;COMMAgriculture Legislation Amendment Bill
  172. 20/10/1998PRIVSt Joseph's Primary School, Wee Waa
  173. 20/10/1998Freshwater Native Fish Stocks
  174. 14/10/19982RNurses Amendment (Nurse Practitioners) Bill
  175. 14/10/1998PRIVBurren Junction Public School
  176. 14/10/1998New South Wales Agriculture Centres Of Excellence
  177. 13/10/19982RLotteries And Art Unions Amendment Bill
  178. 16/09/1998Australian Rice Industry
  179. 15/09/1998Small Business Flood Relief
  180. 19/06/19982RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  181. 02/06/19982RLiquor and Registered Clubs Legislation Amendment Bill
  182. 27/05/19982RDairy Industry Amendment (Trade Practices Exemption) Bill
  183. 27/05/19982RAgricultural Industry Services Bill
  184. 19/05/1998PRIVMungindi to Moree Road Sealing
  185. [Replication or Save Conflict][Replication or Save Conflict]
  186. 07/05/1998QWNBourke Crime
  187. 06/05/19982R;COMMFarm Debt Mediation Amendment Bill
  188. 05/05/19982R;COMMLiquor and Registered Clubs Legislation Amendment (Community Partnersh...
  189. 07/04/19982RAir Transport Legislation Repeal Bill
  190. 18/11/1997Rural Road Funding
  191. 13/11/19972RWater Legislation Amendment Bill
  192. 12/11/1997PRIVBarwon Police Numbers
  193. 12/11/1997Federal Rural Assistance
  194. 25/09/1997QWNBourke Law And Order
  195. 24/09/1997Native Title Land Claims
  196. 24/09/1997Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  197. 16/09/1997Death Of Diana, Princess Of Wales
  198. 19/06/19972RRegistered Clubs And Liquor Legislation Amendment Bill
  199. 18/06/19972RRural Lands Protection Amendment Bill
  200. 18/06/1997COMMNoxious Weeds Amendment Bill
  201. 17/06/19972RSydney Market Authority (Dissolution) Bill
  202. 17/06/19972RLiquor And Registered Clubs Legislation Amendment Bill
  203. 22/05/1997Moree Crime
  204. 22/05/1997QWNMoree Crime
  205. 21/05/19972RPrevention Of Cruelty To Animals Amendment Bill
  206. 21/05/19972RAnimal Research Amendment Bill
  207. 13/05/1997PRIVAerial Pesticide Spraying
  208. 22/04/1997Anthrax
  209. 09/04/1997Minister for Agriculture
  210. 21/11/19962RMarketing Of Primary Products Amendment Bill
  211. 13/11/19962RLiquor And Registered Clubs Legislation Further Amendment Bill
  212. 29/10/19962RStock Foods Amendment Bill
  213. 24/10/1996PRIVBushfire Prevention
  214. 16/10/1996Minister for Agriculture
  215. 26/09/1996PRIVBarwon Electorate Law And Order
  216. 18/09/19962RTotalizator (Off-Course Betting) Amendment Bill
  217. 20/06/19962R;COMMFirearms Bill
  218. 19/06/19962RLiquor And Registered Clubs Legislation Amendment (Enforcement) Bill
  219. 12/06/19962RLiquor And Registered Clubs Legislation Amendment (Minors' Entertainme...
  220. 12/06/19962RBanana Industry Amendment Bill
  221. 12/06/19962RNoxious Weeds Amendment Bill
  222. 12/06/19962RRural Assistance Amendment (Board Membership) Bill
  223. 06/06/1996Exceptional Circumstances Drought Assistance
  224. 06/06/19962RConstitution Amendment (Office of Governor) Bill
  225. 29/05/1996PRIVState Bank Of New South Wales And Mrs Cheryl Boughton
  226. 28/05/1996PRIVTamworth TAFE Plumbing Trade Course
  227. 21/05/19962RLiquor And Registered Clubs Legislation Amendment Bill
  228. 21/05/19963 X 3 Fuel Levy
  229. 21/05/1996QWNVeterinary Research Facilities Closure
  230. 16/05/1996PRIVElectricity Supply Authorities Restructure
  231. 01/05/1996URG MOTOvine Johne's Disease
  232. 13/12/1995PRIVNational Parks And Wildlife Service
  233. 13/12/19952RStock (Chemical Residues) Amendment Bill
  234. 23/11/1995PRIVBarwon Electorate River Flow Agreement
  235. 21/11/1995COMMAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  236. 16/11/19952RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Motor Vehicles Ta...
  237. 19/10/1995PRIVGunnedah Region Use Of Agricultural Chemicals
  238. 07/06/19952RStock Medicines Amendment Bill
  239. 07/06/19952RPlant Diseases Amendment Bill
  240. 30/05/19952RStandard Time Amendment Bill


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.