Roberts, Mr Anthony speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 14/08/2014Business of the House
  2. 14/08/2014Business of the House
  3. 14/08/20142RDisability Inclusion Bill 2014
  4. 14/08/2014Business of the House
  5. 14/08/2014Business of the House
  6. 14/08/2014QWNEnergy Prices
  7. 13/08/20142R;3RMining Amendment (Small-Scale Title Compensation) Bill 2014
  8. 13/08/2014Business of the House
  9. 13/08/2014Business of the House
  10. 12/08/2014Government Whip
  11. 12/08/2014Vacant Seats
  12. 06/08/20141R;2RMining Amendment (Small-scale Title Compensation) Bill 2014
  13. 06/08/2014Business of the House
  14. 06/08/2014QWNCoal Industry
  15. 19/06/2014PETCoal Seam Gas Mining
  16. 19/06/2014ADJSpecial Adjournment
  17. 19/06/2014QWNElectricity Prices
  18. 18/06/2014PRIVTribute to Geoffrey and Anne McIntyre
  19. 17/06/2014Business of the House
  20. 17/06/2014Business of the House
  21. 17/06/2014Parliamentary Ethics Adviser
  22. 29/05/2014Death of the Honourable Neville Kenneth Wran, AC, CNZM, QC, a Former P...
  23. 28/05/20142R;3RElection Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Consequential Amendment ...
  24. 28/05/2014Business of the House
  25. 28/05/2014QWNMinerals Industry Action Plan
  26. 28/05/2014Business of the House
  27. 27/05/20142R;3REnergy Legislation Amendment (Retail Price Deregulation) Bill 2014
  28. 27/05/2014Business of the House
  29. 27/05/2014Business of the House
  30. 15/05/20141R;2RMine Subsidence Compensation Amendment Bill 2014
  31. 15/05/2014QWNNatural Gas Industry
  32. 14/05/2014Select Committee on the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry
  33. 14/05/2014Parliamentary Committees
  34. 14/05/2014Business of the House
  35. 13/05/20141R;2REnergy Legislation Amendment (Retail Price Deregulation) Bill 2014
  36. 13/05/2014Business of the House
  37. 13/05/2014PRIVDeath of Coalminers Jamie Mitchell and Phillip Grant
  38. 08/05/2014QWNElectricity Prices
  39. 07/05/2014QWNOrange Grove Site Development
  40. 07/05/2014Representation of Ministers in the Legislative Council
  41. 07/05/2014Ministry
  42. 06/05/2014Government Whip and Deputy Government Whip
  43. 06/05/2014Parliamentary Secretaries
  44. 06/05/2014Representation of Ministers in the Legislative Council
  45. 06/05/2014Ministry
  46. 26/03/2014QWNPetroleum Exploration Licences
  47. 25/03/2014PRIVRiverside Girls High School
  48. 18/03/20142R;3RCriminal Assets Recovery Amendment Bill 2014 Mining and Petroleum Legi...
  49. 06/03/2014QWNElectricity Prices
  50. 06/03/20142RCoal Seam Gas Prohibition (Sydney Water Catchment Special Areas) Bill 2013
  51. 27/02/2014PRIVTribute to Monica Sheehan
  52. 30/01/20141R;2R;3RMining Amendment (ICAC Operations Jasper and Acacia) Bill 2014
  53. 19/11/2013QWNMotor Vehicle Repair Industry
  54. 14/11/20131R;2RFair Trading Amendment (Ticket Reselling) Bill 2013
  55. 14/11/20131R;2RTravel Agents Repeal Bill 2013
  56. 13/11/20132R;3RMotor Dealers and Repairers Bill 2013
  57. 30/10/20132R;3RResidential (Land Lease) Communities Bill 2013
  58. 30/10/2013URG MOTBlue Mountains Bushfires
  59. 24/10/20131R;2RMotor Dealers and Repairers Bill 2013
  60. 22/10/20133RStrata Schemes Management Amendment (Child Window Safety Devices) Bill...
  61. 22/10/2013PRIVLooking Glass Bay
  62. 16/10/20132RStrata Schemes Management Amendment (Child Window Safety Devices) Bill...
  63. 18/09/20131R;2RResidential (Land Lease) Communities Bill 2013
  64. 18/09/20131R;2RStrata Schemes Management Amendment (Child Window Safety Devices) Bill...
  65. 17/09/20132R;3RDrugs and Poisons Legislation Amendment (New Psychoactive and Other Su...
  66. 17/09/2013PRIVTribute to Gregory Bartels
  67. 12/09/2013REPLegal Affairs Committee
  68. 10/09/20131R;2RDrugs and Poisons Legislation Amendment (New Psychoactive and Other Su...
  69. 10/09/2013QWNSynthetic Drugs Action
  70. 20/08/2013PRIVCameraygal Festival
  71. 15/08/2013PRIVClarkes Point Harbour Sculpture
  72. 15/08/2013QWNSynthetic Drugs Action
  73. 19/06/2013QWNCompanion Animals Taskforce Report
  74. 28/05/2013PRIVLane Cove Citizenship Awards
  75. 09/05/2013QWNAustralian Vaccination Network
  76. 02/05/20132RService NSW (One-stop Access to Government Services) Bill 2013
  77. 02/05/2013QWNRetirement Villages Resident Contracts
  78. 01/05/2013Ryde Athletics Club
  79. 01/05/2013Storage King Lane Cove
  80. 30/04/2013PRIVLane Cove Electorate First World War Service Personnel
  81. 21/03/2013QWNState Legislation Reforms
  82. 13/03/2013QWNMulti-level Buildings Window Safety
  83. 12/03/2013PRIVSydney Harbour National Landscape
  84. 20/02/20132R;3RProperty, Stock and Business Agents Amendment Bill 2012
  85. 22/11/2012Mowbray Public School Sixtieth Anniversary
  86. 22/11/2012Fire and Rescue NSW Recruit Tol Broinowski
  87. 22/11/2012Hunters Hill Jacaranda Trees
  88. 22/11/2012Riverside Preschool, Henley
  89. 22/11/2012Hunters Hill Carer of the Year Korean Cockatoos
  90. 22/11/2012Holy Cross College River to River Corridors Project
  91. 15/11/2012PRIVTribute to James Rodgers
  92. 14/11/2012QWNHolmwood Builders Pty Ltd
  93. 14/11/20121R;2RProperty, Stock and Business Agents Amendment Bill 2012
  94. 13/11/2012QWNFair Trading Mobile Applications
  95. 25/10/20122R;3RTattoo Parlours Amendment Bill 2012
  96. 25/10/2012Murray Butt Civic Service
  97. 25/10/2012Ross Sheerin Civic Service
  98. 25/10/2012Gary Bird Civic Service
  99. 25/10/2012Mark Bennett Civic Service
  100. 25/10/2012Justine McLaughlin Civic Service
  101. 25/10/2012Councillor Meredith Sheil Civic Service
  102. 25/10/2012Councillor Zac Miles Civic Service
  103. 25/10/2012Councillor Peter Astridge Civic Service
  104. 25/10/2012Mayor Richard Quinn Civic Service
  105. 18/10/2012PRIVGladesville Hospital
  106. 18/10/20122R;3RBoarding Houses Bill 2012
  107. 18/10/2012Councillor Mark Gold Civic Service
  108. 18/10/2012Councillor David Karpin Civic Service
  109. 18/10/2012Councillor SooTee Cheong Civic Service
  110. 18/10/2012Councillor Debbie Hutchens Civic Service
  111. 18/10/2012Councillor David Brookshorn Civic Service
  112. 18/10/2012Councillor Scott Bennison Civic Service
  113. 18/10/2012Councillor Craig Chung Civic Service
  114. 18/10/2012Councillor Roy Maggio Civic Service
  115. 18/10/2012Councillor William Pickering Civic Service
  116. 16/10/2012PRIVRyde Rivers Festival
  117. 20/09/2012QWNFinancial Counselling Services Program
  118. 13/09/2012PRIVTribute to Councillor Ian Longbottom
  119. 13/09/2012Archbishop of Sydney Award for Student Excellence Recipient Joseph Wehbe
  120. 13/09/2012Archbishop of Sydney Award for Student Excellence Recipient Maxwell Hall
  121. 13/09/2012Archbishop of Sydney Award for Student Excellence Recipient Kate Young
  122. 13/09/2012Archbishop of Sydney Award for Student Excellence Recipient Liam Brundle
  123. 13/09/2012Tribute to Michael Stringer, AM, ESM
  124. 11/09/2012PRIVWhite Balloon Day
  125. 06/09/2012QWNHurstville Council Candidate Miray Hindi
  126. 06/09/2012QWNHurstville Council Candidate Miray Hindi
  127. 06/09/2012QWNMinister for Fair Trading
  128. 06/09/2012Tribute to William Tafe
  129. 06/09/2012Ryde-Hunters Hill Flora and Fauna Preservation Society
  130. 06/09/2012Nora Heysen Foundation
  131. 06/09/2012Retirement of Don Bollard
  132. 06/09/2012Patrick Beinke Photographic Exhibition
  133. 05/09/2012QWNHome Building Advisory Council and Joseph Cato
  134. 05/09/2012QWNHome Building Advisory Council and Joseph Cato
  135. 05/09/2012QWNPolitical Donations
  136. 23/08/2012Giant Steps Sydney and Aileen Lui
  137. 23/08/2012Australian Men's Water Polo Team
  138. 23/08/2012Councillor Ian Longbottom Civic Service
  139. 23/08/2012Retirement of Lane Cove Council General Manager Peter Brown
  140. 23/08/2012Councillor Sue Hoopmann Civic Service
  141. 23/08/2012Moocooboola Festival
  142. 23/08/2012Lane Cove Electorate YMCA Youth Parliament Representative Sophie Lara ...
  143. 23/08/20122RResidential Tenancies Amendment (Occupancy Agreements) Bill 2011
  144. 22/08/2012QWNMinister for Fair Trading
  145. 22/08/2012QWNFuel Prices
  146. 21/08/2012PRIVGiant Steps Sydney
  147. 19/06/2012PRIVSchizophrenia Fellowship of New South Wales
  148. 23/05/2012PRIVLane Cove Citizen of the Year Dr Judith Mitchell
  149. 22/05/20122R;3RTattoo Parlours Bill 2012
  150. 08/05/20122R;3RCo-operatives (Adoption of National Law) Bill 2012
  151. 08/05/2012PRIVMcDonald College
  152. 03/05/20121R;2RTattoo Parlours Bill 2012
  153. 01/05/2012PRIVVasey Housing Association Fiftieth Anniversary
  154. 04/04/20121R;2RCo-operatives (Adoption of National Law) Bill 2012
  155. 04/04/2012QWNFuel Prices
  156. 29/03/2012QWNRetirement Village Contracts
  157. 08/03/2012QWNFuel Prices
  158. 23/11/20112RAgricultural Tenancies Amendment Bill 2011
  159. 11/11/2011PRIVSydney Harbour and Coastal Walking Network
  160. 09/11/20113RPlumbing and Drainage Bill 2011
  161. 09/11/20111R;2RAgricultural Tenancies Amendment Bill 2011
  162. 18/10/20112RPlumbing and Drainage Bill 2011
  163. 17/10/20112RHome Building Amendment Bill 2011
  164. 13/10/2011PRIVCameraygal Festival
  165. 13/10/20111R;2RHome Building Amendment Bill 2011
  166. 13/10/20111R;2RPlumbing and Drainage Bill 2011
  167. 12/10/2011QWNHome Building Industry
  168. 14/09/2011PRIVVienna Cottage, Hunters Hill
  169. 14/09/2011QWNSolar Bonus Scheme
  170. 14/09/20112RBusiness Names (Commonwealth Powers) Bill 2011
  171. 13/09/20111R;2RBusiness Names (Commonwealth Powers) Bill 2011
  172. 08/09/2011PRIVRyde Rivers Festival
  173. 08/09/20113RResidential Parks Amendment (Register) Bill 2011
  174. 25/08/20112RResidential Parks Amendment (Register) Bill 2011
  175. 11/08/20111R;2RResidential Parks Amendment (Register) Bill 2011
  176. 10/08/2011QWNCoastal Voice Community Group Incorporated
  177. 08/08/2011QWNSolar Bonus Scheme
  178. 04/08/2011PRIVHunters Hill Council Sesquicentenary
  179. 03/08/2011QWNRetirement Village Contracts
  180. 23/06/2011PRIVLane Cove Rotary
  181. 15/06/2011QWNBoarding House Accommodation
  182. 14/06/2011PRIVHealth Workers
  183. 01/06/20112RCredit (Commonwealth Powers) Amendment (Maximum Annual Percentage Rate...
  184. 31/05/2011QWNSolar Bonus Scheme
  185. 31/05/2011QWNSolar Bonus Scheme
  186. 30/05/2011QWNSolar Bonus Scheme
  187. 30/05/2011QWNSolar Bonus Scheme
  188. 30/05/2011QWNSolar Bonus Scheme
  189. 27/05/2011PRIVLane Cove Electorate Anzac Day Celebrations
  190. 27/05/20111R;2RCredit (Commonwealth Powers) Amendment (Maximum Annual Percentage Rate...
  191. 01/12/20102RRural Fires Amendment Bill 2010
  192. 30/11/20102R;3RContract Cleaning Industry (Portable Long Service Leave Scheme) Bill 2...
  193. 25/11/2010Asbestos-related Diseases
  194. 24/11/20102RState Emergency and Rescue Management Amendment Bill 2010
  195. 23/11/20102RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Non-operative Awards) Bill 2010
  196. 23/11/20102R;3RShop Trading Amendment Bill 2010 Public Holidays Bill 2010
  197. 10/11/2010State Emergency Service
  198. 27/10/20102RHealth Services Amendment (Local Health Networks) Bill 2010
  199. 26/10/2010QWNPlanning and Development
  200. 21/10/20102R;3RProtected Disclosures Amendment (Public Interest Disclosures) Bill 2010
  201. 20/10/2010Toxic Waste
  202. 21/09/20102RConstitution Amendment (Recognition of Aboriginal People) Bill 2010
  203. 21/09/20102R;3RIndustrial Relations Advisory Council Bill 2010
  204. 09/09/2010Property Owners Identification on Certificates of Title
  205. 31/08/20102RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment (Children's...
  206. 22/06/20102RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Public Sector Appeals) Bill 2010
  207. 22/06/20102RCommunity Relations Commission and Principles of Multiculturalism Amen...
  208. 22/06/2010PRIVGifted and Talented Children
  209. 03/06/20102RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Consequential Provisions) Bill 2010
  210. 13/05/2010National Volunteer Week
  211. 12/05/20102RState Emergency Service Amendment (Volunteer Consultative Council) Bil...
  212. 12/05/20102RCompanion Animals Amendment (Outdoor Dining Areas) Bill 2010
  213. 16/03/20102RHistoric Houses Amendment (Throsby Park Historic Site) Bill 2009
  214. 25/02/2010Ryde Hospital
  215. 01/12/20092RIndustrial Relations (Commonwealth Powers) Bill 2009
  216. 24/11/2009Anzac War Memorial
  217. 12/11/2009State Emergency Service Amendment Bill 2009
  218. 11/11/2009State Emergency Service
  219. 11/11/2009QWNRiverstone West Business Park
  220. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  221. 10/11/20091R;2REmergency Services Legislation Amendment (Finance) Bill 2009
  222. 10/11/2009URG MOTRemembrance Day
  223. 22/10/20092RIndustrial Relations Further Amendment (Jurisdiction of Industrial Rel...
  224. 21/10/2009Emergency Services Personnel Deployment
  225. 20/10/20092RRural Fires Amendment Bill 2009
  226. 20/10/2009PRIVDragons Indoor Cricket Team
  227. 24/09/2009Gilad Shalit
  228. 23/09/20092RHousing Amendment (Registrable Persons) Bill 2009
  229. 22/09/20092RShop Trading Amendment Bill 2009
  230. 22/09/20092ROccupational Health and Safety Amendment (Authorised Representatives) ...
  231. 22/09/2009Death of State Emergency Service Deputy Commissioner Greg Slater
  232. 08/09/2009PRIVChild Abuse
  233. 03/09/2009Merchant Navy Day
  234. 03/09/20092RState Emergency Service Amendment Bill 2009
  235. 26/06/2009REPPublic Accounts Committee
  236. 24/06/20092REducation Amendment (Publication of School Results) Bill 2009
  237. 16/06/20092RState Emergency and Rescue Management Amendment Bill 2009
  238. 16/06/20092RElectricity Supply Amendment (GGAS Abatement Certificates) Bill 2009
  239. 16/06/2009PRIVSalvation Army Red Shield Appeal
  240. 03/06/2009Overseas Students
  241. 13/05/20092RHome Building Amendment (Insurance) Bill 2009
  242. 12/05/20092RCriminal Organisations Legislation Amendment Bill 2009
  243. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  244. 25/03/2009PRIVLane Cove Public School Frog Pond
  245. 24/03/20092RParking Space Levy Bill 2009
  246. 05/03/2009Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre
  247. 03/03/2009Victorian Bushfires
  248. 03/03/2009PRIVRiding for The Disabled Association (NSW
  249. 04/12/2008International Volunteer Day
  250. 26/11/2008QWNKeelong Juvenile Justice Centre Closure
  251. 26/11/20082RLiquor Legislation Amendment Bill 2008
  252. 14/11/2008REPPublic Accounts Committee
  253. 29/10/2008URG MOTBushfire Season
  254. 24/10/2008PRIVEmergency Services Volunteers
  255. 23/10/2008Wallsend Electorate Disaster Relief Funding
  256. 22/10/20082RClassification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Enforcement Am...
  257. 22/10/20082RRail Safety Bill 2008
  258. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  259. 21/10/20082RAdoption Amendment Bill
  260. 21/10/20082RCrimes Amendment (Cognitive Impairment-Sexual Offences) Bill 2008
  261. 21/10/20082RPorts and Maritime Administration Amendment (Port Competition and Co-o...
  262. 19/06/2008Emergency Services
  263. 18/06/20082RCourts and Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2008 Children (Criminal P...
  264. 17/06/20082RShop Trading Bill 2008
  265. 04/06/20082RMiscellaneous Acts Amendment (Same Sex Relationships) Bill 2008
  266. 03/06/20082REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2008 Building Pro...
  267. 08/05/20082RRoads Amendment (Lane Cove Tunnel Filtration) Bill 2007
  268. 02/04/20082RGaming Machines Amendment (Temporary Freeze) Bill 2008
  269. 06/03/20082RGovernment Schools (Infrastructure Register) Bill 2007
  270. 05/03/20082RLocal Government Amendment (Election Date) Bill 2008
  271. 05/03/2008PRIVSydney Cochlear Implant Centre
  272. 27/02/2008Forward with Fairness Industrial Relations
  273. 06/12/2007PRIVLane Cove Tunnel Filtration
  274. 15/11/20072RRoyal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney Site Protection Bill 2007
  275. 25/10/2007QWNRyde Hospital Emergency Department Funding
  276. 25/10/20072RRoads Amendment (Lane Cove Tunnel Filtration) Bill 2007
  277. 18/10/20071R;2RRoads Amendment (Lane Cove Tunnel Filtration) Bill 2007
  278. 17/10/2007PRIVWeemala Resident Grayden Moore
  279. 17/10/2007F3 Expressway Woy Woy Link
  280. 27/09/2007Cost of Living
  281. 27/09/20072RRoyal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney Site Protection Bill 2007
  282. 28/06/20071R;2RRoyal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney Site Protection Bill 2007
  283. 26/06/20072RChildren (Criminal Proceedings) Amendment (Publication of Names) Bill 2007
  284. 19/06/20072RDrug Summit Legislative Response Amendment (Trial Period Extension) Bill
  285. 19/06/20072RAPEC Meeting (Police Powers) Bill 2007 Industrial and Other Legislatio...
  286. 07/06/2007Telstra Call Centre Job Cuts
  287. 05/06/20072RHuman Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Amendment Bill 2007
  288. 29/05/20072RSenators' Elections Amendment Bill 2007
  289. 22/11/2006PRIVRoyal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney Site Redevelopment
  290. 22/11/2006Lieutenant-Governor's Speech: Address-in-Reply
  291. 26/10/20062RRoyal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney Site Protection Bill
  292. 25/10/2006PRIVEquestrian Athletes with Disabilities NSW Inc.
  293. 25/10/2006Business of the House
  294. 19/10/2006URG MOTTotally and Permanently Incapacitated Veterans Pension
  295. 18/10/2006PRIVPre-paid Mobile Call Credit Services
  296. 27/09/2006PRIVBandaged Bear Day Appeal
  297. 21/09/20062RFair Trading Amendment (Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industries)...
  298. 05/09/2006PRIVLane Cove Tunnel
  299. 31/08/2006Australian Flags on Police Vehicles
  300. 31/08/20062RPay-roll Tax Amendment (Supporting Jobs and Small Business) Bill
  301. 09/06/2006Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  302. 09/05/2006Commonwealth Grants Commission Goods and Services Tax Allocations
  303. 04/05/2006PRIVFederal Government Tenth Anniversary
  304. 03/05/20062R;COMMLegal Profession Amendment Bill
  305. 28/03/2006QWNLane Cove Tunnel
  306. 09/03/20062RRoyal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney Site Protection Bill
  307. 08/03/20062REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill
  308. 07/03/2006URG MOTGallipoli Anzac Day Dawn Service
  309. 02/03/20061R;2RRoyal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney Site Protection Bill
  310. 01/03/2006Sydney Harbour Environmental Health
  311. 30/11/2005URG MOTFederal Government Industrial Relations Policy
  312. 17/11/2005Yass Water Supply
  313. 17/11/20052RPublic Lands Protection Bill
  314. 15/11/2005URG MOTFederal Government Industrial Relations Policy
  315. 10/11/2005Australian Defence Force Personnel
  316. 10/11/20052RSave Orange Grove Bill
  317. 09/11/20052RShops and Industries Amendment (Special Shop Closures) Bill
  318. 09/11/2005PRIVAustralian Hearing
  319. 08/11/2005URG MOTCounter-terrorism Measures
  320. 08/11/2005QWNLane Cove Tunnel Ventilation Shaft
  321. 08/11/2005QWNLane Cove Tunnel Ventilation Shaft
  322. 13/10/2005Joint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  323. 12/10/20052RCivil Liability Amendment (Offender Damages Trust Fund) Bill
  324. 22/09/2005PRIVNRMA Preferred Repairer Network Scheme
  325. 21/09/20052R;COMMStandard Time Amendment (Daylight Saving) Bill
  326. 21/09/2005URG MOTFederal Government Industrial Relations Policy
  327. 21/09/20052RProtection of the Environment Operations Amendment Bill
  328. 20/09/20052R;COMMLocal Government Amendment (Stormwater) Bill
  329. 23/06/2005Small Nuclear Weapons Research
  330. 23/06/20052RParliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment (Prohibition on Voti...
  331. 21/06/20051R;2RBuilding Legislation Amendment (Smoke Alarms) Bill
  332. 09/06/20051R;2R;COMMGaming Machines Amendment Bill
  333. 07/06/20052RFire Brigades Amendment (Community Fire Units) Bill
  334. 07/06/20052ROccupational Health and Safety Amendment (Workplace Deaths) Bill
  335. 26/05/2005Haymarket Attempted Murder Police Investigation
  336. 25/05/2005PRIVRyde-Hunters Hill Junior Cricket Club
  337. 04/05/2005PRIVRotary Australia Polio Plus Program
  338. 04/05/20052REnergy Administration Amendment (Water and Energy Savings) Bill
  339. 07/04/20052RConstitution Amendment (Pledge of Loyalty) Bill
  340. 06/04/2005Death of Australian Defence Force Personnel
  341. 23/03/20052RCriminal Procedure Amendment (Evidence) Bill
  342. 23/03/20052RCivil Liability Amendment (Offender Damages) Bill
  343. 02/03/20052RElectricity Supply Amendment Bill
  344. 01/03/20052R;COMMIndependent Commission Against Corruption Amendment Bill
  345. 24/02/2005Yass Shire Water Supply
  346. 23/02/20052RNoxious Weeds Amendment Bill
  347. 23/02/20052RForestry (Darling Mills State Forest Revocation) Bill
  348. 23/02/2005PRIVHunters Hill State Emergency Service
  349. 18/11/2004PRIVLiberal Party Federal Election Results
  350. 18/11/20042RGaming Machines Amendment Bill
  351. 17/11/20042RHome Building Amendment Bill
  352. 17/11/20042RCrimes Amendment (Child Pornography) Bill
  353. 17/11/20042RRedfern-Waterloo Authority Bill
  354. 17/11/20042RShops and Industries Amendment (Special Shop Closures) Bill
  355. 16/11/20042R;COMMSmoke-free Environment Amendment Bill
  356. 16/11/2004PRIVBoronia Park Public School Seventy-fifth Anniversary
  357. 16/11/2004QWNCityRail Services
  358. 21/10/2004PRIVGranny Smith Festival
  359. 21/10/20042RPolice Amendment (Crime Reduction and Reporting) Bill
  360. 22/09/2004PRIVRyde Aquatic Festival
  361. 14/09/2004Designer Outlets Centre, Liverpool, Closure
  362. 02/09/2004Designer Outlets Centre, Liverpool, Closure
  363. 02/09/2004Designer Outlets Centre, Liverpool, Closure
  364. 23/06/2004PRIVDeath of Dr Robert Clive Sutton, AO
  365. 14/05/2004PRIVReserve Forces Day
  366. 13/05/2004URG MOTSmall Business
  367. 11/05/20042R;COMMState Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill
  368. 31/03/2004PRIVState Emergency Service Funding
  369. 18/03/20042RNational Competition Policy Amendments (Commonwealth Financial Penalti...
  370. 17/03/2004PRIVLane Cove Community Men's Shed Project
  371. 17/03/2004URG MOTFederal Government Public Schools Funding
  372. 16/03/2004Plastic Bags Phase-out
  373. 09/03/20042RRoad Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment (Alcohol) Bill
  374. 09/03/2004PRIVVasey Housing Association New South Wales Thirty-fifth Anniversary
  375. 25/02/2004PRIVHunters Hill Sailing Club
  376. 25/02/20042R;COMMStrata Schemes Management Amendment Bill
  377. 24/02/2004Australian Chinese Service Men and Women
  378. 03/12/2003COMMRegistered Clubs Amendment Bill
  379. 20/11/20032RState Arms, Symbols and Emblems Bill
  380. 19/11/2003PRIVStrata Executive and Owners Services Web Site
  381. 18/11/2003Registered Clubs Amendment Bill
  382. 12/11/20032RAppropriation (Health Super-Growth Fund) Bill
  383. 12/11/20032RMotor Accidents Compensation Amendment (Terrorism) Bill
  384. 28/10/2003PRIVCouncil of the Municipality of Hunters Hill Amalgamation
  385. 28/10/2003Youth Debt
  386. 15/10/20032RGaming Machines Amendment (Miscellaneous) Bill
  387. 18/09/2003PRIVSydney Harmony Barbershop Singers
  388. 05/09/2003PRIVBattle for Australia Commemoration
  389. 03/09/2003Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  390. 02/07/2003QWNTunnel Filtration
  391. 01/07/2003URG MOTAnzac Cove World Heritage Listing
  392. 26/06/2003PRIVTorch Bearers for Legacy
  393. 28/05/2003Honourable Member for Lane Cove Army Service
  394. 22/05/2003PRIVRotary International Debutantes Ball
  395. 06/05/2003PRIVMs Jackie Gray Motor Vehicle Accident
  396. 29/04/2003Inaugural Speeches


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.