Rixon, Mr Barry speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 18/11/19982RTeaching Standards Bill
  2. 10/11/1998PRIVHonourable Member For Lismore Retirement
  3. 29/10/1998PRIVLyssavirus Infection
  4. 28/10/1998PRIVNorthern Rivers Area Health Service
  5. 21/10/1998QWNNorthern Rivers Mental Health Services
  6. 14/10/1998PRIVLegume To Woodenbong Road Upgrade
  7. 23/09/1998PRIVLismore Police Numbers
  8. 23/09/19982RLocal Government Amendment (Community Land Management) Bill
  9. 16/09/19982RLocal Government Amendment (Ombudsman’S Recommendations) Bill
  10. 08/09/1998PRIVRichmond Clinic Mental Health Services
  11. 24/06/1998PRIVKyogle To Murwillumbah Road Upgrade
  12. 18/06/1998PRIVDepartment Of Community Services Respite Care
  13. 04/06/19982R;COMMDrug Misuse And Trafficking Amendment (Ongoing Dealing) Bill
  14. 03/06/19982RLocal Government Amendment (Parking and Wheel Clamping) Bill
  15. 03/06/19982RLocal Government Amendment (Meetings) Bill
  16. 02/06/1998New England Highway Federal Funding
  17. 27/05/1998PRIVFar North Coast Law And Order
  18. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  19. 26/05/19982R;COMMPawnbrokers and Second-Hand Dealers Amendment Bill
  20. 20/05/19982RCompanion Animals Bill
  21. 05/05/1998QWNDairy Industry Deregulation
  22. 08/04/1998REPJoint Select Committee Into Safe Injecting Rooms
  23. 07/04/19982RLocal Government Amendment Bill
  24. 01/04/1998REPRegulation Review Committee
  25. 01/04/1998PRIVParents in Pain
  26. 01/04/1998REPStanding Committee On Public Works
  27. 25/11/19972R;COMMContaminated Land Management Bill
  28. 20/11/19972RStock Diseases Amendment Bill
  29. 19/11/19972RLocal Government Amendment (Open Meetings) Bill
  30. 19/11/1997Community Land Management
  31. 12/11/1997PRIVKyogle Health Services
  32. 12/11/1997QWNMarijuana Use
  33. 11/11/19972R;COMMEducation Reform Amendment Bill
  34. 23/10/1997REPRegulation Review Committee
  35. 22/10/1997PRIVToonumbar Dam Fish Stocks
  36. 25/09/1997REPCommittee On The Health Care Complaints Commission
  37. 24/09/19972RLocal Government Amendment (Ecologically Sustainable Development) Bill
  38. 23/09/1997National Competition Policy
  39. 17/09/1997PRIVHeroin Detoxification
  40. 18/06/19972R;COMMStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
  41. 18/06/1997PRIVHousing For The Disabled
  42. 17/06/19972RLocal Government Amendment Bill
  43. 28/05/1997PRIVAccommodation for the Intellectually Disabled
  44. 21/05/1997PRIVDip Site Contamination Compensation
  45. 21/05/1997Federal Road Funding
  46. 20/05/1997Financial Assistance Grants
  47. 15/05/1997REPStanding Committee On Public Works
  48. 14/05/1997PRIVBovine Johne's Disease
  49. 14/05/19972RAppropriation Bill, Accommodation Levy Bill, Appropriation (Parliament...
  50. 13/05/1997Nimbin Drug Use
  51. 07/05/1997PRIVHousing For The Mentally Ill
  52. 23/04/1997PRIVNimbin Central School
  53. 23/04/1997Property, Stock and Business Agents Act: Disallowance of Regulation
  54. 16/04/1997REPStanding Committee On Public Works
  55. 16/04/1997PRIVNorthPower Tariffs
  56. 09/04/1997PRIVHonorary Fishing Rangers
  57. 26/11/19962R;COMMForestry Revocation and National Park Reservation Bill
  58. 26/11/1996PRIVHigher School Certificate Marking System
  59. 20/11/1996COMMLiquor And Registered Clubs Legislation Further Amendment Bill
  60. 19/11/19962R;COMMBuilding Services Corporation Legislation Amendment Bill
  61. 13/11/1996PRIVTaxi Child Restraints
  62. 12/11/1996Licence And Registration Renewal Notifications
  63. 30/10/19962REmergency Legislation Amendment (Offences) Bill
  64. 29/10/1996PRIVElectricity Power Pole Maintenance
  65. 24/10/1996QWNNorth Coast Health Services
  66. 23/10/1996URG MOTSchool Violence
  67. 15/10/1996PRIVTrackfast Closure
  68. 26/09/1996PRIVPacific Highway Redevelopment
  69. 17/09/1996PRIVHelicopter Rescue Services
  70. 27/06/1996REPCommittee On The Health Care Complaints Commission
  71. 20/06/19962RFirearms Bill
  72. 19/06/19962R;COMMForests and Flora Reserves Revocation Bill
  73. 11/06/19962RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  74. 11/06/1996PRIVCattle Tick Control
  75. 05/06/1996PRIVMardi Grass Festival
  76. 21/05/19963 X 3 Fuel Levy
  77. 21/05/19963 X 3 Fuel Levy
  78. 21/05/1996QWNDip Site Contamination Compensation
  79. 15/05/1996PRIVNorth Coast Electricity Service
  80. 15/05/1996Equine Morbillivirus
  81. 01/05/1996PRIVNorth Coast Industry Incentives
  82. 16/04/1996PRIVNorthern Rivers Health Service
  83. 13/12/1995PRIVNorthern Rivers Electricity
  84. 07/12/1995REPStanding Committee On Public Works
  85. 06/12/19952REducation Reform Amendment (School Discipline) Bill
  86. 06/12/1995Department Of Juvenile Justice Operations
  87. 05/12/1995PRIVDepartment Of School Education Restructure
  88. 22/11/1995COMMAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  89. 21/11/1995COMMAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  90. 21/11/1995PRIVTAFE Restructure
  91. 15/11/1995URG MOTWaste Management
  92. 26/10/1995PRIVRespite Care
  93. 26/10/1995QWNMilk Industry Pricing Formula
  94. 24/10/19952RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  95. 18/10/19952RDisorderly Houses Amendment Bill
  96. 17/10/1995PRIVWaterways Contamination Remediation
  97. 07/06/19952R;COMMStandard Time Amendment Bill
  98. 07/06/19952R;COMMLocal Government Legislation Amendment Bill
  99. 06/06/19952RRoad Improvement (Special Funding) Amendment Bill
  100. 06/06/1995PRIVNorthern Rivers Region Aeromedical Retrieval Services Review
  101. 30/05/1995PRIVNimbin Law and Order
  102. 24/05/1995Costs And Charges In Rural Communities
  103. 01/12/1994REPSelect Committee Upon Motor Vehicle Emissions
  104. 30/11/1994PRIVFindon Creek Bridges
  105. 23/11/19942RState Debt Control (Balanced Budgets) Bill
  106. 17/11/1994QWNDrought Relief
  107. 26/10/1994QWNInterest Rate Variation Effects On Farmers
  108. 21/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Public Works and Ports
  109. 21/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Education, Training and Youth Affairs and ...
  110. 19/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Treasurer and Arts
  111. 19/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Police and Emergency Services
  112. 18/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Consumer Affairs
  113. 18/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Community Services And Aboriginal Affairs
  114. 18/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Agriculture and Fisheries and Mines
  115. 20/09/1994QWNBushfire Management Policy
  116. 14/09/19942RAgricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (New South Wales) Bill
  117. 12/05/1994PRIVAccredited Inspection Stations
  118. 12/05/19942RHomeFund Legislation (Amendment) Bill
  119. 10/05/1994URG MOTDepartment Of Sport And Recreation Capital Assistance Program Grants
  120. 10/05/1994QWNElectricity Charges
  121. 05/05/1994REPSydney Market Authority Report
  122. 05/05/19942RHomefund Legislation (Amendment) Bill
  123. 21/04/1994QWN;REPIndependent Commission Against Corruption Report Into Management Of Go...
  124. 19/04/1994New South Wales Economic Performance Forecast
  125. 14/04/19942RConsumer Claims Tribunals (Fees) Amendment Bill
  126. 16/03/1994URG MOTEducation Funding
  127. 15/03/1994Dog Attacks On Koalas
  128. 10/03/1994Proposed Board Of Studies Inquiry
  129. 10/03/19942RPublic Finance and Audit (Special Dividends) Amendment Bill
  130. 09/03/1994Building Disputes Tribunal
  131. 03/03/1994Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  132. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  133. 18/11/1993REPRegulation Review Committee
  134. 17/11/1993Abolition Of Industrial Technology Higher School Certificate Subject
  135. 11/11/1993QWNRural Fuel Prices
  136. 27/10/19932R;COMMUniversity of New England Bill, Southern Cross University Bill, Higher...
  137. 20/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, The Legislature
  138. 19/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees
  139. 18/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Consumer Affairs
  140. 18/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Public Works And Ports
  141. 14/10/1993Select Committee On Paddy's Markets
  142. 14/10/1993QWNProduct Labelling
  143. 16/09/1993REPRegulation Review Committee
  144. 09/09/19932RAppropriation Bill, Parliamentary Appropriation Bill, Business Franchi...
  145. 09/09/19932REducation Reform (School Violence) Amendment Bill
  146. 07/09/1993QWNWomen In Sport
  147. 21/05/19932RNational Parks And Wildlife (Emu Licence) Amendment Bill
  148. 20/05/19932RCattle Compensation (Amendment) Bill
  149. 20/05/1993REPRegulation Review Committee
  150. 18/05/1993QWNEgg Industry Deregulation
  151. 22/04/19932RLocal Government Bill, Impounding Bill, Roads Bill, Traffic (Parking R...
  152. 22/04/1993QWNGovernment Trading Enterprises Dividend Payments
  153. 22/04/19932RWilderness (Private Property Rights) Amendment Bill
  154. 01/04/1993REPRegulation Review Committee
  155. 31/03/19932RNoxious Weeds Bill
  156. 30/03/19932RStock Medicines (Amendment) Bill, Stock (Chemical Residues) Amendment Bill
  157. 30/03/19932R;COMMCommunity Services (Complaints, Appeals And Monitoring) Bill
  158. 11/03/1993REPCommittee Upon The Forestry (Amendment) Bill
  159. 02/03/1993Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  160. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  161. 25/02/1993QWNPrison Suicides
  162. 19/11/1992QWNDevelopmentally Disabled Medical Services
  163. 19/11/1992REPRegulation Review Committee
  164. 12/11/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Education and Youth Affairs
  165. 27/10/1992QWNNorth Coast Bushfires
  166. 23/10/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Local Government and Cooperatives
  167. 22/10/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Arts
  168. 20/10/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Agriculture and Rural Affairs
  169. 17/09/1992QWNPacific Highway Upgrading
  170. 17/09/1992QWNPacific Highway Upgrading
  171. 15/09/1992QWNLocal Government Performance Comparisons
  172. 03/09/1992State Rail Authority Technical Training Centre
  173. 01/09/19922RDairy Industry (Corporations) Amendment Bill
  174. 01/09/19922RChildren (Care And Protection) (Child Employment) Amendment Bill
  175. 01/09/1992TAFE Management Restructuring
  176. 08/05/1992QWNSecond Sydney Greyhound Track
  177. 08/05/1992Committee upon the Local Government Bills
  178. 06/05/19922RSwimming Pools Bill
  179. 01/05/1992QWNRural Industries
  180. 08/04/1992PRIVDunoon Road Modanville And School Bus Safety
  181. 08/04/1992QWNPacific Dunlop
  182. 27/03/1992REPRegulation Review Committee
  183. 18/03/1992Her Majesty's Speech: Address in Reply
  184. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  185. 17/03/1992QWNSunday Horserace Meetings
  186. 06/03/1992QWNSunday Horserace Meetings
  187. 06/03/19922R;COMMTimber Industry (Interim Protection) Bill
  188. 12/12/1991QWNHarness Racing Industry Drug Testing
  189. 12/12/19912REndangered Fauna (Interim Protection) Bill
  190. 11/12/1991QWNFood Imports
  191. 10/12/19912RDividing Fences Bill
  192. 10/12/19912RTotalizator (Off-Course Betting) Further Amendment Bill
  193. 05/12/1991REPRegulation Review Committee
  194. 02/12/1991QWNDepartment Of Agriculture Relocation
  195. 31/10/19912R;COMMAppropriation Bill, Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum Products, M...
  196. 23/10/19912RAppropriation Bill, Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum, Motor Vehi...
  197. 17/10/1991QWNEconomic Effects Of Drought
  198. 19/09/1991QWNLocust Plague


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.