Paluzzano, Mrs Karyn speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 22/04/20102RCarers Recognition Bill 2010
  2. 22/04/2010QWNMyZone Ticketing System
  3. 20/04/2010PRIVVictoria Bridge, Penrith
  4. 18/03/2010PRIVGrandparent Carers
  5. 18/03/2010PRIVSeniors Week
  6. 18/03/2010PRIVMiranda Electorate Community Building Partnership Program Grants
  7. 16/03/2010QWNFederal Health Plan
  8. 12/03/2010REPStanding Committee on Natural Resource Management (Climate Change)
  9. 11/03/2010PRIVBallina High School Marine Discovery Centre
  10. 11/03/2010PRIVPenrith Older Women's Network Seniors Week
  11. 11/03/2010PRIVInternational Women's Day
  12. 09/03/2010URG MOTWestern Sydney Public Transport
  13. 09/03/2010QWNDomestic Violence
  14. 09/03/2010PRIVInternational Women's Day
  15. 25/02/2010QWNM4 Motorway Toll
  16. 23/02/20102RHousing Amendment (Community Housing Providers) Bill 2009
  17. 23/02/2010PRIVGirl Guides Australia
  18. 03/12/2009Blue Mountains Sustainable Schools Program
  19. 03/12/2009Blue Mountains Sustainable Schools Program
  20. 02/12/2009URG MOTEmissions Trading Scheme
  21. 02/12/2009Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  22. 01/12/2009PRIVPenrith Christmas Card Competition Nepean High School
  23. 01/12/2009PRIVTweed Electorate Palliative Care
  24. 25/11/2009QWNEthics Education
  25. 25/11/20092RPublic Sector Restructure (Miscellaneous Acts Amendments) Bill 2009
  26. 11/11/20092RPassenger Transport Amendment (Taxi Licensing) Bill 2009
  27. 11/11/2009URG MOTRed Tape Reduction
  28. 10/11/2009Dalwood Assessment Centre and Palm Avenue School
  29. 10/11/20092RState Revenue Legislation Further Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2009
  30. 10/11/2009PRIVBreast Screening Warragamba Dam
  31. 29/10/2009World Masters Games
  32. 27/10/2009QWNTrain Service Improvements
  33. 27/10/2009PRIVPenrith Community Awards
  34. 24/09/2009Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  35. 23/09/2009National Assessment Program-Literacy and Numeracy Results
  36. 23/09/2009PRIVCataract Surgery
  37. 23/09/2009PRIVParliamentary Internship Program
  38. 23/09/2009QWNProperty Sales
  39. 23/09/20092RMajor Events Bill 2009
  40. 22/09/20092RShop Trading Amendment Bill 2009
  41. 09/09/2009QWNCBD Metro Rail
  42. 08/09/20092REducation Further Amendment (Publication of School Results) Bill 2009
  43. 08/09/2009PRIVPenrith Public Transport
  44. 01/09/20092RLocal Government Amendment (Planning and Reporting) Bill 2009
  45. 01/09/2009QWNSchool Assessment Information
  46. 24/06/2009QWNTeacher Laptops
  47. 24/06/20092REducation Amendment (Publication of School Results) Bill 2009
  48. 16/06/2009URG MOTInfrastructure Investment and Jobs
  49. 16/06/2009Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  50. 16/06/2009QWNWestern Sydney Jobs
  51. 03/06/2009QWNTransport Infrastructure and Jobs
  52. 02/06/2009PRIVCranebrook High School Security Fence
  53. 15/05/2009PRIVSt Dominic's College, Penrith, Golden Jubilee
  54. 15/05/2009REPStanding Committee on Natural Resource Management (Climate Change)
  55. 13/05/2009URG MOTFederal Budget
  56. 12/05/20092RCriminal Organisations Legislation Amendment Bill 2009
  57. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  58. 12/05/20092RMotor Accidents Compensation Amendment Bill 2009
  59. 12/05/2009PRIVPenrith Relay for Life
  60. 06/05/2009QWNCommuter Car Parks
  61. 01/04/20092REducation Amendment Bill 2009
  62. 31/03/20092RHawkesbury-Nepean River Bill 2009
  63. 31/03/2009QWNHealth System Reform
  64. 31/03/2009PRIVSustainability Education
  65. 26/03/20092RHurlstone Agricultural High School Site Bill 2009
  66. 25/03/2009URG MOTFederal Stimulus Package, Infrastructure and Jobs
  67. 24/03/2009QWNSydney World Masters Games 2009 and Jobs
  68. 13/03/2009PRIVNorthern Beaches Public Transport
  69. 13/03/2009PRIVPenrith Electorate Infrastructure Projects
  70. 13/03/2009PRIVCentral Hunter Crime Prevention Partnership
  71. 13/03/2009REPStanding Committee on Natural Resource Management (Climate Change)
  72. 12/03/20092RChildren Legislation Amendment (Wood Inquiry Recommendations) Bill 2009
  73. 12/03/2009Great Australian Bite Month
  74. 11/03/2009URG MOTFederal Stimulus Package and Housing
  75. 11/03/2009Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  76. 11/03/2009QWNOut-of-home Care
  77. 10/03/20092RNation Building and Jobs Plan (State Infrastructure Delivery) Bill 2009
  78. 04/03/2009Jobs Summit
  79. 03/03/2009Victorian Bushfires
  80. 03/03/2009QWNEpping to Chatswood Rail Link
  81. 03/03/2009PRIVInternational Women's Day 2009
  82. 03/12/2008URG MOTPublic Education
  83. 03/12/2008Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  84. 02/12/20082RInstitute of Teachers Amendment Bill 2008
  85. 02/12/2008Domestic and Family Violence
  86. 02/12/2008PRIVRegion 1 Bus Network
  87. 28/11/2008REPStanding Committee on Natural Resource Management (Climate Change)
  88. 27/11/2008URG MOTPublic Transport Fares
  89. 27/11/2008Consideration of Motion to be Accorded Priority
  90. 26/11/2008QWNHomeless and Disadvantaged People Fines Debt
  91. 12/11/2008PRIVVolunteer Women of Penrith
  92. 12/11/2008QWNTransport Mobility Forum
  93. 11/11/2008Remembrance Day: William Matthew Currey, VC, Commemorative Plaque
  94. 11/11/2008PRIVGlendore Public School KDC-NRMA TechnoPush Challenge
  95. 11/11/2008PRIVCessnock Public Transport
  96. 11/11/2008PRIVPublic Health System
  97. 30/10/2008QWNAlcohol-related Violence
  98. 30/10/2008SmartLink Transport
  99. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  100. 29/10/20082RLocal Government Amendment (Legal Status) Bill 2008
  101. 28/10/2008PRIVToronto Sailability
  102. 28/10/2008PRIVPacific Highway Upgrade
  103. 28/10/2008PRIVWyong Electorate School Concerts
  104. 28/10/2008PRIVPenrith Relay for Life and Breast Cancer Awareness
  105. 28/10/2008PRIVPerilya Ltd Broken Hill Mine Apprentices
  106. 23/10/2008Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  107. 22/10/2008Higher School Certificate
  108. 22/10/20082RRoad Transport (Driver Licensing) Amendment (Demerit Points System) Bi...
  109. 21/10/20082RAdoption Amendment Bill
  110. 21/10/2008QWNTeacher Mentor Program
  111. 21/10/2008PRIVKillara High School
  112. 21/10/2008PRIVSouth West Sydney Institute of TAFE Achievement Awards
  113. 21/10/2008PRIVHawkesbury-Nepean River System
  114. 25/09/20082RTAFE (Freezing of Fees) Bill 2007
  115. 25/09/2008QWNLocal Sporting Organisations Capital Assistance Program
  116. 24/09/2008URG MOTNational Assessment Program on Literacy and Numeracy
  117. 24/09/2008Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  118. 26/06/2008Galston Road Upgrade
  119. 25/06/20082RThreatened Species Conservation Amendment (Special Provisions) Bill 2008
  120. 24/06/2008QWNRail Services
  121. 19/06/2008PRIVBeacon Foundation No Dole Program
  122. 19/06/2008QWNPolice Red Tape and Paperwork Reduction
  123. 18/06/2008QWNEnergy Efficiency
  124. 05/06/2008Western Sydney Sporting Facilities
  125. 03/06/20082REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2008 Building Pro...
  126. 16/05/2008PRIVPenrith Symphony Orchestra Twentieth Anniversary Penrith Country Women...
  127. 15/05/2008Western Sydney TAFE
  128. 09/05/2008PRIVWorld Red Cross Day
  129. 09/05/2008REPStanding Committee on Natural Resource Management (Climate Change)
  130. 09/05/2008REPStanding Committee on Public Works
  131. 09/05/20082REducation Amendment Bill 2008
  132. 08/05/20082RGrowth Centres (Development Corporations) Amendment Bill 2008
  133. 06/05/20082RClean Coal Administration Bill 2008
  134. 06/05/2008PRIVPenrith Cancer Council Community Hub Penrith Relay for Life
  135. 09/04/2008QWNYoung Offenders Supervision
  136. 02/04/20082RGaming Machines Amendment (Temporary Freeze) Bill 2008
  137. 01/04/2008URG MOTV Australia Airlines Sydney Headquarters
  138. 01/04/2008PRIVBlue Mountains Netball Association Fortieth Anniversary
  139. 07/03/2008REPStanding Committee on Public Works
  140. 27/02/2008QWNLocal and Regional Sporting Facilities
  141. 27/02/2008PRIVPenrith State Emergency Service
  142. 04/12/20072RChild Protection (Offenders Registration) Amendment Bill 2007
  143. 28/11/2007PRIVKaryn Paluzzano Christmas Card Competition 2007
  144. 28/11/20072RCrimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Bill 2007
  145. 13/11/20072RSurveillance Devices Bill 2007
  146. 13/11/2007Interest Rates and Housing Affordability
  147. 13/11/2007Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  148. 09/11/2007PRIVPenrith Valley Community Safety Partnership
  149. 08/11/2007PRIVCranebrook High School Rock Eisteddfod 2007 Awards
  150. 08/11/2007QWNDomestic Violence
  151. 07/11/2007Urban Water Desalination and Recycling
  152. 06/11/2007PRIVSmartlink Transport Launch
  153. 25/10/2007PRIVNational Fire Cadet Championships
  154. 25/10/2007Western Sydney Health Care
  155. 16/10/2007PRIVPenrith Electorate Rugby League
  156. 16/10/2007Climate Change
  157. 16/10/2007Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  158. 16/10/2007QWNTaxi Rank Security
  159. 27/09/2007Cost of Living
  160. 25/09/2007PRIVPenrith Valley Sports Foundation Awards 2007
  161. 28/06/2007QWNWater Industry Competition
  162. 28/06/2007Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  163. 26/06/2007PRIVRotary Penrith Police Officer of the Year 2006 Constable Mathew McDougall
  164. 26/06/2007State Economic Growth
  165. 21/06/2007Labor Election Victory Port Kembla Import Berth
  166. 20/06/20072RChild Protection (Offenders Registration) Amendment (Suspended Sentenc...
  167. 19/06/2007Police Budget
  168. 19/06/2007Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  169. 08/06/2007PRIVPenrith North Army Land
  170. 05/06/2007PRIVPenrith City Council Excellence in Design Awards 2007
  171. 05/06/20072RDrug and Alcohol Treatment Bill 2007
  172. 01/06/2007PRIVEducation Week
  173. 31/05/2007Western Sydney Jobs and WorkChoices Legislation
  174. 29/05/2007PRIVPenrith Reading Project
  175. 10/05/2007PRIVWestern Sydney Connected Classrooms Program
  176. 10/05/2007QWNSydney Drinking Water
  177. 23/11/2006QWNState Plan
  178. 22/11/2006QWNBushfires and Rural Fire Service Volunteers
  179. 21/11/2006PRIVPenrith and Lower Blue Mountains Infrastructure
  180. 14/11/2006URG MOTFederal Government Industrial Relations WorkChoices Legislation
  181. 14/11/2006QWNState Plan
  182. 26/10/2006QWNWestern Sydney Infrastructure Policies
  183. 25/10/2006URG MOTBadgerys Creek Airport Land Reservation
  184. 24/10/2006URG MOTBack-to-School Allowance
  185. 24/10/2006QWNSelective High School and Opportunity Class Placement Tests
  186. 19/10/2006Community-based Preschools
  187. 18/10/2006Small Business September 2006
  188. 17/10/2006PRIVPublic Transport in Western Sydney
  189. 17/10/2006QWNState Triple-A Credit Rating
  190. 27/09/2006URG MOTFederal Government Industrial Relations WorkChoices Legislation
  191. 27/09/2006URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  192. 26/09/20062RBusiness Names Amendment Bill
  193. 26/09/2006URG MOTChild Care Services
  194. 19/09/2006PRIVCranebrook High School Kingswood South Public School
  195. 05/09/20062R;COMMPharmacy Practice Bill
  196. 31/08/2006QWNRail Services
  197. 30/08/2006URG MOTDisability Services Funding
  198. 30/08/2006URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  199. 29/08/2006QWNInfrastructure Expenditure
  200. 06/06/2006PRIVEvery Drop Counts Business Water Conservation Program
  201. 06/06/2006QWNHealth Budget
  202. 24/05/2006PRIVPath Incorporated Sporting and Community Participation Awards
  203. 23/05/20062RSummary Offences Amendment (Display of Spray Paint Cans) Bill
  204. 03/05/2006PRIVPenrith Electorate Vocational Education and Training
  205. 02/05/2006URG MOTInterest Rates
  206. 02/05/2006URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  207. 02/05/2006QWNTeaching Standards
  208. 28/03/2006URG MOTGaming Machine Tax
  209. 28/03/2006URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  210. 28/03/2006QWNPublic Transport Passenger Information
  211. 09/03/2006PRIVSydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith
  212. 08/03/20062RLand Tax Management Amendment (Tax Threshold) Bill
  213. 08/03/2006QWNChildren in Care Assistance
  214. 07/03/20062RIndustrial Relations Amendment Bill Public Sector Employment Legislati...
  215. 07/03/2006PRIVPenrith Community Events
  216. 28/02/2006PRIVPenrith Relay for Life
  217. 28/02/2006URG MOTCommonwealth Grants Commission Goods and Services Tax Allocations
  218. 01/12/2005PRIVHonourable Member for Penrith Christmas Card Competition
  219. 17/11/2005QWNWestern Sydney Job Creation
  220. 16/11/2005PRIVNew South Wales Fire Brigades Community Fire Units
  221. 10/11/2005URG MOTFederal Government Industrial Relations Policy
  222. 09/11/20052RState Emergency Service Amendment Bill
  223. 09/11/20052R;COMMRetail Leases Amendment Bill
  224. 08/11/2005PRIVPenrith Small Business Community
  225. 20/10/2005PRIVJoan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre
  226. 19/10/2005QWNWestern Sydney Bus Services
  227. 18/10/2005QWNDepartment of Community Services Caseworkers
  228. 13/10/2005Joint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  229. 11/10/2005PRIVQ Theatre, Penrith
  230. 15/09/2005PRIVNRMA Preferred Repairer Network Scheme
  231. 15/09/20052RSporting Venues (Offenders Banning Orders) Bill
  232. 14/09/2005QWNTrain Drivers Recruitment
  233. 23/06/2005PRIVBuilding Community Connectedness in Penrith Central
  234. 23/06/2005QWNBuilding Sustainability Index
  235. 07/06/20052RFire Brigades Amendment (Community Fire Units) Bill
  236. 25/05/2005PRIVPenrith Electorate Rotary Clubs
  237. 05/05/2005QWNRail Safety
  238. 04/05/20052R;COMMEnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Development Contribut...
  239. 04/05/20052REnergy Administration Amendment (Water and Energy Savings) Bill
  240. 03/05/2005PRIVPenrith Electorate Policing
  241. 05/04/2005PRIVPenrith Small Business Community
  242. 05/04/2005QWNDrug Seizures and Arrests
  243. 24/03/2005QWNPolice Detectives Training
  244. 23/03/2005PRIVPenrith Electorate International Women's Day Celebrations Penrith Elec...
  245. 22/03/20052RWater Efficiency Labelling and Standards (New South Wales) Bill
  246. 02/03/2005QWNFederal Government Industrial Relations Policy
  247. 01/03/2005PRIVPenrith White Water Slalom Series
  248. 23/02/2005URG MOTInterest Rates
  249. 08/12/2004PRIVYoung Drivers Safety
  250. 07/12/2004QWNUnborn Victims of Violence Legislation
  251. 17/11/2004URG MOTYouth Mental Health Services
  252. 17/11/2004QWNNepean Hospital and Mr Paul Leaver
  253. 16/11/2004Business Clusters
  254. 11/11/2004QWNSydney, Blue Mountains and Illawarra Water Restrictions
  255. 10/11/2004QWNGifted and Talented Students
  256. 28/10/2004PRIVPenrith Electorate Volunteers
  257. 28/10/2004URG MOTCredit Card Debt
  258. 28/10/2004URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  259. 21/10/2004Regional Universities
  260. 19/10/2004QWNHospitals Sustainable Access Plan
  261. 14/09/2004PRIVOur Lady of the Way Primary School Twenty-Fifth Anniversary
  262. 01/09/2004URG MOTPensioner Excursion Tickets
  263. 01/09/2004Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  264. 31/08/2004PRIVNepean High School Youth @ The Workplace Initiative
  265. 25/06/2004PRIVPenrith Students Forum
  266. 24/06/2004PRIVQueens Scouts And Queens Guides Awards Commander Ben Feszczuk Australi...
  267. 24/06/20042RCommercial Agents and Private Inquiry Agents Bill
  268. 02/06/20042RInstitute of Teachers Bill
  269. 02/06/20042RCriminal Procedure Amendment (Sexual Offence Evidence) Bill
  270. 14/05/2004PRIVPenrith Home-based Business Network
  271. 06/05/2004QWNReal Estate Clearance Rates
  272. 05/05/2004PRIVPenrith Lakes Scheme
  273. 04/05/2004URG MOTStamp Duty
  274. 06/04/2004QWNMini-Budget Health Care Funding
  275. 31/03/2004PRIVEmu Plains Correctional Centre Inmate Programs
  276. 16/03/20042RNational Competition Policy Amendments (Commonwealth Financial Penalti...
  277. 16/03/2004QWNIllicit Drugs Seizure
  278. 11/03/2004Small Business Research and Development
  279. 11/03/2004QWNWestern Sydney Job Creation
  280. 10/03/20042RCrimes Legislation Amendment Bill
  281. 10/03/20042R;COMMLord Howe Island Amendment Bill
  282. 09/03/20042RPartnership Amendment (Venture Capital Funds) Bill
  283. 09/03/2004PRIVNepean Hospital Virtual Critical Care Unit Nepean Cancer Care Centre
  284. 25/02/20042RAnimal Diseases Legislation Amendment (Civil Liability) Bill
  285. 25/02/20042R;COMMStrata Schemes Management Amendment Bill
  286. 18/02/2004PRIVPenrith Electorate Citizens Awards
  287. 18/02/2004URG MOTFederal Government University Funding
  288. 17/02/20042RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Victim Impact Statements) Bill
  289. 17/02/2004QWNEmployment and Investment
  290. 02/12/2003PRIVNepean Zone Playgroup Association Nepean Multiple Birth Association
  291. 20/11/2003URG MOTKyoto Protocol
  292. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  293. 14/11/20032RWorkers Compensation Amendment (Insurance Reform) Bill
  294. 12/11/2003PRIVMemories of War Web Site
  295. 28/10/20032R;COMMEnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Development Consents)...
  296. 28/10/2003PRIVInaugural Sir Ian Turbott Lecture
  297. 28/10/2003QWNStatewide Infant Screening Hearing Program
  298. 16/10/2003QWNSydney Park Improvement Projects
  299. 15/10/2003PRIVPenrith Electorate Junior Sporting Achievements
  300. 18/09/2003PRIVPenrith Electorate Education Week Activities
  301. 16/09/2003URG MOTUniversity of Western Sydney Funding
  302. 04/09/2003PRIVPenrith Older Women's Network
  303. 03/09/2003URG MOTHealth Care Reform
  304. 27/06/2003Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  305. 25/06/2003PRIVBlue Mountains Group of Australian Plants Society
  306. 25/06/2003QWNHealth Budget
  307. 25/06/20032RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Adoption Leave) Bill
  308. 19/06/20032RCancer Institute (Nsw) Bill
  309. 29/05/2003QWNNepean Hospital Emergency Status Review
  310. 29/05/2003Willoughby Electorate Overdevelopment
  311. 28/05/20032RFair Trading Amendment Bill
  312. 28/05/20032RHuman Tissue and Anatomy Legislation Amendment Bill
  313. 27/05/20032R;COMMGaming Machines Amendment (Shutdown Periods) Bill
  314. 27/05/2003PRIVPenrith Lakes Scheme
  315. 27/05/2003QWNBail Law Reform
  316. 22/05/2003QWNIllegal Non-Citizens Sexual Exploitation
  317. 07/05/2003Inaugural Speeches
  318. 07/05/2003QWNUrban Speed Limit


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.