Markham, Mr Colin speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 19/11/20022RCoal Mine Health and Safety Bill
  2. 13/11/20022RCoal Industry Amendment (Fees for Rescue Services) Bill
  3. 30/10/2002PRIVMr David Higgins Guardianship Order
  4. 30/10/2002PRIVPort Stephens Whale And Dolphin Watching
  5. 30/10/2002PRIVSouthern Stars 2002 Supernova
  6. 23/10/2002PRIVBellambi Neighbourhood Centre
  7. 22/10/2002Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council, Joint Sitting: Bali Terr...
  8. 25/09/2002PRIVSouth Coast Charcoal Plant And Lithgow Silicon Smelter
  9. 27/06/20022RMining Legislation Amendment (Health and Safety) Bill
  10. 26/06/2002PRIVBulli High School
  11. 26/06/2002PRIVDubbo Electorate Drug Rehabilitation Services
  12. 26/06/2002URG MOTMount Kembla Mining Disaster Centenary Commemoration
  13. 26/06/2002URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  14. 25/06/2002PRIVNational Aboriginal And Islanders Day Of Observance Committee Week
  15. 20/06/2002QWNAboriginal Employment Opportunities
  16. 19/06/20022RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  17. 05/06/2002PRIVTribute To Mr Fred Moore
  18. 05/06/2002PRIVLifeline Northern Rivers
  19. 04/06/2002QWNAboriginal Heritage
  20. 29/05/2002PRIVCasino Business Ventures
  21. 29/05/2002PRIVCessnock Electorate Health Services
  22. 29/05/2002PRIVLachlan Electorate Policing
  23. 28/05/2002National Sorry Day
  24. 10/05/2002Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  25. 09/05/2002QWNWater Quality Testing
  26. 08/05/2002PRIVTribute To Professor William McCarthy, AM
  27. 08/05/2002PRIVPublic Library Internet Pornography Access
  28. 08/05/2002PRIVMurwillumbah Bypass
  29. 10/04/2002PRIVLake Macquarie Electorate Schools
  30. 10/04/2002PRIVNorthbridge Primary School
  31. 20/03/2002PRIVManly Electorate Water Quality
  32. 20/03/2002QWNGeographical Names Board Dual Naming Policy
  33. 19/03/2002QWNBail Laws
  34. 13/03/2002PRIVWollongong Breakwater Lighthouse
  35. 13/03/2002QWNHospitals Performance Online Information Service
  36. 12/03/2002URG MOTUnited States Of America Steel Tariffs
  37. 27/02/2002PRIVPublic Liability Insurance Premiums
  38. 27/02/2002PRIVPublic Liability Insurance Premiums
  39. 06/12/2001PRIVKemblawarra Primary School
  40. 06/12/20012RResidential Tenancies Amendment Bill
  41. 06/12/20012RCoal Industry Bill
  42. 05/12/2001PRIVWyong Hospital Cancer Care Unit
  43. 05/12/2001PRIVMonaro Electorate Volunteers
  44. 05/12/2001PRIVMount Druitt Community Reconciliation Walk
  45. 05/12/2001PRIVLismore Electorate Volunteers
  46. 05/12/2001QWNPower Industry Deregulation
  47. 30/11/20012RAboriginal Land Rights Amendment Bill
  48. 14/11/20012RUniversities Legislation Amendment (Financial and Other Powers) Bill, ...
  49. 14/11/2001PRIVEfrem and Giulia Bonacina Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary
  50. 14/11/2001PRIVCessnock Electorate Firefighters
  51. 14/11/20012RWollongong Sportsground And Old Roman Catholic Cemetery Legislation Am...
  52. 09/11/2001PRIVWestlakes Schools Funding
  53. 09/11/2001PRIVMittagong Public School
  54. 09/11/2001PRIVBankstown Square Christmas Display
  55. 09/11/2001PRIVTribute To Pearl Gibbs
  56. 07/11/2001PRIVDubbo Electorate Grain Harvest
  57. 07/11/2001PRIVJury Duty Non-Attendance Fines
  58. 07/11/2001PRIVShoalhaven Bridge Walk For Reconciliation
  59. 07/11/2001PRIVOxley Electorate Bushfires
  60. 06/11/2001PRIVCurrawong Project
  61. 06/11/2001PRIVBig Brother Movement Ltd Awards
  62. 06/11/20011R;2RFisheries Management Amendment Bill
  63. 25/10/2001QWNSewage Pollution Prevention
  64. 24/10/2001PRIVPort Kembla Heritage Park
  65. 24/10/2001PRIVFigtree High School Hall
  66. 24/10/2001PRIVParliamentary Life
  67. 23/10/20012RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment (Permanency...
  68. 17/10/2001PRIVPenrith Irish Dancing And Music Festival
  69. 17/10/2001PRIVBankstown Sporting And Cultural Exchange
  70. 17/10/2001PRIVWar Veteran Mr Jim Chidgey National Parks Access
  71. 17/10/2001PRIVKiama Rail Services
  72. 16/10/2001PRIVArmidale Arrive Alive Expo
  73. 21/09/2001PRIVDeath Of Patricia Nash
  74. 20/09/2001Aboriginal Deaths In Custody
  75. 05/09/2001PRIVRegional Development Relations At Work Book Launch
  76. 05/09/2001PRIVWattle Grove And Voyager Point Development
  77. 05/09/2001PRIVJannali Automatic Teller Machines
  78. 05/09/2001PRIVLuddenham Public School Pedestrian Facilities
  79. 05/09/2001PRIVTweed Electorate Aged-Care Facilities
  80. 05/09/2001QWNAboriginal Land Councils
  81. 04/09/20011R;2RPublic Finance And Audit Amendment (Auditor-General) Bill
  82. 28/06/2001PRIVAustinmer Surf-Lifesaving Club Awards Night
  83. 28/06/2001PRIVWakehurst Electorate Bank Branch Closures, Northern Beaches Bus Services
  84. 28/06/2001PRIVLiverpool Electorate Bank Branch Closures
  85. 28/06/2001Aboriginal Reconciliation
  86. 27/06/2001PRIVAlbatross Numbers
  87. 27/06/2001PRIVCowra Drug Use
  88. 27/06/2001PRIV"Bundanoon Is Brigadoon" Festival
  89. 27/06/2001PRIVSalts Bay Rainforest Rehabilitation
  90. 27/06/2001PRIV;REP"Let's Get On With It" Report
  91. 25/06/2001PRIVNational Equine And Livestock Centre
  92. 25/06/2001PRIVRenite Furniture Pty Ltd Workers Entitlements
  93. 25/06/2001PRIVEpping Traffic Control
  94. 25/06/2001URG MOTRegional Universities
  95. 20/06/2001PRIVNorthern Tablelands Electorate Community And Sports Funding
  96. 20/06/2001PRIVRural Schools Clerical Assistants
  97. 20/06/2001PRIVElderslie High School
  98. 20/06/2001PRIVPort Macquarie University Presence
  99. 20/06/2001PRIVTweed Electorate Volunteers
  100. 06/06/2001PRIVHIH Insurance
  101. 06/06/2001PRIVGreater Murray Health Services
  102. 06/06/2001PRIVCootamundra District Court Sittings
  103. 06/06/2001PRIVMount Seaview Holiday Retreat
  104. 06/06/2001URG MOTIllawarra Sport And Recreation Facilities
  105. 06/06/2001QWNDual Naming Policy
  106. 01/06/20012RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  107. 01/06/2001Death of Evelyn Crawford Snr
  108. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  109. 30/05/2001PRIVLocal Government Pecuniary Interest Declarations
  110. 30/05/2001PRIVMelanoma Cup Race Day
  111. 30/05/2001PRIVCasino Book Launch, Casino Beef Week
  112. 30/05/2001PRIVLake Illawarra Police And Community Youth Club
  113. 30/05/2001PRIVMain Road 120
  114. 30/05/2001PRIVWollongong Hawks
  115. 11/04/2001PRIVPort Kembla Public School Site
  116. 11/04/2001PRIVOld Northern Road Upgrade
  117. 05/04/2001QWNDeportation Of Criminals
  118. 04/04/2001PRIVIsolated Patients Transport And Accommodation Service
  119. 04/04/2001PRIVMenai High School
  120. 04/04/20012RStrata Schemes Legislation Amendment Bill
  121. 03/04/2001PRIVNoel Mulligan Oval
  122. 03/04/2001Aboriginal Communities Development Program
  123. 29/03/2001Jack Beetson "Unsung Hero" Award
  124. 28/03/2001PRIVRoad Safety
  125. 28/03/2001PRIVNinth Anglican Bishop Of Bathurst Inauguration
  126. 28/03/2001PRIVKelly Lehman Allied Health Scholarship
  127. 28/03/2001PRIVLifeline Central Coast
  128. 28/03/2001PRIVGoodman Fielder Ltd Newcastle Bakery Closure
  129. 28/03/2001Business Of The House
  130. 27/03/2001URG MOTIllawarra Steelmaking Industry
  131. 27/03/2001URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  132. 07/03/2001PRIVCoomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation
  133. 07/03/2001PRIVParramatta To Chatswood Rail Link
  134. 07/03/2001PRIVChifley College Community Health Initiative
  135. 07/03/2001PRIVMr And Mrs Perry Compulsory Land Acquisition
  136. 27/02/2001PRIVLismore Ordination Ceremony
  137. 27/02/2001PRIVMaitland International Salon Of Photography
  138. 27/02/2001PRIVRoyal Volunteer Coastal Patrol Diesel Fuel Rebate
  139. 30/11/2000PRIVWonderland Sydney Management
  140. 30/11/2000PRIVHunter People's Inquiry Into A Treaty
  141. 30/11/2000PRIVSydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport Aeronautical Charges Inquiry
  142. 30/11/2000PRIVWombeyan Caves Road
  143. 30/11/2000PRIVInternational Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women
  144. 30/11/2000PRIVBates Drive Special School, Paralympic Games
  145. 30/11/2000PRIVWollongong Science Centre And Planetarium
  146. 29/11/2000PRIVManly Electorate Schools Restructuring Program
  147. 29/11/2000PRIVMarist College, Kogarah
  148. 29/11/2000PRIVFederal Roads Funding Package
  149. 29/11/2000PRIVAirport Rail Link
  150. 29/11/2000PRIVTruck Driver Safety
  151. 23/11/2000Regional Flooding
  152. 22/11/2000PRIVSutherland Shire Community Radio Station
  153. 22/11/2000PRIVKingscliff Property Development
  154. 22/11/2000PRIVPremier Motor Services Industrial Dispute
  155. 16/11/2000QWNAustralian Centre For Advanced Computing And Communications
  156. 15/11/2000PRIVLakeline Estate Relocatable Home Park
  157. 15/11/2000PRIVTruck Driver Fatigue
  158. 15/11/2000PRIVNarrabeen Business District Speed Limit
  159. 15/11/2000PRIVTribute To Shorty Ranger
  160. 15/11/2000PRIVCentral Coast Athletics Centre
  161. 15/11/2000URG MOTSteel Tank And Pipe Manufacturing Company Workers Entitlements
  162. 02/11/20002RWater Management Bill
  163. 02/11/2000QWNInformation Technology Industry Employment
  164. 01/11/2000Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games Success, Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Sydne...
  165. 01/11/2000PRIVMenai High School Marine Laboratory And Aquaculture Farm
  166. 01/11/2000PRIVEden Whale Festival
  167. 01/11/2000PRIVPayday Moneylenders
  168. 01/11/2000Death of Charles Nelson Perkins
  169. 31/10/2000PRIVHealthy Cities Illawarra Awards Presentation
  170. 10/10/2000Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
  171. 10/10/2000QWNHuman Tissue Retention
  172. 21/06/20002RAdoption Bill
  173. 21/06/2000PRIVWellington Crime Prevention Plan
  174. 21/06/2000PRIVState Parks Gate Entry Fees
  175. 08/06/2000Myall Creek Massacre
  176. 07/06/20001R;2RTrustee Companies Amendment Bill
  177. 07/06/20001R;2ROccupational Health And Safety Bill
  178. 07/06/2000PRIVSydney Water Restructure
  179. 07/06/2000PRIVLismore Electorate Therapy Services
  180. 07/06/2000PRIVAustinmer Surf-Lifesaving Club Awards Night
  181. 07/06/2000PRIVWestpac Bank Greenacre Branch Closure
  182. 07/06/2000PRIVCultural Stomp
  183. 31/05/2000PRIVDepartment Of Aboriginal Affairs Director-General Resignation
  184. 31/05/2000PRIVCityRail Passenger Matthew Cannon
  185. 31/05/2000QWNReal Estate Agents Fair Trading Practices
  186. 26/05/20002RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  187. 25/05/2000Corroboree 2000
  188. 24/05/20002RCoal And Oil Shale Mine Workers (Superannuation) Amendment (1999 Super...
  189. 24/05/2000PRIVMr Michael Cunningham And The National Parks And Wildlife Service
  190. 24/05/2000PRIV"Housing Our Mob Everywhere" Training Package
  191. 24/05/2000PRIVSutherland Shire Council Mayoral Volunteer Recognition Awards
  192. 24/05/2000PRIVResidential Park Rents Goods And Services Tax
  193. 24/05/2000PRIVMr Michael Cunningham And The National Parks And Wildlife Service
  194. 24/05/2000QWNState Health Budget
  195. 24/05/20002RReal Property Amendment (Compensation) Bill
  196. 03/05/2000PRIVWagga Wagga Radiotherapy Centre
  197. 03/05/2000PRIVSydney Water Pensioner Rebates
  198. 03/05/2000PRIVPine Park Caravan Park Dispute
  199. 03/05/2000PRIVOffice Of The Protective Commissioner Pension Deductions
  200. 13/04/2000PRIVYellow-Footed Rock Wallaby Management Program
  201. 13/04/2000URG MOTFlood Plain Management
  202. 13/04/2000Mona Vale Road Bushland
  203. 12/04/2000PRIVRoad Transport (Driver Licensing) Act Review
  204. 12/04/2000PRIVRedfern Crime
  205. 11/04/2000QWNLotteries And Art Unions Act Review
  206. 04/04/2000Death Of Wilfred George Petersen, A Former Member Of The Legislative A...
  207. 04/04/2000PRIVKorrongulla Copper Slag Emplacement
  208. 18/11/1999PRIVCardiff Railway Station Disabled Access
  209. 18/11/1999PRIVCabonne Ltd Vineyards
  210. 18/11/1999PRIVNarrawahn Calm Waters Exhibition
  211. 18/11/1999PRIVRegional Forest Agreement
  212. 10/11/1999PRIVNational Skin Cancer Awareness Week
  213. 10/11/19991R;2RStrata Schemes Legislation Amendment (Strata Approvals) Bill
  214. 10/11/1999URG MOTAboriginal Reconciliation
  215. 10/11/1999URG MOTAboriginal Reconciliation
  216. 10/11/1999QWNAboriginal Communities Development Program
  217. 10/11/19992RRetirement Villages Bill
  218. 09/11/1999PRIVPublic Education
  219. 09/11/1999PRIVGerrard Signode Albion Park Rail Steel Strapping Plant
  220. 09/11/1999PRIVGuyra Swimming Pool Enclosure
  221. 09/11/1999PRIVLismore Electorate Court Security
  222. 09/11/1999PRIVParalympic Games Student Transport
  223. 09/11/1999PRIVAlbury Base Hospital
  224. 23/09/1999Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  225. 22/09/1999PRIVEora Star Launch
  226. 15/09/19992RBuilding And Construction Industry Security Of Payment Bill (No 2)
  227. 15/09/1999PRIVSt George-Illawarra Dragons Presentation Dinner
  228. 15/09/1999QWNDrug Dealer Assets Confiscation
  229. 15/09/19992RUniversity of New South Wales (St George Campus) Bill
  230. 29/06/19992RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
  231. 29/06/1999PRIVIllawarra Escarpment Development
  232. 22/06/19992RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  233. 22/06/1999PRIVCoal Production Levy
  234. 02/06/1999PRIVBook Launches: Winanga Li, Teaching Aboriginal Studies
  235. 27/05/1999QWNDrug Summit
  236. 26/05/1999PRIVReconciliation Travelling Road Show
  237. 25/05/1999URG MOTNational Sorry Day
  238. 25/05/1999URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  239. 12/05/1999PRIVState Emergency Service Volunteers
  240. 18/11/19982RChildren And Young Persons (Care And Protection) Bill, Children And Yo...
  241. 17/11/1998PRIVSouthern District Miners Women's Auxiliary
  242. 11/11/19982RWorkers Compensation Legislation Amendment (Dust Diseases And Other Ma...
  243. 11/11/19982RFood Production (Safety) Bill, Meat Industry Amendment Bill
  244. 10/11/1998PRIVIllawarra Insurance Claims
  245. 10/11/1998QWNIllawarra Flood-Damaged Road Repair
  246. 29/10/1998Illawarra Region Insurance Claims
  247. 29/10/1998QWNEden Forest Agreement
  248. 28/10/1998PRIVNative Title And Mr Aden Ridgeway
  249. 21/10/1998PRIVTranby Aboriginal Co-Operative College, Glebe
  250. 21/10/19982RMines Legislation Amendment (Mines Safety) Bill
  251. 20/10/1998QWNRegional Business Assistance
  252. 13/10/1998PRIVWollongong Storm Damage
  253. 24/09/1998QWNNational Police Remembrance Day
  254. 23/09/1998PRIVCoalmining History
  255. 22/09/19982R;COMMNative Title (New South Wales) Amendment Bill
  256. 15/09/1998PRIVWollongong Flood Damage
  257. 08/09/1998QWNCannabis Use
  258. 23/06/1998PRIVAssistance For Persons With Disabilities
  259. 23/06/19982RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  260. 17/06/1998PRIVBellambi Surf Life Saving Club
  261. 17/06/1998QWNCoalition One Nation Party Preferences
  262. 17/06/19982RAboriginal Housing Bill
  263. 03/06/1998PRIVAlleged Aboriginal Relocation
  264. 03/06/1998Coalition One Nation Party Preferences
  265. 03/06/1998QWNEducation And Training Budget Initiatives
  266. 26/05/1998National Sorry Day
  267. 19/05/1998PRIVUniversity of Wollongong
  268. [Replication or Save Conflict][Replication or Save Conflict]
  269. 06/05/1998PRIVChristina Noble Children’s Foundation
  270. 28/04/1998PRIVIllawarra May Day Celebrations
  271. 07/04/19982RPetroleum (Onshore) Amendment Bill
  272. 07/04/1998PRIVUniversity of Wollongong Bus Terminal
  273. 01/04/1998PRIVAboriginal Reconciliation
  274. 31/03/1998Death Of Deputy Commissioner Beverley Ann Lawson
  275. 26/11/1997PRIVAboriginal Reconciliation
  276. 26/11/1997QWNDrug Overdoses
  277. 20/11/1997National Sorry Day
  278. 20/11/1997URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  279. 19/11/1997QWNPolice Whistleblowers
  280. 18/11/1997PRIVCordeaux Colliery Industrial Relations
  281. 13/11/1997Chairman Of The Council For Aboriginal Reconciliation Patrick Dodson
  282. 13/11/1997URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  283. 11/11/1997PRIVIllawarra Industrial Relations
  284. 11/11/1997Lithgow Unemployment
  285. 11/11/1997QWNSeagrass Protection
  286. 21/10/1997PRIVIllawarra Escarpment Development
  287. 21/10/1997Hunter Valley Coal Dispute
  288. 14/10/1997PRIVDeath Of Mr Len Arber
  289. 14/10/1997QWNPrison System Corruption
  290. 18/06/1997Stolen Aboriginal Children
  291. 22/05/1997Stolen Aboriginal Children
  292. 20/05/1997PRIVIllawarra Industrial Relations
  293. 15/05/1997QWNIllawarra Investment Initiatives
  294. 15/05/1997Aboriginal Reconciliation
  295. 14/05/1997Reordering Of General Business
  296. 14/05/19972RAppropriation Bill, Accommodation Levy Bill, Appropriation (Parliament...
  297. 13/05/1997PRIVMelanoma Cup Race Day
  298. 08/05/1997Newcastle Steelworks Closure
  299. 06/05/19972RCorrectional Centres Amendment (Inspector-General) Bill
  300. 06/05/1997PRIVSouth Coast May Day Celebrations
  301. 23/04/1997QWNMarine National Parks
  302. 16/04/1997QWNSpearfishing Control
  303. 15/04/1997PRIVWollongong Aboriginal Art Exhibition
  304. 08/04/1997Minister For Land And Water Conservation
  305. 27/11/19962RNational Parks And Wildlife Amendment (Aboriginal Ownership) Bill
  306. 26/11/1996PRIVKeiraville Land Development
  307. 20/11/19962R;COMMNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Abercrombie, Jenolan and Wombey...
  308. 14/11/1996Aboriginal Reconciliation
  309. 13/11/19962R;3REnvironmental Legislation Amendment (Enforcement) Bill
  310. 12/11/1996University Of Wollongong Science Centre
  311. 31/10/1996QWNIllawarra Water Quality
  312. 29/10/19962RReal Property Amendment Bill
  313. 29/10/1996PRIVAboriginal Community Liaison Officers
  314. 24/10/1996QWNMount Kosciusko
  315. 24/10/1996Racism
  316. 23/10/1996Reordering Of General Business
  317. 22/10/1996PRIVSouth Bulli Colliery Closure
  318. 16/10/1996Euthanasia
  319. 15/10/1996PRIVIllawarra Steelers Rugby League Football Team
  320. 25/09/1996QWNHunter Valley Platypus Death
  321. 24/09/1996PRIVCommemoration Of The Death Of John Pat, Parliament House Aboriginal Ar...
  322. 17/09/1996QWNBass Strait Gas Pipeline
  323. 27/06/1996Deputy Premier, Minister for Health, and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
  324. 19/06/19962RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  325. 19/06/1996PRIVBellambi Neighbourhood Centre
  326. 11/06/1996PRIVNew South Wales Melanoma Foundation
  327. 06/06/1996QWNNative Forest Conservation
  328. 04/06/1996PRIVUniversity Of Wollongong Science Centre
  329. 04/06/1996QWNTAFE Outreach Program
  330. 30/05/1996Aboriginal Reconciliation
  331. 21/05/1996PRIVKids In Sport Program
  332. 15/05/1996QWNPollution Control Licences
  333. 23/04/1996PRIVEnvironmentally Friendly Shopping Bags
  334. 17/04/1996PRIVKeira Electorate Traffic Roundabouts
  335. 16/04/1996QWNRural Dams Water Supply
  336. 05/12/19952RWaste Minimisation And Management Bill
  337. 05/12/1995PRIVWollongong Hospital Children's Ward Fundraising
  338. 14/11/19952RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  339. 14/11/1995QWNForestry Plantations Investment
  340. 11/10/19952R;COMMAboriginal Land Rights Amendment Bill
  341. 21/09/19952RForestry Amendment (Control Signs) Bill
  342. 07/06/1995QWNRural Health Services
  343. 02/12/1994Aboriginal Reconciliation
  344. 01/12/19942RCoal And Oil Shale Mine Workers (Superannuation) Further Amendment Bill
  345. 22/11/1994F6 Motorway Safety
  346. 27/10/19942R;COMMAppropriation Bill, Parliamentary Appropriation Bill, Business Franchi...
  347. 18/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Community Services And Aboriginal Affairs
  348. 12/10/1994Aboriginal Ownership Of National Parks Legislation
  349. 15/09/19941R;2RNational Parks And Wildlife (Aboriginal Ownership) Amendment Bill
  350. 10/05/19942R;COMMNative Title (New South Wales) Bill
  351. 05/05/19942RFisheries Management Bill
  352. 21/04/1994Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Servicemen
  353. 19/04/1994Child Restraints in Taxis
  354. 14/04/1994Protection of Whales
  355. 14/04/1994Protection of Whales
  356. 12/04/19942R;COMMMines Rescue Bill
  357. 12/04/19942RCoal and Oil Shale Mine Workers (Superannuation) Amendment Bill
  358. 16/03/1994Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  359. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  360. 03/03/1994Keira and Illawarra Electorates Water Quality
  361. 19/11/19932RAnti-Discrimination (Age Discrimination) Amendment Bill
  362. 11/11/19932RSummary Offences (Amendment) Bill
  363. 09/11/1993PRIVAntiochian Orthodox Church Legislation
  364. 19/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees
  365. 16/09/19932RAppropriation Bill, Parliamentary Appropriation Bill, Business Franchi...
  366. 20/05/1993QWNAlleged Racist Comments Of Minister For Agriculture And Rural Affairs
  367. 18/05/1993PRIVPumparoo Outreach And Resource Centre
  368. 01/04/19932RMines Inspection (Amendment) Bill
  369. 31/03/1993QWNStoney Creek Aboriginal Burial Site
  370. 31/03/1993QWNStoney Creek Aboriginal Burial Site
  371. 30/03/1993PRIVWollongong Hospital And Mrs Glenda Bidner
  372. 03/03/1993Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  373. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  374. 27/11/1992COMMKhappinghat Nature Reserve Bill
  375. 25/11/1992PRIVIllawarra Health Services And Death Of Mrs Eveline Carr
  376. 18/11/19922RCoal Mining Industry Long Service Leave (Repeal) Bill
  377. 17/11/19922RCoal and Oil Shale Mine Workers (Superannuation) Amendment Bill
  378. 17/11/1992QWNToomelah Aboriginal Community
  379. 13/11/19922R;COMMAppropriation Bill, Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum Products) A...
  380. 11/11/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Aboriginal Affairs
  381. 15/10/19922RKhappinghat Nature Reserve Bill
  382. 01/09/1992Legislation Committee upon the National Parks and Wildlife (Aboriginal...
  383. 07/05/19922RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
  384. 07/05/19922RCoal Industry (Amendment) Bill
  385. 06/05/19922R;COMMNsw Grain Corporation Holdings Limited Bill
  386. 05/05/19922R;COMMMining Bill
  387. 10/04/19922R;COMMGarigal National Park (Extension) Bill
  388. 09/04/1992Royal Commission Into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody
  389. 09/04/1992National Parks And Wildlife (Aboriginal Ownership) Amendment Bill
  390. 25/03/1992Her Majesty's Speech: Address in Reply
  391. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  392. 17/03/1992Aborigines And Black Deaths In Custody
  393. 11/12/19912R;COMMPetroleum (Onshore) Bill (No. 2)
  394. 10/12/19911R;2RAboriginal Land Rights (Amendment) Bill
  395. 14/11/1991QWNAboriginal Land Claims
  396. 12/11/19912RGovernment Insurance Office (Privatisation) Bill
  397. 30/10/19912RAppropriation Bill, Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum Products, M...
  398. 17/10/19912RProtection Of The Environment Administration Bill (No. 2)


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.