Knowles, Mr Craig speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 23/06/2005PRIVResignation of Ms Victoria Rands
  2. 23/06/2005QWNBuilding Sustainability Index
  3. 23/06/2005QWNFreight Infrastructure Advisory Board
  4. 08/06/20052REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Infrastructure and Ot...
  5. 27/05/20052REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Infrastructure and Ot...
  6. 26/05/2005QWNGround Water Structural Adjustment Package
  7. 25/05/20051R;2RNational Park Estate (Reservations) Bill
  8. 04/05/20052R;COMMEnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Development Contribut...
  9. 06/04/2005QWNMinister for Infrastructure and Planning, and Minister for Natural Res...
  10. 06/04/2005QWNPort Kembla Port Expansion
  11. 05/04/2005QWNMinister for Infrastructure and Planning, and Minister for Natural Res...
  12. 24/03/2005QWNSydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport Expansion
  13. 24/03/2005QWNTweed Shire Council Inquiry
  14. 23/03/2005URG MOTGround Water Structural Adjustment Package
  15. 23/03/2005URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  16. 01/03/2005Macquarie Fields Riots
  17. 24/02/2005QWNCatchment Management Authorities
  18. 23/02/2005QWNDr Kerry Keogh Parramatta Road Task Force Employment
  19. 08/12/2004QWNBarwon-Darling River System Water Supply
  20. 10/11/2004Death of Dr Elizabeth Anne Kernohan, AM, a Former Member of the Legisl...
  21. 09/11/2004QWNNative Vegetation Management
  22. 26/10/2004QWNBuilding Sustainability Index
  23. 20/10/2004QWNPlanning System Reforms
  24. 23/09/2004QWNSydney Harbour Foreshore Public Access
  25. 21/09/2004QWNWater Week Promotion Funding
  26. 21/09/2004QWNCatchment Management Authorities Projects
  27. 16/09/2004QWNSydney Growth Plan
  28. 14/09/2004Luna Park Area Development
  29. 14/09/2004QWNDesigner Outlets Centre, Liverpool, Closure
  30. 02/09/2004QWNNational Water Initiative
  31. 02/09/2004QWNMurray-Darling River System
  32. 01/09/2004QWNLiverpool City Council and Bulky Goods Retail Outlets
  33. 31/08/2004QWNDesigner Outlets Centre, Liverpool, Closure
  34. 31/08/2004QWNDesigner Outlets Centre, Liverpool, Closure
  35. 24/06/2004QWNCamden District Hospital Maternity Unit
  36. 23/06/2004QWNSouth Western Sydney Area Health Service Inquiry
  37. 22/06/2004QWNInfrastructure Budget
  38. 02/06/2004Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, and Minister for Natural Res...
  39. 02/06/2004Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, and Minister for Natural Res...
  40. 02/06/2004QWNLocal Councils Planning and Development Processes
  41. 01/06/20042RWater Management Amendment Bill
  42. 12/05/2004QWNParramatta Road Redevelopment
  43. 12/05/20041R;2RWater Management Amendment Bill
  44. 05/05/2004QWNDepartment of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources Restructure
  45. 01/04/2004QWNHealth Care Complaints Commission Inquiries Process
  46. 31/03/2004QWN;REPHealth Care Complaints Commission Funding
  47. 31/03/2004QWN;REPHealth Care Complaints Commission former Commissioner Ms Amanda Adrian
  48. 31/03/2004QWNNative Vegetation Clearing
  49. 31/03/2004QWNHealth Care Complaints Commission former Commissioner Ms Amanda Adrian
  50. 30/03/2004QWNState Forests Softwood Plantations Privatisation
  51. 18/03/2004QWNPlanning System Improvements
  52. 17/03/2004QWNNational Water Initiative
  53. 16/03/2004QWNLuna Park Area Development
  54. 16/03/2004QWNSouthern Area Health Service Budget
  55. 09/03/2004QWNNational Water Initiative
  56. 24/02/2004QWNBarwon-Darling River System Water Flows
  57. 19/02/2004QWNGarden Island Protection
  58. 18/02/2004QWNCamden District Hospital Maternity Unit
  59. 18/02/2004QWNState Environmental Planning Policy 5
  60. 17/02/2004QWNState Environmental Planning Policy 71
  61. 05/12/2003REP;COMMNatural Resources Commission Bill Native Vegetation Bill Catchment Man...
  62. 05/12/20032RClyde Waste Transfer Terminal (Special Provisions) Bill
  63. 02/12/2003QWNCamden and Campbelltown Hospitals Health Care Complaints Commission In...
  64. 02/12/2003QWNPort Botany Expansion
  65. 02/12/2003QWNCamden and Campbelltown Hospitals Health Care Complaints Commission In...
  66. 20/11/2003QWNNatural Resources Legislation
  67. 19/11/2003QWNFormer Minister for Health and Nurse Whistleblowers
  68. 19/11/2003QWNFormer Minister for Health and Nurse Whistleblowers
  69. 19/11/2003QWNFormer Minister for Health and Nurse Whistleblowers
  70. 19/11/20032RNatural Resources Commission Bill Native Vegetation Bill Catchment Man...
  71. 18/11/2003QWNFormer Macarthur Health Service Chief Executive Officer Ms Jennifer Co...
  72. 18/11/2003QWNFormer Macarthur Health Service Chief Executive Officer Ms Jennifer Co...
  73. 13/11/2003QWNFormer Macarthur Health Service Chief Executive Officer Ms Jennifer Co...
  74. 13/11/2003QWNMurray River Environmental Health
  75. 12/11/20031R;2RNatural Resources Commission Bill Native Vegetation Bill Catchment Man...
  76. 12/11/2003QWNNorthern Beaches Transport Needs
  77. 12/11/2003QWNFormer Macarthur Health Service Chief Executive Officer Ms Jennifer Co...
  78. 29/10/2003QWNNatural Resource Management
  79. 28/10/20032R;COMMEnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Development Consents)...
  80. 28/10/20031R;2RAppropriation (Health Super-Growth Fund) Bill
  81. 28/10/2003QWNRedbank 2 Power Station
  82. 28/10/2003QWNWater-Sharing Plans
  83. 17/10/20031R;2REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Development Consents)...
  84. 16/10/2003URG MOTNative Vegetation and Land Clearing Agreement
  85. 16/10/2003Native Vegetation and Land Clearing Agreement
  86. 16/10/2003URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  87. 14/10/2003QWNPublic Transport and Roads Infrastructure
  88. 14/10/2003QWNRedbank 2 Power Station
  89. 18/09/2003QWNHonourable Member for Wentworthville and Environmental Resources Manag...
  90. 02/09/2003QWNCouncil of Australian Governments Water Agreement
  91. 02/07/2003QWNNative Vegetation Management
  92. 01/07/2003QWNEpping to Chatswood Rail Link
  93. 24/06/20032R;COMMNational Park Estate (Reservations) Bill
  94. 24/06/2003Premier, Minister for the Arts, and Minister for Citizenship
  95. 24/06/2003QWNEpping to Castle Hill Rail Link
  96. 19/06/2003QWNWater Management Plans
  97. 18/06/2003QWNSouth Coast Timber Industry
  98. 17/06/2003QWNNational Water Plan Proposal
  99. 29/05/2003QWNDepartment of Infrastructure Planning and Natural Resources Establishment
  100. 28/05/2003QWNState Environmental Planning Policy No. 5
  101. 28/05/2003QWNDeath of Mrs Sarita Yakub
  102. 28/05/2003QWNDeath of Mrs Sarita Yakub
  103. 27/05/2003QWNDeath of Mrs Sarita Yakub
  104. 22/05/2003QWNState Environmental Planning Policy 71
  105. 21/05/2003QWNRail Bridge Safety
  106. 20/05/2003QWNMurray-Darling Basin
  107. 08/05/2003QWNKing Bros Bus Group Collapse
  108. 08/05/2003QWNNatural Resource Management
  109. 06/05/2003Appropriation (Budget Variations) Bill
  110. 01/05/2003PRIVManly and Mona Vale Hospitals
  111. 01/05/20031R;2RNational Park Estate (Reservations) Bill
  112. 01/05/2003QWNRural Rail Safety
  113. 30/04/2003Death of Mr James Anderson, Member for Londonderry
  114. 30/04/2003QWNEastern Distributor Construction Homes Damage Compensation
  115. 30/04/20031R;2RAppropriation (Budget Variations) Bill
  116. 21/11/2002QWNMurrumbidgee Electorate Mental Health Services
  117. 21/11/2002QWNCamden and Campbelltown Hospitals Emergency Departments
  118. 20/11/2002QWNCamden And Campbelltown Hospitals Emergency Departments
  119. 20/11/2002QWNTobacco Advertising Penalties
  120. 12/11/2002QWNComputerised Tomographic Full Body Scans
  121. 12/11/2002QWNWestmead Children's Hospital Emergency Department
  122. 31/10/2002QWNNurses Recruitment
  123. 31/10/2002QWNOasis Liverpool Development
  124. 30/10/2002QWNPrivate Health Insurance
  125. 30/10/2002Sydney Air Pollution
  126. 23/10/2002Death Of Dr Margaret Tobin
  127. 23/10/20021R;2RHuman Tissue and Anatomy Legislation Amendment Bill
  128. 22/10/2002Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council, Joint Sitting: Bali Terr...
  129. 26/09/2002QWNComputerised Tomographic Full Body Scans
  130. 25/09/2002QWNMedical Indemnity Insurance
  131. 24/09/2002QWNNurses Shortage
  132. 17/09/2002QWNRural Health Services
  133. 05/09/2002QWNNurse Practitioners
  134. 04/09/2002Business of the House
  135. 03/09/2002QWNHealth Services
  136. 27/06/2002Budget Estimates And Related Papers
  137. 26/06/2002QWNClinical Academics Medical Indemnity Insurance
  138. 25/06/2002QWNTamworth Public School Student Meningococcal Disease
  139. 20/06/2002QWNNurse Education and Training
  140. 20/06/2002Influenza
  141. 20/06/2002Queanbeyan District Hospital Upgrade
  142. 20/06/2002Hospital Emergency Department Patient Access
  143. 18/06/2002QWNPublic Hospital Admissions
  144. 18/06/2002QWNAuburn District Hospital Elective Surgery Project
  145. 05/06/2002QWNHospital Emergency Departments Patient Access
  146. 05/06/2002QWNHospital Rebuilding Program
  147. 30/05/2002QWNMedical Indemnity Insurance
  148. 08/05/2002PRIVTribute To Professor William McCarthy, AM
  149. 07/05/2002Professor Beverley Raphael
  150. 07/05/2002QWNMedical Indemnity Insurance
  151. 11/04/2002PRIVCabramatta Electorate Schools
  152. 10/04/2002Mental Health Services
  153. 09/04/2002QWNRozelle Hospital Site
  154. 21/03/2002QWNHospital Waiting Lists
  155. 21/03/2002QWNSteroid Abuse
  156. 21/03/2002United Medical Protection
  157. 20/03/2002QWNSmall Hospitals Program
  158. 20/03/2002QWNSouthern Area Health Service Budget Cuts
  159. 20/03/2002Business Of The House
  160. 19/03/2002QWNMonosodium Glutamate In Restaurant Food
  161. 14/03/2002QWNRural Health Services
  162. 14/03/2002Pap Smear Testing
  163. 13/03/2002QWNHospitals Performance Online Information Service
  164. 12/03/2002PRIVMedical Practitioners Professional Standards
  165. 12/03/2002QWNRural And Regional Health Programs Federal Funding
  166. 12/03/2002Pap Smear Testing
  167. 28/02/2002QWNMedical Indemnity Insurance
  168. 27/02/2002QWNNew England Health Services
  169. 06/12/2001QWNAmbulance Service Performance
  170. 05/12/2001QWNNew England Medical Practitioner Numbers
  171. 05/12/2001QWNDoctors Insurance Costs
  172. 05/12/2001Australian National Proton Facility
  173. 04/12/2001QWNRural Doctors Recruitment
  174. 04/12/2001QWNTamworth Base Hospital
  175. 04/12/2001Hornsby And Ku-ring-gai Hospital Storm Damage
  176. 28/11/2001QWNIllegal Amphetamines Production
  177. 27/11/2001Mini Jelly Cups Recall
  178. 16/11/2001PRIVM5 East Motorway
  179. 16/11/20011R;2RSuperannuation Legislation Amendment (Miscellaneous) Bill
  180. 16/11/20012RInsurance Protection Tax Amendment Bill
  181. 15/11/2001QWNTamworth Base Hospital Breast Screening Unit
  182. 15/11/2001QWNNew England Area Health Service
  183. 14/11/2001QWNTamworth Base Hospital Nuclear Medicine Unit
  184. 14/11/2001QWNNew England Area Health Service Transportation Facilities
  185. 14/11/2001QWNChildren's Health Strategy
  186. 14/11/2001QWNTamworth Base Hospital Nuclear Medicine Unit
  187. 13/11/2001QWNMetropolitan Health Strategy
  188. 13/11/2001QWNNew England Hospital Services
  189. 08/11/2001QWNWilliam McGarrity Prison Transfer
  190. 07/11/2001QWNPublic Hospitals And Health Centres Security
  191. 24/10/2001QWNAustralian Alcohol Guidelines
  192. 24/10/2001Business Of The House
  193. 18/10/2001QWNKempsey District Hospital Mental Facilities
  194. 18/10/2001QWNHospital Emergency Departments Access
  195. 18/10/2001QWNRural Hospitals Funding
  196. 18/10/2001QWNNurses Industrial Dispute
  197. 17/10/2001QWNWhooping Cough Epidemic
  198. 17/10/2001Business Of The House
  199. 16/10/2001QWNPassive Smoking
  200. 21/09/20011R;2RHuman Reproductive Cloning and Trans-Species Fertilisation Bill
  201. 21/09/20011R;2RGene Technology (New South Wales) Bill
  202. 20/09/2001PRIVGoulburn Base Hospital Nursing Staff Restructure
  203. 20/09/2001URG MOTNursing Home Accommodation
  204. 20/09/2001URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  205. 20/09/2001Albury-Wodonga Health Services
  206. 20/09/2001QWNAnsett Airlines Collapse
  207. 18/09/2001QWNTerrorist Attacks On The United States Of America
  208. 26/06/2001QWNVictims Of Torture
  209. 21/06/20012R;COMMHealth Care Liability Bill
  210. 21/06/20012RWorkers Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill (No 2)
  211. 19/06/20011R;2RHealth Care Liability Bill
  212. 19/06/2001QWNNew South Wales Ambulance Service
  213. 07/06/2001QWNChildren Burns Treatment
  214. 05/06/2001QWN;REPGreater Metropolitan Services Implementation Co-Ordination Group Report
  215. 31/05/2001QWNTobacco Smoking
  216. 30/05/2001QWNDental Health Services Funding
  217. 30/05/2001QWNNew England Area Health Service Multipurpose Services
  218. 29/05/2001QWNFood Safety Standards
  219. 12/04/2001Caffeinated Beverages
  220. 12/04/20011R;2RHuman Tissue Amendment Bill
  221. 10/04/2001PRIVBulli District Hospital
  222. 10/04/2001QWNHospital Emergency Services
  223. 04/04/2001Northern Beaches Hospital Services
  224. 04/04/2001QWNHeart Attack Treatment
  225. 03/04/2001QWNAged Care Funding
  226. 03/04/2001QWNHospital Care Management
  227. 29/03/2001QWNFederal-State Health Funding
  228. 08/03/2001QWNDeceased Children Organ Removal
  229. 08/03/2001QWNHuman Tissue Retention
  230. 06/03/2001QWNNew South Wales Ambulance Service Industrial Dispute
  231. 27/02/2001PRIVDr Owen James Compensation
  232. 27/02/2001Honourable Member For Gosford
  233. 27/02/2001Business Of The House
  234. 27/02/2001QWNMedical Indemnity Premiums
  235. 30/11/2000QWNChronic Illness
  236. 28/11/2000QWNAllandale Aged Care Facility Investigation
  237. 22/11/2000QWNHIV-AIDS Strategy
  238. 22/11/2000QWNRoyal North Shore Hospital Cardiac Bed Numbers
  239. 21/11/2000Food Labelling Standards
  240. 21/11/2000QWNMosquito-Transmitted Diseases
  241. 15/11/2000QWNTerminal Illness
  242. 14/11/2000QWNPrivate Health Insurance Subsidies
  243. 01/11/2000QWNMagnetic Resonance Imaging Facilities
  244. 31/10/2000PRIVCharles Wentworth Hospital Site
  245. 31/10/2000QWNHealthy People 2005 Program
  246. 12/10/2000QWNHepatitis C
  247. 12/10/2000National Mental Health Week
  248. 11/10/2000QWNNew South Wales Health Council
  249. 10/10/2000Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
  250. 10/10/2000QWNHuman Tissue Retention
  251. 17/08/2000PRIVTodd Clewett, Deputy Chief Of Staff To The Minister For Health
  252. 17/08/2000PRIVTumut Health Services
  253. 17/08/2000PRIVWallsend Primary Care Services Closure
  254. 17/08/2000QWNRural And Regional Health Services
  255. 15/08/2000QWNTobacco Smoking
  256. 09/08/2000QWNPsychologists Act Review
  257. 29/06/2000QWNNew Children's Hospital Research Facility Donation
  258. 22/06/2000QWNNurses Recruitment Campaign
  259. 07/06/2000QWNNew South Wales Health Statistics
  260. 01/06/2000QWN;REPHealth Council Report Recommendations
  261. 31/05/2000QWNTorture And Trauma Survivors Assistance
  262. 30/05/2000Red Cross Blood Bank Donations
  263. 24/05/2000QWNInverell Dialysis Services
  264. 24/05/2000QWNState Health Budget
  265. 04/05/2000QWNInfluenza Vaccination
  266. 04/05/20002RAlbury-Wodonga Development Repeal Bill
  267. 03/05/2000QWNInsulin-Dependent Diabetics Free Needles And Syringes
  268. 02/05/2000QWNSmoking Restrictions
  269. 13/04/2000QWNBiotechnology Research
  270. 13/04/2000QWNHealth Services Funding
  271. 13/04/2000Health Services Funding
  272. 12/04/2000QWNHealth Services Funding
  273. 12/04/2000QWNHealth Services Funding
  274. 12/04/2000QWNHealth Services Funding
  275. 05/04/2000QWN;REPNew South Wales Health Council Report
  276. 05/04/2000QWNGreater Murray Area Health Service Debts
  277. 05/04/2000QWNSouthern Highlands Ambulance Services
  278. 04/04/2000QWNDental Service Provision
  279. 18/11/1999QWNRural Medical Services
  280. 18/11/19991R;2RHealth Legislation Amendment Bill
  281. 18/11/1999QWNTattooing And Related Professions Health Standards
  282. 18/11/19992R;COMM;3RDrug Summit Legislative Response Bill
  283. 17/11/1999QWNWestmead Hospital Patient Discharge
  284. 16/11/1999QWNAmbulance Service Funding
  285. 16/11/1999QWNWestmead Hospital Industrial Dispute
  286. 10/11/1999New England Residential Aged Care Services
  287. 10/11/1999QWNMid North Coast Health Services
  288. 10/11/1999QWNHospital Emergency Services
  289. 10/11/1999QWNCorrections Health Service Mental Health Initiatives
  290. 09/11/19991R;2RDrug Summit Legislative Response Bill
  291. 09/11/1999QWNFederal Public Hospital Funding
  292. 28/10/1999QWNMail Order Pharmacy
  293. 28/10/1999QWNLatex Allergy
  294. 27/10/1999QWNRural And Regional Drug And Alcohol Counselling Services
  295. 27/10/1999QWNAmbulance Service Driver Safety
  296. 21/10/1999PRIVCoffs Harbour Legacy Nursing Home
  297. 19/10/1999QWNNursing Home Accommodation
  298. 22/09/19991R;2RPublic Health Amendment (Tobacco Control) Bill
  299. 21/09/1999QWNRegional Nursing Services
  300. 16/09/1999PRIVFarm Motor Vehicle Registration
  301. 16/09/1999QWNHospital Emergency Department Patient Access
  302. 15/09/1999QWNAeromedical Services Review
  303. 14/09/1999QWNWestmead Hospital Emergency Services
  304. 14/09/1999QWNPrince Of Wales Hospital Surgery Cancellation
  305. 14/09/1999QWNCanterbury And Dubbo Hospitals Investigations
  306. 14/09/1999QWNPublic Hospital Funding
  307. 09/09/1999QWNPatient Access Service
  308. 09/09/1999Leader of the Opposition
  309. 08/09/1999QWNHospital Waiting Lists
  310. 29/06/1999QWNHospital Emergency Department Access
  311. 24/06/1999QWNWestern Sydney Health Services
  312. 24/06/1999QWNCanterbury Hospital
  313. 24/06/1999QWNCanterbury Hospital
  314. 23/06/1999QWNCoffs Harbour Health Services
  315. 22/06/1999PRIVAeromedical Retrieval Services
  316. 22/06/1999QWNManly And Mona Vale Hospitals
  317. 22/06/1999QWNHealth Care
  318. 03/06/1999QWNHealth Capital Works Budget Cuts
  319. 03/06/1999QWNAeromedical Services
  320. 02/06/1999QWNHospital Winter Health Strategy
  321. 01/06/1999QWNRural Ambulance Services
  322. 27/05/1999QWNSt Vincent's Hospital Radiotherapy Unit
  323. 27/05/1999QWNWagga Wagga Base Hospital Elective Surgery
  324. 26/05/1999QWNCommonwealth-State Health Care Agreement Funding
  325. 25/05/1999QWNRural Multipurpose Service Facilities
  326. 13/05/1999QWNRural Health Services Debt
  327. 12/05/1999QWNRural Doctors
  328. 25/11/19982RSydney Water Catchment Management Bill
  329. 18/11/19981R;2RSydney Water Catchment Management Bill
  330. 18/11/1998QWNSydney Water Supply Contamination
  331. 17/11/19982RSydney Harbour Foreshore Authority Bill
  332. 28/10/19981R;2RSydney Harbour Foreshore Authority Bill
  333. 28/10/1998Heritage Amendment Bill
  334. 28/10/1998Business Of The House
  335. 27/10/1998COMMResidential Tenancies Amendment (Social Housing) Bill
  336. 27/10/1998Business Of The House
  337. 27/10/19982RResidential Tenancies Amendment (Social Housing) Bill
  338. 22/10/19982RWater Legislation Amendment (Drinking Water And Corporate Structure) Bill
  339. 21/10/1998QWNHunter Region Jobs Plan
  340. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  341. 20/10/19981R;2RHeritage Amendment Bill
  342. 20/10/19981R;2RResidential Tribunal Bill
  343. 20/10/1998QWNPlanning Approval Certification Scheme
  344. 15/10/19981R;2RWater Legislation Amendment (Drinking Water And Corporate Structure) Bill
  345. 15/10/19981R;2RResidential Tenancies Amendment (Social Housing) Bill
  346. 24/09/1998QWNSydney Water Supply Contamination
  347. 23/09/1998QWNSydney Water Corporation Board Members
  348. 22/09/1998QWNPublic Housing Tenancy Rules
  349. 17/09/1998QWNSydney Water Supply Contamination
  350. 16/09/1998QWNSydney Water Supply Contamination
  351. 16/09/1998QWNSydney Water Staffing Levels
  352. 16/09/1998QWNSydney Water Cash Reserves
  353. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  354. 15/09/1998QWNSydney Water Conference Travel
  355. 15/09/1998QWNSydney Water Supply Contamination
  356. 08/09/1998QWNSydney Water Supply Contamination
  357. 08/09/1998QWNProspect Water Filtration Plant Contract
  358. 08/09/1998QWNSydney Water Supply Contamination
  359. 08/09/1998New South Wales Government
  360. 08/09/1998QWNSydney Water Supply Contamination
  361. 25/06/1998Sewage Waste Recycling
  362. 24/06/1998PRIVAuburn Hospital
  363. 24/06/1998PRIVNational Park Policing
  364. 24/06/1998PRIVSutherland Shire Council Building Development
  365. 17/06/19982RAboriginal Housing Bill
  366. 17/06/1998QWNPublic Housing Smoke Alarm Installation Program
  367. 17/06/19982RPublic Sector Management Amendment Bill
  368. 17/06/19982RCourts Legislation Amendment Bill
  369. 17/06/19982RYoung Offenders Amendment Bill
  370. 04/06/19981R;2RCourts Legislation Amendment Bill
  371. 04/06/19982RCoastal Protection Amendment Bill (No 2)
  372. 02/06/1998QWNPicton Sewerage Scheme
  373. 02/06/1998QWNNorthside Storage Tunnel Spoil
  374. 02/06/1998QWNChichester Dam Electricity Generation
  375. 27/05/19982RSydney Cove Redevelopment Authority Amendment Bill
  376. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  377. 06/05/1998Sydney Opera House World Heritage Listing
  378. 30/04/1998Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement Funding
  379. 30/04/19982RListening Devices Amendment (Warrants) Bill
  380. 30/04/1998URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  381. 29/04/1998PRIVDalmar Estate Development
  382. 29/04/1998PRIVDepartment Of Housing Accommodation
  383. 28/04/1998Business Of The House
  384. 07/04/1998PRIVAdamstown Land Rezoning
  385. 07/04/1998URG MOTCommonwealth-State Housing Agreement
  386. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  387. 07/04/1998URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  388. 07/04/1998QWNSydney Dam Levels
  389. 02/04/1998PRIVSydney Water Plumbing Regulations
  390. 02/04/1998PRIVEast Fairfield Housing Estate
  391. 01/04/1998PRIVNewcastle Development
  392. 01/04/1998QWNHomeFund
  393. 01/04/1998QWNState Environmental Planning Policy 5
  394. 26/11/1997QWNElizabeth Street, Sydney, Aboriginal Sacred Site
  395. 26/11/1997QWNPublic Housing Funding
  396. 26/11/19972RVisy Mill Facilitation Bill
  397. 26/11/19972RKooragang Coal Terminal (Special Provisions) Bill
  398. 25/11/19971R;2RVisy Mill Facilitation Bill
  399. 19/11/19971R;2RKooragang Coal Terminal (Special Provisions) Bill
  400. 19/11/19971R;2RCoastal Protection Amendment Bill
  401. 12/11/19972R;3REnvironmental Planning And Assessment Amendment Bill
  402. 11/11/1997QWNCoastal Protection
  403. 15/10/19971R;2REnvironmental Planning And Assessment Amendment Bill
  404. 25/09/1997QWNAlleged Sydney Water Documents
  405. 25/09/1997QWNGreater Metropolitan Growth Strategy
  406. 23/09/1997PRIVNewcastle Proclaimed Place
  407. 23/09/1997QWNCabramatta Drug Use
  408. 23/09/1997QWNMacquarie Fields Policing
  409. 18/09/1997PRIVVillawood Urban Renewal
  410. 17/09/1997Death Of Mother Teresa
  411. 18/06/1997PRIVHousing For The Disabled
  412. 02/06/1997Legislative Council, General Purpose Standing Committees, Urban Affair...
  413. 29/05/1997PRIVAshfield Clearway Restrictions
  414. 29/05/1997PRIVWyong Shire Council Planning Policy
  415. 29/05/19972R;COMMEnvironmental Planning And Assessment Legislation Amendment Bill
  416. 29/05/19972RPort Kembla Development (Special Provisions) Bill
  417. 28/05/19971R;2RPort Kembla Development (Special Provisions) Bill
  418. 28/05/19971R;2RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
  419. 28/05/19971R;2REnvironmental Planning And Assessment Legislation Amendment Bill
  420. 27/05/1997QWNSydney Waterways Package
  421. 21/05/1997QWNSydney Olympic Village Planning Approval
  422. 15/05/1997Dissent
  423. 14/05/1997QWNCommonwealth-State Housing Agreement Funding
  424. 14/05/1997Newcastle Foreshore Hotel Development
  425. 07/05/1997Sydney Waterways Package
  426. 07/05/1997URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  427. 07/05/1997Newcastle Steelworks Closure
  428. 22/04/1997URG MOTCommonwealth-State Housing Agreement Funding
  429. 22/04/1997URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  430. 15/04/1997QWNEastern Distributor
  431. 09/04/1997Minister for Urban Affairs and Planning, and Minister for Housing
  432. 27/11/1996QWNSydney Second Airport Location
  433. 27/11/1996Reordering Of General Business
  434. 26/11/1996PRIVKeiraville Land Development
  435. 21/11/1996PRIVCoffs Harbour Pre-Apprenticeship Training
  436. 21/11/1996PRIVAlbion Park Land Subdivision
  437. 20/11/1996PRIVIllawarra Electorate Land Development
  438. 14/11/1996QWNSydney Showground Site Development
  439. 13/11/1996PRIVDepartment Of Defence Holsworthy Land
  440. 13/11/1996PRIVCommonwealth-State Housing Agreement Funding
  441. 13/11/1996PRIVNorth Head Planning Policy
  442. 31/10/1996QWNIllawarra Water Quality
  443. 30/10/1996PRIVState Environmental Planning Policy 46
  444. 24/10/1996URG MOTDepartment of Defence Middle Head Land
  445. 24/10/1996Overhead Cabling
  446. 23/10/19962R;COMMHeritage Amendment Bill
  447. 23/10/19962RHeritage Amendment Bill
  448. 22/10/1996QWNCryptosporidium Levels
  449. 15/10/1996QWNLindsay Electorate By-Election
  450. 15/10/1996QWNLindsay Electorate By-Election
  451. 26/09/1996PRIVPinny Beach Development
  452. 25/09/19961R;2RHeritage Amendment Bill
  453. 18/09/1996QWNCommonwealth Public Housing Funding
  454. 20/06/1996PRIVNorthcott Electorate Roads
  455. 20/06/1996PRIVLake Illawarra And Warilla Beach Capital Works
  456. 20/06/1996PRIVGreen Point Action Group
  457. 20/06/1996PRIVSmall Business Regulation
  458. 20/06/1996PRIVGladesville Returned Services League Seventy-Fifth Anniversary
  459. 20/06/1996PRIVWentworth Shire Street Violence
  460. 20/06/19962REnvironmental Planning And Assessment Amendment (Public Authorities) Bill
  461. 20/06/19962R;COMMEnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill
  462. 19/06/1996QWNLandcom Financial Management
  463. 19/06/1996QWNWater Pricing Reform
  464. 19/06/1996QWNLandcom Land Sales
  465. 19/06/1996QWNLandcom Land Sales
  466. 19/06/1996QWNLandcom Land Sales
  467. 19/06/19961R;2REnvironmental Planning And Assessment Amendment (Public Authorities) Bill
  468. 12/06/1996PRIVWoolloomooloo Bay Redevelopment
  469. 12/06/1996PRIVWyong River Bank Erosion
  470. 12/06/19962REnvironmental Planning And Water Legislation Amendment Bill
  471. 12/06/19962RState Environmental Planning (Permissible Mining) Bill
  472. 06/06/19961R;2RState Environmental Planning (Permissible Mining) Bill
  473. 30/05/1996URG MOTCommonwealth-State Housing Agreement Funding
  474. 28/05/1996URG MOTDepartment Of Defence Holsworthy Land
  475. 28/05/1996URG MOTDepartment Of Defence Holsworthy Land
  476. 28/05/1996URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  477. 22/05/1996PRIVGriffith Land Subdivisions
  478. 22/05/1996QWNHousing For The Mentally Ill
  479. 21/05/1996QWNHeritage Policy
  480. 16/05/1996PRIVMary Brooks Banks Special School
  481. 16/05/1996PRIVProposed Southern Copper Plant Reopening
  482. 16/05/1996PRIVState Rail And Mr T. Power
  483. 16/05/1996PRIVBeverly Hills Primary School Facilities
  484. 16/05/1996PRIVElectricity Supply Authorities Restructure
  485. 16/05/1996PRIVVickery Coalmine Dispute
  486. 16/05/1996PRIVWheel Clamping
  487. 16/05/1996QWNPublic Housing Private Sector Investment
  488. 14/05/1996QWNPublic Housing Smoke Detectors
  489. 13/12/1995Housing Policy
  490. 07/12/19951R;2REnvironmental Planning Legislation Amendment Bill
  491. 07/12/19951R;2REnvironmental Planning And Assessment Amendment (Delegation) Bill
  492. 07/12/1995QWNDepartment Of Housing House Fires
  493. 06/12/19951R;2REnvironmental Planning And Assessment (Contaminated Land) Amendment Bill
  494. 06/12/1995QWNCronulla Sewage Treatment Plant
  495. 05/12/1995URG MOTBush Fire Fighting Water Supplies
  496. 05/12/1995PRIVKembla Grange Industrial Land
  497. 05/12/1995URG MOTBush Fire Fighting Water Supplies
  498. 05/12/1995URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  499. 23/11/19952R;COMM;3RNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Game Birds Protection) Bill
  500. 23/11/19951R;2REnvironmental Planning And Assessment Amendment Bill
  501. 22/11/1995QWNLandcom Restructure
  502. 21/11/1995URG MOTSafety of Public Housing Estates
  503. 21/11/1995URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  504. 16/11/1995PRIVUse Of Biosolids On Farming Properties
  505. 15/11/1995Flood Mitigation
  506. 15/11/1995QWNBoolaroo Zinc And Lead Smelter
  507. 01/11/1995Legislative Council Estimates Committees, Urban Affairs And Planning, ...
  508. 26/10/1995PRIVBungan Beach Sewerage Project
  509. 26/10/1995PRIVBuilding Better Cities Program
  510. 26/10/1995Sydney Harbour Foreshore Military Land
  511. 24/10/1995QWNHousing For People With HIV-AIDS
  512. 18/10/1995PRIVHigher School Certificate Students
  513. 18/10/1995PRIVHomeless Lesbians And Gay Youth
  514. 18/10/1995PRIVHeffron Electorate Bank Closures
  515. 18/10/1995PRIVBungan Beach Sewerage Project
  516. 18/10/1995PRIVManly-Warringah Peninsula Transport Services
  517. 17/10/1995QWNWarragamba Dam
  518. 17/10/1995QWNSydney Showground Site Development
  519. 12/10/1995Water Board (Corporatisation) Act: Disallowance Of Regulation
  520. 12/10/1995QWNKira Child-Care Centre Possible Soil Contamination
  521. 10/10/1995PRIVCronulla Electorate Surf-Lifesaving Clubs
  522. 10/10/1995QWNMining Industry Planning Controls
  523. 20/09/1995COMMEndangered Fauna (Interim Protection) Amendment Bill
  524. 07/06/1995PRIVJamberoo Sewerage Services
  525. 06/06/1995PRIVGainsborough Sewage Treatment Plant
  526. 31/05/1995QWNWater Restrictions
  527. 25/05/1995URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  528. 23/05/1995QWNM2 Motorway Boundaries
  529. 23/05/1995QWNM2 Motorway Boundaries
  530. 02/05/1995Death Of Anthony Kenneth Doyle, A Former Member Of The Legislative Ass...
  531. 02/12/19942R;COMMWater Board (Corporatisation) Bill
  532. 02/12/19942R;COMMBadgerys Creek Waste Facility Bill
  533. 01/12/1994COMMLake Macquarie State Recreation Area Bill
  534. 24/11/1994PRIVIngleburn Teenage Gangs
  535. 24/11/1994Consideration of Urgent Motions
  536. 17/11/1994PRIVMilperra Floodway Zoning
  537. 15/11/1994PRIVSouth-West Sydney Policing
  538. 27/10/19942RWater Board (Corporatisation) Bill
  539. 27/10/19942R;COMMAppropriation Bill, Parliamentary Appropriation Bill, Business Franchi...
  540. 27/10/1994Standing Committee On the Environmental Impact of Capital Works
  541. 13/10/1994PRIVIngleburn Fire Station
  542. 12/10/1994PRIVLegal Proceedings Against Mr Henry Cassar
  543. 22/09/1994PRIVIngleburn Fire Station Proposed Closure
  544. 20/09/1994PRIVMoorebank Public School Facilities
  545. 14/09/1994PRIVHeathcote Road Upgrading
  546. 13/05/1994COMMBush Fires (Further Amendment) Bill
  547. 10/05/1994PRIVWater Skiing On Chipping Norton Lake
  548. 03/05/1994PRIV"Glendallo", Varroville, Crown Road Access
  549. 21/04/19942R;COMMTimber Industry (Interim Protection) Amendment Bill
  550. 21/04/1994REPJoint Select Committee Upon The Sydney Water Board
  551. 09/03/1994URG MOTSelect Committee On the M2 Castlereagh Tollway
  552. 02/03/1994National Parks and Wildlife Service and Wilderness Areas Information
  553. 19/11/19932R;COMMEnvironmental Planning And Assessment (Part 5) Amendment Bill
  554. 18/11/1993Local Government Act: Disallowance Of Regulation
  555. 27/10/1993QWNWater Board Efficiency
  556. 15/09/19931R;2REndangered Fauna (Interim Protection) Amendment Bill
  557. 15/09/1993Endangered And Other Threatened Species Conservation Bill
  558. 09/09/1993Funeral Costs Of Macquarie Fields House Fire Victims
  559. 21/05/19932R;COMMProtection Of The Environment Administration (Amendment) Bill
  560. 21/05/19932R;COMMSouth East Forests Protection Bill
  561. 13/05/1993Cannes Film Festival And Australian Films
  562. 13/05/1993Joint Select Committee Upon The Sydney Water Board
  563. 29/04/19932R;COMMCentennial Park And Moore Park Trust (Royal Easter Show) Amendment Bill
  564. 22/04/19932RWilderness (Private Property Rights) Amendment Bill
  565. 01/04/1993PRIVMacquarie Fields Contaminated Soil
  566. 01/04/19932R;COMMCastlereagh Liquid Waste Disposal Depot Bill
  567. 11/03/19932RCastlereagh Liquid Waste Disposal Depot Bill
  568. 11/03/19932RCastlereagh Liquid Waste Disposal Depot Bill
  569. 09/03/1993Sydney Heliport
  570. 27/11/19922R;COMMCentennial Park and Moore Park Trust Macquarie Sydney Common) Amendmen...
  571. 27/11/1992COMMKhappinghat Nature Reserve Bill
  572. 26/11/19922REnvironmental Planning And Assessment (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill
  573. 26/11/19922REnvironmental Planning And Assessment (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill
  574. 26/11/19922REnvironmental Planning and Assessment (Contributions Plans) Amendment Bill
  575. 26/11/19922REnvironmental Planning and Assessment (Contributions Plans) Amendment Bill
  576. 26/11/19922REnvironmental Planning and Assessment (Contributions Plans) Amendment Bill
  577. 26/11/19922REnvironmental Planning and Assessment (Contributions Plans) Amendment Bill
  578. 26/11/19922REndangered Fauna (Interim Protection) Amendment Bill
  579. 26/11/19922REndangered Fauna (Interim Protection) Amendment Bill
  580. 25/11/1992PRIVGreater Western Sydney Economic Development Statement
  581. 19/11/19922RTraffic (Offences) Amendment Bill
  582. 19/11/1992REPCommittee Upon the Natural Resources Management Council Bill and Cogna...
  583. 18/11/1992PRIVLocal Government Approval Of Capital Works Projects
  584. 18/11/1992QWNIndustrial Development Job Creation Program
  585. 13/11/19922R;COMMAppropriation Bill, Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum Products) A...
  586. 27/10/1992PRIVBunbury Curran Creek Rail Overbridge Noise Pollution
  587. 22/10/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Planning and Housing
  588. 15/10/1992Joint Select Committee Upon Waste Management
  589. 15/10/1992Business Of The House
  590. 15/10/19922RKhappinghat Nature Reserve Bill
  591. 13/10/1992PRIVMacquarie Fields Police Staffing
  592. 27/03/1992REPRegulation Review Committee
  593. 26/03/1992Her Majesty's Speech: Address in Reply
  594. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  595. 10/03/1992COMMTimber Industry (Interim Protection) Bill
  596. 06/03/1992COMM;3RTimber Industry (Interim Protection) Bill
  597. 06/03/19922R;COMMTimber Industry (Interim Protection) Bill
  598. 03/03/1992Federal Economic Statement: Impact On New South Wales
  599. 12/12/1991COMMEndangered Fauna (Interim Protection) Bill
  600. 12/12/19912REndangered Fauna (Interim Protection) Bill
  601. 11/12/19912R;COMMEnvironmental Planning and Assessment (Contributions Plans) Amendment Bill
  602. 05/12/1991REPRegulation Review Committee


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.