Jeffery, Mr Bruce speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 25/11/1998ADJSpecial Adjournment
  2. 25/11/1998Valedictory Speeches
  3. 17/11/19982RForestry And National Park Estate Bill
  4. 22/10/1998PRIVMacleay Valley Workplace Learning Centre
  5. 21/10/19982RResidential Tenancies Amendment (Social Housing) Bill
  6. 21/10/19982RRural Lands Protection Bill
  7. 13/10/19982RRoad Transport (Driver Licensing) Bill
  8. 13/10/1998PRIVArakoon State Recreation Area Trust Dissolution
  9. 24/09/1998Canterbury-Bankstown Rugby League Football Club
  10. 08/09/1998PRIVKempsey Health Services
  11. 23/06/19982RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  12. 18/06/19982RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  13. 17/06/19982RAboriginal Housing Bill
  14. 03/06/1998PRIVPublic Education Sesquicentenary
  15. 28/05/19982R;COMMFair Trading Amendment Bill, Home Building Amendment Bill, Landlord an...
  16. 06/05/1998Fisheries Management Act: Disallowance of Fisheries Management (Genera...
  17. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  18. 06/05/1998QWNSchool Student Literacy Assessment Tests
  19. 30/04/19982RParliamentary Electorates And Elections Amendment (Voter Identificatio...
  20. 07/04/1998URG MOTCommonwealth-State Housing Agreement
  21. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  22. 01/04/1998Joint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  23. 31/03/1998PRIVBowraville Central School
  24. 26/11/1997ADJSpecial Adjournment
  25. 26/11/19972RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No 2)
  26. 19/11/1997PRIVOverseas Trained Doctors
  27. 13/11/19972RFisheries Management Amendment Bill
  28. 12/11/1997Business of the House
  29. 15/10/1997Hotel And Club Trading Hours
  30. 14/10/1997Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  31. 24/09/1997PRIVRoads And Traffic Authority Assistance To Members Of Parliament
  32. 16/09/1997Sessional Orders
  33. 18/06/19972RFair Trading Legislation Amendment Bill
  34. 17/06/1997Traffic Amendment (Street And Illegal Drag Racing) Act
  35. 20/05/19972RAppropriation Bill, Accommodation Levy Bill, Appropriation (Parliament...
  36. 07/05/1997QWNDepartment Of Mineral Resources Mailing Lists
  37. 07/05/1997QWNDepartment Of Mineral Resources Mailing Lists
  38. 23/04/19972RFish Marketing Amendment (Deregulation) Bill
  39. 16/04/1997REPJoint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  40. 16/04/19972RMental Health Legislation Amendment Bill
  41. 15/04/1997PRIVPacific Highway Black Spots
  42. 27/11/1996Corella Christian Homes Trust
  43. 27/11/1996PRIVCoffs Harbour Storm Damage
  44. 26/11/19962RForestry Revocation And National Park Reservation Bill
  45. 20/11/19962RFisheries Management Amendment (Advisory Bodies) Bill
  46. 20/11/1996QWNPolice Station Closures
  47. 19/11/1996COMMMining Legislation Amendment Bill
  48. 19/11/1996QWNPort Macquarie Dialysis Services
  49. 31/10/1996QWNSchool Student Transport Scheme Payments
  50. 30/10/1996Business Of The House
  51. 29/10/19962RReal Property Amendment Bill
  52. 22/10/1996Minister for Agriculture
  53. 17/10/1996PRIVOxley Highway Upgrade
  54. 16/10/19962RLiquor Amendment (Nightclub Licences And Trading Hours) Bill
  55. 16/10/1996Euthanasia
  56. 25/09/1996PRIVKempsey Noise Pollution
  57. 25/09/1996Standing Orders
  58. 18/09/19962RTotalizator (Off-Course Betting) Amendment Bill
  59. 18/09/19962RHome Detention Bill
  60. 17/09/1996PRIVSessional Orders
  61. 20/06/19962R;COMMFirearms Bill
  62. 20/06/19961R;2RState Revenue Legislation Amendment (Howard and Costello) Bill
  63. 19/06/1996Lord Howe Island Storm Damage
  64. 19/06/19962R;COMMForests and Flora Reserves Revocation Bill
  65. 12/06/19962RBanana Industry Amendment Bill
  66. 11/06/1996PRIVCrescent Head Crown Land Subdivision
  67. 21/05/1996PRIVFire Trail And Forest Road Maintenance
  68. 21/05/1996QWNState Environmental Planning Policy 46
  69. 15/05/19962RCrimes Amendment (Mandatory Life Sentences) Bill
  70. 02/05/1996Police Pursuits
  71. 24/04/1996Police Pursuits
  72. 23/04/19962RState Sports Centre Trust Amendment Bill
  73. 23/04/19962RExhibited Animals Protection Amendment Bill
  74. 18/04/1996REPJoint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  75. 13/12/1995PRIVFishing From Rock Platforms
  76. 12/12/19952RPawnbrokers And Second-Hand Dealers Bill
  77. 07/12/1995QWNAccess to National Parks
  78. 06/12/19952R;COMMLocal Government Amendment (Alcohol-Free Zones) Bill
  79. 06/12/19952RElectricity Supply Bill, Energy Services Corporations Bill, Sustainabl...
  80. 22/11/1995Dissent
  81. 16/11/19952RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Motor Vehicles Ta...
  82. 16/11/1995Bullet-Resistant Vests
  83. 24/10/1995PRIVOxley Electorate School Facilities
  84. 19/10/19952RMichael Black Compensation Bill
  85. 12/10/19952RForestry Amendment (Control Signs) Bill
  86. 11/10/19952RSports Drug Testing Bill
  87. 11/10/19952RStock Diseases Amendment Bill
  88. 11/10/19952RVeterinary Surgeons Amendment Bill
  89. 10/10/1995PRIVTimbertown
  90. 08/06/19952RTree Plantations (Harvest Security) Bill
  91. 31/05/1995PRIVPacific Oysters
  92. 31/05/19952RStatute Law Revision (Local Government) Bill
  93. 25/05/1995REPJoint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  94. 24/05/19952RTotalizator Legislation Amendment Bill
  95. 30/11/19942RChildren (Parental Responsibility) Bill, Summary Offences and Other Le...
  96. 29/11/1994QWNBadgerys Creek Airport
  97. 24/11/1994Joint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety Report No. 26: Pedestrian Sa...
  98. 23/11/1994Warrawong Services and Facilities
  99. 23/11/19942RState Debt Control (Balanced Budgets) Bill
  100. 22/11/1994Nambucca Council
  101. 22/11/1994Defiance Fine Foods Proprietary Limited
  102. 17/11/1994QWNRural Communities Water Supplies
  103. 17/11/1994Parliamentary Electorates and Elections (Method of Voting) Amendment Bill
  104. 25/10/1994PRIVHat Head National Park Ground Water
  105. 20/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Small Business And Regional Development
  106. 20/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Chief Secretary and Administrative Services
  107. 19/10/1994Joint Estimates Committee, The Legislature
  108. 19/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Premier and Minister for Economic Development
  109. 18/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Land and Water Conservation
  110. 13/10/1994PRIVMental Health
  111. 13/10/1994QWNDrought Relief
  112. 13/10/1994Business Of The House
  113. 20/09/1994PRIVVandalism In State Forests
  114. 15/09/19942RRural Lands Protection (Amendment) Bill
  115. 13/09/1994Death Of John Paul Newman, Member For Cabramatta
  116. 13/05/1994QWNRoyal Commission Into The Police Service
  117. 10/05/19942R;COMMFisheries Management Bill
  118. 05/05/1994QWNServices For Children In Care
  119. 05/05/1994REPSydney Market Authority Report
  120. 05/05/19942RHomefund Legislation (Amendment) Bill
  121. 21/04/19942R;COMMTimber Industry (Interim Protection) Amendment Bill
  122. 10/03/1994Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  123. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  124. 10/03/19941080 Poisoning
  125. 08/03/1994State Rail Authority Freight Campaign
  126. 16/11/1993QWNMabo Legislation Compensation And Administrative Costs Decision
  127. 11/11/1993QWNChildren Of God Proceedings
  128. 27/10/1993PRIV"Pickett Hill" Property Aboriginal Land Claim
  129. 21/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Land and Water Conservation
  130. 20/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Premier And Minister For Economic Development
  131. 19/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees
  132. 18/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Chief Secretary and Minister for Administr...
  133. 14/10/19932RLand Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Amendment Bill
  134. 12/10/1993Minister For Agriculture And Fisheries, And Sydney Fish Market
  135. 09/09/19932RRural Lands Protection (Noxious Animals) Amendment Bill
  136. 07/09/1993Chairman Of Committees
  137. 19/05/1993QWNAboriginal Employment And Training
  138. 18/05/1993PRIVGigas Oyster
  139. 12/05/1993QWNCoal Production
  140. 29/04/1993PRIVNorth Coast Sleeper Cutters
  141. 28/04/1993QWNIntertidal Invertebrates
  142. 27/04/19932RNew South Wales - Queensland Border Rivers (Amendment) Bill
  143. 22/04/19932RWilderness (Private Property Rights) Amendment Bill
  144. 21/04/19932RLocal Government Bill, Impounding Bill, Local Government (Consequentia...
  145. 20/04/1993Minister For Sport, Recreation And Racing
  146. 01/04/19932RMines Inspection (Amendment) Bill
  147. 11/03/19932RParliamentary Electorates and Elections (Method of Voting) Amendment Bill
  148. 09/03/1993Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  149. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  150. 04/03/1993QWNTomago Aluminium Smelter
  151. 25/02/1993PRIVUrunga Railway Station Toilet Facilities
  152. 27/11/1992COMMKhappinghat Nature Reserve Bill
  153. 26/11/1992QWNCouncil Rates Rebates For Pensioners
  154. 26/11/1992QWNCouncil Rates Rebates For Pensioners
  155. 19/11/1992PRIVRacist Television Programs
  156. 19/11/1992QWNInvestment In Mineral-Based Industries
  157. 19/11/19921R;2RWilderness (Private Property Rights) Amendment Bill
  158. 12/11/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Community Services
  159. 29/10/19922RAuctioneers and Agents (Amendment) Bill (No. 2)
  160. 29/10/1992PRIVChain Letters
  161. 29/10/19922RPublic Hospital Services (Control of Privatisation) Bill
  162. 22/10/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Chief Secretary and Administrative Services
  163. 15/10/19922RKhappinghat Nature Reserve Bill
  164. 14/10/1992QWNMilk Packaging
  165. 24/09/19922RFisheries and Oyster Farms (Closure of Waters) Amendment Bill
  166. 23/09/1992PRIVNambucca Heads Senior Citizens Home
  167. 23/09/1992QWNRegional Development Boards
  168. 17/09/19922RSummary Offences (Prostitution) Amendment Bill
  169. 15/09/1992REPJoint Select Committee Upon The Process And Funding Of The Electoral S...
  170. 01/09/1992REPJoint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  171. 01/09/1992QWNProtection Of Native Fish
  172. 01/07/19922RCoal Industry (Amendment) Bill
  173. 08/05/19922R;3RSoil Conservation Service (Special Provisions) Bill
  174. 07/05/19922RFinancial Institutions (New South Wales) Bill, Financial Institutions ...
  175. 07/05/1992QWNFederal Government Health Funding
  176. 05/05/1992PRIVCedar Place Hostel
  177. 05/05/1992QWNMining Expansion
  178. 01/05/1992Port Macquarie Base Hospital
  179. 30/04/19922RCo-Operatives Bill
  180. 29/04/19922RState Roads (Toll Works) Amendment Bill
  181. 07/04/1992Privatisation of Health Services
  182. 27/03/19922R;3RMoonee Beach Nature Reserve Bill
  183. 26/03/1992QWNPort Macquarie Hospital
  184. 24/03/1992Her Majesty's Speech: Address in Reply
  185. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  186. 24/03/1992QWNNambucca Heads Home Park
  187. 20/03/1992QWNHospital Services Management
  188. 18/03/1992Health Services Privatisation
  189. 10/03/1992COMMTimber Industry (Interim Protection) Bill
  190. 05/03/19922RTimber Industry (Interim Protection) Bill
  191. 05/03/1992QWNEndangered Fauna Protection Legislation
  192. 05/03/19922RDriving Instructors Bill
  193. 27/02/1992QWNFederal Economic Statement: Roads Funding
  194. 11/12/19912RRivers And Foreshores Improvement (Amendment) Bill (No. 2)
  195. 11/12/19912RPetroleum (Submerged Lands) Further Amendment Bill
  196. 11/12/19912R;COMMPetroleum (Onshore) Bill (No. 2)
  197. 10/12/1991QWNWestern Sydney Region Business Investment
  198. 09/12/1991COMMProtection of the Environment Administration Bill (No. 2)
  199. 09/12/1991PRIVYessabah Limestone Quarry
  200. 09/12/1991COMMProtection of the Environment Administration Bill (No. 2)
  201. 09/12/19912R;COMMProtection of the Environment Administration Bill (No. 2)
  202. 15/11/1991QWNTAFE Federal Funding
  203. 15/11/1991QWNTAFE Federal Funding
  204. 15/11/19912RNattai National Park Bill
  205. 23/10/1991PRIVNambucca Heads Railway Station Public Telephone
  206. 15/10/19912RAppropriation Bill Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum Products) Am...
  207. 19/09/1991Bowraville Central School
  208. 18/09/1991QWNDriving Instructor Licensing


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.