Griffin, The Hon Kayee speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 02/12/2010Seasonal Felicitations
  2. 02/12/2010QWNMajor Project Development Approvals
  3. 02/12/2010REPJoint Standing Committee on the office of The Valuer-General
  4. 01/12/2010ADJNewport Public School Aboriginal Parenting Book
  5. 01/12/2010QWNDomestic Violence Death Review Team
  6. 23/11/2010QWNState Economy
  7. 11/11/2010ADJTribute to Sir Neville Howse
  8. 11/11/2010Armistice Day
  9. 11/11/2010QWNRail Turnback Projects
  10. 11/11/2010REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  11. 10/11/2010QWNElectronic Housing Code Project
  12. 09/11/20102R;3RHealth Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2010
  13. 28/10/2010National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974: Disallowance of National Parks a...
  14. 27/10/2010REPJoint Standing Committee on the Office of the Valuer General
  15. 27/10/2010QWNReview of Criminal Law on Death of Unborn Children
  16. 26/10/2010QWNState Economy
  17. 26/10/20102RParliamentary Budget Officer Bill 2010
  18. 26/10/2010REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  19. 21/10/2010Breast Cancer
  20. 21/10/2010QWNHunter Region Disability Services
  21. 20/10/2010QWNInfrastructure Funding
  22. 19/10/2010QWNOuter Suburban Train Carriages
  23. 22/09/2010ADJSudden Infant Death Syndrome
  24. 21/09/2010QWNHome Building Codes
  25. 21/09/20102R;3RElectronic Transactions Amendment Bill 2010
  26. 09/09/20102R;3RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment (Children's...
  27. 09/09/2010National Stroke Week
  28. 09/09/2010Business of the House
  29. 08/09/2010QWNDisability Services
  30. 07/09/2010ADJDaffodil Day
  31. 07/09/20102RAdoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  32. 07/09/2010QWNTransport Plan
  33. 02/09/2010ADJTribute to Val Melville, OAM
  34. 02/09/2010Early Intervention Programs
  35. 01/09/2010Barangaroo Development
  36. 01/09/2010Business of the House
  37. 31/08/2010QWNCityRail Cashless Ticket Vending Machines
  38. 24/06/2010QWNMetropolitan Strategy Review
  39. 23/06/2010ADJAvalon Tattoo
  40. 23/06/2010Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  41. 23/06/2010QWNState Investment Attraction
  42. 22/06/2010QWNDisability Services and Residential Facilities
  43. 22/06/20102R;3RBanana Industry Repeal Bill 2010
  44. 10/06/2010ADJBoer War
  45. 10/06/2010QWNBudget Initiatives
  46. 09/06/20102R;3RNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Visitors and Tourists) Bill 2010
  47. 09/06/20102RCommercial Arbitration Bill 2010
  48. 09/06/2010QWNLand and Property Management Authority
  49. 08/06/2010QWNPlanning Reforms
  50. 03/06/2010National Reconciliation Week
  51. 01/06/2010QWNKu-ring-gai Local Government Planning
  52. 01/06/2010REPJoint Standing Committee on the Office of the Valuer General
  53. 20/05/2010Agricultural Shows and Town Festivals
  54. 19/05/2010ADJInternational Missing Children's Day
  55. 18/05/2010QWNSmall Business Cluster Program
  56. 18/05/20102RCourt Information Bill 2010
  57. 12/05/2010REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  58. 12/05/2010REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  59. 12/05/2010QWNCosting of Election Promises
  60. 11/05/2010ADJSt Joseph's Family Services
  61. 25/02/2010CBD Metro
  62. 25/02/2010QWNRed Tape Reduction Target
  63. 24/02/2010ADJFire Brigades Misconduct Allegations
  64. 24/02/2010REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  65. 24/02/2010REPJoint Standing Committee on the Office of the Valuer General
  66. 24/02/2010Ovarian Cancer
  67. 23/02/20102RProtection of Public Ownership Bill 2009
  68. 03/12/2009ADJInternational Day of People with Disability
  69. 03/12/2009REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  70. 02/12/20092R;3RJudicial Officers Amendment Bill 2009
  71. 02/12/2009QWNSupport for Victims of Crime
  72. 01/12/2009ADJAnzac Memorial
  73. 26/11/2009QWNOyster Industry
  74. 25/11/2009QWNViolence Against Women White Ribbon Day
  75. 24/11/2009Deputy-President and Chair of Committees
  76. 12/11/2009Remembrance Day
  77. 11/11/2009ADJHerne Bay Hospital
  78. 11/11/2009QWNDeceptive Legal Advertising Serious Sex Offenders
  79. 10/11/2009QWNGraffiti Vandalism
  80. 10/11/2009Select Committee on the NSW Taxi Industry
  81. 29/10/2009ADJAll Saints Grammar School Belmore Junior Campus
  82. 29/10/2009Breast Cancer
  83. 29/10/2009Legal Aid New South Wales
  84. 29/10/2009QWNState Economy
  85. 28/10/2009REPJoint Standing Committee on the Office of the Valuer General
  86. 28/10/2009QWNSurf Beach Protection
  87. 22/10/2009Wallsend Aged Care Facility
  88. 22/10/2009QWNCrave Sydney Festival
  89. 21/10/2009REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  90. 20/10/2009ADJLabour Day
  91. 20/10/20092RMajor Events Bill 2009
  92. 20/10/2009QWNCoastal Erosion
  93. 24/09/2009ADJChild Friendly Environments
  94. 24/09/2009QWNSentencing Information Forums
  95. 23/09/2009ADJUnited Nations International Day of Peace
  96. 23/09/20092R;3RLiquor Amendment (Temporary Licence Freeze) Bill 2009
  97. 23/09/2009REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  98. 22/09/2009QWNEnvironmental Degradation and Sustainability
  99. 10/09/2009QWNWaterways Program
  100. 10/09/2009Ambulance Rescue Services
  101. 10/09/2009Privileges Committee
  102. 08/09/2009ADJTribute to Cheryl Chalmers
  103. 08/09/2009QWNPublic Sector Reform
  104. 03/09/2009QWNCriminal Appeal Reforms
  105. 03/09/2009REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  106. 02/09/2009Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  107. 02/09/2009QWNSerious Sex Offender Monitoring Program
  108. 01/09/2009REPJoint Standing Committee on the Office of the Valuer General
  109. 23/06/2009ADJTribute to Phyllis Butterfield, OAM
  110. 23/06/2009QWNLegal Dispute Resolution Services
  111. 18/06/2009Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme
  112. 17/06/2009QWNWorkplace Relations Ministers Council
  113. 04/06/2009QWNOffender Rehabilitation and Assistance Dogs
  114. 03/06/20092R;3RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Jurisdiction of Industrial Relations C...
  115. 03/06/2009QWNChildren's Court
  116. 02/06/2009ADJThe Good Life in Kendall Project
  117. 02/06/2009QWNNorth Coast Flood Insurance Claims
  118. 14/05/2009REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  119. 14/05/2009QWNVolunteers in Policing Program
  120. 13/05/2009State Economy
  121. 13/05/2009QWNHospital Funding
  122. 12/05/20092REducation Amendment Bill 2009
  123. 07/05/2009Economic Growth
  124. 07/05/2009QWNAutomatic Teller Machine Robberies
  125. 06/05/2009QWNPolice Numbers
  126. 05/05/2009ADJPremature Births
  127. 05/05/2009Crime Prevention
  128. 02/04/2009ADJCanterbury Municipality 130th Anniversary
  129. 02/04/2009QWNPolice Numbers
  130. 26/03/2009Mid North Coast Health Services
  131. 25/03/20092R;3RBarangaroo Delivery Authority Bill 2009
  132. 25/03/2009QWNState Nursing Home Transfer Project
  133. 12/03/2009Aboriginal Education Programs
  134. 12/03/2009QWNHighway Patrol Officer Numbers
  135. 12/03/2009REPCross Border Transport Taskforce Report
  136. 11/03/2009ADJGarry Hulme Tribute
  137. 10/03/2009QWNAmbulance Services
  138. 10/03/2009QWNWomen in Policing
  139. 10/03/2009Victorian Bushfires
  140. 05/03/2009QWNNew South Wales Crime Prevention Initiatives
  141. 04/03/20092RFood Amendment (Trans Fatty Acids Eradication) Bill 2008
  142. 03/03/2009QWNFirearms Amnesty
  143. 02/12/2008QWNCouncil of Australian Governments Funding Agreement
  144. 25/11/20082R;3RDangerous Goods (Road and Rail Transport) Bill 2008
  145. 25/11/2008QWNThank a Paramedic Day
  146. 14/11/2008Mini-Budget and Related Papers
  147. 13/11/2008QWNAmbulance Rescue Helicopter Services
  148. 12/11/2008QWNFront-line Health Services
  149. 11/11/2008ADJNurses in Wartime
  150. 30/10/2008ADJCarers Week
  151. 30/10/2008Early Intervention for Children with Autism
  152. 30/10/2008QWNDomestic Violence Police Response
  153. 29/10/2008QWNRural and Regional General Practitioner Initiatives
  154. 23/10/2008State Emergency Service
  155. 23/10/2008QWNY Central, Gosford
  156. 22/10/2008ADJBreast Cancer Awareness
  157. 22/10/2008REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  158. 22/10/2008QWNSentencing Options
  159. 23/09/2008QWNChild Protection
  160. 28/08/2008ADJWorld Youth Day 2008
  161. 26/06/2008ADJLakemba Services Club Sixtieth Anniversary
  162. 26/06/2008QWNDepartment of Corrective Services South-East Asia Collaboration
  163. 25/06/2008ADJCampsie Public School Centenary
  164. 25/06/2008QWNNewcastle Courthouse Infrastructure
  165. 25/06/2008REPPrivileges Committee
  166. 24/06/2008REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  167. 19/06/2008QWNNelson Bay Foreshore Redevelopment
  168. 18/06/2008QWNCrescent Head National Surfing Reserve
  169. 04/06/2008QWNPacific Highway Upgrade
  170. 15/05/2008ADJCampsie Food Festival Tenth Anniversary
  171. 15/05/2008State Emergency Services
  172. 15/05/2008QWNSentencing Trends
  173. 14/05/2008REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 2
  174. 14/05/2008QWNFederal Budget: Education
  175. 08/05/2008State Emergency Services
  176. 07/05/2008ADJNorth Coast Academy of Sport Awards
  177. 07/05/2008QWNSouth Coast Crown Lands Infrastructure
  178. 06/05/20082R;3RHigher Education Amendment Bill 2008
  179. 08/04/2008QWNKempsey Showground
  180. 03/04/2008ADJAnzac Day Dawn Service The Cenotaph—Martin Place, Sydney
  181. 03/04/2008Violence Against Women
  182. 02/04/20082RFood Amendment (Public Information on Offences) Bill 2008
  183. 01/04/2008QWNLaw Week 2008
  184. 06/03/20082R;3RCrimes Amendment (Drink and Food Spiking) Bill 2008
  185. 06/03/2008Paid Maternity Leave
  186. 06/03/2008QWNWomen in Trades
  187. 05/03/2008ADJMensheds Australia Limited
  188. 05/03/20082R;3RRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Car Hoons) Bill 2008
  189. 05/03/20081R;2R;3RLocal Government (Election Date) Bill 2008
  190. 05/03/2008QWNComputers in Schools
  191. 28/02/2008QWNOccupational Health and Safety
  192. 27/02/20082RCrimes Amendment (Murder of Police Officers) Bill 2007
  193. 26/02/2008QWNSupport for Victims of Crime
  194. 26/02/20082RAdministrative Decisions Tribunal Amendment (Confidential Documents) B...
  195. 04/12/2007QWNWorld Allergy Day
  196. 04/12/2007REPPrivileges Committee
  197. 28/11/2007ADJAustralian Air Leage Riverwood Squadron Fiftieth Anniversary
  198. 28/11/2007REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  199. 27/11/20072RAssisted Reproductive Technology Bill 2007
  200. 27/11/2007QWNJusticeLink
  201. 15/11/2007QWNRestorative Justice Week
  202. 14/11/2007REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  203. 13/11/2007ADJFloristry Student of the Year Awards
  204. 13/11/2007QWNAustralian Workplace Agreements Fairness Test
  205. 08/11/2007ADJWauchope TAFE
  206. 08/11/2007REPCommittee on Children and Young People
  207. 08/11/2007QWNCentral Coast Roads
  208. 25/10/2007State Plan
  209. 25/10/2007QWNHealth Professionals, Hospital Staff and WorkChoices
  210. 23/10/2007ADJRecreation, Sports and Aquatic Club, Roselands
  211. 23/10/2007QWNPower Stations Recycled Water Use
  212. 18/10/2007State Plan
  213. 17/10/2007Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  214. 17/10/2007REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  215. 17/10/2007QWNCorrectional Centres Educational Programs
  216. 16/10/2007QWNGraffiti Vandalism
  217. 27/09/2007ADJTechnical Aid to the Disabled
  218. 27/09/2007Princes Highway Upgrade
  219. 27/09/2007QWNClean Coal
  220. 26/09/2007REPPrivileges Committee
  221. 28/06/2007QWNCentral Coast Tourism
  222. 26/06/2007QWNTeacher Training
  223. 21/06/2007ADJVinnies Escape from Poverty 2007 Winter Sleepout Vinnies Catholic Educ...
  224. 21/06/2007Trade Union Movement
  225. 21/06/2007QWNDrought, Dam Levels and Winter Crops
  226. 20/06/2007QWNElectricity Supply
  227. 19/06/2007QWNRoads Budget
  228. 07/06/2007QWNTAFE Funding
  229. 06/06/2007REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  230. 06/06/2007REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  231. 05/06/2007QWNPeriodic Detention
  232. 31/05/2007QWNInformation and Communication Technology Initiatives
  233. 30/05/2007QWNGreenhouse Gas Emissions
  234. 29/05/2007ADJState Emergency Service Volunteers
  235. 29/05/2007QWNYoung Workers Protection
  236. 10/05/2007QWNDefence Related Contracts
  237. 08/05/2007ADJKapyong Commemorative Day
  238. 23/11/2006QWNInternational Day of People with a Disability
  239. 22/11/2006QWNSydney Roads and Public Transport
  240. 21/11/2006QWNPrivate Health Insurance
  241. 21/11/2006REPJoint Committee on the Office of the Valuer-General
  242. 16/11/2006QWNYoung and Injured Worker Protections
  243. 14/11/2006ADJBattle of the Somme Ninetieth Anniversary
  244. 14/11/2006QWNWorkChoices Legislation High Court Decision
  245. 26/10/2006QWNDisability Supported Accommodation Services
  246. 24/10/2006ADJLorne Rural Fire Service Fiftieth Anniversary Lake Cathie Rural Fire S...
  247. 24/10/2006QWNStronger Together Disability Plan
  248. 19/10/2006ADJDeath of The Hon. Eric Lance Bedford, a Former Minister of the Crown
  249. 19/10/2006QWNCorrectional Centres Contraband
  250. 17/10/2006QWNInterest Rates
  251. 28/09/2006QWNOral Health Fee for Service Scheme
  252. 27/09/2006ADJFrederickton Public School
  253. 27/09/20062RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment (Parent Res...
  254. 27/09/2006REPJoint Committee on the Office of the Valuer General
  255. 27/09/2006QWNHouse Replacement Insurance Reform
  256. 26/09/2006QWNClimate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction
  257. 21/09/2006ADJDeath of the Honourable Kevin James Stewart, AO, a Former Minister of ...
  258. 20/09/2006REPStanding Committee on Social Issues
  259. 20/09/2006QWNSydney Traffic Flow
  260. 19/09/2006QWNFire Bans
  261. 07/09/2006QWNHospital Emergency Departments Care of Children
  262. 06/09/2006REPJoint Committee on the Office of the Valuer-General
  263. 05/09/2006QWNNurse Recruitment
  264. 31/08/2006ADJGeneral Sir John Monash
  265. 31/08/2006QWNStronger Together Disability Plan
  266. 30/08/2006QWNSmall Business Assistance
  267. 08/06/2006ADJMotor Neurone Disease
  268. 08/06/2006QWNNon-Government Organisations Disability and Community Services Budget ...
  269. 07/06/2006QWNChief Information Office
  270. 06/06/2006QWNDisability Services Budget
  271. 25/05/2006ADJCommunity Drug Action Teams
  272. 25/05/2006QWNWorkers Compensation Premiums
  273. 24/05/2006QWNHealth Services and Federal Budget
  274. 23/05/2006QWNIndependent Contractors Legislation
  275. 10/05/2006Joint Committee On the Office of the Valuer-General
  276. 10/05/2006QWNPacific Highway Upgrade
  277. 09/05/2006QWNCamden and Cambpelltown Health Services
  278. 04/05/2006QWNPacific Highway Upgrade
  279. 03/05/2006ADJAnzac Day Commemoration
  280. 02/05/2006QWNSmoke Detectors Installation
  281. 06/04/2006ADJDiabetes
  282. 05/04/2006QWNNational Dog Handlers Seminar
  283. 04/04/2006QWNYouth Week
  284. 30/03/2006ADJBowraville Fire Station Fire Tanker Macksville Memorial Aquatic Centre
  285. 30/03/2006Trade Union Movement
  286. 29/03/2006QWNAgStart Program
  287. 28/03/2006QWNLocal Councils Industrial Relations Arrangements
  288. 08/03/2006QWNNew South Wales-Australian Capital Territory Reciprocal Health Services
  289. 07/03/2006ADJHolsworthy Army Barracks
  290. 07/03/2006QWNDisability Accommodation Cash Grants
  291. 02/03/2006QWNBelmont Wetlands State Park Management
  292. 01/03/2006QWNCommunity Participation Program Tender
  293. 01/12/2005QWNHIV-Aids Treatment and Prevention
  294. 30/11/2005QWNDrug Use
  295. 29/11/2005QWNRegional Community of the Year Awards
  296. 17/11/2005ADJStrata Management Schemes
  297. 17/11/2005QWNNSW Food Authority Seafood Campaign Award
  298. 16/11/2005QWNLake Burrendong Recreational Boating
  299. 15/11/2005QWNFarmers Education Courses
  300. 15/11/2005REPCommittee on the Office of the Valuer-General
  301. 10/11/2005ADJRemembrance Day
  302. 10/11/2005QWNYetta Dhinnakkal Correctional Centre Award
  303. 09/11/2005QWNRural Health Minor Works Program Funding
  304. 08/11/2005QWNNewcastle Coal Exports
  305. 20/10/2005ADJCanterbury Hospital
  306. 20/10/2005Port MacQuarie Base Hospital
  307. 20/10/2005QWNPort Botany Container Trade Delays
  308. 19/10/2005QWNSydney Harbour Maritime Heritage Value
  309. 18/10/2005QWNDrug Rehabilitation
  310. 13/10/2005QWNHospital Waiting Lists
  311. 12/10/2005ADJNewborn Emergency Transport Service
  312. 12/10/2005Casual Workers
  313. 12/10/2005QWNMedical Work Force Shortages
  314. 11/10/2005QWNLiver Disease Research
  315. 22/09/2005ADJKorean Women's International Network Oceania
  316. 22/09/2005QWNNew South Wales Fire Brigades Counter-terrorism Capabilities
  317. 21/09/2005ADJCooks River History
  318. 21/09/2005REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 4
  319. 21/09/2005REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 4
  320. 21/09/2005QWNWater Fluoridation
  321. 20/09/2005QWNLismore State Emergency Service Headquarters
  322. 15/09/2005QWNAvian Influenza
  323. 14/09/2005QWN;REPDepartment of Juvenile Justice Audit Office Report
  324. 13/09/2005ADJJuvenile Diabetes
  325. 13/09/2005QWNCentral Coast Juvenile Crime Initiatives
  326. 23/06/2005QWNInstitute of Teachers
  327. 22/06/2005QWNPrison Site
  328. 21/06/2005QWNMotor Vehicle Accidents Lifetime Care and Support Plan
  329. 09/06/2005ADJHastings Families First
  330. 09/06/2005Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  331. 08/06/2005QWNApprenticeship Numbers
  332. 07/06/2005REPStanding Committee on Social Issues
  333. 07/06/2005QWNHome Detention Scheme
  334. 26/05/2005QWNSex Offenders Electronic Monitoring
  335. 25/05/2005QWNClass Size Reductions
  336. 24/05/2005ADJLocal Government Cultural Awards
  337. 24/05/2005QWNDepartment of Lands Budget
  338. 06/05/2005ADJPolice College
  339. 05/05/2005QWNRecycled Garden Material
  340. 04/05/2005QWNFirefighters Awards
  341. 03/05/2005QWNNational Drug Strategy Household Survey
  342. 07/04/2005ADJHoli Mahotsav Festival
  343. 07/04/2005Co-Located General Practice Clinics
  344. 07/04/2005QWNLocal Government Reform
  345. 06/04/2005QWNGeographical Names Board
  346. 05/04/2005QWNPublic Reserves Management
  347. 23/03/2005ADJWangee Park School
  348. 23/03/2005General Purpose Standing Committee No. 4
  349. 23/03/2005Business of the House
  350. 22/03/2005QWNBrescia Furniture Factory Fire
  351. 03/03/2005QWNMinimum Wage
  352. 03/03/2005Co-Located General Practice Clinics
  353. 02/03/2005ADJGreek Orthodox Community of New South Wales Home for the Aged
  354. 02/03/2005REPStanding Committee on Social Issues
  355. 02/03/2005QWNAnti-bullying Initiatives
  356. 01/03/2005QWNPeriodic Detention Compliance
  357. 24/02/2005Local Government Amalgamations
  358. 24/02/2005QWNIndian Ocean Tsunami Government Schools Support
  359. 23/02/20052RGovernment School Assets Register Bill
  360. 23/02/2005QWNMr Dane Kahui and Ownerbuild Pty Ltd Home Building Act Breaches
  361. 09/12/2004ADJRiverwood Community Centre Thirtieth Anniversary
  362. 08/12/2004QWNOffender Rehabilitation
  363. 07/12/2004QWNChild Neglect
  364. 18/11/2004QWNYouth Entertainment
  365. 17/11/2004ADJSydney Women's Counselling Centre
  366. 17/11/2004QWNWorkcover Business Assistance Unit
  367. 16/11/2004QWNDigital Content Industry
  368. 11/11/2004ADJCanterbury Hospital Seventy-Fifth Anniversary
  369. 11/11/2004QWNSeniors Card Discount Directory
  370. 10/11/2004REPStanding Committee on Social Issues
  371. 10/11/2004QWNCrown Land Weed and Pest Animals Control
  372. 09/11/2004QWNState Emergency Service Volunteers
  373. 28/10/2004ADJDeath of Mr Anthony Michael Mcgrane, OAM, a Member of the Legislative ...
  374. 28/10/2004QWNConvicted Drug Trafficker Income Tax Deduction
  375. 27/10/2004QWNArea Assistance Scheme
  376. 26/10/2004QWNCrown Land Enclosure Permit Rentals
  377. 21/10/2004ADJAll Saints Greek Orthodox Christian Parish and Community, Belmore, For...
  378. 20/10/2004Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  379. 20/10/2004REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 2
  380. 20/10/2004QWNAnti-Poverty Week
  381. 19/10/2004QWNCarers Week
  382. 23/09/2004QWNExceptional Circumstances Drought Assistance
  383. 23/09/2004QWNFamily Support Services
  384. 22/09/2004ADJTribute to the Honourable Leo Mcleay
  385. 22/09/20042RLocal Government Amendment (Discipline) Bill
  386. 22/09/2004QWNRural Fire Service Headquarters
  387. 16/09/2004ADJRoselands Sports and Aquatics Club
  388. 16/09/2004Lake Cathie Primary School Proposal
  389. 16/09/2004QWNGive It A Go Program
  390. 16/09/2004Stock Diseases Act 1923: Disallowance of Stock Diseases (General) Regu...
  391. 15/09/2004QWNDisabled Athletes Support
  392. 02/09/2004Lake Cathie Primary School Proposal
  393. 02/09/2004QWNDepartment of Community Services Helpline
  394. 01/09/2004ADJIndian Community Events
  395. 01/09/20042RSave Orange Grove Bill
  396. 01/09/2004QWNCorrectional Centres
  397. 31/08/2004QWNChildren's Services
  398. 28/06/2004QWNLiverpool City Council Inquiry
  399. 24/06/2004QWNAboriginal Child, Youth and Family Strategy
  400. 23/06/2004ADJAustralian Local Government Women's Association Conference
  401. 23/06/2004REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 1
  402. 23/06/2004QWNLocal Councils Performance
  403. 22/06/2004QWNDrug Action Week
  404. 02/06/2004ADJTribute to Mr Tom Holborow
  405. 01/06/2004QWNPacific Education Resource Exchange Project
  406. 13/05/2004QWNPeriodic Detention Compliance
  407. 11/05/2004QWNLocal Government Structural Reform
  408. 06/05/2004ADJCanterbury-Bankstown Community Harmony Round Table
  409. 06/05/2004QWNOld Bega Hospital Fire
  410. 05/05/2004REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 5
  411. 04/05/2004QWNRugby World Cup Regional Business Opportunities
  412. 01/04/2004ADJColo Vale and Hill Top Public Schools
  413. 01/04/2004QWNFamilies First Volunteer Home Visiting Program
  414. 31/03/2004REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 5
  415. 31/03/2004QWNAustralian Surgical Design and Manufacture Pty Ltd
  416. 30/03/2004QWNYouth Week
  417. 18/03/2004QWNWorkcover Inspectors
  418. 17/03/20042RPrevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Tail Docking) Bill
  419. 16/03/2004QWNDepartment of Corrective Services and Wollongong City Council Communit...
  420. 16/03/2004QWNAustralian Technology Showcase
  421. 11/03/2004QWNLocal Government Structural Reform
  422. 10/03/2004ADJComboyne Community Technology Centre
  423. 10/03/2004REPStanding Committee on Social Issues
  424. 09/03/2004QWNDisability Services
  425. 26/02/2004QWNAncestral Trek Program
  426. 25/02/2004ADJThe Honourable Kayee Griffin Mayor of Canterbury Resignation
  427. 25/02/2004QWNParklea Correctional Centre Offenders Compulsory Drug Treatment
  428. 24/02/2004QWNNew South Wales Fire Brigades Counter-Terrorism Capabilities
  429. 05/12/2003ADJCanterbury City Council Visual Arts Program and Power of Potential Art...
  430. 04/12/2003QWNAlcohol Abuse
  431. 03/12/2003QWNInternational Day of People With a Disability
  432. 02/12/2003QWNPeriodic Detention Compliance
  433. 20/11/2003ADJMunicipal Employees Union 100th Anniversary
  434. 18/11/2003QWNDepartment of Community Services Aboriginal Assistance
  435. 12/11/2003QWNHalal and Kosher Food Export Markets
  436. 11/11/2003ADJCanterbury's Boys
  437. 11/11/2003QWNLocal Government Councillors Behaviour
  438. 29/10/2003QWNHomelessness
  439. 28/10/2003QWNDepartment of Community Services Caseworkers Recruitment
  440. 16/10/2003ADJCanterbury-Bankstown Jobs and Training Expo
  441. 16/10/2003QWNWorkers Compensation Scheme
  442. 15/10/2003REPStanding Committee on Social Issues
  443. 15/10/2003QWNWorkers Compensation Premiums
  444. 14/10/2003QWNEnsuring Good Nutrition Policy for People with a Disability
  445. 18/09/2003QWNPrisoner Education
  446. 17/09/2003QWNAustralian Technology Showcase Week
  447. 16/09/2003QWNHome Detention Scheme
  448. 04/09/2003ADJCanterbury Domestic Violence Support Project
  449. 04/09/2003QWNLocal Government Structural Reform Program
  450. 03/09/2003QWNMeals on Wheels
  451. 02/09/2003QWNState Emergency Services Storm Damage Response
  452. 02/07/2003ADJSkills Training and Resource Service
  453. 02/07/2003QWNBus Services
  454. 01/07/2003QWNRegional Communities Consultative Council
  455. 25/06/2003QWNFreshwater Fish Stocking Program
  456. 24/06/2003QWNEmu Plains Correctional Centre Mobile Work Camp
  457. 29/05/2003QWNJoint Committee on the Valuer-General's Office
  458. 28/05/20032RFood Bill


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.