Inquiry into Infrastructure Provision in Coastal Growth Areas

This inquiry is a completed Legislative Assembly inquiry conducted by the Public Works Committee.   This inquiry was established on 23 February 2005, to report on the provision of infrastructure in coastal growth areas of New South Wales. Please note that the closing date for submissions has been extended from Friday 6 May to Friday 20 May 2005.

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Self-referred: 23 Feb 2005
    » Call for submissions: 4 Mar 2005
    » Submissions close: 31 May 2005
        » Final Report Published: 30 Nov 2005

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DateName of Document
29/07/2005Public Hearing
02/08/2005Public Hearing
03/08/2005Public Hearing
12/08/2005Public Hearing

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Submissions for this Inquiry have now closed.

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The closing date for submissions was 31 May 2005

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This is a completed inquiry. The contacts below are historical only.

Inquiry Terms of Reference (click to show)

This inquiry was self-referred. Resolution passed 23 February 2005, Minutes No 20, Item 3 page 1.

The NSW Standing Committee on Public Works is to inquire into and report on issues relating to the provision of infrastructure to coastal growth areas in NSW (excluding the metropolitan coastal areas of Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong).

The inquiry will examine:
    1. Key coastal population growth and urban consolidation trends in NSW;
    2. Short and long term needs of coastal communities for basic infrastructure (such as roads, power, water and sewerage) and human services infrastructure (such as hospitals, schools, aged care centres and sporting facilities);
    3. Coordination of commonwealth, state and local government strategies to deliver sustainable coastal growth and supporting infrastructure;
    4. Best practice methods to plan, manage and provide infrastructure to coastal growth areas; and
    5. Management of social, environmental and economic considerations associated with infrastructure provision in coastal growth areas.