Arena, The Hon Franca speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 03/12/1998Franca Arena Child Safety Alliance
  2. 03/12/1998Minister For Police Licensed Premises Ownership
  3. 02/12/19982RTeaching Standards Bill
  4. 01/12/1998QWNFree Spirit Association
  5. 01/12/19982RChildren And Young Persons (Care And Protection) Bill, Children And Yo...
  6. 27/11/1998QWNCallan Park Mental Hospital Site Sale
  7. 26/11/1998Treasurer, And Minister For State Development
  8. 25/11/19982RDrug Court Bill
  9. 24/11/1998ADJMulticultural Geographical Names
  10. 24/11/19982RForestry and National Park Estate Bill
  11. 24/11/1998QWNPolice Service Glock Pistols
  12. 23/11/1998QWNTaxidriver Impropriety Complaints
  13. 23/11/1998COMMRural Lands Protection Bill
  14. 19/11/19982R;COMMResidential Parks Bill
  15. 19/11/1998COMMCommission for Children and Young People Bill (No 2), Child Protection...
  16. 18/11/1998COMMCommission for Children and Young People Bill (No 2), Child Protection...
  17. 18/11/1998COMMLocal Government Legislation Amendment (Elections) Bill
  18. 18/11/1998QWNRegistered Clubs
  19. 18/11/1998COMMLocal Government Legislation Amendment (Elections) Bill
  20. 18/11/1998COMMCommission for Children and Young People Bill (No 2), Child Protection...
  21. 17/11/19982R;COMMWorkers Compensation Legislation Amendment (Dust Diseases and Other Ma...
  22. 12/11/19982RCommission for Children and Young People Bill (No 2), Child Protection...
  23. 12/11/1998REPStanding Committee On Parliamentary Privilege And Ethics
  24. 11/11/1998ADJTax Distribution
  25. 11/11/1998QWNLicensed Premises Gambling Promotion
  26. 10/11/1998QWNItalian-Australian Business Leaders Forum
  27. 10/11/1998Appropriation (1997-98 Budget Variations) Bill (No 2), Public Finance ...
  28. 29/10/1998Appropriation (1997-98 Budget Variations) Bill (No 2), Public Finance ...
  29. 29/10/1998M5 Investigation
  30. 29/10/1998QWNChild Sex Offender National Register
  31. 29/10/19982RLife Sentence Confirmation Bill
  32. 28/10/1998COMMPrivacy and Personal Information Protection Bill
  33. 28/10/19982RCrimes Legislation Amendment (Child Sexual Offences) Bill
  34. 28/10/1998QWNChild Sex Offender Sentencing
  35. 28/10/1998Community Services Commissioner Reappointment
  36. 27/10/1998ADJMulticultural Australia
  37. 27/10/19982R;COMMMines Legislation Amendment (Mines Safety) Bill
  38. 27/10/1998QWNCommunity Services Commissioner Reappointment
  39. 22/10/1998QWNLicensed Boarding House Regulation
  40. 21/10/1998QWNMs Helen Bauer Board Appointment
  41. 20/10/1998Education Act: Disallowance of Education Amendment (Home Schooling) Re...
  42. 20/10/1998Treasurer, and Minister for State Development
  43. 20/10/1998QWNCasino Community Benefit Fund
  44. 15/10/1998QWNPublic Housing Waiting List
  45. 14/10/1998ADJNew South Wales Justices Association Ltd
  46. 14/10/19982R;COMMPublic Sector Management Amendment (Council On the Cost of Government)...
  47. 14/10/1998QWNFemale Boxing Matches
  48. 14/10/19982RLocal Government Amendment (Community Land Management) Bill
  49. 13/10/1998ADJHeritage Retirement Village, Padstow
  50. 13/10/1998Treasurer, and Minister for State Development
  51. 13/10/19982RMethodist Church Of Samoa In Australia Property Trust Bill
  52. 13/10/1998QWNState School Toilets
  53. 13/10/1998QWNJustices Of The Peace
  54. 23/09/1998QWNCrime-Related Bushfire Risk
  55. 22/09/1998ADJNational Association Of Retail Grocers Of Australia
  56. 22/09/1998QWNAdvertisement Monitoring
  57. 22/09/19982R;COMMBanana Industry Amendment Bill
  58. 17/09/1998ADJTaxidriver Safety
  59. 17/09/1998Federal Member For Oxley Pauline Hanson
  60. 17/09/1998QWNInternet Gambling
  61. 16/09/1998Statement Of Regret By The Honourable Franca Arena
  62. 16/09/1998Statement of Regret By the Honourable Franca Arena
  63. 10/09/1998QWNJury Verdicts
  64. 09/09/1998QWNT-Shirt Slogans
  65. 08/09/1998ADJReligious Institutions Taxation Exemption
  66. 08/09/1998QWNChild Pornography
  67. 02/07/19982R;COMM;3RCompanion Animals Bill
  68. 02/07/1998Conservatorium of Music
  69. 02/07/1998PETPetition
  70. 01/07/19982RCompanion Animals Bill
  71. 01/07/1998Conduct Of The Honourable Franca Arena
  72. 30/06/19982RLocal Government Legislation Amendment (Elections) Bill
  73. 29/06/1998President of the Legislative Council
  74. 25/06/1998Conduct of Justice Vince Bruce, Judgment Schedule
  75. 25/06/1998QWNMulticulturalism
  76. 24/06/19981R;2RDe Facto Relationships Amendment Bill
  77. 18/06/19982RAboriginal Housing Bill
  78. 16/06/1998ADJAmongst The Barbarians, The Dividing Of Australia
  79. 16/06/1998QWNPort Kembla Public School
  80. 04/06/1998QWNRobert Joseph Dunn Legal Costs Application
  81. 02/06/1998ADJWorld Cup Soccer
  82. 02/06/1998Conduct Of Justice Vince Bruce
  83. 02/06/1998Joint Estimates Committees
  84. 28/05/1998Minister for Police Licensed Premises Ownership
  85. 27/05/19982RPublic Trustee Corporation Bill
  86. 27/05/1998QWNInternational Prisoner Transfer
  87. 27/05/1998Conduct Of Justice Vince Bruce
  88. 26/05/1998ADJNational Child Sex Offender Register
  89. 26/05/1998QWNChildren's Commission Establishment
  90. 21/05/1998COMMCrimes Legislation Amendment (Police and Public Safety) Bill
  91. 20/05/1998COMMCrimes Legislation Amendment (Police and Public Safety) Bill
  92. 20/05/1998QWNOffice Of The Director Of Public Prosecutions Funding
  93. 20/05/1998COMMCrimes Legislation Amendment (Police and Public Safety) Bill
  94. 19/05/19982RDisability Discrimination Legislation Amendment Bill
  95. 19/05/1998QWNSenior Citizen Safety Funding
  96. 07/05/1998QWNPopulation Growth
  97. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  98. 06/05/1998ADJDepartment of Community Services Child-Care Procedures
  99. 05/05/19982RGuardianship Amendment Bill
  100. 30/04/1998QWNHonourable Member For Kogarah
  101. 29/04/1998ADJRetirement of the Honourable Elizabeth Ann Symonds
  102. 29/04/19982RListening Devices Amendment (Warrants) Bill
  103. 29/04/1998QWNMental Health Services And Housing For The Homeless
  104. 29/04/1998Motor Traffic (Amendment) Act: Disallowance Of Motor Traffic Amendment...
  105. 28/04/1998QWNSpecial Commission Of Inquiry Legislation
  106. 07/04/1998ADJDeath of Father Maurie Crocker
  107. 07/04/19982RJudicial Officers Amendment Bill
  108. 07/04/1998QWNNational Child Sex Offender Register
  109. 01/04/1998QWNDefamation Legislation
  110. 31/03/1998ADJDarwin Bombing Anniversary
  111. 05/12/19972R;COMMCrimes Amendment (Child Pornography) Bill
  112. 04/12/1997ADJParliamentary Allegations By The Honourable Franca Arena
  113. 04/12/19972R;COMMLiquor and Registered Clubs Legislation Amendment Bill (No 2)
  114. 04/12/1997QWNElizabeth Street, Sydney, Aboriginal Sacred Site
  115. 04/12/1997QWNAustralian Coat Of Arms
  116. 03/12/1997ADJRoyal Commission Into The New South Wales Police Service Witness W26, ...
  117. 03/12/1997QWNCrime Statistics
  118. 02/12/19972REvidence (Children) Bill
  119. 02/12/1997QWNRoyal Commission Into The New South Wales Police Service Search Warrants
  120. 02/12/19972RRoyal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust Amendment Bill
  121. 27/11/19972R;COMMInternational Transfer of Prisoners (New South Wales) Bill
  122. 27/11/1997QWNAlcoholic Sachets
  123. 25/11/19972REducation Reform Amendment Bill
  124. 25/11/1997Nutrition For People With Disabilities
  125. 25/11/1997QWNAlleged Threatening Correspondence To The Honourable Franca Arena
  126. 20/11/1997QWNChildren's Commission Establishment
  127. 20/11/1997Overseas Trained Doctors
  128. 18/11/1997QWNArrest Of Robert Dunn
  129. 13/11/1997ADJRoyal Commission Into The New South Wales Police Service Paedophile Ev...
  130. 13/11/1997QWNParliament House Employee Paedophile Allegation
  131. 12/11/1997Expulsion of the Honourable Franca Arena
  132. 11/11/1997Expulsion Of The Honourable Franca Arena
  133. 21/10/1997Parliamentary Allegations By The Honourable Franca Arena
  134. 25/09/1997ADJAustralian Child Protection Alliance
  135. 24/09/1997QWNParliamentary Press Box Document Distribution
  136. 23/09/19971R;2RSpecial Commissions Of Inquiry Amendment Bill
  137. 23/09/1997QWNJudicial Commission Operations
  138. 18/09/1997QWNCircle Of Friends Paedophile Network
  139. 18/09/1997QWNRoyal Commission Into The New South Wales Police Service Paedophile In...
  140. 18/09/1997QWNPolice Prosecutors
  141. 17/09/1997ADJTrinity Grammar School Child Sexual Abuse
  142. 17/09/1997REPRoyal Commission Into the New South Wales Police Service Final Report
  143. 17/09/1997QWNFederation Centenary Convention
  144. 17/09/1997QWNParliament House Employee Paedophile Allegation
  145. 24/06/1997QWNConstitutional Convention
  146. 24/06/1997QWNNardy House, Quaama
  147. 23/06/1997ADJPaedophilia
  148. 23/06/1997QWNSexual Offences Model Criminal Code
  149. 23/06/1997QWNSexual Offences Model Criminal Code
  150. 20/06/1997QWNCentral Coast Disability Committee Funding
  151. 19/06/19972RPolice Service Amendment Bill
  152. 19/06/1997QWNAccommodation Levy
  153. 18/06/1997QWNVideo-Recorded Evidence Of Children
  154. 18/06/1997QWNVideo-Recorded Evidence Of Children
  155. 18/06/1997QWNNew South Wales Film And Television Industry
  156. 17/06/1997QWNInternational Investment In New South Wales
  157. 17/06/1997QWNEgan v Willis And Cahill
  158. 17/06/1997QWNDubbo Juvenile Justice Centre
  159. 16/06/1997QWNHorticultural And Agricultural Product Exports
  160. 16/06/1997QWNAlleged Paedophile Philip Bell
  161. 16/06/1997QWNStolen Aboriginal Children
  162. 16/06/1997Legislative Council, General Purpose Standing Committees, The Legislature
  163. 03/06/1997Legislative Council, General Purpose Standing Committees, Premier, Art...
  164. 02/06/1997Legislative Council, General Purpose Standing Committees, Olympics
  165. 02/06/1997Legislative Council, General Purpose Standing Committees, Education An...
  166. 29/05/1997QWNRoyal Commission Into The New South Wales Police Service Investigative...
  167. 29/05/1997Legislative Council, General Purpose Standing Committees, Treasury, En...
  168. 29/05/1997Legislative Council, General Purpose Standing Committees, The Legislature
  169. 28/05/1997QWNFormer Governor-General Bill Hayden
  170. 28/05/1997QWNChildren And The Legal System
  171. 27/05/1997ADJAmnesty International Thirty-Sixth Anniversary
  172. 27/05/1997QWNDetention Of Children And Juveniles
  173. 22/05/1997QWNIndependent Commission Against Corruption Yeldham File
  174. 21/05/1997ADJPaedophilia
  175. 21/05/1997QWNAlleged Paedophile Philip Bell
  176. 20/05/1997QWNLegislative Council Abolition
  177. 15/05/1997ADJChild Sexual Assault
  178. 15/05/19972RWomen's College Amendment Bill
  179. 15/05/1997Ethnic Communities Council Twenty-First Anniversary
  180. 15/05/1997QWNHuman Rights And Equal Opportunity Commission Funding
  181. 15/05/1997QWNReligious Cults
  182. 14/05/1997ADJChild Sexual Assault
  183. 14/05/1997QWNBritish Prime Minister Tony Blair
  184. 14/05/1997QWN;REPRoyal Commission Into The New South Wales Police Service Final Report
  185. 14/05/1997Marathon Swimmer Susie Maroney
  186. 13/05/1997ADJAbuse Of Aboriginal Children
  187. 13/05/1997Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  188. 13/05/1997QWNPolice Officer Appeal Rights
  189. 13/05/1997QWNChurch Of Scientology
  190. 08/05/1997ADJReligious Cults
  191. 08/05/1997QWNEthnic Affairs Commission
  192. 07/05/1997ADJReligious Cults
  193. 07/05/1997QWNJudicial Commission Operations
  194. 07/05/1997Wik Aboriginal Land Rights
  195. 06/05/1997ADJReligious Cults
  196. 06/05/1997QWNRoyal Commission Into The New South Wales Police Service Search Warrants
  197. 23/04/1997ADJReligious Cults
  198. 23/04/1997QWNAdmissibility Of Similar Fact Evidence
  199. 23/04/1997QWNAdmissibility Of Similar Fact Evidence
  200. 22/04/1997ADJReligious Cults
  201. 22/04/1997QWNManslaughter Plea Appeal
  202. 22/04/1997QWNSexual Offences Model Criminal Code
  203. 16/04/1997ADJPaedophilia
  204. 16/04/1997QWNChild Sex Offender National Database
  205. 16/04/1997Time Limits On Speeches
  206. 15/04/1997QWNMajority Jury Verdicts
  207. 10/04/1997ADJJudicial Commission Operations
  208. 09/04/1997QWNAsbestos Removal
  209. 08/04/1997ADJJudicial Commission Operations
  210. 08/04/1997QWNCommonwealth-State Aged Care Services Transfer
  211. 03/12/1996ADJRoyal Commission Into The New South Wales Police Service
  212. 03/12/19962RLocal Government Amendment (Nude Bathing) Bill
  213. 03/12/1996QWNEthnic Crime Statistics
  214. 28/11/19962RAnti-Discrimination Amendment Bill
  215. 28/11/1996QWNElectricity Supply Authorities Restructure
  216. 28/11/1996QWNChild-Care Regulations
  217. 26/11/1996QWNCoffs Harbour Storm Damage
  218. 19/11/1996QWNSex Offender Management
  219. 14/11/1996Parliamentary Disclosures By the Honourable Franca Arena
  220. 12/11/19962REthnic Affairs Commission Amendment Bill
  221. 12/11/1996QWNRural Trade And Investment Potential
  222. 31/10/1996Royal Commission Into the New South Wales Police Service Paedophile In...
  223. 29/10/19962RFilm Industry Amendment Bill
  224. 29/10/1996QWNChild-Care Services Regulation Disallowance
  225. 24/10/1996QWNWagga Wagga Women's Refuge Closure
  226. 23/10/1996QWNSafety House Program
  227. 17/10/1996QWNMr Colin Fisk Overseas Travel
  228. 17/10/1996Constitutional Monarchy
  229. 16/10/1996QWNOperation Tuned In
  230. 15/10/1996ADJRefugee Council Of Australia
  231. 15/10/1996QWNSign Language Interpreters
  232. 15/10/1996QWNLegislative Council Euthanasia Debate
  233. 15/10/19962RHome Detention Bill
  234. 26/09/1996Council For Aboriginal Reconciliation
  235. 26/09/1996QWNJuvenile Offender Mental Health Services
  236. 25/09/1996QWNFoster Care Agency Funding
  237. 24/09/1996QWNSeniors Information Service
  238. 24/09/19962RCrimes Amendment (Apprehended Violence Orders) Bill
  239. 19/09/1996QWNAsia Energy Infrastructure Markets
  240. 18/09/1996ADJAustralia As A Republic
  241. 18/09/1996QWNYoung Offender Interpreter Services
  242. 18/09/19962RSydney Organising Committee For The Olympic Games Further Amendment
  243. 18/09/19962RSydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games Further Amendment Bill
  244. 17/09/1996ADJWorld Congress Against Commercial Exploitation Of Children
  245. 17/09/1996QWNPort Botany Liquefied Petroleum Gas Leak
  246. 12/09/1996Racism
  247. 12/09/1996QWN;REP"Quarter Way To Equal" Implementation Report
  248. 12/09/19962RCharter Of Principles For A Culturally Diverse Society Bill
  249. 11/09/1996QWNIndustrial Relations Commission Appointments
  250. 26/06/1996QWNChild-Care Centres Staff Code Of Conduct
  251. 25/06/19962RFirearms Bill
  252. 20/06/19962RPublic Health Amendment (Tobacco) Bill
  253. 20/06/19962RConstitution Amendment (Office Of Governor) Bill
  254. 18/06/1996QWNCoalition Government Tax Increases
  255. 17/06/1996ADJGun Law Reform
  256. 04/06/1996ADJNational Party Leadership
  257. 04/06/1996QWNChildren's Services Advisers
  258. 04/06/1996QWNSydney Harbour Bridge Boom Gate Trial
  259. 30/05/1996Racism
  260. 30/05/1996QWNJuvenile Crime Prevention Division Grants Program
  261. 28/05/1996ADJThirty-Fifth Anniversary Of Amnesty International
  262. 28/05/1996Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  263. 28/05/1996QWNDisability Services
  264. 23/05/1996QWNOld Sydney Town Cannon Misfire
  265. 22/05/1996QWNPost-Release Options Program
  266. 21/05/1996ADJInternational Year For The Eradication Of Poverty
  267. 21/05/1996QWNNon-Government School Funding
  268. 02/05/1996Blackmores Natural Health Products
  269. 02/05/1996QWNAnti-Discrimination Board Services
  270. 01/05/1996ADJBlackmores Natural Health Products
  271. 30/04/1996QWNMedical Product Irradiation
  272. 24/04/1996QWNProposed Immigration Museum
  273. 24/04/19962RPublic Health Amendment Bill
  274. 24/04/19962RPoisons Amendment (Therapeutic Goods) Bill
  275. 17/04/1996QWNInquest Into Death Of Mr John Newman
  276. 16/04/1996QWNNew South Wales Treasury Corporation Restructure
  277. 16/04/1996QWNSexual Assault Counsellor Evidence
  278. 15/12/19952R;COMM;3REducation Reform Amendment (School Discipline) Bill
  279. 15/12/1995QWNHigh Court Appointment
  280. 15/12/1995QWNHigh Court Appointment
  281. 15/12/1995QWNPodiatry Deregulation Proposal
  282. 15/12/1995QWNRole Of The Legislative Council
  283. 12/12/1995QWNBoard Of Studies Membership
  284. 12/12/1995QWNJuvenile Justice Advisory Council
  285. 11/12/1995ADJAndrew Olle
  286. 11/12/1995QWNAdoption Information Privacy
  287. 11/12/1995QWNCredit Unions And Building Societies Financial Services
  288. 06/12/1995QWNWorkCover Scheme Premiums
  289. 06/12/1995QWNSentence Indication Scheme
  290. 05/12/1995QWNCommunity Services Funding
  291. 05/12/1995QWNDiscrimination In Employment
  292. 04/12/1995ADJRacial Discrimination
  293. 23/11/1995QWNSydney West Airport
  294. 22/11/1995QWNCultural Biases In Employment
  295. 21/11/1995QWNSport Sponsorships For Aborigines
  296. 20/11/1995ADJImmunisation Campaign
  297. 20/11/1995QWNRole Of The Legislative Council
  298. 20/11/1995QWNRole Of The Legislative Council
  299. 15/11/1995Budget Estimates And Related Papers
  300. 14/11/1995QWNAnimal Laboratories Inspections
  301. 13/11/1995QWNAdvocacy For Children
  302. 26/10/1995QWNJudicial Appointments
  303. 25/10/1995QWNOlympics Business Roundtable
  304. 25/10/1995Reclaim the Night Marches
  305. 24/10/1995ADJAnimal Vivisection
  306. 24/10/1995QWNHIV-C And HIV-E
  307. 19/10/1995Nuclear Testing
  308. 19/10/1995QWNAdoption Information Act Review
  309. 18/10/1995REPStanding Committee On Social Issues
  310. 18/10/1995QWNRoyal Commission Into Aboriginal Deaths In Custody
  311. 17/10/1995QWNHIV-AIDS Testing
  312. 21/09/1995QWNSecurity For Members Of Parliament
  313. 20/09/1995Nuclear Testing
  314. 20/09/1995Aboriginal Representation In Parliament
  315. 19/09/1995ADJCitizens Electoral Councils Of Australia
  316. 19/09/1995QWNDisability Services
  317. 08/06/1995ADJAustralia As A Republic
  318. 08/06/1995QWNCourt Dress
  319. 07/06/1995QWNLebanese And Vietnamese Community Youth Workers
  320. 07/06/1995QWN;REPAndrew Peter Kalajzich Inquiry Report
  321. 06/06/1995ADJCarr Ministry
  322. 06/06/1995QWNEthnic Affairs Commission Review Proposal
  323. 06/06/1995QWNTranscendental Meditation Course
  324. 31/05/1995ADJPolitical Prisoners In Iran
  325. 31/05/1995QWN;REPKalajzich Inquiry Report
  326. 31/05/1995QWNFemale Genital Mutilation
  327. 30/05/19952RDisability Services Amendment (Residents' Amenities Accounts) Bill
  328. 30/05/1995QWNCircus Animals
  329. 30/05/1995QWNRail Policy
  330. 30/05/1995QWNFriends Of Public Football Grounds
  331. 25/05/1995Voluntary Euthanasia
  332. 25/05/1995Voluntary Euthanasia
  333. 24/05/1995ADJAIDS Victim Lorraine Cibilic
  334. 24/05/1995QWNLegal Aid Grants For Environmental Matters
  335. 24/05/1995Migrant Population Distribution
  336. 05/12/1994Parliamentary Management Board
  337. 05/12/1994Business Of The House, State Electoral Office, Election Advertising
  338. 02/12/1994Aboriginal Reconciliation
  339. 02/12/1994QWNSchool Education
  340. 01/12/1994ADJAustralia As A Republic
  341. 30/11/19942R;COMMFarm Debt Mediation Bill
  342. 30/11/19942RFarm Debt Mediation Bill
  343. 29/11/1994QWNHIV-AIDS Prevention Programs
  344. 24/11/1994REPStanding Committee On Social Issues
  345. 22/11/19942RPolice Service (Recruitment) Amendment Bill
  346. 22/11/1994QWNLegal Practices
  347. 18/11/1994QWNPeriodic Detention Programs
  348. 17/11/1994Hepatitis C
  349. 16/11/1994Police Service-Ethnic Communities Relationships
  350. 15/11/1994ADJMulticultural Broadcasting
  351. 27/10/1994QWNKillara Japanese Language Cultural Centre
  352. 27/10/1994QWNKillara Japanese Language Cultural Centre
  353. 25/10/1994ADJRegistered Engineers For Disaster Relief
  354. 25/10/1994QWNDepartment Of Local Government And Co-Operatives Multicultural Develop...
  355. 21/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Education, Training and Youth Affairs and ...
  356. 19/10/1994Joint Estimates Committee, Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs
  357. 13/10/1994QWNSecondment Of Senior Police Officers
  358. 12/10/1994ADJKoala Exhibits
  359. 12/10/1994QWNCommonwealth Funding Of Accommodation For The Disabled
  360. 12/10/1994Children's Services, Distinguished Visitor
  361. 21/09/1994ADJNrma Share Float
  362. 21/09/1994Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  363. 20/09/1994QWNHospital Instruments Recycling
  364. 14/09/1994ADJSydney Jewish Museum
  365. 14/09/19942RGreek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia Consolidated Trust Bill
  366. 14/09/1994Distinguished Visitor
  367. 13/09/1994ADJDeath Of John Paul Newman, Member For Cabramatta
  368. 13/05/1994QWNLanguage Expo Australia
  369. 13/05/1994QWNKoala Numbers
  370. 12/05/1994QWNLook At Me Now Headland Outfall
  371. 12/05/1994QWNBankstown Court House Facilities
  372. 11/05/19942R;COMMAnti-Discrimination (Amendment) Bill
  373. 11/05/1994QWNMulticultural And Ethnic Affairs Museum Feasibility Studies
  374. 11/05/1994QWNConstable El-Azzi Suspension
  375. 11/05/1994Education and Sponsorship
  376. 10/05/19942RCrimes (Female Genital Mutilation) Amendment Bill
  377. 10/05/19942RMental Health (Amendment) Bill
  378. 10/05/19942RAnti-Discrimination (Amendment) Bill
  379. 10/05/1994QWNCircus Bans
  380. 05/05/1994REPNsw Aboriginal Mental Health Report
  381. 04/05/1994QWNKillara Primary School Day Care Site
  382. 03/05/1994ADJ United States Health Care Reforms
  383. 03/05/1994QWNBehaviour Modifying Drug Administration
  384. 20/04/1994ADJAustralians Against Further Immigration Party
  385. 20/04/1994QWNCastlecrag Infants School Site Rezoning
  386. 19/04/1994QWNTeenage Suicides
  387. 13/04/1994QWNWitness Protection Scheme Amendment
  388. 17/03/1994ADJFairfax Organisation Publication
  389. 17/03/19942RProtection Of Children From Indecent Images Bill
  390. 16/03/1994QWNTeaching Of Macedonian Language
  391. 16/03/1994QWNUniversity Of Sydney
  392. 10/03/1994Female Genital Mutilation
  393. 10/03/1994Female Genital Mutilation
  394. 10/03/1994Standing Committee On Social Issues
  395. 09/03/1994QWNLegal Aid For Environmental Matters
  396. 03/03/1994Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  397. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  398. 03/03/1994QWNQueanbeyan Multilingual Centre Funding
  399. 19/11/1993QWNJudicial Appointments
  400. 17/11/1993QWNCompulsory Teaching Of Languages In Schools
  401. 16/11/1993QWNVictims Compensation Tribunal Restitution Orders
  402. 10/11/1993ADJUkrainian Famine Sixtieth Anniversary
  403. 10/11/19932RAnti-Discrimination (Age Discrimination) Amendment Bill
  404. 10/11/19932RVocational Education And Training Accreditation (Amendment) Bill
  405. 10/11/1993QWNJudicial Officers Early Retirement
  406. 09/11/1993QWNTeenage Drug And Alcohol Use
  407. 09/11/19931RGovernment Cleaning Service Retention Bill
  408. 28/10/19932RSouth East Forests Protection Bill
  409. 28/10/19932RUniversity of New England Bill, Southern Cross University Bill, Higher...
  410. 27/10/1993ADJSouth African Elections
  411. 27/10/19932R;REP;COMMAppropriation Bill, Parliamentary Appropriation Bill, Business Franchi...
  412. 26/10/1993QWNAntiochian Orthodox Church Property Trust Legislation
  413. 21/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Health
  414. 20/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Education And Youth Affairs And Tourism
  415. 18/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs
  416. 14/10/1993Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  417. 14/10/1993Asthma
  418. 12/10/1993QWNPrince Alfred Hospital Haemophilia Centre
  419. 16/09/19931RGovernment Cleaning Service Retention Bill
  420. 16/09/1993QWNSeaforth Aged And Disabled Housing
  421. 15/09/1993ADJAustcare Appeal For Former State Of Yugoslavia
  422. 14/09/1993ADJAssyrian Oppression
  423. 07/09/1993QWNDental Instruments Sterilisation And HIV
  424. 19/05/19932RAntiochian Orthodox Church Property Trust Bill
  425. 28/04/1993QWNLegal Procedure And The Intellectually Disabled
  426. 22/04/1993Italian Republic And Premier Of Victoria
  427. 21/04/1993ADJAustralian Flag
  428. 20/04/1993QWNSchool Premises Use By Ethnic Schools
  429. 01/04/1993Race Relations
  430. 01/04/1993QWNRacial Vilification Provisions Review
  431. 01/04/1993Race Relations
  432. 01/04/1993REPStanding Committee On Social Issues
  433. 30/03/1993QWNConstitutional Monarchy
  434. 10/03/1993QWNGoods And Services Tax On Legal Services
  435. 04/03/1993QWNAIDS Women's Services Funding
  436. 03/03/1993Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  437. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  438. 03/03/1993Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  439. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  440. 02/03/1993ADJFederal Opposition Ethnic Policy
  441. 02/03/1993QWNWater Board Privatisation
  442. 27/11/19922RPublic Health (Amendment) Bill
  443. 27/11/1992QWNKing George V Hospital Registrar Positions
  444. 26/11/1992QWNDual Citizenship Of Members Of Parliament
  445. 25/11/1992QWNRacial Vilification Report
  446. 25/11/19922RMedical Practice Bill, Nurses (Amendment) Bill
  447. 18/11/1992Office Of Aboriginal Affairs
  448. 17/11/1992ADJ;REPNon-English Speaking Background Women's Consultative Committee Report
  449. 17/11/19922R;REPAppropriation Bill, Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum Products) A...
  450. 17/11/1992QWNStrathfield-Burwood ESL Classes
  451. 11/11/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Health
  452. 29/10/19922RRural Lands Protection (Amendment) Bill
  453. 29/10/1992QWNHeritage Estates
  454. 29/10/1992REPMedia Reporting Of Medical Issues
  455. 27/10/1992QWNMigrant Mental Health Services
  456. 22/10/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Ethnic Affairs
  457. 15/10/1992QWNStudent Transport Scheme
  458. 13/10/1992QWNStudent Travel Costs
  459. 24/09/1992REPStanding Committee On Social Issues
  460. 24/09/1992Pap Smear Testing
  461. 23/09/1992Budget Estimates And Related Papers
  462. 23/09/1992Domestic Violence Legislation
  463. 17/09/1992REPStanding Committee On Social Issues
  464. 15/09/1992QWNOff-Duty Police User-Pays Scheme
  465. 01/07/1992QWNLabelling Of Genetically Modified Food
  466. 01/07/1992QWNLabelling Of Genetically Modified Food
  467. 30/06/1992QWNChild Pornography
  468. 07/05/1992QWNMark Fitzpatrick Trust
  469. 06/05/1992QWNMedical Practitioner Pecuniary Interest
  470. 06/05/19922R;COMMLibrary (Amendment) Bill
  471. 30/04/1992QWNAnti-Racism
  472. 28/04/1992Censure of Government
  473. 28/04/1992QWNParliamentary Statements
  474. 26/03/1992QWNState Environmental Planning Policy No. 33
  475. 25/03/1992QWNJournalistic Protection Legislation
  476. 24/03/1992Racism
  477. 20/03/1992QWNBarrenjoey High School Land Sale
  478. 19/03/1992Government Legislative Program
  479. 19/03/1992Constitutional Monarchy
  480. 11/03/1992QWNSaturday Language Classes
  481. 11/03/1992QWNSaturday Language Classes
  482. 11/03/1992QWNMedical Practitioners Pecuniary Interest Declarations
  483. 06/03/1992Distinguished Visitors
  484. 05/03/1992QWNMedically Acquired HIV-AIDS Sufferers Assistance
  485. 04/03/1992ADJAustralia As A Republic
  486. 04/03/19922RHoly Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church Of The East Property Trust Bill
  487. 19/11/1991QWNFood Pesticide Residue Levels
  488. 13/11/1991QWNTAFE Community Language Courses
  489. 01/11/1991Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  490. 31/10/19912RProcurement of Miscarriage Limitation Bill
  491. 30/10/1991QWNRape Crisis Centre Funding
  492. 24/10/1991QWNBarclay Cottage Closure
  493. 23/10/1991QWNMedically Acquired Aids Victims Compensation
  494. 23/10/1991QWNJindabyne Winter Sports And High Altitude Training Centre
  495. 22/10/1991QWNFederal Government TAFE Administration
  496. 17/10/19912RIndustrial Relations Bill
  497. 17/10/1991REPStanding Committees On Social Issues
  498. 16/10/1991QWNCarnivale Celebrations
  499. 26/09/1991QWNGovernment Questions Without Notice
  500. 26/09/1991QWNPort Kembla Aerial Hydraulic Firefighting Platform
  501. 25/09/1991QWNMedical Practitioners Pecuniary Interest Declaration
  502. 24/09/1991QWNAnti-Discrimination Board AIDS Sufferer Quuestionnaire


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.