Staysafe (Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety)

This committee is inactive. Contact and Member information appearing on this page is historical only.

The Staysafe (Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety) is a completed joint standing committee, and ended 6 Mar 2015.

Committees of the 55th Parliament (2011-2015) have expired. Committees of the 56th Parliament will be appointed shortly.

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Main contactElaine Schofield(02) 9230 2226(02) 9230

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Staysafe Committee, Parliament House, Macquarie Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000

Terms of Reference establishing Committee (click to show)

Resolution passed 22 June 2011, 55th Parliament, Votes and Proceedings No.23, Item 8, Page 7, as amended 24 November 2011, 55th Parliament, Votes and Proceedings No. 59, Item 25, Page 491.

A Joint Standing Committee (to be known as the Staysafe Committee) be appointed to inquire into and report on road safety in New South Wales with the following term of reference:
(1) As an ongoing task, the Committee is to -
(a) Monitor, investigate and report on the road safety situation in New South Wales; and
(b) Review and report on countermeasures aimed at reducing deaths, injuries and the social and economic costs to the community arising from road accidents.
(2) The Committee consist of five members of the Legislative Assembly and three members of the Legislative Council and that, notwithstanding anything contained in the standing orders of either House, at any meeting of the Committee, any four members shall constitute a quorum provided that the Committee shall meet as a joint committee at all times.
(3) Mr Greg Aplin, Mr Stuart Ayres, Mr Robert Furolo, Mr Darren Webber and Mr John Williams be appointed to serve on the Committee as the members of the Legislative Assembly.
(4) The Committee have leave to sit and transact business during the sittings or any adjournment of either House, and despite any prorogation of the Houses of Parliament.
(5) The Committee have leave to make visits of inspection within the State of New South Wales and other States and Territories of Australia.
(6) A message be sent acquainting the Legislative Council of the resolution and requesting the Legislative Council to appoint three of its members to serve with the members of the Legislative Assembly upon the Committee, and to fix a time and place for the first meeting.