Mr Corbett to the Minister for Community Services, Minister for Aged Services, and Minister for Disability Services—

(1)        Does the research available to the Minister endorse the opinion of the Australian Psychological Society's Working Group on Punishment and Behaviour Change that the available psychological research indicates that the physical punishment of children:

        (a)        is very limited in its capacity to deter the unwanted behaviour;

        (b)        does not teach alternative desirable behaviour;

        (c)        often promotes further undesirable behaviours such as defiance and attachment to “delinquent” peer groups;

        (d)        encourages an acceptance of aggression and violence as acceptable responses to conflicts and problems?

(2)        If so, what action is the Government taking to:

        (a)        inform parents, especially new parents, of these findings;

        (b)        ensure that educational material about positive alternatives to the use of physical punishment is provided, promoted and displayed to parents in New South Wales?

Question asked on 30 October 96 (session 51-2) and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 42.
No answer has been printed.