Mr John Murray to the Minister for Education, Training and Youth Affairs, Minister for Tourism and Minister Assisting the Premier—

(1) Why was Drummoyne Boys' High School closed? (2) Did the Department use 1986 demographic data to assess the factors that brought about the closure of Drummoyne Boys' High School? (3) What are the latest demographic figures available to the Department for the assessment of school closures? (4) How are these statistics compiled? (5) Why has Drummoyne Boys' High School not been used since its closure? (6) What is the future for the Drummoyne Boys' High School site?


(1) Drummoyne Boys' High School was closed because of declining student numbers. Enrolments declined from 514 students in 1983 to 120 students when it closed at the end of 1990. These remaining students have been accommodated in Concord High School, Balmain High School and Hunters Hill High School. (2) Yes. (3) and (4) The Department utilises actual enrolment figures for the last Friday in February each year as the comparison figure for demographic projection purposes. Projections are undertaken on an annual basis to determine likely trends over the next 5 years. Demographic figures are used as a standard practice for all planning purposes, such as to determine the need for new schools and possible redevelopments, and are not used solely for assessing school closures. (5) After the high school ceased to operate the premises were used for the storage of furniture and equipment in relation to the Department's Distance Education Program. Surrounding schools, except Concord High School, have surplus capacity so there is no need to operate it. (6) The property is now surplus to the needs of the Department and will be sold. Drummoyne Municipal Council has twice refused to consider a rezoning application for the property.

Question asked on 11 May 93 (session 50-3) and published in Questions & Answers Paper No. 18.
Answer received on 8 September 1993 and to be printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 25.