Mr Andrew Stoner to the Minister for Police, Minister for the Illawarra—

In relation to radar devices used by police on NSW roads:

  1. Do police radar manuals require that cameras shut down when two or more vehicles are in the same radar beam and the difference in speed is more than 2 kph?
  2. If so, can you guarantee that there is no opportunity for a vehicle travelling more than 2 kph lower than another vehicle in the same radar beam to be identified as travelling at the high speed?


The NSW Police Force has advised me :

Vehicles that travel through the radar beam at the same time with a difference in speed between them of more than 2 kph are unable to be accurately measured in terms of speed. The equipment automatically declares the measurement as invalid. 

If the instrument cannot determine the speed of two vehicles separately and thus cannot determine which vehicle is speeding, it invalidates the frame by placing the letters "FFF" in all segments of the display.  

Question asked on 31 May 2007 (session 54-1) and published in Questions & Answers Paper No. 6.
Answer received on 5 July 2007 and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 19.