Scheme of Election

(Follows the expiry of the current 55th Parliament)
Last General Election HeldThe Parliament expired on Friday, 4 March 201126 March 2011
Return of Writs for Last General ElectionThe writs for the election were issued by the Governor on 5 March 201130 April 2011
Expiry of ParliamentParliament expires on the Friday before the first Saturday in March in the 4th year after the Return of Writs for the last General Election.*

Constitution Act 1902, s 24(1).

Midnight Friday 6 March 2015
Issue of WritsWrits shall be issued within four clear days after publication in the gazette of Proclamation dissolving Parliament, or after expiration of Parliament by effluxion of time ...

Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Act 1912, s 68.

Last day - Tuesday 10 March 2015
Polling DayPolling Day after the expiration of Parliament shall be the fourth Saturday in March following the expiry ...*

Constitution Act 1902, s 24A.

Election to be Saturday 28 March 2015
Return of WritsWrits are returnable not later than the 60th clear day after date of issue thereof or such later day as the Governor may direct.

Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Act 1912, s 68.

Last day - Monday 11 May 2015

As the 60th day falls on a Saturday (9 May) the last day is Monday 11 May 2015 - Interpretation Act 1987, s 36(2).

Last day on which the Parliament may meetParliament to meet not later than the 7th clear day after the day of which writs are returnable.

Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Act 1912, s 69.

Last day - Monday 18 May 2015.
* Section 24B Constitution Act 1902 provides for the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly within 2 months before the Assembly is due to expire if the election would otherwise be required to be held during the same period as a Commonwealth election, during a holiday or at any other inconvenient time, and at other times if the Assembly passes a motion of no confidence in the Government or rejects or fails to pass an appropriation bill for the ordinary annual services of the Government. Writs must be issued within four clear days after publication of the dissolution proclamation (s 68 Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Act 1912) and an election must be held not later than the 40th day from the date of the issue of writs (s 24A Constitution Act 1902).

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