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    The Hon. CHARLIE LYNN [6.50 p.m.]: Tonight I offer my congratulations to Mrs Fiona Creed, who, as of this afternoon, is Councillor Fiona Creed of the Blue Mountains City Council. The by-election in ward 4 of the Blue Mountains City Council was caused by the untimely and unfortunate death of a Blue Mountains First councillor. In the ballot today Mrs Creed polled 2,650 votes; Mr Michael Worsley of Blue Mountains First achieved 1,578; Mr Kevin Frapnell of the ALP polled 1,308; Mr Peter O'Toole, an Independent, got 793; Ms Lesley Edwards of the Greens achieved 789; Mr Steve O'Kell, an Independent, got 720; and Mr Kilnar Mason, an Independent, achieved 264. That is a total of 8,092 votes. After the distribution of preferences, Mrs Creed was today announced the winner by four votes. That reminded me of my own preselection, when I got up by two votes. When I walked into this Chamber the Hon. John Johnson said, "How did you go, brother?" I said, "I got up by two votes." He said, "Brother, in this game one is a win but two is an absolute landslide." Mrs Creed obviously had a major buffer zone in that result.

    Mrs Creed is an outstanding woman in every respect. She is secretary of the Glenbrook Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She is senior vice-president of the Glenbrook Swimming Club. Last year she was manager and coach of a netball team in the twilight competition. She works at the University of Western Sydney at Hawkesbury and she also runs her own business, Your Choice Wedding Consultants. Besides that, she has a loving husband, Graham, who is her most ardent supporter, and four beautiful children, Michael, Troy, Samantha and Megan, who are her most loyal supporters. They are really proud of their supermum.

    Fiona has realised that the most successful way to build a better community is, firstly, to be a successful parent. One has only to spend a short time with her, her husband and her four children to realise that Fiona can claim success in this area. The next step in the contribution to building a better community is by being involved in that community, by being a participant rather than a spectator. Fiona has certainly made a valuable contribution to the business community, the sporting community and to her children's school community with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Fiona has now taken the next step and put herself forward for a leadership role in her local community. I have no doubt that her community, her constituency in ward 4 and those in the wider Blue Mountains community will be better off because of her representation on council.

    Fiona represents Liberal values. There is no quota system for women in our party. Fiona has got there because she is the best and most appropriate person to be in that position. I believe we will hear a lot more of Fiona Creed in the future. There is a lot of opportunity for her to put herself up for wider leadership in the future either at the State or Federal level. The Liberal Party is about the freedom of the individual and providing the opportunity for individuals to achieve their potential in whatever area they so choose. Fiona Creed is a wonderful example of that philosophy.

    I record my congratulations to Fiona Creed on her victory in this by-election. I offer my thanks to her husband, Graham, and to her children, Michael, Troy, Samantha and Megan, for the love and support they gave to her throughout her successful campaign. I wish her the very best in her future political career at the local government level. I think Fiona Creed is somebody we might hear a lot of in the future at either the State or Federal level.