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The Hon. M. J. GALLACHER [4.43 p.m.]: I raise concern about the distasteful incident that occurred recently at the funeral of T. J. Smith. I am sure all honourable members would have been shocked to see the unemployed dancer and musician Peter Michael Hore run up onto the altar at T. J. Smith’s funeral, calling out offensive comments to the family and friends of T. J. Smith and then make a move towards the coffin. Apparently this fellow was taken from the cathedral and police later released him without charging him.

This is not the first time Peter Michael Hore has acted in an offensive way. I ask honourable members to cast their minds back to the recent funeral of Michael Hutchence. In the course of that service Mr Hore ran forward, holding a cord around his neck, and shouted, "This is how he did it, Paula," in front of all the family and friends of Michael Hutchence. He was led away from the cathedral but once again he was not charged.

Last year Mr Hore delayed the Melbourne Cup. That was in Victoria, and he was gaoled for one month, yet in New South Wales he gets absolutely zero. Is this what the Carr Government means by zero tolerance? Does zero tolerance equal zero action? This fellow obviously fancies himself as Australia’s answer to Neil Godden, the man who likes to throw custard tarts or cream pies in people’s faces, such as he did last year to Bill Gates. The actions of the New South Wales Police Service have to be brought to account. Why was this fellow not charged? I have written to the Commissioner of Police and I expect him to give an explanation in reply.

I am sure all honourable members in this Parliament would condemn the unacceptable actions of Mr Hore. Funerals are no-go zones. He seems to take every opportunity he can to put forward his pathetic views, but he is committing a criminal offence by acting in this manner. If he wants to protest, there are proper ways to do so. His actions are totally unacceptable in this country and he should be held accountable.

I am assured that each honourable member in this Chamber would support me on that. This type of action cannot be allowed. Mr Hore was also seen before the World Cup soccer game between Australia and Iran. After the event the Australian players said that the hold-up in the game caused them a fair degree of distress and loss of concentration, with Australia failing to qualify for the World Cup. He continues with this unacceptable behaviour not only in New South Wales but elsewhere throughout Australia. He has built up a modus operandi that shows he has contempt for the courts. He should be brought before a court in New South Wales and held accountable, consistent with comments bandied around by the Government.

Motion agreed to.
House adjourned at 4.45 p.m. until Wednesday, 16 September 1998, at 2.30 p.m.