Moore, Ms Clover speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 20/09/2012Valedictory Speeches
  2. 13/09/2012PRIVPlanning Green Paper
  3. 13/09/2012QWNCentennial Park and Moore Park Trust
  4. 23/08/2012PETRedfern Railway Station Lift Access
  5. 23/08/2012QWNSame-sex Marriage
  6. 23/08/20122RResidential Tenancies Amendment (Occupancy Agreements) Bill 2011
  7. 21/08/2012PRIVClimate Change
  8. 21/06/20122RGame and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill 2012
  9. 20/06/2012QWNSydney Liquor Licence Freeze
  10. 19/06/2012PRIVPublic Education
  11. 14/06/20123RCity of Sydney Amendment (Central Sydney Traffic and Transport Committ...
  12. 14/06/20122RStrata Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  13. 13/06/20122R;3RTobacco Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  14. 31/05/2012QWNSow Stalls
  15. 24/05/2012PRIVInner-City Homelessness
  16. 24/05/20122RConstitution Amendment (Restoration of Oaths of Allegiance) Bill 2012
  17. 10/05/20122RFirearms Amendment (Ammunition Control) Bill 2012
  18. 10/05/2012QWNKings Cross Late-night Transport Services
  19. 08/05/2012PRIVUrban Renewal
  20. 02/05/20121R;2RSydney Water Catchment Management Amendment (Board Members) Bill 2012
  21. 04/04/2012QWNMillers Point Public Housing
  22. 04/04/2012Companion Animals Welfare
  23. 03/04/20122RLocal Government Amendment (Members of Parliament) Bill 2012
  24. 02/04/2012PRIVNeighbourhood and Community Centres
  25. 14/03/2012QWNSydney Heritage Fleet
  26. 14/03/20122RElectricity Generator Assets (Authorised Transactions) Bill 2012
  27. 13/03/20122RCentennial Park and Moore Park Trust Amendment Bill 2012
  28. 13/03/2012PRIVSydney Arts and Culture
  29. 06/03/20122RMining Legislation Amendment (Uranium Exploration) Bill 2012
  30. 23/02/2012QWNAbattoir Animal Cruelty
  31. 21/02/2012PRIVMarriage Equality
  32. 15/02/20122RCrimes (Criminal Organisations Control) Bill 2012
  33. 14/02/20122RMental Health Commission Bill 2011
  34. 25/11/2011QWNStrategic Regional Land Use Policy
  35. 25/11/20112RPolice Amendment (Death and Disability) Bill 2011
  36. 25/11/20111R;2RResidential Tenancies Amendment (Occupancy Agreements) Bill 2011
  37. 22/11/2011Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  38. 22/11/2011PRIVCarbon Pricing
  39. 11/11/20111R;2RStrata Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  40. 08/11/2011PRIVInternational Students
  41. 20/10/2011QWNState Cycling Plan
  42. 20/10/2011Retirement of Russell David Grove, PSM, Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
  43. 19/10/20112RLiquor Amendment (3 Strikes) Bill 2011 (No. 2)
  44. 18/10/20112RRedfern-Waterloo Authority Repeal Bill 2011
  45. 17/10/2011PRIVSydney Film Centre
  46. 13/10/20112R;3RLocal Government Amendment (Roadside Vehicle Sales) Bill 2011
  47. 12/10/2011QWNPrivate Vehicle Sales on Public Roads
  48. 12/10/20112RElection Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Amendment Bill 2011
  49. 11/10/2011PRIVNorthcott Pet Day
  50. 14/09/2011PETPerforming Circus Animals Ban
  51. 14/09/2011QWNElectric Vehicle Recharging Bays
  52. 12/09/2011PRIVVogue Fashion Night Out
  53. 09/09/2011TAFE Funding
  54. 08/09/2011QWNKings Cross Late-night Train Services
  55. 07/09/20112RTransport Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  56. 06/09/2011PRIVOasis Youth Support Network
  57. 26/08/2011White Bay Cruise Ship Terminal
  58. 25/08/20112RMarine Parks Amendment (Moratorium) Bill 2011
  59. 24/08/2011QWNStrategic Regional Land Use Plan
  60. 23/08/2011PRIVCity of Sydney Business Awards
  61. 08/08/2011PRIVDental Health Services
  62. 05/08/2011QWNElizabeth Bay Marina
  63. 05/08/2011QWNElizabeth Bay Marina
  64. 05/08/20111R;2RLocal Government Amendment (Roadside Vehicle Sales) Bill 2011
  65. 04/08/2011URG MOTCarbon Tax
  66. 04/08/2011Business of the House
  67. 04/08/20112RSummary Offences Amendment (Intoxicated and Disorderly Conduct) Bill 2011
  68. 03/08/20112RGraffiti Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  69. 02/08/2011PRIVBetter Buildings Partnership
  70. 23/06/2011PRIVNational Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee
  71. 22/06/2011QWNHomelessness
  72. 20/06/20112RCrimes Amendment (Murder of Police Officers) Bill 2011
  73. 20/06/2011PRIVCriminal Justice System Reforms
  74. 16/06/20111R;2REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Part 3A Repeal) Bill 2011
  75. 16/06/20112RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Public Sector Conditions of Employment...
  76. 15/06/2011QWNBoarding House Accommodation
  77. 14/06/20112RInfrastructure NSW Bill 2011
  78. 14/06/2011PRIVClimate Change
  79. 27/05/2011QWNLiquor Licensing Laws
  80. 25/05/2011Marine Parks Act 1997: Disallowance Of Marine Parks (Zoning Plans) Ame...
  81. 24/05/2011PRIVContainer Deposit Scheme
  82. 12/05/2011PRIVKings Cross Injecting Room
  83. 11/05/2011PETSydney Foreshore Planning
  84. 11/05/2011QWNPrivate Vehicle Sales on Public Roads
  85. 09/05/2011PRIVWoolloomooloo Homelessness
  86. 06/05/2011PRIVPrivate Vehicle Sales on Public Roads
  87. 03/12/2010PRIVAlcohol-related Violence and Licensed Premises Operations
  88. 03/12/20101R;2RStrata Legislation Amendment Bill 2010
  89. 30/11/20102REducation Amendment (Ethics) Bill 2010
  90. 25/11/2010PRIVBoarding House Accommodation
  91. 24/11/2010QWNMining Exploration Licences
  92. 23/11/20102RLocal Government Amendment (Environmental Upgrade Agreements) Bill 2010
  93. 23/11/20102RNational Park Estate (South-Western Cypress Reservations) Bill 2010
  94. 10/11/20102RSurrogacy Bill 2010
  95. 09/11/20102RElection Funding and Disclosures Amendment Bill 2010
  96. 20/10/20102RDrug Misuse and Trafficking Amendment (Medically Supervised Injecting ...
  97. 23/09/2010PRIVInner City Policing
  98. 23/09/20102RSurface Coal Mining Prohibition (Lake MacQuarie) Bill 2009
  99. 23/09/2010QWNPublic Service Integrity Legislation
  100. 22/09/20102RConstitution Amendment (Recognition of Aboriginal People) Bill 2010
  101. 09/09/20103RAdoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  102. 07/09/2010PRIVHydrogen Energy and Electric Vehicles
  103. 02/09/2010PRIVMillers Point Public Housing
  104. 02/09/20102RAdoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  105. 02/09/20102RAdoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  106. 01/09/20101R;2RAdoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  107. 24/06/2010PRIVCentral Sydney Planning Committee
  108. 24/06/20101R;2RAdoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2010
  109. 24/06/2010QWNMoore Park
  110. 10/06/2010PRIVTraffic Congestion and Cycling
  111. 09/06/20102RNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Visitors and Tourists) Bill 2010
  112. 08/06/20102RResidential Tenancies Bill 2010
  113. 03/06/2010PRIVCentennial Park and Moore Park Trust Parklands
  114. 03/06/20102RLocal Government Amendment (General Rate Exemptions) Bill 2010
  115. 02/06/20102RAnzac Memorial (Building) Amendment Bill 2010
  116. 02/06/20102RLiquor Legislation Amendment Bill 2010
  117. 21/05/2010PRIVUrban Sustainability
  118. 19/05/20102RNational Park Estate (Riverina Red Gum Reservations) Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  119. 19/05/2010QWNSydney Harbour Marina Development
  120. 19/05/20102RTransport Administration Amendment Bill 2010
  121. 13/05/2010PRIVPackaging Recycling
  122. 12/05/20102RCompanion Animals Amendment (Outdoor Dining Areas) Bill 2010
  123. 12/05/20102RTrees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Amendment Bill 2010
  124. 11/05/20102RRelationships Register Bill 2010
  125. 11/05/20102RCarers (Recognition) Bill 2010
  126. 22/04/2010PRIVElectricity Price Rises
  127. 21/04/20102RNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment Bill 2010
  128. 18/03/2010PRIVInner-city Air Quality
  129. 11/03/2010PRIVInner-city Mental Health Services
  130. 11/03/2010QWNEntertainment Licence Reform
  131. 25/02/2010PRIVVehicle Noise
  132. 25/02/20102RSave the Graythwaite Estate Bill 2009
  133. 23/02/20102RHousing Amendment (Community Housing Providers) Bill 2009
  134. 01/12/20092RElection Funding and Disclosures Amendment (Property Developers Prohib...
  135. 26/11/2009PRIVClimate Change
  136. 26/11/20092RElectricity Supply Amendment (Solar Bonus Scheme) Bill 2009
  137. 25/11/20092RValuation of Land Amendment Bill 2009
  138. 25/11/20092RGraffiti Control Amendment Bill 2009
  139. 25/11/2009QWNInner City Affordable Housing
  140. 12/11/2009PRIVClimate Change
  141. 12/11/20092RFood Amendment (Meat Grading) Bill 2008
  142. 11/11/20092RPassenger Transport Amendment (Taxi Licensing) Bill 2009
  143. 29/10/2009PRIVFood Labelling
  144. 22/10/2009PRIVCentral Business District Speed Limit
  145. 22/10/20092RAnimals (Regulation of Sale) Bill 2008
  146. 22/10/2009QWNWentworth Park
  147. 21/10/20092RPrevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment Bill 2009
  148. 24/09/2009PRIVLive Entertainment and Residential Amenity
  149. 23/09/20092RAnimal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill 2009
  150. 23/09/20092RMajor Events Bill 2009
  151. 10/09/20092RLiquor Amendment (Temporary Licence Freeze) Bill 2009
  152. 03/09/2009PRIVElectronic Waste Disposal
  153. 03/09/2009QWNSydney Liquor Task Force
  154. 02/09/2009Premier, and Minister for the Arts
  155. 01/09/20092RLocal Government Amendment (Planning and Reporting) Bill 2009
  156. 25/06/2009QWNInner-City Alcohol Abuse
  157. 24/06/2009PRIVHomelessness
  158. 24/06/20092RMotor Sports (World Rally Championship) Bill 2009
  159. 24/06/20092REducation Amendment (Publication of School Results) Bill 2009
  160. 23/06/20092RGovernment Information (Public Access) Bill 2009 Government Informatio...
  161. 18/06/2009PRIVCreative Industries
  162. 16/06/20092RResidential Tenancies Amendment (Mortgagee Repossessions) Bill 2009
  163. 04/06/2009PRIVGroundwater and Mining
  164. 04/06/20092RElectricity Supply Amendment (Energy Savings) Bill 2009
  165. 03/06/20092RHeritage Amendment Bill 2009
  166. 14/05/2009PRIVCentennial Park and Moore Park Trust Parklands
  167. 13/05/2009QWNHomelessness
  168. 13/05/20092RHome Building Amendment (Insurance) Bill 2009
  169. 12/05/20092RCriminal Organisations Legislation Amendment Bill 2009
  170. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  171. 07/05/2009PRIVSisters of Charity
  172. 05/05/20092RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Council Law Enforcement Offic...
  173. 02/04/2009PRIVEnergy-efficient Street Lighting
  174. 02/04/20092RCrimes (Criminal Organisations Control) Bill 2009
  175. 26/03/2009PRIVNoise Pollution
  176. 26/03/20092RBiofuel (Ethanol Content) Amendment Bill 2009
  177. 24/03/20092RParking Space Levy Bill 2009
  178. 12/03/2009PRIVGreenhouse Gas Reduction Target for 2020
  179. 11/03/2009QWNEarth Hour
  180. 11/03/20092RBarangaroo Delivery Authority Bill 2009
  181. 05/03/2009PRIVAustralian Energy Regulator Draft Determinations
  182. 27/11/2008PRIVSydney City Transport Infrastructure
  183. 26/11/20082RLiquor Legislation Amendment Bill 2008
  184. 14/11/20081R;2RAnimals (Regulation of Sale) Bill 2008
  185. 13/11/2008PRIVAnimal Support Organisation Voiceless
  186. 13/11/2008QWNHybrid Diesel Buses
  187. 30/10/2008PRIVRenewable Energy
  188. 29/10/20082RLocal Government Amendment (Legal Status) Bill 2008
  189. 22/10/2008PRIVAffordable Housing
  190. 25/09/2008PRIVPeak Oil
  191. 25/09/2008QWNCentennial Park and Moore Park Trust
  192. 28/08/20082RRetirement Villages Amendment Bill 2008
  193. 26/06/2008PRIVHomelessness
  194. 26/06/20082RFirearms Amendment Bill 2008
  195. 25/06/20082RElection Funding Amendment (Political Donations and Expenditure) Bill ...
  196. 19/06/2008PRIVArt and Culture Funding
  197. 19/06/2008QWNNational Emissions Trading Scheme Impact
  198. 19/06/20082RAuditor-General (Supplementary Powers) Bill 2008
  199. 05/06/2008PRIVSydney Food Supply
  200. 04/06/20082RMiscellaneous Acts Amendment (Same Sex Relationships) Bill 2008
  201. 03/06/20082REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2008 Building Pro...
  202. 15/05/2008PRIVContainer Deposit Levy
  203. 14/05/2008QWNFreedom of Information Act Review
  204. 10/04/2008PRIVSydney Light Rail
  205. 10/04/2008Sessional Orders
  206. 09/04/20082RHousing Amendment (Tenant Fraud) Bill 2008
  207. 03/04/2008PRIVSame Sex Relationships Law Reform
  208. 06/03/2008PRIVPet Restrictions
  209. 06/03/2008QWNGay and Lesbian Mardi Gras
  210. 05/03/20082RFood Amendment (Public Information on Offences) Bill 2008
  211. 27/02/2008PRIVPlastic Bags
  212. 06/12/2007Sessional Orders
  213. 04/12/20072RLiquor Bill 2007 Casino, Liquor and Gaming Control Authority Bill 2007...
  214. 29/11/2007PRIVSydney Harbour Public Access
  215. 27/11/20072RPrevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Prosecutions) Bill 2007
  216. 15/11/2007QWNPlastic Bags
  217. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  218. 15/11/2007QWNPlastic Bags
  219. 13/11/2007PRIVSydney Policing
  220. 25/10/2007PRIVPrivate Certification
  221. 25/10/2007Reconciliation
  222. 18/10/2007PRIVPlunkett Street, Woolloomooloo, Public School
  223. 18/10/2007QWNStreet-safe Police Task Force
  224. 18/10/20071R;2RAnimals (Regulation of Sale) Bill 2007
  225. 17/10/2007Business of the House
  226. 27/09/20071R;2RLiquor Amendment (Small Bars and Restaurants) Bill 2007
  227. 26/09/20072RStandard Time Amendment (Daylight Saving) Bill 2007
  228. 25/09/2007PRIVCharter of Human Rights
  229. 27/06/2007Climate Change
  230. 27/06/2007PRIVInner-city Bus Services
  231. 27/06/2007Climate Change
  232. 21/06/2007PRIVSydney Water Supply
  233. 19/06/20072RDrug Summit Legislative Response Amendment (Trial Period Extension) Bill
  234. 19/06/20072RAPEC Meeting (Police Powers) Bill 2007 Industrial and Other Legislatio...
  235. 07/06/2007QWNDesalination Plant Water Recycling
  236. 06/06/2007PRIVBicycle Network Facilities
  237. 06/06/20072RHuman Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Amendment Bill 2007
  238. 31/05/2007PRIVWaste
  239. 23/11/2006PRIVUrban Consolidation
  240. 17/11/2006PRIVMedically Supervised Injecting Centre
  241. 15/11/20062R;COMMEnvironmental Planning Legislation Amendment Bill
  242. 15/11/20062RTrees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Bill
  243. 14/11/20062RCompanion Animals Amendment Bill
  244. 26/10/2006PRIVGorman House Detoxification Service
  245. 26/10/20062R;COMMFreedom of Information Amendment (Open Government-Disclosure of Contra...
  246. 25/10/2006QWNRenewable Energy
  247. 24/10/20062RAdoption Amendment Bill
  248. 17/10/20062R;COMMThreatened Species Conservation Amendment (Biodiversity Banking) Bill
  249. 17/10/2006PRIVBuilding Sustainability Index Energy Efficiency Targets
  250. 28/09/2006PRIVUnderground Cables
  251. 21/09/2006PRIVAsylum Seekers and Refugees
  252. 21/09/20062RDeer Bill
  253. 20/09/20062RCrimes Amendment (Apprehended Violence) Bill
  254. 20/09/20062RParliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment Bill
  255. 07/09/2006PRIVMotor Vehicle Emissions
  256. 07/09/2006QWNKings Cross NightRide Bus
  257. 06/09/20062RCrimes Legislation Amendment (Gangs) Bill
  258. 31/08/2006PRIVOlder People
  259. 07/06/20062RSydney Cricket and Sports Ground Amendment Bill
  260. 24/05/2006Integrated Public Transport for Sustainable Cities
  261. 10/05/2006PRIVRedfern and Inner City Home Support Service
  262. 10/05/2006QWNCaritas Mental Health Service
  263. 10/05/20062R;COMMEducation Legislation Amendment (Staff) Bill
  264. 03/05/2006PRIVLand Clearing
  265. 05/04/2006PRIVRedfern-Waterloo Authority Draft Built Environment Plan
  266. 29/03/2006COMMEnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill
  267. 29/03/2006PRIVRedfern Policing
  268. 08/03/2006PRIVHomelessness
  269. 08/03/20062REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill
  270. 02/03/2006PRIVInner Sydney Open Space
  271. 01/03/2006QWNCross-city Tunnel and Road Closures
  272. 01/03/20062RTransport Administration Amendment (Public Transport Ticketing Corpora...
  273. 01/12/20051R;2RFreedom of Information Amendment (Open Government-Disclosure of Contra...
  274. 30/11/20052R;COMMTerrorism (Police Powers) Amendment (Preventative Detention) Bill
  275. 17/11/2005PRIVDepartment of Housing Northcott Estate
  276. 17/11/2005Redfern Oval
  277. 16/11/20052RCompanion Animals Amendment Bill
  278. 15/11/20052RCrimes Amendment (Animal Cruelty) Bill
  279. 10/11/2005PRIVRedfern-Waterloo Redevelopment
  280. 09/11/2005QWNMetropolitan Strategy
  281. 20/10/2005PRIVCentennial Park and Moore Park Trust Draft Plan of Management
  282. 18/10/20052R;COMMResidential Tenancies Amendment (Social Housing) Bill
  283. 18/10/20052R;3RLuna Park Site Amendment (Noise Control) Bill
  284. 13/10/2005PRIVSemiautomatic Handguns
  285. 22/09/2005PRIVCross-city Tunnel
  286. 21/09/2005COMMLocal Government Amendment (Stormwater) Bill
  287. 21/09/20052R;COMMStandard Time Amendment (Daylight Saving) Bill
  288. 21/09/2005QWNMental Health Services
  289. 20/09/20052R;COMMLocal Government Amendment (Stormwater) Bill
  290. 23/06/2005PRIVMoore Park Master Plan
  291. 08/06/2005QWNLocal Government Political Donations Ban
  292. 08/06/20052REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Infrastructure and Ot...
  293. 25/05/2005PRIVRedfern Oval
  294. 25/05/2005Redfern Oval
  295. 04/05/20052R;COMMEnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Development Contribut...
  296. 04/05/20052R;COMM;3REnergy Administration Amendment (Water And Energy Savings) Bill
  297. 04/05/2005PRIVSydney City Council Achievements
  298. 05/04/2005PRIVSydney Central Business District Air-Quality Monitoring
  299. 24/03/2005QWNSydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport Expansion
  300. 23/03/2005PRIVUrban Forests
  301. 23/03/20052R;COMMRoad Transport (General) Bill
  302. 23/03/20052R;COMMPrevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment Bill
  303. 03/03/2005Mental Health Services Funding
  304. 02/03/2005PRIVDepartment of Housing Northcott Estate
  305. 01/03/2005PRIVUrban Planning
  306. 09/12/2004REP;COMMRedfern-Waterloo Authority Bill
  307. 09/12/20042RGovernment (Open Market Competition) Bill
  308. 08/12/2004PRIVRedfern-Waterloo Authority Legislation
  309. 08/12/2004QWNMental Health Beds
  310. 19/11/2004Redfern-Waterloo Authority Bill
  311. 19/11/20042R;COMM;3RRedfern-Waterloo Authority Bill
  312. 17/11/2004PRIVDepartment of Housing Russian-speaking Tenants
  313. 17/11/20042RRedfern-Waterloo Authority Bill
  314. 16/11/20042R;COMMSmoke-free Environment Amendment Bill
  315. 11/11/2004PRIVCrown Street Reservoir
  316. 28/10/2004PRIVRedfern-Waterloo Authority
  317. 28/10/2004QWNRedfern-Waterloo Authority
  318. 27/10/20042RHistoric Houses Amendment Bill
  319. 20/10/2004Death of Mr Anthony Michael McGrane, OAM, a Member of the Legislative ...
  320. 19/10/20042RThreatened Species Legislation Amendment Bill
  321. 19/10/2004PRIVHomeless People with Mental Illness
  322. 19/10/2004Sydney Conde Nast Traveler Award
  323. 22/09/2004PRIVAlcohol and Drug Services
  324. 21/09/20042R;COMMLocal Government Amendment (Discipline) Bill
  325. 21/09/2004QWNSydney Central Business District Air-Quality Monitoring
  326. 14/09/2004PRIVRedfern-Waterloo Partnership Project
  327. 23/06/2004QWNPublic Housing
  328. 12/05/20042RFilming Approval Bill
  329. 12/05/2004PRIVPublic Housing
  330. 11/05/2004QWNJuvenile Offenders Research
  331. 04/05/2004PRIVDual Diagnosis
  332. 06/04/20042RPrevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Tail Docking) Bill
  333. 30/03/2004PRIVMental Health Services
  334. 16/03/2004QWNTunnel Filtration
  335. 11/03/2004PRIVMoore Park Car Parking
  336. 26/02/2004QWNHousing Affordability
  337. 26/02/20042RState Arms, Symbols and Emblems Bill
  338. 18/02/2004PRIVRedfern Social Programs
  339. 05/12/20032RClyde Waste Transfer Terminal (Special Provisions) Bill
  340. 03/12/2003PRIVPlastic Bags Phase-out
  341. 19/11/20032REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Quality of Constructi...
  342. 19/11/2003PRIVPyrmont Point Redevelopment
  343. 19/11/2003QWNBoarders and Lodgers Regulation Review
  344. 12/11/2003Mental Health Services
  345. 29/10/2003PRIVBent Street, Moore Park, Retail and Entertainment Complex
  346. 28/10/20031R;2RState Arms, Symbols and Emblems Bill
  347. 16/10/2003Companion Animals
  348. 15/10/2003PRIVEastern Distributor Construction Homes Damage Compensation
  349. 14/10/20032RPrevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment (Penalties) Bill
  350. 14/10/2003QWNPublic Transport and Roads Infrastructure
  351. 17/09/2003PRIVNorth Eveleigh Redevelopment
  352. 17/09/20032RDrug Summit Legislative Response Amendment (Trial Period Extension) Bill
  353. 16/09/20032RCommonwealth Powers (De Facto Relationships) Bill
  354. 03/09/2003PRIVPublic Transport Restructure
  355. 03/07/2003QWNClass Size Reduction Unit
  356. 03/07/20032RLocal Government Amendment (Graffiti) Bill
  357. 03/07/20032RGovernment (Open Market Competition) Bill
  358. 02/07/2003National Aboriginal and Islanders Day of Observance Committee Week
  359. 02/07/2003Business of the House
  360. 01/07/2003PRIVCompanion Animals Act Review
  361. 25/06/2003PRIVUnderground Power Cables
  362. 25/06/2003Role of Independents in New South Wales
  363. 19/06/2003PRIVRedfern, Eveleigh and Darlington Strategy Planning Framework
  364. 18/06/20032RHuman Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Bill Research Involving H...
  365. 29/05/2003PRIVDepartment of Housing Northcott Estate Community Development Worker
  366. 29/05/2003QWNRedfern-Waterloo Project
  367. 29/05/20032RLocal Government Amendment (Graffiti) Bill
  368. 28/05/20032R;COMMLocal Government Amendment (Elections) Bill
  369. 28/05/2003Impact of War Against Iraq
  370. 27/05/20032R;COMMGaming Machines Amendment (Shutdown Periods) Bill
  371. 22/05/2003PRIVKings Cross and Surry Hills Redevelopment
  372. 22/05/20031R;2RGovernment (Open Market Competition) Bill
  373. 21/05/20032R;COMMCrimes Amendment (Sexual Offences) Bill
  374. 20/05/20032RCrimes Amendment (Sexual Offences) Bill
  375. 08/05/2003PRIVInner Sydney Development Control
  376. 30/04/2003QWNEastern Distributor Construction Homes Damage Compensation
  377. 20/11/2002Homelessness
  378. 31/10/2002PRIVEveleigh Heritage Railway Workshops
  379. 31/10/20022R;COMMCallan Park (Special Provisions) Bill
  380. 31/10/20022R;COMM;3RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Standard Minimum Sentencing) Bill
  381. 29/10/20022RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Standard Minimum Sentencing) Bill
  382. 22/10/2002Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council, Joint Sitting: Bali Terr...
  383. 26/09/2002Underground Power Cables
  384. 26/09/20022REnvironmental Planning And Assessment Amendment (Illegal Backpacker Ac...
  385. 25/09/2002PRIVWhite City Site Rezoning Proposal
  386. 25/09/2002Business of the House
  387. 19/09/2002URG MOTKyoto Protocol
  388. 19/09/20022RGovernment (Open Market Competition) Bill
  389. 18/09/20022R;COMMMiscellaneous Acts Amendment (Relationships) Bill
  390. 18/09/2002PRIVBligh Electorate Pedestrian Safety
  391. 18/09/2002QWNDepartment Of Housing Northcott Estate
  392. 18/09/2002Business Of The House
  393. 05/09/2002QWNUnderground Power Cables
  394. 03/09/2002PRIVCross-City Tunnel
  395. 28/06/20022R;COMMEnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Anti-Corruption) Bill
  396. 19/06/2002PRIVRedfern Public School Closure
  397. 19/06/2002QWNLocal Government Political Donations Ban
  398. 06/06/2002QWNHomelessness
  399. 06/06/20022RLocal Government Amendment (Anti-Corruption) Bill
  400. 05/06/20022R;COMMLand and Environment Court Amendment Bill
  401. 30/05/2002PRIVUnderground Power Cables
  402. 30/05/2002QWNIllegal Street Sex Work
  403. 29/05/20022RDrug Summit Legislative Response Amendment (Trial Period Extension) Bill
  404. 28/05/2002QWNEastern Suburbs Bus Service Review
  405. 08/05/20022RLocal Government Amendment (Graffiti) Bill
  406. 10/04/2002QWNSydney Star Observer Age Of Consent Article
  407. 21/03/2002PRIVEastern Suburbs Bus Service Review
  408. 20/03/20022RGame Bill
  409. 19/03/2002QWNSenator Heffernan Criminal Offences Allegations
  410. 12/03/2002PRIVBligh Electorate Local Government Boundary Changes
  411. 28/02/2002QWNLocal Government Boundary Changes
  412. 27/02/2002Business Of The House
  413. 06/12/20012RPolice Powers (Drug Detection Dogs) Bill
  414. 06/12/2001PRIVGovernment Authorities User-Pays Charges
  415. 05/12/20012RDisorderly Houses Amendment (Brothels) Bill
  416. 04/12/2001QWNEast Sydney Sex Workers
  417. 29/11/2001PRIVBligh Electorate Policing
  418. 28/11/2001Underground Power Cables
  419. 28/11/20013RWorkers Compensation Legislation Further Amendment Bill
  420. 14/11/2001PRIVEast Sydney Street Prostitution
  421. 25/10/2001PRIVBligh Electorate Policing
  422. 24/10/2001QWNSproats Local Government Inquiry
  423. 18/10/2001PRIVCross-City Tunnel Air Filtration
  424. 20/09/2001PRIVEnergyAustralia Tree Pruning
  425. 19/09/20012R;COMMPublic Finance And Audit Amendment (Auditor-General) Bill
  426. 06/09/2001QWNCity East Police Local Area Commands
  427. 05/09/20012RCrimes Amendment (Aggravated Sexual Assault in Company) Bill
  428. 05/09/2001PRIVCentennial Parklands
  429. 28/06/2001Budget Estimates And Related Papers
  430. 27/06/2001QWNEastern Distributor Construction Homes Damage
  431. 26/06/2001PRIVEastern Distributor Construction Homes Damage
  432. 21/06/20012R;3RWorkers Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill (No 2)
  433. 21/06/2001QWNKings Cross Medically Supervised Injecting Room
  434. 06/06/20012RPolice Powers (Drug Premises) Bill, Police Powers (Internally Conceale...
  435. 31/05/2001PRIVSchool Closures
  436. 31/05/2001Federal Government Public Housing Policies
  437. 31/05/2001QWNCleveland Street High School Closure
  438. 30/05/2001QWNPublic Housing
  439. 30/05/20012RCompanion Animals Amendment Bill
  440. 12/04/2001Admission Of The Treasurer Into The Legislative Assembly
  441. 11/04/2001PRIVRedfern Crime
  442. 10/04/2001URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  443. 29/03/2001PRIVKings Cross Policing
  444. 28/03/2001URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  445. 08/03/2001Opposition Leadership
  446. 07/03/2001PRIVSir David Martin Reserve Access
  447. 28/02/2001QWNRushcutters Bay Marina
  448. 30/11/2000PRIVPolice Service Area Commands Restructuring
  449. 24/11/20002RCrown Lands Amendment (Compensation) Bill
  450. 23/11/2000PRIVHomelessness
  451. 22/11/20002RSuperannuation Legislation Amendment (Same Sex Partners) Bill
  452. 21/11/2000QWNSurry Hills Electricity Substation
  453. 02/11/2000QWNMembers Of Parliament Salary And Retirement Benefits
  454. 31/10/2000PRIVEastern Suburbs Police And Community Youth Club Closure
  455. 12/10/2000QWNPolice Station Closures
  456. 10/10/2000Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
  457. 17/08/2000QWNElizabeth Bay Marina Development Application
  458. 16/08/20002R;COMMAdoption Bill
  459. 10/08/2000PRIVCentennial Park And Moore Park Trust Dog Policy
  460. 09/08/20002RAdoption Bill
  461. 08/08/2000QWNOlympic Games Homelessness Protocol
  462. 21/06/20002RLiquor And Registered Clubs Legislation Amendment Bill
  463. 20/06/20002R;COMMAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  464. 20/06/2000QWNPolitical Advertising
  465. 08/06/20002R;COMMCrimes (Forensic Procedures) Bill
  466. 08/06/20002RChild Protection (Offenders Registration) Bill
  467. 07/06/20002RIntoxicated Persons Amendment Bill
  468. 07/06/2000PRIVSurry Hills Electricity Substation
  469. 06/06/2000Minister for Transport, and Minister for Roads
  470. 31/05/2000PRIVKings Cross Policing
  471. 31/05/2000QWNInner-City Bus Services
  472. 31/05/20002RAnti-Discrimination Amendment (Carers' Responsibilities) Bill
  473. 25/05/2000QWNRedfern Railway Station
  474. 25/05/2000Corroboree 2000
  475. 04/05/2000PRIVWoolloomooloo Homelessness
  476. 12/04/2000PRIVRedfern Crime
  477. 11/04/2000Evidence Of Former Superintendent Robin Small
  478. 05/04/2000Stolen Generations Apologies
  479. 18/11/1999COMMLiquor And Registered Clubs (Olympic And Paralympic Games) Bill
  480. 18/11/19992R;COMMParliamentary Contributory Superannuation Amendment Bill
  481. 18/11/19992R;3RRoads Amendment (Tolls) Bill
  482. 18/11/19992RCrimes And Courts Legislation Amendment Bill
  483. 18/11/19992R;COMMLiquor And Registered Clubs (Olympic And Paralympic Games) Bill
  484. 18/11/1999PRIVTAFE Funding
  485. 18/11/1999QWNWoolloomooloo Finger Wharf
  486. 18/11/19992R;COMM;3RDrug Summit Legislative Response Bill
  487. 17/11/1999COMMRoyal Botanic Gardens And Domain Trust Amendment Bill
  488. 16/11/19992RDrug Summit Legislative Response Bill
  489. 16/11/19992R;COMMEnvironmental Planning And Assessment Amendment Bill
  490. 11/11/1999QWNEvidence (Children) Act
  491. 10/11/1999PRIVEastern Distributor
  492. 28/10/1999PRIVRedfern Street Beat Project
  493. 27/10/1999Constitution Referendum
  494. 21/10/1999PRIVEastern Distributor Ventilation Stacks
  495. 22/09/19992R;COMMRoyal Botanic Gardens And Domain Trust Amendment Bill
  496. 22/09/19992RGambling Legislation Amendment (Responsible Gambling) Bill
  497. 16/09/1999QWNMcDonald's Moore Park Restaurant
  498. 14/09/1999QWNOlympic Games Homeless Accommodation
  499. 09/09/1999QWNBrothel Regulation
  500. 09/09/1999Leader of the Opposition
  501. 07/09/1999Sessional Orders
  502. 29/06/19992R;COMMLocal Government Amendment (Amalgamations and Boundary Changes) Bill
  503. 29/06/19992RLocal Government Amendment (Amalgamations And Boundary Changes) Bill
  504. 25/06/19992RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  505. 02/06/1999PRIVAirport Tollway Local Area Improvement Program
  506. 01/06/19992RProperty (Relationships) Legislation Amendment Bill
  507. 01/06/1999QWNDepartment Of Gaming And Racing Staffing
  508. 27/05/1999PRIVLuncheon Club Funding
  509. 26/05/1999PRIVNational Sorry Day
  510. 25/05/19992RWalsh Bay Development (Special Provisions) Bill
  511. 12/05/1999URG MOTSydney Hailstorm Damage
  512. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  513. 11/05/1999Sessional Orders
  514. 11/05/1999Drug Summit
  515. 18/11/1998Teaching Standards Bill
  516. 18/11/19982RTeaching Standards Bill
  517. 17/11/19982RForestry And National Park Estate Bill
  518. 10/11/19982R;3RCriminal Procedure Amendment (Sentencing Guidelines) Bill
  519. 10/11/19982RDrug Court Bill
  520. 10/11/1998PRIVOlympic Games Accommodation
  521. 10/11/1998QWNOlympic Games Accommodation
  522. 28/10/19982RHeritage Amendment Bill
  523. 28/10/19982RPolice Service Amendment (Complaints And Management Reform) Bill
  524. 27/10/1998COMMResidential Tenancies Amendment (Social Housing) Bill
  525. 27/10/1998PRIVMoore Park Car Parking Ban
  526. 22/10/1998PRIVSame Sex Relationship Rights
  527. 22/10/19982RResidential Tenancies Amendment (Social Housing) Bill
  528. 21/10/1998QWNMoore Park Parking Policy
  529. 20/10/19982R;COMMOlympic Roads And Transport Authority Bill
  530. 15/10/1998PRIVLand Tax
  531. 24/09/1998PRIVAircraft Noise
  532. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  533. 17/09/1998PRIVOlympic Yachting Test Events
  534. 15/09/1998PRIVBligh Electorate Law and Order
  535. 15/09/1998QWNKings Cross Police Presence
  536. 08/09/1998Drug Harm Minimisation
  537. 08/09/1998New South Wales Government
  538. 23/06/19982RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  539. 17/06/1998COMMCompanion Animals Bill
  540. 17/06/19982RAboriginal Housing Bill
  541. 16/06/1998COMMCompanion Animals Bill
  542. 16/06/1998COMMCompanion Animals Bill
  543. 16/06/1998QWNCity To Airport Tollway
  544. 04/06/1998PRIVEastern Distributor
  545. 04/06/19982R;COMMDrug Misuse And Trafficking Amendment (Ongoing Dealing) Bill
  546. 03/06/1998PRIVEastern Distributor
  547. 03/06/19982R;3RLocal Government Legislation Amendment (Elections) Bill
  548. 28/05/1998Joint Estimates Committees
  549. 28/05/1998Companion Animals Bill
  550. 26/05/1998National Sorry Day
  551. 21/05/19982R;COMMCompanion Animals Bill
  552. 20/05/19982RCompanion Animals Bill
  553. 20/05/19982R;COMMTraffic Amendment (Pay Parking Schemes) Bill
  554. 06/05/19982R;COMMParliamentary Contributory Superannuation Legislation Amendment Bill
  555. 30/04/1998Sydney Showground Lease Documentation
  556. 29/04/1998COMMCrimes Legislation Amendment (Police And Public Safety) Bill
  557. 29/04/19982R;COMMCrimes Legislation Amendment (Police And Public Safety) Bill
  558. 29/04/1998PRIVBligh Electorate Crime
  559. 29/04/19982RCrimes Legislation Amendment (Police And Public Safety) Bill
  560. 08/04/1998REPJoint Select Committee Into Safe Injecting Rooms
  561. 31/03/1998QWNBligh Electorate Crime
  562. 26/11/1997QWNElizabeth Street, Sydney, Aboriginal Sacred Site
  563. 26/11/19972RProtection Of The Environment Operations Bill
  564. 26/11/19972R;3RRoyal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust Amendment Bill
  565. 26/11/1997PRIVSydney Basin Pollution
  566. 26/11/1997QWNSydney Basin Pollution
  567. 13/11/1997Dissent
  568. 12/11/19972REnvironmental Planning And Assessment Amendment Bill
  569. 12/11/1997QWNLegal Recognition Of Same Sex Relationships
  570. 21/10/19972R;COMM;3RConstitution and Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment Bill
  571. 15/10/1997QWNKings Cross Railway Station
  572. 25/09/19971R;2RSignificant Personal Relationships Bill
  573. 19/06/1997Joint Select Committee Upon Injecting Rooms
  574. 18/06/1997Stolen Aboriginal Children
  575. 17/06/1997Business Of The House
  576. 29/05/19972R;COMMCentennial Park and Moore Park Trust (Eastern Distributor) Bill
  577. 29/05/19972RCentennial Park and Moore Park Trust Amendment (Eastern Distributor) Bill
  578. 28/05/1997QWNEast Circular Quay Development
  579. 15/04/1997QWNEastern Distributor
  580. 27/11/1996PRIVEastern Distributor
  581. 21/11/1996QWNEastern Distributor
  582. 14/11/1996QWNBeat Police Numbers
  583. 12/11/1996Speaker Of The Legislative Assembly
  584. 30/10/1996Sessional Orders
  585. 23/10/1996Royal Commission Into The New South Wales Police Service Paedophile In...
  586. 16/10/1996Euthanasia
  587. 18/09/1996QWNCommonwealth Public Housing Funding
  588. 17/09/1996Deputy Premier, Minister for Health, and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
  589. 17/09/1996PRIVSessional Orders
  590. 27/06/1996Deputy Premier, Minister for Health, and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
  591. 20/06/19962R;COMMFirearms Bill
  592. 19/06/1996QWNWaverley-Woollahra Process Plant
  593. 18/06/19962RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  594. 18/06/19962RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  595. 18/06/1996QWNDepartment Of Community Services Staff Child Abuse Allegations
  596. 12/06/1996PRIVWoolloomooloo Bay Redevelopment
  597. 11/06/19962R;COMMPolice Integrity Commission Bill, Police Legislation Amendment Bill
  598. 11/06/1996QWNWoolloomooloo Finger Wharf Redevelopment
  599. 06/06/1996Sydney Showground Site Development
  600. 23/05/1996Speaker Of The Legislative Assembly
  601. 22/05/19962R;COMM;3RTransgender (Anti-Discrimination and Other Acts Amendment) Bill
  602. 16/05/1996Proposed Select Committee On Teacher Salaries and Work Conditions
  603. 15/05/1996QWNProposed Eastern Distributor
  604. 15/05/1996Joint Estimates Committees
  605. 14/05/1996Gun Law Reform
  606. 02/05/19962RCommonwealth Powers (Firearms) Bill
  607. 24/04/1996PRIVProposed Eastern Distributor
  608. 23/04/1996Minister For Education And Training, And Minister Assisting The Premie...
  609. 18/04/1996QWNEastern Distributor
  610. 07/12/1995QWNSydney Showground Site Development
  611. 06/12/1995URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  612. 23/11/1995Minister For Police
  613. 22/11/1995URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  614. 22/11/1995Dissent
  615. 15/11/1995Sydney Showground Site Development
  616. 15/11/1995QWNSydney Showground Site Development
  617. 15/11/1995QWNSydney Showground Site Development
  618. 14/11/1995QWNSydney Showground Site Development
  619. 14/11/1995QWNSydney Showground Site Development
  620. 26/10/1995URG MOTReclaim The Night March
  621. 25/10/1995Sessional Orders
  622. 25/10/1995QWNSydney Showground Site Development
  623. 18/10/1995PRIVHomeless Lesbians And Gay Youth
  624. 18/10/1995URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  625. 18/10/19952RDisorderly Houses Amendment Bill
  626. 17/10/19952RForestry Restructuring and Nature Conservation Bill
  627. 12/10/1995QWNEastern Distributor Funding
  628. 11/10/19952RParliamentary Electorates And Elections Amendment (Method Of Voting) Bill
  629. 21/09/1995QWNParliamentary Sittings
  630. 20/09/1995QWNRoyal Commission Into The New South Wales Police Service
  631. 19/09/1995Premier, Minister For The Arts, And Minister For Ethnic Affairs
  632. 01/06/1995URG MOTSessional and Standing Orders
  633. 31/05/1995QWNSt Vincent's Hospital
  634. 30/05/19952RLiquor Amendment Bill, Registered Clubs Amendment Bill
  635. 30/05/19952ROlympic Co-Ordination Authority Bill
  636. 24/05/1995QWNMcDonald's Family Restaurant At Moore Park
  637. 02/12/19942R;COMMWater Board (Corporatisation) Bill
  638. 02/12/1994QWNRushcutters Bay Maritime Trust
  639. 02/12/1994COMMDefamation (Amendment) Bill
  640. 01/12/19942R;COMMLocal Government (Boarding And Lodging Houses) Amendment Bill
  641. 01/12/19941R;2RResidential Tenancies (Amendment) Bill
  642. 01/12/19941R;2RFirearms (Referendum) Bill
  643. 30/11/1994Reordering Of General Business
  644. 30/11/19942RChildren (Parental Responsibility) Bill, Summary Offences and Other Le...
  645. 29/11/1994Forestry Act: Revocation of Dedications
  646. 24/11/19941R;2RAnti-Discrimination (Transgender) Amendment Bill
  647. 22/11/1994Minister for Transport, and Minister for Roads
  648. 22/11/1994Sydney Airport Third Runway Noise
  649. 22/11/1994Sydney Airport Third Runway Noise
  650. 21/11/19942R;COMMState Bank (Privatisation) Bill
  651. 17/11/1994QWNInner City Beat Police Numbers
  652. 16/11/1994PRIVDiscarded Needles And Syringes
  653. 15/11/19942R;COMMProtected Disclosures Bill
  654. 27/10/1994Honourable Member For Georges River
  655. 27/10/19942RLocal Government (Boarding And Lodging Houses) Amendment Bill
  656. 26/10/19942R;COMMIndependent Commission Against Corruption (Amendment) Bill
  657. 26/10/1994URG MOTMinister For Industrial Relations And Employment, And Minister For The...
  658. 26/10/1994QWNSydney Showground Redevelopment Proposals
  659. 21/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Environment
  660. 20/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Planning and Housing
  661. 13/10/1994State Bank Sale
  662. 13/10/19941RLocal Government (Boarding And Lodging Houses) Amendment Bill
  663. 11/10/1994Business of the House
  664. 22/09/1994Premier, and Minister for Economic Development
  665. 22/09/1994QWNGardens Of Stone National Park
  666. 14/09/1994QWNCompany Title Dispute Procedures
  667. 13/05/19942R;COMMAnti-Discrimination (Amendment) Bill
  668. 13/05/1994COMMBush Fires (Further Amendment) Bill
  669. 13/05/19942R;COMMLocal Government Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill
  670. 12/05/19942R;COMMLiquor (Amendment) Bill, Registered Clubs (Amendment) Bill
  671. 12/05/1994URG MOTRoyal Agricultural Society Relocation
  672. 12/05/19942R;COMMHomefund Legislation (Amendment) Bill
  673. 12/05/19942RHomeFund Legislation (Amendment) Bill
  674. 11/05/1994COMMCrimes Legislation (Unsworn Evidence) Amendment Bill
  675. 05/05/1994PRIVDarlinghurst Parking Infringements
  676. 21/04/19942R;COMMTimber Industry (Interim Protection) Amendment Bill
  677. 21/04/1994QWNAnti-Discrimination Act Amendments
  678. 20/04/1994Minister for Health
  679. 19/04/19942RLegal Aid Commission (Amendment) Bill
  680. 12/04/1994Olympic Games Funding
  681. 17/03/1994Local Government Act Company Title Regulations
  682. 17/03/1994Proclamation of Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust (Macquarie Sydney...
  683. 15/03/1994Minister for Police and Minister for Emergency Services
  684. 10/03/1994Juniper Hall Commercial Use
  685. 10/03/1994Kings Cross Parking
  686. 03/03/19942RSydney Heliport Bill
  687. 15/12/1993COMMHomeFund Restructuring Bill
  688. 14/12/19932R;COMMHomeFund Restructuring Bill
  689. 19/11/1993COMMHomeFund Commissioner (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill
  690. 19/11/1993Legal Profession Reform Bill (No. 2) Maintenance and Champerty Aboliti...
  691. 19/11/1993QWNEndangered Fauna Licences
  692. 19/11/1993QWNEndangered Fauna Licences
  693. 19/11/19932R;COMMHome Purchase Assistance Authority (Amendment) Bill
  694. 17/11/1993COMMHealth Care Complaints Bill
  695. 10/11/1993National Forest Policy
  696. 21/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Health
  697. 19/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees
  698. 18/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Planning And Housing
  699. 16/09/1993QWNRoyal Agricultural Society Showground
  700. 16/09/1993QWNRoyal Agricultural Society Showground
  701. 16/09/19932RGovernment Cleaning Service Retention Bill
  702. 09/09/19932RCasino Control (Slot Machines) Amendment Bill
  703. 07/09/1993QWNHomosexual Vilification Legislation
  704. 21/05/19932R;COMMSouth East Forests Protection Bill
  705. 20/05/19933RLocal Government Bill, Impounding Bill, Local Government (Consequentia...
  706. 20/05/1993QWNSurry Hills Police Transfer
  707. 20/05/19931R;2RCasino Control (Slot Machines) Amendment Bill
  708. 19/05/1993Local Government Bill, Impounding Bill, Local Government (Consequentia...
  709. 19/05/1993COMMLocal Government Bill, Impounding Bill, Traffic (Parking Regulation) A...
  710. 18/05/1993COMMLocal Government Bill, Impounding Bill, Local Government (Consequentia...
  711. 18/05/1993COMMLocal Government Bill, Impounding Bill, Local Government (Consequentia...
  712. 18/05/1993COMMLocal Government Bill, Impounding Bill, Local Government (Consequentia...
  713. 18/05/1993TAFE Fashion And Textile Courses
  714. 18/05/1993Minister For Agriculture And Rural Affairs Administration Of Paddy's M...
  715. 13/05/1993COMMLocal Government Bill, Impounding Bill, Local Government (Consequentia...
  716. 13/05/19932RAnti-Discrimination (Homosexual Vilification) Amendment Bill
  717. 12/05/1993QWNHomeFund Borrowers Assistance
  718. 11/05/1993Government Administration of the Water Board
  719. 29/04/19932R;COMMCentennial Park And Moore Park Trust (Royal Easter Show) Amendment Bill
  720. 29/04/19932RAnti-Discrimination (Homosexual Vilification) Amendment Bill
  721. 28/04/19932RLocal Government Bill, Impounding Bill, Local Government (Consequentia...
  722. 20/04/1993Select Committee Upon HomeFund And FANMAC
  723. 20/04/1993Minister For Sport, Recreation And Racing
  724. 30/03/1993QWNForest Conservation
  725. 11/03/19931R;2RAnti-Discrimination (Homosexual Vilification) Amendment Bill
  726. 09/03/1993QWNPublic Housing Community Support Services
  727. 03/03/1993Eastern Distributor Traffic Chaos
  728. 25/02/1993Business Of The House
  729. 25/02/1993QWNHIV And AIDS Discrimination
  730. 27/11/19922RWhistleblowers Protection Bill (No. 2)
  731. 27/11/19922R;COMMCentennial Park and Moore Park Trust Macquarie Sydney Common) Amendmen...
  732. 25/11/19922R;COMMFirst State Superannuation Bill, State Authorities Superannuation (Sch...
  733. 24/11/1992REPCommittee Upon The South East Forests Protection Bill
  734. 19/11/1992QWNSydney Institute Of Technology Fashion Course
  735. 19/11/19922RBanks and Bank Holidays (Amendment) Bill
  736. 17/11/19922R;COMMConstitution (Fixed Term Parliaments) Amendment Bill
  737. 12/11/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Community Services
  738. 12/11/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Public Works and Roads
  739. 29/10/1992Land Tax Legislation (Amendment) Bill
  740. 28/10/1992QWNHawks Nest Processing Plant Jobs
  741. 28/10/1992QWNHawks Nest Processing Plant Jobs
  742. 22/10/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Planning and Housing
  743. 24/09/19922RPolice Service (Volunteer Police) Amendment Bill
  744. 24/09/19921R;2RLand Tax Legislation (Amendment) Bill
  745. 17/09/19922RCentennial Park And Moore Park Trust (Macquarie Sydney Common) Amendme...
  746. 03/09/19922RSummary Offences (Prostitution) Amendment Bill
  747. 03/09/19921R;2RSouth East Forests Protection Bill
  748. 02/09/1992REPSessional Orders
  749. 01/07/1992The Government: Motion Of No Confidence
  750. 24/06/1992REPICAC Report On Investigation Into The Metherell Resignation And Appoin...
  751. 07/05/1992COMMSwimming Pools Bill
  752. 07/05/1992COMMSwimming Pools Bill
  753. 07/05/1992Government Legislative Program
  754. 07/05/19922R;COMMSwimming Pools Bill
  755. 06/05/1992Leichhardt Municipal Council
  756. 05/05/19922RFreedom Of Information (Amendment) Bill
  757. 05/05/1992Death Of Frederick Joseph Miller
  758. 05/05/1992QWNHIV-AIDS Discrimination
  759. 01/05/1992Port Macquarie Base Hospital
  760. 30/04/1992Member For The Hills
  761. 30/04/1992QWNPrince Concert
  762. 28/04/1992Premier and Minister for the Environment
  763. 08/04/19922R;COMMCasino Control Bill
  764. 07/04/19922RCasino Control Bill
  765. 07/04/1992QWNSt Vincent's Hospital
  766. 26/03/1992QWNHomosexual Students
  767. 25/03/1992QWNPublic Sector Redundancies And Retrenchments
  768. 11/12/19912R;COMMCentennial Park Trust (Amendment) Bill (No. 2)
  769. 11/12/1991COMMDefamation Bill
  770. 11/12/19912R;COMMConstitution (Fixed Term Parliaments) Special Provisions Bill
  771. 09/12/1991COMMProtection of the Environment Administration Bill (No. 2)
  772. 15/11/19912RNattai National Park Bill
  773. 14/11/1991COMMGovernment Insurance Office (Privatisation) Bill
  774. 13/11/1991Business Of The House
  775. 13/11/19912R;COMMGovernment Insurance Office (Privatisation) Bill
  776. 13/11/1991QWNNorthcott Community Centre
  777. 17/10/1991REPJoint Select Committee Upon Gun Law Reform
  778. 26/09/1991Condemnation of Government and Minister for Agriculture and Rural Affairs
  779. 18/09/19912R;COMMIndustrial Relations Bill
  780. 18/09/1991Sydney Hospital Downgrading


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.