Clarke, The Hon David speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 23/10/2014ADJCounterterrorism Measures
  2. 23/10/2014QWNWild Dog Control
  3. 21/10/2014QWNNew South Wales Economy
  4. 16/10/2014QWNState Finances
  5. 15/10/2014ADJAdjournment
  6. 15/10/20142R;3RCrimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2014
  7. 15/10/20142R;3RCrimes (High Risk Offenders) Amendment Bill 2014
  8. 14/10/2014QWNLocal Government Infrastructure
  9. 17/09/20142R;3RBail Amendment Bill 2014
  10. 17/09/2014QWNHome Building Consumer Protection
  11. 17/09/2014REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  12. 16/09/2014QWNCreating Liveable Communities Competition
  13. 11/09/2014ADJChristian Persecution
  14. 11/09/2014QWNPacific Highway Upgrade
  15. 10/09/20142R;3RDrug Court Legislation Amendment Bill 2014
  16. 10/09/20142R;3RCourts Legislation Amendment (Broadcasting Judgments) Bill 2014
  17. 10/09/2014QWNRural and Regional Roads
  18. 10/09/2014REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  19. 09/09/2014Governor's Speech: Address-in-Reply
  20. 14/08/20142R;3RSt Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Monastery (NSW) Property Trust Bill 2014
  21. 13/08/2014QWNWestConnex Motorway
  22. 12/08/2014REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  23. 12/08/2014REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  24. 12/08/2014REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  25. 19/06/2014ADJEgyptian Election
  26. 19/06/2014QWNState Budget
  27. 18/06/20142R;3RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2014
  28. 18/06/20143RLaw Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Amendment Bill 2014
  29. 17/06/2014ADJAdjournment
  30. 17/06/20142RLaw Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Amendment Bill 2014
  31. 17/06/20142R;3RCrimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Amendment (Information Sharing...
  32. 17/06/2014QWNState Budget and Disability Services
  33. 29/05/2014QWNHome Building Consumer Protection
  34. 29/05/2014Balkan Floods
  35. 28/05/20142R;3RCrimes Amendment (Strangulation) Bill 2014
  36. 28/05/2014QWNState Economy
  37. 27/05/20142RHome Building Amendment Bill 2014
  38. 27/05/2014QWNBerrys Bay Development Proposal
  39. 15/05/2014QWNState Economy and Jobs
  40. 14/05/20142R;3RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Family Member Victim Impact S...
  41. 13/05/2014ADJAdjournment
  42. 13/05/20142R;3RCrimes Amendment (Female Genital Mutilation) Bill 2014
  43. 13/05/20142R;3RCourts and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014
  44. 13/05/20142R;3RLegal Profession Uniform Law Application Bill 2014
  45. 13/05/20142RLegal Profession Uniform Law Application Bill 2014
  46. 08/05/2014QWNNSW Fair Trading Consumer Protection
  47. 08/05/20142RAlcoholic Beverages Advertising Prohibition Bill 2012
  48. 07/05/20142R;3RGraffiti Control Amendment Bill 2013
  49. 07/05/2014QWNNewell Highway Corridor Strategy
  50. 07/05/2014Armenian Genocide Commemoration
  51. 27/03/2014ADJAustralian Broadcasting Corporation
  52. 27/03/2014QWNNational Disability Insurance Scheme
  53. 25/03/2014QWNRoad Closures and Severe Weather Impacts
  54. 20/03/2014International Women's Day 2014
  55. 19/03/2014QWNPublic Transport Infringement Notices
  56. 19/03/20142RCrimes Amendment (Provocation) Bill 2014
  57. 18/03/2014REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 2
  58. 18/03/2014Tabling of Papers
  59. 18/03/2014QWNNorthConnex Motorway
  60. 06/03/2014Tabling of Papers
  61. 06/03/2014QWNHunter Expressway
  62. 05/03/2014ADJAdjournment
  63. 05/03/20142RGraffiti Control Amendment Bill 2013
  64. 05/03/20142R;3RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment Bill 2013
  65. 05/03/20142R;3RBail (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2013
  66. 04/03/2014ADJEgypt and the Muslim Brotherhood
  67. 04/03/2014Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  68. 04/03/2014REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 2
  69. 04/03/2014QWNTransition to Work Program
  70. 30/01/2014REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  71. 30/01/2014Saint Michael Antiochian Orthodox Church, Kirrawee
  72. 30/01/2014Kytherian Association of Australia
  73. 30/01/2014Jewish Festival of Chanukah
  74. 30/01/2014Australian Bahá'í Community International Day of Peace
  75. 30/01/2014Michael Christodoulou, AM, Retirement
  76. 27/11/2013Australian Lebanese Association of New South Wales
  77. 27/11/2013Cyprus Red Cross
  78. 27/11/2013Kristallnacht Seventy-fifth Commemoration
  79. 26/11/20133RCrimes (Appeal and Review) Amendment (DNA Review Panel) Bill 2013
  80. 26/11/20132R;3RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No 2) 2013
  81. 20/11/20132R;3RMental Health (Forensic Provisions) Amendment Bill 2013
  82. 20/11/2013QWNHeavy Vehicle Inspectors
  83. 20/11/20132RCrimes (Appeal and Review) Amendment (DNA Review Panel) Bill 2013
  84. 20/11/2013Parthenon Marbles Colloquy
  85. 20/11/2013Sydney Sanskrit School
  86. 19/11/20132R;3RLaw Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Amendment (Arrest Withou...
  87. 19/11/2013QWNRainbow Club Australia
  88. 14/11/20132RSame-Sex Marriage Bill 2013
  89. 13/11/20132R;3RCrimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2013
  90. 13/11/20132RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No 2) 2013
  91. 13/11/20132R;3RCivil and Administrative Tribunal Amendment Bill 2013 Civil and Admini...
  92. 13/11/2013QWNSydney Roads Maintenance
  93. 13/11/2013Lebanese Heritage Exposition
  94. 13/11/2013Tribute to Dame Monica Gallagher, DBE, DCSG, CEP
  95. 13/11/2013Australian Egyptian Council Forum
  96. 13/11/2013Maronite Catholic Society Twenty-fifth Jubilee
  97. 12/11/2013ADJSecularism and Freedom of Religion
  98. 31/10/2013Australian Serbian Film Festival
  99. 31/10/2013Greek National Day Seventy-third Anniversary
  100. 31/10/2013Festival of Diwali
  101. 30/10/20132R;3RCrimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Amendment Bill 2013
  102. 30/10/2013QWNAustralasian Police Dog Trials
  103. 30/10/20132R;3RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Industrial Court) Bill 2013
  104. 30/10/2013Harmony Walk
  105. 30/10/2013NSW Federation of Community Language Schools
  106. 30/10/2013Deepavali Festival
  107. 29/10/2013ADJAustralian Broadcasting Commission
  108. 29/10/2013QWNCode of Practice for Chemicals of Security Concern
  109. 23/10/20132R;3RAdoption Legislation Amendment (Overseas Adoption) Bill 2013
  110. 23/10/20132RStrata Schemes Management Amendment (Child Window Safety Devices) Bill...
  111. 23/10/20132R;3RCrimes and Courts Legislation Amendment Bill 2013
  112. 23/10/2013Deepavali Festival
  113. 23/10/2013Toongabbie Legal Centre
  114. 23/10/2013Greek-Serbian Orthodox and Cultural Friendship Day
  115. 23/10/2013Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Australia
  116. 22/10/2013ADJAustralian Broadcasting Commission
  117. 22/10/2013ADJAdjournment
  118. 22/10/20132R;3RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Standard Non-Parole Periods)...
  119. 22/10/20132R;3RChild Protection Legislation Amendment (Offenders Registration and Pro...
  120. 22/10/2013REPStanding Committee on Social Issues
  121. 22/10/2013Egyptian-Australian Community Event
  122. 17/10/2013QWNSchool Zone Flashing Lights
  123. 17/10/2013Peruvian Independence Day
  124. 17/10/2013Australian Egyptian Council Forum
  125. 17/10/2013Saint Narsai Assyrian Christian College
  126. 17/10/2013National Foundation Day of Korea
  127. 16/10/2013QWNF3 to M2 Orbital Link
  128. 16/10/2013Birth of Swami Vivekanada Anniversary
  129. 16/10/2013Warrane College Annual Lecture
  130. 16/10/2013Peru Amazonico Exhibition
  131. 16/10/2013Indian Australian Cultural Fair
  132. 15/10/2013ADJForeign Aid Policy
  133. 15/10/2013REPOmbudsman
  134. 19/09/2013Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Modern Committee System in the Legisla...
  135. 18/09/2013ADJAdjournment
  136. 18/09/20132R;3RPolice Integrity Commission and Independent Commission Against Corrupt...
  137. 18/09/20132R;3RDrugs and Poisons Legislation Amendment (New Psychoactive and Other Su...
  138. 18/09/2013QWNCharles Faul Murder
  139. 18/09/20132RHeavy Vehicle (Adoption of National Law) Amendment Bill 2013
  140. 18/09/2013Coptic Prayer Vigil
  141. 18/09/2013Coptic New Year
  142. 18/09/2013Mangalorean Catholic Association of Sydney
  143. 18/09/2013Forced Mass Deportation of Baltic State Citizens
  144. 18/09/2013Shrine of the Holy Innocents and Garden of the Immaculate
  145. 18/09/2013Australasian Hellenic Educational Progressive Association
  146. 17/09/2013ADJForeign Aid Policy
  147. 12/09/2013Battle of the Coral Sea
  148. 12/09/2013Tabling of Papers
  149. 11/09/20132REntertainment Industry Bill 2013
  150. 11/09/20132R;3RRoyal Commissions and Ombudsman Legislation Amendment Bill 2013
  151. 11/09/2013QWNNSW Ageing Strategy
  152. 11/09/20131R;2RRoyal Commissions and Ombudsman Legislation Amendment Bill 2013
  153. 11/09/20132R;3RHunters Hill Congregational Church Property Trust Bill 2013
  154. 11/09/20132R;3RCrimes Amendment (Terrorism) Bill 2013
  155. 10/09/2013Tabling of Papers
  156. 28/08/2013QWNNSW Rural Fire Service Supportive Employer Program
  157. 22/08/2013ADJEgyptian Muslim Brotherhood
  158. 22/08/2013QWNWestmead and Rydalmere Large Residential Centres
  159. 20/08/2013QWNNSW Carers Strategy
  160. 26/06/2013QWNWestern Sydney Youth Football Project
  161. 20/06/2013REPOmbudsman
  162. 19/06/20132R;3RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2013
  163. 19/06/20132R;3RCourts and Other Miscellaneous Legislation Amendment Bill 2013
  164. 19/06/2013QWNOperation Unification
  165. 18/06/2013Jewish Festival of Lag BaOmer
  166. 18/06/2013Yeshiva Centre Annual Dinner
  167. 18/06/2013Australian Sikh Association Festival of Vaisakhi
  168. 18/06/2013Australian Middle East Media
  169. 30/05/2013QWNOperation Javelin III
  170. 30/05/2013Young Global Leader Jeremy Balkin
  171. 30/05/2013Tribute to George Pavlis
  172. 29/05/2013Korean Australian Professional Cocktails for Charity Night
  173. 29/05/2013St George Coptic Orthodox Church
  174. 23/05/2013ADJTribute to Marcia Donald
  175. 23/05/20132RRights of the Terminally Ill Bill 2013
  176. 23/05/2013Hellenic Women of Sydney
  177. 22/05/20132RLocal Government Amendment (Early Intervention) Bill 2013
  178. 22/05/20132R;3RBaptist Churches of New South Wales Property Trust Amendment Bill 2013
  179. 22/05/20132R;3RCrimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Amendment (Information Sharing...
  180. 22/05/20132R;3RStatutory and Other Offices Remuneration Amendment (Judicial and Other...
  181. 22/05/2013Triple Zero Kids Challenge
  182. 22/05/2013Greek Declaration of Independence 192nd Anniversary
  183. 22/05/2013Cyprus Club Anzac Day Luncheon
  184. 22/05/2013Vietnamese Vigil Night
  185. 21/05/2013REPSelect Committee on the Partial Defence of Provocation
  186. 21/05/2013QWNPolice Legacy Remembrance Ride
  187. 21/05/2013Australian Coptic Movement Association Protest Rally
  188. 21/05/2013Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Eighty-seventh Birthday Reception
  189. 21/05/2013Australian Egyptian Council Forum
  190. 08/05/20132R;3RState Emergency and Rescue Management Amendment (Co-ordination and Not...
  191. 08/05/2013Blacktown City Netball Association
  192. 08/05/2013New South Wales Council of Christians and Jews Shoah Memorial Service
  193. 07/05/2013Greek Independence Day
  194. 07/05/2013Assyrian New Year Festival
  195. 02/05/2013Unlawful Environmental Activism
  196. 02/05/2013Punjabi Council of Australia Festival of Vaisakhi
  197. 02/05/2013Hellenic Lyceum Exhibition
  198. 01/05/2013QWNSydney Water 125th Anniversary
  199. 01/05/2013Latvian Australian Artists Exhibition
  200. 01/05/2013Vietnam Sydney Radio
  201. 26/03/2013QWNNSW Police Force Mobile Police Command Vehicles
  202. 20/03/20132R;3RCriminal Procedure Amendment (Court Costs Levy) Bill 2013
  203. 20/03/20132R;3RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Provisional Sentencing for Ch...
  204. 20/03/2013QWNNSW Police Force Police Numbers
  205. 19/03/2013QWNDelroy Fire Station
  206. 19/03/2013Pope Francis
  207. 14/03/2013QWNRoad Safety
  208. 14/03/2013Homelessness
  209. 14/03/2013Parliamentary Friends of Israel Study Tour
  210. 13/03/20132R;3RLocal Court Amendment (Company Title Home Unit Disputes) Bill 2013
  211. 13/03/20132R;3RLiquor Amendment (Small Bars) Bill 2013
  212. 13/03/20132R;3RCrimes (Serious Sex Offenders) Amendment Bill 2013
  213. 12/03/2013QWNWestConnex Motorway
  214. 12/03/20132RCrimes (Serious Sex Offenders) Amendment Bill 2013
  215. 28/02/2013Sydney Mardi Gras
  216. 27/02/2013ADJAdjournment
  217. 27/02/20132R;3RCivil and Administrative Tribunal Bill 2012
  218. 27/02/2013QWNRoads and Maritime Services Reform
  219. 20/02/20132RCourts and Other Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2012
  220. 20/02/2013QWNNSW Police Force Appointment
  221. 19/02/2013REPTabling of Papers
  222. 19/02/2013Standing Committee on Law and Justice
  223. 22/11/2012Father Zvonimir Gavranovic Ordination
  224. 22/11/2012Greek National Day
  225. 22/11/2012Dimitria Festival and Liberation of Thessalonika and West Macedonia 10...
  226. 21/11/2012QWNHeritage Services
  227. 21/11/2012Australia-Korea Foundation Twentieth Anniversary
  228. 21/11/2012St Michael's Church and Church Centre of the Antiochian Orthodox Churc...
  229. 21/11/2012Vietnamese Community in Australia Fundraising Dinner
  230. 21/11/2012Mangalorean Catholic Association of Sydney
  231. 21/11/2012Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day
  232. 20/11/20122R;3RMiscellaneous Acts Amendment (Directors' Liability) Bill 2012
  233. 20/11/2012Hindu Council of Australia Festival of Deepavali
  234. 15/11/2012ADJEuthanasia
  235. 15/11/2012India Club Inc. Festival of Diwali
  236. 15/11/2012Annual Egyptian Festival
  237. 15/11/2012Hindu Council of Australia Festival of Deepavali
  238. 14/11/20122R;3RLiquor Amendment (Kings Cross Plan of Management) Bill 2012
  239. 14/11/2012QWNColeambally Rice Mill
  240. 14/11/20122R;3RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No 2) 2012
  241. 14/11/2012Australian Chinese Charity Foundation
  242. 14/11/2012Kristallnacht Seventy-fourth Anniversary
  243. 14/11/2012Tribute to Pope Tawadros II
  244. 13/11/20122R;3RBail Amendment (Enforcement Conditions) Bill 2012
  245. 13/11/2012QWNIllawarra Region Innovation and Investment Fund
  246. 13/11/2012Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand an...
  247. 25/10/2012ADJIllegal Drugs
  248. 25/10/2012Australian Egyptian Council Forum
  249. 25/10/2012Tribute to His Grace Bishop Daniel
  250. 24/10/20122R;3RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Legislation Amendment (Interstate...
  251. 24/10/20122RMiscellaneous Acts Amendment (Directors' Liability) Bill 2012
  252. 24/10/20122R;3RDirector of Public Prosecutions Amendment (Disclosures) Bill 2012
  253. 24/10/2012Grupo Pastoral Don Bosco
  254. 24/10/2012Sydney Sanskrit School
  255. 24/10/2012Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta
  256. 23/10/2012QWNRoad Rules
  257. 17/10/2012ADJCatholic Church
  258. 17/10/20122RCoastal Protection Amendment Bill 2012
  259. 17/10/2012QWNSutho Cops and Rodders Road Safety and Car Show
  260. 20/09/2012QWNRural Fire Service Open Day and Bush Fire Awareness Week
  261. 19/09/20122R;3RCrimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  262. 19/09/2012Anti-Islamic Film Protest
  263. 19/09/2012Anti-Islamic Film Protest
  264. 18/09/2012QWNGlebe Island Exhibition Centre
  265. 13/09/2012ADJReligious Freedom
  266. 13/09/2012Deaths of Australian Servicemen in Afghanistan
  267. 12/09/2012Parramatta Indian Independence Day Celebrations
  268. 12/09/2012India Australia Friendship Fair
  269. 12/09/2012Blacktown Indian Independence Day Celebrations
  270. 11/09/2012REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 2
  271. 11/09/2012QWNPolice Bullet-resistant Vests
  272. 11/09/20122R;3RCrimes Amendment (Cheating at Gambling) Bill 2012
  273. 06/09/2012ADJReligious Freedom
  274. 06/09/2012Select Committee on the Closure or Downsizing of Corrective Services N...
  275. 06/09/2012NSW Grandparents Day
  276. 05/09/2012ADJAdjournment
  277. 05/09/20122R;3RSuccession Amendment (International Wills) Bill 2012
  278. 05/09/20122RNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Adjustment of Areas) Bill 2012
  279. 05/09/20122R;3RCourts and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  280. 04/09/2012REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  281. 04/09/2012QWNSydney Central Business District Motorcycle Response Team
  282. 23/08/2012ADJChabad Movement
  283. 22/08/20122R;3RFiscal Responsibility Bill 2012
  284. 22/08/20122RCrime Commission Bill 2012
  285. 22/08/2012Regional Youth Services Awards
  286. 15/08/2012QWNStanding Council on Police and Emergency Management
  287. 15/08/20122R;3RInspector of Custodial Services Bill 2012
  288. 14/08/20122RInspector of Custodial Services Bill 2012
  289. 21/06/2012QWNRose Bay Marina
  290. 20/06/2012ADJAmerican Independence Day
  291. 20/06/20122RGame and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill 2012
  292. 19/06/20122R;3RSecurity Industry Amendment Bill 2012
  293. 19/06/2012QWNSydney Water Prices
  294. 19/06/20122R;3RCity of Sydney Amendment (Central Sydney Traffic and Transport Committ...
  295. 14/06/2012Women in Politics
  296. 13/06/20121R;2R;3RCrimes Amendment (Reckless Infliction of Harm) Bill 2012
  297. 13/06/20122R;3RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2012
  298. 13/06/20123RJudicial Officers Amendment Bill 2012
  299. 13/06/20122RJudicial Officers Amendment Bill 2012
  300. 13/06/20122R;3RNational Energy Retail Law (Adoption) Bill 2012 Energy Legislation Ame...
  301. 12/06/2012REPStanding Committee on Law aAnd Justice
  302. 31/05/2012ADJTribute to Pastor Noel Frederick Cannon
  303. 31/05/2012QWNSydney Harbour
  304. 31/05/2012Marriage Equality
  305. 24/05/2012ADJCarbon Tax
  306. 24/05/2012Marriage Equality
  307. 23/05/20122R;3RTattoo Parlours Bill 2012
  308. 23/05/2012QWNData Centres Project
  309. 23/05/2012QWNTribute To Donald Taylor Ritchie, OAM
  310. 23/05/20122RBiofuels Amendment Bill 2012
  311. 10/05/2012ADJPoland
  312. 10/05/2012Mother's Day
  313. 10/05/2012Business of the House
  314. 09/05/20122RCo-operatives (Adoption of National Law) Bill 2012
  315. 08/05/2012QWNNarellan Road Upgrade
  316. 03/05/2012QWNGovernment Procurement
  317. 03/05/2012National Disability Insurance Scheme
  318. 02/05/20122R;3RCoroners Amendment Bill 2012
  319. 02/05/2012Joint Select Committee on the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme
  320. 04/04/2012Anzac Day
  321. 04/04/2012Tribute to James Oswald "Jimmy" Little, AO
  322. 04/04/2012Bahrain Democracy Movement
  323. 04/04/2012Premier's Harmony Dinner
  324. 03/04/20122R;3RPublic Sector Employment and Management Amendment Bill 2012
  325. 03/04/2012QWNGovernment Procurement
  326. 03/04/20122RPublic Sector Employment and Management Amendment Bill 2012
  327. 02/04/2012REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  328. 02/04/2012REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  329. 29/03/2012ADJSyriac Orthodox Church
  330. 29/03/2012QWNNewcastle Central Business District
  331. 29/03/2012Tribute to His Holiness Pope Shenouda III
  332. 29/03/2012Tribute to His Holiness Pope Shenouda III
  333. 28/03/20122R;3RRoad Transport (General) Amendment (Vehicle Sanctions) Bill 2012
  334. 28/03/20122R;3RMining Legislation Amendment (Uranium Exploration) Bill 2012
  335. 28/03/20122RMining Legislation Amendment (Uranium Exploration) Bill 2012
  336. 27/03/20122R;3RBirths, Deaths and Marriages Registration Amendment (Change of Name) B...
  337. 27/03/2012REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  338. 14/03/20122R;3RChildren (Detention Centres) Amendment (Serious Young Offenders Review...
  339. 14/03/20123RCrimes (Criminal Organisations Control) Bill 2012
  340. 14/03/20122R;3RCourts and Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  341. 14/03/2012QWNDP World Terminal
  342. 14/03/20122RCrimes (Criminal Organisations Control) Bill 2012
  343. 13/03/2012QWNFirefighter Physical Screening Test
  344. 13/03/20122RCourts and Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  345. 13/03/20122R;3RCriminal Procedure Amendment (Summary Proceedings Case Management) Bil...
  346. 08/03/2012QWNWinmalee Wastewater System Improvement Project
  347. 07/03/20122R;3RCrimes Amendment (Consorting and Organised Crime) Bill 2012
  348. 06/03/2012REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 2
  349. 23/02/2012Business Of The House
  350. 23/02/2012Darwin Bombing Seventieth Anniversary
  351. 22/02/20122R;3RGovernment Information (Public Access) Amendment Bill 2011
  352. 22/02/20122R;3RCriminal Case Conferencing Trial Repeal Bill 2011
  353. 21/02/2012QWNKitchen Fires
  354. 16/02/2012ADJTribute to Baroness Margaret Thatcher, LG, OM, PC, FRS
  355. 16/02/20122RGovernment Information (Public Access) Amendment Bill 2011
  356. 16/02/20122RCriminal Case Conferencing Trial Repeal Bill 2011
  357. 16/02/2012Standing Committee on Law and Justice
  358. 16/02/2012Australia Day and India Republic Day Celebrations
  359. 16/02/2012Tet Festival
  360. 16/02/2012Lunar New Year Celebrations
  361. 15/02/20122R;3RElection Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Amendment Bill 2011
  362. 14/02/2012Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee
  363. 14/02/2012REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  364. 14/02/2012REPStanding Committee on Law And Justice
  365. 14/02/2012REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  366. 14/02/2012REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  367. 24/11/20111R;2R;3RDirector of Public Prosecutions Amendment (Disclosures) Bill 2011
  368. 24/11/2011QWNInformation and Communications Technology
  369. 24/11/20112RConstitution Amendment (Restoration of Oaths of Allegiance) Bill 2011
  370. 23/11/2011ADJCarbon Tax
  371. 23/11/20112RPolice Amendment (Death and Disability) Bill 2011
  372. 22/11/20112RWork Health and Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  373. 11/11/2011ADJRemembrance Day
  374. 10/11/20112R;3RChildren Legislation Amendment (Child Death Review Team) Bill 2011
  375. 10/11/20112RChildren (Education and Care Services) Supplementary Provisions Bill 2011
  376. 10/11/2011QWNEmergency Volunteer Support Scheme
  377. 10/11/20112R;3RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Non-operative Awards) Bill 2011
  378. 10/11/20112R;3RRedfern-Waterloo Authority Repeal Bill 2011
  379. 10/11/20112R;3RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 2) 2011
  380. 09/11/20112R;3RLiquor Amendment (3 Strikes) Bill 2011 (No. 2)
  381. 09/11/20112R;3RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Children in Vehicles) Bill 2011
  382. 09/11/2011QWNHunter Region Conservatoriums
  383. 09/11/20112RWater Industry Competition Amendment Bill 2011
  384. 09/11/20112RProtection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  385. 08/11/2011Death of the Honourable Elaine Blanche Nile, a Former Member of the Le...
  386. 21/10/20112RLocal Government Amendment (Local Democracy—Ward Representation Reform...
  387. 21/10/2011Standing Committee on Law and Justice
  388. 21/10/20112RTruth in Labelling (Free-range Eggs) Bill 2011
  389. 20/10/2011ADJGovernor of New South Wales
  390. 20/10/20112R;3RNational Parks and Wildlife Legislation Amendment (Reservations) Bill 2011
  391. 20/10/20112R;3RPlumbing and Drainage Bill 2011
  392. 20/10/2011QWNFire and Rescue NSW Industrial Action
  393. 20/10/20112R;3RPayroll Tax Rebate Scheme (Disability Employment) Bill 2011
  394. 19/10/20112R;3RHeritage Amendment Bill 2011
  395. 19/10/20112R;3RAboriginal Land Rights Amendment (Housing) Bill 2011
  396. 19/10/2011QWNIndustrial Court of New South Wales Transitional Arrangements
  397. 19/10/20112R;3RHome Building Amendment Bill 2011
  398. 14/10/2011QWNAustralian Safer Communities Awards
  399. 14/10/2011Egyptian Coptic Christians Persecution
  400. 13/10/2011Conduct of Magistrate Brian Maloney
  401. 11/10/2011QWNNational Tax Forum
  402. 16/09/2011QWNMental Health
  403. 15/09/2011Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Campaign
  404. 13/09/2011QWNWater Safety Roundtable
  405. 08/09/20112R;3RCourts and Other Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2011
  406. 08/09/2011QWNState Budget and the Hunter Region
  407. 07/09/20112R;3RCrown Law Officers Legislation Amendment (Retirement Age) Bill 2011
  408. 26/08/2011QWNIllawarra and South Coast Community Cabinet
  409. 26/08/2011North West Rail Link
  410. 25/08/20112R;3RGraffiti Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  411. 12/08/2011QWNInjured Workers Assistance
  412. 11/08/2011QWNNew South Wales Crime Commission
  413. 11/08/20112RGraffiti Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  414. 09/08/2011ADJJu Percussion Group Taiwan
  415. 09/08/2011QWNEyewatch Project
  416. 04/08/20112R;3RSummary Offences Amendment (Intoxicated and Disorderly Conduct) Bill 2011
  417. 04/08/2011Governor's Speech: Address-in-reply
  418. 03/08/2011Sessional Orders
  419. 02/08/2011QWNSydney Water
  420. 23/06/2011QWNNation Building—Economic Stimulus Plan Housing Projects
  421. 20/06/2011QWNBonnyrigg Living Communities Project
  422. 17/06/2011Terrorism (Police Powers) Act 2002: Disallowance of Terrorism (Police ...
  423. 16/06/20112R;3REvidence Amendment (Journalist Privilege) Bill 2011
  424. 16/06/2011QWNMid North Coast Floods
  425. 16/06/20112REvidence Amendment (Journalist Privilege) Bill 2011
  426. 15/06/20112R;3RCourt Security Amendment Bill 2011
  427. 14/06/2011ADJAdjournment
  428. 02/06/2011QWNSpatial Information Mapping System
  429. 01/06/2011QWNPolice Numbers
  430. 30/05/2011QWNPolice and Community Youth Clubs
  431. 30/05/20112R;3RCourts and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  432. 26/05/2011QWNNew South Wales Police Academy
  433. 25/05/2011QWNAlcohol-related Violence
  434. 24/05/2011QWNF3 Closure
  435. 11/05/2011QWNFederal Budget and the Hunter
  436. 06/05/2011Battle of Crete Seventieth Anniversary
  437. 01/12/20102RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment Bill 2010
  438. 01/12/2010QWNNew South Wales Crime Commission Property Transfer
  439. 30/11/20103R;2RCrimes (Serious Sex Offenders) Amendment Bill 2010
  440. 30/11/20102RCourts and Crimes Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2010
  441. 25/11/2010QWNSt Gregory's Armenian School, Beaumont Hills
  442. 24/11/2010QWNCourt Fees
  443. 23/11/20102R;3RCourt Suppression and Non-publication Orders Bill 2010
  444. 10/11/2010QWNChildren's Court Magistrates
  445. 09/11/2010QWNValley Heights Rail Fire
  446. 27/10/20102R;3RCourts and Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2010
  447. 27/10/2010QWNJuveniles on Remand
  448. 27/10/2010QWNJuveniles on Remand
  449. 26/10/20102R;3RDrug Misuse and Trafficking Amendment (Medically Supervised Injecting ...
  450. 21/10/2010QWNRiverstone Rail Overpass
  451. 20/10/20102R;3RCommunity Justice Centres Amendment Bill 2010
  452. 20/10/2010QWNBerrys Bay, Waverton, Development Proposal
  453. 19/10/20102R;3RClassification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Enforcement Am...
  454. 19/10/2010QWNNorth-western Sydney Bus Services
  455. 23/09/2010QWNDrug Courts
  456. 22/09/20102R;3REvidence Amendment Bill 2010
  457. 21/09/20102R;3RPrivacy and Government Information Legislation Amendment Bill 2010
  458. 21/09/20102R;3RElectronic Transactions Amendment Bill 2010
  459. 08/09/20102R;3RCrimes Amendment (Terrorism) Bill 2010
  460. 07/09/20102RAdoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  461. 24/06/20102R;3RPersonal Property Securities Legislation Amendment Bill 2010
  462. 23/06/2010QWNTorrens Assurance Levy
  463. 22/06/20102R;3RCrimes (Sentencing Legislation) Amendment (Intensive Correction Orders...
  464. 22/06/20102R;3RCourts Legislation Amendment Bill 2010
  465. 22/06/20103RJury Amendment Bill 2010
  466. 22/06/20102RJury Amendment Bill 2010
  467. 09/06/2010Commercial Arbitration Bill 2010
  468. 09/06/20102RCommercial Arbitration Bill 2010
  469. 09/06/2010QWNElectronic Ticketing System
  470. 09/06/2010QWNElectronic Ticketing System
  471. 03/06/2010QWNTransport Plan
  472. 02/06/2010ADJToula Museum of Australia
  473. 18/05/20102R;3RTrees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Amendment Bill 2010
  474. 18/05/2010QWNPenrith Unemployment
  475. 18/05/20102RCourt Information Bill 2010
  476. 13/05/2010QWNWindsor Courthouse Public Telephones
  477. 12/05/20102R;3RRelationships Register Bill 2010
  478. 12/05/2010QWNWindsor Courthouse Public Telephones
  479. 22/04/2010Anzac Day
  480. 20/04/20102RCrimes Amendment (Child Pornography and Abuse Material) Bill 2010
  481. 20/04/2010Criminal Procedure Act 1986: Disallowance of Criminal Procedure Amendm...
  482. 17/03/2010QWNBail Laws
  483. 11/03/2010QWNOutlaw Motorcycle Gangs
  484. 10/03/20102R;3RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment Bill 2010
  485. 10/03/2010QWNCrown Prosecutor Tenure
  486. 24/02/2010REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  487. 24/02/2010REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  488. 23/02/2010QWNCarlingford Precinct Plan
  489. 03/12/2009ADJFestival of Lights
  490. 02/12/20092R;3RJudicial Officers Amendment Bill 2009
  491. 01/12/20092RCriminal Procedure Amendment (Case Management) Bill 2009
  492. 26/11/20092R;3RTrustee Companies Amendment Bill 2009
  493. 25/11/20092R;3RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 2) 2009
  494. 25/11/20092RCrimes Amendment (Fraud, Identity and Forgery Offences) Bill 2009
  495. 24/11/20092R;3RGraffiti Control Amendment Bill 2009
  496. 12/11/2009ADJAssyrian-Australian Memorial
  497. 11/11/2009REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  498. 29/10/20092R;3RCourts and Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2009
  499. 29/10/2009Legal Aid New South Wales
  500. 28/10/20092R;3RChildren (Criminal Proceedings) Amendment (Naming of Children) Bill 2009
  501. 28/10/2009QWNParramatta Supreme Court Hearings
  502. 27/10/2009QWNPrisoner Phillip Choon Tee Lim Early Release
  503. 22/10/20092R;3RCrimes Legislation Amendment (Possession of Knives in Public) Bill 2009
  504. 22/10/2009Gilad Shalit
  505. 22/10/20092RCrimes Legislation Amendment (Possession of Knives in Public) Bill 2009
  506. 21/10/2009ADJCityRail Services
  507. 21/10/2009Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  508. 24/09/2009QWNFixed Speed Cameras
  509. 23/09/2009ADJSydney West Area Health Service Staffing
  510. 23/09/2009REPCommittee on the Health Care Complaints Commission
  511. 23/09/2009QWNPublic Housing Tenant Dennis Ferguson
  512. 22/09/20092R;3RCrimes (Appeal and Review) Amendment (Double Jeopardy) Bill 2009
  513. 09/09/20092R;3RBirths, Deaths and Marriages Registration Amendment (Change of Name) B...
  514. 09/09/20092R;3RCrimes (Forensic Procedures) Amendment (Untested Registrable Persons) ...
  515. 09/09/2009REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 4
  516. 09/09/2009REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 4
  517. 02/09/2009QWNWindsor Police Station
  518. 02/09/20092RCrimes (Forensic Procedures) Amendment Bill 2009
  519. 23/06/20092R;3RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment Bill 2009
  520. 23/06/20092R;3RNSW Trustee and Guardian Bill 2009
  521. 23/06/20092R;3RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2009
  522. 18/06/2009ADJWestern Sydney Infrastructure
  523. 17/06/20092R;3RPersonal Property Securities (Commonwealth Powers) Bill 2009
  524. 17/06/20092R;3RCourts and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2009
  525. 17/06/20092RCourts and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2009
  526. 16/06/20092R;3RCoroners Bill 2009
  527. 16/06/2009QWNQuakers Hill Police Station
  528. 04/06/2009ADJKings Cross Injecting Room
  529. 03/06/20092R;3RCivil Procedure Amendment (Transfer of Proceedings) Bill 2009
  530. 02/06/2009QWNOutlaw Motorcycle Gang Legislation
  531. 02/06/20092R;3RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Council Law Enforcement Offic...
  532. 02/06/20092R;3RSuccession Amendment (Intestacy) Bill 2009
  533. 14/05/2009QWNBlue Mountains Hospital Maternity Unit
  534. 14/05/2009QWNBlue Mountains Hospital Maternity Unit
  535. 13/05/20092R;3RCriminal Legislation Amendment Bill 2009
  536. 07/05/2009QWNMount Druitt Hospital Emergency Department
  537. 06/05/2009Victorian Bushfires
  538. 06/05/2009REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  539. 02/04/2009QWNHealth System Reform
  540. 31/03/2009ADJCrime and Policing
  541. 31/03/2009QWNQuakers Hill Policing
  542. 26/03/2009QWNQuakers Hill Policing
  543. 24/03/2009QWNOutlaw Motorcycle Gang Legislation
  544. 12/03/2009ADJPublic Hospital Resources
  545. 12/03/2009QWNState Economy
  546. 03/03/2009QWNSentence Reviews
  547. 03/12/20082R;3RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment Bill 2008
  548. 03/12/2008QWNPambula Maternity Services
  549. 14/11/2008Mini-Budget and Related Papers
  550. 13/11/2008QWNMembers of Parliament Free Public Transport Prohibition
  551. 23/10/2008QWNFeed-in Tariff
  552. 22/10/2008ADJColonel Vo Dai Ton
  553. 25/09/2008Great Ukrainian Famine
  554. 25/09/2008QWNPolice Numbers in Ryde, Lakemba and Cabramatta Electorates
  555. 25/09/2008QWNPolice Numbers in Ryde, Lakemba and Cabramatta Electorates
  556. 26/06/2008ADJPublic Education System
  557. 25/06/2008QWNNepean Hospital Mental Health Staff Safety
  558. 05/06/2008QWNMurwillumbah Probation and Parole Office Closure
  559. 04/06/2008REPCommittee on the Health Care Complaints Commission
  560. 03/06/2008ADJWadi Kannoubine Charitable Association
  561. 03/06/20082R;3RMiscellaneous Acts Amendment (Same Sex Relationships) Bill 2008
  562. 14/05/2008REPCommittee on the Health Care Complaints Commission
  563. 14/05/2008QWNFree Wireless Broadband Network
  564. 13/05/2008ADJRob Chapman Tribute
  565. 07/05/20082R;3RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Legislation Amendment Bill 2008
  566. 10/04/2008ADJIraq Religious Killings
  567. 02/04/2008QWNWorkCover Liaison Officer Position
  568. 06/03/2008QWNJusticeLink
  569. 04/03/2008QWNWorkCover Budget
  570. 04/03/2008QWNWorkCover Budget
  571. 28/02/2008ADJDeath of Gordon B. Hinckley
  572. 04/12/20072R;3RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment Bill 2007
  573. 04/12/2007QWNRural Rehabilitation Programs Magistrates Early Referral into Treatmen...
  574. 29/11/2007ADJRussian Orthodox Church
  575. 28/11/20072R;3RCommunity Justice Centres Amendment Bill 2007
  576. 27/11/2007QWNPublic Schools Principals Forum Survey
  577. 15/11/2007ADJChaldean Catholic Church Australian Diocese Anniversary
  578. 15/11/20072RCrimes Amendment (Murder of Police Officers) Bill 2007
  579. 15/11/2007QWNMilton Orkopoulos Electorate Office Staff Protection
  580. 14/11/20072R;3RWar Memorial Legislation Amendment (Increased Penalties) Bill 2007
  581. 14/11/2007REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  582. 13/11/2007QWNWorkCover Departmental Liaison Officer Position
  583. 08/11/2007ADJMaronite Sisters of the Holy Family and Maronite Catholic Church
  584. 06/11/2007QWNCasinos
  585. 24/10/2007ADJTaiwan
  586. 17/10/2007ADJMelkite Greek Catholic Church
  587. 17/10/2007REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  588. 26/09/2007QWNNorth West Rail Link Project Funding
  589. 28/06/20072R;3RCrimes Administration of Sentences Amendment (Assistance in Foreign Cr...
  590. 27/06/2007ADJLebanon
  591. 26/06/20072RDrug Summit Legislative Response Amendment (Trial Period Extension) Bi...
  592. 21/06/2007QWNToukley Ambulance Station Asbestos Contamination
  593. 20/06/20072RHuman Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Amendment Bill 2007
  594. 20/06/2007REPStanding Committee on Law and Justice
  595. 19/06/2007QWNChild Protection Register
  596. 06/06/2007QWNCourt of Criminal Appeal Registry Budget Cuts
  597. 05/06/2007ADJDeath of His Royal Highness King Malietoa Tanumafili II of Samoa Samoa...
  598. 31/05/2007QWNM5 East Tunnel Filtration
  599. 30/05/2007ADJBill of Rights
  600. 08/05/2007ADJAssyrian Levies
  601. 23/11/2006COMMVictims Support and Rehabilitation Amendment Bill
  602. 23/11/2006QWNLane Cove Tunnel Opening and Connector Motorways
  603. 22/11/20062RVictims Support and Rehabilitation Amendment Bill
  604. 22/11/20062RSale of Goods and Warehousemen's Liens Amendment (Bulk Goods) Bill
  605. 22/11/20062RLegal Profession Further Amendment Bill
  606. 21/11/20062R;COMMCrimes and Courts Legislation Amendment Bill
  607. 21/11/20062RCrimes and Courts Legislation Amendment Bill
  608. 16/11/20062RCharitable Trusts Amendment Bill
  609. 16/11/2006QWNEnergy Industries Superannuation Scheme Board and Mr Bernie Riordan
  610. 15/11/20062RWorld Youth Day Bill
  611. 14/11/2006ADJAssociation of Zgharta
  612. 26/10/2006ADJHilltop War Memorial Hall and Commemorative Wall
  613. 24/10/2006QWNRoad Fatalities and Roads and Traffic Authority Road Rebuilding Targets
  614. 19/10/2006ADJHuman Rights Violations in Vietnam
  615. 18/10/20062RProfessional Standards Amendment (Defence Costs) Bill
  616. 18/10/20062RSuccession Bill
  617. 18/10/20062RBusiness Names Amendment Bill
  618. 18/10/20062RCrimes (Forensic Procedures) Amendment Bill
  619. 18/10/2006COMMCrimes Amendment (Apprehended Violence) Bill
  620. 17/10/20062R;3RCrimes (Appeal and Review) Amendment (Double Jeopardy) Bill Crimes (Ap...
  621. 17/10/20062RCrimes (Appeal and Review) Amendment (Double Jeopardy) Bill Crimes (Ap...
  622. 27/09/20062RCrimes Amendment (Apprehended Violence) Bill
  623. 21/09/2006QWNWestmead Hospital Morgue
  624. 05/09/2006ADJManifesto on Freedom and Democracy in Vietnam
  625. 05/09/2006QWNDepartment of Housing Fairfield Office Lease
  626. 31/08/2006QWNCranebrook Traffic Arrangements
  627. 08/06/20062RCourts Legislation Further Amendment Bill
  628. 08/06/20062RDrug Misuse and Trafficking Amendment (Hydroponic Cultivation) Bill
  629. 06/06/20062R;COMMCivil Liability Amendment Bill
  630. 06/06/2006QWNCross City Tunnel Toll
  631. 06/06/20062RCivil Liability Amendment Bill
  632. 25/05/2006ADJPublic Transport Services and Safety
  633. 24/05/20062RJudicial Officers Amendment Bill
  634. 24/05/20062RSummary Offences Amendment (Display of Spray Paint Cans) Bill
  635. 23/05/20062RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment Bill
  636. 23/05/20062RLegal Profession Amendment Bill
  637. 23/05/20062RCrimes Amendment (Organised Car and Boat Theft) Bill
  638. 23/05/20062RIndependent Commission Against Corruption Amendment (Operations Review...
  639. 23/05/2006QWNCorrective Services Commissioner Ron Woodham
  640. 11/05/2006COMMCourts Legislation Amendment Bill
  641. 11/05/2006Acknowledgment of Sacrifice made by Australian Service Men and Women
  642. 10/05/2006Drug Misuse and Trafficking Amendment Bill
  643. 10/05/20062RCourts Legislation Amendment Bill
  644. 09/05/20062R;COMM;3RJury Amendment (Verdicts) Bill
  645. 09/05/20062RJury Amendment (Verdicts) Bill
  646. 04/05/20062RCrimes Amendment (Protection of Innocent Accused) Bill
  647. 03/05/2006ADJCrime Rates
  648. 02/05/20062RAnti-Discrimination Amendment (Equality in Education and Employment) Bill
  649. 02/05/20062RAnti-Discrimination Amendment (Equality in Education and Employment) Bill
  650. 06/04/2006QWNPersonal Injury Compensation Legislation Inquiry Recommendations
  651. 05/04/2006QWNDepartment of Corrective Services Regional Commander Court Attendance
  652. 30/03/20062RCrimes (Serious Sex Offenders) Bill
  653. 29/03/20062RFines Amendment (Payment of Victims Compensation Levies) Bill
  654. 29/03/20062RGreek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia Consolidated Trust Amendment (...
  655. 28/03/2006ADJParramatta Bus Services
  656. 28/03/2006QWNLane Cove Tunnel
  657. 08/03/2006ADJGraffiti
  658. 07/03/20062RGovernor General's Residence (Grant) Amendment Bill
  659. 07/03/20062RDrug Misuse and Trafficking Amendment Bill
  660. 02/03/2006ADJWestern Sydney Health Services
  661. 02/03/20062RConstitution Amendment (Pledge of Loyalty) Bill
  662. 01/12/2005ADJNorth-West Sydney Transport Infrastructure
  663. 01/12/2005ADJOxley High School
  664. 30/11/20052R;3RTerrorism (Police Powers) Amendment (Preventative Detention) Bill
  665. 30/11/20052RCrimes and Courts Legislation Amendment Bill
  666. 30/11/2005QWNParramatta Correctional Centre Staff
  667. 30/11/2005QWNChildren's Hospital at Westmead Emergency Department Treatment Benchmarks
  668. 29/11/20052RMental Health (Criminal Procedure) Amendment Bill
  669. 29/11/20052RCriminal Procedure Amendment (Sexual Offence Case Management) Bill
  670. 17/11/2005QWNPig Industry Workers Compensation Premiums
  671. 16/11/20052RCrimes Amendment (Animal Cruelty) Bill
  672. 15/11/20052RRetail Leases Amendment Bill
  673. 10/11/2005ADJAboriginal Community and Hillsong Enterprise Development
  674. 10/11/2005QWNWorkcover Audit Management Unit
  675. 10/11/2005QWNParramatta Correctional Centre Staff
  676. 10/11/2005Mr Van Tuong Nguyen Clemency Plea
  677. 20/10/2005QWNHospital Waiting Lists
  678. 19/10/20052R;COMMCivil Liability Amendment (Offender Damages Trust Fund) Bill
  679. 19/10/20052RCivil Liability Amendment (Offender Damages Trust Fund) Bill
  680. 19/10/2005QWNWorkcover National Certificate of Competency
  681. 18/10/20052RDefamation Bill
  682. 18/10/20052RCriminal Procedure Amendment (Prosecutions) Bill
  683. 18/10/20052RCrimes Amendment (Road Accidents) (Brendan's Law) Bill
  684. 18/10/20052R;COMMConfiscation of Proceeds of Crime Amendment Bill
  685. 12/10/20052RStandard Time Amendment (Daylight Saving) Bill
  686. 12/10/20052RAnti-Discrimination Amendment (Religious Tolerance) Bill
  687. 12/10/2005QWNWorkcover Audit Management Unit
  688. 13/09/2005ADJNorth-Western and South-Western Sydney Land Rezoning
  689. 23/06/2005ADJNorth-Western Sydney Powerlines Installation
  690. 23/06/2005QWNMillfield Bridge Demolition
  691. 22/06/20052RLegal Profession Amendment Bill
  692. 22/06/2005QWNWorkCover Audit Management Unit
  693. 22/06/20052RTerrorism Legislation Amendment (Warrants) Bill
  694. 09/06/2005QWNMaritime Authority Commercial Leases Policy
  695. 08/06/2005ADJDeath of Mr Ian Doric Glachan, a Former Member of the Legislative Assembly
  696. 08/06/20052RCourts Legislation Amendment Bill
  697. 08/06/20052R;COMMSydney University Settlement Incorporation Amendment Bill
  698. 07/06/2005ADJChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  699. 07/06/20052RClassification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Enforcement Am...
  700. 24/05/20052RCivil Procedure Bill
  701. 24/05/2005QWNHouse Fire Deaths and Smoke Detectors
  702. 06/05/20052RCivil Liability Amendment (Food Donations) Bill
  703. 06/05/20052RPrisoners (Interstate Transfer) Amendment Bill
  704. 05/05/20052RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Existing Life Sentences) Bill
  705. 04/05/20052R;COMMCriminal Procedure Further Amendment (Evidence) Bill
  706. 04/05/2005COMMCrimes Amendment (Grievous Bodily Harm) Bill
  707. 03/05/2005ADJLebanese-Australian Community
  708. 03/05/20052RCriminal Procedure Amendment (Evidence) Bill
  709. 03/05/2005QWNWorkcover Workers Compensation Audits
  710. 03/05/20052RCrimes Amendment (Grievous Bodily Harm) Bill
  711. 06/04/2005Death of His Holiness Pope John Paul II
  712. 06/04/20052RCivil Liability Amendment (Offender Damages) Bill
  713. 05/04/2005QWNFarmbis 3 Funding
  714. 23/03/2005ADJReligious Freedom
  715. 23/03/2005QWNWorkplace Fatalities Legislation
  716. 03/03/2005Victorian Trades Hall Council Remembrance Day Protest Rally
  717. 02/03/2005ADJRedeemer Baptist Church and School
  718. 02/03/20052RStandard Time Amendment (Co-ordinated Universal Time) Bill
  719. 02/03/20052RSheriff Bill
  720. 02/03/20052RCourt Security Bill
  721. 02/03/20052RForestry (Darling Mills State Forest Revocation) Bill
  722. 02/03/2005QWNSouthern Tablelands Wingless Grasshopper Plague
  723. 01/03/20052RPolice Integrity Commission Amendment Bill
  724. 23/02/2005ADJReligious Freedom
  725. 09/12/2004ADJThe Honourable David Clarke Racist Road Rage Allegation
  726. 09/12/20042RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment (Parole) Bill
  727. 09/12/20042R;COMMLaw Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Amendment (In-car Video ...
  728. 09/12/20042RCrimes Amendment (Child Pornography) Bill
  729. 18/11/20042R;COMMSmoke-Free Environment Amendment Bill
  730. 18/11/2004QWNLocal Councils Management
  731. 16/11/2004ADJViet Tan
  732. 11/11/20042R;COMMChild Protection (Offenders Registration) Amendment Bill
  733. 11/11/2004Crimes (Administration Of Sentences) Act 1999: Disallowance Of Crimes ...
  734. 10/11/2004ADJReligious Freedom
  735. 10/11/2004QWNParramatta Rivercat Service
  736. 27/10/2004Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  737. 26/10/2004QWN;REPProstitution
  738. 19/10/2004ADJMarriage Laws
  739. 23/09/2004QWNBrothels Planning Guidelines
  740. 22/09/2004QWN;REPUnborn Victims of Violence Legislation
  741. 22/09/20042RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment (Norfolk Island Prisone...
  742. 21/09/20042RPolice Amendment (Senior Executive Transfers) Bill
  743. 21/09/20042RCrimes (Interstate Transfer of Community Based Sentences) Bill
  744. 21/09/20042RCommercial Agents and Private Inquiry Agents Bill
  745. 21/09/2004QWNHawkesbury Region Sewerage Systems
  746. 16/09/2004Federal Government Higher Education Funding
  747. 15/09/2004ADJHillsong Church
  748. 15/09/2004QWNRed Rock Surf Life Saving Club
  749. 02/09/2004Rail Services
  750. 01/09/2004ADJTaiwanese-Australian Community
  751. 01/09/2004QWNMr Tony Beuk Employment Record
  752. 31/08/2004ADJBrothels
  753. 29/06/2004QWNState Superannuation and Robert John Hardy Estate
  754. 24/06/2004ADJDeath of Ronald Willson Reagan, A Former President of the United State...
  755. 24/06/20042RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment Bill
  756. 24/06/2004QWNRailcorp Staff Overtime
  757. 23/06/2004REPGeneral Purpose Standing Committee No. 1
  758. 23/06/2004QWNAvoca Drive, Kincumber
  759. 01/06/2004QWNWorkers Compensation Premiums
  760. 12/05/2004ADJAustralian Assyrian Community
  761. 11/05/2004ADJConstitution Education Fund of Australia
  762. 05/05/20042R;COMMCivil Liability Amendment (Offender Damages) Bill
  763. 04/05/20042RCivil Liability Amendment (Offender Damages) Bill
  764. 04/05/2004QWNCrown Lands Management System Name Change
  765. 31/03/2004ADJCroatian Language
  766. 31/03/2004QWNGenetically Modified Crop Trials
  767. 17/03/2004ADJUnborn Victims of Violence
  768. 16/03/2004QWNAusteel Pty Ltd
  769. 11/03/20042RFamily Impact Commission Bill
  770. 10/03/2004ADJThe Passion of the Christ
  771. 24/02/2004ADJHillsong Church Teen Challenge
  772. 05/12/2003ADJConstitutional Monarchy
  773. 04/12/2003QWNRail Employees Drug and Alcohol Testing
  774. 18/11/20032RPolice Legislation Amendment (Civil Liability) Bill
  775. 12/11/20032RCoptic Orthodox Church (NSW) Property Trust Amendment Bill
  776. 12/11/20032R;COMMFirearms and Crimes Legislation Amendment (Public Safety) Bill
  777. 12/11/2003QWNSydney City Council Boundary Changes
  778. 30/10/2003ADJTribute to Judith Pearl Barton
  779. 29/10/20032RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Public Vehicles and Carriers) Bill
  780. 29/10/20032RHairdressers Bill
  781. 28/10/20032RPolice Association Employees (Superannuation) Amendment Bill
  782. 16/10/2003QWNRail Agencies Restructure
  783. 15/10/20032RVoluntary Euthanasia Trial (Referendum) Bill
  784. 14/10/2003ADJTribute to Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac
  785. 14/10/20032RDrug Summit Legislative Response Amendment (Trial Period Extension) Bill
  786. 18/09/20032R;COMMState Arms, Symbols and Emblems Bill
  787. 16/09/2003ADJCompulsory Tertiary Student Union Membership
  788. 16/09/20032R;COMMSporting Venues (Pitch Invasions) Bill
  789. 16/09/2003QWNDepartment of Education and Training Relocation
  790. 16/09/2003Sessional Orders
  791. 03/09/2003ADJAustralian National Flag Day
  792. 02/09/2003ADJJoint Baltic Committee of New South Wales Annual Commemoration
  793. 03/07/2003COMMFirearms Amendment (Prohibited Pistols) Bill
  794. 03/07/20032RFirearms Amendment (Prohibited Pistols) Bill
  795. 01/07/20032RPolice Powers (Drug Detection In Border Areas Trial) Bill
  796. 01/07/2003QWNLocal Governnment Boundary Changes and Mr John Murray
  797. 25/06/20032RHuman Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Bill Research Involving H...
  798. 24/06/20032RAustralian Crime Commission (New South Wales) Bill
  799. 24/06/2003QWNBudget Papers Information
  800. 28/05/2003QWNEpping to Castle Hill Rail Link
  801. 27/05/20032R;COMM;3RCrimes Amendment (Sexual Offences) Bill


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.