Brown, Mr Matt speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 01/12/2010QWNMajor Events
  2. 01/12/20102RWorkers Compensation (Dust Diseases) Amendment Bill 2010
  3. 30/11/20102RRoad Transport (Driver Licensing) Amendment Bill 2010
  4. 30/11/2010URG MOTWater Policy
  5. 30/11/2010Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  6. 23/11/2010URG MOTSchool Ethics Classes
  7. 23/11/2010QWNSouth Coast Correctional Centre
  8. 10/11/2010QWNWorkplace Rights Information
  9. 09/11/2010URG MOTSmoking Rates
  10. 28/10/2010URG MOTLocust Plague
  11. 28/10/2010Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  12. 27/10/2010QWNBeach Water Quality
  13. 26/10/20102RMotor Accidents Compensation Amendment Bill 2010
  14. 21/10/20102RRoad Transport (Vehicle Registration) Amendment (Written-off Vehicles...
  15. 21/10/2010QWNDrought
  16. 19/10/2010URG MOTGaming
  17. 19/10/2010Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  18. 22/09/20102RConstitution Amendment (Recognition of Aboriginal People) Bill 2010
  19. 09/09/2010URG MOTFarming Conditions
  20. 08/09/2010PRIVBuilding the Education Revolution Program
  21. 08/09/2010QWNIllawarra and South Coast Storm Damage
  22. 02/09/2010URG MOTCrime and Policing
  23. 02/09/2010Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  24. 01/09/2010QWNBushfire Hazard Reduction
  25. 10/06/2010Marine Park Regulations and Port Stephens Tourism
  26. 09/06/2010URG MOTRural and Regional Health
  27. 09/06/2010Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  28. 02/06/2010URG MOTCountry Halls
  29. 01/06/20102RThreatened Species Conservation Amendment (Biodiversity Certification)...
  30. 01/06/2010QWNSouth Coast Storm
  31. 18/05/2010Princes Highway Upgrade
  32. 18/05/20102RAppropriation (Budget Variations) Bill 2010
  33. 13/05/2010QWNRegional Tourism
  34. 12/05/2010URG MOTHealth Funding
  35. 22/04/20102RRegistrar-General Legislation (Amendment and Repeal) Bill 2010
  36. 21/04/2010Regional Cancer Services
  37. 19/03/2010PRIVJamberoo Rural Fire Service
  38. 16/03/2010URG MOTWorkChoices
  39. 16/03/2010QWNJobs Support
  40. 11/03/2010URG MOTState Economy
  41. 11/03/2010Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  42. 25/02/2010URG MOTHealth Services
  43. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  44. 25/02/2010Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  45. 24/02/2010QWNShoalhaven River Water Quality
  46. 23/02/20102RHousing Amendment (Community Housing Providers) Bill 2009
  47. 02/12/2009Illawarra Infrastructure Investment and Jobs
  48. 01/12/2009Fixed Water Charges
  49. 26/11/2009QWNBeach Water Quality
  50. 25/11/2009PRIVKiama Lions Club and Operation Smile
  51. 25/11/2009URG MOTClimate Change
  52. 25/11/2009Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  53. 12/11/20092RCriminal Procedure Amendment (Case Management) Bill 2009
  54. 27/10/2009URG MOTIllawarra Roadworks
  55. 27/10/2009Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  56. 23/10/2009REPCommittee on the Health Care Complaints Commission
  57. 20/10/2009URG MOTWIN Stadium
  58. 22/09/20092RReal Property Amendment (Land Transactions) Bill 2009
  59. 22/09/20092RShop Trading Amendment Bill 2009
  60. 10/09/20092RLiquor Amendment (Temporary Licence Freeze) Bill 2009
  61. 03/09/2009URG MOTClimate Change
  62. 03/09/20092RState Emergency Service Amendment Bill 2009
  63. 01/09/2009QWNBushfire Season Preparations
  64. 24/06/2009PRIVKiama Surf Life Saving Club Presentation Night
  65. 23/06/2009URG MOTHousing Purchase Stamp Duty
  66. 18/06/2009QWNPrisoner Damages Actions
  67. 18/06/2009Shoalhaven Radiotherapy Services
  68. 17/06/20092RNSW Lotteries (Authorised Transaction) Bill 2009
  69. 16/06/20092RState Emergency and Rescue Management Amendment Bill 2009
  70. 05/06/2009PRIVAlbion Park Camp Oven Challenge
  71. 03/06/20092RMotor Accidents (Lifetime Care and Support) Amendment Bill 2009
  72. 15/05/2009PRIVMinnamurra Rainforest
  73. 13/05/2009Jobs Creation
  74. 12/05/2009QWNElectricity Industry Reform
  75. 08/05/2009PRIVBerry Quilt and Craft Show
  76. 05/05/20092RGas Supply Amendment (Ombudsman Scheme) Bill 2009
  77. 05/05/20092RSuccession Amendment (Intestacy) Bill 2009
  78. 25/03/20092RBiofuel (Ethanol Content) Amendment Bill 2009
  79. 12/03/2009QWNBuilding the Country Package
  80. 05/03/2009Burrinjuck Electorate Festivals
  81. 04/03/2009Victorian Bushfires
  82. 03/12/2008School Security Fencing
  83. 03/12/2008QWNNational Parks Public Access
  84. 28/10/2008PRIVSouth Coast Tourism
  85. 28/08/2008QWNPublic and Affordable Housing
  86. 25/06/2008QWNTourism Industry
  87. 15/05/2008PRIVShellharbour Sports Star of the Year Awards
  88. 08/05/2008QWNDubbo Community Centre and Gordon Estate
  89. 07/05/2008QWNPublic Housing Antisocial Behaviour
  90. 10/04/2008PRIVCessnock Tourism
  91. 09/04/2008QWNDubbo Public Housing Recreational Facilities
  92. 09/04/2008QWNDepartment of Housing Care Call Program
  93. 09/04/20082RHousing Amendment (Tenant Fraud) Bill 2008
  94. 03/04/20081R;2RHousing Amendment (Tenant Fraud) Bill 2008
  95. 03/04/2008QWNPublic Housing Fraud
  96. 05/03/2008QWNMinister for Housing Election Campaign Donations
  97. 04/03/2008QWNPublic Housing Environmentally Sustainable Practices
  98. 06/12/2007QWNTourism
  99. 04/12/20072RLiquor Bill 2007 Casino, Liquor and Gaming Control Authority Bill 2007...
  100. 04/12/2007QWNAffordable Housing
  101. 15/11/2007QWNHousing Stress
  102. 07/11/2007QWNGordon Estate, Dubbo, Redevelopment
  103. 23/10/2007QWNTourism Promotion
  104. 16/10/20072RHousing Amendment (Community Housing Providers) Bill 2007
  105. 25/09/20071R;2RHousing Amendment (Community Housing Providers) Bill 2007
  106. 28/06/2007QWNCommunity Housing and Infrastructure Program
  107. 27/06/2007QWNDaylight Saving Extension
  108. 26/06/20072RBiofuel (Ethanol Content) Bill 2007
  109. 19/06/20072RConstitution Amendment (Speaker) Bill 2007
  110. 06/06/20072RDuties Amendment (First Home Plus One) Bill 2007
  111. 06/06/2007Department of Housing Banora Point Property Purchase
  112. 06/06/2007QWNAffordable Housing Innovations Fund
  113. 31/05/2007QWNAsia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 2007 Business Summit
  114. 08/05/2007Assistant-Speakers
  115. 22/11/2006URG MOTNuclear Power
  116. 21/11/2006Regional Roads Funding
  117. 21/11/2006QWNMental Health Interagency Action Plan
  118. 14/11/2006URG MOTFederal Government Industrial Relations WorkChoices Legislation
  119. 14/11/2006URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  120. 25/10/2006QWNTaxi Rank Security
  121. 25/10/20062RPolice Amendment (Miscellaneous) Bill
  122. 24/10/20062RCrown Lands Legislation Amendment (Carbon Sequestration) Bill
  123. 18/10/2006URG MOTWater Management
  124. 18/10/2006COMMThreatened Species Conservation Amendment (Biodiversity Banking) Bill
  125. 18/10/2006Business of the House
  126. 18/10/20061R;2RPassenger Transport Amendment Bill
  127. 18/10/20062RElection Funding Amendment Bill
  128. 27/09/2006URG MOTFederal Government Industrial Relations WorkChoices Legislation
  129. 20/09/2006URG MOTGround Water Structural Adjustment Taxation
  130. 19/09/20061R;2RRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Drug Testing) Bill
  131. 19/09/2006QWNOffice of the Director of Public Prosecutions and Political Interferen...
  132. 05/09/2006QWNRail Security
  133. 31/08/2006PRIVPacific Highway Upgrade
  134. 31/08/2006PRIVGrays Point Public School Computers
  135. 31/08/2006Shoalhaven River Water Extraction
  136. 09/06/2006Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  137. 08/06/2006PRIVYasmar House and Gardens
  138. 08/06/2006PRIVEast Hills Electorate Schools
  139. 07/06/2006Parliamentary Ethics Adviser
  140. 07/06/2006State Budget
  141. 25/05/2006QWNMental Illness Housing and Support in the Home
  142. 11/05/20062RPublic Sector Employment and Management (Ethanol Blended Fuel) Bill
  143. 10/05/2006QWNPrivate Sector Water Recycling Investment
  144. 04/05/2006URG MOTFuel Prices
  145. 06/04/2006QWNSkills Shortages
  146. 05/04/20061R;2RLegal Profession Amendment Bill
  147. 30/03/2006PRIVShoalhaven Police Local Area Command
  148. 30/03/2006Volunteer Firefighter Mr Frank Pritchett
  149. 29/03/20061R;2RCrimes (Serious Sex Offenders) Bill
  150. 29/03/2006QWNCommonwealth Grants Commission Goods and Services Tax Allocations
  151. 28/03/2006PRIVAgritourism
  152. 28/03/2006PRIVRutherford Industrial Park Recycling Plant Proposal
  153. 28/03/2006PRIVSydney City Council Greening Projects
  154. 28/02/2006URG MOTCommonwealth Grants Commission Goods and Services Tax Allocations
  155. 28/02/2006URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  156. 29/11/2005PRIVFederal Government Industrial Relations Policy
  157. 29/11/2005PRIVNational Multicultural Marketing Awards
  158. 29/11/2005PRIVPort Stephens Electorate Foreshore Areas Closed-circuit Television Cameras
  159. 17/11/20052RPublic Lands Protection Bill
  160. 16/11/20052RCommission for Children and Young People Amendment Bill
  161. 16/11/2005QWNCrown Reserves Funding
  162. 10/11/20052RSave Orange Grove Bill
  163. 09/11/20052R;COMMRetail Leases Amendment Bill
  164. 19/10/2005Federal Government Auslink Program
  165. 19/10/2005QWNIllawarra Region Correctional Centre Site
  166. 18/10/2005Pacific Highway Upgrade
  167. 12/10/2005Princes Highway Funding
  168. 12/10/2005URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  169. 21/09/20052RSecurity Interests in Goods Bill
  170. 15/09/2005QWNRoads and Traffic Authority Crashcam Technology Trial
  171. 14/09/20052RDuties Amendment (Abolition of Vendor Duty) Bill
  172. 23/06/2005URG MOTPublic Transport Tax Concessions
  173. 23/06/2005URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  174. 22/06/2005QWNYoung Business Idol Competition
  175. 24/05/2005URG MOTJapanese Whaling
  176. 24/05/2005QWNState Budget
  177. 04/05/20052REnergy Administration Amendment (Water and Energy Savings) Bill
  178. 07/04/2005QWNDubbo Services
  179. 05/04/2005Illawarra Export Drive
  180. 23/03/2005QWNWorkcover Financial Improvements
  181. 22/03/2005PRIVCambewarra Rural Fire Service Sixty-fifth Anniversary
  182. 24/02/2005PRIVTribute to Dr Ray Cleary, OAM
  183. 09/12/20042RGovernment (Open Market Competition) Bill
  184. 07/12/20041R;2RLegal Profession Bill
  185. 11/11/2004PRIVSt Matthews Catholic Church, Jamberoo, 125th Anniversary
  186. 28/10/2004URG MOTCredit Card Debt
  187. 26/10/2004QWNBuilding Sustainability Index
  188. 20/10/2004Death of Mr Anthony Michael McGrane, OAM, a Member of the Legislative ...
  189. 20/10/2004URG MOTPrinces Highway Upgrade
  190. 19/10/2004QWNMetropolitan Water Plan
  191. 23/09/2004PRIVKiama Wine Show Awards Dinner
  192. 14/09/2004QWNProbiotec (NSW) Pty Ltd Illawarra Advantage Fund Assistance
  193. 24/06/2004QWNGovernment and Opposition Web Sites Links
  194. 13/05/2004PRIVRobertson Community Technology Centre
  195. 12/05/2004WorkCover in Regional New South Wales
  196. 12/05/20042RAppropriation (Budget Variations) Bill
  197. 11/05/20042RConstitution Amendment (Pledge of Loyalty) Bill
  198. 06/05/2004PRIVWine Equalisation Tax
  199. 05/05/20042RFisheries Management Amendment Bill
  200. 05/05/20042RStock Diseases Amendment (Artificial Breeding) Bill
  201. 30/03/2004QWNWorkplace Email Surveillance
  202. 18/03/2004PRIVShellharbour Surf Life Saving Championships
  203. 18/03/2004Princes Highway Funding
  204. 17/03/20042RStock Diseases Amendment (False Information) Bill
  205. 16/03/20042RNational Competition Policy Amendments (Commonwealth Financial Penalti...
  206. 16/03/2004Plastic Bags Phase-out
  207. 09/03/2004URG MOTCommonwealth Grants Commission Recommendations
  208. 25/02/2004QWNBluescope Steel Asian Exports
  209. 17/02/2004PRIVAunties and Uncles Program
  210. 17/02/2004QWNState Environmental Planning Policy 71
  211. 29/10/2003National Competition Council Recommendations
  212. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  213. 29/10/2003URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  214. 29/10/20032RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Public Vehicles and Carriers) Bill
  215. 28/10/2003QWNPrisoners Drug Rebhabilitation
  216. 15/10/2003URG MOTFederal Government Corporate Law Reform Package
  217. 14/10/2003QWNSydney, Blue Mountains and Illawarra Water Restrictions
  218. 17/09/20032RDrug Summit Legislative Response Amendment (Trial Period Extension) Bill
  219. 03/07/20032RGovernment (Open Market Competition) Bill
  220. 02/07/2003URG MOTDairy Industry Deregulation
  221. 02/07/2003URG MOTDairy Industry Deregulation
  222. 02/07/2003Consideration of Urgent Motions
  223. 01/07/2003QWNEthanol Blended Petrol
  224. 25/06/2003QWNScam Mail
  225. 25/06/20032ROccupational Health and Safety Amendment (Dangerous Goods) Bill Explos...
  226. 25/06/20032RNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Telecommunications Facilities) Bill
  227. 24/06/2003QWNNational Parks Economic Benefits
  228. 20/06/20032RPacific Power (Dissolution) Bill
  229. 20/06/20032RCancer Institute (Nsw) Bill
  230. 29/05/2003URG MOTWine Industry
  231. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  232. 29/05/2003Admission of the Treasurer Into the Legislative Assembly
  233. 28/05/20032RFair Trading Amendment Bill
  234. 21/05/2003PRIVKiama Show Society
  235. 21/05/2003URG MOTFederal Government Regional University Funding
  236. 21/05/2003URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  237. 20/05/2003QWNDepartment of Housing Independent Commission Against Corruption Invest...
  238. 09/05/2003PRIVRoo Theatre Company
  239. 08/05/2003URG MOT;MOTTamworth and Nowra Grace Bros Store Closures
  240. 07/05/2003URG MOTFederal Government Medicare Policy
  241. 07/05/2003URG MOTFederal Government Health Funding
  242. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  243. 07/05/2003URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  244. 01/05/2003Bankstown Airport
  245. 01/05/2003Hospital Waiting Lists
  246. 30/10/20022RCivil Liability Amendment (Personal Responsibility) Bill
  247. 29/10/20022RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Standard Minimum Sentencing) Bill
  248. 24/09/2002PRIVKiama High School Sporting Achievements
  249. 24/09/2002URG MOTSouthern New South Wales Job Creation Initiatives
  250. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  251. 19/09/20022RPolice Integrity Commission Amendment (Access to Documents) Bill
  252. 17/09/2002Business Tourism
  253. 17/09/2002QWNTumbarumba Economy
  254. 05/09/2002QWNLocal Government Performance
  255. 21/06/20022RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  256. 19/06/2002QWNJapanese Tourism
  257. 29/05/2002URG MOTFederal Transport and Roads Funding
  258. 29/05/2002URG MOTFederal Transport and Road Funding
  259. 29/05/2002URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  260. 28/05/2002URG MOTBiotechnology Industry And Agribusiness Development
  261. 09/05/2002Public Liability Insurance
  262. 08/05/20022RHome Building Amendment (Insurance) Bill
  263. 11/04/2002Coastline Protection
  264. 10/04/2002Business Of The House
  265. 10/04/20022RBail Amendment (Repeat Offenders) Bill
  266. 22/03/2002Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  267. 21/03/2002Public Liability Insurance
  268. 19/03/20022RRoad Transport (General) Amendment (Operator Onus Offences) Bill
  269. 13/03/2002QWNBeverly Hills Sexual Assault Offenders
  270. 12/03/2002URG MOTUnited States Of America Steel Tariffs
  271. 28/02/2002PRIVRobertson Heritage Railway Project
  272. 05/12/2001QWNDoctors Insurance Costs
  273. 05/12/20012RCriminal Legislation Amendment Bill
  274. 05/12/20012RAnti-Discrimination Amendment (Drug Addiction) Bill
  275. 16/11/2001PRIVShoalhaven Heads Public School
  276. 15/11/2001PRIVSouthern Illawarra Business and Tourism Awards
  277. 14/11/20012RCrimes Amendment (Sexual Servitude) Bill
  278. 08/11/2001PRIVDog Trailer Tyres
  279. 24/10/2001PRIVAlbion Park Rail Traffic Arrangements
  280. 23/10/2001QWNHoax Terrorist Threats
  281. 17/10/20012RApprenticeship and Traineeship Bill
  282. 17/10/2001PRIVKiama Rail Services
  283. 17/10/2001URG MOTTourism Industry
  284. 17/10/2001QWNWhooping Cough Epidemic
  285. 21/09/2001REPStanding Committee On Public Works
  286. 20/09/2001QWNCityRail Timetable
  287. 06/09/2001QWNNew Market Expansion Program
  288. 05/09/20012RCrimes Amendment (Aggravated Sexual Assault in Company) Bill
  289. 25/06/2001PRIVBerry Centenary Of Federation Celebrations
  290. 07/06/20012RHome Building Legislation Amendment Bill
  291. 06/06/2001URG MOTIllawarra Sport And Recreation Facilities
  292. 01/06/20012RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  293. 31/05/2001QWNHIH Insurance
  294. 30/05/2001PRIVLake Illawarra Police And Community Youth Club
  295. 29/05/2001URG MOTCountry Labor Representation
  296. 11/04/20012RLocal Government Amendment (Graffiti Removal) Bill
  297. 10/04/20012RCrimes Amendment (Computer Offences) Bill
  298. 04/04/20012RConveyancing Amendment (Building Management Statements) Bill
  299. 04/04/20012RStrata Schemes Legislation Amendment Bill
  300. 29/03/2001QWNHIH Insurance
  301. 28/03/2001REPStanding Committee On Public Works
  302. 27/03/2001PRIVHIH Insurance
  303. 06/03/2001PRIVDairy Industry Deregulation
  304. 06/03/2001QWNNew South Wales Ambulance Service Industrial Dispute
  305. 28/11/2000PRIVDapto To Kiama Rail Electrification
  306. 28/11/2000QWNShark Attacks
  307. 23/11/20002R;COMMCriminal Procedure Amendment (Pre-Trial Disclosure) Bill
  308. 22/11/2000URG MOTAustralian Broadcasting Corporation Funding
  309. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  310. 17/11/20002RPassenger Transport Amendment Bill
  311. 16/11/2000PRIVKiama High School Overcrowding
  312. 31/10/20002RProtection Of The Environment Operations Amendment (Balloons) Bill
  313. 11/10/2000PRIVTechnobuild Engineering Pty Ltd
  314. 16/08/2000PRIVSecondary School Students Constitutional Convention
  315. 16/08/2000QWN2000 By 2000 Traineeships Program
  316. 09/08/2000PRIVKiama Skateboard Facility
  317. 29/06/2000QWN;REPThredbo Landslide Inquiry Coroner's Report
  318. 20/06/2000PRIVJames Joyce Tribute, Kiama Infants School
  319. 08/06/20002RChild Protection (Offenders Registration) Bill
  320. 07/06/2000URG MOTEnrolment Benchmark Adjustment Policy
  321. 07/06/20002RCrimes (Forensic Procedures) Bill
  322. 01/06/2000URG MOTPrinces Highway Upgrade
  323. 01/06/2000URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  324. 31/05/20002RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  325. 30/05/2000PRIVKiama Electorate Policing
  326. 24/05/20002RCoal And Oil Shale Mine Workers (Superannuation) Amendment (1999 Super...
  327. 24/05/20002RReal Property Amendment (Compensation) Bill
  328. 23/05/2000Regional Employment
  329. 02/05/2000URG MOTIllawarra Region Investment
  330. 13/04/2000Country Labor Faction
  331. 12/04/2000QWNGovernment Cleaning Contract
  332. 05/04/2000PRIVShellharbour Public School
  333. 17/11/19992RPolice Service Amendment Bill
  334. 17/11/1999QWNComputer Millennium Bug
  335. 27/10/1999Constitution Referendum
  336. 26/10/1999URG MOTDairy Industry Deregulation
  337. 21/10/1999URG MOTTertiary Education Fees
  338. 21/10/1999Regional Employment Opportunities
  339. 20/10/1999PRIVKiama Electorate Bank Closures Kiama Electorate Roads Funding
  340. 19/10/1999URG MOTBanking Services
  341. 22/09/1999PRIVLocal Government Elections
  342. 17/09/1999Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  343. 29/06/19992RCrimes Amendment (Offensive Weapons) Bill
  344. 25/06/19992RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  345. 24/06/1999QWNComputer Millennium Bug
  346. 01/06/1999URG MOTDairy Industry Deregulation
  347. 13/05/1999QWNViolence In Schools
  348. 13/05/1999Inaugural Speeches
  349. 11/11/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Police
  350. 10/11/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Sport, Recreation and Racing


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.