Amery, Mr Richard speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 22/10/2014X Factor Television Contest Winner Marlisa Punzalan
  2. 22/10/20142R;3RWater NSW Bill 2014
  3. 16/10/2014Mount Druitt Town Rangers Football Club
  4. 16/10/2014PETPublic Libraries
  5. 16/10/2014REPCommittee on the Independent Commission Against Corruption
  6. 15/10/20142R;3RRural Fires Amendment Bill 2014
  7. 15/10/2014Blacktown Mayor Stephen Bali
  8. 18/09/2014Fred Williams Australian Waterski and Wakeboard Federation Hall of Fame
  9. 11/09/2014Mount Druitt Town Rangers Ladies Football Team
  10. 11/09/2014Seniors Week
  11. 10/09/2014Tribute to Jim Maynard
  12. 09/09/2014Governor's Speech: Address-in-Reply
  13. 14/08/2014PRIVAustralia Post
  14. 14/08/2014Mount Druitt Police Citizens Youth Club Citizens Cafe
  15. 14/08/2014REPStanding Committee on Parliamentary Privilege and Ethics
  16. 14/08/2014Australian Open Mixed Pairs Bowls Champions
  17. 14/08/2014WestConnex Motorway
  18. 13/08/2014Willmot Public School
  19. 12/08/20142R;3RWater Management Amendment Bill 2014
  20. 12/08/2014URG MOTRegional Water Supply
  21. 07/08/2014Lethbridge Park Public School Rugby League Team
  22. 06/08/2014Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  23. 06/08/2014URG MOTHousing Supply
  24. 06/08/2014Ken And Lydia Simpson Fiftieth Anniversary
  25. 06/08/20142R;3RRoad Transport Amendment (Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program) Bill 2014
  26. 05/08/20142R;3RPassenger Transport Bill 2014
  27. 02/07/2014Australian Labor Party Rooty Hill Branch Fiftieth Anniversary
  28. 02/07/2014Mount Druitt Rotary Police Officer of the Year Awards
  29. 19/06/2014Minchinbury Manor
  30. 19/06/2014Sydney Royal Showgirl Competition
  31. 19/06/20142RHealth Services Amendment (Guaranteeing Free Public Hospital Services)...
  32. 19/06/20142RHealth Services Amendment (Guaranteeing Free Public Hospital Services)...
  33. 19/06/20142RIndependent Commission Against Corruption Amendment (Ministerial Code ...
  34. 18/06/2014Uncle Greg Simms Community Service Award
  35. 29/05/2014Death of the Honourable Neville Kenneth Wran, AC, CNZM, QC, a Former P...
  36. 29/05/20141R;2RIndependent Commission Against Corruption Amendment (Ministerial Code ...
  37. 28/05/2014URG MOTHousing Supply
  38. 28/05/20142R;3RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2014
  39. 27/05/20142R;3REnergy Legislation Amendment (Retail Price Deregulation) Bill 2014
  40. 15/05/2014Cassie Uy Midwifery Award
  41. 14/05/2014Death of the Honourable William Lloyd Lange, a Former Member of the Le...
  42. 08/05/2014Ross Roorda and Plumpton House School
  43. 08/05/2014Business of the House
  44. 07/05/2014Tribute to Kenneth Roberts
  45. 06/05/2014PRIVTribute to Marlene Sewell
  46. 27/03/2014Graceades Community Cottage
  47. 27/03/2014Superintendent Bruce Edward Lyons, APM
  48. 27/03/20142RCoal Seam Gas Prohibition (Sydney Water Catchment Special Areas) Bill 2013
  49. 26/03/2014Merlene Millson, Community Service Award
  50. 26/03/20142R;3RCourts and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014
  51. 26/03/2014Jim Fraser, Football Hall of Fame Inductee
  52. 25/03/2014Plumpton Rural Fire Brigade
  53. 20/03/2014Rooty Hill Public School
  54. 20/03/20142RFair Trading Amendment (Ticket Reselling) Bill 2013
  55. 18/03/20142R;3RCriminal Assets Recovery Amendment Bill 2014 Mining and Petroleum Legi...
  56. 06/03/2014Plumpton High School Presentation Day
  57. 06/03/2014Free Shuttle Bus Services
  58. 05/03/2014Rooty Hill High School Excellence Assembly
  59. 04/03/2014PRIVMount Druitt Award Recipients
  60. 27/02/2014Mount Druitt Town Rangers Football Club
  61. 27/02/20142RSnowy Hydro Corporatisation Amendment (Snowy Advisory Committee) Bill 2013
  62. 26/02/2014URG MOTDrought Assistance
  63. 26/02/2014Hebersham Public School Presentation Day
  64. 30/01/2014Crimes and Other Legislation Amendment (Assault and Intoxication) Bill...
  65. 21/11/2013Mount Druitt Neighbour Aid
  66. 21/11/2013Tribute to Patrick "Pat" Joseph Murray
  67. 21/11/2013Volunteer Crafts Teacher May Deloraine
  68. 21/11/2013Mount Druitt TAFE Library
  69. 21/11/2013Mount Druitt Electorate School Students
  70. 21/11/2013Seasonal Felicitations
  71. 21/11/2013Cemeteries and Crematoria Bill 2013
  72. 20/11/2013Mount Druitt Hospital Volunteers
  73. 19/11/2013URG MOTState Infrastructure
  74. 19/11/2013QWNCemeteries and Crematoria Legislation
  75. 14/11/2013Rooty Hill RSL Club Remembrance Day Service
  76. 14/11/2013Independent Commission Against Corruption
  77. 13/11/2013Business of the House
  78. 13/11/2013Superintendent Wayne Cox
  79. 13/11/20132R;3RLaw Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Amendment (Arrest Withou...
  80. 12/11/20132R;3RRegional Relocation (Home Buyers Grant) Amendment Bill 2013
  81. 31/10/2013REPCommittee on the Independent Commission Against Corruption
  82. 30/10/20132RCemeteries and Crematoria Bill 2013
  83. 30/10/2013Business of the House
  84. 30/10/2013QWNMinisterial Code of Conduct
  85. 29/10/2013Sydney Opera House Fortieth Anniversary
  86. 24/10/2013State Swimming Representative Hayley Lawther
  87. 24/10/2013Kiama Junior Rugby League Football Club
  88. 24/10/20132RCrimes Amendment (Zoe's Law) Bill 2013 (No 2
  89. 23/10/2013Chifley College Rural Fire Service Cadet Program
  90. 23/10/2013Eastern Creek Pioneers Soccer Club
  91. 22/10/2013PRIVMember For Mount Druitt
  92. 16/10/2013Plumpton Primary School Open Day
  93. 15/10/20132R;3RGame and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill 2013
  94. 19/09/2013PRIVSocial Housing Supply
  95. 19/09/2013Plumpton High School Awards for Excellence
  96. 19/09/2013PETUlan And Cope Roads Upgrade
  97. 18/09/2013Mitochondrial Disease
  98. 12/09/2013Mount Druitt Anglicare
  99. 10/09/2013URG MOTFederal Coalition Government Policies
  100. 29/08/2013PETMt Druitt Hospital Ward Closure
  101. 28/08/2013Death of the Honourable Gerald Beresford Ponsonby Peacocke, a Former M...
  102. 27/08/20132R;3RRoad Transport Amendment (Electronic Traffic Infringement Notices Tria...
  103. 27/08/2013URG MOTGarden Island Naval Base
  104. 22/08/2013Ballroom Dancer Des Harper
  105. 22/08/2013Blacktown Hospital Maternity Ward
  106. 22/08/20132RTruth in Labelling (Free-range Eggs) Bill 2011
  107. 21/08/20132RTotalizator Amendment (Exclusivity) Bill 2013
  108. 21/08/2013Darrell Holt Restricted Challenge
  109. 15/08/2013Sydney Gymnastic and Aquatic Centre
  110. 14/08/20132R;3RRoad Transport Amendment (Obstruction and Hazard Safety) Bill 2013
  111. 14/08/2013West Tradies Club Thirtieth Anniversary
  112. 13/08/2013PRIVMount Druitt Swimming Pool
  113. 20/06/2013SDN Beranga Children's Education and Care Centre
  114. 20/06/2013Local Land Services Bill 2013
  115. 20/06/2013PRIVMount Druitt Hospital Cardiac Unit
  116. 20/06/2013Mount Druitt Electorate Queen's Birthday Honours Recipients
  117. 19/06/2013Mount Druitt Electorate Queen's Birthday Honours Recipient
  118. 19/06/20132R;3RHeavy Vehicle (Adoption of National Law) Bill 2013
  119. 30/05/2013World Youth Netball Championships
  120. 29/05/2013PRIVMount Druitt Electorate Infrastructure
  121. 29/05/20132RLocal Land Services Bill 2013
  122. 29/05/2013International Nurses Day
  123. 29/05/20132RWork Health and Safety (Mines) Bill 2013
  124. 29/05/20132R;3RSuccession to the Crown (Request) Bill 2013
  125. 28/05/20132R;3RPetroleum (Onshore) Amendment Bill 2013
  126. 23/05/2013Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal
  127. 23/05/2013Newcastle Bus Services Review
  128. 22/05/20132R;3RMarine Parks Amendment (Moratorium) Bill 2013
  129. 22/05/2013Premier's Community Service Award Recipient Marie Newham
  130. 09/05/2013Tribute to Mrs Mavis Orton
  131. 09/05/2013Manning River and Wallis Lake Dredging
  132. 09/05/2013Health Funding
  133. 09/05/2013Carbon Tax and Local Government
  134. 08/05/2013Mount Druitt Town Rangers Football Club
  135. 07/05/2013URG MOTNSW Police Force
  136. 02/05/2013Western Sydney Wanderers Football Club
  137. 02/05/20132RService NSW (One-stop Access to Government Services) Bill 2013
  138. 02/05/2013REPJoint Standing Committee on Road Safety
  139. 02/05/2013Mid North Coast University Campus
  140. 02/05/2013Manning Valley Health Services
  141. 01/05/2013Mount Druitt Electorate Student Achievements
  142. 27/03/2013Mount Druitt Writers Group
  143. 26/03/2013QWNMount Druitt Hospital Funding
  144. 26/03/2013Rooty Hill Primary School Student Leaders
  145. 26/03/20132RLaw Enforcement (Controlled Operations) Amendment Bill 2012
  146. 25/03/20132R;3RElection Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Amendment (Administrativ...
  147. 25/03/2013Road Transport Bill 2013
  148. 21/03/2013PRIVMount Druitt Hospital Ward Closure
  149. 21/03/2013Mount Druitt State Emergency Service
  150. 21/03/2013QWNPolice Transport Command
  151. 21/03/20132RRetail Leases Amendment (Mediation) Bill 2012
  152. 20/03/20132R;3RParliamentary Budget Officer Amendment Bill 2013
  153. 20/03/2013Seniors Week Achievement Award Recipients
  154. 14/03/2013PRIVRooty Hill Railway Station Easy Access
  155. 14/03/2013Jim Anderson Scholarship Recipients
  156. 14/03/2013Pacific Highway Upgrade Funding
  157. 13/03/2013Chifley Woman of the Year Joint Winner Rita Tobin
  158. 13/03/20132R;3RIndependent Commission Against Corruption Amendment (Disciplinary Proc...
  159. 12/03/2013Murray-Darling Basin Plan
  160. 12/03/20132R;3RSmall Business Commissioner Bill 2012
  161. 12/03/2013QWNCityRail Fares
  162. 28/02/2013PRIVWestern Sydney Prime Ministerial Visit
  163. 28/02/2013Sessional Orders
  164. 28/02/2013REPStanding Orders and Procedure Committee
  165. 27/02/2013Death of Mervyn Leslie Hunter, a Former Member for Lake Macquarie
  166. 26/02/20132RSmall Business Commissioner Bill 2012
  167. 26/02/2013Compulsory Third Party Insurance Scheme
  168. 26/02/2013QWNWestern Sydney Health Funding
  169. 21/02/2013PRIVBlacktown Local Environmental Plan
  170. 19/02/20132R;3RCourts and Other Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2012
  171. 22/11/2012Seasonal Felicitations
  172. 22/11/2012REPLegislation Review Committee
  173. 22/11/2012Blaxcell Street Public School
  174. 20/11/2012URG MOTPublic Transport Infrastructure
  175. 15/11/2012Death of the Hon. George Paciullo, a Former Minister of the Crown and ...
  176. 15/11/2012Police Death and Disability Scheme
  177. 15/11/20122RNSW Jobs Commission Bill 2012
  178. 14/11/20122R;3RElectronic Conveyancing (Adoption of National Law) Bill 2012
  179. 13/11/2012PRIVBushwalkers Wilderness Rescue Squad
  180. 25/10/2012REPLegislation Review Committee
  181. 25/10/2012Friends of Cabarita Park and Wharf
  182. 24/10/20122R;3RParliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment (Redistributions) Bi...
  183. 24/10/20122R;3RCancer Institute (NSW) Amendment Bill 2012
  184. 24/10/20122R;3RLiquor Amendment (Kings Cross Plan of Management) Bill 2012
  185. 23/10/20122R;3RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No 2) 2012
  186. 18/10/2012PRIVW.A.S.H. House
  187. 18/10/2012Windsor Bridge
  188. 18/10/2012Londonderry Electorate Roads
  189. 20/09/2012PRIVBlacktown Community Transport Retirement of Greg Kelly, Deputy Serjean...
  190. 19/09/2012Government House
  191. 18/09/2012URG MOTKings Cross Alcohol- and Drug-related Violence
  192. 13/09/2012PETHighway Vehicle Breakdown Safety
  193. 13/09/2012REPLegislation Review Committee
  194. 13/09/2012Mount Druitt Court Complex
  195. 12/09/20122R;3RPrevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment Bill 2012
  196. 11/09/2012Death of the Hon. Francis John Walker, QC, A former Minister of the Cr...
  197. 04/09/2012Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  198. 23/08/2012REPLegislation Review Committee
  199. 23/08/2012East Richmond Railway Station Level Crossing
  200. 23/08/2012Industrial Relations
  201. 22/08/20122RCourts and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  202. 21/08/2012Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  203. 16/08/2012PRIVMount Druitt Electorate Crime
  204. 16/08/2012REPCommittee on the Independent Commission Against Corruption
  205. 16/08/2012REPLegislation Review Committee
  206. 16/08/2012Mitochondrial Disease
  207. 16/08/2012Annual Holidays Act 1944
  208. 15/08/20122RFiscal Responsibility Bill 2012
  209. 14/08/20122RCommunity Housing Providers (Adoption of National Law) Bill 2012
  210. 21/06/20122RGame and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill 2012
  211. 21/06/2012QWNCityRail Services
  212. 20/06/20122R;3RInspector of Custodial Services Bill 2012
  213. 19/06/20121R;2R;3RWorkers Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 Safety, Return to...
  214. 14/06/2012REPLegislation Review Committee
  215. 14/06/2012Western Sydney Public Transport Users Group
  216. 31/05/2012PRIVElectricity Assets Sale
  217. 30/05/2012Cootamundra Sesquicentenary
  218. 30/05/20122R;3RHealth Services Amendment (National Health Reform Agreement) Bill 2012
  219. 24/05/2012REPLegislation Review Committee
  220. 22/05/20122RFirearms Amendment (Ammunition Control) Bill 2012
  221. 22/05/2012Snowy Scheme Museum
  222. 22/05/2012Palliative Care New South Wales
  223. 10/05/2012REPPublic Accounts Committee
  224. 09/05/2012Tribute to James Oswald "Jimmy" Little, AO
  225. 08/05/20121R;2R;3RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Industrial Organisations) Bill 2012
  226. 03/05/2012PRIVSt Marys Methadone Clinic
  227. 03/05/2012REPLegislation Review Committee
  228. 03/05/2012Orchard Hills Residents Against Industrial Dump Action Group
  229. 03/05/2012Barraba Water Supply
  230. 03/05/2012Rooty Hill High School Fiftieth Anniversary
  231. 02/05/2012Australian Year of the Farmer
  232. 02/05/20122RCo-operatives (Adoption of National Law) Bill 2012
  233. 02/05/20121R;2RSydney Water Catchment Management Amendment (Board Members) Bill 2012
  234. 01/05/2012URG MOTOrganised Crime
  235. 04/04/2012Business of the House
  236. 04/04/2012Philippine-Australian Community Services Inc.
  237. 04/04/2012Tribute to George Henry "Dick" Simpson
  238. 03/04/20122RLocal Government Amendment (Members of Parliament) Bill 2012
  239. 02/04/20122RRetail Trading Amendment Bill 2012
  240. 02/04/2012Business of the House
  241. 28/03/20122RPrimary Industries Legislation Amendment (Biosecurity) Bill 2012
  242. 28/03/20121R;2RPublic Sector Employment and Management Amendment Bill 2012
  243. 14/03/20122RCoroners Amendment Bill 2012
  244. 08/03/2012PRIVJustices of the Peace
  245. 08/03/2012Natural Disaster Relief
  246. 07/03/20122RNoxious Weeds Amendment Bill 2012
  247. 07/03/20122RReal Property Amendment (Public Lands) Bill 2012
  248. 16/02/2012PRIVTribute to Mrs Joan Freeman
  249. 16/02/2012Northern Sydney Public Infrastructure
  250. 15/02/2012Death of Rex Frederick Jackson, a Former Minister of the Crown and Mem...
  251. 25/11/2011Seasonal Felicitations
  252. 25/11/20112RPolice Amendment (Death and Disability) Bill 2011
  253. 23/11/2011QWNCommissioner of Corrective Services NSW
  254. 23/11/20112RAgricultural Tenancies Amendment Bill 2011
  255. 11/11/2011Ku-ring-gai Planning
  256. 09/11/2011PRIVFinancial Literacy Program
  257. 09/11/2011Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  258. 20/10/2011PRIVEastern Creek Pioneer Soccer Club Presentation Day
  259. 20/10/2011Retirement of Russell David Grove, PSM, Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
  260. 19/10/20111R;2RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 2) 2011
  261. 14/10/2011Northern Tablelands Hospital Upgrades
  262. 12/10/20112RState Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  263. 12/10/20112R;3RElection Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Amendment Bill 2011
  264. 14/09/2011PETPerforming Circus Animals Ban
  265. 13/09/2011Death of the Hon. Alan Robert Lindsay Gordon, a Former Minister of the...
  266. 12/09/2011QWNState Budget and Transport
  267. 08/09/20112RVeterinary Practice Amendment (Interstate Veterinary Practitioners) Bi...
  268. 07/09/2011PRIVMount Druitt Dental Services
  269. 07/09/20112RTransport Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  270. 26/08/2011REPLegislation Review Committee
  271. 26/08/2011REPLegislation Review Committee
  272. 25/08/20112RFines Amendment (Work and Development Orders) Bill 2011
  273. 24/08/2011Business of the House
  274. 11/08/2011Prisoner Transport
  275. 10/08/2011PETPalliative Care Community Services
  276. 10/08/20112RRestart NSW Fund Bill 2011
  277. 09/08/2011QWNCarbon Tax
  278. 09/08/2011QWNNorth West Rail Link
  279. 09/08/20112R;3RClean Coal Administration Amendment Bill 2011
  280. 05/08/2011QWNNorth West Rail Link
  281. 04/08/20112RSummary Offences Amendment (Intoxicated and Disorderly Conduct) Bill 2011
  282. 03/08/20112RGraffiti Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  283. 22/06/2011Governor's Speech: Address-in-reply
  284. 21/06/20112RDestination NSW Bill 2011
  285. 20/06/20112RCrimes Amendment (Murder of Police Officers) Bill 2011
  286. 17/06/2011PRIVMount Druitt Interchange
  287. 17/06/20112RInfrastructure NSW Bill 2011
  288. 16/06/20112RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Public Sector Conditions of Employment...
  289. 01/06/20112RCredit (Commonwealth Powers) Amendment (Maximum Annual Percentage Rate...
  290. 27/05/2011PRIVALDI Australia
  291. 27/05/2011Regional Communities
  292. 12/05/2011Tribute to Former Members
  293. 10/05/2011Tribute to Lionel Rose, MBE
  294. 09/05/2011Mice Plague
  295. 09/05/2011URG MOTInfrastructure Funding
  296. 06/05/2011PRIVMount Druitt Hospital
  297. 05/05/20112RHealth Services Amendment (Local Health Districts and Boards) Bill 2011
  298. 04/05/20111R;2RConstitution Amendment (Prorogation of Parliament) Bill 2011
  299. 04/05/20111R;2RLobbying of Government Officials Bill 2011
  300. 03/12/2010REPCommittee on the Independent Commission Against Corruption
  301. 01/12/2010QWNGreat Western Highway Upgrade
  302. 26/11/2010REPCommittee on the Independent Commission Against Corruption
  303. 24/11/2010URG MOTAlcohol-related Violence
  304. 10/11/2010URG MOTInterest Rates
  305. 28/10/20102RFirearms Legislation Amendment Bill 2010
  306. 28/10/20102RSurrogacy Bill 2010
  307. 21/10/2010QWNTraffic Congestion and Licensing
  308. 24/09/2010REPCommittee on the Independent Commission Against Corruption
  309. 21/09/2010URG MOTElection Campaign Finance Reform
  310. 09/09/20103RAdoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  311. 08/09/2010Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  312. 02/09/20102RAdoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  313. 02/09/2010URG MOTCrime and Policing
  314. 02/09/20102RAdoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  315. 01/09/2010QWNMinister for Mineral and Forest Resources, Minister for Ports and Wate...
  316. 24/06/2010QWNPolice Crime-fighting Equipment
  317. 23/06/2010Death of the Honourable Donald Day, a Former Member of the Legislative...
  318. 10/06/2010URG MOTWestern Sydney Roads Funding
  319. 10/06/2010Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  320. 10/06/2010QWNFormer Minister for State and Regional Development, Minister for Miner...
  321. 10/06/2010Marine Park Regulations and Port Stephens Tourism
  322. 09/06/2010Death of Adrian John Cruickshank, a Former Member of the Legislative A...
  323. 02/06/2010QWNChildcare Services
  324. 18/05/2010URG MOTSobering-up Rooms
  325. 13/05/2010QWNGreen Street Program
  326. 20/04/2010URG MOTGraffiti
  327. 18/03/2010Belrose Landfill
  328. 17/03/2010URG MOTJobs Outsourcing
  329. 09/03/2010URG MOTWestern Sydney Public Transport
  330. 23/02/2010QWNFire Brigades Misconduct Allegations
  331. 12/11/2009QWNAffordable Housing
  332. 12/11/2009Southern Highlands and Goulburn Public Transport
  333. 11/11/20092RRoad Transport (Vehicle Registration) Amendment (Special Number-Plates...
  334. 29/10/2009QWNPlanning Reforms
  335. 29/10/2009Crop Losses
  336. 27/10/20092RRoad Transport (Vehicle Registration) Amendment (Heavy Vehicle Registr...
  337. 22/10/2009Tumut Hospital
  338. 21/10/20092RPrevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment Bill 2009
  339. 23/09/2009QWNSports Rage
  340. 10/09/2009Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  341. 07/05/20092RTransport Administration Amendment (CountryLink Pensioner Booking Fee ...
  342. 07/05/2009QWNJobs Protection
  343. 02/04/20092REducation Amendment Bill 2009
  344. 24/03/2009PRIVCommonwealth Bank Rooty Hill Branch Closure
  345. 27/11/20082RRural Lands Protection Amendment Bill 2008
  346. 13/11/2008Death of Peter Francis Cox, a Former Member for Auburn
  347. 13/11/2008Death of Ralph James Clough, a Former Member for Bathurst
  348. 26/06/2008QWNWorld Youth Day
  349. 26/06/2008Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  350. 25/06/20082RElection Funding Amendment (Political Donations and Expenditure) Bill ...
  351. 19/06/20082RAuditor-General (Supplementary Powers) Bill 2008
  352. 05/06/2008QWNBeechwood Homes
  353. 15/05/2008QWNEnergy Supply Security
  354. 13/05/2008URG MOTMortgage Stress
  355. 07/05/20082RState Arms, Symbols and Emblems Amendment (Black Opal) Bill 2008
  356. 10/04/2008QWNHealth Care
  357. 08/04/2008QWNFirefighters Traffic Infringements
  358. 05/03/20082RFood Amendment (Public Information on Offences) Bill 2008
  359. 05/03/2008Affordable Housing
  360. 27/02/2008Death of John Richard Bartlett, a Former Member for Port Stephens
  361. 06/12/2007QWNCancer Treatments
  362. 05/12/20072RGeneral Technology (GM Crop Moratorium) Amendment Bill
  363. 29/11/20072RGovernment Schools (Infrastructure Register) Bill 2007
  364. 08/11/2007Drought Assistance
  365. 07/11/2007QWNPetrol Theft
  366. 23/10/2007QWNCriminal Infringement Notice Scheme
  367. 28/06/20072RRural Communities Impacts Bill 2007
  368. 27/06/2007Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  369. 19/06/20072RConstitution Amendment (Speaker) Bill 2007
  370. 06/06/2007Death of the Honourable Neil Edward William Pickard, a Former Minister...
  371. 06/06/2007QWNProject Stop—Strategic Treatment Options for Police
  372. 06/06/20072RHuman Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Amendment Bill 2007
  373. 29/05/2007PRIVCannabis Use
  374. 08/05/2007Deputy-Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
  375. 22/11/2006Lieutenant-Governor's Speech: Address-in-Reply
  376. 19/10/20062R;COMMFirearms Amendment (Good Behaviour Bonds) Bill
  377. 27/09/2006Death of the Honourable Eric Lance Bedford, a Former Minister of the Crown
  378. 19/09/2006Death of the Honourable Kevin James Stewart, AO, a Former Minister of ...
  379. 19/09/2006QWNJustice System and Political Interference Allegations
  380. 31/08/2006Australian Flags on Police Vehicles
  381. 23/05/2006QWNState Economic Performance
  382. 10/05/20062RLocal Government Amendment (Miscellaneous) Bill
  383. 04/04/2006QWNFederal Government Industrial Relations Legislation
  384. 07/03/2006URG MOTGallipoli Anzac Day Dawn Service
  385. 30/11/2005Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  386. 18/10/2005URG MOTRice Industry
  387. 18/10/2005QWNDNA Testing
  388. 20/09/2005QWNElectricity Accounts Payment Assistance
  389. 25/05/2005QWNCourt Upgrades
  390. 28/10/2004QWNClothing Outworkers Protection
  391. 20/10/2004Death of Mr Anthony Michael McGrane, OAM, a Member of the Legislative ...
  392. 14/05/20042RMine Health and Safety Bill
  393. 09/03/2004QWNWestern Sydney Public Schools Academic Achievements
  394. 02/12/2003QWNSuperintendent John Hartley Police Traffic Services Appointment
  395. 03/09/2003Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  396. 21/05/20032RCrimes Amendment (Sexual Offences) Bill
  397. 30/04/2003Death of Mr James Anderson, Member for Londonderry
  398. 20/11/2002URG MOTOvine Johne's Disease Management Strategy
  399. 20/11/2002URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  400. 19/11/2002QWNFire Ant Control
  401. 14/11/2002QWNCorrective Services Senior Assistant Commissioner Subsistence Allowance
  402. 13/11/2002QWNFarm Dam Policy
  403. 13/11/2002QWNExceptional Circumstances Drought Assistance
  404. 13/11/2002QWNDrought Assistance
  405. 12/11/2002Drought Economic And Social Impacts
  406. 12/11/2002QWNDrought Assistance
  407. 12/11/2002QWNOasis Liverpool Development
  408. 31/10/2002QWNAboriginal Deaths In Custody
  409. 30/10/2002Foot And Mouth Disease Outbreak Simulation Exercise
  410. 30/10/2002QWNExceptional Circumstances Drought Assistance
  411. 30/10/2002QWNExceptional Circumstances Drought Assistance
  412. 30/10/2002QWNKirkconnell Gaol Inmates Disability Assistance Dogs Training
  413. 29/10/2002QWNIvan Milat Breach of Privacy Allegation
  414. 29/10/2002Horsley Park Newcastle Disease Outbreak
  415. 23/10/2002URG MOTDrought Assistance
  416. 23/10/2002Apiary Industry Assistance
  417. 26/09/2002QWNPrisoners Drug Testing
  418. 26/09/2002QWNOvine Johne's Disease
  419. 26/09/2002QWNOasis Liverpool Development
  420. 25/09/2002Sugar Industry Assistance
  421. 25/09/20021R;2RRural Lands Protection Amendment Bill
  422. 25/09/2002COMMLand and Environment Court Amendment Bill
  423. 24/09/20022RAgricultural Industry Services Amendment (Interstate Arrangements) Bill
  424. 24/09/20022RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Further Amendment Bill
  425. 24/09/20022RFarm Debt Mediation Amendment Bill
  426. 24/09/2002QWNPrison Contraband
  427. 19/09/2002QWNBathurst Gaol Detoxification Unit
  428. 19/09/2002QWNSugar Industry Restructure
  429. 19/09/2002Wild Dog Control
  430. 18/09/20021R;2RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Further Amendment Bill
  431. 18/09/2002Drought Assistance
  432. 17/09/20021R;2RAgricultural Industry Services Amendment (Interstate Arrangements) Bill
  433. 17/09/20021R;2RFarm Debt Mediation Amendment Bill
  434. 17/09/2002Drought Relief
  435. 05/09/2002QWNFoot-And-Mouth Disease Outbreak Simulation Exercise
  436. 04/09/2002QWNNorth Coast Coffee Industry
  437. 04/09/20022R;COMMCrimes Legislation Amendment (Periodic and Home Detention) Bill
  438. 03/09/2002Legislative Council Vacancies
  439. 03/09/2002Drought Assistance
  440. 03/09/2002Drought Assistance
  441. 03/09/2002URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  442. 27/06/2002Genetically Modified Crops
  443. 27/06/2002NSW Agriculture Director-General Retirement
  444. 26/06/2002QWNWine Industry
  445. 26/06/2002QWNLachlan River Water Sharing Plan
  446. 25/06/2002Ovine Johne's Disease Vaccine
  447. 21/06/20022RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  448. 19/06/2002QWNFoot And Mouth Disease Control And Surveillance
  449. 19/06/2002QWNNational Livestock Identification Scheme
  450. 18/06/2002QWNRelease Of Ravinesh Dutt Sharma
  451. 18/06/2002Queen Elizabeth Ii Golden Jubilee Bourke Citrus Industry Gift
  452. 06/06/20022R;COMMPoultry Meat Industry Amendment (Price Determination) Bill
  453. 06/06/2002QWNFarm Irrigation Practices
  454. 31/05/20021R;2RGreyhound Racing Bill, Harness Racing Bill
  455. 30/05/2002QWNPrison Lockdowns
  456. 30/05/2002Chief Veterinary Officer
  457. 29/05/2002Newcastle Disease Outbreak In Victoria
  458. 29/05/20021R;2RPoultry Meat Industry Amendment (Price Determination) Bill
  459. 28/05/20022RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment Bill, Summary Offences ...
  460. 28/05/2002QWNCentral West Prison Facility
  461. 08/05/20021R;2RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment Bill, Summary Offences ...
  462. 08/05/2002QWNLivestock Disease Control
  463. 07/05/2002QWNExceptional Circumstances Assistance
  464. 11/04/2002QWNViolence Prevention Program
  465. 11/04/2002QWNPrison Contraband
  466. 10/04/20022RGame Bill
  467. 09/04/2002QWN;REPPrisoners Drug Testing
  468. 09/04/2002QWNOvine Johne's Disease Vaccine
  469. 22/03/2002Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  470. 21/03/2002QWNPrisoners Drug Testing
  471. 21/03/2002QWNPhuong Ngo Prison Cell Contraband
  472. 21/03/2002QWNPrisoners Drug Testing
  473. 20/03/2002QWNPhuong Ngo Prison Cell Contraband
  474. 20/03/2002Foot And Mouth Disease Outbreak Simulation Exercise
  475. 19/03/20021R;2RGame Bill
  476. 19/03/2002QWNJohn Moroney Correctional Centre Prisoner Outings
  477. 19/03/2002QWNJohn Moroney Correctional Centre Prisoner Outings
  478. 13/03/2002QWNDepartment Of Corrective Services Legislative Reform
  479. 13/03/2002Grains Board Vesting Powers
  480. 12/03/2002QWNPrisons Cultural And Religious Celebrations
  481. 28/02/2002QWNPrison Contraband Seizures
  482. 27/02/2002International Women In Agriculture Conference
  483. 06/12/2001QWNPrimary Producers Storm Damage
  484. 06/12/2001QWNOvine Johne's Disease Levy
  485. 06/12/20012RCoal Industry Bill
  486. 06/12/20012RIndustrial Relations (Ethical Clothing Trades) Bill
  487. 04/12/20012RGrain Marketing Amendment Bill
  488. 04/12/2001PRIVTribute To Mr Kenneth Cavanough
  489. 04/12/2001QWNFood Safety Standards
  490. 29/11/2001QWNGrainco Australia Vesting Powers
  491. 29/11/2001New South Wales Grains Board
  492. 28/11/20011R;2RCoal Industry Bill
  493. 28/11/2001Wagga Wagga Oil Research Laboratory
  494. 28/11/20011R;2RGame Bill
  495. 28/11/20013RWorkers Compensation Legislation Further Amendment Bill
  496. 27/11/20012R;COMMWorkers Compensation Legislation Further Amendment Bill
  497. 27/11/20011R;2RWorkers Compensation Legislation Further Amendment Bill
  498. 27/11/2001QWNGame Council
  499. 15/11/2001QWNNative Vegetation Conservation Clearing Exemptions
  500. 14/11/20012RWollongong Sportsground and Old Roman Catholic Cemetery Legislation Am...
  501. 14/11/20011R;2RGrain Marketing Amendment Bill
  502. 13/11/2001URG MOTStock Feed Regulation
  503. 13/11/2001URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  504. 13/11/2001REPMurray Valley Citrus Marketing Board Annual Report
  505. 13/11/2001QWNOvine Johne's Disease Vaccine
  506. 07/11/2001Grain Marketing Act: Disallowance Of Clause 4 (1) (A) Of The Grain Mar...
  507. 07/11/2001Dairy Exports To China
  508. 07/11/2001Dairy Exports To China
  509. 07/11/2001QWNNamoi Groundwater Scheme
  510. 07/11/20012RCemeteries Legislation Amendment (Unused Burial Rights) Bill
  511. 06/11/2001QWNAnimal Cruelty
  512. 25/10/2001QWNSussex Inlet Holiday Cabins
  513. 25/10/2001Gearys Gap Piggery
  514. 24/10/2001Pork Industry Expansion
  515. 24/10/20011R;2RCemeteries Legislation Amendment (Unused Burial Rights) Bill
  516. 23/10/20011R;2RWollongong Sportsground And Old Roman Catholic Cemetery Legislation Am...
  517. 18/10/2001Norco Co-operative
  518. 17/10/20011R;2RCatchment Management Amendment Bill
  519. 17/10/2001QWNNoxious Weeds Control
  520. 17/10/2001QWNNoxious Weeds Control
  521. 16/10/2001QWNNamoi Valley Water Use
  522. 16/10/2001QWNNamoi Valley Water Use
  523. 16/10/2001Death Of Mr Roy Mervyn Watts, AO
  524. 20/09/2001QWNChicken Meat Industry Deregulation
  525. 20/09/2001Lachlan Electorate Weed Eradication Funding
  526. 19/09/2001Dairy Industry Deregulation
  527. 19/09/2001URG MOTMilk Price Increases
  528. 19/09/2001URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  529. 19/09/2001QWNNew South Wales Grains Board Operations
  530. 18/09/2001QWNJapanese Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Outbreak
  531. 06/09/2001Cattle Identification
  532. 05/09/2001QWNNamoi Valley Water Use
  533. 04/09/2001QWNExotic Diseases
  534. 29/06/2001COMMWorkers Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill (No 2)
  535. 28/06/20012RNew South Wales-Queensland Border Rivers Amendment Bill
  536. 28/06/2001Minister for Land and Water Conservation
  537. 27/06/2001QWNOrganic Farming
  538. 25/06/20012RAgricultural And Veterinary Chemicals (New South Wales) Amendment Bill...
  539. 25/06/20011R;2RNew South Wales-Queensland Border Rivers Amendment Bill
  540. 25/06/2001PRIVSutherland Shire Aged Care Services
  541. 25/06/2001QWNBiodiesel Fuel
  542. 21/06/20012R;3RWorkers Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill (No 2)
  543. 21/06/2001QWNNative Vegetation Management
  544. 20/06/20011R;2RAgricultural And Veterinary Chemicals (New South Wales) Amendment Bill...
  545. 07/06/2001URG MOTRice Industry
  546. 07/06/2001URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  547. 07/06/2001QWNSalinity
  548. 07/06/2001QWNNamoi Groundwater Task Force
  549. 06/06/2001Death Of Anthony Valentine Patrick Johnson, A Former Member Of The Leg...
  550. 01/06/20012RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  551. 31/05/2001PRIVBlack Sigatoka Outbreak
  552. 29/05/2001Minister For Land And Water Conservation
  553. 29/05/2001QWNWater Management Committees
  554. 11/04/2001QWNPoultry Industry Deregulation
  555. 10/04/2001PRIVCountry Shows
  556. 10/04/2001QWNCountry Town Water And Sewerage Program
  557. 10/04/2001QWNBlack Sigatoka Outbreak
  558. 04/04/2001Livestock Disease Control And Surveillance
  559. 03/04/2001Livestock Disease Control And Surveillance
  560. 29/03/2001URG MOTFoot And Mouth Disease
  561. 29/03/2001URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  562. 29/03/2001QWNFoot And Mouth Disease
  563. 29/03/2001QWNFoot And Mouth Disease
  564. 28/03/2001QWNSalinity Targets
  565. 28/03/20012RAgricultural Tenancies Amendment Bill
  566. 27/03/2001QWNCut Flower Industry
  567. 07/03/2001QWNNewcastle Disease Clean-Up Costs
  568. 07/03/2001Dairy Industry Deregulation
  569. 07/03/20012RCattle Compensation Repeal Bill
  570. 06/03/20011R;2RAgricultural Tenancies Amendment Bill
  571. 06/03/2001QWNNorth Coast Water And Sewerage Projects Funding
  572. 06/03/2001Fire Ant Detection
  573. 28/02/2001URG MOTLivestock Diseases
  574. 28/02/2001URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  575. 28/02/2001Dairy Industry Deregulation
  576. 27/02/20011R;2RCattle Compensation Repeal Bill
  577. 27/02/2001QWNNew South Wales Grains Board Pools Payments
  578. 30/11/2000QWNRegional Flooding Assistance
  579. 30/11/2000COMMWater Management Bill
  580. 29/11/20002RHorticultural Legislation Amendment Bill
  581. 24/11/20002RCrown Lands Amendment (Compensation) Bill
  582. 24/11/20002RBanana Industry Amendment Bill
  583. 22/11/20001R;2RHorticultural Legislation Amendment Bill
  584. 21/11/2000Regional Flooding
  585. 21/11/2000QWNRegional Flooding
  586. 16/11/20003RWater Management Bill
  587. 15/11/20002R;COMMWater Management Bill
  588. 14/11/2000Locust Plague Control
  589. 14/11/2000QWNDairy Industry Deregulation
  590. 31/10/20001R;2RBanana Industry Amendment Bill
  591. 31/10/20002RWater Management Bill
  592. 31/10/2000QWNNew South Wales Grains Board Operations
  593. 12/10/2000QWNNew South Wales Grains Board Operations
  594. 11/10/2000URG MOTNew Zealand Apple Imports
  595. 11/10/2000URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  596. 11/10/2000QWNDairy Industry Deregulation
  597. 16/08/20002RPlant Diseases Amendment Bill
  598. 15/08/20002RRural Assistance Amendment Bill
  599. 15/08/20001R;2RPlant Diseases Amendment Bill
  600. 15/08/2000URG MOTTabbita Feedlot Cattle Deaths
  601. 15/08/2000URG MOTTabbita Feedlot Cattle Deaths
  602. 15/08/2000URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  603. 15/08/2000QWNCaged Hen Egg Production
  604. 10/08/2000URG MOTLocust Plague Control
  605. 10/08/2000URG MOTLocust Plague Control
  606. 10/08/2000URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  607. 10/08/2000QWNOvine Johne's Disease Vaccine
  608. 29/06/2000COMMDairy Industry Bill
  609. 29/06/2000Business Of The House
  610. 22/06/2000COMMDairy Industry Bill
  611. 22/06/20001R;2RSmoke-Free Environment Bill
  612. 22/06/2000URG MOTExceptional Circumstances Assistance
  613. 22/06/2000URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  614. 22/06/2000QWNLamb Branding
  615. 22/06/2000QWNRural Property Values
  616. 22/06/20001R;2RWater Management Bill
  617. 21/06/20001R;2RRural Assistance Amendment Bill
  618. 09/06/20002R;COMM;3RDairy Industry Bill
  619. 08/06/2000PRIVBroken Hill Water Board Operations
  620. 08/06/2000QWNRural And Regional Capital Works Allocation
  621. 07/06/20002RVeterinary Surgeons Amendment Bill
  622. 07/06/2000QWNFruit and Vegetable Prices
  623. 06/06/2000QWNDairy Industry Deregulation
  624. 01/06/2000QWNDairy Industry Deregulation
  625. 01/06/20001R;2RVeterinary Surgeons Amendment Bill
  626. 01/06/20001R;2RDairy Industry Bill
  627. 31/05/2000Dairy Industry Deregulation
  628. 31/05/2000QWNDairy Industry Deregulation
  629. 31/05/2000QWNDairy Industry Deregulation
  630. 30/05/2000QWNMilk Producers Protection
  631. 30/05/2000QWNDairy Industry Deregulation
  632. 25/05/2000URG MOTApple Growing Industry
  633. 25/05/2000URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  634. 24/05/2000QWNSalinity
  635. 04/05/2000QWNCitrus Industry Export Markets
  636. 02/05/2000QWNDairy Industry Deregulation
  637. 13/04/2000PRIVWater Reform
  638. 13/04/2000PRIVDairy Assist Seminars
  639. 13/04/2000URG MOTFlood Plain Management
  640. 13/04/2000URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  641. 13/04/2000QWNWater Reform
  642. 11/04/2000QWNNewcastle Disease
  643. 06/04/2000QWNWestern Lands Grazing Leases
  644. 06/04/2000Water Reform
  645. 05/04/2000Salinity
  646. 05/04/20001R;2RConveyancing Amendment (Law Of Support) Bill
  647. 05/04/20001R;2RAccess to Neighbouring Land Bill
  648. 05/04/2000Murray-Darling Basin Water Management Agreements
  649. 04/04/2000QWNMilk In Schools Program
  650. 18/11/1999QWNBorder Rivers Flow Management Plan
  651. 18/11/1999QWNNew South Wales Footrot Co-Ordinator
  652. 18/11/19992RWater Legislation Amendment Bill
  653. 18/11/19991R;2RIrrigation Corporations Amendment Bill
  654. 17/11/19991R;2RWater Legislation Amendment Bill
  655. 16/11/1999REP;URG MOTAgricultural Sector Productivity Commission Report
  656. 16/11/1999URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  657. 16/11/1999QWNOvine Johne's Disease
  658. 11/11/1999URG MOTTrade Tariffs
  659. 11/11/1999URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  660. 10/11/19992RWater Amendment (Flood Control Works) Bill
  661. 09/11/19992RFertilisers Amendment Bill
  662. 09/11/19992RState Revenue Legislation Further Amendment Bill
  663. 09/11/19992RStock Diseases Amendment Bill, Stock (Chemical Residues) Amendment Bill
  664. 09/11/1999Central Coast Poultry Farmers Exceptional Circumstances Assistance
  665. 09/11/1999Central Coast Poultry Farmers Exceptional Circumstances Assistance
  666. 28/10/1999URG MOTMurray-Darling Basin Salinity
  667. 28/10/1999URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  668. 27/10/1999QWNSerrated Tussock Control
  669. 26/10/19991R;2RWater Amendment (Flood Control Works) Bill
  670. 26/10/19991R;2RFertilisers Amendment Bill
  671. 26/10/19991R;2RStock Diseases Amendment Bill, Stock (Chemical Residues) Amendment Bill
  672. 26/10/1999QWNVeterinary Laboratory Testing Fees
  673. 21/10/1999QWNLocust Control
  674. 20/10/1999QWNWater Week
  675. 20/10/19992RMeat Industry Amendment Bill
  676. 19/10/1999URG MOTGovernment Water Policy
  677. 22/09/1999National Competition Policy
  678. 22/09/1999PRIVCowra Irrigation Licence
  679. 22/09/1999QWNCentral West Mouse Plague
  680. 22/09/19991R;2RMeat Industry Amendment Bill
  681. 16/09/1999PRIVCessnock Electorate Sewerage Services
  682. 15/09/1999PRIVOvine Johne's Disease
  683. 15/09/1999QWNDairy Industry Deregulation
  684. 14/09/1999QWNNative Vegetation Management Fund
  685. 13/09/1999Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  686. 09/09/1999QWNMurrumbidgee River Water Flows
  687. 09/09/1999Death Of Ian Hawker
  688. 24/06/1999PRIVBobs Farm Hamlet
  689. 24/06/1999PRIVCross-Border Development Policies
  690. 24/06/1999URG MOTExceptional Circumstances Assistance
  691. 24/06/1999URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  692. 23/06/1999PRIVLivestock Theft
  693. 02/06/1999QWNWater Reform
  694. 01/06/1999URG MOTDairy Industry Deregulation
  695. 01/06/1999URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  696. 26/05/1999QWNMangrove Mountain Poultry Farmers
  697. 13/05/1999QWNNative Vegetation Clearing
  698. 12/05/1999URG MOTNewcastle Disease
  699. 18/11/1998QWNMurray-Darling Basin Water Management
  700. 18/11/19982RAgricultural Livestock (Disease Control Funding) Bill
  701. 12/11/1998QWNCattle Tick Eradication Program
  702. 12/11/1998COMMRural Lands Protection Bill
  703. 11/11/19981R;2RAgricultural Livestock (Disease Control Funding) Bill
  704. 11/11/1998QWNCrop Damage Assistance
  705. 11/11/19982RFood Production (Safety) Bill, Meat Industry Amendment Bill
  706. 11/11/19982R;COMMIrrigation Corporations Amendment Bill
  707. 10/11/1998Australian Geological Survey Organisation
  708. 29/10/19983R;COMMRural Lands Protection Bill
  709. 29/10/1998QWNFruit Fly
  710. 29/10/1998QWNCrop Frost Damage
  711. 28/10/19982R;COMMRural Lands Protection Bill
  712. 28/10/1998QWNNorthern New South Wales Crop Diseases
  713. 28/10/1998QWNArdel Ltd Residential Development
  714. 28/10/19981R;2RFood Production (Safety) Bill, Meat Industry Amendment Bill
  715. 28/10/19981R;2RIrrigation Corporations Amendment Bill
  716. 27/10/1998Water Policy Administration
  717. 27/10/1998QWNFood Safety Standards
  718. 21/10/19982R;COMMAgriculture Legislation Amendment Bill
  719. 15/10/1998PRIVCherry Industry
  720. 14/10/19981R;2RRural Lands Protection Bill
  721. 14/10/19981R;2RAgriculture Legislation Amendment Bill
  722. 14/10/1998New South Wales Agriculture Centres Of Excellence
  723. 14/10/1998URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  724. 13/10/1998QWNNative Vegetation Regeneration
  725. 24/09/1998PRIVGoods And Services Tax
  726. 24/09/1998PRIVLand Tax Assessments
  727. 24/09/1998PRIVAbattoir Closures
  728. 24/09/1998QWNNative Grasses
  729. 22/09/1998QWNNewcastle Disease Outbreak
  730. 16/09/1998PRIVPeel River Flood Damage
  731. 16/09/1998Water Management
  732. 16/09/1998Australian Rice Industry
  733. 16/09/1998Consideration of Urgent Motions
  734. 16/09/19982RBanana Industry Amendment Bill
  735. 15/09/1998Small Business Flood Relief
  736. 15/09/1998QWNWater Management Reform
  737. 08/09/1998PRIVWater Allocation
  738. 08/09/19981R;2RBanana Industry Amendment Bill
  739. 08/09/1998QWNFlood Relief
  740. 23/06/1998QWNLachlan River Interim Flow Rules
  741. 23/06/1998QWNRice Industry Deregulation
  742. 18/06/1998QWNMilk Industry Deregulation
  743. 17/06/1998QWNBathurst Water Supply
  744. 16/06/1998QWNNational Party Water Policies
  745. 03/06/1998PRIVCherry Industry
  746. 02/06/1998QWNWollongbar Agricultural Research Laboratory
  747. 28/05/1998Women In Agriculture
  748. 27/05/19982RDairy Industry Amendment (Trade Practices Exemption) Bill
  749. 27/05/1998QWNGrave Site Shortage
  750. 27/05/19982RReal Property Amendment Bill
  751. 27/05/19982RMarketing of Primary Products Amendment (Rice Marketing Board) Bill
  752. 27/05/19982RAgricultural Industry Services Bill
  753. 20/05/19981R;2RJudges’ Pensions Amendment Bill
  754. 20/05/19981R;2RDairy Industry Amendment (Trade Practices Exemption) Bill
  755. 20/05/19981R;2RReal Property Amendment Bill
  756. 20/05/19981R;2RMarketing of Primary Products Amendment (Rice Marketing Board) Bill
  757. 20/05/19981R;2RAgricultural Industry Services Bill
  758. 20/05/1998PRIVNorthern Tablelands Electorate Survey
  759. 20/05/1998PRIVDeregulation of the Milk Industry
  760. 20/05/1998PRIVLachlan River Interim Flow Rules
  761. 06/05/19982R;COMMFarm Debt Mediation Amendment Bill
  762. 06/05/1998Native Vegetation Conservation Act
  763. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  764. 06/05/1998Native Vegetation Conservation Act
  765. 05/05/1998Honourable Member for Kogarah
  766. 05/05/1998QWNDairy Industry Deregulation
  767. 29/04/19981R;2RMarketing Of Primary Products (Murray Valley Wine Grape Industry) Spec...
  768. 29/04/19981R;2RFarm Debt Mediation Amendment Bill
  769. 29/04/1998Native Vegetation Conservation Act
  770. 29/04/1998QWNWater Management
  771. 28/04/1998QWNLand Clearing
  772. 08/04/1998Ovine Johne's Disease
  773. 07/04/19982RLand Sales Amendment Bill
  774. 07/04/1998PRIVLake Illawarra Permanent Opening
  775. 07/04/1998Federal-State Drought Assistance
  776. 07/04/1998QWNFederal-State Drought Assistance
  777. 01/04/1998Australia Post Privatisation
  778. 01/04/19981R;2RLand Sales Amendment Bill
  779. 26/11/1997QWNDrought Transaction Subsidies
  780. 26/11/1997Tamworth Avian Influenza Outbreak
  781. 26/11/19972RSecurity Industry Bill
  782. 26/11/1997Regulation Review Committee Animal Research Review Report
  783. 25/11/19972RMarketing Of Primary Products Amendment (Wine Grapes Marketing Board) Bill
  784. 25/11/19972RDried Fruits (Repeal) Bill
  785. 20/11/19971R;2RLaw Enforcement (Controlled Operations) Bill
  786. 20/11/19971R;2RFines Amendment Bill
  787. 20/11/19971R;2RMarketing Of Primary Products Amendment (Wine Grapes Marketing Board) Bill
  788. 20/11/1997QWNPig Meat Importation
  789. 20/11/19972RStock Diseases Amendment Bill
  790. 19/11/19971R;2RDried Fruits (Repeal) Bill
  791. 18/11/1997PRIVOvine Johne's Disease
  792. 13/11/1997COMMSnowy Hydro Corporatisation Bill
  793. 13/11/1997QWNRural Lands Protection Board Elections
  794. 12/11/1997Federal Rural Assistance
  795. 12/11/1997URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  796. 12/11/19971R;2RStock Diseases Amendment Bill
  797. 23/10/1997PRIVCentral West Rural Financial Counselling Service
  798. 23/10/1997QWNTweed Valley Property Compensation
  799. 23/10/1997QWNTweed Valley Property Compensation
  800. 22/10/1997PRIVCooked Chicken Meat Importation
  801. 21/10/1997QWNMonkey And Squirrel Owner Licensing
  802. 16/10/1997Ovine Johne's Disease
  803. 16/10/1997URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  804. 15/10/1997QWNDepartment Of Agriculture Service Decentralisation
  805. 24/09/19972RCo-Operative Housing And Starr-Bowkett Societies Bill
  806. 23/09/1997National Competition Policy
  807. 16/09/1997Death Of Diana, Princess Of Wales
  808. 19/06/1997QWNRabbit Calicivirus
  809. 18/06/19972RGas Industry Restructuring Amendment (Customer Contracts) Bill
  810. 18/06/19972RRural Lands Protection Amendment Bill
  811. 18/06/1997COMMNoxious Weeds Amendment Bill
  812. 18/06/19971R;2ROccupational Health And Safety Amendment Bill
  813. 18/06/19971R;2RInvestigative Bodies Legislation Amendment Bill
  814. 18/06/19971R;2RDistrict Court Amendment Bill
  815. 17/06/19972RRural Lands Protection Amendment Bill
  816. 17/06/19972RSydney Market Authority (Dissolution) Bill
  817. 17/06/19971R;2RDrug Trafficking (Civil Proceedings) Amendment Bill
  818. 17/06/19971R;2RPublic Trustee Corporation Bill
  819. 03/06/1997Legislative Council, General Purpose Standing Committees, Agriculture
  820. 28/05/19971R;2RSydney Market Authority (Dissolution) Bill
  821. 28/05/1997QWNRural Lands Protection Boards
  822. 27/05/1997QWNSydney Markets
  823. 22/05/1997PRIVPoker Machine Tax Increase
  824. 22/05/1997PRIVPort Macquarie Base Hospital Council
  825. 22/05/1997PRIVWorkCover Authority Commutation Payment
  826. 21/05/19972RPrevention Of Cruelty To Animals Amendment Bill
  827. 21/05/1997PRIVDip Site Contamination Compensation
  828. 21/05/19972RAnimal Research Amendment Bill
  829. 14/05/1997PRIVBovine Johne's Disease
  830. 14/05/1997PRIVShellharbour District Hospital Children's Ward
  831. 13/05/19972RAppropriation Bill, Accommodation Levy Bill, Appropriation (Parliament...
  832. 13/05/1997PRIVCattle Tick Control
  833. 13/05/1997QWNWine Industry Assistance
  834. 08/05/1997QWNDrought Declarations
  835. 07/05/19971R;2RCrimes Legislation Amendment Bill
  836. 07/05/19971R;2RAnnual Holidays Amendment Bill
  837. 07/05/19971R;2RAnimal Research Amendment Bill
  838. 23/04/1997Property, Stock and Business Agents Act: Disallowance of Regulation
  839. 22/04/1997Anthrax
  840. 17/04/1997QWNAustralian Quarantine And Inspection Service Closure
  841. 16/04/1997New Agricultural Industries
  842. 16/04/1997PRIVNoxious Weed Control Funding
  843. 16/04/1997PRIVBega Electorate Policing
  844. 16/04/1997New Agricultural Industries
  845. 16/04/19971R;2RPrevention Of Cruelty To Animals Amendment Bill
  846. 15/04/1997QWNCattle Tail-Tag Swapping
  847. 10/04/1997PRIVNorthern Tablelands Water Allocations
  848. 10/04/1997PRIVCoffs Harbour Storm Damage
  849. 09/04/1997Minister for Agriculture
  850. 09/04/1997PRIVRural Lands Protection Legislation Review
  851. 09/04/1997QWNCouncil Pound Animal Research Experiments
  852. 27/11/19962RTraffic Amendment (Street And Illegal Drag Racing) Bill
  853. 27/11/1996PRIVCoffs Harbour Storm Damage
  854. 26/11/1996Sydney Basin Agriculture
  855. 21/11/19962RState Revenue Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill
  856. 21/11/19962RMarketing Of Primary Products Amendment Bill
  857. 21/11/1996PRIVOvine Johne's Disease
  858. 20/11/1996Reordering Of General Business
  859. 20/11/19961R;2RMarketing Of Primary Products Amendment Bill
  860. 19/11/19962R;COMMFarm Produce (Repeal) Bill
  861. 19/11/19962RFarm Debt Mediation Amendment Bill
  862. 13/11/1996QWNDepartment Of Agriculture Female Staff Recruitment
  863. 12/11/19962RTaxation Administration Bill, Taxation Administration (Consequential A...
  864. 12/11/19962RBank Mergers Bill
  865. 12/11/19962RSuperannuation Legislation Amendment Bill
  866. 12/11/19962RTrans-Tasman Mutual Recognition (New South Wales) Bill
  867. 31/10/1996Egg Labelling
  868. 30/10/19962RMarried Persons (Equality Of Status) Bill
  869. 30/10/19961R;2RFarm Produce (Repeal) Bill
  870. 30/10/19961R;2RTrans-Tasman Mutual Recognition (New South Wales) Bill
  871. 29/10/19962RStock Foods Amendment Bill
  872. 29/10/1996Minister for Agriculture
  873. 29/10/1996QWNBiological And Chemical Research Institute Staff Transfers
  874. 29/10/1996QWNFruit Picker Numbers
  875. 24/10/1996QWNSydney Market Management
  876. 23/10/1996QWNWilderness Area Declaration Compensation
  877. 23/10/19961R;2RStock Foods Amendment Bill
  878. 22/10/19962RStatus Of Children Bill
  879. 22/10/1996URG MOTBeef Industry
  880. 22/10/1996URG MOTBeef Industry, Minister For Police Paedophile Protection Allegation
  881. 17/10/1996QWNFood Production and Processing Industries
  882. 15/10/1996Minister for Agriculture
  883. 15/10/1996QWNBiological And Chemical Research Institute Rydalmere Site
  884. 15/10/1996Business Of The House
  885. 15/10/1996QWNBiological And Chemical Research Institute Rydalmere Site
  886. 15/10/1996QWNBiological And Chemical Research Institute Rydalmere Site
  887. 25/09/1996Citizens Right Of Reply
  888. 24/09/1996QWNRodeo and Campdrafting Animal Safety
  889. 19/09/1996PRIVCronulla-Sutherland District Offshore Rescue Boat
  890. 19/09/1996PRIVWater Resource Management
  891. 19/09/1996PRIVNorth-Western Sydney Public Transport Services
  892. 18/09/1996QWNTelstra Rural Services
  893. 17/09/1996QWNAgricultural Services Decentralisation
  894. 27/06/1996COMMState Revenue Legislation Amendment (Howard And Costello) Bill, Approp...
  895. 20/06/1996QWNVeterinary Research Facilities Closure
  896. 20/06/19962RCrimes Amendment (Review Of Convictions And Sentences) Bill
  897. 19/06/1996PRIVOvine Johne's Disease
  898. 18/06/1996QWNExceptional Circumstances Drought Assistance
  899. 18/06/1996QWNVeterinary Research Facilities Closure
  900. 12/06/1996Cattle Tail Tag Swapping
  901. 12/06/19962R;COMMRural Assistance Amendment (Board Membership) Bill
  902. 12/06/19962RBanana Industry Amendment Bill
  903. 12/06/19962RNoxious Weeds Amendment Bill
  904. 11/06/1996QWNLiquid Sheep Testosterone
  905. 06/06/1996Exceptional Circumstances Drought Assistance
  906. 06/06/1996URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  907. 04/06/1996QWNCattle Tick Control
  908. 04/06/1996QWNCattle Tick Control
  909. 03/06/1996Legislative Council Estimates Committees, Agriculture
  910. 30/05/19962RBuilding Services Corporation Amendment (Insurance) Bill
  911. 30/05/19962RCrimes Amendment (Possession Of Refused Classification Publications, F...
  912. 30/05/19962RConstitution Amendment (Office Of Governor) Bill
  913. 29/05/1996Rabbit Calicivirus
  914. 29/05/19961R;2RRural Assistance Amendment (Board Membership) Bill
  915. 29/05/19961R;2RBanana Industry Amendment Bill
  916. 29/05/19961R;2RNoxious Weeds Amendment Bill
  917. 28/05/1996PRIVPrevention Of Cruelty To Animals Act Regulations
  918. 28/05/1996QWNAgriculture Policy
  919. 23/05/1996URG MOTFeral Animal And Weed Control Programs
  920. 23/05/1996QWNNew South Wales Agriculture Research And Recruitment
  921. 23/05/1996Chicken Meat Import Ban
  922. 22/05/1996PRIVCountry Women's Association Newcastle Conference
  923. 21/05/1996QWNVeterinary Research Facilities Closure
  924. 21/05/1996QWNDip Site Contamination Compensation
  925. 21/05/1996QWNDiesel Fuel Excise
  926. 16/05/1996QWNPrevention Of Cruelty To Animals
  927. 16/05/19962RTrustee Amendment Bill
  928. 15/05/1996PRIVAnimal Experimentation
  929. 15/05/1996PRIVWorkers Compensation Medical Examinations
  930. 15/05/1996PRIVNorth Coast Electricity Service
  931. 15/05/1996PRIVGuyra Abattoir Closure
  932. 15/05/1996PRIVNarooma Roads And Traffic Authority Office
  933. 15/05/1996Equine Morbillivirus
  934. 02/05/19962RPrivacy And Data Protection Bill
  935. 02/05/19962RPublic Servant Housing Authority (Dissolution) Bill
  936. 01/05/1996URG MOTOvine Johne's Disease
  937. 01/05/1996Consideration of Urgent Motions
  938. 01/05/1996QWNGrain Industry Cooperative Research Centres
  939. 30/04/1996QWNNew South Wales Agriculture Staff Recruitment
  940. 23/04/19962RExhibited Animals Protection Amendment Bill
  941. 23/04/19962RNon-Indigenous Animals Amendment Bill
  942. 18/04/1996URG MOTAgriculture Policy
  943. 18/04/1996URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  944. 18/04/1996REPBusiness Of The House
  945. 17/04/1996Milk Pricing
  946. 17/04/19961R;2RExhibited Animals Protection Amendment Bill
  947. 17/04/19961R;2RNon-Indigenous Animals Amendment Bill
  948. 13/12/1995QWNDepartment Of Agriculture Operations
  949. 13/12/19952RStock (Chemical Residues) Amendment Bill
  950. 12/12/19952RThreatened Species Conservation Bill (No. 2)
  951. 06/12/19951R;2RStock (Chemical Residues) Amendment Bill
  952. 06/12/1995QWNDrought Relief
  953. 22/11/1995COMMAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  954. 22/11/1995PRIVAnimal Experimentation
  955. 22/11/1995QWNRydalmere Biological And Chemical Research Institute
  956. 22/11/1995QWNAgricultural Industry
  957. 21/11/1995COMMAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  958. 21/11/1995PRIVAnimal Experimentation
  959. 21/11/1995Agricultural Industry
  960. 16/11/1995QWNMilk Packaging
  961. 15/11/1995Consumer Claims Tribunals Act: Disallowance of Regulation
  962. 15/11/1995PRIVCruelty To Animals Prosecutions
  963. 15/11/1995Agricultural Advisory Services
  964. 14/11/1995QWNRabbit Calicivirus
  965. 02/11/1995Legislative Council Estimates Committees, Agriculture
  966. 26/10/1995QWNMilk Industry Pricing Formula
  967. 25/10/1995QWNPapaya Fruit Fly
  968. 24/10/1995URG MOTBank Farm Debt Policy
  969. 24/10/1995URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  970. 24/10/1995QWNEquine Morbillivirus
  971. 19/10/1995QWNHarvesting Of Crops
  972. 19/10/19952RFair Trading (Petroleum Retail Marketing) Bill
  973. 18/10/1995URG MOTAgricultural Research
  974. 18/10/1995URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  975. 17/10/1995QWNRabbit Calicivirus
  976. 11/10/19952RStock Diseases Amendment Bill
  977. 11/10/19952RVeterinary Surgeons Amendment Bill
  978. 11/10/19952RMarketing Of Primary Products Amendment Bill
  979. 10/10/1995PRIVDrought Relief
  980. 10/10/1995QWNDrought Relief
  981. 21/09/1995URG MOTEnvironmental Policy
  982. 21/09/1995Frost Damage To Crops
  983. 21/09/1995QWNKoalas Welfare
  984. 20/09/1995QWNTrial Cultivation Of Hemp
  985. 20/09/19951R;2RStock Diseases Amendment Bill
  986. 20/09/19951R;2RVeterinary Surgeons Amendment Bill
  987. 20/09/19951R;2RMarketing Of Primary Products Amendment Bill
  988. 19/09/1995Citizens' Rights
  989. 19/09/1995QWNDrought Relief
  990. 08/06/1995PRIVRural Assistance Authority Operations
  991. 08/06/1995Drought Exceptional Circumstance Areas
  992. 08/06/1995QWNFarm Debt Mediation
  993. 07/06/19952RStock Medicines Amendment Bill
  994. 07/06/19952RPlant Diseases Amendment Bill
  995. 07/06/1995QWNCattle Tick Control
  996. 06/06/1995QWNHelix Residue Assistance Package
  997. 01/06/1995PRIVInverell Business Community
  998. 01/06/1995PRIVAuburn Council Planning
  999. 01/06/1995PRIVEnvironmental Protection
  1000. 01/06/1995PRIVNational Parks And Wilderness Areas
  1001. 01/06/1995PRIVWest Como Service Station
  1002. 01/06/1995QWNParthenium Weed Outbreak
  1003. 31/05/19951R;2RStock Medicines Amendment Bill
  1004. 31/05/19951R;2RPlant Diseases Amendment Bill
  1005. 30/05/1995QWNDrought Relief
  1006. 25/05/1995PRIVMinnamurra Bends
  1007. 25/05/1995PRIVOffensive Behaviour
  1008. 25/05/1995PRIVAmateur Boxing
  1009. 25/05/1995PRIVProposed Evans Head K-12 School
  1010. 25/05/1995PRIVFar South Coast Tornado Damage
  1011. 25/05/1995PRIVMudgee Police Numbers
  1012. 25/05/1995QWNRural Assistance Authority
  1013. 25/05/1995Renewable Tenure Of Grave Sites
  1014. 23/05/1995PRIVKangaroo Harvesting
  1015. 23/05/1995URG MOTDrought Relief
  1016. 02/05/1995Death Of Anthony Kenneth Doyle, A Former Member Of The Legislative Ass...
  1017. 02/12/19942RCrimes (Homes Invasion) Amendment Bill
  1018. 01/12/1994COMMFarm Debt Mediation Bill
  1019. 01/12/19942R;COMMChildren (Parental Responsibility) Bill, Summary Offences and Other Le...
  1020. 30/11/19942RWater Board (Corporatisation) Bill
  1021. 30/11/19942RWater Board (Corporatisation) Bill
  1022. 30/11/19942RChildren (Parental Responsibility) Bill, Summary Offences and Other Le...
  1023. 24/11/19942R;COMMFarm Debt Mediation Bill
  1024. 23/11/1994Reordering of General Business
  1025. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  1026. 21/11/19942R;COMMState Bank (Privatisation) Bill
  1027. 16/11/1994Rural Suicide
  1028. 16/11/1994Reordering Of General Business
  1029. 27/10/19942R;COMMAppropriation Bill, Parliamentary Appropriation Bill, Business Franchi...
  1030. 27/10/19941R;2RFarm Debt Mediation Bill
  1031. 18/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Consumer Affairs
  1032. 18/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Land and Water Conservation
  1033. 22/09/1994QWNRural Financial Counselling Services
  1034. 21/09/1994QWNState Bank Losses
  1035. 14/09/19942R;COMMBuilding Services Corporation (Amendment) Bill
  1036. 13/09/1994Death Of John Paul Newman, Member For Cabramatta
  1037. 13/05/1994Legal Fees And Costs Board: Disallowance Of Determination
  1038. 12/05/19942RMotor Accidents (Amendment) Bill
  1039. 12/05/19942R;COMMIrrigation Corporations Bill
  1040. 03/05/19942RIrrigation Corporations Bill
  1041. 21/04/1994David Berry Hospital
  1042. 19/04/19942RProperty, Stock and Business Agents (Amendment) Bill
  1043. 14/04/19942RConsumer Claims Tribunals (Fees) Amendment Bill
  1044. 13/04/1994Death of Andrew Charles Frederick Ziolkowski, Member for Parramatta
  1045. 12/04/19942RTrade Measurement (Amendment) Bill
  1046. 16/03/1994Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  1047. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  1048. 15/03/1994Building Services Corporation Director of Investigations
  1049. 10/03/1994Harassment Allegations at Randwick Tafe
  1050. 09/03/1994Building Services Corporation General Manager Contract Payout
  1051. 14/12/19931R;2RHomefund Restructuring Bill
  1052. 19/11/1993Legal Profession Reform Bill (No. 2) Maintenance and Champerty Aboliti...
  1053. 19/11/19932RAnti-Discrimination (Age Discrimination) Amendment Bill
  1054. 19/11/19932RHomeFund Commissioner (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill
  1055. 19/11/19932R;COMMHome Purchase Assistance Authority (Amendment) Bill
  1056. 16/11/19932R;COMM;3RLetona Co-operative (Financial Assistance) Bill
  1057. 11/11/19931R;2RConsumer Claims Tribunals (Fees) Amendment Bill
  1058. 09/11/1993COMMMotor Accidents (Amendment) Bill
  1059. 16/09/19932RAppropriation Bill, Parliamentary Appropriation Bill, Business Franchi...
  1060. 16/09/19932RMotor Accidents (Amendment) Bill
  1061. 16/09/1993PRIVNational Roads And Motorists Association Election Of Directors
  1062. 21/05/1993QWNBoobera Lagoon Water Use
  1063. 12/05/1993PRIVSecurity Doors Advertising
  1064. 11/05/19932RFair Trading (Lay-By) Amendment Bill
  1065. 27/04/19932RNew South Wales - Queensland Border Rivers (Amendment) Bill
  1066. 01/04/19931R;2RCredit (Maximum Annual Percentage Rate) Amendment Bill
  1067. 31/03/1993PRIVCredit Card Interest Rates
  1068. 04/03/1993Anti-Discrimination (Amendment) Bill
  1069. 03/03/1993Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  1070. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  1071. 27/11/19921R;2RCo-Operatives (Amendment) Bill
  1072. 13/11/19922R;COMMAppropriation Bill, Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum Products) A...
  1073. 29/10/1992Consumer Claims Tribunals Act: Disallowance Of Regulation
  1074. 29/10/19922RMotor Accidents (Third-Party Property Insurance) Bill
  1075. 28/10/1992PRIVNRMA Travel And Celebrity Overlander Safari
  1076. 27/10/19922RMurray-Darling Basin Bill
  1077. 23/10/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Natural Resources
  1078. 23/10/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Local Government and Cooperatives
  1079. 20/10/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Consumer Affairs
  1080. 24/09/19922RPolice Service (Volunteer Police) Amendment Bill
  1081. 24/09/1992COMMConveyancers Licensing Bill
  1082. 24/09/19922RPolice Service (Volunteer Police) Amendment Bill
  1083. 23/09/19922RAppropriation Bill, Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum Products) A...
  1084. 03/09/19922R;COMMConveyancers Licensing Bill
  1085. 03/09/19922RAnti-Discrimination (Amendment) Bill
  1086. 02/09/19922RConveyancers Licensing Bill
  1087. 07/05/19922RFinancial Institutions (New South Wales) Bill, Financial Institutions ...
  1088. 06/05/19922R;COMMCredit (Amendment) Bill
  1089. 05/05/19922RConsumer Claims Tribunals (Amendment) Bill
  1090. 30/04/19922RCo-Operatives Bill
  1091. 07/04/1992QWNConveyancing Laws
  1092. 25/03/19923RGovernment Insurance Office (Privatisation) Amendment Bill
  1093. 20/03/1992QWNPackard Motor Company
  1094. 20/03/19921R;2RAnti-Discrimination (Amendment) Bill
  1095. 19/03/19922RGovernment Insurance Office (Privatisation) Amendment Bill
  1096. 18/03/1992Her Majesty's Speech: Address in Reply
  1097. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  1098. 05/03/1992Permanent Building Societies Act: Disallowance Of Regulation
  1099. 03/03/19922RAssociations Incorporation (Amendment) Bill
  1100. 26/02/1992QWNState Rail Authority Consultants
  1101. 25/02/1992QWNPackard Motor Company
  1102. 11/12/19912RRivers And Foreshores Improvement (Amendment) Bill (No. 2)
  1103. 10/12/1991Blue-Green Algae
  1104. 05/12/19911R;2RAnti-Discrimination (Amendment) Bill
  1105. 03/12/19912RTrade Measurement Administration (Charges) Amendment Bill (No. 2)
  1106. 15/11/1991QWNConveyancing Deregulation
  1107. 14/11/19912RHomebush Abattoir Corporation (Dissolution and Transfer) Bill
  1108. 15/10/19912RAppropriation Bill Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum Products) Am...
  1109. 26/09/1991Condemnation of Government and Minister for Agriculture and Rural Affairs
  1110. 18/09/19912R;COMMIndustrial Relations Bill


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.