Victims Compensation Legislation

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SpeakersBreen The Hon Peter; Egan The Hon Michael
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    The Hon. P. J. BREEN: My question is to the Treasurer, representing the Attorney General. Is the Attorney aware of an article in the Sydney Morning Herald by Kate McClymont about a victims compensation award of $135,000 to Edwin Stals, who is an alleged sexual assault victim of solicitor John Marsden? Is the Attorney also aware that the information against Mr Marsden provided by Edwin Stals is extremely unsafe and that Mr Stals has been discredited as a witness for similar allegations in at least one other case? Can the Attorney assure the House that steps will be taken to amend the Victims Compensation Act to prevent manipulation of the legislation with untested allegations of the kind made by Mr Stals?

    The Hon. M. R. EGAN: I think that there are a number of problems with the working of the victims compensation legislation. I am not aware of the particular issue that the Hon. P. J. Breen has raised, but I will certainly refer it to the Attorney General and obtain a response.