Mr Archibald (2) BELL (1804 - 1883)**

  • Date of Birth: 01/01/1804
  • Place of Birth: England
  • Date of Death: 09/08/1883
  • Place of Death: Denman, New South Wales, Australia

Parliamentary Service

Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly7 Jun 18683 Feb 18723yr(s) 7mth(s) 28day(s)
Member of the NSW Legislative Council28 Oct 18799 Aug 18833yr(s) 9mth(s) 13day(s)
Life Appointments under the Constitution Act: Date of Writ of Summons 7 October 1879.
Member for Upper Hunter7 Jun 186815 Nov 18691yr(s) 5mth(s) 9day(s)
5th (1865 - 1869)
Member for Upper Hunter16 Dec 18693 Feb 18722yr(s) 1mth(s) 19day(s)
6th (1870 - 1872)
Mrs Mary Singleton Committee No.1119 Jan 186923 Feb 18691mth 5days
5th (1865 - 1869)
Rev. Denis McGuinn, late R.C.C at Carcour Committee No.139 Feb 186911 Mar 18691mth 3days
5th (1865 - 1869)
Mr William Emery Committee No.192 Mar 18691 Apr 18691mth
5th (1865 - 1869)
Alleged Losses in consequence of insecurity of Post Office at Sofala Committee No.2025 Mar 18707 May 18701mth 13days
6th (1870 - 1872)
Mr Richard Henry Wright Committee No.2527 Apr 18707 May 187011days
6th (1870 - 1872)
Refreshment Room Committee No.412 Aug 187022 Jun 187110mths 11days
6th (1870 - 1872)
Petition of Hugh Maguire Committee No.618 Aug 18707 Oct 18701mth 20days
6th (1870 - 1872)
Petition of John Fuller Foster Committee No.124 Nov 18707 Dec 18701mth 4days
6th (1870 - 1872)
Claims of Mr Spencer, of Gundagai Committee No.139 Dec 187022 Jun 18716mths 14days
6th (1870 - 1872)
Refreshment Room Committee No.415 Nov 18711 Feb 18722mths 18days
6th (1870 - 1872)
Loder’s Estate Bill Committee No.98 Dec 18711 Feb 18721mth 25days
6th (1870 - 1872)

Community Activity

Commissioned as a Justice of the Peace in 1842.

Qualifications, occupations and interests

Pastoralist. Bell Jr discovered the route across the Blue Mountains from Richmond to Mount Tomah known as the Bell's Line of Road in 1823. He also explored the Hunter River and saved the explorers Howe and Singleton from starvation. As a reward, he was given a grant of 1,000 acres at Patrick's Plains, naming his estate 'Corinda'. He specialized in breeding horses for coaching and hackney horses. He was granted 1000 acres on the Hunter River near Belford in 1839. He had other estates in the Hunter Valley and moved from Corinda to Mulgarra in 1849. In 1859 he bought Pickering, an 8000 acre freehold estate on the Hunter River. He lived there until his death. In 1831 Bell Jr and his father protested against quit-rents on Crown grants and in 1842 he belonged to an association seeking to import Indian coolies.


Son (one of ten children) of Archibald Bell senior and his wife Maria Kitching. He and his family arrived in New South Wales in 1807, his father being an officer of the New South Wales Corps. Bell senior later became chief police magistrate at Windsor, a landowner and a member of the first Legislative Council 1832 - 1837. Married Francis Ann, (c.1833) daughter of Samuel North a police magistrate at Windsor.

Additional Information

Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 1