S.O.114 (of 1994) Government Business - Ministers may arrange (Repealed)

114. Ministers may arrange Government Business in any order.

Related Orders, Precedents and Rulings
S.O. 114 of 1994 (Repealed)114. Ministers may arrange Government Business in any order.
1995 Precedent1. Motion moved for suspension of standing orders (to permit motion to be moved for the admission of the Treasurer into the Chamber to give a speech in relation to the NSW Budget 1995/96) under sessional order as Government Business. Point of order taken that the matter was properly business with precedence and not government business and that a suspension motion could not be moved in respect of business with precedence. The Speaker ruled that the matter was government business. PD 20/9/95, 1226-1228
1994 Precedent1. Opposition questioned why the daily program indicated a different order of business to that shown on the Business Paper. The Speaker replied that Ministers reserved the right to arrange Government business as they thought fit. PD 21/9/94, 3438
1992 Precedent1. Member warned that he ran the risk of being removed from the Chamber for his continued point of order that the Government needed leave to rearrange business from that shown on the unofficial business paper [programme]. PD 3/9/92, 5495

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