Legislative Council General Purpose Standing Committee No. 4

The General Purpose Standing Committee No. 4 is a current standing committee of the Legislative Council, established 7 May 1997, re-established 12 May 2011.

General Purpose Standing Committee No. 4 was established to inquire into and report on any matters regarding the expenditure, performance or effectiveness of any Government department, statutory body or corporation within the following portfolios:

Attorney General
Fair Trading
Family and Community Services
Hospitality, Gaming and Racing
Police and Emergency Services
Sport and Recreation
The Arts

Inquiries (click to show)

During the current parliament, the following inquiries have been undertaken by the committee:

ReferredInquiry Name
10/09/2014 Fair Trading Amendment (Ticket Reselling) Bill 2014 (Commenced)
15/05/2014 Budget Estimates 2014-2015 (Report Tabled)
21/05/2013 Budget Estimates 2013-2014 (Completed)
22/11/2012 Use of cannabis for medical purposes (Completed)
15/03/2012 Budget Estimates 2012 - 2013 (Completed)
12/05/2011 Budget Estimates 2011 - 2012 (Completed)

Records of 23 earlier inquiries conducted by the committee are also available online.

Submissions invited (click to show)

The committee is not actively receiving submissions at present. Past submissions may be available under the relevant inquiry.

Reports and government responses (click to show)

During the current parliament, the committee has or plans to table the following reports:
Report DateName of the report
19/02/2015Fair Trading Amendment (Ticket Reselling) Bill 2014
20/11/2014Budget Estimates 2014-2015
23/10/2013Budget Estimates 2013 - 2014
15/05/2013The use of cannabis for medical purposes
30/11/2012Budget Estimates 2012 - 2013
16/02/2012Budget Estimates 2011-2012
(there are also 29 reports from past Parliaments).

Members (click to show)

Chair: The Hon. Sarah MITCHELL (Nat, LC Member).
Deputy Chair: The Hon. Robert BORSAK (Shooters and Fishers Party, LC Member).
Members:The Hon. Trevor KHAN (Nat, LC Member)
 The Hon. Charlie LYNN (Lib, LC Member)
 The Hon. Adam SEARLE (ALP, LC Member)
 Mr David SHOEBRIDGE (The Greens, LC Member)
 The Hon. Lynda VOLTZ (ALP, LC Member)

Contact (click to show)

Main contactJohn Young(02) 9230 3464(02) 9230 2981gpscno4@parliament.nsw.gov.au
DirectorJohn Young(02) 9230 3464(02) 9230 2981gpscno4@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Postal address (click to show)

Parliament House,
Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Terms of Reference establishing Committee (click to show)

Resolution passed 12 May 2011, Minutes No. 8, Item 6 page 98; As amended 15 March 2012, Minutes No. 71, Item 18 page 819; as amended 19 September 2012, Minutes No. 109, Item 7, p 1247.

120919 General Purpose Standing Committees Resolution.pdf