Legislative Council General Purpose Standing Committee No. 4

The General Purpose Standing Committee No. 4 is a current standing committee of the Legislative Council, established 7 May 1997, re-established 6 May 2015.

The General Purpose Standing Committee No. 4 was established to inquire into and report on any matters regarding the expenditure, performance or effectiveness of any Government department, statutory body or corporation within the following portfolios:

Justice and Police
Attorney General
Trade, Tourism and Major Events

Inquiries (click to show)

During the current parliament, no inquiries have been undertaken by the committee.

Records of earlier inquiries undertaken by the committee appear below:

ReferredInquiry Name
10/09/2014   Fair Trading Amendment (Ticket Reselling) Bill 2014 (Completed)
15/05/2014   Budget Estimates 2014-2015 (Completed)
21/05/2013   Budget Estimates 2013-2014 (Completed)
22/11/2012   Use of cannabis for medical purposes (Completed)
15/03/2012   Budget Estimates 2012 - 2013 (Completed)
12/05/2011   Budget Estimates 2011 - 2012 (Completed)
24/11/2009   Budget Estimates 2010-2011 (Completed)
09/09/2009   Badgerys Creek land dealings and planning decisions (Completed)
27/11/2008   Budget Estimates 2009-2010 (Completed)
29/08/2008   Transport needs of Sydney's North-West Sector (Completed)
05/12/2007   Budget Estimates 2008-2009 (Completed)
28/06/2007   Budget Estimates 2007-2008 (Completed)
27/09/2006   Operations of the Home Building Service (Expired)
08/06/2006   Budget Estimates 2006-2007 (Completed)
10/11/2005   Issues Relating to the Cross City Tunnel (Not Proceeded With)
21/09/2005   Pacific Highway Upgrades: Coffs Harbour (Completed)
10/06/2005   Pacific Highway Upgrades (Completed)
06/05/2005   Budget Estimates 2005-2006 (Completed)
28/07/2004   Approval of the Designer Outlets Center - Liverpool (Completed)
23/06/2004   Budget Estimates 2004-2005 (Completed)
11/05/2004   Closure of Casino to Murwillumbah Rail Services (Completed)
02/03/2004   Management of the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (Completed)
30/10/2003   Transport Safety and Reliability Bill, Aspects of (Completed)
03/07/2003   Budget Estimates 2003-2004 (Completed)
04/06/2002   Budget Estimates 2002-2003 (Completed)
29/05/2001   Budget Estimates 2001-2002 (Completed)
30/10/2000   Privatisation of Freightcorp (Completed)
23/05/2000   Budget Estimates 2000-2001 (Completed)
29/06/1999   Budget Estimates 1999-2000 (Completed)

Submissions invited (click to show)

The committee is not actively receiving submissions at present. Past submissions may be available under the relevant inquiry.

Reports and government responses (click to show)

The committee has not published any reports during the current parliament.

Records of earlier reports published by the committee appear below:

Report DateName of the report
19/02/2015   Fair Trading Amendment (Ticket Reselling) Bill 2014
20/11/2014   Budget Estimates 2014-2015
23/10/2013   Budget Estimates 2013 - 2014
15/05/2013   The use of cannabis for medical purposes
30/11/2012   Budget Estimates 2012 - 2013
16/02/2012   Budget Estimates 2011-2012
17/12/2010   Budget Estimates 2010 - 2011
09/03/2010   Budget Estimates 2009-2010
25/02/2010   Badgerys Creek land dealings and planning decisions: Second report
20/11/2009   Badgery Creek land dealings and planning decisions
05/03/2009   Budget Estimates 2008-2009
19/12/2008   The transport needs of Sydney's North-West sector
06/03/2008   Budget Estimates 2007-2008
23/11/2006   Budget Estimates 2006-2007
11/05/2006   Pacific Highway Upgrades - Final Report
06/04/2006   Budget Estimates 2005-2006
21/12/2005   Pacific Highway Upgrades Interim Report Ewingsdale - Tintenbar and Ballina - Woodburn
24/06/2005   Report on Inquiry into the Management of the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
01/05/2005   Budget Estimates 2004-2005
25/12/2004   The Designer Outlets Centre, Liverpool
24/11/2004   Closure of the Casino to Murwillumbah rail service
31/03/2004   Budget Estimates 2003-2004
10/11/2003   Inquiry into aspects of the Transport Safety and Reliability Bill
01/10/2002   Budget Estimates 2002-2003
06/09/2001   Budget Estimates 2001-2002
21/12/2000   Privatisation of FreightCorp
29/08/2000   Budget Estimates 2000-2001 Volume 2
23/06/2000   Budget Estimates 2000-2001 Volume 1
09/11/1999   Budget Estimates 1999-2000

Members (click to show)

Members:The Hon. Robert BORSAK (Shooters and Fishers Party, LC Member)
 The Hon. David CLARKE (Lib, LC Member)
 The Hon. Shayne MALLARD (Lib, LC Member)
 The Hon. Shaoquett MOSELMANE (ALP, LC Member)
 Mr David SHOEBRIDGE (The Greens, LC Member)
 The Hon. Bronnie TAYLOR (Nat, LC Member)
 The Hon. Lynda VOLTZ (ALP, LC Member)

Contact (click to show)

Main contactMadeleine Foley(02) 9230 3586(02) 9230 2981gpscno4@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Postal address (click to show)

Parliament House,
Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Terms of Reference establishing Committee (click to show)

Resolution passed on 6 May 2015, Minutes No 2, Item 64, pages 65 - 68.

Resolution establishing General Purpose Standing Committees.pdfResolution establishing General Purpose Standing Committees.pdf