Whooping Cough

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SpeakersGreen The Hon Paul; Gallacher The Hon Michael
BusinessQuestions Without Notice, QWN

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The Hon. PAUL GREEN: My question without notice is addressed to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, representing the Minister for Health. Given that the numbers of cases of whooping cough are increasing and that a new strain of vaccine-resistant bacteria has been responsible for 84 per cent of all reported cases of whooping cough since 2008, will the Minister inform the House what strategies are currently in place to combat this growing epidemic concern?

The Hon. MICHAEL GALLACHER: I thank the member for his question. I am sure all members are concerned about the spread of whooping cough, as they are about the spread of chickenpox.

The Hon. Cate Faehrmann: Hear, hear!

The Hon. MICHAEL GALLACHER: Those pins are going into the voodoo doll. I think the member picked one up by accident. I have told the Hon. Jeremy Buckingham to get rid of that one; it is not working. I will get an answer to this question from the Minister for Health and report back to the Hon. Paul Green as soon as possible.