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Mr GUY ZANGARI (Fairfield) [6.01 p.m.]: On Friday 31 August 2012 the Fairfield Cabramatta Police and Community Youth Club celebrated 75 years of outstanding service to the youth of Fairfield. A formal dinner was held at the Cabra-Vale Diggers club to mark this significant milestone. Those present at the dinner included the President of the Fairfield Cabramatta Police and Community Youth Club, Father Pat McAuliffe; the Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Cabramatta; the police and community youth club manager, Tony Cincotta; the Cabramatta police crime manager, Darren Newman; Mr Nick Lalich, MP, State member for Cabramatta; and senior constables Nick Mougois and Chris Kay, the police and community youth club officers. There were also representatives from the local Rotary and Lions clubs as well as the Cabra-vale Diggers club board of directors.

Police and community youth clubs across New South Wales have a long and proud tradition of helping the youth of the nation during times of trouble. I will give a brief history of the police and community youth club. The City of Sydney Police and Community Youth Club is the original club, which was opened in Woolloomooloo in 1937 by police commissioner William John Mackay. The police and community youth club organisation offers a great range of activities for adults and many after-school activities for young people. It has 85,000 members in 57 centres across New South Wales, and is still growing.

On behalf of the electorate of Fairfield, I extend congratulations to police and community youth clubs for achieving 75 years of outstanding service to our youth in the Fairfield-Cabramatta community and throughout the State. As the member for Fairfield, I am honoured to have the opportunity to commend a service that has offered local kids not only a central meeting point but a chance to learn important life skills. On behalf of my constituents, I thank the police officers who play a vital role in helping troubled kids turn their lives around. I especially thank senior constables Nick Mougois and Chris Kay, who do a tremendous job providing a safe venue for our youth to participate in physical activities.

The Fairfield Cabramatta centre is well known for its boxing and weights gym but there is a range of different activities on offer for local kids. As well as giving kids the opportunity to participate in physical activities, senior constables Nick and Chris provide a mentoring role to local youths, to show them a positive side of the NSW Police Force that they may not have otherwise encountered. Senior constables Nick and Chris show kids firsthand the importance of working together as a team and they demonstrate effective team-building skills. Other important programs run at the centre include leadership development, anger management and social skills development. These are all vital for our youth, particularly those who would otherwise be heading towards a life of crime.

I also wish to thank the volunteers at the centre who devote their time and skills to the youth of Fairfield-Cabramatta, especially Mr Anthony Cincotta, the centre manager, who has done a wonderful job over the past eight months since his arrival. Mr Cincotta was the driving force behind the Fairfield Time for Kids campaign, which raised $17,800 for the delivery of programs at the police and community youth club. Mr Cincotta was responsible for putting me in a makeshift cell, together with the member for Cabramatta, Nick Lalich, and the Mayor of Fairfield, Councillor Frank Carbone. I thank the Fairfield RSL Club, the Guildford Leagues Club and Club Marconi for their donations during my time in the cell at the Neeta City Shopping Centre. It was all for a good cause.

I would also like to acknowledge those who have supported the police and community youth club by way of donations or sponsorship. In particular, I thank the Rotary club, the Lions club and the many licensed clubs in the Fairfield local government area and the Fairfield electorate. The generosity of those clubs has gone a long way towards maintaining this great venue for our kids. Achieving the 75-year milestone is testament to the hard work and dedication of both the local community and the NSW Police Force, which has ensured the club has remained popular with young people for decades. I again congratulate everyone associated with the Fairfield Cabramatta Police and Community Youth Club and I extend my best wishes for a long and successful future.