Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority

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BusinessConsideration of Urgent Motion, Division

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    Carbon Tax

    Mr RAY WILLIAMS (Hawkesbury—Parliamentary Secretary) [3.12 p.m.]: My motion should be accorded priority because the people of New South Wales need to know that the member for Heffron, the former Premier of New South Wales, has made a U-turn on the road to Damascus and is now supporting the O'Farrell Government in opposing the carbon tax. My motion states:
        That this House:

        (1) notes that last year the member for Heffron said the Federal carbon tax was "the most efficient thing for our economy and … the most efficient thing we can do for our environment";

        (2) notes that the member for Heffron has called on the Prime Minister to revoke the carbon tax; and

        (3) supports the member for Heffron's latest stance on the carbon tax.
        The member for Heffron, who is not in the Chamber, has obviously seen the light. I do not know whether she has seen the holy light, as suggested by the Minister for Resources and Energy, or the sunlight. I feel it may have been the light over the top of her makeup cabinet, which comes from coal-powered electricity, as she was applying her lippy and blush before her appearance on Sky television last night. The member for Heffron has done a bit of a backflip. When she appeared a year ago on Channel 10 with Barry O'Farrell she supported the carbon tax. She has now indicated her support for the people of this great country and she will oppose the carbon tax about to be imposed by the Gillard Government. This motion should be accorded priority because the people of New South Wales need to know that the member for Heffron has now seen the light. She is now on the side of the O'Farrell Government in opposing the most regressive tax ever to have been implemented in this country, and a tax that will impose much hardship. I ask members to lend me their support this afternoon because the people of New South Wales need to know that the member for Heffron is on our side.
    Housing Affordability
      Mr JOHN ROBERTSON (Blacktown—Leader of the Opposition) [3.15 p.m.]: My motion states:

          That this House:

          (1) notes the Reserve Bank's decision to cut its official cash rate by 50 basis points;

          (2) calls on the banks to pass on the full extent of the rate cut to struggling home-owners; and

          (3) calls on the Government to take action to address the housing affordability crisis in New South Wales.
      Unlike the flippant motion of the member for Hawkesbury, this motion deserves priority because yesterday the Reserve Bank gave New South Wales households some much-needed relief. The cut in official interest rates by 50 basis points to 3.75 per cent should be welcomed by every member in this Chamber and by every struggling household and business in New South Wales. It is much-needed relief for those whose budgets are being hit by an 18 per cent increase in electricity prices. That was given to them by Premier Barry O'Farrell in July last year, with more to come this year. Courtesy of the O'Farrell Government, the people of New South Wales have also had a 5.4 per cent increase in public transport fares.

      Yesterday's decision will put a little extra money into people's pockets which is good news for consumers, retailers and the economy. Today we should be saying to the banks in no uncertain terms that this is their moment of truth. The Reserve Bank has cut rates to help home owners and the other banks should do the same. We are facing a housing affordability crisis in this State. My motion deserves to be accorded priority because since the O'Farrell Government has been in office housing construction starts have dropped by 13 per cent. The planning process is also in a holding pattern because we have to wait 18 months for the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure to get his act together and resolve this problem. In the meantime we are seeing Brad "Haphazard" in the dealer room—

      Mr Brad Hazzard: Hazzard.

      Mr JOHN ROBERTSON: That is not what the developers are saying—they are calling him "Haphazard". He is having secret meetings with developers about releasing land they would like to see released.

      The SPEAKER: Order! Government members will come to order.

      Mr JOHN ROBERTSON: This is a serious matter. Importantly, interest rate cuts should be passed on in full. The housing affordability crisis in this State must be addressed but nothing is being done to counter the impact it is having particularly on those living in certain areas of Sydney and in regional New South Wales. This motion should be accorded priority because the O'Farrell Government should be explaining how it intends to deal with the housing affordability crisis in this State.

      Question—That the motion of the member for Hawkesbury be accorded priority—put.

      The House divided.
      Ayes, 65
      Mr Anderson
      Mr Annesley
      Mr Aplin
      Mr Ayres
      Mr Baird
      Mr Barilaro
      Mr Bassett
      Mr Baumann
      Ms Berejiklian
      Mr Bromhead
      Mr Brookes
      Mr Conolly
      Mr Constance
      Mr Cornwell
      Mr Coure
      Mrs Davies
      Mr Dominello
      Mr Doyle
      Mr Edwards
      Mr Elliott
      Mr Evans
      Mr Flowers
      Mr Fraser
      Mr Gee
      Ms Gibbons
      Ms Goward
      Mr Grant
      Mr Gulaptis
      Mr Hartcher
      Mr Hazzard
      Ms Hodgkinson
      Mr Holstein
      Mr Issa
      Mr Kean
      Dr Lee
      Mr Notley-Smith
      Mr O'Dea
      Mr O'Farrell
      Mr Owen
      Mr Page
      Ms Parker
      Mr Patterson
      Mr Perrottet
      Mr Piccoli
      Mr Provest
      Mr Roberts
      Mr Rohan
      Mr Rowell
      Mrs Sage
      Mr Sidoti
      Mrs Skinner
      Mr Smith
      Mr Souris
      Mr Speakman
      Mr Spence
      Mr Stokes
      Mr Stoner
      Mr Toole
      Mr Torbay
      Ms Upton
      Mr Ward
      Mr Webber
      Mr R. C. Williams
      Mr Maguire
      Mr J. D. Williams

      Noes, 22
          Mr Barr
          Ms Burney
          Ms Burton
          Mr Daley
          Mr Furolo
          Ms Hay
          Ms Hornery
          Ms Keneally
          Mr Lynch
          Dr McDonald
          Ms Mihailuk
          Ms Moore
          Mr Parker
          Mrs Perry
          Mr Piper
          Mr Rees
          Mr Robertson
          Ms Tebbutt
          Ms Watson
          Mr Zangari

          Mr Amery
          Mr Lalich

      Mr HumphriesMr Park
      Question resolved in the affirmative.