Nagle, Mr Peter speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 29/06/2001REPRegulation Review Committee
  2. 25/06/2001PRIVParliamentary Staff And Auburn Council Tribute
  3. 25/06/20012RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  4. 06/06/2001PRIVRegents Park Railway Station Upgrade
  5. 29/05/2001QWNNew South Wales Tourism Promotion
  6. 28/03/2001REPRegulation Review Committee
  7. 30/11/2000ADJSpecial Adjournment
  8. 24/11/2000PRIVAuburn Electorate Young Olympic Torch Bearers
  9. 17/11/2000REPRegulation Review Committee
  10. 02/11/2000PRIVLidcombe Hospital Site Development
  11. 02/11/2000QWNIllicit Drug Suppliers
  12. 01/11/2000Death of Charles Nelson Perkins
  13. 31/10/2000Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games
  14. 17/08/2000PRIVDeath Of Lou Coorey
  15. 10/08/2000PRIVDeath Of Stanley Henry Alexander Green
  16. 29/06/2000QWNDNA Testing Of Prisoners
  17. 20/06/2000PRIVKiama Blowhole Safety
  18. 08/06/2000PRIVAuburn Review Pictorial Fortieth Anniversary
  19. 26/05/20002RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  20. 25/05/2000PRIVCommunity Languages Program
  21. 04/05/2000PRIVOlympic Games Tickets For Poor And Disadvantaged Children
  22. 02/05/20002RCommunity Relations Commission and Principles of Multiculturalism Bill
  23. 02/05/2000QWNRoyal Easter Show Public Transport
  24. 06/04/2000PRIVAuburn Mayor Le Lam
  25. 06/04/2000REPRegulation Review Committee
  26. 04/04/2000Death Of Frederick Douglas Claude Caterson, A Former Member Of The Leg...
  27. 16/11/1999PRIVAuburn District Hospital
  28. 11/11/1999PRIVRemembrance Day
  29. 27/10/1999Constitution Referendum
  30. 27/10/1999QWNFilm Industry Legislation
  31. 26/10/1999PRIVAuburn West Public School
  32. 21/10/1999Anglo-Boer War Centenary
  33. 20/10/1999Business Of The House
  34. 23/09/1999REPRegulation Review Committee
  35. 21/09/19992RAnzac Memorial (Building) Amendment Bill
  36. 21/09/1999PRIVNinth International Anticorruption Conference
  37. 13/09/1999Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  38. 09/09/1999PRIVLocal Government Elections
  39. 08/09/1999QWNSydney Water Customer Complaints
  40. 29/06/1999PRIVInternational Anti-Corruption Conference
  41. 25/05/1999PRIVDrug Summit
  42. 12/05/1999PRIVAuburn Shopping Centre Development Proposal
  43. 12/05/1999Citizen's Right Of Reply
  44. 25/11/1998ADJSpecial Adjournment
  45. 25/11/19982RMotor Accidents Amendment Bill
  46. 17/11/1998PRIVParliament House Staff
  47. 12/11/1998PRIVLidcombe Traffic Initiatives
  48. 11/11/1998PRIVAuburn Bus Services
  49. 11/11/1998World War I and Anzac History Study
  50. 11/11/1998QWNDrug Treatment Services
  51. 15/10/1998QWNWorld Wheelchair Basketball Championships
  52. 13/10/1998PRIVAuburn Electorate Workers Tribute
  53. 23/09/1998Parliamentary Ethics Adviser
  54. 16/09/1998Committee On The Independent Commission Against Corruption
  55. 16/09/1998REPStanding Ethics Committee
  56. 15/09/1998Death Of The Honourable Henry Frederick Jensen, A Former Minister Of T...
  57. 15/09/1998PRIVLidcombe Hospital Site Preservation
  58. 08/09/1998QWNDrug Courts
  59. 08/09/1998PRIVIrish Famine Commemorative Monument
  60. 24/06/1998PRIVAuburn Hospital
  61. 24/06/1998QWNOne Nation Party Impact On Jobs
  62. 23/06/19982RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  63. 18/06/1998PRIVArmenian Genocide Commemoration
  64. 20/05/1998Tourism Funding
  65. 05/05/1998Code of Conduct for Members
  66. 29/04/1998PRIVAnzac Day
  67. 28/04/19982RCrimes Legislation Amendment (Police and Public Safety) Bill
  68. 28/04/1998URG MOTTourism Funding
  69. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  70. 28/04/1998QWNRoyal Easter Show
  71. 08/04/1998PRIVSuperannuation
  72. 08/04/1998REPCommittee On The Independent Commission Against Corruption
  73. 02/04/1998QWNRoyal Easter Show
  74. 02/04/1998Legislative Assembly Members Code of Conduct
  75. 26/11/1997PRIVAuburn Electorate Schools
  76. 25/11/19972R;COMMContaminated Land Management Bill
  77. 20/11/1997QWNHomebush Bay Hotel Complex
  78. 19/11/19972RLocal Government Amendment (Open Meetings) Bill
  79. 19/11/19972RContractors Debts Bill
  80. 19/11/1997PRIVDeath Of Mr Jack Fowler
  81. 18/11/1997PRIVDeath Of Mr John Ernest Sullivan
  82. 18/11/1997QWNPolice Service Corruption
  83. 13/11/19972RSouth-West Tablelands Water Supply Administration (Repeal) Bill
  84. 11/11/1997PRIVDeath Of Frederick Charles Hankinson, A Former Member Of The Legislati...
  85. 23/10/1997Committee On The Independent Commission Against Corruption
  86. 23/10/19972RParliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment (Voter Identificatio...
  87. 21/10/1997PRIVInternational Anticorruption Conference
  88. 16/10/1997QWNOlympic And Paralympic Games Health Services
  89. 16/10/1997Condemnation of the Premier and the Treasurer
  90. 19/06/1997QWNHomebush Bay Remediation
  91. 18/06/1997PRIVDisclosure Of Government Information
  92. 27/05/19972RAppropriation Bill, Accommodation Levy Bill, Appropriation (Parliament...
  93. 21/05/1997PRIVAuburn Electorate Olympic Games Activities
  94. 21/05/1997QWNSydney Olympic Village Planning Approval
  95. 14/05/1997QWNFormer Australian Olympians
  96. 13/05/1997PRIVBankstown City Council Draft Housing Strategy
  97. 07/05/1997PRIVAuburn Electorate Olympic Games Activities
  98. 23/04/1997Anzac Day Commemoration
  99. 16/04/1997Standing Ethics Committee
  100. 16/04/1997PRIVAuburn Electorate Olympic Games Activities
  101. 16/04/1997QWNBondi Beach Rail Link
  102. 10/04/1997QWNOlympic Facilities Construction Timetable
  103. 10/04/1997Homebush Bay Olympic Site
  104. 09/04/1997URG MOTVictims Rights Legislation
  105. 08/04/1997PRIVAuburn Electorate Olympic Games Activities
  106. 26/11/1996PRIVBarnardos Australia
  107. 26/11/1996QWNHomebush Bay Railway Tunnel
  108. 21/11/19962R;3RStrata Schemes Management Bill
  109. 19/11/1996PRIVAuburn Electorate Law And Order
  110. 14/11/1996PRIVDeath Of Mr Reg Lovern
  111. 13/11/1996PRIVDeath Of Mr Ted Challenger
  112. 13/11/1996QWNTaxidriver Training
  113. 13/11/19962R;3REnvironmental Legislation Amendment (Enforcement) Bill
  114. 12/11/1996PRIVBanking Industry Complaints
  115. 12/11/1996URG MOTLegal Aid Commission Funding
  116. 12/11/1996URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  117. 31/10/1996REPCommittee On the Independent Commission Against Corruption
  118. 30/10/1996QWNRailsafe Program
  119. 29/10/1996PRIVEuthanasia
  120. 23/10/19962RHeritage Amendment Bill
  121. 22/10/1996PRIVColgate University Exchange Students
  122. 25/09/1996Citizens Right Of Reply
  123. 25/09/1996PRIVLidcombe Hospital Closure
  124. 25/09/1996QWNKings Cross Law And Order
  125. 24/09/19962RIndependent Commission Against Corruption Amendment (Codes Of Conduct)...
  126. 19/09/1996REPStanding Ethics Committee
  127. 18/09/1996URG MOTNew South Wales Liberal-National Coalition
  128. 27/06/1996PRIVAuburn Electorate Olympic Games Activities
  129. 19/06/19962RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  130. 12/06/19962RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
  131. 11/06/19962R;COMMPolice Integrity Commission Bill, Police Legislation Amendment Bill
  132. 06/06/19962RConstitution Amendment (Office of Governor) Bill
  133. 04/06/19962RIndustrial Relations Bill, Employment Agents Bill
  134. 04/06/1996PRIVOlympic Games Host Homes Program
  135. 29/05/19962RTransport Administration Amendment (Rail Corporatisation and Restructu...
  136. 28/05/1996PRIVDeputy Mayor Of Auburn Le Lam
  137. 23/05/1996QWNOlympic Facilities Construction Timetable
  138. 23/05/19962RParliamentary Electorates And Elections Amendment (Terms Of Office) Bill
  139. 15/05/19962RCrimes Amendment (Mandatory Life Sentences) Bill
  140. 14/05/19962REnvironmentally Hazardous Chemicals Amendment Bill
  141. 14/05/1996PRIVDeath Of Mr George Dunn
  142. 02/05/1996QWNHomebush Bay Overhead Powerlines
  143. 02/05/1996Chullora Intersection Upgrade
  144. 02/05/19962RParliamentary Electorates And Elections Amendment (Redistribution) Bill
  145. 01/05/1996PRIVHabitat For Humanity
  146. 24/04/1996QWNClarence Electorate National Party Candidate
  147. 17/04/1996REPStanding Ethics Committee
  148. 17/04/1996Royal Commission Into the New South Wales Police Service
  149. 16/04/1996PRIVDelancey Street Organisation And Dr Mimi Silbert
  150. 16/04/1996QWNPremier's Department Director-General Mr Kenneth Baxter
  151. 13/12/1995QWNTourist Transport Fares
  152. 07/12/1995Former Police Officer Paul Rupert Cooper
  153. 07/12/19952RParliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment (Redistribution) Bill
  154. 06/12/19952R;COMMLocal Government Amendment (Alcohol-Free Zones) Bill
  155. 06/12/1995QWNKings Cross Strip Clubs
  156. 23/11/1995COMMAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  157. 23/11/1995PRIVSydney Olympic Games 2000 Billeting Program
  158. 23/11/19952RParliamentary Electorates And Elections Amendment (Enrolment And Votin...
  159. 23/11/19952RGovernment Publicity Control Bill
  160. 22/11/1995COMMAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  161. 16/11/1995PRIVCourier Businesses
  162. 16/11/1995CRA Industrial Dispute
  163. 16/11/1995REPCommittee On The Independent Commission Against Corruption
  164. 16/11/1995Proposed Joint Standing Committee On Electoral Laws and Practices
  165. 14/11/1995QWNTaxi Transport Subsidy Scheme
  166. 26/10/1995PRIVTurkish National Day
  167. 25/10/19952RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  168. 19/10/1995PRIVLidcombe Children's Court
  169. 19/10/1995QWNSydney Showground Site Development
  170. 19/10/19952RMichael Black Compensation Bill
  171. 12/10/1995QWNPremier's Travel, Hospitality And Discretionary Grants Allocation
  172. 12/10/1995Parramatta to Hornsby Rail Link
  173. 11/10/1995PRIVAuburn And Lidcombe Police Stations
  174. 11/10/1995QWNBudget Criticism
  175. 11/10/19952RCommercial Tribunal Legislation Amendment Bill
  176. 11/10/19952RParliamentary Electorates And Elections Amendment (Method Of Voting) Bill
  177. 21/09/1995PRIVAuburn Council
  178. 20/09/1995Admission Of Treasurer Into The Legislative Assembly
  179. 20/09/1995URG MOTEastern Creek Raceway Operations
  180. 20/09/1995Standing Committee On Parliamentary Privilege and Ethics
  181. 19/09/1995Premier, Minister For The Arts, And Minister For Ethnic Affairs
  182. 07/06/1995URG MOTWorkCover Cost Review
  183. 06/06/1995PRIVDuck River, Auburn, Crossing
  184. 06/06/1995URG MOTAccountability of Members
  185. 01/06/1995PRIVAuburn Council Planning
  186. 31/05/1995PRIVAuburn Council Boundaries
  187. 25/05/1995PRIVOffensive Behaviour
  188. 25/05/1995QWNSydney Taxi Services
  189. 25/05/19951R;2RParliamentary Committees Legislation Amendment Bill
  190. 25/05/1995Closed-Circuit Television Surveillance
  191. 24/05/1995URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motion
  192. 24/05/19952RConsumer Credit (New South Wales) Bill
  193. 02/12/1994ADJSpecial Adjournment
  194. 02/12/1994COMMDefamation (Amendment) Bill
  195. 30/11/1994PRIVLidcombe Long Day Child-Care Centre
  196. 30/11/19942RChildren (Parental Responsibility) Bill, Summary Offences and Other Le...
  197. 29/11/19942RRoyal Commission (Police Service) Amendment Bill
  198. 23/11/1994Sydney Airport Third Runway Noise
  199. 23/11/19942RState Debt Control (Balanced Budgets) Bill
  200. 22/11/1994Police Monitoring of Picket Line
  201. 15/11/19942R;COMMProtected Disclosures Bill
  202. 26/10/19942R;COMMIndependent Commission Against Corruption (Amendment) Bill
  203. 26/10/19942RIndependent Commission Against Corruption (Commissioner) Bill
  204. 20/10/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Attorney General And Justice
  205. 13/10/1994Leader of the Opposition, Distinguished Visitor
  206. 13/10/1994PRIVAuburn Council Water Conservation Measures
  207. 22/09/1994REPCommittee On The Independent Commission Against Corruption
  208. 21/09/19942RAppropriation Bill, Parliamentary Appropriation Bill, Business Franchi...
  209. 21/09/1994URG MOTHonourable Member For Georges River Legal Assistance
  210. 21/09/1994QWNHonourable Member For Georges River Sexual Assault Allegations
  211. 15/09/19942RCourts Legislation (Mediation and Evaluation) Amendment Bill
  212. 15/09/1994PRIVLidcombe Credit Union
  213. 15/09/1994New South Wales Police Academy, Goulburn
  214. 14/09/19942R;COMMBuilding Services Corporation (Amendment) Bill
  215. 13/09/1994Death Of John Paul Newman, Member For Cabramatta
  216. 12/05/19942R;COMMIndustrial Relations (Contracts of Carriage) Amendment Bill
  217. 05/05/1994URG MOTGovernment Courier Services Tendering Process
  218. 05/05/1994REPSydney Market Authority Report
  219. 03/05/19942R;COMMCrimes Legislation (Unsworn Evidence) Amendment Bill
  220. 21/04/1994PRIVPrisoner Andrew McMillan, Medical Treatment
  221. 19/04/19942RLegal Aid Commission (Amendment) Bill
  222. 14/04/1994Committee On the Independent Commission Against Corruption
  223. 14/04/1994Industrial Relations (Contracts of Carriage) Amendment Bill
  224. 13/04/1994Death of Andrew Charles Frederick Ziolkowski, Member for Parramatta
  225. 17/03/1994Auburn Electorate School Violence
  226. 17/03/1994Hospital Waiting Lists
  227. 17/03/19942RConsumer Claims Tribunals (Fees) Amendment Bill
  228. 17/03/19942RIndustrial Relations (Sick Leave) Amendment Bill
  229. 15/03/1994Minister for Police and Minister for Emergency Services
  230. 15/03/1994Mature Age Unemployed
  231. 15/03/1994Sutherland Shire Heritage Listings
  232. 10/03/1994Oath Of Allegiance To The Crown
  233. 08/03/1994Court Interpreters
  234. 03/03/1994Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  235. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  236. 03/03/1994Subcontract Drivers
  237. 03/03/1994Fall Of Singapore
  238. 16/11/1993COMMIndustrial Relations (Public Vehicles And Carriers) Amendment Bill
  239. 16/11/1993Honourable Member for Auburn
  240. 11/11/1993PRIVAuburn Electorate Returned Services League Clubs
  241. 10/11/19932RLegal Profession Reform Bill (No. 2) Maintenance and Champerty Aboliti...
  242. 09/11/19932R;COMMIndustrial Relations (Public Vehicles And Carriers) Amendment Bill
  243. 09/11/19932RCoroners (Amendment) Bill
  244. 26/10/1993COMMAppropriation Bill, Parliamentary Appropriation Bill, Business Franchi...
  245. 21/10/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Attorney General and Justice
  246. 14/10/1993PRIVSydney Olympic Games Council Rates
  247. 15/09/19932RAppropriation Bill, Parliamentary Appropriation Bill, Business Franchi...
  248. 14/09/1993PRIVLidcombe Hospital Closure
  249. 09/09/1993REPCommittee On The Independent Commission Against Corruption
  250. 09/09/1993REPCommittee On The Independent Commission Against Corruption
  251. 09/09/19932REducation Reform (School Violence) Amendment Bill
  252. 08/09/1993PRIVClinical Waste Australia Silverwater Incinerator
  253. 08/09/19931R;2R;COMMNew South Wales Lotteries (Amendment) Bill
  254. 21/05/19932RIndustrial Relations (Contracts Of Carriage) Amendment Bill
  255. 20/05/1993PRIVLidcombe Hospital Closure
  256. 20/05/19931R;2RIndustrial Relations (Contracts Of Carriage) Amendment Bill
  257. 13/05/19932ROaths and Crown References Bill
  258. 11/05/1993COMMLocal Government Bill, Impounding Bill, Local Government (Consequentia...
  259. 28/04/1993PRIVRestoration Of The Vessel Berrima
  260. 27/04/1993Local Courts (Civil Claims) Act: Disallowance Of Rules, Supreme Court ...
  261. 21/04/1993PRIVTechnical And Further Education Courses
  262. 21/04/1993Local Government Bill, Impounding Bill, Local Government (Consequentia...
  263. 01/04/19932RTraffic (Tow Truck Penalty Notices) Amendment Bill
  264. 31/03/19932RHospital Development Projects Review Bill
  265. 31/03/1993PRIVLidcombe Hospital Closure
  266. 10/03/1993PRIVAuburn Council Finances
  267. 24/11/19922RReal Property (Torrens Assurance Fund) Amendment Bill
  268. 13/11/19922R;COMMAppropriation Bill, Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum Products) A...
  269. 23/10/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Attorney General
  270. 14/10/1992PRIVAuburn Electorate Road Improvements
  271. 13/10/1992PRIVNorth Auburn Primary School Air And Noise Pollution
  272. 23/09/19922RAppropriation Bill, Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum Products) A...
  273. 22/09/1992PRIVPollution Of Haslam's Creek
  274. 22/09/1992Electricity Commission And Oberon Farmers
  275. 17/09/19922R;COMMSupreme Court (Video Link) Amendment Bill
  276. 15/09/1992PRIVLidcombe Hospital Closure
  277. 15/09/19922RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 2)
  278. 15/09/1992QWNPacific Power Electricity Charges
  279. 03/09/19922R;COMMConveyancers Licensing Bill
  280. 03/09/1992State Rail Authority Technical Training Centre
  281. 02/09/1992REPSessional Orders
  282. 02/09/1992PRIVVenture Industries Pty Limited
  283. 02/09/1992QWNVehicle Industry Tariffs
  284. 01/09/19922RLegal Profession (Practising Certificates) Amendment Bill
  285. 01/09/19922RReal Property (Compensation) Amendment Bill
  286. 01/09/1992Death Of Ernest Neville Quinn, A Former Member Of The Legislative Assembly
  287. 30/06/1992The Government: Motion of No Confidence
  288. 30/06/1992QWNMember For Wakehurst: Inheritance
  289. 08/05/1992Committee Upon The Defamation Bill
  290. 08/05/1992Committee On The Independent Commission Against Corruption
  291. 07/05/1992PRIVLidcombe And Auburn District Hospitals Closure
  292. 05/05/19922RRegistration Of Births, Deaths And Marriages (Amendment) Bill
  293. 05/05/19922RFreedom Of Information (Amendment) Bill
  294. 29/04/1992PRIVAuburn Electorate Education
  295. 29/04/1992Death of the Honourable Patrick Darcy Hills, A.O., A Former Minister o...
  296. 28/04/1992Former Member for Davidson
  297. 10/04/1992Grievance Debate: School Transport
  298. 09/04/19922RLibrary (Amendment) Bill
  299. 08/04/1992PRIVMaritime Services Board
  300. 25/03/1992PRIVAuburn District Hospital
  301. 20/03/1992Owner-Driver Legislation
  302. 19/03/1992PRIVF4 Tollway Traffic Noise
  303. 18/03/1992Her Majesty's Speech: Address in Reply
  304. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  305. 03/03/19922RAssociations Incorporation (Amendment) Bill
  306. 26/02/1992Rail Timetables
  307. 04/12/19912RPrisons (Escape Tunnels) Amendment Bill
  308. 04/12/1991Ukraine Independence And Slovenia And Croatia Self-Determination
  309. 03/12/19912RPerpetuities (Amendment) Bill
  310. 02/12/1991Chelmsford Private Hospital Patient Compensation
  311. 14/11/19912RPrisons (Syringe Prohibition) Amendment Bill
  312. 14/11/19912RHomebush Abattoir Corporation (Dissolution and Transfer) Bill
  313. 13/11/1991COMMGovernment Insurance Office (Privatisation) Bill
  314. 12/11/19912RGovernment Insurance Office (Privatisation) Bill
  315. 29/10/1991Honourable Member For North Shore
  316. 29/10/1991PRIVLidcombe Railway Station Incident And Mr And Mrs Issa
  317. 24/10/19912RPublic Sector Legislation (Senior Executives) Amendment Bill
  318. 22/10/19912RAppropriation Bill, Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum Products, M...
  319. 22/10/1991PRIVShell Service Station Resumptions
  320. 16/10/1991QWNProperty Services Group Legal Consultants
  321. 15/10/1991Hospital Service Cutbacks
  322. 25/09/1991COMMBroken Hill Public Sector Services
  323. 19/09/1991Auburn Electorate Pollution
  324. 19/09/1991Joint Committee On the Independent Commission Against Corruption
  325. [Replication or Save Conflict]


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.