Hazzard, Mr Brad speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 12/05/2015QWNSocial and Public Housing
  2. 11/20/2014Christmas Felicitations
  3. 11/13/2014Surveillance Devices Amendment (Police Body-Worn Video) Bill 2014
  4. 11/13/20142RRelationships Register Amendment (Recognition of Same-sex and Gender-d...
  5. 11/12/20141R;2RCourts and Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2014
  6. 11/12/20142R;3RCriminal Procedure Amendment (Domestic Violence Complainants) Bill 2014
  7. 11/05/20141R;2RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No 2) 2014
  8. 11/05/2014QWNChild Sexual Abuse
  9. 11/04/20142R;3RSurveillance Devices Amendment (Police Body-Worn Video) Bill 2014
  10. 10/22/20141R;2RSurveillance Devices Amendment (Police Body-Worn Video) Bill 2014
  11. 10/21/20141R;2RCriminal Procedure Amendment (Domestic Violence Complainants) Bill 2014
  12. 10/16/20141R;2R;3RCriminal Records Amendment (Historical Homosexual Offences) Bill 2014
  13. 09/11/20141R;2RCrimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2014
  14. 09/10/20141R;2RCrimes (High Risk Offenders) Amendment Bill 2014
  15. 09/10/20142R;3RBail Amendment Bill 2014
  16. 09/09/2014Governor's Speech: Address-in-Reply
  17. 08/14/20141R;2R;3RSt Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Monastery (NSW) Property Trust Bill 2014
  18. 08/13/2014QWNHunter Rail Line
  19. 08/13/20141R;2RBail Amendment Bill 2014
  20. 08/05/20142R;3RCourts Legislation Amendment (Broadcasting Judgments) Bill 2014
  21. 08/05/2014QWNBail Law Reform
  22. 06/18/20142R;3RDrug Court Legislation Amendment Bill 2014
  23. 06/18/20141R;2RCourts Legislation Amendment (Broadcasting Judgments) Bill 2014
  24. 06/18/20142R;3RElectoral and Lobbying Legislation Amendment (Electoral Commission) Bi...
  25. 05/29/2014Judicial Independence
  26. 05/28/20142R;3RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2014
  27. 05/28/20142R;3RCrimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Amendment (Information Sharing...
  28. 05/27/20142R;3RLaw Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Amendment Bill 2014
  29. 05/27/20141R;2RCrimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Amendment (Information Sharing...
  30. 05/27/20141R;2RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2014
  31. 05/15/20142R;3RCrimes Amendment (Strangulation) Bill 2014
  32. 05/15/20141R;2RLaw Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Amendment Bill 2014
  33. 05/14/20142R;3RCrimes Amendment (Provocation) Bill 2014
  34. 05/13/20142R;3RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Family Member Victim Impact S...
  35. 05/08/20142R;PETCrimes Amendment (Provocation) Bill 2014
  36. 05/08/2014Graffiti Control Amendment Bill 2014
  37. 05/07/20142R;3RCrimes Amendment (Female Genital Mutilation) Bill 2014
  38. 05/07/20141R;2RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Family Member Victim Impact S...
  39. 05/07/20141R;2RCrimes Amendment (Strangulation) Bill 2014
  40. 05/06/20142R;3RLegal Profession Uniform Law Application Bill 2014
  41. 03/27/2014Business of the House
  42. 03/27/2014Business of the House
  43. 03/27/2014QWNSugarloaf State Conservation Area Mine Subsidence
  44. 03/27/2014Business of the House
  45. 03/26/2014Business of the House
  46. 03/26/2014Business of the House
  47. 03/25/2014Business of the House
  48. 03/20/2014Business of the House
  49. 03/20/2014Business of the House
  50. 03/19/2014Business of the House
  51. 03/19/2014Business of the House
  52. 03/19/2014Business of the House
  53. 03/19/2014Business of the House
  54. 03/19/2014Business of the House
  55. 03/19/2014QWNWest Wallsend Colliery Subsidence Impacts
  56. 03/19/2014QWNNewcastle and Gosford Revitalisation
  57. 03/18/2014Business of the House
  58. 03/18/2014Business of the House
  59. 03/18/2014Business of the House
  60. 03/05/2014Business of the House
  61. 03/04/2014Business of the House
  62. 03/04/2014QWNHousing Industry
  63. 02/26/2014Business of the House
  64. 02/26/2014QWNWallarah 2 Coal Project
  65. 02/25/2014Business of the House
  66. 01/30/2014ADJAdjournment
  67. 01/30/2014Ministry
  68. 01/30/2014Business of the House
  69. 01/30/2014Business of the House
  70. 01/30/2014Business of the House
  71. 01/30/2014Business of the House
  72. 11/21/2013Business of the House
  73. 11/21/2013Business of the House
  74. 11/21/2013Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No 2) 2013
  75. 11/21/2013Planning Bill 2013
  76. 11/21/2013Seasonal Felicitations
  77. 11/21/2013REPPublic Service Commission
  78. 11/21/2013REPPrinting of Papers
  79. 11/21/2013Motor Dealers and Repairers Bill 2013
  80. 11/21/2013Business of the House
  81. 11/21/2013Standing Committee on Parliamentary Privilege and Ethics
  82. 11/21/2013Sitting Schedule 2014
  83. 11/21/2013Business of the House
  84. 11/21/20132R;3RCrimes Amendment (Zoe's Law) Bill 2013 (No 2)
  85. 11/20/2013Casino Control Amendment (Barangaroo Restricted Gaming Facility) Bill 2013
  86. 11/20/2013Business of the House
  87. 11/19/2013Select Committee on the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry
  88. 11/19/2013Business of the House
  89. 11/19/2013Business of the House
  90. 11/14/2013Business of the House
  91. 11/14/2013Civil and Administrative Tribunal Amendment Bill 2013
  92. 11/14/2013Combat Sports Bill 2013
  93. 11/14/2013Residential (Land Lease) Communities Bill 2013
  94. 11/14/2013Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Amendment Bill 2013
  95. 11/14/2013REPLegislation Review Committee
  96. 11/14/2013Business of the House
  97. 11/14/2013Independent Commission Against Corruption
  98. 11/14/2013Business of the House
  99. 11/13/2013Business of the House
  100. 11/13/2013Business of the House
  101. 11/13/2013Business of the House
  102. 11/12/2013Business of the House
  103. 11/12/2013Business of the House
  104. 11/12/2013Business of the House
  105. 10/31/2013Parliamentary Secretaries
  106. 10/31/2013Sitting Schedule 2014
  107. 10/31/2013Business of the House
  108. 10/31/2013Business of the House
  109. 10/31/2013QWNCoalpac Mine Extension Proposal
  110. 10/31/2013QWNCoalpac Mine Extension Proposal
  111. 10/31/2013QWNCoalpac Mine Extension Proposal
  112. 10/31/2013QWNCoalpac Mine Extension Proposal
  113. 10/31/2013Business of the House
  114. 10/30/2013Business of the House
  115. 10/30/2013Business of the House
  116. 10/30/2013Business of the House
  117. 10/30/2013Business of the House
  118. 10/30/20132R;3RPlanning Bill 2013 Planning Administration Bill 2013
  119. 10/29/20132RPlanning Bill 2013 Planning Administration Bill 2013
  120. 10/29/2013Business of the House
  121. 10/29/2013Independent Commission Against Corruption
  122. 10/29/2013Senate Vacancy
  123. 10/24/2013Challoner House, Mittagong
  124. 10/23/2013Business of the House
  125. 10/23/2013Business of the House
  126. 10/23/2013QWNPlanning Reform
  127. 10/23/2013Business of the House
  128. 10/22/2013Business of the House
  129. 10/22/20131R;2RPlanning Bill 2013 Planning Administration Bill 2013
  130. 10/22/2013QWNPlanning Reform
  131. 10/17/2013PETCoal Seam Gas Mining in Water Catchment Areas
  132. 10/17/2013Business of the House
  133. 10/17/2013Business of the House
  134. 10/16/2013Business of the House
  135. 10/16/2013Business of the House
  136. 10/15/2013Business of the House
  137. 09/19/2013QWNPlanning System Reform
  138. 09/18/2013Business of the House
  139. 09/18/2013QWNNSW Planning White Paper
  140. 09/17/2013Business of the House
  141. 09/17/2013Business of the House
  142. 09/12/2013Business of the House
  143. 09/12/2013Business of the House
  144. 09/12/20132RFirearms Amendment (Prohibition Orders) Bill 2013
  145. 09/11/2013Business of the House
  146. 09/11/2013Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  147. 09/11/20131R;2R;3RRoyal Commissions and Ombudsman Legislation Amendment Bill 2013
  148. 09/11/2013Business of the House
  149. 09/10/2013Business of the House
  150. 09/10/2013Parliamentary Committees
  151. 09/10/2013Electoral District of Miranda
  152. 08/28/2013Business of the House
  153. 08/28/2013Business of the House
  154. 08/28/2013Business of the House
  155. 08/28/2013Death of the Honourable Gerald Beresford Ponsonby Peacocke, a Former M...
  156. 08/27/2013Business of the House
  157. 08/27/2013Business of the House
  158. 08/27/2013QWNHousing Supply
  159. 08/22/2013QWNCentral to Eveleigh Rail Corridor Project
  160. 08/21/2013Business of the House
  161. 08/21/2013QWNIllawarra Regional Growth Plan
  162. 08/15/2013QWNMining Legislation
  163. 06/20/2013Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2013
  164. 06/20/2013Business Of The House
  165. 06/19/2013Business of the House
  166. 06/19/2013Business of the House
  167. 06/19/2013Business of the House
  168. 06/18/2013Business of the House
  169. 06/18/2013Business of the House
  170. 06/18/2013QWNNewcastle and Hunter Revitalisation Plan
  171. 05/30/2013Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  172. 05/29/2013Business of the House
  173. 05/29/20131R;2R;3RGovernment Sector Employment Bill 2013 Members of Parliament Staff Bil...
  174. 05/29/2013Business of the House
  175. 05/23/20132R;3RNSW Self Insurance Corporation Amendment Bill 2013
  176. 05/23/2013Support for Equality
  177. 05/22/2013Business of the House
  178. 05/22/2013PETBusiness of the House
  179. 05/21/2013Business of the House
  180. 05/21/2013Business of the House
  181. 05/09/2013QWNRegional Growth Plans
  182. 05/08/20132R;3RBaptist Churches of New South Wales Property Trust Amendment Bill 2013
  183. 05/07/20131R;2RVictims Rights and Support Bill 2013
  184. 05/02/2013Member for Kogarah
  185. 05/01/2013Business of the House
  186. 05/01/2013URG MOTBusiness of the House
  187. 05/01/2013Business of the House
  188. 05/01/2013Business of the House
  189. 04/30/2013Business of the House
  190. 04/30/20132R;3RHealth Legislation Amendment Bill 2013
  191. 04/30/2013QWNPlanning System Review
  192. 03/26/2013QWN;REPBays Precinct Land Use
  193. 03/21/2013Business of the House
  194. 03/20/2013QWNMetropolitan Strategy for Sydney
  195. 03/19/2013QWNMetropolitan Strategy for Sydney
  196. 03/14/2013Parliamentary Committees
  197. 03/14/2013Business of the House
  198. 02/28/2013Sessional Orders
  199. 02/27/20132R;3RCrimes (Serious Sex Offenders) Amendment Bill 2013
  200. 02/27/2013URG MOTBusiness of the House
  201. 02/27/2013Business of the House
  202. 02/27/20132RRoad Transport Bill 2013 Road Transport Legislation (Repeal And Amendm...
  203. 02/21/20132R;3RCivil and Administrative Tribunal Bill 2012
  204. 02/21/2013Newcastle Rail Line
  205. 02/20/2013Business of the House
  206. 02/20/2013Business of the House
  207. 02/19/2013QWNHousing Affordability
  208. 11/22/2012PETGosford Foreshore Development
  209. 11/22/2012Business of the House
  210. 11/22/2012Seasonal Felicitations
  211. 11/22/2012ADJSpecial Adjournment
  212. 11/22/2012Business of the House
  213. 11/22/2012Business of the House
  214. 11/21/2012Business of the House
  215. 11/21/2012Standing Committee on Parliamentary Privilege and Ethics
  216. 11/21/2012Business of the House
  217. 11/21/2012QWNWhite Bay Cruise Ship Terminal
  218. 11/21/2012QWNState Infrastructure
  219. 11/20/2012Business of the House
  220. 11/20/2012PETBusiness of the House
  221. 11/15/2012Business of the House
  222. 11/15/2012Death of the Hon. George Paciullo, a Former Minister of the Crown and ...
  223. 11/15/2012Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2012
  224. 11/15/2012Local Government Amendment (Conduct) Bill 2012
  225. 11/15/2012Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No 2) 2012
  226. 11/14/2012Business of the House
  227. 11/13/2012URG MOTChild Sexual Abuse
  228. 11/13/2012Business of the House
  229. 11/13/2012Business of the House
  230. 10/25/2012Business of the House
  231. 10/25/2012QWNMount Penny Coalmine
  232. 10/24/2012Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Amendment (Kings Cross a...
  233. 10/24/2012Business of the House
  234. 10/24/20122R;3REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2012
  235. 10/24/2012Business of the House
  236. 10/24/20122R;3RParliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment (Redistributions) Bi...
  237. 10/24/20121R;2REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2012
  238. 10/24/2012Business of the House
  239. 10/24/2012Business of the House
  240. 10/24/2012QWNHunter Infrastructure
  241. 10/23/2012Business of the House
  242. 10/23/20122R;3RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Legislation Amendment (Interstate...
  243. 10/23/20122R;3RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No 2) 2012
  244. 10/23/2012Business of the House
  245. 10/18/2012Business of the House
  246. 10/18/2012QWNHousing Infrastructure
  247. 10/17/2012Business of the House
  248. 10/17/20122R;3RPorts Assets (Authorised Transactions) Bill 2012
  249. 10/17/2012Business of the House
  250. 10/17/2012State Infrastructure Strategy 2012-2032
  251. 10/17/2012Snowy Mountains Cloud Seeding Trial Amendment Bill 2012
  252. 10/17/2012Business of the House
  253. 10/17/2012Business of the House
  254. 10/17/20122REmergency Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  255. 10/16/20122R;3RState Revenue Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2012
  256. 10/16/2012Business of the House
  257. 10/16/2012Business of the House
  258. 09/20/20122R;3RHuman Tissue Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  259. 09/19/2012Business of the House
  260. 09/18/2012Business of the House
  261. 09/18/2012Business of the House
  262. 09/18/2012QWNGlebe Island Exhibition Centre
  263. 09/12/2012Business of the House
  264. 09/12/2012URG MOTCoastal Management
  265. 09/12/2012Business of the House
  266. 09/12/2012PETBusiness of the House
  267. 09/12/2012Business of the House
  268. 09/11/20122R;3RCrimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  269. 09/11/2012Death of the Hon. Francis John Walker, QC, A former Minister of the Cr...
  270. 09/06/2012Business of the House
  271. 09/05/2012Business of the House
  272. 09/05/2012Business of the House
  273. 09/05/2012Business of the House
  274. 08/22/2012Graffiti Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  275. 08/22/20122R;3RNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Adjustment of Areas) Bill 2012
  276. 08/21/2012Business of the House
  277. 08/16/2012Graffiti Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  278. 08/16/2012QWNPlanning Reforms
  279. 06/21/2012Workers Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  280. 06/21/2012Business of the House
  281. 06/21/2012Business of the House
  282. 06/21/2012QWNRural and Regional New South Wales
  283. 06/21/2012Business of the House
  284. 06/21/2012Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters
  285. 06/21/2012Business of the House
  286. 06/21/2012Business of the House
  287. 06/20/20122R;3RPublic Sector Employment and Management Amendment (Procurement of Good...
  288. 06/20/20122R;3RMotor Accidents and Lifetime Care and Support Schemes Legislation Amen...
  289. 06/20/2012Business of the House
  290. 06/20/20122R;3RInspector of Custodial Services Bill 2012
  291. 06/19/2012Business of the House
  292. 06/14/20123RCity of Sydney Amendment (Central Sydney Traffic and Transport Committ...
  293. 06/14/2012QWNState Budget and Housing
  294. 06/14/2012Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  295. 06/13/2012QWNSydney Foreshore Planning
  296. 06/13/2012QWNBusiness of the House
  297. 06/12/2012PRIVBusiness of the House
  298. 06/12/2012Business of the House
  299. 06/12/2012QWNState Budget and Housing
  300. 05/31/2012Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  301. 05/31/2012Business of the House
  302. 05/31/2012Business of the House
  303. 05/31/2012Business of the House
  304. 05/30/2012Business of the House
  305. 05/30/2012Business of the House
  306. 05/30/2012Business of the House
  307. 05/29/2012Business of the House
  308. 05/29/2012PRIVTribute to Julie Sutton
  309. 05/23/2012Business of the House
  310. 05/23/2012Legislation Review Committee
  311. 05/09/2012Tribute to James Oswald "Jimmy" Little, AO
  312. 05/08/2012Business of the House
  313. 05/03/2012Business of the House
  314. 05/03/2012QWNSydney Metropolitan Strategy
  315. 05/03/2012QWNSydney Ferries
  316. 05/02/2012Joint Select Committee on the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme
  317. 05/02/2012Business of the House
  318. 05/02/2012Business of the House
  319. 05/02/20121R;2RSydney Water Catchment Management Amendment (Board Members) Bill 2012
  320. 05/02/2012Business of the House
  321. 05/01/2012Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Comments
  322. 05/01/2012QWNCoal Seam Gas Exploration
  323. 04/04/2012Business of the House
  324. 04/03/20122RState Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  325. 04/03/2012Business of the House
  326. 04/02/20122RRetail Trading Amendment Bill 2012
  327. 04/02/2012Business of the House
  328. 03/29/20122RPublic Sector Employment and Management Amendment Bill 2012
  329. 03/29/2012QWNSea Level Rise
  330. 03/29/2012Morisset Hospital
  331. 03/28/2012PRIVBateau Bay Police and Community Youth Club
  332. 03/28/2012Business of the House
  333. 03/28/2012QWNWestern Sydney Housing Infrastructure
  334. 03/27/2012Business of the House
  335. 03/27/2012Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters
  336. 03/27/2012Business of the House
  337. 03/15/2012PRIVCoal Seam Gas Exploration
  338. 03/14/2012QWNStrategic Agricultural Land Protection
  339. 03/14/2012QWNSydney Heritage Fleet
  340. 03/07/2012Business of the House
  341. 03/07/2012Business of the House
  342. 03/06/2012QWNCoal and Coal Seam Gas Exploration
  343. 02/23/20122RCompensation to Relatives Legislation Amendment (Dust Diseases) Bill 2012
  344. 02/21/2012Business of the House
  345. 02/21/2012Business of the House
  346. 02/21/2012Business of the House
  347. 02/16/2012PETRezoning of South Tralee
  348. 02/16/2012Election Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Amendment Bill 2011
  349. 02/16/2012Business of the House
  350. 02/15/2012PRIVBusiness of the House
  351. 02/15/20122RCrimes Amendment (Consorting and Organised Crime) Bill 2012
  352. 02/15/2012Business of the House
  353. 02/15/2012QWNCallan Park Master Plan
  354. 02/15/20122RMental Health Commission Bill 2011
  355. 02/15/2012Death of Rex Frederick Jackson, a Former Minister of the Crown and Mem...
  356. 02/14/2012Sessional Orders
  357. 02/14/2012Business of the House
  358. 11/25/2011Business of the House
  359. 11/25/2011Seasonal Felicitations
  360. 11/25/2011Days and Hours of Sitting
  361. 11/25/2011QWNStrategic Regional Land Use Policy
  362. 11/25/2011Business of the House
  363. 11/25/20112RPolice Amendment (Death and Disability) Bill 2011
  364. 11/25/2011Business of the House
  365. 11/25/2011Business of the House
  366. 11/24/2011Business of the House
  367. 11/24/2011Business of the House
  368. 11/24/2011Business of the House
  369. 11/23/2011Business of the House
  370. 11/23/2011Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  371. 11/23/2011Minister for the Environment, and Minister For Heritage
  372. 11/23/2011Days and Hours of Sitting
  373. 11/23/2011QWNQuakers Hill Nursing Home Fire
  374. 11/22/2011Business of the House
  375. 11/11/2011Doyles Creek Training Mine
  376. 11/11/2011Business of the House
  377. 11/11/2011QWNCallan Park Master Plan
  378. 11/10/2011Business of the House
  379. 11/10/2011QWNChild Safety
  380. 11/09/2011Business of the House
  381. 11/09/2011Business of the House
  382. 11/09/2011QWNConstruction Industry Inquiry
  383. 11/08/2011Business of the House
  384. 10/20/2011QWNMajor Project Development Approvals
  385. 10/20/2011Retirement of Russell David Grove, PSM, Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
  386. 10/19/2011Russell Grove, PSM, Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
  387. 10/19/20111R;2RStatute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No. 2) 2011
  388. 10/19/20112RChildren Legislation Amendment (Child Death Review Team) Bill 2011
  389. 10/19/2011Business of the House
  390. 10/19/2011Business of the House
  391. 10/19/20111R;2RSporting Venues Authorities Amendment (Venues NSW) Bill 2011
  392. 10/18/20111R;2RRedfern-Waterloo Authority Repeal Bill 2011
  393. 10/18/2011QWNPopulation Growth Projections
  394. 10/17/2011Business of the House
  395. 10/14/2011Business of the House
  396. 10/13/2011Business of the House
  397. 10/13/2011QWNStrategic Regional Land Use Management
  398. 10/12/2011Business of the House
  399. 10/11/2011Business of the House
  400. 09/15/2011Business of the House
  401. 09/14/2011Business of the House
  402. 09/13/2011Business of the House
  403. 09/12/2011Governor's Speech: Address-in-Reply
  404. 09/12/2011QWNPlanning Reforms
  405. 09/08/20112R;3RTransport Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  406. 09/08/20112RMarine Parks Amendment (Moratorium) Bill 2011
  407. 09/08/2011Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  408. 09/07/2011Business of the House
  409. 09/07/2011Business of the House
  410. 09/07/2011QWNState Budget and Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Services
  411. 08/26/2011Business of the House
  412. 08/26/2011White Bay Cruise Ship Terminal
  413. 08/26/2011Business of the House
  414. 08/25/20112RFines Amendment (Work and Development Orders) Bill 2011
  415. 08/25/2011Business of the House
  416. 08/24/2011QWNStrategic Regional Land Use Plan
  417. 08/11/2011Business of the House
  418. 08/11/2011Business of the House
  419. 08/10/2011Business Of The House
  420. 08/10/20112RRestart NSW Fund Bill 2011
  421. 08/09/2011Business of the House
  422. 08/09/2011Business of the House
  423. 08/08/2011QWNBarangaroo Development
  424. 08/05/2011QWNElizabeth Bay Marina
  425. 08/05/2011QWNElizabeth Bay Marina
  426. 08/05/2011Business of the House
  427. 08/05/20112RGraffiti Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  428. 08/04/2011Business of the House
  429. 08/04/2011QWNPlanning Reforms
  430. 08/03/2011Business of the House
  431. 06/23/2011Joint Select Committee on the Parliamentary Budget Office
  432. 06/23/2011Business of the House
  433. 06/22/20111R;2RRegional Relocation (Home Buyers Grant) Bill 2011
  434. 06/22/2011Business of the House
  435. 06/22/2011Standing Orders and Procedure Committee
  436. 06/21/2011QWNPlanning Reforms
  437. 06/20/2011Business of the House
  438. 06/17/2011Business of the House
  439. 06/17/20112RInfrastructure NSW Bill 2011
  440. 06/17/2011Business of the House
  441. 06/17/2011Business of the House
  442. 06/17/2011Parliamentary Committees
  443. 06/17/2011Business of the House
  444. 06/16/20111R;2REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Part 3A Repeal) Bill 2011
  445. 06/16/2011QWNWhite Bay Redevelopment
  446. 06/16/2011Business of the House
  447. 06/16/2011Business of the House
  448. 06/15/2011Business of the House
  449. 06/15/2011Business of the House
  450. 06/01/2011PETRoyal North Shore Hospital Site
  451. 06/01/2011Business of the House
  452. 06/01/2011Absence of Members
  453. 06/01/20113RWork Health and Safety Bill 2011 Occupational Health and Safety Amendm...
  454. 05/31/2011QWNWhite Bay Redevelopment
  455. 05/31/2011Business of the House
  456. 05/26/2011QWNBarangaroo Development
  457. 05/26/2011Business of the House
  458. 05/26/2011Business of the House
  459. 05/26/2011Tribute to Robert Gould
  460. 05/25/2011QWNPlanning Reforms
  461. 05/25/2011Business of the House
  462. 05/25/2011Business of the House
  463. 05/24/2011Business of the House
  464. 05/24/2011QWNWind Farm Applications and Planning Reform
  465. 05/12/2011Business of the House
  466. 05/11/2011PETSydney Foreshore Planning
  467. 05/11/2011Business of the House
  468. 05/11/20113RLobbying of Government Officials Bill 2011
  469. 05/11/2011Business of the House
  470. 05/11/2011Tribute to Lionel Rose, MBE
  471. 05/10/2011Business of the House
  472. 05/10/2011QWNCoogee Bay Hotel Development
  473. 05/10/20112RDuties Amendment (Senior's Principal Place of Residence Duty Exemption...
  474. 05/10/2011Business of the House
  475. 05/10/2011Business of the House
  476. 05/09/2011Business of the House
  477. 05/05/2011Business of the House
  478. 05/05/2011Business of the House
  479. 05/04/2011Sessional Orders
  480. 05/04/20111R;2RConstitution Amendment (Prorogation of Parliament) Bill 2011
  481. 05/04/2011Business of the House
  482. 05/04/20112RMiscellaneous Acts Amendment (Directors' Liability) Bill 2011
  483. 05/04/20111R;2RLobbying of Government Officials Bill 2011
  484. 05/04/2011Business of the House
  485. 05/04/2011Business of the House
  486. 05/03/2011PRIVWakehurst Electorate Traffic Congestion
  487. 05/03/2011PRIVKorora Subdivision, Coffs Harbour
  488. 05/03/2011PRIVLake Macquarie Electorate Public Transport
  489. 05/03/2011PRIVCystic Fibrosis Short Straw Campaign
  490. 05/03/2011PRIVMotor Vehicle Child Restraints
  491. 11/30/20102R;3RContract Cleaning Industry (Portable Long Service Leave Scheme) Bill 2...
  492. 11/23/20101R;2RPlanning Appeals Legislation Amendment Bill 2010
  493. 11/23/2010Sessional Orders
  494. 11/12/2010PRIVFrenchs Forest Housing Project
  495. 11/10/20102RFood Amendment Bill 2010
  496. 11/09/20102RElection Funding and Disclosures Amendment Bill 2010
  497. 11/09/2010Business of the House
  498. 10/28/2010PRIVCompulsory Land Acquisition
  499. 10/27/20102R;3RHealth Services Amendment (Local Health Networks) Bill 2010
  500. 10/26/20102RNature Conservation Trust Amendment Bill 2010
  501. 10/26/20102RMotor Accidents Compensation Amendment Bill 2010
  502. 10/22/2010PRIVMona Vale Hospital Maternity Unit
  503. 10/22/2010REPLegislation Review Committee
  504. 10/22/2010REPPublic Accounts Committee
  505. 10/21/20102RRoad Transport (Vehicle Registration) Amendment (Written-off Vehicles...
  506. 10/20/20102RDrug Misuse and Trafficking Amendment (Medically Supervised Injecting ...
  507. 10/19/20102RParliamentary Budget Officer Bill 2010
  508. 09/22/20102RConstitution Amendment (Recognition of Aboriginal People) Bill 2010
  509. 09/09/20103RAdoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  510. 09/08/2010Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  511. 06/22/20101R;2RCriminal Assets Recovery Amendment (Unexplained Wealth) Bill 2010
  512. 06/09/2010Death of Adrian John Cruickshank, a Former Member of the Legislative A...
  513. 05/20/20102RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment (Parental R...
  514. 05/18/20102RAppropriation (Budget Variations) Bill 2010
  515. 05/12/20102REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Development Consents)...
  516. 05/12/20102RState Emergency Service Amendment (Volunteer Consultative Council) Bil...
  517. 05/11/20102RCarers (Recognition) Bill 2010
  518. 04/21/20101R;2RMining and Petroleum Legislation Amendment (Land Access) Bill 2010
  519. 03/17/2010Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  520. 03/16/2010Land Acquisition
  521. 03/16/2010Land Acquisition
  522. 03/16/2010QWNLand Acquisition
  523. 02/24/2010URG MOTLiberal Party Membership
  524. 12/03/2009URG MOTPolitical Donations
  525. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  526. 12/01/2009QWNPolitical Donations
  527. 11/26/2009Social Housing
  528. 11/25/2009Business of the House
  529. 11/25/20092RChild Protection Legislation (Registrable Persons) Amendment Bill 2009
  530. 11/24/2009URG MOTPolitical Donations Reform
  531. 11/11/20092RPassenger Transport Amendment (Taxi Licensing) Bill 2009
  532. 11/11/20092RHealth Practitioner Regulation Bill 2009
  533. 11/11/2009Business of the House
  534. 11/11/20092RHealth Practitioner Regulation Bill 2009
  535. 10/21/2009Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  536. 10/21/2009QWNPlanning Transparency and Accountability
  537. 10/20/2009Death of the Honourable Virginia Anne Chadwick, AO, a Former Member of...
  538. 09/24/2009QWNPlanning and Lobbyists
  539. 09/10/2009QWNPlanning Transparency and Accountability
  540. 09/09/2009Consideration of Motions to be Accorded Priority
  541. 09/09/2009QWNPlanning Transparency and Accountability
  542. 09/08/20092REducation Further Amendment (Publication of School Results) Bill 2009
  543. 06/24/2009QWNCity Metro Plaza
  544. 06/24/20092REducation Amendment (Publication of School Results) Bill 2009
  545. 06/23/2009Business of the House
  546. 06/19/2009PRIVNorthern Beaches Hospital
  547. 06/17/2009Business of the House
  548. 06/17/2009Business of the House
  549. 06/16/2009Business of the House
  550. 06/16/2009Business of the House
  551. 06/16/2009Business of the House
  552. 06/02/20092REnergy Legislation Amendment (Infrastructure Protection) Bill 2009
  553. 06/02/20092RHeritage Amendment Bill 2009
  554. 05/07/2009Mona Vale and Frenchs Forest Hospitals
  555. 05/07/2009Liverpool Electorate Candidate Disclosure
  556. 04/01/20092RReal Property and Conveyancing Legislation Amendment Bill 2009
  557. 04/01/20092REducation Amendment Bill 2009
  558. 03/25/2009URG MOTFederal Stimulus Package, Infrastructure and Jobs
  559. 03/24/20092RParking Space Levy Bill 2009
  560. 03/24/2009URG MOTFederal Stimulus Package and Jobs
  561. 03/13/2009PRIVNorthern Beaches Public Transport
  562. 03/13/2009REPCommittee on the Independent Commission Against Corruption
  563. 03/13/2009Victorian Bushfires
  564. 03/12/20092RChildren Legislation Amendment (Wood Inquiry Recommendations) Bill 2009
  565. 03/11/2009Nation Building and Jobs Plan (State Infrastructure Delivery) Bill 2009
  566. 03/11/20092RBarangaroo Delivery Authority Bill 2009
  567. 03/10/20092RNation Building and Jobs Plan (State Infrastructure Delivery) Bill 2009
  568. 12/04/20082RRetirement Villages Amendment Bill 2008
  569. 12/04/20082RFines Further Amendment Bill 2008
  570. 12/04/20082RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment Bill 2008
  571. 12/04/20082REducation Amendment (Educational Support for Children with Significant...
  572. 12/02/20082RLiquor Amendment (Special Licence Conditions) Bill 2008
  573. 11/11/2008QWNFirst Home Buyers
  574. 09/25/2008Business of the House
  575. 09/25/2008Disability Services in the Bega Valley Shire
  576. 09/25/2008Mental Health Services
  577. 08/29/2008URG MOTState Credit Rating
  578. 08/28/2008Daily Telegraph Article
  579. 06/24/2008PRIVDeath of Allan Viney, a Former Member for Wakehurst
  580. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  581. 06/19/2008Business of the House
  582. 06/18/20082REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2008
  583. 06/17/20082RShop Trading Bill 2008
  584. 06/17/20082RFilming Related Legislation Amendment Bill 2008
  585. 06/17/2008URG MOTState Infrastructure Strategy
  586. 06/04/20082RMiscellaneous Acts Amendment (Same Sex Relationships) Bill 2008
  587. 06/03/20082REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2008 Building Pro...
  588. 06/03/20082REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2008 Building Pro...
  589. 05/16/20082RMedical Practice Amendment Bill 2008
  590. 05/14/20082RHemp Industry Bill 2008
  591. 05/13/20082RSummary Offences and Law Enforcement Legislation Amendment (Laser Poin...
  592. 05/13/20082RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Legislation Amendment Bill 2008
  593. 05/07/20082RGrowth Centres (Development Corporations) Amendment Bill 2008
  594. 05/07/20082RConsumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal Amendment Bill 2008
  595. 05/06/20082RClean Coal Administration Bill 2008
  596. 04/10/2008Business of the House
  597. 04/10/2008Respite Care and Supported Accommodation
  598. 04/10/2008Northern Beaches Hospital
  599. 04/08/20082RLocal Government Amendment (Elections) Bill 2008
  600. 04/08/2008Business of the House
  601. 04/08/2008QWNPlanning Panels Appointments
  602. 04/08/2008PRIVDee Why Town Centre
  603. 04/03/2008Northern Beaches Hospital
  604. 03/06/2008Infrastructure Levy
  605. 03/04/20082RLocal Government Amendment (Election Date) Bill 2008
  606. 03/04/2008QWNDevelopers Australian Labor Party Donations
  607. 03/04/2008QWNDevelopers Australian Labor Party Donations
  608. 02/28/2008Ku-ring-gai Council Density Planning Compliance and Conservation Zones
  609. 02/27/2008Minister for Planning Fundraising and Tralee Residential Development
  610. 02/26/2008QWNMinister for Planning and Developer Political Party Donations
  611. 02/26/2008PRIVMr Douglas McCoy Investment Activities
  612. 12/06/2007Northern Beaches Integrated Transport Plan
  613. 12/06/20072RGovernment Schools (Infrastructure Register) Bill 2007
  614. 12/05/20072RLaw Enforcement and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2007
  615. 12/05/20072RWorld Youth Day Amendment Bill 2007
  616. 11/28/2007Department of Community Services Child Protection Reform
  617. 11/28/2007Business of the House
  618. 11/15/2007Currawong
  619. 11/14/20072RCrimes Amendment (Consent-Sexual Assault Offences) Bill 2007
  620. 10/24/20072RCrown Law Officers Legislation Amendment (Abolition of Life Tenure) Bi...
  621. 10/23/20072RRoad Transport (General) Amendment (Written-off Vehicles) Bill 2007
  622. 10/23/20072RLaw Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Amendment Bill 2007
  623. 10/23/2007Affordable Child Care Plan
  624. 10/16/20072RHousing Amendment (Community Housing Providers) Bill 2007
  625. 09/27/2007Queanbeyan Expansion
  626. 09/26/20072RCrimes Amendment Bill 2007
  627. 06/28/2007QWNAboriginal Child Sexual Abuse
  628. 06/28/2007QWNAboriginal Child Sexual Abuse
  629. 06/26/2007PRIVWheeler Heights Public School Northern Beaches Hospital Narraweena Pub...
  630. 06/22/20072RBrothels Legislation Amendment Bill 2007
  631. 06/22/20072RCriminal Procedure Amendment (Local Court Process Reforms) Bill 2007
  632. 06/20/20072RDrug Summit Legislative Response Amendment (Trial Period Extension) Bi...
  633. 06/06/20072RHuman Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Amendment Bill 2007
  634. 05/10/2007Economic Growth
  635. 05/10/2007Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters
  636. 05/08/2007Assistant-Speakers
  637. 11/22/2006Deer Bill Mount Panorama Motor Racing Amendment Bill Statute Law (Misc...
  638. 11/16/20062RAboriginal Land Rights Amendment Bill
  639. 11/16/20062R;COMMRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Evidence) Bill
  640. 11/16/20062RParliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment (Child Sexual Offenc...
  641. 11/15/20062R;COMMEducation Legislation Amendment Bill
  642. 11/15/20062RTrees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Bill
  643. 10/26/20062RAboriginal Land Rights Amendment Bill
  644. 10/25/2006PRIVHonourable Member for Pittwater Use of Public Resources
  645. 10/24/20062RAdoption Amendment Bill
  646. 10/24/2006URG MOTBack-to-School Allowance
  647. 09/27/20062RCrimes (Appeal and Review) Amendment (Double Jeopardy) Bill Crimes (Ap...
  648. 09/26/2006Brownlow Medal Recipient Adam Goodes
  649. 09/20/20062RCrimes Amendment (Apprehended Violence) Bill
  650. 09/19/2006URG MOTJustice System and Polictial Interference Allegations
  651. 09/07/2006Lake Illawarra South Public School Fencing
  652. 09/07/20062REducation Amendment (Financial Assistance to Non-Government Schools) Bill
  653. 06/06/2006Disability Services Stronger Together Plan
  654. 05/24/2006URG MOTSkills Shortages
  655. 05/23/2006QWNSmartpoles Contract
  656. 05/11/2006Tribute to "Aunty" Nancy De Vries
  657. 05/10/2006PRIVNorthern Beaches Services
  658. 05/10/20062R;COMMEducation Legislation Amendment (Staff) Bill
  659. 05/09/20062RAppropriation (Budget Variations) Bill
  660. 05/03/20062R;COMMLegal Profession Amendment Bill
  661. 04/05/20062RFisheries Management Amendment Bill
  662. 04/05/20062RWorkers Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill
  663. 03/29/20062RChild Protection (International Measures) Bill
  664. 03/29/2006COMMEnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill
  665. 03/29/2006Honourable Member for Davidson
  666. 03/29/20062RChild Protection (International Measures) Bill
  667. 03/29/20062R;COMMMotor Accidents (Lifetime Care and Support) Bill Motor Accidents Compe...
  668. 03/08/20062RLand Tax Management Amendment (Tax Threshold) Bill
  669. 03/08/20062REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill
  670. 12/01/2005Balgowlah North Public School
  671. 11/16/2005PRIVPittwater Electorate By-election Candidate Mr Alex McTaggart
  672. 11/16/2005Education for Remote Families
  673. 11/09/2005Van Tuong Nguyen Clemency Plea
  674. 10/18/2005Pacific Highway Upgrade
  675. 10/18/2005QWNBanora Point Senior High School
  676. 09/22/2005South Sydney Public Education
  677. 09/22/2005Sir Eric Woodward Memorial School Nurse Position
  678. 09/15/2005New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council Management
  679. 09/15/2005QWNResignation of the Honourable Carmel Tebbutt as a Member of the Legisl...
  680. 09/14/20052RDuties Amendment (Abolition of Vendor Duty) Bill
  681. 09/14/2005Kelso High School Fire
  682. 06/22/2005PRIVAnthony George Reid Property Transfer
  683. 05/26/2005Death of Father Ted Kennedy
  684. 04/06/2005Death of His Holiness Pope John Paul II
  685. 03/22/20052RWater Efficiency Labelling and Standards (New South Wales) Bill
  686. 03/22/2005Judge Bob Bellear State Funeral
  687. 03/03/2005PRIVThe Spit Bridge Widening
  688. 03/02/20052RElectricity Supply Amendment Bill
  689. 03/02/2005PRIVDiscounted Air Tickets Fraud Allegations
  690. 03/01/20052R;COMMIndependent Commission Against Corruption Amendment Bill
  691. 12/09/2004REP;COMMRedfern-Waterloo Authority Bill
  692. 12/09/2004Balgowlah North Public School
  693. 12/09/2004Small Business Opportunities
  694. 12/08/2004URG MOTHonourable Member for Epping Judicial Commission Complaint
  695. 12/08/2004URG MOTHonourable Member for Epping Judicial Commission Complaint
  696. 11/19/2004Redfern-Waterloo Authority Bill
  697. 11/18/2004URG MOTFederal Government Aboriginal Welfare Restrictions
  698. 11/18/2004New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council Management
  699. 11/18/20041R;2RJuvenile Offenders Legislation Amendment Bill
  700. 11/17/20042RHome Building Amendment Bill
  701. 11/17/2004URG MOTBusiness of the House
  702. 11/17/20042RRedfern-Waterloo Authority Bill
  703. 11/17/20042RShops and Industries Amendment (Special Shop Closures) Bill
  704. 11/10/2004Death of Dr Elizabeth Anne Kernohan, AM, a Former Member of the Legisl...
  705. 10/28/20042RPolice Amendment (Crime Reduction and Reporting) Bill
  706. 10/27/20042RRetail Leases Amendment Bill
  707. 10/27/20042RProtected Estates Amendment (Missing Persons) Bill
  708. 10/20/2004URG MOTMetropolitan Water Plan
  709. 09/24/2004PRIVSexual Assault Counselling Services Funding
  710. 09/15/20042RRegistered Clubs Legislation Amendment Bill
  711. 09/14/20041R;2RAboriginal Land Rights Amendment (Gandangara Estate) Bill
  712. 09/02/20042RGovernment School Assets Register Bill
  713. 06/24/2004Human Embryo Research
  714. 06/23/2004QWNCoastal Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade Program Funding
  715. 06/23/20042RCrimes Amendment (Child Neglect) Bill
  716. 06/22/2004QWNCoastal Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade Program Funding
  717. 06/22/20042RResidential Tenancies Amendment (Public Housing) Bill
  718. 06/03/20042RRoad Transport (General) Amendment (Licence Suspension) Bill
  719. 06/02/2004URG MOTWater-Saving Measures
  720. 06/02/20042RRegional Development Bill
  721. 06/01/20042RWater Management Amendment Bill
  722. 06/01/2004Reconciliation Week
  723. 05/11/20042R;COMMState Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill
  724. 05/06/2004URG MOTWorld Vision 40 Hour Famine
  725. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  726. 05/04/2004URG MOTStamp Duty
  727. 04/01/20042RGovernment School Assets Register Bill
  728. 03/16/2004Return of Aboriginal Remains
  729. 03/12/2004PRIVNorthern Beaches Bus Services
  730. 03/11/2004Sutherland Shire Carr Government Achievements
  731. 03/11/2004Defamation Amendment (Costs) Bill
  732. 03/10/20042RRetirement Villages Amendment Bill
  733. 03/10/2004Business of the House
  734. 03/09/2004Child Care Places
  735. 02/26/2004URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  736. 02/26/2004QWNSydney Water Managing Director Mr Greg Robinson
  737. 02/25/20042REducation Amendment (Non-Government Schools Registration) Bill
  738. 02/18/2004Death of Barry William (Bill) Rixon, a Former Member of the Legislativ...
  739. 12/03/20032RTransport Administration Amendment (Sydney Ferries) Bill
  740. 12/03/2003COMMRegistered Clubs Amendment Bill
  741. 11/20/20032RState Arms, Symbols and Emblems Bill
  742. 11/19/20031R;2RWorkers Compensation Legislation Amendment (Trainees) Bill
  743. 11/19/2003PRIVManly District Hospital Maternity Unit
  744. 11/19/2003URG MOTFederal Government Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tax
  745. 11/18/2003Registered Clubs Amendment Bill
  746. 11/13/20032R;COMMTransport Legislation Amendment (Safety And Reliability) Bill
  747. 11/13/20032R;COMM;3REvidence (Audio and Audio Visual Links) Amendment Bill
  748. 11/11/20032RFirearms and Crimes Legislation Amendment (Public Safety) Bill
  749. 11/11/2003PRIVWarringah Overdevelopment
  750. 11/11/2003Families First Program
  751. 10/29/20032RChild Protection Legislation Amendment Bill
  752. 10/29/20032RPrivacy and Personal Information Protection Amendment Bill
  753. 10/28/2003Supreme Court Act 1970: Disallowance of Supreme Court Rules (Amendment...
  754. 10/28/2003Supreme Court Act 1970: Disallowance of Supreme Court Rules (Amendment...
  755. 10/28/2003Youth Debt
  756. 10/15/20031R;2RSydney Water Amendment (Water Restrictions) Bill
  757. 10/15/2003Business of the House
  758. 10/15/2003URG MOTFederal Government Corporate Law Reform Package
  759. 10/15/20032RGaming Machines Amendment (Miscellaneous) Bill
  760. 09/16/2003New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council Investigation
  761. 09/03/2003Carers
  762. 07/03/2003The Spit Bridge Widening
  763. 07/02/20032RCommission for Children and Young People Amendment (Child Death Review...
  764. 07/02/2003National Aboriginal and Islanders Day of Observance Committee Week
  765. 07/02/2003QWNCronulla Sewage Treatment Plant
  766. 07/01/2003COMMHuman Cloning And Other Prohibited Practices Bill Research Involving H...
  767. 06/26/2003QWNCronulla Sewage Treatment Plant
  768. 06/25/2003PRIVNRMA and Death of Miss Bethany Violet Holder
  769. 06/25/2003QWNState-Owned Corporations Competitive Neutrality
  770. 06/20/20032RPacific Power (Dissolution) Bill
  771. 06/20/20032RCancer Institute (Nsw) Bill
  772. 06/19/2003PRIVApric Pty Ltd Pittwater Road, Dee Why, Development
  773. 06/19/2003Tribute to Mrs Adele Chapman-Burgess
  774. 06/19/20032RCancer Institute (Nsw) Bill
  775. 06/19/20032RValuation of Land Amendment (Valuer-General) Bill
  776. 06/17/20032RHuman Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Bill Research Involving H...
  777. 05/28/20032R;COMMLocal Government Amendment (Elections) Bill
  778. 05/27/2003National Reconciliation Week
  779. 05/22/2003QWNSydney Water Quality Testing
  780. 05/22/2003QWNSydney Water Quality Testing
  781. 05/22/20032RBail Amendment (Repeat Offenders) Bill
  782. 05/21/20032RVictims Legislation Amendment Bill
  783. 05/08/2003PRIVNorthern Beaches Education Facilities
  784. 05/08/2003School Maintenance Contracts
  785. 05/07/2003URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  786. 05/07/2003QWNSydney Water Customer Information and Billing System
  787. 05/06/2003Appropriation (Budget Variations) Bill
  788. 05/01/2003PRIVManly and Mona Vale Hospitals
  789. 05/01/2003Bankstown Airport
  790. 11/21/20022RGuardianship and Protected Estates Legislation Amendment Bill
  791. 11/20/2002PRIVNorthern Beaches Bus Services
  792. 11/20/2002Homelessness
  793. 11/19/20022RCourts Legislation Miscellaneous Amendments Bill
  794. 11/13/20022RGuardianship Amendment (Enduring Guardians) Bill
  795. 11/13/2002PRIVWarringah Council Development Moratorium
  796. 10/31/2002URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  797. 10/31/2002Business Of The House
  798. 10/30/20022RCivil Liability Amendment (Personal Responsibility) Bill
  799. 10/30/20022RHuman Tissue and Anatomy Legislation Amendment Bill
  800. 10/24/2002URG MOTAsian Languages and Studies Program Funding
  801. 10/22/2002Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council, Joint Sitting: Bali Terr...
  802. 09/26/2002URG MOTRoyal Australian Navy Sea 1444 Replacement Patrol Boat Project
  803. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  804. 09/26/2002Department of Community Services Counselling Services
  805. 09/25/2002Department of Community Services Counselling Services
  806. 09/25/2002QWNDepartment of Community Services Counselling Services
  807. 09/24/20022RCrimes (Administration of Sentences) Further Amendment Bill
  808. 09/18/2002QWNDepartment of Community Services State Ward Placement
  809. 06/27/20022RCommunity Services Legislation Amendment Bill
  810. 06/26/2002QWNDepartment of Community Services Staffing
  811. 06/20/2002URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  812. 06/19/2002COMMBail Amendment (Repeat Offenders) Bill
  813. 06/05/2002QWNDisability Services
  814. 05/30/2002URG MOTTAFE Higher Education Contribution Scheme Fees
  815. 05/30/2002QWNDepartment Of Community Services Foster Care Services
  816. 05/30/20022RCivil Liability Bill
  817. 05/28/2002National Sorry Day
  818. 05/28/2002QWNDepartment Of Community Services Foster Care Service
  819. 05/09/2002PRIVBelrose Group Home Staffing
  820. 05/09/2002URG MOTNon-Government Community Workers
  821. 05/09/2002North Head Quarantine Station
  822. 05/08/20022RHome Building Amendment (Insurance) Bill
  823. 05/07/2002East Timor Education Fund
  824. 04/11/2002Department Of Community Services Director-General
  825. 04/09/2002URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  826. 03/19/20022RRoad Transport (General) Amendment (Operator Onus Offences) Bill
  827. 03/15/2002Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  828. 03/14/2002Aboriginal Land Council Operations
  829. 03/13/2002QWNDepartment Of Community Services Child Abuse Investigations
  830. 02/28/2002URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  831. 02/27/2002PRIVNorth Head Quarantine Station
  832. 02/27/2002QWNDepartment Of Community Services Case Officers Pornography Transmissions
  833. 12/06/2001Seasonal Felicitations
  834. 12/06/2001QWNWilliam McGarrity Psychiatric Assessment
  835. 12/04/2001Volunteers
  836. 11/30/2001COMMWorkers Compensation Legislation Further Amendment Bill
  837. 11/29/20012RAboriginal Land Rights Amendment Bill
  838. 11/15/20012RCommunity Services (Complaints, Reviews and Monitoring) Amendment (App...
  839. 11/08/2001QWNJessica Gallacher Murder Inquiry
  840. 11/08/2001Aboriginal Traditional Languages
  841. 11/08/2001Aboriginal Deaths In Custody
  842. 11/07/2001Wellington Common Indigenous Land Use Agreement
  843. 11/06/2001URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  844. 10/25/2001Disclosure Of Confidential Information
  845. 10/25/2001QWNDeath of Jayden Luke
  846. 10/25/2001Northern Beaches Schools Intensive Reading Program
  847. 10/23/20012RChildren and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment (Permanency...
  848. 10/23/2001Tribute To Ms Janet Mahon
  849. 10/23/2001North Head Quarantine Station
  850. 10/18/2001Water Safety
  851. 10/16/2001QWNOperation Florida
  852. 10/16/2001Death Of Mrs Pat Dixon
  853. 09/20/2001URG MOTNursing Home Accommodation
  854. 09/20/2001Aboriginal Deaths In Custody
  855. 09/06/2001QWNChild Protection
  856. 09/05/20012RCrimes Amendment (Aggravated Sexual Assault In Company) Bill
  857. 09/04/2001PRIVAnthony George Reid Property Transfer
  858. 06/29/2001COMMHousing Bill
  859. 06/28/2001PRIVWakehurst Electorate Bank Branch Closures, Northern Beaches Bus Services
  860. 06/28/2001Aboriginal Reconciliation
  861. 06/27/2001Budget Estimates And Related Papers
  862. 06/27/20012RWaste Recycling And Processing Corporation Bill
  863. 06/26/2001QWNDisability Services Corruption Allegations
  864. 06/25/20012RChild Protection (Offenders Registration) Amendment Bill
  865. 06/05/2001COMMCrimes Legislation Amendment (Existing Life Sentences) Bill
  866. 06/05/20012RFirst Home Owner Grant Amendment Bill
  867. 06/05/20012R;COMMCrimes Legislation Amendment (Existing Life Sentences) Bill
  868. 06/01/2001Death of Evelyn Crawford Snr
  869. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  870. 05/31/2001QWNCleveland Street High School Closure
  871. 05/31/2001Student Violence Ministerial Statement
  872. 05/31/20012RCommunity Services (Complaints, Reviews and Monitoring) Amendment (App...
  873. 04/12/2001QWNDepartment Of Community Services Child Abuse Notifications
  874. 04/05/2001Computers In Prisons
  875. 04/03/2001Aboriginal Communities Development Program
  876. 03/29/2001QWNDepartment Of Community Services Helpline
  877. 03/29/2001State Environmental Planning Policy No. 5
  878. 03/29/2001Jack Beetson "Unsung Hero" Award
  879. 03/29/20012RCommunity Services (Complaints, Reviews and Monitoring) Amendment (App...
  880. 03/28/2001PRIVMr And Mrs Richardson And Henley Properties (NSW) Pty Ltd
  881. 03/27/2001Minister for Community Services, Minister for Ageing, Minister for Dis...
  882. 03/08/20012RCommunity Services (Complaints, Reviews and Monitoring) Amendment (App...
  883. 03/07/2001QWNDepartment Of Community Services Helpline
  884. 02/28/2001QWNDepartment Of Community Services Notifications
  885. 02/27/2001PRIVDeath of the Honourable Richard Owen Healey, A Former Minister of the ...
  886. 02/27/2001QWNDepartment Of Community Services Employee Screening
  887. 11/30/2000Jessica Gallacher Murder Inquiry
  888. 11/30/2000QWNJessica Gallacher Murder Inquiry
  889. 11/29/20002RRural Fires Amendment Bill
  890. 11/29/2000QWNChild Abuse Investigations
  891. 11/23/2000QWNChild Murders
  892. 11/16/2000URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  893. 11/01/2000Speaker Of The Legislative Assembly
  894. 11/01/2000Death of Charles Nelson Perkins
  895. 11/01/2000Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games Success
  896. 10/12/2000Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games
  897. 08/16/20002RChildren And Young Persons (Care And Protection) Miscellaneous Amendme...
  898. 08/16/20002R;COMMAdoption Bill
  899. 08/15/20002RRoad Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment (Blood Sampli...
  900. 08/15/2000URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  901. 08/10/20002RTechnical and Further Education Commission Amendment (Consultation Pro...
  902. 08/08/20002RAdoption Bill
  903. 08/08/2000PRIVDeath Of Gerald James Sullivan, A Former Member Of The Legislative Ass...
  904. 08/08/2000QWNParalympians Entry Fees
  905. 06/29/20002RAdoption Bill
  906. 06/22/20002RChildren's Court Amendment Bill
  907. 06/20/2000PRIVKu-ring-gai Chase National Park Bushfire
  908. 06/20/2000URG MOTResidential Park Rents Goods And Services Tax
  909. 06/20/2000URG MOTBusiness Of The House
  910. 06/08/2000PRIVManly High School Principal Retirement
  911. 06/08/2000Myall Creek Massacre
  912. 05/30/2000URG MOTFirst Home Plus Program
  913. 05/26/20002RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  914. 05/25/2000Corroboree 2000
  915. 05/04/2000Mona Vale Road Bushland
  916. 05/04/20002RTechnical and Further Education Commission Amendment (Consultation Pro...
  917. 04/13/2000QWNPublic Housing Vacancies
  918. 04/12/20002RProtection Of The Environment Operations Amendment (Littering) Bill
  919. 04/12/20002RZoological Parks Board Amendment Bill
  920. 04/12/20002RFair Trading Amendment (Substantiation Of Claims) Bill
  921. 04/12/20002RGambling Legislation Amendment (Gaming Machine Restrictions) Bill
  922. 04/12/20002RConveyancing Amendment (Central Register of Restrictions) Bill
  923. 04/11/20002RAccess to Neighbouring Land Bill
  924. 04/11/2000PRIVManly Hospital Paediatric Services
  925. 04/11/2000Dee Why Motor Vehicle Accident
  926. 04/06/2000URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  927. 04/05/2000Stolen Generations Apologies
  928. 11/18/19991R;2RCrimes Amendment (Apprehended Violence) Bill
  929. 11/18/19992RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Bill, Crimes (Administration Of Sentence...
  930. 11/18/19992R;COMM;3RShop Trading (Special Provisions) Bill
  931. 11/18/19992RCrimes And Courts Legislation Amendment Bill
  932. 11/18/19992RLocal Courts Amendment (Part-Time Magistrates) Bill
  933. 11/18/19992RSecurity Industry (Olympic And Paralympic Games) Bill
  934. 11/18/19992RDrug Summit Legislative Response Bill
  935. 11/10/19991R;2RCorrectional Centres Legislation Amendment (Assumed Identities) Bill
  936. 11/10/1999URG MOTAboriginal Reconciliation
  937. 11/09/1999PRIVNorthern Beaches Intensive Reading Program
  938. 10/21/1999URG MOTTertiary Education Fees
  939. 10/21/1999Manly Dam Ardel Site
  940. 10/21/1999Manly Beach Rock Hazard
  941. 10/20/19992RLaw Enforcement And National Security (Assumed Identities) Amendment (...
  942. 09/23/1999Manly Beach Rock Hazard
  943. 09/22/1999PRIVLocal Government Elections
  944. 09/22/1999URG MOTConsideration Of Urgent Motions
  945. 09/22/1999QWNPrison Escapee Daniel Miles
  946. 09/22/1999QWNPrison Escapee Daniel Miles
  947. 09/21/19992RAnzac Memorial (Building) Amendment Bill
  948. 09/16/1999Homeless Accommodation
  949. 09/15/1999Business Of The House
  950. 09/14/1999PRIVComputers in Prisons
  951. 09/13/1999Governor's Speech: Address-In-Reply
  952. 09/09/1999PRIVNorthern Beaches Services
  953. 09/08/1999East Timor Independence
  954. 09/07/1999Sessional Orders
  955. 06/25/19992RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  956. 06/22/1999QWNArdel Site, Allambie Heights
  957. 06/03/1999URG MOTHoxton Park Airport Safety
  958. 06/03/1999PRIVManly And Mona Vale Hospitals Downgrading
  959. 06/03/1999Court Psychiatric Services
  960. 06/01/19992RStandard Time Amendment Bill
  961. 06/01/19992RProperty (Relationships) Legislation Amendment Bill
  962. 05/27/1999PRIVWarringah Urban Villages
  963. 05/27/1999Northern Beaches Schools
  964. 05/27/1999Northern Beaches Schools
  965. 05/26/1999National Sorry Day
  966. 05/26/19992RYear 2000 Information Disclosure Bill
  967. 05/25/19992R;COMMPay-Roll Tax Amendment (Apprentices Concession and Rate Reduction) Bil...
  968. 05/25/1999Police Service Act: Disallowance Of Police Service Amendment (Transit ...
  969. 05/25/1999URG MOTNational Sorry Day
  970. 11/18/19982RTeaching Standards Bill
  971. 11/18/1998Under-Age Boxing
  972. 11/17/19982RForestry And National Park Estate Bill
  973. 10/29/19982R;COMMProtection of the Environment Administration Amendment (Environmental ...
  974. 10/27/19982RResidential Tenancies Amendment (Social Housing) Bill
  975. 10/22/19982RWater Legislation Amendment (Drinking Water And Corporate Structure) Bill
  976. 10/21/19982R;COMMTraffic Amendment (Tyre Deflation - Police Pursuits) Bill
  977. 10/14/1998Sporting Programs For People With Disabilities
  978. 10/14/19982RHome Invasion (Occupants Protection) Bill
  979. 10/13/19982RRoad Transport (Driver Licensing) Bill
  980. 09/24/1998Canterbury-Bankstown Rugby League Football Club
  981. 09/08/1998XVI Commonwealth Games
  982. 09/08/1998New South Wales Government
  983. 06/19/19982RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  984. 06/04/19982R;COMMThoroughbred Racing Board Amendment Bill
  985. 06/04/1998Coalition One Nation Party Preferences
  986. 06/04/1998QWNDepartment Of Sport Performance
  987. 06/02/1998New South Wales Institute of Sport
  988. 06/02/1998Australian Sportswomen
  989. 05/28/1998QWNMinister For Police Licensed Premises Ownership
  990. 05/26/1998National Sorry Day
  991. 05/19/1998Community Sporting and Recreational Activity
  992. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  993. 05/05/1998QWNRegional Sport Assistance
  994. 04/29/1998Death Of Mrs Colleen Shirley Smith
  995. 04/28/19982RRoyal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children Bill
  996. 04/08/1998Community Sporting And Recreational Facility Funding
  997. 04/07/19981R;2RTraffic Amendment (Confiscation of Keys and Driving Prevention) Bill
  998. 03/31/1998Minister for Fair Trading, and Minister for Emergency Services
  999. 03/31/1998Death Of Mr Bernard Morgan Kelly, South Maroubra Surf Life Saving Club...
  1000. 11/26/19972RProtection Of The Environment Operations Bill
  1001. 11/26/1997Natural Heritage Trust
  1002. 11/25/19972R;COMMContaminated Land Management Bill
  1003. 11/20/19972RContaminated Land Management Bill
  1004. 11/20/19972RPollution Control Amendment (Load-Based Licensing) Bill
  1005. 11/20/1997National Sorry Day
  1006. 11/19/19972RRoad And Rail Transport (Dangerous Goods) Bill
  1007. 11/13/1997Dissent
  1008. 11/13/1997Dissent
  1009. 11/13/1997Chairman Of The Council For Aboriginal Reconciliation Patrick Dodson
  1010. 11/12/19972REnvironmental Planning And Assessment Amendment Bill
  1011. 10/23/1997Air Pollution
  1012. 10/23/1997World Environment Day
  1013. 10/16/1997World Environment Day
  1014. 10/15/1997Contaminated Land Management
  1015. 10/14/1997REPPrinting of Papers
  1016. 09/25/1997Northern Beaches Health Services
  1017. 09/24/1997Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  1018. 06/18/19972RSnowy Hydro Corporatisation Bill
  1019. 06/18/19972R;COMMMarine Parks Bill
  1020. 06/18/19972RNational Electricity (New South Wales) Bill, Electricity Legislation A...
  1021. 06/18/1997Stolen Aboriginal Children
  1022. 05/22/1997Stolen Aboriginal Children
  1023. 05/15/1997Northern Beaches Health Services
  1024. 05/15/1997Northern Beaches Mental Health Services
  1025. 05/15/1997Aboriginal Reconciliation
  1026. 05/07/1997Sydney Waterways Package
  1027. 04/16/1997Reordering Of General Business
  1028. 04/10/1997REPJoint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  1029. 04/10/1997Northern Beaches Mental Health Services
  1030. 04/09/1997Minister for Urban Affairs and Planning, and Minister for Housing
  1031. 04/09/1997COMMNational Parks And Wildlife Amendment (Abercrombie, Jenolan And Wombey...
  1032. 11/27/1996ADJSpecial Adjournment
  1033. 11/27/19962R;COMMNational Parks And Wildlife Amendment (Aboriginal Ownership) Bill
  1034. 11/27/19962RNational Parks And Wildlife Amendment (Aboriginal Ownership) Bill
  1035. 11/21/19962RLocal Government Amendment (Nude Bathing) Bill
  1036. 11/20/1996QWNFlood Mitigation
  1037. 11/20/19962R;COMMNational Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Abercrombie, Jenolan and Wombey...
  1038. 11/20/19962RPollution Control Amendment Bill
  1039. 11/14/1996Aboriginal Reconciliation
  1040. 11/13/19962R;3REnvironmental Legislation Amendment (Enforcement) Bill
  1041. 11/12/1996Speaker Of The Legislative Assembly
  1042. 10/24/1996URG MOTDepartment Of Defence Middle Head Land
  1043. 10/24/1996Racism
  1044. 10/17/1996QWNWaverley-Woollahra Process Plant
  1045. 09/26/1996Football Code Rivalry
  1046. 09/24/1996URG MOTForestry Policy
  1047. 06/20/1996PRIVWakehurst Electorate Schools
  1048. 06/19/19962RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  1049. 06/12/1996QWNToxic Waste Disposal
  1050. 06/05/1996URG MOTManly District Hospital Services
  1051. 05/30/1996Aboriginal Reconciliation
  1052. 05/23/1996URG MOTFeral Animal And Weed Control Programs
  1053. 05/22/1996PRIVNorthern Beaches Health Services
  1054. 05/15/1996QWNAssault Of Mr Michael Stack
  1055. 05/15/19962RCrimes Amendment (Mandatory Life Sentences) Bill
  1056. 05/15/19962R;COMMEnvironmentally Hazardous Chemicals Amendment Bill
  1057. 05/14/19962REnvironmentally Hazardous Chemicals Amendment Bill
  1058. 05/02/1996QWNWetlands Management
  1059. 04/17/19962RRoyal Botanic Gardens And Domain Trust Amendment Bill
  1060. 12/13/19952R;COMMPrisons Amendment Bill
  1061. 12/13/1995URG MOTDepartment Of Housing House Fires
  1062. 12/07/1995URG MOTAmbulance Officer Peer Support Program
  1063. 12/06/19952R;COMMPeriodic Detention Of Prisoners Amendment Bill
  1064. 12/06/19952R;COMMLocal Government Amendment (Alcohol-Free Zones) Bill
  1065. 12/06/1995URG MOTConsideration of Urgent Motions
  1066. 12/05/19952R;COMMState Emergency Legislation Amendment Bill
  1067. 12/05/1995URG MOTBush Fire Fighting Water Supplies
  1068. 11/22/1995COMMAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  1069. 11/22/1995Dissent
  1070. 11/22/1995COMMAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  1071. 11/21/1995PRIVWarringah Police Numbers
  1072. 11/16/1995Bullet-Resistant Vests
  1073. 11/15/1995Consumer Claims Tribunals Act: Disallowance of Regulation
  1074. 11/15/19952RAppropriation Bill, Appropriation (Parliament) Bill, Appropriation (Sp...
  1075. 10/26/1995QWNBush Fire Vehicles
  1076. 10/24/1995PRIVWarringah Police Numbers
  1077. 10/19/1995URG MOTPeriodic Detention
  1078. 10/19/1995Truth In Sentencing
  1079. 10/11/19952RConveyancers Licensing Bill
  1080. 10/11/1995URG MOTBushfire Volunteer Safety
  1081. 06/08/1995QWNFirefighting Vehicles
  1082. 06/08/1995QWNFirefighting Vehicles
  1083. 06/08/1995QWNFirefighting Vehicles
  1084. 05/30/19952RLiquor Amendment Bill, Registered Clubs Amendment Bill
  1085. 05/25/1995REPJoint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  1086. 05/25/1995Driver Education Rules
  1087. 05/24/19952RConsumer Credit (New South Wales) Bill
  1088. 05/24/19952RFire Brigades Amendment (Contributions) Bill
  1089. 12/01/19942RCrimes (Dangerous Driving Offences) Amendment Bill, Traffic (Negligent...
  1090. 11/30/1994PRIVWarringah Child-Care Facilities
  1091. 11/30/1994QWNBeach Tax Proposal
  1092. 11/24/1994Joint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety Report No. 26: Pedestrian Sa...
  1093. 11/22/1994Death of Thomas Thompson
  1094. 11/22/1994Joint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  1095. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  1096. 11/15/1994PRIVDee Why Returned Services League Club Limited
  1097. 10/21/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Education, Training and Youth Affairs and ...
  1098. 10/20/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Attorney General And Justice
  1099. 10/19/1994Joint Estimates Committees, Premier and Minister for Economic Development
  1100. 10/13/1994Business Of The House
  1101. 09/22/1994PRIVWarringah Council Local Environmental Plan
  1102. 09/20/1994PRIVRsl Veterans' Retirement Villages Limited Hydrotherapy Pool
  1103. 09/15/19942RCourts Legislation (Mediation and Evaluation) Amendment Bill
  1104. 09/14/1994QWNRoad Safety
  1105. 09/13/1994Death Of John Paul Newman, Member For Cabramatta
  1106. 05/12/1994QWNEnvironmental Protection Programs
  1107. 05/05/19942RMental Health (Amendment) Bill
  1108. 05/05/1994PRIVWarringah Council Legal Costs
  1109. 05/05/1994URG MOTGovernment Courier Services Tendering Process
  1110. 05/05/1994QWNDemolition Industry Safety Standards
  1111. 05/03/19942R;COMMCrimes Legislation (Unsworn Evidence) Amendment Bill
  1112. 04/14/1994Greentrees Kindergarten
  1113. 04/12/1994Warringah Council Planning Policy
  1114. 03/16/1994Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  1115. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  1116. 03/16/1994Greentrees Kindergarten
  1117. 03/15/1994Minister for Police and Minister for Emergency Services
  1118. 03/15/1994Aboriginal Cultural Centre
  1119. 03/10/1994Joint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  1120. 03/08/1994Joint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  1121. 11/19/1993Legal Profession Reform Bill (No. 2) Maintenance and Champerty Aboliti...
  1122. 10/21/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Attorney General and Justice
  1123. 10/20/1993Joint Estimates Committees, The Legislature
  1124. 10/20/1993Joint Estimates Committees, Premier And Minister For Economic Development
  1125. 10/19/1993Joint Estimates Committees
  1126. 10/19/1993Joint Estimates Committees
  1127. 10/14/19932RAzzopardi Inquiry Bill
  1128. 10/12/1993REPJoint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  1129. 09/09/1993PRIVWakehurst Electorate Teachers
  1130. 05/18/1993QWNCasino Revenue
  1131. 05/13/1993QWNWarringah Peninsula Transport System
  1132. 05/12/1993PRIVWestpac Banking Corporation Charges
  1133. 05/11/19932RMotor Vehicles (Third Party Insurance) Amendment Bill
  1134. 04/21/1993Local Government Bill, Impounding Bill, Local Government (Consequentia...
  1135. 03/09/1993QWNAlcohol-Related Crime
  1136. 02/25/1993Governor's Speech: Address in Reply
  1137. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  1138. 11/27/1992ADJSpecial Adjournment
  1139. 11/18/1992REPJoint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  1140. 11/11/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Health
  1141. 11/10/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Justice and Emergency Services
  1142. 10/28/1992REPJoint Standing Committee Upon Road Safety
  1143. 10/27/1992QWNMotor Vehicle Purchase Complaints
  1144. 10/23/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Attorney General
  1145. 10/21/1992Joint Estimates Committees, Environment
  1146. 10/15/1992QWNSeat Belts in Buses
  1147. 09/17/19922RSummary Offences (Prostitution) Amendment Bill
  1148. 09/16/1992QWNAssistance For Consumers
  1149. 09/02/19922RConveyancers Licensing Bill
  1150. 06/24/1992REPICAC Report On Investigation Into The Metherell Resignation And Appoin...
  1151. 04/07/1992QWNFlash Flood Warning System
  1152. 03/27/1992Grievance Debate, Warringah Shire
  1153. 03/25/1992QWNTAFE Management
  1154. 03/24/1992QWNWestmead Children's Hospital Site Asbestos
  1155. 03/19/1992QWNVictims Compensation Tribunal Hearing Backlog
  1156. 03/03/1992QWNHIV-AIDS Services And Sufferer Assistance
  1157. 12/04/19912RCourts Legislation (Contempt) Amendment Bill
  1158. 12/04/1991QWNWalsh Bay Development
  1159. 12/03/1991QWN;REPBanking Report
  1160. 10/29/1991Honourable Member for North Shore
  1161. 10/22/19912RAppropriation Bill, Business Franchise Licences (Petroleum Products, M...


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.