Evans, Mr Lee speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 17/11/20152R;3RPayroll Tax Deferral (BlueScope Steel) Bill 2015
  2. 12/11/2015PETBlueScope Steel, Port Kembla
  3. 12/11/2015Centenary of Anzac
  4. 12/11/2015PRIVHeathcote Electorate Service Organisations
  5. 10/11/2015National Recycling Week
  6. 10/11/2015Centenary of Anzac
  7. 27/10/2015PRIVSydney Tramway Museum
  8. 22/10/2015PRIVTribute to Sarah Walsh
  9. 21/10/2015QWNService NSW
  10. 14/10/2015PRIVHeathcote Electorate Events
  11. 16/09/2015QWNNational Parks and Tourism
  12. 16/09/20152RTransport Administration Amendment (Closure of Railway Line at Newcast...
  13. 15/09/2015PRIVPort Kembla and Royal Caribbean Cruises
  14. 27/08/2015PRIVHeathcote Road Safety
  15. 26/08/2015QWNState Economy
  16. 25/08/2015URG MOTState Emergency Service Volunteers
  17. 13/08/2015Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  18. 11/08/2015PRIVHiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombings Seventieth Anniversary
  19. 06/08/2015QWNChild Sexual Assault
  20. 05/08/20152R;3RHealth Services Amendment (Paramedics) Bill 2015
  21. 24/06/2015URG MOTSame-sex Marriage
  22. 23/06/2015PRIVCentenary of First World War
  23. 04/06/2015Callan Park
  24. 03/06/2015QWNSydney Winter Tourism
  25. 02/06/2015World Environment Day
  26. 27/05/20152R;3RCrimes Legislation Amendment (Child Sex Offences) Bill 2015
  27. 26/05/2015PRIVCancer Council Australia's Biggest Morning Tea
  28. 13/05/2015International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
  29. 12/05/2015PRIVBundeena RSL Fire Damage
  30. 12/05/2015QWNConfidential Information
  31. 12/05/2015QWNCommunity Safety
  32. 07/05/2015Albion Park Rail Bypass
  33. 07/05/2015Wallsend Storm Damage
  34. 06/05/20152RCourts and Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2015
  35. 20/11/2014QWNPublic Transport
  36. 19/11/2014PETWomen's Refuges
  37. 18/11/2014National Parks Estate
  38. 18/11/2014PRIVEngadine Community Service Organisations
  39. 13/11/2014PETShellharbour City Hub Project
  40. 06/11/2014Healthy Heathcote
  41. 06/11/2014QWNEnvironmental Initiatives
  42. 06/11/2014TAFE Illawarra Higher School Certificate Course
  43. 05/11/2014Heathcote Electorate Events
  44. 23/10/2014PRIVInterfamilial Sexual Abuse
  45. 16/10/2014REPCommittee on the Ombudsman, the Police Integrity Commission and the Cr...
  46. 14/10/2014Carers Week
  47. 14/10/2014PRIVNSW Rural Fire Service
  48. 10/09/2014QWNPublic Hospital Performance
  49. 10/09/20142RBail Amendment Bill 2014
  50. 13/08/20142RChild Protection (Offenders Registration) Amendment (Statutory Review)...
  51. 12/08/20142R;3RWater Management Amendment Bill 2014
  52. 12/08/2014PRIVBulli High School
  53. 07/08/2014QWNElectricity Assets
  54. 27/05/2014QWNGrants for Graduation Program
  55. 08/05/2014Pillar Superannuation Administration Corporation
  56. 07/05/20142R;3RCrimes Amendment (Female Genital Mutilation) Bill 2014
  57. 07/05/20142R;3RCommunity Services (Complaints, Reviews and Monitoring) Amendment Bill...
  58. 06/05/2014PRIVYoung People with Disabilities Care Facilities
  59. 25/03/2014QWNState Economy
  60. 25/03/2014PRIVCentenary of Anzac
  61. 19/03/20142RTravel Agents Repeal Bill 2013
  62. 18/03/20142R;3RCriminal Assets Recovery Amendment Bill 2014 Mining and Petroleum Legi...
  63. 04/03/2014PRIVHealthy Heathcote Challenge
  64. 26/02/20142R;3RPolice Amendment (Police Promotions) Bill 2013
  65. 19/11/2013PRIVBreast Screening Kookaburra Kids Foundation
  66. 31/10/2013REPCommittee on the Ombudsman, the Police Integrity Commission and the Cr...
  67. 22/10/20132RIndustrial Relations Amendment (Industrial Court) Bill 2013
  68. 17/10/2013PETCoal Seam Gas Mining in Water Catchment Areas
  69. 17/10/2013REPCommittee on the Ombudsman, the Police Integrity Commission and the Cr...
  70. 17/10/2013Illawarra Resources for Regions
  71. 15/10/2013QWNRoyal National Park World Heritage Listing
  72. 18/09/20132R;3RPolice Integrity Commission and Independent Commission Against Corrupt...
  73. 11/09/20131R;2R;3RRoyal Commissions and Ombudsman Legislation Amendment Bill 2013
  74. 10/09/2013PRIVIrish Dignitaries Royal National Park Visit
  75. 28/08/20132R;3RState Emergency and Rescue Management Amendment (Co-ordination and Not...
  76. 27/08/20132R;3RRoad Transport Amendment (Electronic Traffic Infringement Notices Tria...
  77. 22/08/2013Wollongong Citizen of the Year Marty Haynes
  78. 21/08/2013QWNIllawarra Regional Growth Plan
  79. 21/08/20132R;3REntertainment Industry Bill 2013
  80. 20/08/2013PRIVHeathcote Electorate Infrastructure
  81. 15/08/2013PETAlbion Park Aeromedical Services
  82. 15/08/2013Kiama Harbour Northern Wharf
  83. 14/08/2013PRIVHomicide Victims Support Group
  84. 14/08/20132R;3RLaw Enforcement and National Security (Assumed Identities) Amendment B...
  85. 20/06/2013PRIVBoer War Memorial
  86. 20/06/2013QWNJob Creation
  87. 30/05/2013Unanderra Railway Station Easy Access Upgrade
  88. 23/05/2013Shell Cove Railway Station
  89. 22/05/20132R;3RIndependent Commission Against Corruption and Other Legislation Amendm...
  90. 07/05/2013PRIVBeacon Foundation Era Surf Life Saving Club
  91. 02/05/2013PRIVRoyal National Park World Heritage Listing
  92. 30/04/2013QWNPublic Sector Wages Policy
  93. 25/03/2013PRIVPrimary School Student Sun Protection
  94. 21/03/2013Princes Highway Upgrade
  95. 19/03/2013PRIVBundeena Emergency Services Facility
  96. 14/03/20132R;3RCrimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Provisional Sentencing for Ch...
  97. 14/03/2013REPCommittee on the Ombudsman, the Police Integrity Commission and the Cr...
  98. 14/03/2013REPCommittee on the Ombudsman, the Police Integrity Commission and the Cr...
  99. 27/02/20132R;3RCrimes (Serious Sex Offenders) Amendment Bill 2013
  100. 27/02/2013PRIVEra Surf Life Saving Club
  101. 27/02/20132R;3RRoad Transport Bill 2013 Road Transport Legislation (Repeal and Amendm...
  102. 26/02/20132RSmall Business Commissioner Bill 2012
  103. 20/02/2013QWNEducation Initiatives
  104. 19/02/20132R;3RCourts and Other Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2012
  105. 19/02/2013PRIVGrand Pacific Way
  106. 21/11/2012Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  107. 20/11/2012PRIVHeathcote Hall
  108. 14/11/2012URG MOTPrinces Highway Upgrade
  109. 25/10/2012PETWollongong Hospital Scanning Facilities
  110. 25/10/2012Wollongong Hospital
  111. 24/10/2012Committee on the Ombudsman, the Police Integrity Commission and the Cr...
  112. 23/10/2012QWNVocational Education and Training
  113. 23/10/2012PRIVHeathcote Electorate Events
  114. 18/10/2012Figtree High School
  115. 20/09/2012Bulli Hospital
  116. 19/09/2012QWNSchool Staffing Agreement
  117. 19/09/20122RHuman Tissue Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
  118. 12/09/20122RClassification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Enforcement Am...
  119. 06/09/2012Illawarra Employment
  120. 06/09/2012Port Kembla
  121. 04/09/2012PRIVThalidomide Birth Defects
  122. 16/08/2012PETBulli Hospital Upgrade
  123. 16/08/2012QWNPlanning Reforms
  124. 16/08/2012Unanderra Railway Station
  125. 14/08/2012PRIVMental Health
  126. 13/06/2012QWNElectricity Prices
  127. 13/06/2012PRIVSymbio Wildlife Park
  128. 29/05/2012Rural Fire Service Volunteers
  129. 29/05/2012Camp Kookaburra
  130. 29/05/2012Sutherland Shire Community Transport Twentieth Anniversary
  131. 29/05/2012Royal National Park
  132. 24/05/2012Illawarra Data Centre
  133. 22/05/2012PRIVNSW Police Force 150th Anniversary
  134. 08/05/2012Garie Surf Life Saving Club
  135. 08/05/2012Dunlea Centre, Engadine
  136. 08/05/2012Sutherland Shire Hub for Economic Development Program
  137. 08/05/2012Heathcote High School Fashion Parade
  138. 08/05/2012Bulli Surf Life Saving Club Ninety-eighth Anniversary
  139. 08/05/2012Northern Illawarra Neighbour Aid
  140. 03/05/2012PRIVAnzac Day
  141. 02/04/2012URG MOTIllawarra Region Innovation and Investment Fund
  142. 02/04/2012PRIVColedale Public School
  143. 27/03/20122RPolice Integrity Commission Amendment Bill 2012
  144. 27/03/2012QWNDharawal National Park
  145. 15/03/2012PRIVSports and Community Clubs
  146. 15/03/2012PETCoal Seam Gas Mining
  147. 08/03/2012PETTraffic Enforcement Camera Revenue
  148. 08/03/2012Engadine High School F1 In Schools Australia Project
  149. 08/03/2012Royal National Park Facilities
  150. 08/03/2012Bundeena Ambulance Service
  151. 08/03/2012Heathcote Electorate Surf Life Saving Clubs
  152. 08/03/2012Sutherland State Emergency Service
  153. 06/03/2012PRIVF1 in Schools Australia Project
  154. 22/02/20122REducation Amendment (Record of School Achievement) Bill 2012
  155. 22/02/2012QWNDisability Services
  156. 16/02/2012PRIVNational Disability Insurance Scheme
  157. 15/02/20122RMental Health Commission Bill 2011
  158. 25/11/2011PRIVFlying Fox Control
  159. 23/11/2011Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  160. 22/11/2011PRIVScarborough Fire Station
  161. 09/11/2011PRIVNorthern Illawarra Neighbourhood Aid
  162. 09/11/20112RSporting Venues Authorities Amendment (Venues NSW) Bill 2011
  163. 08/11/2011PRIVTribute to Lawrence Hargrave
  164. 20/10/2011PRIVRoyal National Park Cabins
  165. 17/10/2011URG MOTDharawal National Park
  166. 17/10/2011QWNDharawal National Park
  167. 11/10/2011Bushfire Hazard Reduction
  168. 12/09/20112RVeterinary Practice Amendment (Interstate Veterinary Practitioners) Bi...
  169. 09/09/2011QWNMajor Sporting Events
  170. 08/09/20112RTransport Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
  171. 07/09/2011URG MOTIllawarra Employment
  172. 25/08/2011University of Wollongong Sixtieth Anniversary
  173. 24/08/2011Governor's Speech: Address-in-Reply
  174. 23/08/2011URG MOTIllawarra Region Innovation and Investment Fund
  175. 11/08/2011QWNPublic School Autonomy
  176. 11/08/2011QWNPublic School Autonomy
  177. 09/08/2011URG MOTCarbon Tax
  178. 09/08/20112R;3RClean Coal Administration Amendment Bill 2011
  179. 23/06/2011PRIVEngadine Rotary Club
  180. 20/06/2011URG MOTCarbon Tax
  181. 14/06/2011QWNBudget Black Hole
  182. 01/06/2011Inaugural Speeches
  183. 06/05/2011QWNState Emergency Management Committee


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.