Racial vilification law in NSW (Inquiry)

This inquiry is a completed Legislative Council inquiry conducted by the Law and Justice Committee.   This inquiry was established on 17 December 2012 to inquire into racial vilification law in NSW, in particular, the effectiveness of section 20D of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 which creates the offence of serious racial vilification. The inquiry was referred to the Committee by the Premier of New South Wales who noted that there have been no successful prosecutions under the provision to date.

The Committee will inquire into racial vilification law in NSW, in particular: the effectiveness of section 20D which creates the offence of serious racial vilification; whether section 20D establishes a realistic test for the offence of racial vilification in line with community expectations; and any improvements that could be made to section 20D, having regard to the continued importance of freedom of speech. The terms of reference are set out in a document attached below.

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The final report was tabled on Tuesday 3 December 2013.

Legislative Council Report Debate, 30 January 2014
Legislative Council Report Debate, 12 August 2014

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Referred: 17 Dec 2012
    » Call for submissions: 18 Dec 2012
    » Submissions close: 8 Mar 2013
        » Final Report Due: 3 Dec 2013
        » Final Report Published: 3 Dec 2013

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05/04/2013Public Hearing
08/04/2013Public Hearing

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The closing date for submissions was 8 March 2013

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