Report on Recommendations of Public Accounts Committee of the 54th Parliament (Inquiry)

This inquiry is a completed Legislative Assembly inquiry conducted by the Public Accounts Committee.   This is a report without an inquiry.

Three reports of the Public Accounts Committee of the 54th Parliament had not received Government responses due to the dissolution of the Parliament prior to the March 2011 eleciton. The current Committee has decided to bring these recommendations to the attention of the Parliament again so that the relevant Ministers can advise the Parliament what action if any has been taken or will be taken in relation to them.

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Self-referred: 19 Oct 2011
        » Final Report Published: 10 Nov 2011

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No records of hearings or transcripts are available for this inquiry.

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This is a completed inquiry. The contacts below are historical only.

  • Primary contact: Abigail Groves, phone 02-9230 3438,
  • Address for written correspondence:
    The Committee Manager
    Public Accounts Committee (PAC)
    Parliament House
    Macquarie St
    Sydney NSW 2000

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This inquiry was self-referred.