Dr Arthur CHESTERFIELD-EVANS, MB BS FRCS(Eng) MApplSci(OHS) (1950 - )**

  • Date of Birth: 19/06/1950

Parliamentary Service

Member of the NSW Legislative Council25 Jun 19982 Apr 20078yrs 9mths 9days
General Purpose Standing Committee No. 226 May 19992 Mar 20077yrs 9mths 5days
Portfolios: Health, Community Services, Disabilities, Fisheries, Mining, Status of Women, Small Business & Tourism, Gaming and Racing
Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters15 Sep 20042 Mar 20072yrs 5mths 16days
Member, Joint Select Committee on Tobacco Smoking9 Mar 200619 May 20062mths 11days
Member, Joint Select Committee on Tobacco Smoking6 Jun 20062 Mar 20078mths 25days
Standing Committee on Social Issues21 May 20032 Mar 20073yrs 9mths 10days

Community Activity

Host of "Puff Off" (Radio program on smoking (anti-tobacco)) 1980 - 1994; BUGA UP (Billboard Graffitist Against Unhealthy Promotions) 1981 - 1985; NSW President Doctors' Reform Society 1996 - 1998. Member of: Doctors for Forests; International Commission of Jurists; Sydney Coalition for Peace; Public Health Association and the Total Environment Commission.

Qualifications, occupations and interests

M.B.B.S. Sydney 1975; F.R.C.S. (Eng) London 1980 and M. Applied Science (OHS) University of NSW 1996. Formerly Surgical Registrar, Royal North Shore Hospital 1980 - 81; G.P. in Sydney 1982 -3; Occupational Physician, Sydney Water 1983-1994; Post Grad. Student (Masters by thesis) 1994. Medical Officer, Department of Veteran Affairs, 1995. Occupational Physician, self employed at Pacific OHS Burwood 1995-8. Interests include squash, running, theatre and film. Publications: Clean Air Carrion (Newsletter) 1984-94; Non-Smokers' Update (Newsletter) 1994-97; "Open Governemnt Forum" proceedings of public forum on Freedom of Information hosted by Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, December 10, 2001 and "Confessions of a Simple Surgeon" (video) 1998.


Born 16 June 1950. Married to Kate.

Additional Information

Publications - Clean Air Carrion (Newsletter) 1984-1994; Non-Smokers'sUpdate (Newsletter) 1994-1997; "Confessions of a Simple Surgeon" (video) 1998.