General Georges Sada, National Security Adviser to the Iraqi Government

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    The Hon. CHARLIE LYNN [11.38 p.m.]: Today I had the great privilege of hosting a visit by Air Vice Marshal Georges Sada, a senior adviser to the National Security Council of Iraq in the Office of the Prime Minister, at this Parliament. Air Vice Marshal Sada is Executive Secretary of the Iraqi Institute for Peace; a Director of World Compassion in Iraq; a Director of the International Centre for Reconciliation and Peace in Iraq; and a Director of the Holy Land Trust in Iraq. He is a recipient of the International Peace Prize of Coventry, England. Air Vice Marshal Sada is Assyrian, a devout Christian and a man vested with great courage—both moral and physical.

    Prior to the liberation of Iraq by the United States leading a coalition of the willing, Air Vice Marshal Sada was the senior air force adviser to the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein for eight years. He was a senior test pilot for the Iraqi air force and was vested with the responsibility of a budget in excess of four billion dollars for the purchase of fighter aircraft. Although Air Vice Marshal Sada is a Christian, Saddam Hussein selected him for the position he held because of his knowledge and expertise. He was never sure of his personal safety, however, because he was well aware of Saddam Hussein's unpredictable nature. Saddam was a paranoid despot. Air Vice Marshal Sada said of Saddam, "If he loves you it's bad! If he hates you it's bad." He recalled an occasion when Saddam called seven senior generals for a meeting and executed them all by hanging them.

    As a result of his position he was in contact with Saddam Hussein's two sons—Qusay and Uday. They were much more unpredictable than Saddam, and more cruel and sadistic in their treatment of their victims. He advised that whenever Qusay entered a function the building was immediately sealed off and nobody allowed to leave until he and his party left. He recalled the chilling story of the time he was in a restaurant beside a table with an eminent Iraqi doctor, his wife and young daughter. Qusay sent one of his secret service emissaries to advise the daughter that he would like to dance with her. She advised that she could not dance and he left. Another person came to the table and her father, the doctor, went to Qusay 's table to advise that his daughter could not dance. He was taken outside and was never seen again. Eventually the mother went to the table to check the whereabouts of her husband. She was taken outside and was never seen again. The daughter was beside herself with fear. She eventually went to Qusay 's table and was forced to leave with him. She was then raped by him. After the rape Qusay proceeded to burn her breasts with his cigar. She has been permanently disfigured. On another occasion he went to a wedding and demanded he take the bride before her husband. The bride committed suicide.

    Air Vice Marshal Sada recalled another occasion when the senior ranks were summoned by Saddam, who advised that he was going to launch a pre-emptive chemical and biological attack against Israel. He was advised that they did not have the military capacity to succeed in such an attack and it did not proceed. This reinforced the unpredictability of Saddam's despotic nature. Air Vice Marshal Sada advised that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling chemical and biological agents to develop weapons of mass destruction. He said that these have been relocated easily to neighbouring Arab Islamic states. He also has no doubt that Saddam would have used them for pre-emptive strikes against his political opponents if he had had them at his disposal. According to Air Vice Marshal Sada, the insurgency in Iraq is made up of Ba'athists and foreigners from the Islamic states of Syria, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. The insurgency movement is made up of the most radical of all Muslims, the Wahabi sect of Islam. This sect is engaged in a desperate insurgency movement to prevent a government majority of Shi'ahs, who make up the majority of the Iraqi population.

    Air Vice Marshal Sada gave a chilling warning about the new strategy of Islamic fundamentalists from the Arab world for achieving their global objective of replacing Western democracies with Islamic states. He refers to it as a "demographic time bomb" strategy based on immigration from Islamic states; the growth of large families heavily subsidised by generous welfare systems; the establishment of exclusive Islamic schools preaching hate; the exploitation of freedom; the rejection of the patriotic values of their adopted country; and the reliance on left-wing radicals who have a deep hatred of America.

    After listening to the debate on the Terrorism (Police Powers) Amendment (Preventative Detention) Bill last night, I can see the start of a radical anti-American movement based on the Vietnam experience. The doctors' wives, the chardonnay set, the Whitlamites, the bleeding hearts, the do-gooders—call them what you like—are just waiting for a cause to give them some sort of relevance again. The political Howard haters in the Greens, the Australian Democrats, the Unity party and their political sycophants—the Dr Wongs of this world—are working on their social guilt complexes to get them back on the streets, in the naïve belief that the fundamental Islamic terrorists in our midst are just misguided or misunderstood in the pursuit of their religious and political objectives.

    We have a duty to heed the warnings given by our Assyrian friends and others, such as the Egyptian Copts, who have lived under repressive regimes, to ensure that our will to protect our hard-earned democratic Australian society is not destroyed. I congratulate Air Vice Marshal Georges Sada on his courage and his commitment to democracy in the free world.