Draper, Mr Peter speeches in Hansard

This index lists speeches, questions and responses spoken in the Chamber from September 1991 to date. Note that deferred answers are not included as they are provided in writing and are not part of Hansard.

  1. 03/12/2010PRIVOxley Dog Training Club
  2. 03/12/2010REPPublic Bodies Review Committee
  3. 03/12/20101R;2RWater Management Amendment (Bulk Water Charges) Bill 2010
  4. 02/12/20102R;3RLocal Government Amendment (Confiscation of Alcohol) Bill 2010
  5. 30/11/2010PRIVTamworth Electorate Rail Services
  6. 25/11/2010QWNWoodsreef Asbestos Mine Site
  7. 24/11/2010PRIVBarraba Water Supply
  8. 12/11/2010PRIVGunnedah
  9. 09/11/2010PRIVTamworth West Public School
  10. 29/10/2010PRIVTamworth Miniature Railway
  11. 28/10/20102RFirearms Legislation Amendment Bill 2010
  12. 26/10/2010PRIVTamworth Poultry Industry
  13. 22/10/2010PRIVElectricity Price Rises
  14. 22/10/2010REPPublic Accounts Committee
  15. 21/10/2010QWNPeel Valley Water Sharing Plan
  16. 19/10/2010PRIVTamworth Region Development
  17. 24/09/2010PRIVColedale Precinct, Tamworth
  18. 24/09/2010REPPublic Accounts Committee
  19. 23/09/20102RSurface Coal Mining Prohibition (Lake MacQuarie) Bill 2009
  20. 21/09/2010PRIVWerris Creek Community Shed Australian Railway Monument and Rail Journ...
  21. 10/09/2010PRIVRail Safety
  22. 08/09/2010PRIVMental Health Services
  23. 08/09/2010QWNDialysis Patient Travel Assistance
  24. 02/09/20102RAdoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2010 (No. 2)
  25. 31/08/2010PRIVUtility Price Increases
  26. 24/06/2010PRIVLandcare
  27. 22/06/2010Electricity Price Rises
  28. 11/06/2010PRIVWest Tamworth Fire Station
  29. 11/06/2010REPPublic Accounts Committee
  30. 10/06/2010QWNRenal Patient Transport
  31. 08/06/2010PRIVTamworth and Duri United Hospital Auxiliary
  32. 04/06/2010PRIVTamworth Community Building Partnership Grants
  33. 01/06/2010PRIVGunnedah Public School
  34. 21/05/2010PRIVTamworth Law and Order
  35. 20/05/2010QWNManilla River
  36. 18/05/2010PRIVSexual Assault Victim Support
  37. 14/05/2010PRIVNiangala
  38. 11/05/20102RRelationships Register Bill 2010
  39. 11/05/2010PRIVDalwood Assessment Centre and Palm Avenue School
  40. 23/04/2010PRIVGunnedah Waterways Wildlife Park
  41. 23/04/2010REPPublic Accounts Committee
  42. 21/04/2010Regional Cancer Services
  43. 21/04/2010QWNPeel Valley Water Sharing Plan
  44. 21/04/20101R;2RMining and Petroleum Legislation Amendment (Land Access) Bill 2010
  45. 20/04/2010PRIVSomerton Bridge
  46. 19/03/2010PRIVAccountability Round Table and Political Culture
  47. 16/03/2010PRIVEquine Dentistry
  48. 12/03/2010PRIVYou Can Do It! Education
  49. 10/03/2010PRIVBrad Hillier Foundation
  50. 25/02/2010PRIVSomerton Bridge
  51. 25/02/2010QWNGeneral Practitioners in Rural and Regional Areas
  52. 23/02/2010PRIVGunnedah Waterways Wildlife Park
  53. 01/12/20091R;2RParliamentary Electorates and Elections Amendment (Automatic Enrolment...
  54. 01/12/2009PRIVLiverpool Plains Coalmining
  55. 27/11/2009PRIVRegional Development
  56. 27/11/20092RSwimming Pools Amendment Bill 2009
  57. 26/11/2009QWNTamworth Public Housing Developments
  58. 26/11/20092RElectricity Supply Amendment (Solar Bonus Scheme) Bill 2009
  59. 24/11/2009PRIVCoolatai Grass Eradication
  60. 13/11/2009PRIVPositive Behaviour for Learning Program
  61. 12/11/20092RFood Amendment (Meat Grading) Bill 2008
  62. 11/11/20092RPassenger Transport Amendment (Taxi Licensing) Bill 2009
  63. 10/11/2009PRIVNundle Community Activities
  64. 30/10/2009PRIVTamworth Region Optometry Services and Associate Professor Phil Anderton
  65. 30/10/2009REPPublic Accounts Committee
  66. 29/10/20092RCrimes Legislation Amendment (Possession of Knives in Public) Bill 2009
  67. 28/10/2009Business of the House
  68. 28/10/2009QWNTamworth Flight Training
  69. 27/10/2009PRIVGunnedah Industries
  70. 23/10/2009PRIVGunnedah Community Scholarship Fund
  71. 20/10/2009PRIVDalwood Assessment Centre and Palm Avenue School
  72. 25/09/2009PRIVRural and Regional Rail Services
  73. 22/09/2009PRIVSocial Housing
  74. 11/09/2009PRIVQantas Heavy Maintenance and Tamworth Community College
  75. 10/09/2009PRIVGovernment Asset Sales and Privatisation
  76. 10/09/2009QWNPeel Valley Water Sharing Plan
  77. 09/09/20092REducation Further Amendment (Publication of School Results) Bill 2009
  78. 08/09/2009PRIVTamworth Youth Services
  79. 01/09/2009PRIVDungowan Cowboys Rugby League Football Club Tamworth Regional Conserva...
  80. 26/06/2009PRIVTamworth Electorate Crime
  81. 26/06/2009REPPublic Accounts Committee
  82. 24/06/20092RMotor Sports (World Rally Championship) Bill 2009
  83. 23/06/2009PRIVToll Payment Methods
  84. 19/06/2009PRIVTamworth Joblink Plus Driver Training
  85. 17/06/20092RNSW Lotteries (Authorised Transaction) Bill 2009
  86. 17/06/2009QWNAustralian Equine and Livestock Events Centre, Tamworth
  87. 16/06/2009PRIVTamworth Electorate Investment
  88. 05/06/2009PRIVGunnedah Policing
  89. 04/06/20092RHurlstone Agricultural High School Site Bill 2009
  90. 02/06/20092RHeritage Amendment Bill 2009
  91. 02/06/2009PRIVGunnedah Active Minds Group
  92. 15/05/2009PRIVPensioner Assistance
  93. 14/05/2009Dungowan Cowboys Rugby League Team Road Accident
  94. 12/05/2009PRIVTidy Towns Awards
  95. 08/05/2009PRIVTamworth Electorate Transport
  96. 07/05/2009QWNTamworth Hospital Redevelopment
  97. 07/05/2009Tamworth Hospital Redevelopment
  98. 07/05/20092RGreyhound Racing Bill 2009 Harness Racing Bill 2009 Racing Legislation...
  99. 06/05/2009Business of the House
  100. 05/05/2009PRIVCopyright Law Review
  101. 02/04/20092RCrimes (Criminal Organisations Control) Bill 2009
  102. 31/03/2009PRIVTamworth Electorate Transport
  103. 27/03/2009PRIVBoggabri Rail Overpass Boggabri Home and Community Care Centre
  104. 27/03/2009REPPublic Accounts Committee
  105. 26/03/20092RBiofuel (Ethanol Content) Amendment Bill 2009
  106. 24/03/2009PRIVRural Lands Protection Boards Reforms
  107. 13/03/2009PRIVTamworth Electorate Sawmill Operations
  108. 12/03/2009QWNWerris Creek Preschool Funding
  109. 10/03/2009PRIVInternational Women's Day
  110. 03/03/2009PRIVSeniors and Aged Pensioners Support
  111. 04/12/2008PRIVPrivate Native Forestry Code of Practice
  112. 03/12/20082RState Revenue and Other Legislation Amendment (Budget Measures) Bill 2008
  113. 03/12/2008QWNTamworth Hospital Redevelopment
  114. 02/12/2008PRIVTamworth Electorate Flood and Storm Damage
  115. 28/11/2008PRIVCloe Davis and Boggabri Home and Community Care
  116. 28/11/2008REPPublic Accounts Committee
  117. 27/11/20082RRural Lands Protection Amendment Bill 2008
  118. 25/11/2008PRIVGrain Harvest Rail Freight
  119. 14/11/2008PRIVTamworth Toy Library Twenty-fifth Birthday Celebration
  120. 14/11/2008REPPublic Accounts Committee
  121. 11/11/2008PRIVTAFE NSW
  122. 31/10/2008PRIVWerris Creek to Narrabri Railway
  123. 28/10/2008PRIVBarraba Water Supply
  124. 24/10/2008PRIVManilla
  125. 23/10/2008PRIVPensioner Assistance
  126. 23/10/2008QWNState Mini-Budget
  127. 22/10/20082RRail Safety Bill 2008
  128. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  129. 25/09/2008PRIVGunnedah Rural Museum
  130. 23/09/2008PRIVCaroona and Watermark Water Exploration Licence
  131. 29/08/2008PRIVWoodsreef Asbestos Mine Site Rehabilitation
  132. 28/08/2008QWNCaroona and Watermark Water Exploration Licence
  133. 27/06/2008PRIVFuel Prices
  134. 26/06/20082RFirearms Amendment Bill 2008
  135. 26/06/2008QWNTamworth Hospital Redevelopment
  136. 25/06/2008PRIVBarraba Water Supply
  137. 25/06/20082RElection Funding Amendment (Political Donations and Expenditure) Bill ...
  138. 20/06/2008PRIVTamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music
  139. 19/06/20082RAuditor-General (Supplementary Powers) Bill 2008
  140. 18/06/2008PRIVRural Doctor Shortage
  141. 05/06/2008PRIVSalvation Army Tamworth Electorate Services
  142. 04/06/20082RMiscellaneous Acts Amendment (Same Sex Relationships) Bill 2008
  143. 04/06/2008QWNGrain Haulage
  144. 04/06/20082RHuman Tissue Amendment (Children in Care of State) Bill 2008
  145. 03/06/20082REnvironmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2008 Building Pro...
  146. 16/05/2008PRIVTamworth Volunteers
  147. 16/05/20082RCrimes Amendment (Rock Throwing) Bill 2008
  148. 15/05/2008PRIVNioka Palliative Care Unit
  149. 14/05/20082RHemp Industry Bill 2008
  150. 09/05/2008PRIVGunnedah Ethanol Plant
  151. 06/05/2008PRIVPrivate Native Forestry Code of Practice
  152. 11/04/2008PRIVSchool Computers
  153. 11/04/2008REPJoint Select Committee on the Royal North Shore Hospital
  154. 10/04/2008QWNSchool Computers
  155. 10/04/20082RParliamentary Electorates and Election Amendment (Truth in Advertising...
  156. 08/04/2008PRIVGood Guys Tamworth Community Support New England Credit Union Tamworth...
  157. 04/04/2008PRIVRural and Regional Task Force Report
  158. 02/04/2008PRIVChief Havoc Greyhound Memorial, Gunnedah
  159. 01/04/2008PRIVNundle Go for Gold Chinese Festival
  160. 07/03/2008PRIVAustralian Railway Monument, Werris Creek
  161. 06/03/2008Tamworth Region Education Facilities
  162. 04/03/20082RRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Car Hoons) Bill 2008
  163. 04/03/2008PRIVWorld Youth Day Cross, Icon and Message Stick in Gunnedah
  164. 28/02/2008PRIVRail Freight Wagon Audit
  165. 28/02/2008QWNCountry Freight Services
  166. 26/02/20082RElectricity Supply Amendment (Offences) Bill 2007
  167. 07/12/2007PRIVTamworth Electorate Scout Groups and Volunteers
  168. 06/12/2007PRIVTamworth Electorate Volunteers
  169. 05/12/2007Drought Support
  170. 05/12/2007QWNBarraba Heavy Vehicle Inspection Facilities
  171. 05/12/20072RGeneral Technology (GM Crop Moratorium) Amendment Bill
  172. 04/12/2007PRIVPremer Public School Tampar Springs Public School
  173. 30/11/2007PRIVBarraba Heavy Vehicle Inspection Facilities
  174. 27/11/2007PRIVGenetically Modified Crop Moratorium
  175. 16/11/2007PRIVRespect and Responsibility
  176. 14/11/2007PRIVNew England Institute of TAFE Young Outback Chef Scholarship
  177. 14/11/2007Corporations Power
  178. 14/11/20072RWar Memorial Legislation Amendment (Increased Penalties) Bill 2007
  179. 13/11/20072RMurray-Darling Basin Amendment Bill 2007
  180. 08/11/2007PRIVInterdependent Health Funding
  181. 07/11/2007PRIVNew England Rural and Regional Taskforce and Rural Cabinet Meetings
  182. 07/11/2007QWNWater Sharing Plans
  183. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  184. 26/10/2007PRIVBoggabri Dr John Prior
  185. 25/10/2007Reconciliation
  186. 24/10/2007PRIVBattle of Beersheba Anniversary
  187. 19/10/2007PRIVTamworth Electorate Mental Health Services Black Dog Institute
  188. 17/10/2007PRIVEquine Influenza
  189. 27/09/2007Chaffey Dam Enhancement
  190. 26/09/20072RStandard Time Amendment (Daylight Saving) Bill 2007
  191. 26/09/2007PRIVChaffey Dam Upgrade
  192. 26/09/2007QWNChaffey Dam Upgrade
  193. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  194. 28/06/2007PRIVChaffey Dam Augmentation
  195. 27/06/2007Climate Change
  196. 27/06/2007Climate Change
  197. 22/06/20072REnergy and Utilities Administration Amendment (Climate Change Fund) Bi...
  198. 22/06/20072RBiofuel (Ethanol Content) Bill 2007
  199. 21/06/20072RRural Communities Impacts Bill 2007
  200. 20/06/2007PRIVLevel Crossings Safety
  201. 19/06/20072RConstitution Amendment (Speaker) Bill 2007
  202. 08/06/2007PRIVStarlings Pest Control
  203. 06/06/20072RHuman Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Amendment Bill 2007
  204. 05/06/2007PRIVSolar Energy
  205. 05/06/2007Country Towns Water Supplies
  206. 31/05/2007QWNRainwater Tank Rebate
  207. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  208. 29/05/2007PRIVAir-conditioning Engineers Training and Accreditation
  209. 10/05/2007PRIVTamworth Electorate Water Infrastructure
  210. 23/11/2006PRIVPremier Automotive Group Tamworth Dealership Closure
  211. 21/11/2006PRIVPersonal Injury Compensation and WorkCover Legislation
  212. 17/11/2006PRIVGlobal Warming and Renewable Energy
  213. 16/11/20062RSale of Goods and Warehousemen's Liens Amendment (Bulk Goods) Bill
  214. 14/11/20061R;2RSale of Goods and Warehousemen's Liens Amendment (Bulk Goods) Bill
  215. 14/11/2006QWNBarraba and Tamworth Water Supplies Chaffey Dam and Split Rock Dam
  216. 27/10/2006PRIVAustralian Railway Monument and Rail Journeys Museum, Werris Creek
  217. 25/10/2006PRIVManilla Volunteer Rescue Association
  218. 25/10/2006Renewable Energy and Biofuels
  219. 20/10/2006PRIVGunnedah Shire Projects Funding
  220. 19/10/2006PRIVBarraba Water Supply
  221. 19/10/20062R;COMMFirearms Amendment (Good Behaviour Bonds) Bill
  222. 17/10/20062R;COMMThreatened Species Conservation Amendment (Biodiversity Banking) Bill
  223. 27/09/20062RRoad Transport Legislation Amendment (Drug Testing) Bill
  224. 27/09/2006PRIVAlcohol-free Zones
  225. 21/09/2006QWNGunnedah Highway Patrol
  226. 21/09/20062RFair Trading Amendment (Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industries)...
  227. 20/09/2006PRIVBoggabri Home and Community Care Multi Service Outlet
  228. 20/09/2006Insurance Costs
  229. 07/09/2006PRIVNundle Community First Responders Program
  230. 31/08/2006PRIVTamworth Electorate Health Survey
  231. 30/08/2006PRIVGround Water Entitlements
  232. 07/06/2006QWNTamworth Hospital Budget Allocation
  233. 06/06/2006PRIVSummers Sawmill, Nundle
  234. 24/05/2006PRIVGovernment-owned Industry Privatisation
  235. 11/05/2006PRIVPreschool Funding
  236. 03/05/20062RJury Amendment (Verdicts) Bill
  237. 02/05/2006PRIVAboriginal Girls Camps
  238. 06/04/20061R;2RWater Management Amendment (Water Property Rights Compensation) Bill
  239. 05/04/2006QWNGunnedah Police Station Renovations
  240. 04/04/2006PRIVAustar Subscription Fees
  241. 30/03/20062RProtection of Agricultural Production (Right to Farm) Bill
  242. 09/03/2006PRIVHillvue Public School Community Bus
  243. 02/03/2006PRIVTamworth Electorate Egg Producers
  244. 28/02/2006PRIVRural Mental Health Services
  245. 01/12/2005QWNCountrylink Tamworth Booking Agency Employees
  246. 01/12/20052RRural Communities Impacts Bill
  247. 30/11/2005PRIVPublic Housing Water Metering
  248. 16/11/2005PRIVPacific National Werris Creek Headquarters
  249. 09/11/2005PRIVGene Technology (GM Crop Moratorium) Amendment Legislation
  250. 19/10/2005PRIVTamworth Aboriginal Concreters Program
  251. 19/10/2005QWNGunnedah Ambulance Station
  252. 12/10/2005PRIVTamworth Radiology Services
  253. 20/09/2005PRIVGunnedah and District Historical Society
  254. 15/09/2005PRIVTamworth Electorate Bus Operators and Fuel Prices
  255. 14/09/2005PRIVTamworth Women's Refuge
  256. 14/09/2005QWNWater Titles
  257. 22/06/2005PRIVTribute to Mr Joe and Mrs Pearl Trindall
  258. 22/06/2005Budget Estimates and Related Papers
  259. 22/06/20052RPoultry Meat Industry Amendment (Prevention of National Competition Po...
  260. 10/06/20052RCrown Lands Legislation Amendment Bill
  261. 07/06/20052RBrigalow and Nandewar Community Conservation Area Bill
  262. 07/06/20052ROccupational Health and Safety Amendment (Workplace Deaths) Bill
  263. 27/05/2005PRIVAustralian Railway Monument and Rail Journeys Museum
  264. 26/05/2005PRIVBillabong Clubhouse, Tamworth
  265. 26/05/2005Schools Safety
  266. 25/05/2005Pharmacies Deregulation
  267. 25/05/2005QWNGunnedah and District Rural Counselling Service Funding
  268. 24/05/2005PRIVCurrabubula
  269. 03/05/20052RGame and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill
  270. 03/05/2005PRIVGunnedah Rural Counselling Service
  271. 06/04/2005PRIVTamworth Electorate Roads and Bridges
  272. 06/04/20052RPhoto Card Bill
  273. 22/03/2005PRIVCountry Schools Staffing
  274. 03/03/2005QWNGunnedah Ambulance Station
  275. 03/03/2005Soil Conservation Service
  276. 02/03/2005Biofuels
  277. 01/03/2005PRIVTamworth Homeless Men's Support Group
  278. 23/02/20052RNoxious Weeds Amendment Bill
  279. 23/02/2005PRIVCrown Land Enclosures Permit Rentals
  280. 22/02/2005Indian Ocean Tsunami
  281. 08/12/2004PRIVGunnedah Ambulance Station
  282. 18/11/2004PRIVFarrer Memorial Agricultural High School Airconditioning
  283. 17/11/2004Tamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music
  284. 17/11/2004Business of the House
  285. 16/11/2004PRIVTamworth and District Co-operative Housing Society Funding
  286. 11/11/2004QWNTamworth Sewerage Augmentation Scheme Funding
  287. 10/11/2004PRIVWater Supply
  288. 10/11/2004Local Government Reform
  289. 09/11/2004PRIVTamworth Electorate Respite Care Services
  290. 28/10/2004Self-Funded Retirees Concessions
  291. 26/10/2004PRIVPeel Valley Exporters Pty Ltd Workers Compensation Premiums
  292. 20/10/2004Death of Mr Anthony Michael McGrane, OAM, a Member of the Legislative ...
  293. 20/10/2004PRIVState Forests Softwood Plantations Privatisation
  294. 20/10/2004QWNWater-sharing Plans
  295. 24/09/2004PRIVHotels and Clubs Smoking Restrictions
  296. 23/09/2004PRIVRegional Express Sydney Terminal Facilities
  297. 23/09/2004Workcover Levy
  298. 21/09/2004PRIVStanding Together against Crimes of Sexual Assault
  299. 16/09/2004PRIVTamworth School Zone Road Safety
  300. 02/09/2004PRIVOrana Police Local Area Command Resources
  301. 02/09/2004QWNGunnedah Police Station Renovations
  302. 01/09/2004PRIVGovernment Cleaning Contracts
  303. 25/06/2004PRIVCountry Schools Staffing
  304. 24/06/2004PRIVNew England Area Health Service and Hunter Area Health Service Amalgam...
  305. 04/06/2004PRIVBail Law Reform
  306. 03/06/2004QWNTopdale Road, Tamworth
  307. 01/06/20042RPassenger Transport Amendment (Bus Reform) Bill
  308. 01/06/2004PRIVTopdale Road, Tamworth
  309. 14/05/2004PRIVPork Industry
  310. 12/05/2004WorkCover in Regional New South Wales
  311. 11/05/20042R;COMMState Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill
  312. 11/05/2004PRIVIsolated Patients Travel and Accommodation Assistance Scheme
  313. 07/05/2004PRIVGenetically Modified Food Crops
  314. 06/05/2004PRIVGunnedah Ambulance Station
  315. 05/05/2004QWNTamworth Base Hospital Accident and Emergency Department
  316. 02/04/2004PRIVKillara Feedlot Pty Ltd
  317. 31/03/20042RNational Competition Policy Amendments (Commonwealth Financial Penalti...
  318. 31/03/20041R;2RTransport Administration Amendment (New South Wales and Commonwealth R...
  319. 30/03/2004PRIVRail Infrastructure Corporation Employees
  320. 18/03/2004PRIVTamworth Region Local Councils Amalgamation
  321. 12/03/2004PRIVDungowan Community
  322. 10/03/2004QWNBendemeer Water Quality
  323. 09/03/2004PRIVBendemeer
  324. 27/02/2004PRIVGunnedah Week of Speed Festival
  325. 26/02/20042RRoad Transport Efficiency Bill
  326. 25/02/2004PRIVCancer Council Tamworth and District Relay for Life
  327. 25/02/2004Regional Dental Services
  328. 19/02/2004PRIVBrigalow Belt South Bioregion
  329. 19/02/2004Road Transport Efficiency Bill
  330. 04/12/2003Gunnedah South Public School Hall
  331. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  332. 03/12/2003QWNGunnedah Police Station Renovations
  333. 02/12/2003PRIVTamworth Country Music Festival
  334. 12/11/2003PRIVCoolatai Grass Management
  335. 31/10/2003PRIVWalcha Softwood Plantation Development Strategy
  336. 28/10/2003PRIVWerris Creek
  337. 16/10/2003QWNPolice Radio Network Upgrade
  338. 14/10/2003PRIVGiyaali Community Group
  339. 19/09/2003PRIVNorthern Rail Link
  340. 16/09/2003PRIVManilla Road, Tamworth, Upgrade
  341. 05/09/2003PRIVCarers
  342. 02/09/2003PRIVChild Protection Legislation Review
  343. 02/09/2003QWNTamworth Equine Centre
  344. 02/07/2003National Aboriginal and Islanders Day of Observance Committee Week
  345. 02/07/2003PRIVTamworth Police and Community Youth Club
  346. 26/06/2003PRIVGunnedah Ethanol Plant Proposal
  347. 24/06/20032R;COMMFirearms Amendment (Prohibited Pistols) Bill
  348. 20/06/2003PRIVNiangala Public School
  349. 17/06/20032R;COMMGene Technology (New South Wales) Bill Gene Technology (Gm Moratorium)...
  350. 17/06/2003PRIVTeachers Salaries
  351. 17/06/2003URG MOTDrought
  352. [Replication or Save Conflict]
  353. 27/05/2003PRIVBrigalow Belt South Bioregion and Gunnedah Timbers
  354. 27/05/2003QWNHome Warranty Insurance
  355. 20/05/2003PRIVTamworth West Primary School
  356. 20/05/2003URG MOTExceptional Circumstances Drought Assistance
  357. 08/05/2003URG MOT;MOTTamworth and Nowra Grace Bros Store Closures
  358. 07/05/2003Inaugural Speeches


  • For earlier records see also Indexes to Legislative Proceedings.